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Urban Witchcraft 2

In ‘Urban Witchcraft’, we learned about how Sandie had moved to the UK, settling into a London community. We saw that she had the ability to hypnotize using a crystal, which she called her ‘voodoo’.Just as she would have done back home in Jamaica, Sandie has gradually built her ‘support team’ of men who now each make a contribution in their own way to Sandie’s comfort. We heard about how she influenced Phil, the owner of the local grocery store, gradually bringing him under her spell. Within a month of her moving in Sandie was not paying for any of the food she needed as Phil, reluctantly at first was bringing her anything she asked for from his shop.

Six months have gone by, Phil is no longer struggling, he comes willingly and urgently to Sandie for much needed relief, bringing anything from his shop that Sandie requires. She has shown the crystal pendant to a dozen or more men in the community. They have all been fascinated by it, some more easily than others. Sandie will engage in conversation with her ‘victim’ and bring the crystal out and begin swinging it around as they speak. Sandie is a naturally gifted hypnotist and has a way of winning confidence and trust. The crystal is compelling and even the most reluctant eventually follow it around and around with their eyes. This proves an effective distraction for the ‘main event’ as soon he is gasping in awe at her awesome cleavage, feels the terrible aching stiffness and bends to Sandie’s will. I spoke with her recently about how things have worked out for her.

“It’s just like back in Jamaica mon, it no different here, guys are all the same” she chuckles You know in fact its easier here for me because the white guys and Indian guys don’t have much resistance to the voodoo, they never heard of it or believe in it so they VERY surprised when I show them the crystal! They can’t believe how it makes them look so closely at it. I have some black guys helping me too, but they know about the voodoo and try to avoid it, they try not to look in the crystal or listen to ma voice. But you know they ALL very surprised by ma huge teets, they never seen such big bosom and they never had so much pressure in their cocks! Sandie laughs and clearly enjoys the effect she has on men.

“Once they relax, calm down and let the blood flow they look into the crystal and listen to me. Now I have about fifteen guys I think, maybe a few more. Some they are bringing me the food, some doing other shopping for me or doing work for me here, taxis to take me where I want to go. I even have a 16 year old white boy who delivers papers and magazines to me but he pays for them from his wages. Most of them bring me cash when I need it too.”

I made the point that this is nothing more than prostitution.

“Oh no!” Sandie was very clear on this. “you see prostitution on the streets, those girls desperate for money, they don’t develop partnership with man or bring him back. I never do this, never work like that. I get to know man first, introduce him to the crystal, they see ma magic, ma voodoo, it is part of me. Then I introduce my big teets which I hide for most of the time, not like prostitute. I just show him my big curves and this make his cock swell, much faster than he is used to, it get much harder too and stay up longer with no touching from me. This wears him down, he cant believe he is so stiff for so long without me touching him. Its very exhausting for him and he get desperate for relief. Sometimes he explodes, just like the grocer. Sometime he begs for relief and I warn him that when I take him in my cleavage he become my slave. It only take a few seconds and he shoots his spunk. This make him feel weak and helpless, and he swear never to come back to me of course” She chuckles wickedly again

“So the first time a guy cums he doesn’t pay you, but you know he has to come back?”

“Of course, I never ask for anything. First time I meet him I want man to feel I am giving him something, and I want him to know he has seen something special, like he’s never seen or felt before. First time they see ma bosom most of them explode without me touching him then he gets curious, fascinated, he not understand why he cum so easily, his pride is hurt so he cannot resist coming back to see me again. I have sympathy for him and tell him its nothing to worry about, I tell him I want to be his friend and to help him if things get too much for him, y’know his cock can get to ache so much and his balls feel so heavy it get uncomfortable for him. I know this will cause him problems long after he has gone away. It just a matter of time before he come back. Then if I squeeze him in ma cleavage he has big problems! He cums so quickly, just a few seconds and his pride is crushed, just like his cock but those few seconds is enough, I know he never felt anything like that before, JJ cup is very rare, not easy to find. The feeling of my big heavy bust around his cock is very work on his mind, make him so stiff and B..R..I..N..G him back!” Sandie laughs once more at the havoc she causes in a guy’s pants and continues.

“But I make friends with him, give him sympathy, offer to help him. Its very natural for him to come back to me. It depends on the guy how quick he comes back but his cock pulls on him like he is on a rope, slowly but surely draws him back to me. I cast spell and bind him to me, he is like fly stuck on sticky paper. He has to work with me then and co-operate. I never take money first from him, just let him struggle with the stiffness until he offers money to me, its not the same as hooker you see.”

You could argue against Sandie’s view of whether or not hers are the actions of a hooker. But in her culture it seems not and it also seems a natural way for her to make a living. But how does it look from the man’s point of view? I spoke to ‘Mark’ who is a neighbour of Sandie. Mark is 25 years old and has a good job in the city. He admits to making regular ‘contributions’ to Sandie. He told us about how he met her

“When Sandie moved into the block she soon came round and introduced herself. She was pleasant, very nice to talk to, but I didn’t really take much notice of her, she was just my ‘fat black neighbour. I had no idea how things would work out, or how important she was going to be in my life. I live in the flat below her and she came down and met Sue, my girlfriend and she was very friendly and got on well with Sue.

A couple of weeks after first meeting her she knocked on my door and asked me if I could help her shift a heavy cupboard. Of course I wanted to help, but when I got into her flat we were talking, I forget what it was about, just smalltalk I guess. She showed me this crystal pendant. She just held it up in front of my face and asked me to look closely at it. I wondered what was going on but Sandie is just such a nice person, very genuine, she puts everyone at ease. She said the pendant had the power to help me relax and although I felt awkward and asked her about moving the cupboard she just told me not to worry about the cupboard, she told me to look more closely at the pendant and relax.

I must admit there was something magnetic about that crystal and although I didn’t believe I could be hypnotized, or in any of that voodoo stuff, I couldn’t help looking at it and listening to Sandie. She began to swing the pendant around and around in a big circle and I found myself following it as she led me into her lounge. I knew what I was doing but I couldn’t stop listening to her voice and going along with her. Her voice changed somehow when she did this, it was soft and musical, her Jamaican accent becoming heavier and I was absorbed by what she was saying and by the strange crystal

I don’t remember much then other than feeling very sleepy and having to sit down. Next thing I knew I was sat on her couch with my pants and boxer shorts around my ankles. Sandie was sat beside me on the couch. Whoah! What’s going on! I thought and went to get up. But I saw Sandie then as I had never seen her. Up to then I had only ever seen her wear these huge tent-like baggy tops and I had no idea she had these incredible tits. She just wore a t-shirt over her bra and her shape was awesome. She stuck these huge tits right out over my lap. I was shocked but couldn’t seem to move and I couldn’t believe it when my cock just swelled up, lifted off my lap so quick and hit the underneath of her bust. She smiled at me, seeing me in a bit of a panic but told me not to worry. I was gasping, I’d never had such a quick hard-on or one so powerful. Sandie was chuckling and saying how nice it was to get to know me better! I never thought of Sandie as sexy or attractive, she was just my fat black neighbour...but then I looked at my cock stood up in front of didn’t make sense. I was ashamed, embarrassed and wanted to leave, I told her I was in love with Sue but Sandie just bounced one huge tit on the tip of my cock, chuckled and told me not to worry about it.

Then she took her top off, and I could see this huge white bra, specially made she said it was, JJ cup size. She moved her hand around over the my cock, not touching it, just moving her hand in the space above it. I was mesmerized by her hand and my hips jerked up in a spasm I couldn’t control. I had not seen her naked tits, just the monster bra, the sheer size and shape seemed to magnetize my cock and my reaction was involuntary, I just exploded all over the place, she never even touched me, it was so embarrassing.

So what effect did that have on you afterwards?

“It blew my mind, really I had never had problems before with premature ejaculation, but the pressure in my erection was much greater than usual and although she never even touched me I just shot off. It was a big shock for me to loose my load like that, and to find myself responding to her like this. Sandie was not surprised at all and told me it was normal for a guy to lose his load the first time he saw her big curves. She told me this was because her bust size is very unusual and guys just cant deal with it. I was angry with her and with myself. She did want me to move something for her but I refused and started to get dressed. I told her I had a girlfriend and I was angry that she had tricked me like that. I told her I would not be coming to see her again

Sandie just said ‘when you’re ready to move the cupboard for me, just knock on ma door’ she laughed as I went out the door.”

I asked Sandie about the first time she made Mark cum

“Well, he’s such a nice young man, his girlfriend too, very pretty and slim. But he has a good job, I guessed he had money to spare so I wanted him to be helping me. I could tell by looking in his eye that he not be strong enough to resist my magic and young guy is usually very easy to shape. He tried to look away from the crystal but he was soon following it and listening to me. I guessed I could shape him in a few weeks. The trick to shape man to be my helper is to make bond between his cock and my bosom. I train him to come up very quick and respond to me, soon he knows the link between being so stiff and doing as I say. Is like training. He learns that listening to what I say and then doing what I say is the only way to relieve pressure in his cock. The bond get so strong that most important thing for him is to bring his bone to my cleavage, that is all he think about.

Funny thing about Mark is he is so tall, and his cock, one of the longest I seen, long and thin. He was surprised the way it lifted off his lap and stood straight up. Its almost 10 inches and very easy for me to control. He told me that normally it just swells and lays on his leg, that it takes a woman to work it up and down to make it stand right up like that. I just put my bosom out over his lap, I was just wearing a tight top, just the shape and size of ma bust was enough and his cock swelled there and lifted straight up, I never needed to touch him. I can always do that though I am not pretty, bosom is very effective! I love to watch a guy swelling and standing for me, then see it swinging about in the air like it has a life of its own. It has y’know ‘cos I make it into a monster and it feel to Mark like it not belong to him any more. I don’t think he ever see it stand like that before without woman touching him and the look on his face as it swung about in front of him, he was surprised. You know that men don’t realise what really big bosom can do and it’s a shock to them when they react to me. They all have different limits when the pressure is too much, with Mark he cum when he see ma big bra” Sandie laughs thinking about this. “the look on his face when he see that! After he cum I knew he would be angry and swear never to see me again, they all the same like that!. It took about three days I think and he was knocking on my door again”

What did you do with him this time?

“He was complaining that he had no sleep. He is ashamed of what happened as he has a girlfriend. I tell him not to worry, that I wont interfere with that. I tell him she is nice girl and he should carry on with her, I just want to be his friend and help him. His eyes were on my teets the whole time but I said he had to do some work for me first, lifting and carrying some stuff for me. I took him out of his pants, give his cock some air. I put the noose around his balls, you know, its just a silk tie with a slip knot and it helps stop him cumming. I can pull on it to control him and tighten up the knot. It pumps the penis up too, its fun to use this and Mark couldn’t believe how his cock stood up even harder. Then I set him to work. The noose made him weak and he was struggling. I sat and watched him move some heavy boxes from one room to another. I have fun working with men and it very satisfying to see him lifting and carrying with his erection full on for me. I stripped down to ma bra and showed him cleavage, this kept him going! When he finished I said I change my mind and wanted all the boxes moved back. He got angry saying ‘whats the point of all that’ and I see his cock relax with his anger. I didn’t say anything to him, just sat there, rolled my bust around with my hands, make him look in the cleavage. His cock tighten up again and point right at me. I tell him that he should not be thinking too much and that all his energy and anger is coming into his cock. I tell him that relief is most important thing for him, but he has to earn it and do as I say. Soon he is moving all the boxes back, he doesn’t want to but every time I see his cock relax a bit I move my bust around and it stiffens him. This is just normal way to train man, get him used to obeying me, help him understand what he has to do to get relief.”

But how did you get Mark to start giving you money?

“That took a few weeks. First I get him to do things for me, fetch and carry with me watching him and me keeping him stiff. Then I warn him that once I squeeze him in my cleavage he will get dependent on it. Of course he doesn’t listen and I take him in two seconds, just squeezing my teets together with my arms and he is shootin’. Now he is hooked and I start to shape him, nature takes over and he has to come back, though he knows then what he is paying for. I give very special relief, empty his balls more than he ever known before. Then I send him out, I know he is away from me then and I ask him to go buy something small for me. He doesn’t want to and when he is out on the street and away from me his cock relax. But when he tries to walk away from the shop or the cash machine his cock swells up. He finds that when he tries to avoid doing what I ask he become very stiff, his cock like iron bar in his pants, as he walks his balls very so big and heavy which very uncomfortable for him.

First time he was out for hours doing a simple thing but his bone works on him until he has done the job, I just have to wait while it does its job. Then I know my control is getting stronger and my teets are working on him even when I am not there. But I am his friend too. He comes in and we sit and talk, me next to him on the couch with my bust close to him. All the time we talking his cock is stood up, he can’t believe this, can’t understand why it won’t relax and go down, though for me it is normal. This help him understand that I am special, have power over him. I use the crystal again and with all the blood rushin to his cock his head is dizzy and he follow crystal with his eyes and he listen to ma voice. I tell him that there is a bond growing, very strong bond between his cock and my bosom. I can see the beat of his heart in his cock, it throb gently to his heartbeat. We talk about his work, our neighbours and he knows I will not interfere with his life except he must obey me when I call him and bring me what I ask.

Sometimes I use the crystal to help him relax and help him tell me things when he doesn’t really want to. Mark is young guy and very easy subject, he try to resist the hypnotic power of the crystal but it too strong for him and I speak in special voodoo voice that charms him. When I make suggestion it like a command he cannot resist and soon I know all his finances, how much he earn, how much he spend and what he is saving. This help me to make sure I not ask too much gifts from him. Money is always a big step and I didn’t ask too much at first. Soon he is in the swing and it comes natural to him to go to the bank to get money, bring it back to me so that I can relieve pressure in his bone. When I ask more he resist and it takes a bit longer for his cock to wear him down. I know his balls feel so heavy, his back ache and his head spin when he try to resist.

When man is under my spell the big problem for him is pressure in his bone. It depends on how strong man is but some need more than once a week relief, some less. But I am not prostitute you understand, I am his friend, I help him with this pressure in his bone and this pressure is a natural thing he get from looking at ma big bust. Not many men see it, I not show it to many men. He is lucky to see this he is privileged as my big bust is a rare and natural gift. The bond between his cock and my bust is natural and my big bosom pull on him, keep pulling until he helps me by giving me these gifts. Everything in nature is in balance, I have to carry these huge teets, they are so heavy, but the load is shared by the men who know about ma bosom, the load sit heavy in their balls and it makes them come to serve me and to obey is just natural.

In my country this is normal way for some women to live, women like me who have the strong voodoo. It wouldn’t be natural now for Mark, or the grocer Phil or any of my friends to stop helping me. If they stop helping me they start to lose sleep, get bad tempered, then they get headaches, backaches all kinds of problem. Its like trying to stop the flow of a river..their erections must come to ma cleavage, its going against nature to try to stop it!”

I then spoke to Mark to find out more about what it was like for him

“Well, its difficult to talk about it, and not long ago I would have been so embarrassed and ashamed to admit it. Its hard to explain but no, I don’t see Sandie as a hooker. I have never gone with a hooker and will never, I know that. I do give Sandie money, but she doesn’t demand it as such and she sees it as my giving her a gift”

I asked what the basis for Mark handing over his hard earned cash.

“Well, Sandie kinda knows when I am getting to the end of my tether so to speak. Sometimes I come to see her, sometimes she comes and knocks on my door. By that time my balls are really aching, and I’m thinking about her huge tits so much that my cock just never seems to relax. I know what happens to me, I’ve seen it on the faces of some of the other guys that help Sandie, I’ve seen that grocer guy walking into the building, he had a blank look on his face, like he wasn’t aware of anything else. I guess I get like that too, I have to get my cock along to Sandie, nothing else seems to matter and I feel kind of floaty and dizzy.

What I get to Sandie she gets me focused on her bust and gets me very worked up. I offer her some money and sometimes she takes it. Other times she just continues to juggle and work her tits around in front of my face and she ignores the money. Then I know I have to offer more. When she is happy with the money she takes it and relieves me. She just bends forward, takes my bone into her cleavage and its all over in a few seconds. Sounds stupid maybe but its a wonderful feeling and it keeps me sane. I wouldn’t be able to get on with things if I didn’t get the relief from Sandie”

So how do you manage to resolve your friendship with Sandie with your relationship?

“Well, I’m afraid that ended about two months after meeting Sandie. Sandie didn’t want to interfere but she just said to see how I got on. She said if it was true love with Sue I would still need to serve Sandie because I was under her spell and it was something separate and different. She said that lots of the men helping her were married but Sandie would not ask too much or interfere as long as they obeyed her. Sandie did warn me that I may have trouble responding to Sue after a while. After the first few times Sandie made me cum, I was finding that I just never got stiff with Sue. She got suspicious of course but we tried to work it out. Sue never suspected Sandie had anything to do with it, I mean no one would, Sandie’s just not the kind of woman most men would look at twice in the street. NO one would guess she has these ‘secret weapons’ under that baggy coat!

About a month after starting with Sandie, I had a really bad evening with Sue and she left early. The strange thing is that I still loved Sue, and the stuff going on with Sandie didn’t seem in my mind to make a difference to how I felt about Sue. I realise now that Sandie had managed to convince me that what she did with me was something separate, something different which was outside of ‘normal’ relationships. If I had been having an affair with someone else, I would have felt guilty and to be honest I couldn’t have done that. But I never thought of Sandie like that, never felt she was any threat to my ‘real’ life as it were.

The problem was that the previous night Sandie had called me into her flat and emptied my balls not once but twice. I had also worked late and was really exhausted when Sue came over. She wanted some attention but even though we played around I just couldn’t seem to respond. Suddenly Sue seemed like a boy to me, her petite body just couldn’t turn me on and my excuses about being tired didn’t wash. I realise now that I had become so used to Sandie’s big bust pumping me up that I didn’t seem to respond to normal shaped girls any more, it wasn’t just Sue. I suppose its like anything, if you get used to extremes of something, the average or the normal doesn’t excite you any more. We had a bit of a row and she left. I was feeling annoyed with myself, and of course with Sandie too so I went to see her. Up until then, whenever I went to Sandie it was like I was being dragged up the stairs by my cock! And my balls always so heavy. But this time I was both sad and angry when I knocked on her door.

I asked Sandie what happened that night

“It was late, about 11pm and I was going to bed. Mark knocked on ma door and I let him in, he was upset. He told me about his girlfriend, said that he couldn’t respond to her and was very angry at me, blamed me for wearing him out, taking too much cum from him. He pulled down his pants and sat on my couch, showed me his limp, tired cock. I was sympathetic of course, and I was wearing my robe so he could not see my shape. We talked for about half and hour and he said he would have to stop coming to me because it was messing him up. I told him that I never demanded too much time from guys, just a little of their time and their money and I would be his friend and help him. I did not want to stop him having girlfriend but I could tell it wasn’t ever going to work with Sue. He did look terrible, like he was fighting against something, and his cock was still laid there, limp. I offered to make him some coffee and went out the room to put the kettle on. I went into the bedroom and put on a new bra, one which supported my teets but allowed lots of movement so they hung low down.

I went back into the room and sat next to Mark on the couch, keeping my robe around me so he could not see anything. He was really upset about what happened with Sue, said his cock just wouldn’t come up for her, said he was leaving. “Just before you go” I said “Look at these” I opened the robe to show him ma teets in the new bra. He had not seen it before. “You like this new bra” I said as I used my hands to lift and push the bra cups together. The bra makes wonderful cleavage and his eyes were soon focused there. “Specially made for me, cost £120, you will buy one for me soon, you will go to the store and order one, even though you embarrassed and you refuse it now you will do it. but now you swell!”

His limp cock grew and lifted from his lap until it stood like pole pointing straight up. “There!nothing wrong with you” I said. I told him that lots of guys who help me also have wives and girlfriends. I explain him that is not possible for their wives to compete with my big bust or make cocks so hard as I can. Some of them find their sex life improve ‘cos of me, they is hard so much they have plenty left for their wives!

Mark just pulled his pants up and left

SO what happened to Mark over the next few days I asked him?

“I saw Sue again the following night. I had not slept much again, Sandie had gotten me so stiff. But when I was with Sue it just didn’t happen and to be honest my mind was more on Sandie, her tits just filled up my mind and took all my energy. We had another row and just about split up there and then.

I went back to Sandie, it was a Saturday night and a taxi had just dropped her off back at the flat. She offered for me to sleep over in her flat if I paid her £100, I just wanted relief as my cock had been stood to attention for most of the day, apart from when I was with Sue. Sandie was asking me about £50 for relief then, she had started me off at £20 but had increased it every week. I tried to resist after the increases but I only managed a few hours of holding back before I was off to the ATM for more money. Sandie explained that she only asked for what she knew I could afford and I was easily able to pay.

Sandie said I could either pay £100 to stay overnight and she would help me with me heavy balls. Or she said I could pay her £30 for each time she needed to help me out as I stayed over night. I just went for the £30, it seemed like a good deal as I was exhausted and thought there was no way she could make me come up more than a couple of times, if that.

I asked Sandie what happened next

“I took Mark in my cleavage and he went to sleep on the couch, me in my bedroom. This was a good chance for me to really bind him up, shape him so he could never escape me. I had done this before with other guys and two hours later I went back into the lounge and saw him sleeping. I cupped his balls in my hands and began to work them around. His cock was small and limp and I put my naked bust on it and rubbed my teets around on him. Then I moved up to his face and smothered him, cutting off his air. This made him wake and he struggled for air, so I went back to his cock and put his little penis between my teets. After about two minutes it started to grow again, then much quicker as I squeezed it tight. I rolled and rubbed for another minute and he shot in my cleavage. He moaned and I said “That’s £60 now”

How was it for Mark?

“I couldn’t believe it! Sandie cleaned me up and I fell asleep again. Two hours later she was back, trying the same thing again. I never appreciated the power of her big heavy tits to make me recover. I couldn’t believe I had enough stuff left in me but she kept working away and after about 15 minutes I was shooting again, that was £90. She smiled and brought me a glass of water. I gulped it down and fell asleep for a third time. It was beginning to get light when I felt something pulling on my balls. I opened my eyes to see Sandie sat in the chair across from me. She had taken the duvet off me and I lay there naked. She was wearing a bra and tied to the front of it was this silk chord. The other end was the slip-knot around my balls and Sandie just sat there, staring at me, jerking gently on the chord. She didn’t say a word, just kept pulling on the tie in a steady rhythm that made my aching balls jiggle around. I moaned and begged her to stop but she just kept on tugging, making my limp cock wobble about.

“I’m gonna make you rise’re comin’ up for me again” she said

Unbelievably I started to come up again. I watched her rolling her tits around in her hands and my cock, jiggling around with the jerking of the tie started to swell and Sandie helped it stiffen by putting her tits out over it. Surely there was nothing left in my balls! Sandie said she really enjoyed doing this, told me that it helped me understand how strong now the bond was between my bone and her bust. Up into her cleavage I went again and although it took her a few minutes, she was expert at working her breasts around and drawing the juice out. Now I owed her £120!

After just a few weeks, Sandie has Mark firmly under her control

And Sandie had the final word

“I brought him breakfast later that morning, then put him in the bath. Once he was in I knelt beside the bath and put my teets out over the bath. I held his poor aching balls. I told him he was deep under my spell now, and I was very happy to be helping him with his cock, then I climbed in bath and slipped my bosom around his penis. Soon up he comes again and he is squirting into my cleavage, the bond is so strong now and he owes me £150. I know he will pay because in few days he will need help again. He can hardly walk when he leaves and goes straight to bed. Mark is very nice young guy and I like to work with him. He is finished with Sue and she has no idea it is me making the monster in his pants and using it to guide Mark and pull his string. But its just natural because I have unusual advantage with my big bust, and with my voodoo crystal and voice I can make men listen to me, just listen and relax and know I am his friend. Soon Mark is giving up unnecessary expense, not going out so much and is natural for him to need help twice every week. My gift to him is relief and peace and sleep, his gift to me is about quarter of his pay, about £500 each month. He is happy to pay and I have fun with him, sometimes getting him to buy things. He really didn’t want to buy the bra, so embarrassing for a young man to buy a 40JJ bra!..but after a month he obey and bring me this nice new bra