The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Up to Eleven

by Pan


Jamie didn’t say anything after swallowing his seed down. She just smiled shyly and stood up again, smoothing her skirt with her hands and leaving the room, leaving Eric on his office chair, his softening cock hanging out, traces of his wife’s lipstick still visible.

“Wow,” he said to himself. “Wow.”

When he felt his strength return, he picked up his phone and turned it over.

Sure enough, his wife wasn’t at a One, as she had been before entering the office. By the time he looked at his phone, she was at a Four—and fading fast! Eric didn’t get any work done that morning, just sat and watched his phone, staring at the app as it slowly counted down. Four. Three. Two.



Eric narrowed his eyes. In the past, after he and his wife had made love, she always returned to a One.


He set the phone aside and tried to at least start to make a dent in the list of bug reports. Jamie didn’t interrupt him again for the rest of the day. Clearly, whatever she’d come in to discuss with him hadn’t been important enough to justify another visit.

The satisfied husband checked the phone again about once an hour, fascinated to see that it still wasn’t dropping below a Two.

Perhaps his wife wasn’t satisfied giving him head. Maybe cumming inside her pussy, even when it didn’t cause her to orgasm, was enough to satiate her needs, to return her to a One.

Or maybe the adventure of what she’d done—blowing her husband for the first time, dropping to her knees to service him in his office—was as exciting to her as it was to him.

Or (and this was thought he couldn’t shake as he stared at the app) perhaps manually adjusting her level had done something, had permanently affected her libido.

It was possible that cranking her up to a Seven, or an Eight, or whatever number he’d inadvertently hit…it was possible that had permanently affected her floor.

She might never return to a One again.

The idea excited Eric, although you wouldn’t know from looking at him. His cock, worn out from all the excitement (two orgasms in a single morning!) barely stirred at the idea of his beautiful, sexy wife having a new, permanent lower bound to her arousal.

But he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

That night, when he finished work and left his small home office, Eric checked his phone.

Still Two.

He was tempted to push his wife to a Seven, just to see what would happen. Would she suddenly drop to her knees once more? What number had he moved her arousal to that morning? The app had no kind of log, so he couldn’t check; the only way he’d know would be by playing with his wife’s numbers and seeing what happened.

But he didn’t. For one, he wasn’t sure what would happen if his wife did paw at his trousers. He was confident that he wouldn’t be able to give her the response that she expected; even if he did manage to get hard for a third time that day, there was a good chance his penis would lose interest halfway through.

Tomorrow, Eric told himself. I’ll see what happens tomorrow.