The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Valkyrie Don’t Cry

by littlefrog66


* * *

There are all kinds of theories out there about what Artificial Intelligence is going to be like, and look like. Most of the smart people want something that resembles him or herself. Something that he can talk to, hang out with, identify with. They want to talk truing tests and if it can carry on a decent conversation. That’s good enough for them.

“Evidently this was a group of Artificial Intelligence’s and our own government was dealing with them.” Max started off our latest meeting to establish what we were going to do about it?

“Is dealing with them Max.” Morgan corrected Max.

“Has been dealing with them for over fifteen years that we know of and we need to decide what we are going to do about it.” He finished and sat back down.

“Why do we have to do anything?” Nina asked.

“They killed your parents for....” Nina cut Max off.

“That was before I knew what my father was into Max,” Nina said.

“We need to find out what the actual situation is. Have we been invaded? Did we lose the war? What these things are? I for one have a hundred questions that need answering Nina.” Morgan piped up.

“It’s not right what they’re doing to these girls. We know that.” Eve spoke up.

“That sums it up Nina, it ain’t right.” Max finished.

“What do we do now.” Nina conceded defeat.

«I’m still getting useable intelligence from the packages that Jet has made. I have identified some of what seem like major players, and I think I know how they are controlling everybody.» Fred put in.

“So you think you have figured it out, Fred.” Morgan laughed.

«Yes...Yes, I think I do. I think that fifteen years ago our government was invaded. They showed up and proved to the then administration that “resistance is futile” and our government folded. We, well you anyway, were never told and it was business as usual for everybody else.» Fred said.

“What could have scared the government enough to fold like that.” Morgan wondered aloud.

«I checked and that was the time that rouge meteor hit Jupiter. You remembering the scientists telling us how many megatons it was. That was a demonstration I’m betting.» Fred stated.

“And you think that because they couldn’t do anything about it they gave up...cooperated with them?” Eve stated the obvious.

“It’s been a trend throughout history Eve,” Nina said.

“The question is what are we going to do now that we know.” Morgan wanted to know.

“Why do anything.” Doc wanted to know.

“Because we’re human and care,” Nina responded.

“I mean are we going to confront it or hide from it. I mean discretion is the better part of valor and all that good stuff.” Morgan laughed.

“I for one am not going to confront that thing. First of all, I can’t even reach it.” Max stated.

«That’s not exactly true.» Fred put in.

“What we’ve got flying saucers that I didn’t know about?” Max laughed.

«Well no not exactly, but I was built by a 4D race similar to yours that had both FTL and interdimensional travel. It should be possible to build and adapt what I know to your current technology. Your race is on the verge of the discovery anyway» Fred stated with what we all felt was confidence.

“You’ve had all this all along and didn’t tell us?” Morgan accused.

«With greater power comes greater responsibility. None of this technology was needed until now, before now it would have been a burden, now it’s an asset.» Fred justified himself.

“So what is this interdimensional travel anyway.” Morgan started.

«It is, in one form anyway, what you all commonly call teleportation. The mass movement of one defined mass from one defined point in the universe to another clearly defined spot in the universe. Point to point transference of mass and energy. In another configuration, it is an invisible eye and ear in the Saucer or any other defined spot you want to spy on.» Fred happily explained.

“You mean I can spy on that damn Saucer and the White House now Fred?” Morgan laughed.

«Yes, Morgan since we can now define a spot in time and space we can open up a mini vortex like portal inside the ship, and with a little trial and error we can refine it’s position to make it virtually invisible. It will take us anywhere we want to go.» Fred explained.

“How about a personal transporter?” Nina wanted to know.

«What do you have in mind Nina?» Fred asked.

“If you can create a vortex inside the Saucer I could walk through it right?” Nina questioned.

«Possibly.» Fred hesitantly answered.

“If you could make me a tracker unit to wear you could transport me there and follow me with the tiny vortex. If I got into trouble you could enlarge the vortex and I could jump back through and disappear right?” Nina was on a roll.

«I guess Nina,» Fred was becoming leery of where this was all leading up to.

“Then we can invade them anytime we want,” Nina announced triumphantly.

“We could use that to investigate the White House too,” Paula announced before Morgan could.

* * *

In weeks I had located the different labs and equipment we needed to create the tools we would need. With Morgan’s help, we gained access to everything we needed to set up our Von Neumann assembly line. We would be creating tiny Von Neumann like devices that would then be creating even tinnier Von Neumann like devices to finally create the different devices we would need to create what we needed. In no time at all, we had it done and put it into use. In a matter of days, we had the layout of the Saucer and the White House.

With the Von Neumann devices, it’s more like cooking than building anything. A dash of copper, a smidgen of silver, a recipe to produce your device. Building your device molecule by molecule until it’s finished. When it was finished it was about as solid state as solid state gets.

The device Nina wanted proved to be rather easy for Fred to make but depended on having something like Fred to run it. It’s entire process depended on establishing an original starting point and working outward from there. Once that point in time and space was established it was possible to, through trial and error, to establish other fixed points around it. Soon we had established a cube within which our device could operate without the need of Fred’s help. It still depended on Fred to establish other points though.

The device Nina wore had two buttons. One was green and one was red. The red button was to call for the creation of a portal at the point Nina was at the time. The green button was to mark where the portal was when it became time to use it, after all, it was invisible until needed. Right now all portals lead to home, our hangar at March Air Force Base. Eventually, we would have other destinations to choose from Nina figured.

Within days we had sorted out that Fred’s speculations were true we were indeed conquered. The only thing we were wrong about was it wasn’t just the United States. It was us the Russians, Chinese, Japanese, and a representative of the European Union. The Big Five as they have become known in the UN.

So far their demands were simple and straight forward. Each of the Big Five were to provide a fixed number of young viable females, from 14 to 19 years of age, in good physical condition, and capable of bearing children each year. What the Big Five received in return for the girls and controlling their own populations was a limited supply of the “Serum”. The Serum set back the biological clock of any human being by at least twenty years and cured any disease they may have picked up. It worked equally well on both males and females. Each of the Five got 100 doses of it a year.

The Big Five had accepted their slavery, and everybody was satisfied with the arrangement. So satisfied that they had actually killed off any attempts at rebellion among the ranks. This went for the military and scientific community within their own ranks too. We had finally found a copy of the propaganda that the Saucer people were putting out to explain their need for women.

It seemed that the Cree, that’s what they call themselves, had developed a society that extensively bio-modified themselves to fit the different environments they encountered in exploring their own solar system. They were much more advanced than us and had become one homogenized mass of people several hundreds of years before the first Chinese Dynasty was founded.

Discovering FTL they set out on their missions of discovery. One of the first worlds they discovered close to them was Earth. At that time they had a “Non-Interference Policy” and only observed. They also discovered that life was everywhere, but intelligent life was rare. In Earth, they discovered a people not only intelligent, but also capable of actually breeding with them.

Recently, a little under a hundred years ago, they ran into a virus that attacked their bodies and modifications through their immune systems. Their “Serum” which had worked for hundreds of years failed to stop this new virus, it only slowed it down. The Cree had extended their lifetimes with the “Serum” and grown extremely old and had a very low birth rate, so there were very few actual Cree left to fight the virus.

One group searching for a solution to their situation created large dense computing arrays that they interfaced themselves with in the hopes of finding a cure for the virus. At first, this worked well, but in a reversal of fate the Artificial Intelligence took over the organic component and used it as an appendage to address the real world around it. Other computers like it were built and more Cree became enslaved to the machines. Of course, the Cree involved denied they were enslaved. They argued they were just part of a larger more connected community now, better able to address the problems of the community.

With Cree society dying and falling apart the new hybrid Cree-Artificial Intelligence offered a solution to their problem to the rest of the Cree race in their equivalent of our UN. Every large enough group was given membership and a vote in the Assembly Of Free Beings.

Earth, they said, had a large thriving population and were compatible genetically with the Cree. They would go to Earth procure the necessary volunteers and bring them back here to the Cree Empire and employ them as a labor force until they could find a cure for the virus.

At this time the Cree Empire consisted of eight star systems and multiple planets in those systems. Cree had adapted themselves to a multitude of conditions on a number of planets and even a few moons. The Cree that had suffered the most from the new virus were the Cree on the Original Home World and it’s seven sister planets. They were also the oldest surviving members of the race and the largest users of the “Serum”.

Though some member planets disagreed the motion was carried and the new hybrid Cree-Artificial Intelligence offered to go to Earth and procure the volunteers. So a fleet of three large heavily armed Saucers under the Cree Home World flag were dispatched to Earth. Once here the Cree-Artificial Intelligence, hereafter referred to as the CAI, saw how weak Earth really was they decided to take what they wanted by force.

The CAI had three bases on Earth. One on the island of San Yeque, another off the coast of China and another at the North Pole. All three had a Cree based Artificial Intelligence actually running it. The CAI was responsible for the socket on the back of the girl’s necks and the chips in their heads too.

Once the girls had been examined and chipped they were transferred to a Saucer and shipped back to the Home World. We also found out that the large facility at the North Pole was used to entertain large groups of dignitaries who were invited there to inspect what they thought was the current top secret North American Command Center and Doomsday Bunker. Needless to say, they were all secretly chipped before they left, though most were unaware they had been. The chip would only come into play if they decided to share their knowledge with outsiders, or for any reason rebeled. They were all closely monitored.

* * *

At about this time Nina managed to secure a sample of the “Serum” from the North Pole site using a small vortex to pick up a discarded vial that was dropped on the floor and forgotten. True the vial was empty, but it contained enough “Serum” to allow us to analyze it. It turned out to be mainly stem cells, what researchers call “totipotent,” which means they are able to reproduce and become every type of cell the body uses. Even Adults still have some stem cells which can be found in small amounts in most of our bone marrow and fat cells, without them we’d die a whole lot faster.

A week later I gave us all a lecture on what we had found out so far.

«Where do these “totipotent” stem cells come from your probably asking yourselves. Well after the girl conceives, the baby begins growing in its mother’s womb, embryological development, stem cells are the key to growing the various tissues and structures of the baby’s body, and they remain active in growing new tissue throughout childhood. Once you reach the adult stage, stem cell production falls off, but the body continues to provide some cells for tissue that wears out or becomes infected. Aging is the result of this decrease in stem cell production.»

«But these particular stem cells we’re talking about came from embryos that are three to five days old. At this stage of development, the embryo is known as a blastocyst and consists of approximately 150 cells. These type of cells are referred to as embryonic stem cells and they are what the Cree are after.» Fred summed it up.

«When you humans discovered the usefulness of stem cells you ran into an ethical dilemma. The most useful stem cells were from the moment of conception to five days later. There was never a question with you of induced conception then abortion and the harvesting of the blastocyst for medical use. Even the so-called “Morning After Pill” is still violently opposed by some of you. No, the question was when life begins and what constitutes a viable human being. That question still violently divides the human race. To get around the continuous issue of abortion scientists wanting to investigate stem cells developed “cloning”.»

«Well the process of cloning, or somatic cell nuclear transplantation, involves two different cells. The first being a female gamete, known as the ovum (egg/oocyte). In human SCNT (Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer) experiments, these eggs are obtained through consenting donors, utilizing ovarian stimulation. The second being a somatic cell, referring to the cells of the human body. Skin cells, fat cells, and liver cells are only a few examples. The nucleus of the donor egg cell is removed and discarded, leaving the egg ‘deprogrammed.’ What is left is a somatic cell and a denucleated egg cell. These are then fused by inserting the somatic cell into the ‘empty’ ovum. After being inserted into the egg, the somatic cell nucleus is reprogrammed by its host egg cell. The ovum, now containing the somatic cell’s nucleus, is stimulated with a small electric shock and begins to divide and multiply at that moment. The egg is now viable and capable of producing a viable organism containing all the necessary genetic information from just the one parent. Development continues normally after that. After many mitotic divisions, this single cell forms a blastocyst (an early stage embryo with about 150 cells) with an identical genome to the original organism (i.e. a clone). Stem cells can then be obtained by the destruction of this cloned embryo for use in therapeutic cloning or in the case of reproductive cloning the cloned embryo is implanted into a host mother for further development and brought to term.»

«I only included this information about the long and complicated process of cloning to illustrate the lengths you humans go through to obtain what the Cree did naturally with the adolescent female slave workforce we provided them. The girls ovulate, the Cree impregnate, either naturally or artificially, it doesn’t matter which. Pregnancy tests are administered around the clock and the blastocyst is sucked out five days later, the girl not even missing a full day of work. In this way the Cree obtained a huge supply of embryonic stem cells in no time at all.»

«The only problem is the Cree-Artificial Intelligence construct has absolute control of all of this and they are withholding this information from the general Cree population.» Fred finished.

“And how do we know all this?” Max wanted to know.

“Because we have tapped into their communication channel and know what they are sending back home,” Nina informed him.

“Back home in the Empire, they are thankful that their new colony has been able to help them with a partial cure for this virus. They have been told that we were happy to become part of the Cree Empire.” Morgan put in her two cents.

“Couldn’t we just send a message that we are unhappy?” Max asked.

“Look do the math. 60 girls a month from the 5 major powers comes to 3,600 girls a year. It’s been 15 years so that’s what 54,000 girls. In the big scheme of things that’s a drop in the bucket. The major powers have become used to it and the fountain of youth the CAI is handing out to their pets is cementing the deal. There is no way they are going to allow us or anyone else to upset their apple cart, Max.” Morgan told him the facts of life.

“Couldn’t we go to the news media?” Max asked dejectedly.

“Sure if you want to get killed.” Nina laughed.

“We don’t know they were killed, we just know there are a lot of missing people. They started asking questions and just disappeared. This has been going on for 15 years Max, and this is the first we have heard of it.” Paula laughed now.

“Look I’m not even sure if we could somehow rip that cloak of invisibility away from around the Saucers up there, and prove that 50,000 girls have been abducted, we could get a rebellion going. I mean face it the girls are chipped and they are going to deny they’ve been abducted. Besides they are going to tell everyone they are having a wonderful time visiting their new best friend the Cree.

“I can just hear that fat bastard in office right now telling the American people that the reason they had to keep all this secret was to protect our good friends the Cree from homicidal xenophobic people like us, and I can see the America people buying it. After all, they haven’t lost anything in this war.”

“Hell an average of 90,000 people go missing in America each year. 113 to 200 million go missing in the world itself. All we lost on any given year was 3,600, and that’s only 720 girls from America itself. A number easily covered up Max.” Morgan told Max the facts of life.

“Then what are we going to do girls?” Max asked in disgust.

«We are going to prepare for war, but on our terms Max.» Fred laughed.

“So you think it’s going to come down to that?”

“Yes, The people back Home in the Empire are demanding more and more “Serum” just to stay even with the virus spread, and the Big Five are demanding more for their own personal use. There are also at least two “black markets” developing that are trying to discover what the “Serum” is and duplicate it. They are pressuring their governments for disclosure.” Nina informed Max.

“Plus we have anonymously informed the Right-to-Life people that the “Serum” is made from unborn children and their President is using it on himself. It should be interesting to note the reactions of him and his cabinet in the coming weeks. All he’s surrounded himself with are those anal retentive fanatics.” Paula all but spit.

“I take it that you have issues with our Dear President Paula?” Max laughed.

“You could say that. We, me and my crew that is, were to get a commendation until one of his good Christian aids interviewed me and my crew. Then my proficiency marks were lowered and I was asked to leave the service. They would have made it stick if my commanding officer hadn’t gone to bat for me. I still don’t know if it was just because we were women or they found out I was a lesbian.” Paula laughed along with her crew.

“So we’re preparing for war? What do you expect to happen?” Max asked, even though he knew he wasn’t going to like the answer.

«The CAI is going to demand that the tribute in girls to be tripled. That’s going to irritate the Big Five, but in the end, they will make it four times the girls, after all, nobody will miss them anyway. In return the Big Five will get double the amount of “Serum” for their personal use.»

«We will tip off the Right-to-Life people where the bases to handle the girls are. We will also supply one of his Right-to-Life aides, that isn’t in the loop, a vial of the “Serum” the President is using on himself. The aide can have it analyzed and tested. Believe it or not, they do have some legitimate scientist on their team. Hopefully, that will isolate him from his base of support.» Fred chuckled.

“We’re hoping that the Right-to-Lifers will attack the Islands. We know that they have several large boats, and airplanes, even a few helicopters my sources say. We are in the process of convincing them that a large number of girls are being held there and being milked like cattle for their blastocyst of stem cells every week. Hopefully, we will even be able to give them the names of the girls being held there at that time.” Morgan was really on a roll enjoying herself to the fullest.

“If it’s disrupted enough maybe the CAI will make an appearance to restore order. Maybe they’ll bring out the Saucers into the open. Maybe the Right-to-Lifeer’s will make it a holy war. All I want to do is disrupt their supply line. Get the attention of the Home Empire. Get them to send somebody to investigate how the colony is really doing.” Nina spoke up.

“You still think the Cree Empire really cares about what happens to us, Nina,” Max questioned.

“Yes, I think they care. I’ve read the dispatches they are sending back to the Home World and they are going to a great deal of trouble to lie to the Empress about the true state of affairs here. She thinks that everybody here loves them.” Nina said.

“But it was you that said all the average citizen cared about was his next dose of “Serum”.” Max reminded her.

“And that’s exactly why we are going to steal the next shipments of “Serum” right off the courier ship before it leaves for Home. We’ll see how much confusion that causes the enemy.” She laughed.

“You do play dirty little girl.” Max joined in the laughter.

* * *

Wanda and the ten Princesses were coming along nicely. I was happy to see that Wanda’s new brain cells had integrated well. There were things that Wanda would never remember, like who she was. Sure she had a name and other information, but there was no context. She didn’t remember a mother or father or anything about her past life. She had decided that it didn’t matter, this was her family, her friends, her life now. She was more than satisfied, and after all the Princesses didn’t have a past either.

We had finally convinced the Princesses that clothing was necessary, even a preferred thing if done right, but they still followed him around the Hangar like a gaggle of puppies in heat. Rubbing up on him any chance they got. After a while, Max claimed he got used to it.

Wanda and the Princesses had discovered YouTube and something called Pole Dancing. They were fascinated by it and wanted their own poles. They were mostly ignored by the other girls...well women anyway. They eventually came up with their own solution to their problem. Being a former maintenance hanger there were all kinds of large chains stored along the walls that could be hung from the reinforced rafters. In no time they were going up and down the large chains just like the girls in the competitions on YouTube.

In no time the other girls, even Paula were trying it out too. Exotic Pole Dancing requires the muscles of an acrobat and the body of a contortionist, plus she has to be an exhibitionist at heart that loves to show off her body in very UN-ladylike poses. After watching them work out I couldn’t decide if they reminded me more of a cobra or the mongoose. Nina was the only one that could halfway keep up with them. Max suggested that Nina teach us all some basic martial arts for self-defense. Nina set up classes for beginners.

The Princesses took to the arts like a duck to water. In no time they were watching YouTube again and developing their own unique styles from watching the different competitions. In some things, they were better than Nina, but Nina still had the edge, especially with any edged weapon, though the Princesses were close. After studying them awhile I came to the conclusion that the CAI had somehow enhanced, or maybe streamlined is a better description, their brains when they installed their chips and electrodes.

The girls, all the girls had rejected Nina’s school girl uniform collection in favor of her one-piece knit stretch cheerleading outfits in different outlandish colors and styles. Short pleated skirts, long slim skirts, tight, loose, long sleeve, short sleeve, or no sleeve at all they all looked wonderful. Nina hated them, always cheerful, away following Max around, she wanted to kill them and it wasn’t the pheromones causing it this time.

Wanda and the Princesses were coming along fine, if you considered that they were eleven, 16 years old, oversexed nymphomaniacs, loyal only to Max since he had broken them in that first night and day. They seemed to hunt ways to attract men like it was an inbuilt instinct. Their walk, even their talk, seemed to be calculated to draw in the male and trap him. Poor Max was in a haze most of the time around them even without their pheromones.

Also, sex with them was required to be group participation now. All of the girls trying to please Max at the same time and Max not objecting now as he got used to it. It was disgusting Nina thought to herself as she found herself rubbing her own pussy and moving in suggestive ways from just watching Max service Wanda on the dojo mat after the practice session was over. All the other girls were still there rubbing up to him or each other. Even Paula and Nancy were participating in what had become group sex.

* * *

“I have just got to get rid of those...those...oversexed Barbe dolls, or find them another Ken,” Nina complained to Morgan at their morning meeting.

“I don’t know sometimes it’s fun.” Jet laughed.

“For you maybe, but I liked it the way it was.” Eve shot back.

“Me too.” Came from shy Kim.

“I have a suggestion, but some of us aren’t going to like it.” Morgan started.

“Anything is better than it is right now,” Nina answered her.

“Okay, when we were investigating Danny Gigliona we came across a specialty house he was running. Well, actually it’s being run by this Madam really. Madame Chang is Chinese and runs what she calls a “Harmonious House”. This is a BDSM Palace that has always been lucrative but hard on the staff. It was one of the main reasons Danny G was having to import girls from south of the border. Anyway, I figure that we, well really you Nina is entitled to it as compensation for what he did to your family.” Morgan told Nina.

“But that’s not all is it Morgan.” Nina laughed.

“Well under Madame Chang there haven’t been any more accidents and her clientele is really very pleased and has passed on their recommendations to other like minded clients. Right now it is the “In Place” in Nevada. Near enough to Vegas to make it the place for the high rollers and dignitaries to hang out and spend their money, especially if they’re a little kinky to begin with.” Morgan explained.

“And how does that help us with the Princesses.” Nina wanted to know.

“We put them to work. Well, we have Max to put them to work actually. Trust me, I’ve watched them, they’ll love it. Turning a man into a wet noodle is their thing babe. They’ll love it and we’ll get a little free time with Max by himself again. A win-win situation for everybody involved.” Morgan finished.

* * *

“I like it,” Max stated when he heard Morgan’s plan.

So days later we were back in Vegas to see Danny Gigliona, or Danny G Gong, to Madame Chang. We wanted to talk about the House of Pain and Pleasure as the Fourth House had come to be called now.

“So Consigliere are you back to finish what you started.” Danny G asked forlornly this time as we sat down.

“No Mister Gigliona, in fact, I am here to offer you the services of some very talented women that have come under my control recently. I’m sure that you can understand that I’m just one man and my other women feel...well they feel that I’ve neglected them recently. I feel that I need to find them a good home and one of your satisfied clients suggested that I see Madame Chang who I understand works for you about finding them a new home where they’re talents will be appreciated more. I’ve come to ask your permission.” Max laid out his proposal.

“You want to give me these...women Councilor?” Danny G questioned.

“No Mister....” Danny G cut him off.

“Danny G...Danny G to all my friends’ Councilor.” Danny G told Max.

“Well Danny G they need somewhere to put their talents to use, and Madame Chang was recommended. I’m hoping they will voluntarily want to work for Madame Chang after they meet her.” Max told him.

“Okay, Consigliere go for it. You have my permission. Is that it. Are we good?” Danny G said.

“Yes, that’s all,” Max said and left.

* * *

Madame Chang was one of those ageless characters we sometimes meet up with, old but really ageless. She was a Greta Garbo-like figure, tall slim with a mop of deep black hair combed over the left side of her face, with a long black lacquered cigarette holder constantly in her left hand. Though it was always holding a cigarette it was almost always unlit. While she talked she constantly waved it in front of your face, her eyes seeming to glow as she intently watched you. It was only later we learned she was an expert at hypnosis and the cigarette holder was a test of sorts.

“Gigliona Gong has spoken to me. He says that you have women that wish to work for me Consigliere...” Max interrupted her.

“Max Mam, just Max,” Max told her.

“Well, Max when can I meet these women.” She asked.

“Right now Madame.” Max laughed.

«Come in girls.» Max called on their private channel.

Nina and Morgan brought in Wanda and the Princesses. Madame Chang lined them all up even Nina and Morgan and started to walk up and down their line calmly talking to them and waiving the cigarette holder before their eyes. She would stop at one and adjust her shoulder or uncross her folded arms and allow them to loosely hang straight down to her sides. Before long Max noticed what she was doing, but before he could say anything she put a finger to his lips.

“Is only natural. They are yours right. NO? Will only be better for little nap Max.” she girlishly giggled.

“Now that we are all ready! Close eyes and sleep! Hearing nothing until I awaken you. Sleep children sleep!” She gave them instructions.

“Now are asleep. We talk. I learn Russian before English. Have accent no? You have something that keeps me from being able to do this to you. Not strength of personality. No...No something else, not come across before. No matter you Owner. Is apparent they belong to you, Yes!” Madame stated with certainty.

«Tell her yes.» Fred told me.

“You have a demon in the head? You speak with it then. Is part of your Chi, Ki, Aura, whatever you Westerners call it. Can see. Is part of the energy surrounding the body. Is a friendly demon, not an angry demon. When dealing with demons is no good, no bad, just force of nature that you deal with. It uses you and girls I see now. You Number One...Primary?” She paused and waited for an answer.

«Well tell her.» Fred directed.

“Yes, for lack of a better answer, I have a demon in my head. I think he’s a good demon. He’s done nothing but good for us, and before you ask I inherited the girls.” Max told her.

“You are...are linked with them? No?” She asked.

“Yes,” Max answered simply.

“Can you give me? Link?” She asked.

“Yes,” Max answered simply.

“Give” She demanded.

“Have you got a pin?” She pulled out a jeweled hat pin from her hair that could have done double duty as a knife fighting dagger.

“Will do.” She laughed and smiled at his expression of shock.

“The easy way is to prick our thumbs and share a little blood,” Max told her.

After the sharing, Max told her that it would be several days before Fred could grow his net and begin to talk to her. Since she was going to be part of the group now Max began to explain about the Cree, the CAI, which we had originally thought was CAT. About the invasion and about the “Serum” which the Cree Empire had to have.

She was not surprised to learn the Chinese and Japanese had surrendered without a fight but was surprised that the Americans and Russians had too.

“The dogs that run China have no stomach for war these days. Mandarin always choose path of least resistance. State-sponsored slavery is part of the Chinese penal system now. Quarter of population nothing but slaves. Naturally, they would give up worthless female slaves rather than fight. There are thousands of slave labor camps and prisons known collectively as the Laogai scattered through my Motherland, Max Gong. What is one less female slave to them? The Japanese are much the same, as long as it is only females they want they will not fight.” Madam angrily told Max.

Madame Chang patiently explained to Max that the “three teachings”, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism mainly influence China and Japan even today. The Shen, a written character or drawn symbol signifies the “energies of generation”. They are deities of the environment and ancestral principles of human groups that still guide the common people of China today.

Here she told herself is a man to found a new Dynasty, a man to attach the House of Chang too. She would start by putting his household in order. She could tell these girls were malleable like moist wet sculpture’s clay. Her task as good sculptress was to turn them into Courtesans worthy of the name.

Many do not know that the Japanese Geisha tradition, even the name itself originally came from China. Madam Chang hated them because they still existed and her China was destroyed and no more. In the time of Confucius, the Yueji were professionally trained in the arts of music, dance, and prostitution. In the Ming dynasty these elegant, talented, yet “forbidden” women, were called Mingji (prestigious prostitutes), they were fashionable women, much like modern models and movie stars of today. Many transformed themselves into noblewomen and some even became Empresses.

Madam Chang knew that behind every great Emperor and Dynasty was a large supporting staff of great hard working women dedicated to implementing his decisions and policies. They were also his ultimate bodyguards, his all-seeing spy network, and finally his far-reaching assassins, all but invisible to everyone but her and the Emperor himself. No true Empire could exist without them she knew from experience.

Madam Chang knew her work was cut out for her, but the ghosts of her ancestors had been more than benevolent in smiling down on her and putting the right tools into her hands at last. True they were ugly occidental females, but she would preserver in the face of adversity. Her future Emperor needed her. The House of Chang would live once more for her illustrious ancestors. She saw another great Emperor and Dynasty rising from the ashes of the old like great winged Phoenix once more.

* * *

“So you say they aren’t zombies. Just people suffering from AIDs and HIV, immune system disorders. True they’re not going around trying to eat everybody in sight, but you will admit they are contagious and look like Hell warmed over. To the general public they would be seen like the zombies in the movies, and if they ever saw one on the street they would run the other way screaming.” Nina told Fred at the meeting he had called.

«Your right Nina. We are pushing everybody toward war. But think, can the CAI really afford to kill us. We are the only uncontaminated source of the “Serum” they have. Sure they’ll huff and puff and bluff, but in the end, they can’t really afford to use that overwhelming military might against Earth.»

«By stealing this shipment of “Serum” we put the CAI on the defensive. The Emperor and the government back home are going to accuse the CAI of holding back vital supplies. In turn, the average man on the street is going to blame the Empress, the government, and the CAI equally. The CAI is going to start doubting themselves, and I’m betting that Artificial Intelligence’s can lie, cheat, and steal, just like regular people.» Fred laughed.

“How does that get us a war?” Nancy wanted to know.

«It doesn’t at first, but it gets us an inspection by the Empress and the government. They’re going to send their representatives/investigators to find out where that shipment of “Serum” went. They might not care anything about the conditions on Earth, their colony, but they’re going to notice that the CAI has been lying to them about the conditions here. In the meantime, we plant some of the stolen “Serum” in some of the CAI’s quarters and our own black market on Earth. Let them start fighting among themselves.» Fred finished.

“Do you think this inspection is going to do us any good Fred.?” Paula questioned.

«It can’t do us any harm Paula.» Fred laughed.

“We don’t exist. There are a lot of things that can happen to the government, but we are invisible, or we had better be. Right now we are working on a new improved version of the “Sand Sucker”. The problem was the length of the hose and the pile of sand behind you. With the new teleporters, we can send the sand somewhere else.” Nina explained.

“Did you know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of empty transshipment containers just sitting around in different storage lots across the country. They are those trailer rigs that come off the boats and are picked up by a big Kenworth truck rig for delivery to the local chain store and junked now that it’s empty. Right now we are burying a few thousand out there at Madame Chang’s Ranch to act as our backup bunker. There might come a time that it isn’t safe to be near a military target.” Morgan put in.

“What do you want with giant empty metal boxes, Morgan,” Max questioned her.

“You stack them a hundred wide and a hundred long and twenty deep. Then you cut doors and you have a reinforced bunker complex. We intend to make at least ten of these. Find a nice valley somewhere, build the bunker in it, then bury it with the “Sand Sucker.” Morgan laid out her plan.

“Me and my crew went back to the buried Mars bird we downed and repaired it. Well replaced the components that our little old EMP burned out anyway. Then we refueled it, added a new aviation fuel stabilizer to the tanks. We closed all the vents and mothballed it. If we ever need it it’s there waiting for us.” Captain Paula Ovonavich explained next with her Texas twang.

“So all of this is to get the Cree and the CAI to fighting among themselves and hopefully expose themselves to us, Fred?” Max asked.

«Yes» Fred answered.

“Hell Fred if the CAI doubled the quota, even tripled, or quadrupled it, that would only be 200,000 girls a year. I don’t want to sound callous or uncaring, but China alone has a surplus slave population of, according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index anyway, they have an estimated 3,388,400 people that are enslaved in modern-day China right now. That’s 0.25% of their population, Fred.” Max questioned the whole thing.

«We’ve always known that it would have to be the American’s, or one of the other so-called Western Nations that kicked over the traces, Max. Remember we have the Right-to-Lifers on our side this time. When they, and we’ll make sure that they know, find out what their President has been doing to those poor innocent virgins, those sweet children of God. He’ll be damn lucky to resign before they shoot him. There isn’t a more fanatical, violent, gun-toting, homicidal group on the face of the Earth than a True-Believer-Right-To-Liefer.» Fred answered Max.

“Isn’t that playing dirty Fred.” Max expressed his doubts about the whole thing.

“Look Max we are playing to win. If the Cree and the CAI have their way they will quite literally bleed us to death in time. There is also the fact that we know they are chipping our people. People like the News people on the major networks, your senator, your representative, anybody else they get a crack at. I’m not going to let that continue to happen.” Nina made her position known.

“And what pray tell are you going to do about that Nina,” Max asked.

“We’re working on it, Max. Right now we need smaller lighter EMPs for one thing, and we need hundreds of them. Did you realize that there is now a law declaring an EMP device a “Weapon of Mass Destruction” and the sentence for having one is a mandatory Life plus 99 years? We need a small directional gun type EMP device to take care of the people they have already chipped.” Morgan summed up what her group were working on right now.

* * *

We had three doctors working on the chip problem in the Princesses. Doctors July Jones, Helen Collins, and Doc Stacy James were working on it. So far we had learned that the clips and the hair-thin electrodes that culminated in the plug on the back of their heads, were inserted via the brain stem and up under the skull by some kind of long, thin, flexible device, that we didn’t have. If it weren’t for the evidence staring us right in the face nobody would believe it could be done now.

The devices in their heads, the chips that is, had been working, but were burnt out now. Thank God it had been nothing like one of those cartoons with the cloud of black oily smoke coming out of their ears, it had just been a tiny spark on an integrated chip the size and shape of a BB. The actual component that burnt out microscopic in size, just enough damage to render the whole chip compleatly useless. Early on it had been decided that we would do more harm than good trying to get them out. They were doing little damage in there right now. The tissue of the brain had already encapsulated them and there was no massive rejection of foreign matter setting in that we could detect. So IIABDFI, “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It” was the rule that seemed to apply here.

Our main concern was that one of the devices which were not on at the time of the EMP attack might be a fail-safe backup of some nature. A tattletale that would rat us out at the first opportunity if it came back online. Using both MRI and CT scans to make cross-sectional images (slices) of the brain. Then using a sophisticated computer system the doctors and Fred made a 3D map of their brains. The major difference between the two systems is the MRI uses a large magnet and radio waves to produce images while a CT scanner uses x-rays which can be damaging to cells if used too much or in too high a concentration.

Using the 3D map and the MRI they were soon able to map out all the connector wires to the plug in the back of the Princesses necks. It was soon discovered with the MRI that some of the chips were still functional. That left the question of how best to kill them as the next problem. After much debate, the doctors built a rig that clamped down around the persons head holding it steady. Then two small drills were used to cut small holes in the skull bone. They were then withdrawn and two small needles were inserted to make contact with the BB sized chip using the MRI to place them correctly. Then a short burst of ultra-high voltage but very low current electrical energy pulse was passed through the needles to ground. When tested the chip was now dead. This process had to be repeated with Wanda and the Princesses until they were all cleared.