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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Vera jealous of her girlfriend’s promiscuous ways reels her in with the help of a powerful German Mistress.

Thanks to SG-105 for her inspiration and ideas.

Vera’s Revenge

Part One

“Ik ben dit beu! (I am tired of this!)” Vera said as she smashed a photo of her and her lover Nadine. Nadine was the love of her life, but Nadine was still involved with her ex-boyfriend James, and Vera knew it!

Even now Nadine was on-top of James as the two had another night of wild sex. Their “date-night” was supposed to be a secret from Vera, but Vera was no fool.

Her sudden dash into the shower when she came home. The clothes going straight into the laundry. Nadine’s excuses. Excuses. Excuses. Vera wondered why she left Karl for Nadine……………………

Nadine and Vera had always been close—very close and had been friends since grade school in Belgium.

Nadine was a raven haired woman with short black hair. She had moved from Europe—Belgium a couple of years earlier.

Vera was here visiting Nadine while her husband remained in Belgium. Nadine had fantasized about being lovers with Vera and so she was trying to make this a reality.

Vera was married to Karl, and Vera and Nadine grew up together, went to the same school, shared all each other’s little secrets, and were on the same swim team where Vera was the better of the two. Vera got married while Nadine stayed single. Her husband Karl was good friends with free Nadine and they had no kids. They had met for years at least once a week and talked about everything except Nadine’s fantasies about being abducted and robotized (which was one reason why she made such a superior Robot) and now she would share this with Vera in real like. She was the sweetest person free Nadine knew. Vera was about the same height as Nadine 5′2″/1.70 MT and very athletic. She was a beautiful redhead and just had her teeth done. She was a paralegal at a law firm.

Vera ended up leaving Karl for Nadine, and the two now lived together and were going to be married. Nadine had a little help as she had used techniques from a woman Nadine met named Stella. Vera had resisted Nadine’s advances, but then gave in.

She loved Nadine now and had divorced Karl.

Nadine had loved men and women and had an ex-boyfriend James who lived close to the couple. Nadine and James were close as they talked frequently and both had met at a club through a German woman named Stella Van Herrin. And had influenced Vera via Nadine.

James and Nadine met like usual while Vera was at work and within two minutes the Nadine and James were fucking hard and kissing. James came inside her and they kept going.

James and Nadine fucked and passed out from exhaustion, James falling asleep inside Nadine.

Nadine woke up and said, “Shit die ik moet gaan! (Shit I have to go!).”

The two kissed hard and Nadine quickly drove home.

Vera was sitting at home waiting and watching a cheesy movie about a woman controlling women through hypnosis and Mind Control. She laughed and said, “If only…….” As she heard Nadine drive up.

Nadine rushed in and as always went straight to the shower and threw her clothes in the wash. While in the shower, Vera checked Nadine’s clothes and the smell of sex was evident, and she even had cum—his cum! On her underwear.

Vera was becoming more and more angry.

Nadine came out of the shower and Vera confronted her lover. But like always, Nadine seemed to do something to her and she forgot after the two had sex. Nadine was still using techniques she got from Stella Van Herrin.

Nothing happened for a few days, until Nadine was late getting home—again.

Nadine pleasuring him as he came hard in her mouth she eagerly swallowed it down.

But at that moment, his door opened and it was Melanie his current girlfriend and her best friend Tiffany. James and Nadine didn’t notice, but Melanie and Tiffany walked in on them and Melanie yelled, “You are disgusting! You betrayed me! Tiffany told me you were a pig! You are back with Nadine! I am out of here jackass!” Melanie said.

As Melanie and Tiffany stormed out and got into Melanie’s car and drove off as she peeled out.

Melanie picked up her cell phone and the call went over the car audio via the Bluetooth, “Report” the two heard now staring blankly ahead as they heard “her” voice.

“Yes Mistress. The two were having sex as you anticipated. Tiffany and I interrupted them and I told him I was finished” Melanie said.

“Good girl Melanie you may cum now as I am pleased with you, with both of you. Tiffany you may cum as well. Both of you proceed to the next target then return to me, as both of you as we are ready to begin your new lives here” the voice said.

“Uhhhhhhh……..Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress. Proceeding at once” Melanie said as the two robot-like Slaves obeyed their Mistress.

Nadine said, “Well that was nice………….”

“Yeah she was pissed…….oh well. I’ll make it up to her” James said.

Vera was sitting at home alone waiting for Nadine when the doorbell rang. She opened the door to see Melanie and Tiffany, still blank faced, standing there wearing the same clothes they just barged in on Nadine and Vera with.

Melanie handed Vera a large envelope and said, “I WAS James’ girlfriend. You know what he and Nadine are doing. If you want to do something about it read the contents of this envelope. Then destroy it or hide it, do not let Nadine see it” Melanie coldly said.

“Wait? What is this?” Vera said.

“The answer to your desire—revenge” Melanie said as they pivoted and walked off. How odd Vera thought as Tiffany said nothing and the two barely seemed to blink?

Vera went into the bathroom and locked the door and opened the envelope. Inside were photos of Nadine and James meeting at some club, Club Lesbos. And pictures of lots of women wearing shiny outfits—leather, latex and PVC. Vera was angry but she found herself aroused by the photos of women. Vera found there was a funny perfume on the photos or in the envelope. It smelled like……..

Then she saw the woman, a woman wearing shiny black latex rubber. It was Mistress Stella Van Herrin. She wore arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and a low cut front leotard. She wore a bracelet on her right gloved arm and small matching gold earrings and her dark hair was up in a ponytail. She wore lightly tinted sunglass-like glasses and light red lipstick.

Vera was aroused and began rubbing herself as she looked at the photos of the women, especially of Stella Van Herrin. There was a letter inside, and Vera read it, and it smelled of the perfume. The perfume which smelled like rubber and sex.

Vera read the letter but the words seemed to fade when she read them. She picked up her phone and dialed a number which seemed to be filling her mind, and she heard “her” voice.

“A Vera you read the letter and handled the photos” the voice said with a distinctive German accent.

“yes” Vera managed now staring blankly ahead.

“You see I am very familiar with you and your Nadine. Nadine and James met me at my club and Nadine was supposed to deliver you to me and you two were going to serve me as Melanie and Tiffany now do. But she reneged and kept you for herself and continues to use my fucking techniques on you—which is why I so easily enslaved you now my dear. Then she started fucking that male—the one I told Melanie to break up with hahahaha. An unexpected problem but now an opportunity. You will go outside with the contents of this envelope and a pair of my Ro…….my servants will pick you up and bring you to me, I am currently at my club. It’s YOUR turn to have a night out my dear” the voice said, which was Mistress Stella Van Herrin.

“yes Mistress………….” As Vera did as she was told and went outside, and a black car picked her up and they drove off.

Nadine returned home two hours later, and the door was unlocked and no sign of Vera.

Vera rode in a car with four women, all clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC outfits consisting of arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, low cut front bustier leotards showing 38DD breasts with thong bottom pulled tightly giving them each a camel toe. They had dildos on their crotches and their faces were emotionless and blank, their eyelids, areole and lips were silverized.

The women were silent, and Vera was not talking either. They arrived at the Club Lesbos. Vera was taken inside without interference. The music was really loud and the women were all beautiful and clad in wild outfits including latex, leather and PVC.

Then Vera saw her, dressed like the photos;

She wore arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and a low cut front leotard. She wore a bracelet on her right gloved arm and small matching gold earrings and her dark hair was up in a ponytail. She wore lightly tinted sunglass-like glasses and light red lipstick.

“Attend” she said as Vera was taken to sit with her.

Vera saw Melanie and Tiffany on the dance floor, naked, staring blankly ahead as the other women seemed not to notice.

Vera seemed puzzled and she heard the woman say, “They are demonstrating their obedience to me hahahaha I told them to do it and they do it instantly. They are ready for the next phase I think, not to become like those who brought you to me, they have their use but I need Agent Slaves as well. Which brings me to you my dear. Like Melanie and Tiffany, I want you to become one of my Agent Slaves. I planned the same for Nadine but she disobeyed me……………and she is with that male………..anyway, you will join those two serving me” Stella said.

“S-serving you?” Vera said as her head was clearing a little.

“Yes Vera serving me, like those two and like many hundreds before them. Not as one of my human Robots, but as one of my Agent Slaves, one of my Slave Assistants” Stella said as she motioned to one of the Robot women.

“Please no I-I……” Vera said as a mist was sprayed in her face by one of the robot women. She coughed and then her face went blank again and her eyes went wide.

Stella said, “Now for lesson number one.”

Vera went under the table and went to work at Stella’s pussy lapping and licking away as Stella said, “Yes a good girl Vera. You belong to me now, as will your Nadine………..” Stella motioned and Melanie and Tiffany walked over and went under the table, not to go to work on Stella, but on Vera. Vera shuddered as the two Slaves went to work—undressing Vera then Tiffany sucking her breasts while Melanie went to work with her tongue at Vera’s pussy. “Melanie gave me Tiffany and you will give me Nadine and that foolish male hahaha. You will not fail me will you Vera?”


“Of course not. You will obey me completely. Vera after I leave you will not remember this only that you liked me, you trusted me, and you want to work for me. You will not remember showing me your devotion Hahahaha. I will contact you soon to help enslave Nadine for me. When I summon you, you will obey”


Vera licked deeply, her arms locked around Stella’s black latex low cut leotard she tasted her and licked Stella’s dewy slit. Stella was very wet—she was aroused and Vera took in her nectar—lots of it.

Vera returned home four hours later, and Nadine was asleep. Vera went into the shower and showered herself as she tried to remember the evening which seemed to be a blur.

Melanie and Tiffany pleasured their Mistress in her bed at her mansion as Stella moaned loudly and was pleased with their skill.

Stella remembered how easy it was to enslave Melanie to her will;

Six months earlier

“Gee another boring day we……….” Melanie said as the woman approached flanked by two latex rubber clad women. Everyone in the shop seemed to stop and stare at them as she approached the counter and said, “Yes……..ah Melanie I would like a coffee please”

Melanie felt a strange sensation as the room seemed to fill with perfume—perfume of Sex and latex with something else………..

Time passed and Melanie and the others seemed to zone out. Until the woman said, “Excellent……….Melanie? I asked for a coffee”

“Y-yes of course………” as she made the coffee for the first time she felt arousal for a woman. Or women. The women with her were beautiful, like strippers or models, wearing platform stiletto heeled boots and coats. They wore nothing else and they were at her beck and call, hovering around her.

She looked at the other woman she wore shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, a low cut leotard and a coat. She wore lightly tinted glasses.

“Here you are……Miss……Miss………” Melanie said,

“Stella, you may call me Stella Melanie……” again time seemed to stop as she stared into her eyes. Had she paid attention to her watch she would have noticed ten minutes had passed staring into her eyes.

Melanie seemed to snap out of it as she was kissing the gloved hand of the woman “Oh……..what am I? Lisa?”

Melanie called to her coworker Lisa who stood staring blankly ahead zoned out or something. Before she could try to figure out what was going on she looked into the woman’s eyes, “Stella I……..” and staying down kissing her gloved hand.

Stella stuck her finger in Melanie’s mouth and she sucked it staring at Stella. “Yes a good girl……… will not remember this only that you liked me, you trusted me, and you want to work for me. You will not remember showing me your devotion Hahahaha. I will contact you soon to have you serve me my dear. When I summon you, you will obey”

“Yesss I will obey” Melanie said dreamily………and again she snapped out of it as she was getting up from kissing her gloved hand. She noticed she had a weird taste in her mouth………like sex…….

“Thank you Melanie for your excellent service. You are just the type I am looking for in my company. So receptive and so responsive……….” The woman/Stella said again as Melanie stood staring at her and her “assistants”, “You are just the type of girl I want as one of my er…..Assistants. I offer you a job right now”

“Oh-h thank you Stella but I can’t now my boyfriend he…….” Melanie said as Stella put her hand out and Melanie stopped and zoned out again.

“Loose ends………..pity I wanted you today. You will break up with him soon and live alone. I will summon you after you obey” the woman said this time assertively, “I am working on a new project you may be perfect for it…….”

“Yessss I will break up with him…..I will obey” Melanie said staring at the woman.

“Good girl after I am gone you will forget me until summoned. You WILL however dream of me every night and be ready for my commands. I will be watching you my dear and intervening now and then” Stella said.

Melanie blinked and had a 100 dollar bill for her coffee and a weird taste in her mouth. “Lisa what was that?”

“What was what Mel?”

“That woman she……….she…….”

“What woman?”

“Er I don’t know? Funny I got a hundred dollar tip from someone?” Melanie said as she still tried to figure out why her mouth tasted like she had sex. She was not a lesbian but she had the taste of a woman in her mouth as her mind quickly forgot as instructed.

That night as she fell asleep she dreamed of the mysterious woman;

Melanie was at work bent over kissing her gloved hand.

Stella stuck her finger in Melanie’s mouth and she sucked it staring at Stella.

She then lowered herself and her arms went around Stella’s hips, and she slid her tongue into a slit on the pussy area of the shiny black latex low cut leotard she tasted her and licked and lapped deeply. Melanie’s warm tongue licked along her dewy slit. Stella was very wet—she was aroused and Melanie took in her nectar.

Stella fell asleep as her Slaves pleasured her. Once asleep they got up and cleaned up as Robots stood Guard over Mistress Stella.

The Six Robots guarding Stella were all strikingly beautiful, large chested for their size and clad in shiny black latex or PVC outfits from head to toe. The most striking thing about these women was their expressions—blank, emotionless, their eyes fixed and glazed, they walked smoothly but mechanically. Their lips and eyelids were coated with light silver. Two were blondes, one a brunette, one Asian, one redhead, one African-American. All strikingly perfect and beautiful.

They wore shiny black latex outfits consisting of arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto 8″ heeled platform boots, low cut front bustier thong bottom leotards pulled tightly giving them each camel toes. Under the leotards were dildo panties with two dildos—one in their anus and one in their vagina’s buzzing and fucking them constantly.

Melanie and Tiffany cleaned up and were now dressed only in black latex rubber arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled boots and black latex two piece bikinis. Their hair was pulled back into pony tails held by a black bands. They knelt before Stella’s bed and waited for their Mistress to summon them.

That night Vera dreamt wild dreams about Stella and her Slaves and Robots. But in the morning she had no memory of what had happened to her at Club Lesbos.

To be Continued