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Vox Dominus — Chapter 16

Seb struggled to lift his head off the pillow, the residue from last night still clinging to the inside of his skull. Even as his power was becoming easier to use, it still took a serious toll on his body. At least the post-Vox hangovers were becoming less pronounced—maybe with enough practice, they’d go away entirely. Until then, all he could do was wait for his mind to reboot, and endure the curious stare of his roommate, who was already busy brushing his teeth.

“Googhd nighgt?” Ben asked through a mouthful of toothpaste foam.

“Huh?” Seb replied, not yet operational enough to translate.

Ben spit into their sink. “I was askin’ if you had a good night. When I got back from Nat’s place, you were totally passed out on your bed. So I figure you either had, like, a really good night, or a really, really shitty one.”

Seb blinked. Memories of his time with Sophia sparked as his mind reignited, excitement evaporating the lingering fog. It had indeed been a “good night:” not only had he entranced her, but the two of them had all but confessed their feelings for one another. Seb still wasn’t completely sure what it all meant, nor what his next step should be, but…

“Ah-haaa I know that smile,” Ben laughed. “You gonna tell me about her or what?”

“I-I dunno what you’re talking about,” Seb deflected, sliding off the mattress and beginning to change.

“Yeah, whatever bro. Whoever she is, I think she misses you already,” he jabbed his toothbrush towards Seb’s nightstand. “Your phone was, like, blowing up last night.”

“Really?” Seb exclaimed, his charade of nonchalance shattered in an instant.

“Uh-huh. It was lighting up like crazy, bro.”

Seb hurriedly grabbed his phone, his eyes widening as he flicked the screen open. Sure enough, a long line of texts had filled up his inbox overnight. But they weren’t from Sophia.

They were from Chelsea.

Seb opened the message thread, and found himself staring at a long line of naked photos. They were nearly identical to the one she had sent last night: each picture featured her kneeling in front of her mirror, her glazed eyes staring at the ceiling, her tongue lolling from her drooling lips, her nipples stiff and her pussy dripping. Sometimes her free hand was rubbing between her glistening thighs. Other times it was pawing at her cream-colored tits, smearing the lipstick that still barely read “I’M A DUMB SLUT.”

Regardless, every image came with a similar message:

[CHELSEA: I’m sorry for being bad, Master. Please forgive your stupid slave.]

[CHELSEA: im sorry for beeingbad master please forgivee ur stupid slave]

[CHELSEA: I’m sorry for being a bad, stupid slave. Please forgive me, Master.]

[CHELSEA: sorry master, i was bad and stupid but i promise to be a good slave forgive me please please please]

[CHELSEA: I’m sorry for being bad, Master. Please forgive your stupid slave.]

Seb’s eyes narrowed. If it weren’t for these slight variations, he would assume this was some sort of glitch. Even discounting that possibility, and the erection now tenting his jeans, he couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong. Was she listening to the file on repeat, falling into trance and following the same line of commands each time? He knew it was likely that she would indulge in the recording more than once, but if the time stamps on his screen were to be believed, she had spent the whole night and a little of the early morning Voxing her brain into mush.

That couldn’t be good, right?

Or was it? Maybe this would keep Chelsea sated and prevent her from making a move on him and Sophia.

Or maybe it would melt the blonde’s mind completely. Maybe she had already reduced herself to the helpless sex-slave of her dreams. Maybe she was still listening right now, the mantras of the recording having replaced any semblance of independent thought, her body and brain now mere toys for her Master to play with. Maybe victory was hers, and Seb had inadvertently handed it to her. Maybe any chance of a relationship with Sophia was already gone, replaced by an obligation to manage a woman who was now mindless and directionless without him.

“So…good news or bad news?” Ben asked.

Seb quickly locked the phone screen before his roommate could hazard a peek. “Uh, neither, really,” he answered.

And he dearly hoped he was right.

* * *

Sophia squirmed in her seat, nibbling on her pen at the back of the lecture hall. Her notebook was blank, any hopes of learning about data structures long abandoned. The diagrams on the projector screen were little more than a blur to her, the professor’s lecture no match for the awful thoughts flooding her flushed, sleep-deprived head.

Seb had lied to her. And Chelsea was in on it too.


It was a question Sophia had struggled with all night, her mind tossing and turning until it spiraled off into impossible possibilities. Could it be that Chelsea and Seb really were an item? If that was the case, why hadn’t she mentioned it before? And how did that explain the other girl he was with at the party? Were they in some sort of secret poly-setup?

Or…could it be that everything Sophia had witnessed at the talent show had been the truth? What if Chelsea had initially tried to ruin Seb’s performance, only to be ensnared and entranced by him? What if he had continued to train her, turning her into a lapdog for his pleasure and using her as a smokescreen for brainwashing other victims? What if the girl at the party had been one such conquest? Could he even do that? Turn a stranger into an obedient thrall, all in the course of one night?

That seemed pretty hard to believe. But it was an easy narrative for Sophia’s stressed, horny brain to latch onto.

She let out a shuddering sigh, grateful that the dimmed lights obscured her flustered expression. It had been like this for her since puberty: for all the Sunday School lectures and warning stories from her parents, her libido had a hair trigger that even everyday excitement could set off. To make matters worse, anxiety often provoked a similar response, which could lead to a vicious cycle of angst and arousal. Some days it felt like her body and mind were at war; others like they were conspiring against her.

Today definitely fell into the latter camp.

The idea of Seb being some sort of supernatural slaver was absurd. Sophia knew that. There was no such thing as mind control powers, and even if there were, Seb wasn’t the kind of guy who would abuse them. Sure, she had long suspected that his interest in hypnosis was equal parts erotic and academic, but she also knew that he was a shy, thoughtful dork who would panic at the mere possibility of hurting someone. One year of college couldn’t change somebody that much, could it?

An intrusive memory from the previous night filtered through her thoughts, an echo of trance flitting through her mind, down her spine and into her pussy. She crossed her legs, hoping nobody overheard the slight hitch in her breath.

Whatever had transpired Seb’s freshman year, she had to admit: he had gotten a lot better at that hypnosis thing. The trance she had felt in high school was nice, but it was nothing compared to what he had done to her last night. It was something about that voice of his. Sophia couldn’t quite pin it down, but there was a moment when his words sounded….different.

No, it wasn’t just that: they felt different. It was like listening to a concert album versus being there in person. The moment Seb had drawn her into his world, his song ceased to be purely auditory. It had filled her head and thrummed in her chest. It had captured her senses and smothered her thoughts. She had felt helpless yet safe. Giddy, yet calm. No longer in control, but no longer afraid. Her body and mind, so often in conflict, had been brought into perfect sync, dancing to the whims of a new Master. A Master whose eyes had shone with care as he bound her to his power, whose gentle hands had left traces of warmth on her sensitive skin.

Traces she could even feel now, her left hand subconsciously cupping her cheek, a quiet sigh escaping her lips. Without her even meaning to, her legs had slid apart again, the tip of her pen now teasing the growing wetness between them. The world drifted away as she slipped deeper into her fantasies, into the wild urges and illusions of her soft, insatiable flesh.

She could just forget about seeing Seb at the party. She could pretend that nothing was wrong. They could be together like they always wanted. It was such a beautiful picture: her hand in his as they walked through the Crossing, her lips trembling as they kissed and parted to their separate classes. She imagined sneaking loaded glances and secret caresses at lunch; dressing up for dates and feeling the heat in his stare. Teasing him all night, tickling that fire she knew roared inside him. Then unleashing it back at her place, letting him consume her, opening her mind and body to his control, letting him take everything but her own animal lust, yearning to be fed. By his hands, by his cock, by his cum, by his voice. Whatever he wanted. Whatever she needed.

It could be so easy.

It could be exactly what he had been doing to other girls.

And would that be so bad? To be a link in a hedonistic chain, bound to a harem of sexy, hypnotized slaves? To service each other by day, ensuring they were all wet and ready for their Master at night?

No, Sophia wouldn’t be just another mindless thrall. She would be the overseer of her Master’s property. She would ensure every girl kept in line, deepening their conditioning with pleasure and pain. The more hesitant their obedience, the more humiliating their orders, until they would beg to have their face between her legs, until their purpose in life was to be used and abused, by her and Master alike. Chelsea would be the first. Sophia would reduce that snarky princess to a drooling, panting, personal pleasure pet, her scheming brain polished smooth by weeks of correctional training, until the only complex task she could manage would be…

The lights in the lecture hall snapped on, and Sophia nearly knocked her notebook over in a panic. She grasped the edges of the desk, keeping her head low as the rest of her classmates filed out. Gradually, the pulsing heat between her legs dimmed enough for her to collect her things, though her cheeks still burned with embarrassment. This wasn’t the first time she had drifted off at a bad time, but her fantasies had never been so…vivid. And she had never accidentally edged herself in the middle of a class.

Sophia slipped her headphones on as she bustled out of the lecture hall and hurried to the Crossing. As the Final Fantasy X soundtrack filled her ears and the crisp air cooled her skin, she was finally able to arrange her thoughts. Her next class wasn’t for a few hours—if she was quick, she could go back to her dorm, vent some of her sexual frustration, and even grab a quick nap before her Software Engineering discussion.

Her phone buzzed. Sophia glanced down, and felt an anxious twinge as she read Seb’s text. He was asking if she still planned on swinging by the Diepner Players movie night.

Sophia sat on a park bench, considering and discarding several possible responses. None of them felt right. How exactly did one say: “There’s a part of me that really wants to spend the night with you and finish what we started but I’m also afraid you might be a serial philanderer, a swinger, or have evil mind control powers so maybe we should just rain check this for a while?”

Besides the obvious, anyway.

With a heavy sigh, Sophia gave up and pocketed her phone. A breeze rustled the trees, beams of sunlight strobing overhead as the leafy branches swayed. Pockets of students passed immersed in their own conversations, chattering through conventional gossip and plans. It was surreal: how could the world seem so calm, even as a tempest spun inside her?

Another text zapped her out of the moment. Sophia huffed, expecting a follow-up response from Seb. Only to see Chelsea’s number instead.

[CHELSEA: Hey, got any plans tonight? I’ve got something amazing to show you!]

Sophia’s blood roared in her ears. She could just picture the sorority queen’s devilish smirk as she had typed that message. Still, Sophia forced herself to take a calming breath, and replied as casually as she could.

[SOPHIA: ??? what is it?]

[CHELSEA: It’s a surprise! But I promise you’ll like it. Please say you’ll come over? It’ll be fun and chill, I swear. No parties, just you, me, and some top-shelf vodka. I could really use it after this week lol.]

Sophia frowned. The true purpose of this invite wasn’t clear, but the odds that Chelsea actually just wanted some gal pal time were slim to none. If there was a moment when Sophia thought they could be friends, it had died after Chelsea had lied to her. No matter how charming her words or how enticing her eyes, the blonde couldn’t be trusted.

But…that didn’t mean she couldn’t be useful. Sophia’s fingers tapped on her phone screen.

[SOPHIA: ok. lemme know what time and i’ll be there.]

Sophia locked the screen and continued making her way towards her dorm. Given what was in store for her tonight, she definitely needed to make sure her head was clear. Chelsea was probably expecting Sophia to arrive in the same state as last week: clueless, nervous, and way out of her depth.

Boy, was that smug bitch in for a surprise.

* * *

Chelsea hummed to herself as she bounced around the apartment kitchen, prepping a bevy of drinks and snacks for Sophia’s arrival. If the block party was any indication, her dark-haired guest was partial to vodka cocktails, but Chelsea made sure to have several backup options just in case. A little lubrication would go a long way to helping Master’s programming go down smoothly.


Chelsea paused, a warm shiver traveling up her skirt. She glanced at the clock: was there time for one more session before her guest arrived? It wouldn’t take long: Master’s recording had been all but burned into her brain, and all it took was recalling a few delicious lines for her cheeks to flush, her pussy to moisten, and her mind to begin sinking. Better still, the mere recognition of her brainwashing only amplified its effects, her arousal rising on swells of humiliation and ecstasy. All she had to do then was play Master’s “cum” command, and indulge in the blissful culmination of her conditioning.

Her hand was already slipping between her legs, teasing her dampened panties. It was so, so tempting. She had the apartment to herself and the sunset was filtering in through the curtains just right. She smoothed her blouse over the curve of her breasts, her nipples stiffening in her fingers’ wake. After going so long without Master’s voice, without permission to enjoy his property for herself…who could blame her for going overboard? She could just make a quick dash to her bedroom, grab the still-glistening dildo from her desk, hike up her skirt, yank her panties aside and…

She groaned, balling her fists and forcing them to her sides. No. It was too risky. Sophia could arrive at any moment, and Chelsea couldn’t afford to be caught out of sorts. It was like her mother had taught her: the closer you were to victory, the more vulnerable you became. If Chelsea wasn’t on her A-game tonight, all of her efforts would be a waste.

Then again…she smiled to herself, recalling the torrid night of editing and pleasure training…maybe not a total waste.

Her phone hummed on the countertop, jolting her out of her reverie. Sophia was downstairs, waiting to be buzzed in; Chelsea couldn’t afford to keep her waiting this time. The blonde quickly tapped the button to unlock the lobby doors and bustled into the hallway, pausing only to check her appearance in the mirror one last time. She was wearing the same outfit she had back when Master had first visited, back when the Vox was still unnamed, when its potential still filled her with as much fear as it did longing. The tight black skirt, thigh-high stockings and blouse combo might’ve been a bit much for a supposed “chill night in,” but she couldn’t resist. The poetry of it was too perfect. Besides, she wanted to look nice for Master when presenting his new slave. He would be in a delicate emotional state then, and she needed to guide his actions in a very…specific direction.

Three quick knocks signaled her guest’s arrival. Chelsea took one last deep breath, sinking into character. There was no turning back now. She opened the door.

“Hey, glad you could make it.” She smiled, weighing her voice with a hint of fatigue as she welcomed Sophia inside.

“No problem,” the bespectacled girl answered, her large brown eyes scanning the entryway. “So…what’s the ‘amazing surprise’ you had to show me?”

Chelsea forced a laugh. “Getting right to it, huh? Though I guess I did leave you in suspense,” she admitted, taking her guest’s coat. “Make yourself home on the couch and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Sophia made a sound somewhere between acknowledgement and skepticism. Chelsea paused, watching her guest closely as she moved down the hall. Something was off. The last time Sophia had visited, the girl had been as jittery and aimless as a leaf on the wind, easily swept in whatever direction Chelsea pleased. But now, the tension that inhabited the quiet girl was focused. Guarded. She was suspicious, but of what Chelsea wasn’t certain.

Still, she wasn’t about to let it derail her plan. Not yet. “How ’bout a drink?” she offered as she reached the cocktail counter.

“Uh, sure,” Sophia answered, watching with a hawk’s gaze. “You’re dressed nice tonight.”

“Had a sorority meeting right before this. Homecoming falls on the same weekend as Halloween this year, and it’s been absolutely brutal for our planning committee.” Chelsea sighed, nodding towards the drinks in her hands. “Like I said. It’s been a week.”

“You can say that again.”

Chelsea smiled at the vague reply, settling onto the couch beside her quarry. Up close, it was obvious that Sophia had also put a bit more effort into her appearance than usual. She had traded in her usual hoodie for a soft, baggy cardigan draped over a skin-tight tank-top, though its clinginess around the chest might’ve been more due to her figure than design. Her black hair was done up in a cute bun, a true feat given its usual unruly state. Was she hoping to impress Chelsea? Intimidate her? Or just trying to psyche herself up?

Whatever the case, there was sharp intent hidden in this outfit. Chelsea would have to be on guard until she ascertained where it was aimed.

“Well, then…” the blonde brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and held her drink aloft. “It’s a cliché, but T-G-I-F, right?”

“Totally.” Sophia replied as their glasses clinked. She barely even took a sip before setting it down.

“So.” Chelsea clapped her hands together. “The surprise. Remember how a while back you asked me to talk to—um, to Seb about his hypnosis hobby?”


“I know it took me a while, but I finally got the chance to bring it up this week. And guess what?” Chelsea watched for any reaction, but Sophia’s expression remained frustratingly neutral. “It turns out, he’s actually been making hypnosis files for practice this whole time. He was really embarrassed about it, but I convinced him to let me have one of the recordings.” Chelsea held up her phone triumphantly. “I was thinking maybe we could listen to it together.”

Sophia’s eyes widened. Her surprise was a minor relief to Chelsea, but the lack of excitement or nervousness was concerning.

“Wait,” Sophia said. “When did you talk to him, exactly?”

“On Wednesday,” Chelsea answered. “We have an American History course together, so I met him after that.” She had rehearsed her story beforehand, so it wasn’t like Sophia would catch her in a lie. But the fact that her guest was trying was…irritating.

Sophia crossed her arms. “That’s weird. I saw him yesterday and he didn’t mention it at all.”

“Like I said, he seemed pretty embarrassed.” Chelsea laughed. “I had to promise him like, a hundred times I wouldn’t tell anyone else.”

“But you just told me.”

Chelsea’s stomach twitched with annoyance. “Sure, but I know you won’t start any rumors about him. Anyway what’s the harm? This is what you wanted, right?”

“Maybe…” Sophia muttered.

Ah, so she was trying to irk Chelsea. Well, if that’s what she wanted…

“Alright,” Chelsea said, setting the phone down and sharpening her tongue. “What’s going on here?”

“What do you mean?” Sophia blinked. The faux-innocent look really didn’t suit her.

“It’s obvious you’re mad at me for some reason. I went out of my way to help you, and you’re acting like I stabbed you in the back. So what’s up? Why the hostility? We can’t be friends if we’re not speaking openly with each other.”

To Chelsea’s surprise, Sophia barely suppressed a laugh. “Well, if you put it that way…” she said wryly.

Chelsea didn’t respond. Clearly, the playing field wasn’t as it had seemed. Which meant she had to rely on her opponent’s moves for guidance.

Sophia fidgeted, obviously unable to contain herself any longer. “You know. If you had actually talked to him on Wednesday, you coulda texted me then. If you had, I might not’ve asked Seb to come to my room last night. And he might not’ve hypnotized me himself.”

Even though she was seated, Chelsea felt like her legs had been swept from under her. “Oh,” she managed to utter.

“Uh-huh. So not only do I know you lied about that, but I also know you lied about the block party.”

“Wh-what…?” Chelsea swallowed. She was flying blind now, all her measurements and calculations erased by a single overlooked detail. “What are you talking about?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know.” Sophia snapped. She took off her glasses and massaged her eyes. “I…I heard him at the party Chelsea. There’s something about his voice—not the one he normally has, but, like, a voice he only uses when hypnotizing people or something. When I heard it last night, it…got stuck in my head, in a way I can’t explain. Until I remembered I’d heard it before.” She leveled her gaze at Chelsea. “And you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you?”

Chelsea hesitated, then nodded. There was no denying it at this point.

Sophia let out a shuddering breath. For all her certainty, she seemed relieved to have her suspicions confirmed. Chelsea could relate. “So…wh-what’s going on here?” the dark-haired girl asked, shrinking back as though ready to bolt for the door at any moment. “Did Seb actually hypnotize you at the talent show? Is that why you called him Master? Are you two both messing with me as part of some weird sex thing or something?”

Despite herself, Chelsea laughed. “No, not exactly.”

The blonde’s mirth only seemed to heighten Sophia’s anxiety. “Then what?” she demanded. “What are you really up to?”

Chelsea paused, considering her options. She had suffered a setback, but this didn’t spell doom for her mission. The fact of the matter was: for all of Sophia’s apparent suspicion, she had chosen to show up on her opponent’s terms. Which meant that, even if she didn’t realize it, the overriding emotion guiding her wasn’t fear, or anger.

It was curiosity.

“The truth is…” Chelsea trailed off, resisting a grin as she saw Sophia lean in ever-so-slightly. “It’s…well…it’s both a lot simpler than what you might think but also…to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure you’d believe me.”

“Me neither. But give it a shot.”

“Okay. No more games.” Chelsea exhaled, then met Sophia’s gaze. “Yes, I was really in trance at the talent show. But not because Master is an expert hypnotist—it was because of something called the ‘Vox.’”

“The…Vox?” Sophia repeated, clearly caught off-guard.

“It’s his power,” Chelsea continued, refusing to break eye contact. “Neither of us know where it came from or how it works exactly, but, in’s the ability to control people’s minds. With his voice.”

Sophia scoffed. “M-mind control powers? Seriously? That’s your story?”

Chelsea bit her lip, unable to resist the pull of her early memories with Master. Her fingers delicately stroked her cheek. “It’s like you said, he has a way of…sticking in your head. And if you let him, he can transform you in ways I never thought possible. Until, well…” she smirked. “Until he became my Master.”

Sophia opened and closed her mouth several times before she managed to speak. “That…no. That’s stupid.”

“It’s true. And part of you knows it.” Chelsea smiled. “You must’ve felt it when he hypnotized you, right? The way his voice changes, becomes something…fascinating. Irresistible. That’s the Vox at work. That’s why it feels so good when he pulls you under, why his words can suddenly become the most important, most intoxicating things in the world to you.” She arched an eyebrow. “Sound familiar?”

This time, Sophia’s lips remained tightly sealed. But her eyes gave away her answer.

“Mm-hm,” Chelsea nodded. “It felt amazing, didn’t it?”

Her guest sputtered. “I…it…so what, you’re saying you’re Seb’s slave now?”

Chelsea’s smile slipped. “Not quite,” she answered. “It’s a long, complicated story but…to sum it up, he doesn’t quite share my ‘enthusiasm’ for his abilities, and has decided to cut me off. For my own good, supposedly. But,” she lifted her phone aloft, “I did actually manage to convince him to leave a recording of the Vox for my own enjoyment. And I was really hoping to share it with you tonight.”

Sophia glanced at Chelsea’s phone as if it were a loaded gun. “Wh-why?”

Chelsea paused. She had to be delicate with this next part. “Because…whether Master likes it or not, my world now revolves around pleasing him. Which makes it easy for me to spot when he’s hurting. And I know he’s spent a great deal of time agonizing over you.”

“M-me? What…”

“Because he’s in love with you, Sophia. And scared about what the Vox might do to you. Especially if he loses control. So…I thought I would give you a taste tonight. Show you the truth about how wonderful Master’s power really is. That way, you could draw it out of him yourself. And then…maybe he wouldn’t be so afraid of it.”

Silence hovered at the edge of that final syllable. Sophia shifted, stared at her glass.

“So…” she finally said. “You have a…recording of the Vox on that phone?”

Chelsea nodded. “It’s not as powerful as it is in person, but…” she offered it to Sophia. “You could see for yourself whether I’m telling the truth. That’s why you came here, isn’t it?”

Sophia’s looked between the phone and Chelsea, a million impulses seeming to race behind those deep brown pupils. Finally, the dark-haired girl rose, and padded down the hall where her jacket was hanging. Chelsea resisted the urge to bolt after her: appearing desperate now would solve nothing. It was possible she had pushed too hard, but so long as the seeds of curiosity were planted, there was still a chance…

“Okay,” Sophia said, returning with her pink headphones in her hand. “I’ll give it a listen. But if you try anything weird, I’ll…” she swallowed. “Well, I’ll make you regret it.”

Chelsea smiled sweetly, soaking in delicious triumph. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I don’t think either of us will regret tonight.”

* * *

Seb lingered in the cramped kitchen, surrounded by half-drained bottles and cluttered stacks of red cups. The movie was continuing in the adjacent room, but the laughter and shrieks of his fellow club members sounded distant and murky, a background track to the hum of anxiety in his head.

They were on their second flick of the night, and Sophia still hadn’t shown up. What was more, she wasn’t responding to his texts.

Seb sighed and poured another drink. He tried to assure himself that everything was alright, that Sophia had just forgotten and was currently absorbed in some game with her phone on silent. The fact that this sudden gap in communication came right after she had heard the Vox for the first time…it had to be a coincidence.

It was just a few missed texts. There was nothing to worry about.

Was there?

* * *

Sophia had to admit, it was the softest mattress she had ever laid upon. But that didn’t make her feel any more comfortable.

“Just give a sec to make sure it’s on airplane mode,” Chelsea muttered, fiddling with her phone at the foot of the bed. “Wouldn’t want anything breaking the mood.”

“Uh-huh.” Sophia tried to swallow her nerves. “Is that why we’re doing it in your room?”

“Mm-hm. My roommates should be gone for the evening but, y’know. Better safe than sorry.” Chelsea glanced up at Sophia, then laughed. “Relax. Everything will be fine.”

Sophia just gave a slight nod in reply, not trusting her voice to remain steady any longer. Her heart hadn’t stopped racing since she had crossed the apartment threshold, and now it felt like it was practically bursting out of her chest. Something about being in Chelsea’s room, lying on her bed with her sitting so close, her skirt riding up and offering a tantalizing glimpse of her pale thighs…Sophia felt like she had just stumbled into some enchanted, dangerous realm. Like a forbidden chamber of a royal palace. Or, given the messy floor and the crumpled panties under the desk, a secret underground sex club.

Finally, the blonde seemed satisfied with her phone settings, and opened her hand to receive the headphone cord. Sophia hesitated, then relented. The idea of a supernatural mind control file still seemed ridiculous. But when Chelsea paused to meet Sophia’s eyes, her heart fluttered with excitement. Deep down, a piece of her wanted it all to be true. Not only would that explain all the strangeness that had shadowed her all semester, but it would mean that Chelsea had offered Seb a shot at his perfect fantasy, and he had turned her down. For Sophia.

If that truth wasn’t taking a chance on…nothing was.

Sophia gave a slight nod. And Chelsea tapped on the phone screen.

Clarity filled Sophia four simple words.

Listen closely…and obey…

Sophia gasped, her fists unclenching and her back arching slightly as recognition raced through her. Her mind went momentarily blank, unable to process the audio still filtering into her ears. But she felt it: the heaviness descending as her body sunk into the mattress, the wonderful sensation of being pulled even further down into a gently swirling pool of relaxation, allowing her thoughts to float apart from her as she dropped further still…further and further…

Remember the feeling of surrender for me. Remember how easy and natural it is. To just give in. To relax. To let go and let my voice carry you into that wonderful, blissful feeling of trance. Of openness. Of servitude.

Openness…wait…Sophia’s eyelids fluttered. She didn’t remember anything about servitude…but…

It’s so easy and natural…as easy and natural as breathing. In and out. With every breath becoming more and more relaxed. More and more docile. More and more obedient.

Sophia struggled to keep her eyes open and focus on Chelsea. The scheming beauty was watching closely, her cheeks flushed and her lips slightly parted, as though her heart too was racing in her chest. As though she knew what was coming next, and was panting with excitement at the prospect of…of…

Sophia forced her arms to move, trying to reach the headphones to remove them. She had the proof she needed—going any further would just play into Chelsea’s hands. Sophia needed to stop the recording. Even if she was becoming…more and more…relaxed. Even if she was feeling…more and more…docile. Even if it…

It feels so good to listen. To let my voice fill your mind, to let those pesky thoughts drift away.

Drifting away…but she had to think, to get this thing off her head and…

Chelsea’s hands found hers, the sorority queen’s fingers wrapping around Sophia’s wrists, guiding them away from her head back to her sides, and holding them there with a grip that was firm, yet tender.

“Nnnuhhh…” Sophia tried to protest.

Chelsea just smiled, not bothering to apologize or explain. Why would she, Sophia dimly realized, when Seb’s voice was telling her…all she needed to know…

Relax, breathe. Just enjoy the feeling.

The sigh slid out of Sophia without her even meaning to. But it did make her feel so…so…

That’s right. Just like that…Focus on that feeling now. That pleasure slowly building inside. Bit by bit.

Sophia’s head lolled to the side, more tension draining out of her by the second. She felt weightless, yet couldn’t escape the gravity of Seb’s voice, couldn’t fight the warm tingle spreading through her, soaking her panties and causing the gaps…in her thoughts…to…..grow even…….wider…

You’re feeling so tired by now, aren’t you?

She was tired…so tired…

That’s okay. Your Master knew this would happen. And your Master is here to help. Just listen and obey.

Obey…Master? Was Seb her…Master? The tingle in her body became a hum, her hips squirming and her thighs pressing together, animated by a pleasure she couldn’t control or understand. Not when she was so tired…her mind so hazy…

Good girl…so sleepy. So relaxed and happy…so obedient.

Obedient…happy. Heat blossomed across Sophia’s chest, fogging her already addled brain. Good girl….she was a good girl…

Your body knows it needs to obey. That’s why it feels so good. So easy. So natural…You love to obey.

She loved to…wait…

You love to obey. Say it.

Sophia manage to stop her voice, but her lips still formed the words, still echoed the truth thrumming in her swirling mind and quivering pussy.

You love to obey. Say it.

“I….” Sophia moaned. “Luhhh….to…”

* * *

“….T’beeeyyyahh,” the entranced girl slurred, her jaw falling slack and her eyes rolling back.

Chelsea shivered, unable to contain her delight any longer. She lifted her hands off of Sophia’s wrists, and was pleased to see them remain limp and motionless at her side. The first hurdle was cleared: a loop of reinforcing patter should be flooding the helpless girl’s brain by now, leaving her docile and inert.

Which meant Chelsea had some time to enjoy herself.

Before the thought had even completed, her fingers flew to her skirt, hiking it up and peeling off her dripping panties. A relieved sigh escaped her lips as her hand slipped between her legs, her body automatically moving to the rhythms that had trained it so well, her fingers deftly circling her pussy as Master’s words spiraled in her mind. She knew what Sophia was experiencing now, could recite the mantras herself by heart. She couldn’t wait to make Sophia a perfect slave, to transform a former enemy into an obsessive ally. With her under the Vox’s thrall, there was no way Master could refuse taking them. It was only a matter of time.

Chelsea bit her lips as the crest of an orgasm slipped just beneath her, then vanished back into the churning sea of arousal. The sensation would’ve irked her before, but now she glowed knowing it was a sign of her devotion to Master’s will, exquisite evidence of her conditioning. Besides, she couldn’t lose herself completely: the second hurdle in Sophia’s conversion was approaching.

Sure enough, the entranced girl stirred, her cute, round face scrunching up with confusion. She must’ve reached the part where Master ordered her to stop the recording and strip, which meant it was Chelsea’s cue to assist. The blonde tapped her phone to stop the file, still idly toying with her cunt as she watched Master’s commands play out behind her groggy captive’s gaze.

To her satisfaction, Sophia’s blank expression didn’t even waver as she shed her cardigan onto the sheets, and set her headphones aside before stripping her tank top off. Her bra was next to go, her massive tits jiggling free as she tossed it aside and moved onto her jeans, her eyes still staring vacantly ahead. With a thrill, Chelsea realized this was how she must’ve looked the first time Master had hypnotized her in this room, her movements lurching and unsteady as she wriggled her hips free and hooked her fingers into her thong strings, sliding it all off and leaving herself bare and exposed.

Sophia let her pants drop onto the floor and sat heavily back onto the mattress, her pussy dribbling onto the sheets, her tits swaying slightly as her body listed back and forth, lost without her Master’s voice.

Stifling a hiss of disappointment, Chelsea extracted her hand from between her thighs, wiping her fingers clean before moving to assist the fledgling slave. The blonde grasped the headphones and lifted them over Sophia’s head, only for the entranced girl to suddenly lurch forward.

“Hnnngh…” she moaned. “En…nuff…” Her arms weakly pawed at Chelsea, accidentally squeezing her breasts she tried to keep her away. The blonde let out a small yelp of surprise, then sighed, allowing the pathetic escape attempt to continue.

“M…move…” Sophia groaned. “Gotta…”

“Shhhh,” Chelsea cooed, slipping her fingers around Sophia’s chin and tilting her face up for a better look. There was fight in the dark-haired girl’s gaze, but it was weak and confused. Nothing a properly trained thrall like Chelsea couldn’t handle.

“It’s okay,” the blonde assured her subject, letting her hand trail from Sophia’s face down to her chest. “Just relax. Everything is okay…”

“Everything…haaahhh…” Sophia shivered as Chelsea’s hands cupped her breasts, her thumbs circling Sophia’s stiff, dark nipples, eliciting a strained, pathetic whimper.

“That’s right…” Chelsea smiled. “You don’t have to think. Just listen and obey.”

“Listen and…” Sophia drooled. “And…and…”

Chelsea released one hand from Sophia’s chest, gliding it past her slightly pudgy stomach and caressing the soaking folds between her thick, trembling thighs. The dark-haired girl went rigid, her hands grasping onto Chelsea’s wrists. But she didn’t try to force the blonde away. In fact, Sophia’s hips shifted slightly as Chelsea’s fingers continued their dance, moving and grinding in time to her every move.

“G-good girl,” Chelsea breathed, fighting the urge to resume fingering herself as well. God, Sophia was practically gushing. That state her mind must’ve been in, aware enough to fight the pleasure and conditioning, but too weak to win. Chelsea sighed with envy: how lucky Sophia was to be experiencing it for the first time. Still, she couldn’t linger too long: even in this state, the Vox’s effect wouldn’t hold out forever.

“It feels good to obey, doesn’t it?” Chelsea cooed.

“Y-yesss…” Sophia exhaled.

“You love to obey, don’t you?”

“Love to…obey…”

“That’s right,” Chelsea said, gently removing her fingers from Sophia’s pussy before guiding the struggling girl’s own hand to replace them. “Just relax and obey. You’re doing great.”

“Relax and…ahhh…” Sophia’s words trailed off as her hand automatically resumed the task Chelsea had started. Pleased with her work, the blonde grabbed the headphones and effortlessly slipped them over Sophia’s ears, guiding her back down to the pillow before returning to where the phone lay and pressing “play” again.

Chelsea giggled as she watched the orgasm ripple through Sophia, her own insides thrilling with the echo of her many Vox-induced climaxes. She glanced at her still-dripping hand, hesitated, then gingerly licked her fingers clean. She had to admit, playing with Sophia was a lot of fun. Maybe Chelsea was more into girls than she thought. Or maybe it was the act of reprogramming her guest that filled the blonde with such boundless lust. Either way, the realization sent the faithful slave searching for her vibrator.

Sophia came again by the time Chelsea located her toy, the entranced girl’s hips bucking against her hand as a choked cry of pleasure escaped her lips. Chelsea smiled to herself, the pink plastic cock buzzing inches from her own dripping cunt. Now all that was left to do was enjoy herself until the file was finished playing, and then check on Sophia’s progress. With any luck, it would only take one or two repetitions before…

The doorbell rang. Chelsea froze, momentarily thrown. Who would be at her door this late on a Friday? Did some pizza guy get lost on his way to a different apartment? Whatever the case, it would have to wait. Chelsea had more important things to attend to.

Again, the bell chimed. And again. And again. Chelsea growled with frustration, standing and smoothing her skirt down. Sophia would be alright on her own for a little while, long enough for Chelsea to march across the hall and send the mysterious intruder packing. Of all the nights for this to happen, why did it have to be the one time when she needed absolute, perfect—

Chelsea froze as she peered through the peephole, her blood turning to ice in an instant. It wasn’t a delivery person waiting outside: it was a woman in her late thirties, with long, platinum blonde hair, an expensive coat, and cold grey eyes so sharp they threated to pierce Chelsea’s through the glass.

“Chelsea?” the woman called. “I know you’re in there. And I wouldn’t keep your mother waiting, if I were you.”