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Urban Witchcraft

This story takes place in a part of London where a friend of mine lives. She works as an escort and is a very lovely, intelligent and talented lady. The community has a high proportion of black carribean and Asian Indian people and by all accounts it is well integrated. My friend knows people in both the black and asian communities, she has also travelled to the Carribean and has a good understanding of the culture there. She has told me about the influence that some black women appear to wield to their advantage. There are those who don’t seem to work but who live very well, not to mention other mysterious goings on

This is my interpretation of a story she told me over several months, but I have tried to do this in the first person....from a female perspective then.

* * *

A couple of years ago I noticed a new face in the grocery store. A short, stocky black woman had filled her bag with groceries but rather than paying at the till I heard her speaking to the owner of the store. My friend Phil, a white guy in his late 30’s runs the store and this woman was staring at him as she spoke

“you will be coming along tonight” I heard her say to Phil. I wasn’t sure if this was asking him or telling him, her accent was heavily Carribean. When she had gone I went up to pay and asked him about the woman. Phil seemed uncomfortable talking about her, apparently she had moved into the area a few months previously. Phil seemed a bit embarassed but as he knew what I did for a living I guess he felt safe to share a few things with me too. He said to call back after closing and he would explain more.

I have got to know quite a bit about the Caribbean and its culture from some of my black friends in the neighbourhood and they had explained to me about the black magic and voodoo powers that some from those islands posses. I have also visited Jamaica and seen the street hookers in action, noticing the way they use their eyes as well as their bodies, fixing men with an intense stare and making even the most reluctant stop and engage in conversation. I have also seen the way these girls walk and roll their hips to draw a man across the street to them as surely as if he were being wound in on a rope

I asked about the new lady I had seen in the grocery store. One of my black friends said “Oh, that’s Sandie, she’s already got some of the guys around here on a string , very strong voodoo in that one!”

I knew what she meant. I had seen how some of those working girls in Jamaica seem to have a magentism that allows them to lead a man away after just a few seconds of conversation.I wish I had that kind of pulling power! I saw this ‘Sandie’ the following day and she didn’t seem like any kind of femme fatale to me. She was shuffling along in an old coat, her face was in no way pretty and she looked to be very plump. Eventually, while out shopping I did get to speak with her and found that she had the most engaging personality, with big, smiling eyes and a definite aura about her. I soon saw what my friend had meant by the ‘strong voodoo’ and over the next few weeks I got to know Sandie very well, well enough to tell her what I did for a living. She laughed and at that point began to open up to me. This enabled me to put the following story together.

Sandie had just moved into the area and her first port of call was the grocery store. She bought some groceries and met Phil the owner, a friendly and helpful guy, learning that he was married with two kids. About a week later she was back just as Phil was closing the store. Sandie tapped on the window and Phil unlocked the door to say that he was closing. But Sandie has that way about her, a charm that makes you want to stop and listen to what she has to say. Men seemed particularly susceptible to that, and staring into her eyes for a few seconds Phil found himself letting her in and locking the door behind her. She went over to the most secluded part of the store, indicating that she wanted something from there. Phil went with her and was surprised when she handed him a piece of paper. Written on the paper were a list of groceries and an address.

“What’s this for?” asked Phil Sandie smiled at him and replied in her deep, accented voice “It’s for you to bring to me mon, no rush, any time this week is jus fine” Phil explained that he did not do deliveries and besides she would have to pay him first.

Sandie took something from her pocket, a chunk of sparkling crystal that had been handed down to her from her grandmother. It hung on a chain and Sandie held it up in front of Phil saying

“Oh don’t y’worry now mon..I can pay...just take a look at this here see I can pay”

“Look, I’m locking up now Sandie, I’m sorry but you’ll have to come back tomorrow and I only take cash or cheques, you can;t pay with” Phil lost track of what he was trying to say for a second as Sandie had been swinging the pendant around on the chain in a circle as he spoke. Phil’s eyes flicked on and off it as it came around in front of him.

“It’s very old mon, it come from Jamaica and has strong magic....very strong voodoo”

“I don’”

Phil was struggling to concentrate on what he wanted to say, every time the pendant came around he couldn’t help looking at it. Neither of them spoke for about a minute until eventually Phil was following the pendant on its entire circle, his eyes stuck completely on the motion.

Sandie broke the silence

“You see its very interesting for you...though you don’t believe the voodoo.....when you look close you can see the colours moving deep make you very happy.....very satisfied as you look deeper inside at the colours.......soon you be just so relaxed and happy to leesten...leesten to ma voice.....see how it makes you arms feel so heavy, like you can’t move....and your feet too.....they like they is stuck to the floor.......and you very happy with this now as the colours go around and around”

Phil was becoming memsemerized by the motion of the pendant and Sandie’s voice made him feel so comfortable. While he was distracted, Sandie had unbuttoned her coat with her free hand and pulled it back from her shoulders. Phil’s concentration was broken by the biggest pair of breasts he had ever seen clad in a white bra. His jaw dropped and his eyes bulged at the sight as Sandie hung the pendant around her neck, allowing the crystal to rest on her deep cleavage. He should be stopping this and getting this woman out of the shop but he couldn’t seem to move and all he could do was gawp at these huge curves in front of him.

“Oh Jeezus!” he gasped before his jaw went slack in amazement.

He now saw, that although Sandie was plump, she was in no way fat, those tits under the coat were just so huge that even with a bra on they rested low down and made her seem fat in her baggy coat. Sandie stared at him, but his eyes were glued to the deep cleavage, the deep curves like a magnet to his eyes. Phil tried to speak as Sandie, using her hands began to roll her giant breasts around, slowly from side to side they moved in the white bra cups. The pendant was popping in and out of Sandie’s cleavage and the chain made a gentle ‘chink-chink’ sound as it moved around

“Mmm, these teets are so heavy, y’know the bra is specially made, very expensive....40 JJ cup.......when I breathe deep like bust is 60 inches all around y’know”.....As Sandie heaved her chest out Phil’s eyes widened and became like saucers.....Sandie chuckled

“That’s right, that’s good.....You just watch... and relax mon, listen to me now Mister grocer.....Your eyes not used to seeing such big teets....and your cock now....not used to so much pressure.....try to keep your eyes on the crystal......concentrate on the colours as it pops in and out......”

Phil wanted to show this woman the door, he ran a respectable business and was a married man....but he couldn’t seem to move and those big black spheres of flesh rolled from side to side, left...right....left two...the motion was compelling and seemed to match the beat of his heart. Sandie was right, his cock has swollen faster than normal and was now urgently trying to escape from his pants

No one else could see them, and the door was locked so Sandie stood now with her bust up against Phil while she unzipped his pants and drew his steaming erection from within. Stepping back, she focused her eyes on his stiff penis which now pointed straight at her. Phil had become spellbound and entranced by the motion of Sandies huge breasts rolling side to side. Sandie bent forward slightly, holding her breasts close to his erection. This made him push his hips forward, an involuntary reaction to put his cock into Sandies cleavage. Sandie stood up and chuckled..She was staring at his straining erection, speaking to it, not to him.

“Not have to bring to me first with the things on the list.” Phil was shaken out of his trance for a moment and protested that he would not bribed. Sandie smiled and resumed rolling her breasts in that hypnotic way

“You don’t have to worry ‘bout it mon, is nothing to do with just happen like natural....because you never seen such big bust or had so much stiffness in you......I pull on you all the time....make you cock swell night and comin’ up for me now, more and more every day......stiffness make you very tired...but you can’t sleep....I take your sleep from you....need all your try hold back but its not natural to go against your own pull very strong, like big magnet.....wear you down until you not worry about comin’ to just cum”

When Sandie said the word “Cum” Phil’s hips shot forward and he exploded all over the floor of his shop. He just couldn’t seem to hold back, those tits just dragged the load out of him and Sandie had not even touched him. Sandie chuckled as he pumped away into the space in front of him

“Oh....don’t worry ‘bout that mon, they all do that when they see these teets for the first time...too much pressure for your bone”

Sandie buttoned up her coat and let herself out of the shop leaving Phil dazed and confused. He couldn’t believe what had happened as he cleaned up the mess on his floor.

* * *

Sandie told me that what she had done was routine for her and part of how she survived and prospered. She was gifted with the magic, the voodoo which had been handed down from her mother and grandmother, and it was accepted in her culture that such a woman as her did not need to rely on one man as she could influence many and draw on them to support her. Although she was not beautiful, she was blessed with those unusually big breasts which she used to fascinate and mesmerise her victims.

In olde England she would have been called a witch. She said in some ways it was easier to get set up here than in Jamaica where people knew about women such as her and would try to avoid them. Here in England men knew nothing of this kind of thing and were more vulnerable, and few here had seen such giant curves. In her first month in the community, Sandie had already begun to recruit her ‘support team’. The landlord, an Indian guy was beginning to realise that he wouldn’t get much rent out of Sandie. In fact, HE would soon be a source of income for HER as the need to obey those giant boobs built up in him. This was not prostitution you understand, to Sandie it was normal for her to provide relief from the relentless pressure that her huge bust caused the men in her life. The landlord, like most men could not turn down the opportunity to be squeezed between those giant globes, but once he had experienced that feeling he needed it again.

The local DIY man, a young black guy knew all about women like Sandie and tried his best to avoid her but was already coming under her influence. The taxi man, another Indian guy tried to resist after Sandie had wrapped his cock up in her huge tits, but the need for relief now was overwhelming and he would soon be taking Sandie wherever she wanted to go. All these were already feeling the pressure that Phil would soon feel and others were being lined up to provide some extra cash.

After Sandie left, Phil shook himself out of the trance and was really angry with himself. He decided he wasn’t going to serve that woman again and went home to his family, unable to believe what had happened. Why hadn’t he just thrown her out of his shop? He wouldn’t let that happen next time. He woke up at 3 am, his heart pounding and his erection standing up like a tent-pole in the duvet. Sandie’s huge tits filled his head as they rolled from side to side, the images would not budge from his mind. His wife slept soundly beside him, but these were urges she could not satisfy and when his cock eventually did relax, he would just be drifting off to sleep when Sandie would pop into his head again, that chuckle, her voice..“You comin’ up for me again now mon”...and he would return to his erect state.

Phil did not get back to sleep that night and was tired and irritable the next day. The shop kept him busy, but during the quiet moments he found his mind wandering off as he began to day dream about deep cleavage, huge JJ cup breasts. That night, for the first time in a long time he found himself having to wank, tossing away the huge load which had build up from the pressure in his bone. HE thought this would give him a good night, but at about the same time as before he woke again, stiff as ever. As the week wore on, Phil was becoming more tired and irritable. He could not seem to get a good nights sleep, he had a constant headache, he had back pain and his penis seemed to be almost permanently stiff whenever he was alone or had nothing to distract him from Sandie.

Today was Thursday and Sandie had been to see Phil with her list on the Monday. He had thrown it away, disgusted with himself for allowing her to do what she did in his shop that evening. In Phil’s post that day was a small envolope with no stamp. He opened it to find the same shopping list in Sandie’s childlike writing, the phone number and address. He wanted to throw it away immediately, but couldn’t seem to and instead stuffed it into his pocket. That day and night were worse than ever. Images of Sandie danced around his head, those staring eyes, smiling face, her voice encouraging, teasing and those huge black melons pumping him up time after time. He remembered how he had shot his load over the floor like some adolescent boy, he didn’t know that it was normal even for guys of his age to explode on their first exposure to Sandie. IT made him feel weak and pathetic, which was Sandie’s way of making him feel subject to her will.

Friday morning during a quiet moment Phil’s mind wandered onto those giant black tits again, his cock swelling up into a stiff salute. He took the list from his pocket and in a trance began to fill a bag with the items Sandie required. It wasn’t much, no more than £20 worth. At lunctime he left his young assistant in charge of the store and in a complete daze he began to walk towards Sandie’s place. She only lived 5 minutes away, and Phil walked along awkwardly, his penis like a rod in his pants, his balls full and heavy. What was he doing?!...he felt disconnected from his actions somehow, perhaps Sandie wouldn’t be in, he should have phoned before perhaps but no, he would just go and see, he was sure he wouldn’t be affected in the same way this time, surely it was just all in his head.

Sandie was in, and her face lit up when she saw him. She showed him into her lounge. Strangely, now he was with her his cock relaxed but immediately he felt her magnetism, it was just good to be with Sandie, so relaxing and easy that for a moment he forgot the sleepless nights, the aches and pains she had caused him these past few days.

“So nice to see you coming back now” Sandie chuckled....“It’s nearly five days, good, very good.......sometimes takes a bit longer, sometimes quicker.....depends how strong is man and how strong is cock......always a fight but always end the same way...I see you have the things for me..that’s good.....please strip off now and I give you some relief”

Phil spoke, more in control of himself than he had been for a while “Look, I don’t know what you did the other night, but I’m doing this just once, don’t expect to get any more out of me..”

SAndie chuckled and said “Of course not mon, just relax and enjoy, see how you feel about it later.Just wait here a minute now”.

She was wearing what could only be described as a tent, showing none of her shape, but Sandie slipped into her bedroom and returned a few minutes later wearing a tight fitting white sweater over her best bra. Phil had stripped off and sat naked on the sofa, he was relaxed now, his penis limp between his legs. It was as if it had done its job by bringing him to Sandie.

When Sandie entered the room Phil’s eyes were on stalks. The bra gave Sandie’s bust much more support and the sweater followed every curve. Phil had never seen anything like it, her bustline must have stood more than a foot out from her torso.

Sandie laughed at the expression on his face...“Mmm, now you see why you come back to this now”

Sandie stood over Phil and heaved her bosom out, it was an awesome sight and Phil looked up and all he could see were Sandie’s eyes staring down at him from above the giant bust which hid the rest of her face.

“you SWELL for me now mon” commanded Sandie and it was like Phil’s cock was on a pump as it blew up and stood to attention in one smooth movement which took only seconds. This made Phil gasp as Sandie threw her head back and arched her back, pushing out a balcony of tit over him “Ooh so STIFF!” she said, making Phil squirm in his seat.

Looking down at him again she spoke.“I know how it is for you, my teets in your mind all the time, waking you at night and making you so natural...because my size so unusual, makes you not used to it mon..your wife or any woman never make you so not her fault, my big teets are special..make men hve trouble sleeping?”

Phil gazed into the big dark eyes, he didn’t want to answer but the words just spilled out of him


“you wank for me?”


“Good, ...It’s normal......but stiffness come back quickly”


“Good, every time you wank you think its helping you but its helping me ‘cos you go deeper under my spell mon....yes, you comin under my spell try to resist, fight for nearly five days..but you have pain in your back and your head too?”


“I’m sorry for that..I don’t like cause you pain...but this happens when you try to struggle agains my big teets and my voodoo, soon you learn.....understand its waste of time to struggle, then you not have so much pain”

Sandie pulled the sweater off over her head and then removed her huge white bra. For the first time Phil saw Sandie’s naked breasts, two mountains of flesh with massive nipples and surrounds the size of plates. Bending forward to him, Sandie squashed her boobs together in her hands, making the nipples bulge out like giant eyes staring at him. Phil’s eyes became like saucers once more as Sandie spoke

“Now I make you my slave......once I squeeze you in my teets you are do what I ask, bring me what I need”

Sandie knelt down and allowed his shaft to slip up between her breasts. Her tits were so huge that Phil gasped as he watched his cock disappear completely. The sensation of her huge soft bust enveloping his cock was like nothing he had ever felt before and he sighed with delight as Sandie began to roll and push her boobs around, speeding up the motion of soft black flesh around stiff white bone. A squelching sound told Sandie that Phil was loosing it.

“I take it from you now...CUM!”

Phil exploded in the most complete gushing climax of his life, it was an incredible experience, more intense than any sex he had ever had. He just couldn’t hold on to his load for more than a few seconds. He did not understand how or why, this woman was not very pretty, but those tits, her staring eyes and voice had drawn him into a situation where he had experienced those huge tits wrapped around his cock......but he didn’t believe in all that voodoo stuff...did he!?

* * *

Sandie explained to me that once she had squeezed a guy in her cleavage the job was done. The size of her tits are so unusual that most guys will never experience the unique feeling of being squeezed like that with anyone else and they have no defence against it. Sandie says “It’s very addictive for the guy.....he’s getting hooked so quick......he want that so him crazy.”

With empty balls it was easy for Phil to curse Sandie and swear he was never coming back again. Sandie was not offended by the verbal abuse that often followed these sessions, she would soon have his penis swelling again, drawing his anger and energy into it. It would become her ‘control stick’, the thing that brings him to heel once more.

Three days later Sandie delivered another list and two days after that Phil was raiding his store and his profits with another trip to Sandie. Sandie told me that each guy is different, each one has a kind of rhythm which she can sense. She gets a feeling for how strong he is and when, and how to apply the pressure. She said that Phil struggled for about a month before he settled into a reliable pattern. At first he was getting angry on his visits to her. On one visit she said he was just sat at the kitched table, moaning about the money it was costing him and how this was THE last time he would do it. Sandie replied with no words, she simply stood beside his chair and pushed her heavy tits together and held them up close to his eyes. He was still ranting on but gradually his speech slowed as his eyes became focused on the deep cleavage Sandie presented to him. Eventually there was complete silence as he stared cross-eyed into the black canyon, his cock stood to attention as she bent forward, letting his face sink gradually in until her breasts were wrapped around his ears. Sandie says

“I can suggest he do something and he refuse, tell me I’m crazy even asking as he will never do it, but when his head is buried in my teets then he is soon doing whatever I ask”

Two months on and Phil was deeply ashamed but admitted to me that he was under Sandie’s spell and just needed that relief to give himself some peace. He said that if he had held out a few more days after Sandie first coming to see him, he would have been OK, but giving her the chance to wrap him up in those tits was a big mistake. He was sceptical about how much her ‘voodoo’ was an factor but admitted that Sandie could hypnotize him for a few seconds with her eyes. I told him what I had seen in Jamaica and how real this ‘black magic’ is. We both agreed that when speaking with Sandie you could feel the power of her personality and when she suggested something you tended to agree with her or comply with the suggestion. Phil agreed that Sandie was a very nice person, no malice about her at all, and he felt sure she would never push him so far that his business or his marriage would be ruined. “I Guess she’s just earning a living by her talents” he said

As for Sadnie, she doesn’t think she is doing anything out of the ordinary “It’s just natural y’know” she says with her deep chuckle. Then she goes on to say “You know this bust is heavy, its a big weight for me, but nature has a way of balancing things out.........I put some of the weight in the guy’s balls and his cock, share the load a bit, make him carry some for me.....not many woman can do that” she chuckled.