The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Voices Carry”

Amber was in a bad mood. She’d assumed her first Spring Break would be filled with excitement, adventure, really wild times and loads of hot, wild sex with attractive people. But instead, it had been nothing but fending off doughy, drunken frat-boys, buying over-priced food and over-priced drinks while staying at an over-priced hotel, and dealing with shallow girls who seemed perfectly happy to shake their boobs for the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ camera crews that Amber, personally, had threatened to sue, mace, and have arrested, not necessarily in that order. She hadn’t met anyone she wanted to sleep with the whole time she was there, she was stuck in an airport in Detroit for two hours waiting for her connecting flight, and her MP3 player had died twenty minutes ago and she was too broke to even buy batteries. So she sat there in the departure lounge, idly working a half-finished sudoku book she’d found on the seat next to her and wishing for something...more. She didn’t know what “more” entailed, but after the last week, she knew exactly what it didn’t mean.

The couple who sat down next to her looked happy, at least. They were a little too “public display”, perhaps, but then again, the guy wasn’t half-bad looking in a geeky way...neither was the girl, for that matter. Not that Amber had ever...well, she’d thought about it, but she’d never acted on it. She’d thought that maybe during Spring Break...but she’d thought a lot of things about Spring Break, and they’d all turned out to be busts.

“I’m so glad this worked out, Thea,” the guy said. Amber didn’t mean to overhear, of course, but she hadn’t bothered to take off her headphones, so they probably thought she couldn’t hear them over the music. They didn’t realize that she could hear them just fine from here, and it wasn’t like it mattered. Average couple, average discussion, average day. Which was better than hers. She realized she’d filled in a ‘1’ twice in the same column, and turned the page angrily. “I know we won’t have long, but it’s just so nice to see you in person.”

“I know,” Thea said, leaning in and giving him a big hug. “I was just so glad to have a layover here, even if it was just for a few hours. It’s been too long, James, and I’ve missed you a lot...down.” Amber looked up from the sudoku for a moment, puzzled. Down? Down where? But all she saw was the guy, James, hugging her with his eyes closed and a big smile on his face. The sort of thing you saw all the time in airports, people saying hello or good-bye. “That’s right,” Thea said, “just keep sinking down, deeper and deeper, every moment going further into trance...”

Trance? What was going on here? Amber remembered some of the utterly lame entertainments in Daytona Beach, the stage hypnotist who managed to make the frat-boys act like idiots on stage. Big achievement, she’d thought at the time. She hadn’t believed anything was happening other than drunken jerks losing their inhibitions due to the environment. But watching James, the way he just sagged into this girl like his muscles had turned to water, the blissed-out smile on his face...

Amber realized she was staring a little, and looked back down at her sudoku book, suddenly feeling like she’d interrupted something intimate. Luckily, Thea was facing away from her, and James...well, he didn’t look like he was noticing much at all. “And in a moment, James,” Thea continued, “you’re going to be able to sit up, and just go into an eyes-open trance. You know you can do that, you’ve done it so many times before. You’ll just sit there, letting your eyes focus on anything you want, staying deep in trance and listening to my voice. The other people around us will think that we’re just another couple, just being friendly, but you’ll know you’re my deeply hypnotized tranceslut, and that’s going to feel so good...sit up now, James.”

Amber couldn’t stop herself from stealing little glances, now. This was, this was some seriously weird shit. She’d be telling her friends about this. James was just looking straight ahead, his eyes glassy and unfocused, and Thea was leaning up against him, just sort of looking cuddly and happy, but Amber could hear every word she was saying. “It feels so good, obeying, doesn’t it, James?” James just sort of nodded. Amber wondered if he could even talk when he was like this. “Yes, because you know you’re deeply hypnotized now, deeply obedient, and you’re obeying so well, you’re such a good boy. My good boy.”

“...Your good boy...” Amber shivered just a little to hear the way he said that. It was a sort of vacant monotone, like you heard people do in cheesy horror movies when they’d been ‘hypnotized’, but he put so much sincerity into it, and there was this undertone in his voice, this feel he was happy. Like he was happier than he’d ever been in his life. Amber couldn’t see from this angle, but she’d bet he had a serious woody.

“That’s right, so good, and obedience is pleasure...” Thea’s voice was throaty and purring. Amber imagined that it would have those frat-boys doing whatever she wanted. “And you just feel so nice, sitting here, drifting into trance, sinking down, held firmly in my voice, sleeping in my will, it feels so relaxing...” Amber could actually hear James breathe, now, deep, soft, sighing breaths that made it sound like just inhaling and exhaling was the happiest experience in his life. She kept her eyes firmly focused on the sudoku book, not daring to look up at them for fear that they’d somehow realize she could hear them. Because she didn’t want them to stop. She wanted to keep listening.

“And every time you hear my voice, James, you know that everything I say makes so much sense to you.” This was the hottest thing Amber had ever, this was something Amber had never imagined. She just kept staring at the center square of the sudoku puzzle, the blank space in the middle, trying not to betray how turned on she was getting listening to this kinky shit going on in the middle of a public place, and nobody knew it but her, and Thea, and James... “Everything my voice says, you know it feels so good, you know you must do as my voice commands. My voice commands you to sink into a deep trance, and you know you must obey.” Amber just kept focusing on the blank square, kept listening, and she was amazed to notice that her breathing somehow perfectly synched up with James’ slow, easy breaths. It was almost like magic.

“Sinking, and floating, deeply hypnotized, and it” Amber nodded, just slightly. It did feel good. Her whole world had narrowed down to that empty, white space, and Thea’s voice next to her. “Listening to my voice, knowing how happy it makes you to listen and obey, listen and obey...” There was more, but Amber stopped noticing exactly what the words were. She just sat there, listening and letting them flow by, breathing softly and feeling happy. She felt like she could sit like this forever, listening to Thea speak, letting her words and suggestions sink in, sinking deeper...something about that word, ‘deeper’, just seemed so profound, so wonderful. Amber liked ‘deeper’. Amber wanted to go deeper. Amber was going deeper, and deeper, and...deeper... “And wake.”

Amber started slightly in her chair. Oh, God, she’d actually been going under hypnosis! She rubbed her eyes, suddenly conscious of the bright red blush in her cheeks. Please, let these two not have noticed. Please, please, please... Thea still had her back turned to Amber, probably never even noticed she was there, but James looked over in her direction, saying, “’s been too long.” She was sure that any second, he’d see how embarrassed she was, and tell Thea that...

But he wasn’t looking at her. He was looking at Thea, and Thea was speaking again. “Oh, and now you’ve looked into my eyes, James. You know what happens when you look into my eyes, you know that my eyes catch you, and hold you, and send you spiraling deeply into trance again.” OK, this wasn’t so bad, Amber wasn’t going to get caught in anyone’s eyes any time soon, not so long as she was looking down. She wouldn’t sink down like before.

“It’s like the old sonnets, Shakespeare talked about it, the eyes snaring you, capturing you and wrapping you in my spell, and you can’t resist them. My eyes are so powerful, they send you into deep, deep hypnosis when you look into them.” Amber was suddenly very glad she couldn’t see Thea’s eyes. “And wake.” Amber watched out of the corner of her eye as James gave a little blush of his own, and kissed Thea.

This was...Amber wasn’t sure if it was incredible, or scary. The power Thea had over this guy was amazing, intense, unbelievably sexy, but Amber felt like she was just being drawn right along. She wasn’t sure if she wanted that. But when the thought occurred to her that she could just get up, walk away, head to the bathroom or go get a drink of water, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Something in her wanted to see and hear every second of this, even if it meant...meant what? That she was putting herself in some stranger’s “power”? It sounded kind of silly when you thought about it. This was just a chance encounter, an overheard conversation. It couldn’t do anything but relax her, maybe get her a little damp. No harm, no foul.

“Did you know you had an off-switch, James?” Thea’s voice was suddenly flirty, a little mischievous. Not the same throaty purr, but still sexy.

“No, I—”

“I just press here,” and Amber saw Thea press firmly at the base of James’ neck, “and hold...” Amber imagined that finger pressing the same spot on her neck, almost felt it, and this time, she decided to welcome the sensations. “...and you switch off.” She’d never imagined herself as a voyeur, but this didn’t feel like voyeurism. She felt like she was a part of this, as her eyes closed and she let herself just listen to Thea’s voice, just like James was. She understood why he surrendered himself to Thea’s power so readily, it really did feel so good...Amber was aware that Thea was saying the same thing she was thinking, and she felt an almost child-like sense of wonder that Thea seemed to be reading her thoughts. Thea realized that Amber was thinking that obedience was pleasure, somehow she knew Amber was thinking that she was sinking into deeper hypnosis, and it was amazing. It made Amber want to sink deeper and become more obedient. So she did. It was alright. Thea had given her permission.

Amber heard James saying, “i’m deeply hypnotized now,” and she mouthed the words herself. Thea was telling her that she was deeply hypnotized now, after all, and everything Thea’s voice said made so much sense. She let herself sink deeper into those words, that voice, that dreamy soft trance. “i’m deeply hypnotized now,” James said, and this time, Amber found herself whispering the words right along with him. She knew that when he said it again, she’d say it out loud, loud enough to turn Thea’s head and make her notice Amber’s presence, and she wanted that now, wanted it so much...

“And wake.” Amber’s eyes opened, and it took all her self-control not to yelp as she realized what she’d been about to do. Bad enough that she was eavesdropping on what was obviously a very private conversation, but she was about to essentially walk up to two total strangers and say, ‘Hi, interested in a threesome?’ Not a good plan on so many levels.

Thea stood up. “Sorry, honey, but it’s almost time for me to board. I know this wasn’t nearly long enough. But you’ll be visiting in a few months, and...”

“It’s OK,” James said, standing up himself and giving Thea a hug. Amber tried harder than ever to pretend that she was invisible. “I love you.”

“Love you too, sweetie,” Thea said, giving James one last kiss and heading over to the security line. Amber watched her leave, watched James watching her leave, watched James leave, then looked down at her own watch and realized she had to move her butt NOW if she didn’t want to miss her flight. She grabbed her bag, shoved her headphones into it, and headed for the security checkpoint...then she saw Thea, waiting in line. She suddenly didn’t want to be standing right next to Thea, not without James there to distract her. It wasn’t that Amber was afraid of being ensnared or anything. Thea had never even noticed she was there! She wouldn’t just look at Amber with those hypnotic eyes, snare her and catch her and send her into deep, obedient trance...

Amber headed down to the other security checkpoint.

Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise—the line moved quickly, and Amber made it to the gate with plenty of time. She presented her boarding pass, found her window seat, stowed her luggage, and prepared for the boring flight back to Minneapolis. No headphones, and she’d even left the stupid sudoku book behind.

Just then, a slightly out-of-breath woman sat down next to her, blocking her off from the aisle. Amber looked up and gasped. It was Thea.

“Sorry,” Thea said, totally oblivious to Amber’s reaction. “Didn’t mean to startle you, I just barely made the flight.” She looked over at Amber. “Oh, hey! I saw you in the lobby! Weird coincidence, huh?”

“I, um...” Amber looked down, looked away, looked anywhere but at...the second she thought it, her eyes flicked up to Thea’s. The second they settled, they locked. The second they locked, she felt herself start to drift away. Thea’s eyes had caught her. They were holding her. She was spiraling into trance.

And Thea was absolutely astonished to find a total stranger sagging forwards into her arms, already beginning to whisper, “i am deeply hypnotized now...i am deeply hypnotized now...i am deeply hypnotized now...”

But not too astonished to act on it.