The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Vacation:

‘Five years,’ I thought to myself. I had been married for five years to my college sweetheart Sarah. We met our senior year, and were instantly inseparable. We married the year we graduated. She was so beautiful. Exactly my height at five foot nine, had dark brown hair, dark eyes, perfect ovular face, C-cup breasts, tanned skin, and a slim figure. I loved her body equally as much as her mind. Sadly, though, our relationship recently hit the breaks. Within the last year we talked less and less, and became indifferent to each other sexually. The latter was so ironic, as she truly was as beautiful as the day I met her. About a week ago, I convinced her to go on a boat trip in the Caribbean with me. We both thought a private, intimate trip like that could spruce up our relationship. Plus, we hadn’t used our house boat in a while …

“Jack! Wake the fuck up! Your burning!” I heard a voice say in the distance. “Did you forget your sunblock!” As I came to consciousness, I realized that Sarah was shaking me awake.

“What …?” I said drowsily.

“Come inside the boat. I’ll put some aloe on you.”

Sarah took my hand, and dragged me inside. She lay down on the bed. Only my front was burned. Oh, there was nothing like having those smooth hands on my body! And though my skin burned like hell, my dick slowly inflated under my shorts.

“I can tell your enjoying yourself, Jack,” she said sarcastically.

She was looking so hot in that noontime lighting! Her easily tanned skin had darkened more than I had ever seen over the past week. Since she hated tan lines, I knew that black bikini was not always worn. The shine that her suntan lotion gave her was merely icing on that sexy cake!

“Wow! You really are liking this, Jack!”

“You know, we’ve been sailing for more than five days now, and haven’t made love …”

“All right, let me just finish rubbing this into your legs.”

“How ‘bout, when you finish, you start me off with that lotion?”

“You just want me to give you a hand job, don’t you?


“All right. Only if you promise to do me after!”

I was so overjoyed! She had not given me a hand job since we had dated. I always wanted her to give me one since then. This was going to be fantastic!

She finished with my legs soon enough, and finally pulled down my shorts. She actually had some trouble, as my cock was about as enlarged as it could be. She then squirt a liberal amount of the lotion into her hand, and rubbed it in with her other. When her dripping hands clasped my throbbing cock, I let out a loud gasp. Her hands felt beyond knowledgeable as they stroked. I could see in her eyes, and felt with her motions, that this was an act of love for her. It was the first time we truly made love in what felt like an eternity. “You wanna tell me when your gonna cum, so I could finish you off with a good blow job?” I of course nodded, but I was shocked! She never offered to eat my cum before, but I secretly always wished her to do so. I knew in that moment that my great enjoyment compromised my composure, and I was indeed about blow my load. “Its … Its gonna be pretty soon now, you sexy thing!” She unclasped me with her hands, and leaned over with her widened mouth. She sucked and licked so expertly, clearly remembering all the times we did this back in college. Though this would be the first time she drank my cum! “Oh my GAH … I LOVE YOU, SARAH!” My cum uncontrollably flowed out of me. She kept sucking harder and harder to get it all out. The load was so damn large! The moment felt like it lasted forever. She crawled up to my face, and with cum permeating her mouth, she said, “That wasn’t that bad actually.” She licked the roof of her mouth. “Kinda salty. Can’t believe I always avoided that!” She swallowed a couple of times, and continued, “My turn!”

I slid off the bed, and Sarah quickly replaced me. She opened her long legs wide. I pulled her black bikini bottom off her, and saw her wet, shaved pussy. With both love and lust I went down on her. I dug my tongue into her hole; she cooed. I sucked her clit; she moaned. I knew just how to love her! I could taste her juices flow as I went. I briefly looked up, and saw her ecstasy: Eyes rolled back, mouth open wide, hand under black bikini top. With a great scream she finally came. I drank every bit of her tasty juices.

I lay next to her on the bed. We pecked our lips. “You still got it, Jack,” she said lovingly.

“So do you, Sarah.”

We cuddled, and made small talk for a long time. Was eating each other’s cum going to reinvigorate our marriage? Probably not. But it was a damn good step. Eventually, our conversation came to her sister Jennie. Sarah had talked to her quite a bit over the phone, but we hadn’t seen her in a long time. I always liked her sister, and I must admit that she was equally as sexy as Sarah. Jennie looked a lot like Sara, except that she had a lighter shade of brown hair, and a more circular face. She was two years younger than Sarah as well.

“You hungry?” I asked Sarah. She nodded. I hopped out of the bed, and pulled on my shorts.

I walked into the small kitchen, and the door flopped closed behind me. As I rummaged through the cabinets, I kept thinking about Jennie. She was as much of a friend as Sarah was my wife. For one reason or another, I really wanted her to be there. Sure the trip was designed to help my relationship with Sarah, but I guess it was a bit lonely with it being just the two of us.

Suddenly, I felt very dizzy. My vision blurred. I leaned onto the counter. Then as quickly as it came, it was gone. I shook my head, and took out some tomatoes and onions.

The door flapped closed behind me. “What’s for lunch, Jack?”

I turned around in shock. It wasn’t Sarah who walked through the door. It was the bikini clad, deeply tanned Jennie! As I looked at her, a dizzying haze lifted. It was as if that sudden dizziness didn’t leave until just then. In my mind, I could see a whole knew set of memories sitting right next to the original. It was like looking at two universes at once: Original and revised. In the new memories, Sarah and I still agreed that a good boat trip would be good for our relationship, but she suggested that Jennie should come along to keep us company. Sarah said that since she was single, and probably not doing all that much, she would love to come along with us. I remember grudgingly agreeing, because I knew it would make Sarah happy. The trip was ironically nearly identical with Jennie there. I stupidly got a bad sunburn. Sarah and I even still made love, but Jennie was of course outside. I could not yet fully understand what just happened.

“You all right, Jack? You seem troubled.”

“Oh, I’m fine. You just surprised me, that’s all.”

“OK. Well, anyway, I’m glad you and Sarah seem to be having a good time.”

“You heard us?” I said airily.

“I think the whole Caribbean heard you! But that’s all right.”

As we made small talk, my mind started to reset itself. While I understood that I had somehow altered reality, the act should have been impossible! The thought did cross my mind that my bad sunburn messed with my head more than I realized, but I somehow knew that I legitimately altered things.

Sarah walked into the kitchen. “Oh, there you are, Jen!” She sat next to her sister while I made us all some lunch.

As we ate, I continued to think about what happened. The mere thought of being capable of altering reality was awesome. Such a power was truly godlike. I silently shuddered. Could I even control such a power? Would the universe somehow unravel if I use it again? Was this just a onetime, impossible thing? How the hell could I even have such a power?

We eventually finished eating, and the women walked onto the deck to do some sunbathing together. I walked into the bedroom, and sat on the dest chair, deeply troubled. After staring into space for a while, I came to the decision that I had to prove to myself that this power was something that I truly could wield.

‘What could I alter that would prove all this to me?’ I thought … Then it hit me! One thing that I was not really attracted to was feet. Sure both Sarah and Jennie had feet that could be considered attractive, but I never touched them. Like before, I kept thinking that I really wanted this, but it didn’t work. I then realized that I didn’t really “want” a foot fetish, so I worked hard to transfer my “want” to use my newfound power to a “want” of a foot fetish. ‘Because I WANT to see what my power can do, I WANT a foot fetish!’ I thought over and over in my mind. I stood up, and said it loudly in my head with great truth and conviction. Suddenly, the bizarre dizziness and haze again engulfed me. It was stronger this time, though. I stumbled over onto the bed, and fell onto it. I passed out.

When I awoke, I looked at my watch. It had only been about five minutes. I sat up. Everything felt perfectly normal. It was as if nothing happened at all. ‘Maybe I can’t alter myself,’ I thought.

I walked over to the desk and sat back down. As I looked at my closed laptop, I finally realized the altered universe. I discovered my foot fetish while in high school. Some Hollywood director was said to have a foot fetish, and the concept intrigued me. When I was alone one night, I searched for “foot fetish” in some random search engine. Needless to say, it confirmed everything. I was timid though, and never told any subsequent girlfriends about the fetish. I did reveal my fetish to Sarah, however. About a month after we married, she went shopping one day, and asked if I could rub her sore feet. This request happened in the original universe, where I declined. In the revised universe however, I gave her a very intimate massage, using warm massage oils, and eventually my own spit. It didn’t take her long to put two and two together, but she didn’t mind. In fact, Sarah admitted to developing a bit of a fetish herself from my influence. Needless to say, we took very good care of our feet.

Sadly, our relationship still took that same downward spiral. The ladies were giggling about something on deck. I looked toward their sounds, and thought about what I could alter to erase downward spiral.

“I’m going to change everything!” I said to myself. I first willed a change to make Sarah and Jennie openly bisexual. No serious change there, though I now remember Sarah glancing a women’s feet a bit now. Next, I gave Jennie a secret foot fetish, which I was sure could come in handy later. After that I made the two women hate underwear, while I ensured that they loved bikinis.

I stopped for a second to let the altered universe to set in, and continued. I then made all three of us obsessed with yoga and pilates. At that change I nearly feel off the chair … Now that did something! In the original universe, Sarah suggested we try a free yoga lesson in college, which I didn’t think I had time for, but in the revised, I bit the bullet. Needless to say, we loved it! Sarah suggested that Jennie try it where she was, and she was apparently a natural. It evolved from there to involve an aggressive mix of yoga and pilates. I became far more fit and flexible, as did Sarah and Jennie, while they had sexier, healthier, tighter bodies. With the three of us doing yoga for the past six years, Jennie never needed to contact us from a distance. After she finished college, she moved in near us, and taught her own “yogalates” classes. This revision, on top of the prior, definitely improved my relationship with Sarah, too! With us being more physically fit and flexible, our sex life was infallible. Our relationship never hit the breaks. Now, the reason why we all went out on this boat trip was because we just wanted a good vacation.

“You were right, Jen, I can really feel a good stretch in this position,” I heard Sarah say from outside.

I just had to do one more thing!

When Sarah first introduced me to Jennie before we got married, I secretly fantasized about having a threesome with them both. I knew I wanted to alter the universe now so that would me more than possible. But how? … Yes, that’s it! I then took my vast control over the universe to manipulate multiple past events moment by moment …

When Jennie was eighteen, she was still a virgin. She knew that she would soon loose that to her current boyfriend. However, she was afraid that she could not please him, because of her virginity. Jennie went to her older sister for advice. This advice went from mere words to actual actions. To help her sister, Sarah eventually decided to pretend to be her sister’s boyfriend. Them being bisexual, it was easier to “simulate” intimacy than they first thought. This started with mere guidance on kissing, which proved quite useful for Jennie. It eventually led to Sarah strapping on a dildo to better pretend that she was Jennie’s boyfriend. This meant that Jennie actually lost her virginity to her sister, but the experience ensured that Jennie pleased her boyfriend. After about a year, Jennie civilly separated from her boyfriend, but her and her sister continued their “studies.” Soon after they started to realize that all their sex made them very close. It didn’t bother them though, because they were sisters after all. Eventually Sarah shed the strap-on. This caused them to fuck each other more and more like lesbian lovers. One night they were scissoring, and caught each other’s eyes. In that moment, they knew that they were making love. It felt so good; so right. When they came, the orgasm was long and passionate. They lay on their sides, looking into each other’s eyes.

“What are we doing?” Sarah asked her sister.

“I’m not sure anymore,” Jennie whispered.

“I think I’m … I’m … This cannot be!”

“Your right, Sarah.” Jennie shook her head. “This has to stop now.”

After that night, they didn’t have sex with each other again. But to this day, they shared a closeness that they knew no two sisters should ever feel toward each other.

A few moments later, I found myself on the hard wood floor. All those intricate changes made me briefly black out. I walked onto the deck, and saw the two women who I changed so dramatically. Jennie was showing Sarah some highly advanced yoga positions. It was actually quite strange to look at them. I could remember how everything was originally just as well as how it was now. A part of me almost didn’t recognize them. From my perspective it really was just yesterday that Sarah and I were in a dying relationship, and that Jennie was far away. Before me now were two, very close, fit women, with one who I now share a perfect sex life.

“That’s a pretty good burn you got there, Jack,” Jennie said bent backwards on her knees.

“That means he might get dark skin like us, Jen!” she said with a joking smile, while leaning on her right leg in a split. Their skin was very dark.

I smiled. Looking at them bend like contortionists, I realized how aroused I was becoming. While it was a more “advanced” arousal than what I was used to via the original universe, it was gloriously common in the revised.

I then asked, “Do you ladies wanna play a little Truth or dare?”

They glanced at each other, and agreed. Despite having plenty to hide now, they were clearly much more willing to have some fun.

We decided to take turns based on spinning a bottle, and the first turn would be decided by us all spinning it at once. Hands all on the green bottle, we spun it clockwise. It landed on Jennie.

“Umm, Jack! Truth or dare?” Jennie asked me with a sly smile.

“Ah, why not! Dare!”

“Ooo.” She paused for a moment. “Lemme see … I know! I dare you to kiss me like you do Sarah.”

I glanced at Sarah, who gave an approving smile. This was all in good fun! I leaned over to my wife’s equally as beautiful sister. We slowly leaned in. My lips pressed against hers. I closed my eyes, and pretended that she was Sarah. Her lips felt very much like her sister’s, so pretending was easy. I lovingly put my hand behind her head. Her soft hair ran between my fingers. Our mouths slowly opened, and our tongues felt each other. I pushed my tongue into her mouth like I did thousands of times with Sarah, regardless of universe. We were so deep for so long. When we pulled back, Sarah almost looked jealous!

I spun the bottle. It landed on Sarah. “OK. Truth or dare?”


“Being bi, do you consider Jennie attractive?”

They gave each other a long, though nervous look. Sarah said looking at her sister, “Yes. Jennie’s very beautiful.”

Breathing deeply, Sarah spun the bottle. It landed back on me. “Truth or dare?” she asked quietly.

“Dare,” I stated in a matter of fact kind of way.

Sarah paused, and stated, “Take those trunks off. Get naked. I’m sure it was gonna lead that way anyway.”

I did so, and spun the bottle. It landed between Sarah and Jennie. Jennie offered to go. “All right, Jennie, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” she said surprisingly sheepish.

“Tell us about the time you lost your virginity.”

Sarah and Jennie looked shocked. It was obviously the very question that they didn’t want me to ask. Sarah finally stated, “Do you really want to know?”

“Sure. Besides, it couldn’t have been that bad,” I said jokingly.

Sarah nodded at Jennie with an approving smile. “Well, I lost it at 18 … My boyfriend at the time thought I lost it to him.” She shook her head. “But it wasn’t really him … At the time, I knew that he was definitely going to be the first, but I didn’t think I was gonna please him. I asked Sarah -- yes, my sister, your wife -- to teach me a few things. She tried to explain to me a few things, but we eventually decided to get physical. We started with simply kissing and fondling. It advanced. It was Sarah’s idea to pretend that she was my boyfriend. She bought a strap-on, and one night we really had sex. Sarah ripped me wide open, and we were fine with that, somehow. We never told anybody.”

After a good pause, Jennie spun the bottle. I must admit that I was a bit surprised that we continued. It landed on Sarah. “Truth or dare, Sarah?” She opted for truth. “Tell him the rest, Sarah.”

“All right … Well, we really were all right with what we did. I guess its because we’re bi, and all. We even continued our experiment. It continued long after Jennie broke up with that boyfriend. Since we didn’t go to the same college, we didn’t see each other that much. What all that did was that we secretly fucked each other every time we saw each other. It felt really good … Eventually, I shed the dildo, and the man act, so we would just fuck like lesbians. I was single all trough this, and that made things really easy. We felt ourselves growing closer the more we fucked, but that didn’t bother us. But one night, we caught each other’s eyes, and our experiment in sex turned into love making. We no longer loved each other like sisters in that moment; we … I think we were in love. After we came, we starred into our eyes for so long. We knew that love could not be, no matter how true it was. That was last time we were intimate, but we’re still closer than the average pair of sisters … Mush closer … Jen ran to men after that, but I had at least one girlfriend between Jen and you.”

I could tell that a big weight was lifted off the women’s shoulders. They seemed quire relived, and seemed glad that I wasn’t taken aback by it.

Sarah spun the bottle. It landed on me, and I opted for dare. She ordered, “I dare you to kiss me like you would Jennie.” It was an interesting dare, and Sarah looked more than willing. I leaned over, and gave my wife a long, wet, lustful kiss. Sarah stated out of breath, “Woah! I think I’m gonna be REALLY jealous!”

I spun the bottle, and it landed on Sarah. She opted for dare. “I dare you, Sarah, to worship Jennie’s feet.”

They looked shocked that I came up with such a thing. They just admitted to their incestuous relationship, which ended with them vowing to not allow themselves to let it go further, and yet, neither said no to it. Sure, they both agreed to the game, but it had to be something more. I then realized an unconscious subtext to all my alterations of them: Having Sarah and Jennie be “open” about pleasure. This openness was what allowed for the sisters to start a sexual relationship, and aided in my vastly improved sex life with Sarah.

“You two don’t have to do this. It was pretty impulsive of me,” I stated. “No, its all right,” Sarah said. “We wanted to do this game. We’ll get you back. Let’s have some fun!” Jennie added. Sarah took Jennie’s sensual size nines (same as Sarah’s) into her hands. She placed the left next to her, while she holded the right. Her hands worked her sister’s foot, turning it into butter. Jennie lay back, and joyfully absorbed the attention. It looked as if Sarah had rubbed her sister’s foot thousands of times before, but I knew they never indulged in feet. Sarah did have plenty of practice though her own, and they used to be intimate. They just knew what they would enjoy.

Looking at them both clearly enjoying themselves, I so desperately wanted them to be open about their intimacy again. Sarah placed the foot next to her, and tenderly began to work the other. I decided to see if I could manipulate the future. ‘I want Sarah and Jennie’s foot worship session to lead to them not being against being intimate anymore. They will not be “in love,” but will simply enjoy the pleasure. I want us all to truly enjoy a threesome amongst ourselves, while Sarah and Jennie have no problem making love with just each other. While this reopened their incredible openness toward each other, it also ensured that they would gain a true addiction to pleasure,’ I thought with conviction. There was a distinct stillness for a few moments, which was oddly disorienting.

Sarah began to lick passionately from heal to toe, with a lustful look in her eye. “UHH fuck!” Jennie squealed. Ankle in hand, Sarah looked down at her sister. She said slyly, “You have a foot fetish don’t you?” Seemingly out of breath, Jennie responded sarcastically, “No.” Sarah then did to her sister’s foot what always would make Sarah squeal when I did it to her: She playfully nibbled at the ball of Jennie’s foot. “Yeah … FUCK I love feet!” To finish the session, Sarah deepthroated her sister’s feet in turn. Jennie squealed and cooed so loud that I thought she might loose her voice!

Sarah placed her sister’s fully worshiped feet down, and gave her a very tight hug.

“Why did we stop, Sarah?

“We were … We were starting to fall in love,” Sarah stated.

“I don’t know, Sarah, looking back on it now, I don’t think that was really happening. When we started to just go at it like lesbians, the reality just had to hit us eventually.”

“Yeah, its not exactly widely accepted! … I have to admit, Jennie, I’m still sexually attracted to you.”

“Me to, Sarah. You really are my type … I guess us being bi really messed with our heads, Sarah!”

“It fuckin’ did, Jennie! I think what happened between us was that need for a woman … You know we’re really different people now. Maybe we could have a little fun sometimes,” she said while deeply scanning her sister’s body.

Sarah looked over to me, and asked, “What do you think, Jack? Do you mind Jennie and I redefining sisterly love?”

“Oh, I don’t fuckin’ care! As long as I get to join in sometimes!”

They gave me a “seriously” look, before they looked back at each other and shrugged. They both smiled, and gave each other a long passionate kiss. Their hands lightly rediscovered their bodies. The kiss was neither of lovers, nor of lust. It could only be described as sisterly. I knew then that I could do nearly anything. In fact, the only limit that I could fathom was that I could not change the fact that I ended up on a boat trip in the Caribbean, and stupidly got a bad sunburn. When they looked over to me with a horny look, the only thing that mattered was the sex that was to come!