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A Villainous Deal

* * *
CODES: mf, md, mc, gr

SYNOPSIS: SuperbGal has been captured, yet again, but this time seems different. Can she overcome the villain and escape one more time?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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* * *

SuperbGal fluttered her eyes as consciousness returned once more, it was an all too familiar feeling these days as the villains seemed to have her number no matter what she did. She’d lost count of the number of times she’d woken up in some brightly lit lair with a dozen different armatures flailing around her.

Of course her near invulnerability and super strength always made short work of them, but as her eyes fluttered for longer than normal, something seemed off this time.

First of all, from the brief flashes of the room she got between flutters, it was mostly dark and there appeared to only be a single large display hanging a few feet in front of her.

Secondly, and most troubling as well, was that she had been pulling at whatever had held her down since the first flutter of her eyes and it was hadn’t broken yet.

She pushed her eyes closed for a second and then opened them wide, forcing them to stay that way as she managed to get a better look at the room. She tried to look to the side, but like her arms and legs, she found it impossible as several straps held her head firmly in place.

She focused on her right arm and pulled as hard as she could, to no avail. It was strange, it felt like simple leather, not even steel, that bound her and she didn’t feel weakened, per se, but she still couldn’t break free.

Normally in this kind of situation, where her strength was obviously gone, it was because of the presence of Radionite, a radioactive substance from her dead home world. But she was overtly familiar with how Radionite made feel, and this wasn’t it.

Radionite made her feel sick, nauseous, unwell. None of that was present now, she felt fine and even invigorated to some degree. Her strength was simply nowhere to be found. There were other things that felt off, but she couldn’t connect any of them together and none of them felt like anything she’d experienced before.

She changed tactics and focused her inviso vision to penetrate through the display in front of her and out to wherever they were, but just like her strength, there was no effect. Switching to her laser vision she focused on the display to no effect.

It seemed all of her powers were being suppressed somehow. She struggled against the bonds once more, trying as hard as she could to break them, until finally giving up.

A slow clapping came from behind her, just to her right, “Very good SuperbGal, I’m glad to see there’s still some fight in you.” came the familiar voice of The Geneticist as he walked around in front of her and into her sight line.

“Let me go right now! Or when I get out I’ll break every bone in your body.” she replied with as much menace as she could muster in her current situation.

He’d been after her for years, but other than his genius-level intellect, he had never been a match for her. In fact, she couldn’t recall the last time he’d come after her. She scrunched her forehead trying to remember what had happened, she couldn’t remember fighting him, instead, the last thing she remembered was fighting... DollMan?

Yes, that perverted villain had a whole new set of dolls to fight her and they’d been stronger than ever.

“I see you’re a little confused about the events that have lead you to your current circumstances. Well, let me fill in some of the blanks for you. After your last fight with DollMan, who by the way, trounced you completely, DollMan reached out to the community to see what should be done with you.”

She snorted when he said “community”, what he meant was obviously the other super-villains that she’d fought over the years.

“You see, even with the little bit of Radionite he had come into possession of, he knew he couldn’t keep you long term. So instead he asked if anyone else had some use for you.

I have to admit that I had given up on capturing you, I hadn’t tried in what, at least a year, maybe two?” he asked only half rhetorically before continuing on.

“But the opportunity to study your genetics was too much to pass up and so after a brief negotiation, here you are.”

“I don’t know what you expect to learn, but I won’t be here long enough for you to find out.” she snarled back at him.

“Oh, yes, well perhaps I should have been more specific. When I said ‘here you are’ I probably should have said, ‘here you are... now’, as now is most definitely not when you think it is.”

SuperbGal had a sinking feeling as he spoke, “What do you mean... how... how long have I been here?” she replied with less certainty in her voice.

“Ah, well, let’s see now...” he said, faking a look at his watch for effect, “...just over a month by the looks of it.” he replied with a wicked grin on his lips.

A month? Where were her friends? Why hadn’t they come to rescue her?

“Ah yes... you’re friends.” he said, almost reading her mind, and reached into his pocket, fishing out a small black remote and pointing it at the display in front of her.

It came to life with a newscast, the reporter starting to speak but the words above him making it obvious what the segment would be about, “SuperbGal Retires!”

“Impossible!” she blurted out over the announcer’s voice, but a few moments later she was stunned as the program switched to a full-screen video of herself standing behind a podium.

The perfect imposter stood with confidence and poise as SuperbGal’s voice announced her own retirement. It went on for several minutes, giving reasons, including the increased threats she was facing and a desire to spend more time with friends and family.

“H... how?” she managed to get out halfway through the video.

“Oh, DollMan was more than happy to provide one of his LiveDolls to fill in for you. Oh, we had to avoid any big fights with major players of course. His LiveDolls are tough, but not that tough.”

SuperbGal’s mouth was agape as the video finished and the immaculate imposter, even down to her long dirty blonde hair and makeup, walked out of frame. The Geneticist once more pointed the control at the monitor and shut it off before placing it in his pocket.

“The LiveDoll is still filling in for you, of course, its managed to cut off contact with most of your hero friends and the majority of your secret identity friends as well. It’s moved to Europe to retire and will move again in a month or so to cut the last ties with your cousin. He’ll understand of course, he only wants the best for you after all.” The Geneticist said with a chuckle at the end.

She flailed at the straps that held her down again, trying desperately to get out of them. She eventually stopped when they refused to budge even an inch.

“There we go, now perhaps you’d like to know what I’ve been doing with you for the last month?”

She glared at him, “Fine, yes.” she huffed in response.

“Well, the first two weeks you spent in a third generation GenePod I’ve developed.”

Her eyebrow raised slightly, she knew his GenePod’s were the core of his genius, they could decode and alter DNA in a living being, but they couldn’t penetrate her alien DNA or body.

“Yes, I know, the first two generations were a complete waste of time on you. You, in fact, destroyed several escaping from them in the past. But my genius knows no bounds and the third generation have proven quite an advancement.

On a normal human, the Gen 1 pods took weeks to rewrite all of the DNA in a person and had no effect on you. The Gen 2 pods improved on that, getting a normal human’s DNA rewritten in just a few days. I think, if I’d left in one long enough, maybe three or four monts, it would have eventually worked on you, but that was never going to happen.

Gen 3, though, improves on that even more. I can rewrite a normal human’s DNA in under an hour now. And it only took two weeks to do yours.”

SuperbGal’s face blossomed in surprise as what he said sunk in, “You... you... you couldn’t..” she managed to stammer out.

“Ah, but I have. I’ve removed all the alien DNA from your body and replaced it with normal human DNA. You are now nothing more than an average human now.”

She pulled at her bonds once more, trying desperately to summon her super strength, but to no avail.

The Geneticist placed his hand on his chin and tapped it with a finger, “Hmmmm, well, that’s not exactly true I guess.” he said and then turned to the side, grabbing hold of something.

An IV drip came just in to view with a shutter of its wheels and he grabbed hold of the needle on the end of it, giving it a flick and sending a few drops of the clear liquid through the air. Then, reaching down to her arm, jabbed it into her skin, puncturing her once invulnerable surface easily.

“You see, if I’d simply replaced your alien DNA with average human DNA, you would be a normal human being. But with my advanced knowledge of the human genome, I’ve made a few changes to you.

There has always been a debate about how much genetics effect ‘who’ you are. Nature vs. Nurture, if you will. Both are important of course, genetics made you taller or shorter, brown hair or blonde, etc. But they also can influence certain behaviours as well. Will you be violent or calm in the face of danger? Will you have an addictive personality? How much pain or pleasure you feel.”

Whatever was in the IV made its way into her vain as he spoke, and she could feel a warmth spreading all over her.

“Even how effective certain drugs are on you.” he continued, waving his hand at the IV.

“You see, I’ve put all kinds of ‘defects’, if you will, in your human genome, that will make the third phase go so much easier.

In fact, your genome now has so many weaknesses to it in comparison to a normal human’s, you would be a case study in any other circumstance.”

She fought the growing warmth as she tried to focus on what he was talking about, “Th... third phase? What... what was... the second.” she got out as best she could.

“Ah, you noticed that did you?” he said with a chuckle, “I could tell you, but I think it would be quicker to show you.” he replied, once more pulling the remote from his pocket and activating the monitor.

This time though it displayed her own image as she was strapped down to the metal frame she was bound to.

“You monster!” she cried out in anger, her image on the screen mirrored the motions of her body as she tried to escape once more, pushing through the growing cloud of warmth that enveloped her body.

She had known something was different about her body when she woke up but she would never have suspected this. On the screen was an outrageous naked porno version of herself.

Two large round globes sat on her chest where her small breasts had been, her lips were overstuffed and plump, her waist was much smaller than it had been and her ass was obviously larger and rounder.

The metal frame that supported her spread her legs wide to each side and pushed her pelvis up and into the air. Her arms were outstretched to each side of her and her head was strapped into a headrest that blocked any attempt to turn it to either side.

“What have you done to me!” she cried out, watching the two large globes on her chest move from side to side in a completely unnatural way as she struggled.

“Well, since you asked so nicely, after your two weeks in the GenePod I had a few changes made. The GenePod can only do so much after all. For example, it expanded your breast tissue significantly, but DNA can’t defy gravity the way silicone can no matter how much I tweak it.”

She screamed out a series of obscenities at him, but he simply waited patiently for her to stop.

“Now the good news is that much of the work was done in the pod. That waist reduction is all ‘natural’ if you will, as are your lips. Obviously your breasts are not and neither is your ass, but those are the only two. There are several things you most certainly haven’t noticed though, that I did in the pod as well.

For example, your skin is flawless, not a blemish on it. Likewise, you probably haven’t noticed your eyes...” he said and the monitor zoomed in to her face.

She blinked several times before it came to her, her eyes were wider when at rest and crystal clear blue. They gave her a vacant look if she wasn’t consciously doing something with them.

“Of course I only had to tweak your naturally blonde hair a little.”

Her eyes quickly focused on her hair, he had been right, she hadn’t noticed it but her normally slightly dirty blonde hair was now a perfect bleached blonde.

“And then, of course, are your feet...” he said as he switched the monitor to another view, this time just to see the side of her legs and feet.

There was something strange about how her feet were resting. It was almost like she was wearing an invisible set of heels. She tried to pull her feet up to be flat, but they refused. She pushed them down and they easily went all the way until they looked like she was dancing ballet on her tippy toes.

“There are a few physical changes that you can’t see, but I can demonstrate...” he said as the video flipped back to the head-on view it had started with.

The Geneticist placed the remote back in his pocket and then reached out towards her breast.

“Don’t touch me you asshole!” she cried out, but he ignored her, gripping her breast with his hand and squeezed it.

The pleasure caught her completely by surprise and after just a few seconds she was moaning loudly as he squeezed it and the nipple on top of it. His other hand slide down between her spread legs and found her clit. It took only a few seconds of stimulation before she was panting hard, her head swimming in pleasure before out of nowhere the orgasm crashed over her.

As she recovered from it, her body felt even warmer all over, her head was fuzzy with the after-effects and smile was on her lips, completely the ditzy look of satisfaction she saw on the monitor. She wanted more of that... much more.

She managed to regain some semblance of composure after a few moments, “What... what was that!”

“Ah, well, I’ve significantly increased the number of pleasure receptors in your brain as well as increased the number of nerves around several parts of your body. Obviously that includes both your breasts and clitoris, but also your vaginal canal, vaginal lips, lips on your face, mouth, throat and anus.”

“Oh god no... does that... does that mean...”

“Mean you’re going to feel that much pleasure from each and every one of those? Well, yes and no. Let’s just say that what you felt will be the minimum pleasure you feel from any of them. A few will produce much more.” He replied with another frustrating chuckle.

“There are other changes at a genetic level of course... that high you’re still coming down from? A significant increase in the endorphins that your body produces during an orgasm. I’ve also edited your genome to be naturally susceptible to be addicted to those same endorphins. That’s going to create a nice little feedback loop. I’ve also engineered you to be very susceptible to this...” he said flicking the IV line that ran down to her arm.

“It’s a very potent drug that will open you up to all kinds of suggestions. With it, I could convince a normal human to change just about anything about themselves, but with your genetic predisposition to the drug, well, the possibilities are going to be pretty much limitless.

Of course I’ve also edited out a few undesirable traits you used to have; aggression, confidence, will power, etc.”

“No... no, I’m still going to kick your ass...” she replied, still trying to fully find her focus.

“Oh, there are still remnants of those traits left, you can still remember having them of course. But by the time the third phase is complete, that won’t be a problem anymore.”

“You won’t break me, you can’t!” she shouted as best she could.

“Oh my dear SuperbGal, what makes you think I can’t? I’ve already stripped you of your powers, made you less than an average human, modified your body in ways that you would never have allowed... what makes you think I can’t do whatever I want to you at this point?”

“I... I...” she wanted to argue with him, but something deep down was wrong. She’d always felt a fire down there that drove her to do things, to be better, to fight harder, to win. But, he was right, she could remember what it felt like, but she could no longer feel it inside of her.

“Now then, let’s get phase 3 started...” he said, seeing the fight go out of her eyes. He pulled the remote from his pocket once more and activating the monitor.

On it appeared what must have been a LiveDoll that looked just like she had before the time in the pod, “Hello, I’m SuperbGal, defender of Justice!” the doll said before the video zoomed out and a second LiveDoll came in to view.

The second LiveDoll looked exactly like she did now, massive breasts, vacant stare and all the rest.

“Like, I’m Suzi Servant, and I’m totally SuperbGal’s biggest fan!” the LiveDoll chirped.

SuperbGal’s head was swimming with the drugs and the fading high from the orgasm but she fought it hard as the video started to replay on a loop.

She thought she was winning until she felt the cool metal dildo push up from beneath the metal frame she was strapped to and slid into her pussy, “Oh god no...” she managed to whimper out before the pleasure overwhelmed her.

* * *

slurp slurp slurp pop Suzi loves sucking cock! slurp slurp slurp” the video of the blonde with plump cock sucking lips echoed through the room as the woman on the video did exactly what she said.

The sound of slurping only interrupted a few moments later as the sound of a door opening and footsteps coming towards her. The Geneticist stood over her and clicked the remote he pointed at the monitor, the video finally stopping and the sound of silence filling the room.

“So how are you feeling?” he asked as he looked down at her, her vacant stare looking back at him.

“I... I’m... I can’t...” she managed to get out

“Having a hard time thinking? That’s ok, that’s to be expected. Let’s start with something simpler... what’s your name?”

She blinked several times trying to recall her own name, “S... Su... I... I... Suz... Superb... Su... Suz... SuperbGal.” she finally got out with a growing look of confusion on her face.

“Not bad, we’re getting there. Ok, here’s another easy one... what are you?”

“I... I... I’m... I’m a... hero!”

He shook his head and pointed the remote at the monitor once more, “Well, I guess you need some more time. That’s ok, we’ve got lots.” he replied, before turning and walking from her sight.

The monitor came to life again, this time the blonde held a dildo in her hand, just in front of her pussy for a moment before sliding it in. The metal dildo between SuperbGal’s legs entered her at the same time and both blondes moaned at the same time.

“Suzi is such a slut, Suzi loves to be fucked!” the blonde on the monitor said as both dildos worked in and out of their respective pussies.

The orgasm that came over SuperbGal a few moments later send her head spinning once more.

* * *

“What’s your name?” the man asked as she looked up at him, a mixture of hope and pleasure on her face.

“I... I... I don’t know.” she replied with a pout, having tried as hard as she could to remember but finding nothing but waves of pleasure in her memory.

“And what are you?” he asked.

“I don’t know!” she huffed in frustration, it wasn’t the first time he’d asked these question and she didn’t have an answer now like she hadn’t then either.

“Very good. Alright, would you like to know who and what you are?” he asked.

Her face lit up, this was new! He’d never asked her this question before!

“Yes! Please! Yes!”

“Alright, then just watch the monitor and listen, it will tell you everything you need to know.” he replied and clicked the remote once more, the monitor coming to life.

“Hello, I’m Suzi Servant, and I’m you!” the blonde on-screen giggled, sending her tits bouncing.

“Suzi is like, a total slut, Suzi loves to suck and fuck all the time! Here, let Suzi show you!” the girl on the screen said and then picked up a dildo from off-screen.

At the same time, an armature came around in between the monitor and her, plunging a dildo into her mouth at the same time as the girl on screen did the same.

The pleasure was immense that came from her lips and she wanted more and more.

Each time the dildo came out of her mouth, the girl on the screen said something else.

“Suzi is a slut.”

“Suzi loves sucking cock.”

“Suzi is a little dummy that loves cock more than anything.”

“Suzi is a submissive little girl that likes to be told what to do.”

On and on the video went, with more and more things sinking deeper and deeper into her mind. Soon, both Suzi’s were saying the same thing, at the same time.

* * *

“What’s your name?” The Geneticist asked and Suzi smiled up at him.

“Like, Suzi of course! giggle” she replied.

“And what are you?”

“Like, Suzi is a total slut! giggle Uhmmm... like can Suzi suck your cock now?” she asked, turning her head to the side and raising her hands up to the zipper on his pants.

He batted her hands away, “Not quite yet Suzi, but soon.” he said and she pouted in response.

She squirmed in the metal frame that she sat in, she looked down at the leather straps that hung loosely on several parts of it and smiled, those looked like the might be fun!

Her fingers traced over the edges of the ones by the arms until the monitor came to life once more, “Hello, I’m SuperbGal, defender of Justice!” the blonde superheroine said as she stood beside the Suzi on the video.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” the Suzi on the video replied, “Like, I’m your biggest fan!”

Suzi watched and giggled, it was so true, Suzi was Superbgal’s biggest fan.

The scene switched away to Suzi reclining on a bed, a dildo in her hand, but dressed in a sexy version of SuperbGal’s costume.

The real Suzi picked up a matching dildo from the small tray to the side of her placed it just in front of her pussy. Suzi’s voice came over the monitor once more, “Like, I’m SuperbGal’s biggest fan, I love dressing up as her and playing like the total slut I am!”

Both Suzi’s plunged the dildo into their pussies and soon enough, both were cumming hard.

The next video played a few minutes later, the Suzi on the screen starting it off, “Like, I’m just a silly little hero and get captured all the time... I deserve to be punished.” she said, crouched on all fours with her head turned towards the camera, a large paddle in her hand that she then slapped down on her ass.

The next video played, this time the Suzi on-screen was hogtied with rope, a large vibrator pushing up against her clit, “Oh god, no more! No more! I can’t take it! I’ll do it! I’ll do it! I’ll suck your cock! You’ve defeated me! SuperbGal will be your good little cocksucker! Please! Please let me suck your cock!”

The next video played, “Yeah baby! Slap those big fake tits hard! SuperbGal is nothing but your big titted whore!” the voice called out as she paddled her tits hard, turning them red after a few times.

The final video started to play, but Suzi’s voice was nowhere to be found. Instead, the screen was split in two. On the left-hand side was video of Suzi’s pussy and ass, her legs bound up on to themselves as she was suspended in the air. On the right was Suzi’s face, her mouth stuffed with a gag, her tits hanging below her with two nipple clamps and wights on them. At the base of her tits were two ropes, tight tightly so that her tits had turned purple.

After a moment a large dildo pushed into her asshole and the absolute look of joy that covered every visible part of her face could not be mistaken.

Suzi orgasmed over and over again as the video’s replayed on a loop for hours.

* * *

Suzi slipped on the tight white top that barely contained her tits, the bottom of them clearly visible along with the two points her nipples made. Between them was SuperbGal’s stylized red and yellow ‘S’.

She picked up the blue min-skirt and unbuttoned it, slipping it around her narrow waist and re-buttoning it. It would never have managed to slip over her bulbous ass and still been able to hug her waist tightly. It only just covered her ass and pussy as it was!

She was of course still in her bright red 6″ stiletto heels, she never took those off!

Then she double-checked her hair and makeup one last time, her perfectly styled hair flowed over her shoulders and down her back while her makeup was bright and heavy.

She stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, The Geneticist standing there waiting for her.

“Oh my god, it’s The Geneticist!” she cried out and pointed at him.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him, tossing her on to the bed, face first and jumping on top of her, “That’s right SupergGal... and this...” he said, pushing a fake syringe into her ass cheek, “...will completely depower you!”

“Oh no! I’ve been captured yet again! Please, please don’t hurt me!”

“Hurt you, oh I’m going to do worse than that!” he said, raising his hand and landing a slap on her ass, and then another.

“Oh no! Not that! Not my secret weakness... my ass!” she cried out as she wiggled beneath him.

Her nipples were rock hard as they pressed into the bed, her pussy dripping wet as his hand landed on her ass.

He grabbed her arms and pulled them around behind her, tying them together with a silk scarf, “Oh no, steel cables! I’ll never get out of these without my powers!”

He moved down and off of her, grabbing her hips and flipping her over on to her back, trapping her arms behind her. Then, picking up the spreader bar beside her bed, he clasped it on to each of her ankles, spreading her legs wide apart.

“Oh no! I’m completely helpless!” she whined as he moved back up her body, grabbing hold of her skirt and ripping it off of her, only to do the same with her top. He slapped each of her tits in turn.

“Not my tits! Please anything but my tits!” she cried out as he continued for several more times. Then taking a second velvet scarf, he wrapped it tightly around the base of each of her tits, forcing them even farther into the air and cutting off some of the blood flow.

He then moved up her body until he was right over her head. He turned around and removed his “costume”, a simple robe, to reveal his hard shaft and then placed a small pillow under her neck forcing her head to tilt back slightly.

“Oh my god! I never knew you were so big! That thing is a monster, please, please don’t use it on me!” she cried out just before he pushed it between her lips.

He pounded in and out of her mouth, his hands gripping her tits tightly to steady himself as she sucked as hard as she could on his cock, the pleasure from her lips, mouth and tits making it impossible to think of anything else.

Her body spasmed and she squirted from her pussy as the orgasm rocked her. His hand let go of her tit and reached down to her pussy, landing a hard slap on it and sending a second stream from her.

He finally pulled out of her mouth and moved down the bed until he was near her feet, grabbing the spreader bar, he pulled her down the bed until her ass was just at the edge of it, then keeping her legs straight, he lifted the bar up and over until it was all the way back to her head. He grabbed her hair, pulled her head up so that the bar slipped behind it and then let go, effectively locking her feet behind her head.

“What... what are you doing?!?! Please... no... not that... not my secret weakness!” she cried out as he lined up and pushed into her ass. He pushed deep and then moved just slightly to the side so he could land a good hard slap on her ass cheek.

“Oh god, oh god, you have defeated me utterly!” she cried out as he pulled out and then pushed in again, landing another slap on her ass cheek as he did so.

“Please... please... no more...” she whimpered, “... you know my secret weakness... I... I’ll never bother you again... please... please...” she let out a moan as her eyes rolled back into her head, her tongue darted out of her mouth as she panted from the pleasure coursing through her.

“Oh I think you can do better than that.” he said and pulled out of her ass, “I’ll tell you what, if you beg me to keep fucking your ass, that’s exactly what I’ll do. Because by that look on your face, you really don’t want me to stop.”

“Oh god... don’t stop... fuck my ass... fuck my ass like the total anal whore I am!” she cried out and he obliged her.

He pushed in hard, leaning over and reaching up to grab her tortured tits. He gave one a hard slap, “What are you?” he demanded

“I’m a slut!” she cried out.

slap What are you?” he demanded again.

“I’m a whore!”

slap What are you?”

“I’m your total anal whore! Fuck SuperbGal’s ass! Fuck SuperbGal’s ass! I need your cum in my ass now!” she cried out and felt his load enter her bowels.

Her body jerked and spasmed as the pleasure crashed down around her, her mind unable to process the waves that crashed over her.

* * *

The Geneticist handed DollMan the memory stick with a smile, “You’ll find all the relevant details on it. Name, address, e-mail, etc. As well as a... demonstration... of the final product.”

“Oh my, that does sound like fun.” The DollMan replied in his creepy voice from behind the giant doll head he wore.

The Geneticist had no need for such gimmicks, but then again it had been the DollMan that had captured SuperbGal, so he couldn’t say too much really. He might have personally left her, at least physically, the way she was originally. But DollMan wanted a doll, and had very specific requirements when they negotiated their deal.

“Is there anything I can do for you to repay you?” the DollMan continued.

“No, no, this was a collaborative effort. I couldn’t have done it without you, neither getting access to her or the LiveDolls you supplied. Both were critical. You should enjoy the spoils as much as I.”

“Oh, I can’t wait! I’m going to have so much fun playing with our new doll.” the DollMan said and turned to walk away, “Tata for now.”

The Geneticist simply gave a grunt and turned the other way, leaving the strange man behind him. He had to admit that giving DollMan access to Suzi had been something he’d debated for quite a while before coming to the decision to honour their agreement.

In the end, the chances of causing trouble by double-crossing DollMan outweighed whatever risk there was of giving him access to her.

If he judged DollMan correctly, he’d take very good care of his new doll when he played with her, even if the same couldn’t be said for himself.

He smiled as he walked away from the meeting spot, so far he’d only played with her as The Geneticist, but she had dozens of other role-playing scenarios programmed into her. Certainly one for DollMan, but others for all kinds of super-villains that he might dress up and play with her as. But that was for some time in the future, at the moment, he was more than content with her as she was.