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Vox Dominus — Chapter 19

It was incredible how quickly a day could change.

Sophia shifted restlessly on her bed, clad in nothing but a thin, lace halter bra and a frilly black thong. It was hardly her first choice for dorm room attire: the undersized top barely supported her overflowing tits, and she had never gotten used to how…bare thongs could make her bottom feel. Still, it was the sexiest underwear she owned, an outfit straight from her hentai folder. And while the absurdity of that standard was just now occurring to her, it was too late to change anything.

Master was coming. And it was her job to cheer him up.

Rain tapped on the murky window pane, plucking at the stifling quiet. The sunlight that had cradled her in the morning had since been swallowed by an armada of clouds, their downpour claiming the campus the moment she had reached her own dorm. Since then, Sophia had spent her afternoon trying to catch up on schoolwork, a mission frequently thwarted by her worries over Master. She didn’t think Elise would hurt him, but the possibility still made it impossible to focus on anything else.

Now he was on his way over to Mercy Hill, to “decompress” as his phone call had put it. He hadn’t recounted all the details of his meeting with Elise, but Sophia got the gist: Chelsea’s days at Diepner were numbered, and Master would likely never see her again. Sophia didn’t know how she felt about that. From the sound of things, neither did Master.

Her phone buzzed on her desk, signaling his arrival downstairs. Sophia scooped on a pair of sweats and a hoodie, enough to look decent while she navigated the halls to the front entrance. As she opened the door, she wished she had thought to bring a towel as well.

“Oh wow,” she said as Master stepped inside, his soaking clothes clinging to his narrow frame. “It really got you out there, huh?”

“You could say that,” he replied. Then, after a moment of hesitation, he leaned forward and kissed her. Sophia melted into the sensation, eager for him to press further. But he pulled away after only a moment. “Can we, uh, talk in your room?”

“Sure,” she answered, venturing to take his hand. He accepted her fingers into his, but his mind was still clearly elsewhere. It was only earlier that day that he couldn’t keep his eyes off her; now his pupils drifted and darted away at the slightest glance. She tried not to let it bother her too much.

“Here,” Sophia handed Master a towel as they entered her room. “We can hang up your clothes too, if you want.”

“Thanks,” he replied, droplets flying as he dried his hair before stripping his shirt from his taut torso.

Sophia resisted the urge to stare, turning around and disrobing instead. With her outer layer removed and her tits tucked back into place, she spun around to find Master already staring at her, his cock stiffening before her eyes. A flicker of arousal sparked between her legs, and she felt her cheeks flush.

“I, um. Thought you might need some cheering up,” she offered.

He smiled. But it wasn’t the hungry grin she expected. He looked exhausted. And sad.

“That outfit can’t be comfortable,” he observed.


“You can put something else on, if you want,” he said, climbing onto her bed and flopping on his back with a sigh. “I just need to lie down and…think for a second.”

“Uh, okay.” She hesitated. “Is it…alright if I lie down too?”

His smile was warmer this time. “I was hoping you would.”

Sophia exhaled, her heart fluttering with relief. Being a good slave was easy when Master took what he wanted, but this was a whole other ball game. Her programming urged her to go to him, to smother him with worship and offer whatever relief she could. But the part of her that remembered their old relationship knew that aggressive affection would only push him deeper inside of himself, pressuring him to swallow his feelings instead of easing them.

So she freed herself from her lace constraints and crawled into bed without a word. She nestled against him and kissed his neck, her fingers tracing idle circles through his chest hair. His hand slipped down the arch of her back, and she exhaled contented murmurs as he kneaded her hips and ass. Whatever had happened between him and Elise, whatever was still lingering between him and Chelsea, Sophia wanted her Master to remember that she was here, she was his, and none of that would ever change. She needed him to sink into that realization with her, to leave everything else behind and take shelter in her instead.

But while the warmth in her room kept the rain at bay, the grey air still dripped through the cracks. It hung over Master’s head, billowing and growing with every moment, until Sophia started to feel it too. Dark thoughts invaded her haven, wearing Chelsea’s face and speaking in her voice. They reminded Sophia of the lies and manipulations she and Master had suffered, the hooks Chelsea had latched into both of their hearts. And yet, as Sophia felt the anger rise, she recalled the sadness she had seen in her former rival’s gaze, the desperate longing in her voice as she bid farewell.

Chelsea had told Sophia to take care of Master.

But what if she couldn’t do it alone?

“I’m sorry,” Master muttered, breaking through the darkness. “This probably isn’t easy for you either.”

Sophia forced a smile. “It’s…confusing,” she agreed. “I can’t tell if we dodged a bullet, or just haven’t realized it hit us yet.”

Master groaned in exasperated agreement. “It’s so messed up. I know I should be happy. I’m living the fantasy I’ve always wanted, and the only person who could ruin it is leaving forever. And yet…”

“…And yet if it wasn’t for her, our fantasy life would’ve just stayed fantasy,” Sophia finished for him. “I’ve been thinking about that too.”

Master met her gaze, seeming to wrestle with her words as he toyed with a strand of her hair. “Then again, it’s not like Chelsea did it all out of the goodness of her heart. If her plan had worked, you would’ve been totally under her control, and used as a bargaining chip against me. Maybe it’s really in spite of her that we managed to get together on our own terms.”

Sophia frowned. “Maybe. But it’s hard to say. I mean, Chelsea wasn’t the only one acting shady. We were all being pretty dishonest with each other until last night.”

“True…” Master pinched his eyes. “God, we were such idiots, weren’t we?”

Sophia let out a soft laugh. “Kinda yeah.” Her smile faded. “Which is why…when I think about what Chelsea’s going through right now, it just…doesn’t seem fair, y’know?”

“It doesn’t.” Master paused, then met Sophia’s eyes. “Do you think I should try to rescue her?”

Sophia tensed, as though she were nudging the edge of a dangerous precipice. “Would that even be possible?”

“I don’t know,” Master admitted with a sigh. “If I could get Elise alone, there’s a chance I’d be able to turn her. But it’s a long shot. I can’t test the waters or try a subtle induction like I have before—she’ll be on guard and hypervigilant around me no matter what. I could try a head-on attack, but she might be strong enough to resist that too. And if I can’t get her under control in one shot, I doubt she’ll give me a second.” He grimaced. “Even worse, once she knows about my power, she’ll probably do everything she can to take it for herself. With her resources, she could pretty easily corner me into being her on-call Svengali. Or maybe she’d just gag and dissect me to see how the Vox ticks.”

Sophia’s stomach churned at the thought. “When you put it like that…chasing after Chelsea seems like a pretty dumb idea.”

Master nodded, but didn’t speak. He didn’t need to.

Sophia swallowed, afraid to face the question that had stalked her all day. “Do you want to save her?”

It took Master a couple tries to answer. “I’d…I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. But it’d be stupid to bet everything on such a risky gamble.”

“That wasn’t what I asked though,” Sophia pressed, desperation outpacing her fear. “Do you want to save her?”

Master met her eyes, his answer ringing clear even before the word broke the silence. “Yes.”

“Could you live with yourself if we didn’t?”

He gave the slightest shake of his head. “No.”

Sophia exhaled. The realization of what they had just agreed to, the danger they had decided to face, sent a fresh shiver through her shoulders. But when she saw the determination burning in her Master’s eyes and felt the way his breathing slowed underneath her palm, she knew it was the right call.

“Then…that’s our answer,” she stated simply.

Master thought for a moment, then sat up. “There’s more, though,” he said. “If we pull this off…I don’t want to go back to the way things were. I don’t want to waste more time on stupid mind games, and I don’t want to risk wiping her memory and setting her loose again.”

Sophia bit her lip. “So…you want to bring her in. As another slave.”

Master nodded. “It might sound crazy, but there’s a part of me that’s always felt responsible for her. Not just as another human being but…as her Master. It’s just taken me this long to stop running from it,” he laughed, abashed.

Sophia tried to laugh along, but couldn’t. “Well, if that’s what you want…you know I can’t refuse.”

“But how do you feel about that?” Master asked, resting his hand on hers. “I have a responsibility to you too, and it’s not something I take lightly.”

Sophia exhaled, savoring the weight of his touch. It anchored her, allowing her to see the horizon beyond the storming seas.

Master give her an encouraging squeeze. “You can take your time, but be honest. If we’re going to do this, we can’t hide these kinds of feelings from each other.”

He was right. Of course he was. “There is a part of me that hates the idea of sharing you. And…another part that worries you’ll end up choosing Chelsea over me.”

“You know I won’t,” Master assured her. “If Chelsea was all I wanted, none of this would’ve ever happened.”

“I know. Besides, the part of me that wants to make you happy is stronger anyway. And…” Sophia hesitated, but her Master’s prompting drove her on. “Honestly, I’ve always kind of had a crush on Chelsea. I mean, I hated her too, but as annoying and mean and stuck-up as she could be, when she was hypnotizing me in her room, well…” She averted her burning face. “It was…it was kinda hot.”

Master blinked, then chuckled. “Wow. I wish I could’ve been there to see it.”

“M-me too.” Sophia tittered, staring at her lap. “This is so weird. I had no problem licking your cum off the floor earlier, but telling you all that…still felt kinda embarrassing. Not sure what that means.”

Master’s hand graced her cheek, drawing her gaze back to his. “It means I’m very lucky to have you,” he said.

His touch and praise caused Sophia’s head to tingle. She closed her eyes, riding the current of desire. “Can I ask you for something?”

“Anything,” her Master replied.

She paused, then forced herself to continue. “Even though I’m okay with Chelsea joining us, the parts of me that are scared and nervous are still there. could take them away, couldn’t you?”

Master arched an eyebrow. “Is that what you want?”

Sophia sucked a breath through her teeth, setting her resolve. “If we’re gonna risk it all to save her, I wanna make sure I’m committed, 100%. Besides, this is one of the benefits of being a slave, right? Who needs therapy when I have a Master to brainwash the bad thoughts away?”

Master laughed, breaking the last of the dark clouds apart. “That’s one way of thinking about it.”

“It’s the only way I can. Thanks to you.” She leaned forward to kiss his jaw.

“Good girl,” Master growled, grasping the nape of her neck. “Now sleep for me.

The trance came over her in an instant, her head dipping and the world slipping away before her eyes had even finished closing. She slumped against her Master, pulled by his gravity, unable and unwilling to resist.

Sophia, can you hear me?” her world asked.

“Yes Master,” she replied in a dreamy whisper.

That’s a good girl. So deep an entranced for me already. So willing to give in, to let your thoughts and will slip away, to empty yourself of everything but my voice and power. Because it feels so good, so relaxing, doesn’t it?

“Yesss…Master…” came her slurred response, her body already so heavy and limp it was becoming hard to speak. How had she survived a whole day without this bliss? How had she gone so long without submitting completely to her Master’s power, letting him dissolve and reform her with every overwhelming word? It was unthinkable. Most things were now.

Master chuckled. “That’s right, a good girl knows the pleasure that obedience brings. But following your Master’s orders is just what comes naturally to a brainwashed slave like you. You don’t even have to think about it anymore—it’s as easy as breathing, isn’t it?

“Yess….” Sophia exhaled. The warmth of her own breath wafted back to her, slow and steady as Master’s fingers traced the line of her slackened jaw.

Then that means you’re ready to descend even further for me, to offer even more of yourself in submission, and to receive an even greater reward. That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?


That’s good,” Master murmured. “Then open your eyes.

Sophia obeyed, her eyelids fluttering open. The world was a hazy blur, yet her Master’s gaze burned bright and clear, its dark light filling her vision, drawing her in even as her body remained still.

Good girl,” he growled, pleased. “Focus on this connection between us, the energy flowing from me into you. It’s irresistible. You feel it don’t you?

“Uh…huh…” Sophia nodded, more out of instinct than any conscious thought. She was adrift on the ocean of her Master’s power, carried by currents she couldn’t see or understand, but which moved her all the same.

Open yourself to that energy. Let it shape you as I continue to speak, and I promise you when you awaken from this trance, you will be transformed. That is what you want, isn’t it?

Want? Want didn’t even begin to describe the longing she felt. “Yesssss….” she drawled, dimly aware of the drool slipping from her open lips.

Good girl,” Master cooed, wiping her chin. “In the past you have served as an agent of my will. But from now on, you shall serve as its extension. Do you understand?

Sophia nodded her droopy head. Even if her mind was too foggy to comprehend, she knew the deepest parts of her would understand and obey Master’s words. To do otherwise was impossible.

The best part is, it will be so easy for you. You’re already such a good, obedient slave. All you desire is to obey your Master’s wishes. Isn’t that right?

“Yes Master,” she droned.

In fact, this happens so readily and instinctually, it’s almost as if my wishes are your wishes, isn’t it?

“Yes Master.”

Exactly. My desires become your desires. My wishes become your wishes. It’s a process so easy for you, so ingrained in your mind, that you do it without thinking. So in a sense, you are already an extension of my will. Isn’t that right?

Sophia giggled and nodded. She didn’t follow Master’s logic so much as experience it, like a passenger on a roller coaster, every twist and turn sending waves of giddy helplessness through her.

It would be simple, then to imagine what it would be like if my desires really were your desires; if by simply wanting something, I could make you want it as well. You already fulfill my wishes so easily, it wouldn’t be hard to let them become your wishes as well. It would be easy. Natural.

“Easy…natural…” Sophia repeated automatically, her breath hitching as Master brushed a hand over her breast, his thumb teasing her nipple as he toyed with her soft, weak body.

That’s right. And as you think about how easy and natural it is, I want you to repeat after me: My Master’s desires are my desires.

“My Master’s…hhhhii…!” Sophia gasped. She felt her Master’s hand slip into her panties, her soaking cunt pressing eagerly against his touch. But she couldn’t escape the pull of his eyes, couldn’t deny the words echoing in her mind and out of her lips. “My Master’s…desires…are my…desires.”

Good girl. And every time you say it, the pleasure you feel, the bliss the truth brings you, only increases. Now say it again: my Master’s desires are my desires.

“My…Master’s desires…are my…desiiiiiirreeess…” She clutched his shoulders as his fingers slid inside her, every movement sending fresh tremors of need through her.

Again. Keep going.

“My Master’s desires….are my desires…My Master’s desires are…are…my…my…” She grinded mindlessly against him, losing herself in the sensation, only for the mantra to return of its own accord, carrying her further into ecstasy. The world melted into pure sensation, every part of her surrendering to the pleasure. She was no longer forming words, but making the only sounds she could make, the only sounds she had ever made, as primal and urgent as the climax building between her thighs.

“…D-desires are my desires my M-Master’s desires a-a-are my desires my Master’s d-desires…” Her head was yanked back, her Master’s eyes suddenly filling her vision again.

When I kiss you, you will cum for me and awaken. Your Master desires this. And what are your Master’s desires?

“M-Master’s d-desires are my desires my Master’s desires are—”

Good girl.

His lips found hers. And the truth erupted inside of her. It broke her apart in violent spasms of celebration, revealing a new slave, a new being underneath, spilling into the world in a torrent of blissful, blistering light.

For a moment, she was gone.

And then she was there. Blinking awake. Her head resting on her Master’s shoulder. Her lungs heaving for air. Her heart beating with joy.

Master was stroking her hair. “I think the neighbors heard us,” he said wryly.

It took Sophia a moment to understand. Then she stifled an embarrassed laugh, burying her face in him. “God, you suuuuuuuck,” she said. “Are you seriously making fun of me after all that? Really?”

“Who’s making fun of you?” he chuckled. “It was just an observation.”

“Uh-huh,” Sophia scoffed, giving his shoulder an affectionate bite.

Master pulled her closer into a hug. She fell against him, allowing herself to disappear into his embrace. It held her intact, assured her she was whole again. She expressed this truth with a sleepy, contented hum.

“So…” he murmured. “How’s my slave feeling?”

Sophia paused, recognizing the real question Master was asking. She knew what he wanted. And she wanted it too. Badly, she realized as the thought caused her pussy to twitch.

“I feel…good,” she replied. “Though I could be better.”

Her Master broke away, eying her with genuine concern. “What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s just that…this is good and all, but…I could really go for having another slave around, y’know?” She giggled, unable to resist a cheeky grin. “Maybe a rich, stupidly attractive blonde? That would be really hit the spot right now.”

Her Master scoffed, failing to hide his obvious relief. “Oh, well if that’s all…” he shook his head. “I don’t suppose you’d know where we can get one of those?”

Sophia put a finger to her chin, inspiration already shining in her freshly cleaned mind. “Actually…I think I might.”

* * *

“Wow,” Maddi said, her voice echoing down the hall. “They really cleaned this place out.”

Veronica rattled her cocktail shaker louder, hoping to drown her roommate out or, at the very least, prompt her to take a hint. Of course, it was pointless effort: the redhead’s booming voice still breached Veronica’s battered haven, rebounding around the increasingly claustrophobic kitchen.

“Seriously, shit’s wild.” Maddi whistled. “They were only here for an hour and it’s like she never even lived here. You gotta check this out.”

“Aren’t you going to be late for practice?” Veronica shouted back, unable to hide the irritation in her voice. To her satisfaction, she saw Maddi emerge down the hall, dressed in her volleyball uniform and with her duffle bag in tow.

“I’m just saying,” she continued. “You all told me Chelsea’s mom was intense, but it’s fucked up that she can just swoop in and, like, disappear the poor girl like that. We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.”

“It’s not goodbye,” Veronica maintained, deciding to make her drink a double. “Chelsea’s just taking some time off with her mom. She’ll be back.”

“Uh-huh.” Maddi shot Veronica a skeptical look. “I’m sure it’ll be like she never left. Till mommy dearest starts feeling left out again, of course.”

Veronica gave a forced shrug. “Relax. This might be new to you, but it isn’t the first time it’s happened. It’s all just part of the Chelsea experience.” That was true, save for the leaving-the-country-suddenly-and-indefinitely bit, but Veronica had been trying her best not to dwell on that fact.

“Must be why you’re taking it so well.” Maddi zipped up her jacket. “Whatever, I’m outtie.”

Veronica let out a rattled sigh, grateful to finally have the apartment alone to herself. Her relief was cut short, however, when she heard Maddi hesitate halfway out the door, a surprised greeting giving way to a murmured conversation just out of earshot.

“Hey V,” Maddi called, sticking her had back into the apartment. “You remember Sophia right?”

“Huh? Um, yeah wh—?” Veronica stopped short, realizing too late what Maddi was really asking.

“Cool, she says y’all gotta talk,” Maddi explained, stepping aside to admit a familiar, busty girl into the apartment. “I’m running late, so I’ll catch you later.”

“Maddi wait—!” Veronica started towards the door, only to freeze when a skinny, bespectacled boy stepped into the room beside Sophia. Veronica had only seen this newcomer in person once, but she instantly recognized his dark eyes, wavy, tousled hair, and cryptic smile.

It was the boy from the talent show: Sebastian. Veronica’s stomach twisted with disgust.

“Sorry for showing up out of the blue like this,” Sophia apologized. “But we—”

“No.” Veronica interrupted, jabbing a finger towards the door. “Get out. Now. Or I start screaming.”

“Veronica, please,” Sophia pleaded. “I know we didn’t exactly get off to a great start together, but can you just hear me out? We want to help.”

“I don’t care. I have nothing to say to you.” Veronica shot a scathing look at Seb. “Especially not with him around.”

Seb blinked. “S-sorry, have we met?”

“I was there at the talent show,” Veronica spat. “You’re the reason everything went to hell. Ever since that stupid little routine of yours, Chelsea’s whole life has gone off the rails. And it’s all your fault.”

“That’s not true!” Sophia exclaimed, stepping in between them. “Mast—er, Seb never meant to hurt her. And I never meant to lie to you either. It was just…a weird, messed up situation. But we’re trying to fix it now, okay?”

“Fix it?” Veronica’s brow furrowed. “How is barging into my apartment supposed to fix things?”

“Because we’re trying to save Chelsea,” Seb stated. “And we need your help.”

Veronica hesitated, thrown. “Save her…what, from her own mother?” she laughed. “Don’t you realize how stupid that sounds?”

“C’mon. You know Elise is no good,” Sophia shot back. “I only met her for a second and I could tell she was toxic for Chelsea.”

Seb nodded. “There’s no way she would’ve wanted this, Veronica. And I doubt you want it either.”

Veronica gripped the countertop for balance. All the guilt she had fought to suppress was seeping through the cracks, swirling her own rage back at her in a dizzying spiral. She hated these meddling interlopers, hated the effect their words were having on her. But most of all, she hated…hated…

“It’s pointless,” Veronica hissed through grit teeth. “Even if I wanted to change things, it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing I can do.”

“But there is,” Seb countered. “Sophia and I have a plan to get her back. All we need is for you to tell us where they’re staying, and help pull some of her security away.”

Veronica’s eyes narrowed. “What makes you think I can do that?”

“Just a hunch,” Sophia answered. “If you’re as tight with the family as you say, you probably at least have some guesses about where Elise’s suite is.”

“And,” Seb added. “If you call and say Chelsea left something here, Elise might send someone to come get it. Which is a long shot, sure, but having even one less guard to deal with would be a big help.”

Veronica sipped her drink, taking a moment to reconsider her guests. What they were proposing sounded flimsy, but it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility. It still didn’t explain how exactly they planned to make Elise surrender, nor why they seemed so convinced of their ability to do so. Unless…

“So.” Veronica set her glass down and rubbed her temples. “Let’s say I actually go through with this, and you manage to reach Chelsea. Then what?”

Her guests exchanged a look. “Then we convince Elise to let her go,” Sophia answered.

Veronica arched an eyebrow, unamused by the pathetic attempt at evasion. “And how do you plan on doing that?”

“Well…” Sophia shot another glance at Seb, apparently asking for some kind of approval.

“We’d rather play this close to the chest,” he answered. “No offense, but we still don’t trust you completely.”

“Funny,” Veronica scoffed. “Because I don’t trust you either. And I won’t until you tell me exactly how you plan to talk Elise down. Otherwise, you’re just wasting my time.”

The ultimatum hung in the air for a perilous moment. Then Seb sighed. “If that’s what it takes, I’ll tell you. But I can’t promise you’ll believe me.”

Veronica crossed her arms. “This should be good,” she said wryly, even as her heart raced. She already had a guess as to what Seb intended for Elise, but she dared not consider its implications. It was an impossible notion, one she had been trying to discard ever since the talent show. And yet, it would explain everything, including the taste of fear sticking to her tongue.

Seb swallowed, his eyes roaming the ceiling for a moment before he spoke again. “There’s no way of saying this without sounding kinda insane, but…I can hypnotize people. Even if they don’t want me to. And I can make them do things they normally wouldn’t do.”

Veronica’s mouth opened, but no sound came out. Instead, she looked to Sophia, who shrugged.

“It’s true,” she concurred. “He hypnotized me into being his slave last night. Although,” she added, leaning against his arm, “I did kinda ask him to do that.”

Veronica shut her eyes, struggling to restart her breathing. “A-and that’s what you plan to do to Elise? Make her your—your slave?”

“Uh…sort of?” Seb rubbed the back of his neck. “I dunno if I’d be able to do something that extreme, but I should be able to at least convince her to let Chelsea stay.”

It was insane. All of this was insane. Veronica knew that what Seb was saying was impossible, that hypnotism didn’t work the way he described. But if that was the case…why did he and Sophia seem so earnest? What else could they possibly have up their sleeves to make them so confident?

Why weren’t they scared like she was?

Seb cleared his throat. “If you don’t believe me, I can give you a little demonstration.”

“No!” Veronica shouted, so loudly and suddenly it caused the other two to jump. She clamped her mouth shut, embarrassed to have revealed how believable Seb’s words really were. “I-I just need to know,” she forced herself to continue. “Did you…hypnotize Chelsea to be your…your…”

Seb met her eyes, then shook his head. “I’ve hypnotized her before, but…well, it’s complicated.” He sighed. “Long story short, I haven’t put any ideas in her head she didn’t ask for. If anything, she’s been the one pushing for more drastic changes, not me.”

“But you still could if you wanted to,” Veronica insisted. “If I help you now, how do I know you won’t make her your—your slave in the future?”

“I…guess you can’t really.” Seb shrugged. “Though the fact that I’m not forcing you to cooperate is hopefully a good sign?”

A tingling shiver trickled through Veronica’s nerves. She wasn’t sure if Seb intended that as a threat or not, but the gleam in his eye still unnerved her.

As if sensing her trepidation, Sophia stepped in with a gentle smile. “None of us really know how all of this is gonna shake out. But all Master and I want is for Chelsea to be happy. That’s gotta be better than what Elise is offering, right?”

Despite herself, Veronica nodded, her pulse finally settling. The thought of working with Seb and his “slave” was revolting, but it was the only way she could stop Elise from taking Chelsea away. Besides, if Seb was being truthful about his abilities, there was little Veronica could do to stop him. And if he was lying, well…Elise would see to it that he got what he deserved.

“Chelsea and her mother are staying in the penthouse of the Bell Tower Hotel,” Veronica revealed. “I can confirm that there are only two guards watching them right now, but I can’t call and pull them away.” Veronica clenched her fists, waiting for a flash of light, a sonic blast, a searing headache, or whatever form Seb’s hypno powers took. But to her surprise, he didn’t seem intent on forcing her compliance. Instead, he just seemed perplexed.

“Why not?” he asked.

“Oh. Um.” Veronica blinked. “W-well…if this goes bad, Elise will be looking for whoever led you to her. And if she finds out it was me…”

“Ah,” Seb nodded. “Okay. We’ll make it work.”

“Thanks Veronica,” Sophia chimed in, flashing a thumbs-up as she and Seb headed towards the door. “Don’t worry, Chelsea will be back before you know it.”

Veronica didn’t trust herself to say anything else, so she watched numbly as her two ex-antagonists exited. When she was alone, she drained the last of her drink, recalling that Chelsea had once labeled Seb “her way out.”

As much as it sickened Veronica to admit it…

…She hoped her friend was right.

* * *

Seb had never actually seen the Bell Tower in person, though breathless talk of its accommodations had passed his ears once or twice. And as he and Sophia stepped out of their ride and beheld the fabled building up close, Seb finally understood the reason for its reputation.

The luxury hotel loomed proudly overhead, an elegant tower of steel and glass that dwarfed the pine grove surrounding it. Golden light radiated from every side of the imposing structure, filtering through the darkened branches and suffusing the night air with a warm, effervescent glow. The effect was no doubt intended to be inviting, but Seb felt oddly naked as he walked up the front lot, unable to escape the eyes of those who might be watching above.

The ominous quiet was interrupted by a startled yelp from Sophia, followed by a hissed curse. “Ugh, I hate these heels,” she groaned. “It’s like trying to walk on two toothpicks.”

Seb offered his arm for support, which his slave gladly took. “I didn’t say you had to wear them,” he pointed out.

“You said we should look nice, and these are the fanciest shoes I own. I just don’t usually have an excuse to wear them.”

“It’s a shame,” Seb quipped, taking the opportunity to appreciate the spectacle. While he lacked the eye to appraise the true worth of her shoes, he enjoyed the way they accentuated her legs and caused her hips to sway with every step, her gait at once purposeful, yet playful. It helped that her lavender dress hugged her buxom figure with such loving care, a glittering necklace dangling above her deep, enticing cleavage. By the time his eyes roamed back up to meet hers, Sophia was blushing.

“Damn,” she exhaled. “Stop looking me like that or we’ll never make it out of the parking lot.” Her grip on his arm tightened, and Seb chuckled. But the tense silence that had enveloped them during the car ride returned in an instant, its grip tightening as they walked up the steps towards the main entrance.

“What do you think the odds are that Veronica ratted us out?” Seb muttered. “Could be we’re walking into a trap right now.”

“I doubt it. I think she really does care about Chelsea, and wants to help her. It just sucks that she hates our guts too.”

“Fair points. Still,” he cast a loaded glance at her, “this is the last chance to back out.”

“Yeah right.” Sophia drew a deep breath and straightened. “It took me forever to get all this on. No way am I letting it go to waste.”

“Well said.” Seb managed a smirk as he pushed the glimmering door open.

The interior of the hotel was as intimidating as its façade, the polished floors and towering ceiling threatening to swallow the two interlopers as they passed the reception desk and a seating area dotted with guests. Seb didn’t recognize any of them as part of Elise’s retinue, but who knew how many eyes she really had? So he tried his best to appear like he belonged. Granted, his black suit probably wasn’t expensive enough for him to blend is as a regular, but paired with Sophia, he could probably pass for an uppity student stretching to make a fancy night out for his beau. At least, that was one of the reasons behind their costuming.

Fortunately, they reached the elevators without a problem, and Seb allowed himself a sigh of relief as the doors closed behind them. He turned and faced his slave, who was already posing with her back arched against the wall, her head titled low and her tits pushed out in an inviting display.

The carriage hummed to life and began rising.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Ready,” she answered.

He closed the distance and grasped her with greedy fistfuls, his lips pressing against hers as their tongues intertwined. The Vox roared to life inside him, his cock stiffening against Sophia’s soft stomach. He pulled her closer and she moaned, her fingers cascading through his hair and down his neck, fanning the flames even further. The fatigue that had hampered him since daylight eased, power and energy reinvigorating his aching muscles.

The elevator slowed. The couple broke off their embrace, but their eyes still held each other as a digitized voice announced their arrival.

There was no going back now.

Sophia was first out the doors, exactly as planned. Seb followed close behind, and spied the same two guards that had escorted him earlier that day, now seated outside an ornate set of double doors. The sound of the elevator had no doubt given away Seb and Sophia’s approach, but the suited men still seemed caught off-balance, one of them fumbling to silence the video on his phone as the couple drew near. More than likely, the hired muscle hadn’t expected the night to be anything but an uneventful bore. Hopefully, they still believed that would be the case.

“Penthouse is off limit, kids,” the taller and balder of the pair began, squinting at the new arrivals. “Wait, aren’t you…?”

“Sorry we’re late,” Sophia chirped, sauntering close to the two men. “Is Chelsea mad? We sent her a text but—ooh!” She stumbled forward, grasping the bald guard’s arm and pressing herself against it. “Sorry, new heels,” she explained, gazing up at him with a giggle. He stiffened, his eyes darting between the girl on his arm and his befuddled companion.

That was Seb’s cue. Fortunately, the Vox was already primed and ready. “We’re her best friends,” he explained, layering his voice with as much power as he could spare. “Mrs. Jaeger said we could come say goodbye before they left. I think that’s pretty nice, don’t you?

The bald guard nodded drowsily. “Yeah…nice,” he agreed, his eyes still locked on Sophia’s subtly swaying body. Unfortunately, the other guard didn’t seem quite as receptive to the Vox’s advances: his expression narrowed with confusion, as though he were hearing a language he was once fluent in, but had since forgotten.

“H-hold on…” he put up an uncertain hand. “Mrs. Jaeger didn’t mention any…visitors.”

Are you sure?” Seb pressed, locking eyes with those of his quarry. “She’s been running you ragged all day—isn’t it possible she mentioned something and it slipped your mind?

“It’s…possible,” the faltering suit acknowledged. “But I should still…check…”

“Oh, please don’t bother her.” Sophia mewled, reaching with a free hand to squeeze the reluctant guard’s arm. “We don’t want to cause Mrs. Jaeger any trouble, we’re just here to see Chelsea.”

What’s the point of bothering Mrs. Jaeger over something this trivial?” Seb agreed. “Wouldn’t it just prove to her that you weren’t listening before?

“Y-yes…it would…” the resistant guard nodded.

So wouldn’t it be easier to just let us say our goodbyes and be done with it?

“Yes, it would,” he repeated, more certain this time.

In fact, since we’ll be in there with them, you can probably take a breather. I bet you’ve been working hard today haven’t you?” The logic didn’t make total sense, but Seb had to force the issue now or never.

Fortunately, Sophia picked up her cue. “A break sounds really nice right now doesn’t it?” she said dreamily, goading the bald guard into responding.

“Yeah, it does,” he nodded, leading his partner to do the same.

“And while you’re downstairs, could you grab me a sparkling water?” she added. “I promise I’ll be really, really thankful.”

The bald guard grinned, his gaze lingering on Sophia as she released her grip and set him towards the elevators. “Sparkling water,” he repeated. “Sure thing.”

We’re really grateful for your understanding.” Seb smiled, stepping towards the door and holding his hand out for the room key. “These kind of things are just part of the job, aren’t they?

“Y-yeah,” the suit nodded, relinquishing the entry card and drifting towards the elevators, even as his head seemed to lag behind his feet. “Just part of the job…” He stepped inside and the doors closed soon after, leaving Seb and Sophia alone outside the penthouse suite.

“Phew,” Sophia exhaled, rubbing drowsiness from her eyes. “We did it. Think I got caught a little in the cross-fire there, though.”

“Sorry,” Seb sighed, taking a step towards the door. “I’m not sure how to keep the Vox from…whoa…” he staggered, his leg almost buckling underneath him.

“You okay?” His slave rushed to his side. “Maybe we should take a sec to let you rest before—”

“There’s no time.” Seb grit his teeth, fighting the heaviness in his limbs as he straightened. “We have to do this now before anyone notices something’s up.”

“Alright…” Sophia demurred, though her concerned pout remained. “Just pace yourself, okay?”

Seb nodded, and turned his attention to the penthouse entrance. He pictured what was waiting for him inside: Elise, his imposing adversary. She had humiliated him and stolen one of his most prized possessions: a slave whose devotion was so boundless even her Master had struggled to accept it. But he wasn’t running anymore. Chelsea had offered herself to him, and he would claim every inch of her, from those playful, smirking lips to her graceful, pale legs and plump, poised breasts. The Vox rallied in his chest, power surging and blood quickening with every heartbeat.

It was time to take back what was his.

Seb entered the penthouse with confident, urgent strides, his faithful slave following close behind. A richly furnished lounge stretched before them, with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a star-dappled view of the lake below. The lights were low, casting long, ominous shadows into every corner. And in this muted glow sat Elise Jaeger, lounging on a coach with a sheaf of documents in hand, her pale blue eyes looking up and squinting in confusion for the briefest of moments before she shot to her feet in shock.

“What are you doing here?” she exclaimed, papers scattering as she rushed to stop her bathrobe from falling open. “H-how did you—?” Her eyes darted around the room, her surprise so genuine and delicious, Seb could almost hear the Vox cackling.

“Relax,” Seb said, raising his hands to show he was unarmed. “We just came to talk.” Sophia, meanwhile, had taken the opportunity to swipe Elise’s phone from the coffee table, and was now watching her opponent warily as Seb advanced.

“Talk?” Elise’s lips curved into a frown, her posture easing as she pulled her robe and composure back together. “We have nothing more to talk about. I made it clear there would be consequences if our paths ever crossed again.”

Her sharp gaze pricked his skin, but Seb didn’t flinch. “Even so, you’re going to want to hear me out. Especially if you want answers to all your questions.”

“Questions?” Elise scoffed. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You pretended not to be interested in my methods earlier, but it must’ve struck you as odd that I was able to manipulate Chelsea so easily. Haven’t you been wondering how I managed to pull it off? And isn’t it strange that my partner and I were able to walk through your front door without a fight? How would you explain all of that?”

Seb let the question dangle for a moment in silence. Elise maintained her wary glare, but didn’t try to interrupt him. She was intrigued. Which meant she was vulnerable.

“The answer to these mysteries is simple,” he continued, flashing what he hoped was a dangerous smirk. “I have special abilities, Mrs. Jaeger; abilities that let me control people against their will. And Chelsea is one of my victims.”

Elise hesitated, then a disbelieving laugh tore from her lips. “You must be more deluded than I thought,” she sneered. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a pathetic lie.”

“Your daughter thought the same thing at first. But now…” Seb drew a deep breath, letting the Vox flood into his throat. “Chelsea! If you can hear me, show yourself. Your Master is calling for you!

Elise flinched as if struck, her expression twisting into an incensed glare. Even without directing it at her, the Vox had clearly had an effect. That alone was cause for some hope.

But the real triumph was the almost inaudible click that issued from far corner of the longue. The bedroom door opened, allowing a confused, sleepy voice to waver out.

“Master..?” Chelsea groaned, massaging her forehead as she stepped into view. She was clad in a loose-fitting set of pajamas, her eyes a tear-streaked red and her hair a mussed-up mess. Still, she had never looked more precious to Seb, and his heart soared as realization dawned across her stunned expression.

Elise whirled on her daughter with a snarl. “Chelsea, go back to bed this instant!” she commanded.

Come here, slave,” Seb gestured invitingly. “Come to your Master.

A sharp breath drew Chelsea up to her full height. She moved towards Seb with unsteady steps. “You’re really here,” she said, her voice still softened by shock. “Why? What are you…?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Seb smiled. “I’m here to take you back.”

“And I helped too,” Sophia interjected. “So you owe me when this is over, alright?”

“B-but…” Chelsea bit her lip. “Why would you…after everything I…”

“Chelsea Jaeger!” Elise barked. “What on earth are you doing? Get away from him! Now!”

Chelsea’s entire body went rigid. She jerked back towards her mother before stopping, her eyes darting fearfully between both sides of the room.

“It’s okay,” Seb said, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Relax. Remember what I’ve taught you. Remember the peace you’ve felt at my side.

“Yes…” Chelsea breathed, her eyelashes fluttering. “But…my mom…I have to…”

There is nothing a slave must to but obey her Master,” Seb explained. “And you are my slave, aren’t you?

The smile that broke across her face was radiant. “Yes, Master,” she answered, a tear trickling from her cloudy eyes.

Good girl,” Seb replied, wrapping a protective arm round her. She fell against him with a sigh, and he could feel the relief shiver down her delicate body. A second embrace squeezed his torso soon after, and he looked down to see a sleepy Sophia nuzzled against him too.

“Mmaassster,” she hummed with a languid smile. Seb chuckled, stroking her hair and allowing himself a moment to bask in his slaves’ affection. But it couldn’t last long: his opponent was clearly stymied, but she hadn’t surrendered yet.

“Well?” he asked Elise. “Do you believe me now?”

The icy matriarch crossed her arms, the open fury she had displayed withdrawing back into her. “An impressive charade. But if you really had the ability to control people, you would’ve used it on me the moment we met. Instead, you’ve made a demonstration so garish I can’t help but read it as a bluff. Which means either you don’t have these so-called powers at all, or they are far weaker than you let on.”

Seb hid his irritation behind a rhetorical smile. He wasn’t surprised at her response, but her smugness still irked him. “Well…that’s the thing. I’m not actually sure how strong my powers are yet. Which is why I’m very careful about how I use them. And, to be honest,” he lied, “the process of breaking an unwilling mind can be excruciating, both for myself and my subjects.” He shot a glance between his slaves, hoping they would follow his lead.

“Mm,” Sophia purred, right on cue. “But the pain is so worth it when it’s over, right Chelsea?”

The briefest flicker of confusion passed through Chelsea’s gaze, but she caught on quickly. “Of course. Though I think your conversion went a lot smoother than mine.”

“Exactly.” Seb nodded, loosening his slaves from his arms and stepping towards Elise. “I haven’t met someone who couldn’t be turned yet, but strong wills like Chelsea’s can put up a hell of a fight. One that could end up scarring my mind as much as it does theirs.”

Elise smirked. “So that’s the cause of your hesitation? You’re afraid I’ll be too much for you?”

“Oh, I’m still fairly confident I can convert you. But I’d rather not risk either of us becoming a vegetable in the process.”

Elise’s eyes narrowed. “A noble goal. But you know neither of us are walking away from this without a fight.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t be civilized about it.” Seb titled his head towards Sophia, prompting her to set Elise’s phone down on the coffee table. “Instead of a fight to the brain-death, why don’t we let a game of wits decide things?”

“Intriguing.” Elise quipped wryly. “And I suppose you’ll be the one setting the rules?”

“I think you’ll find them agreeable.” He gestured to the phone. “The concept is simple: all you have to do is pick up this phone and call your security. Neither I nor my slaves will physically get in the way, but I will be using my power to dissuade you. If you can resist it and reach your goal within 10 minutes, you win. It’ll be proof that you’re beyond my control, and I’ll submit to whatever terms you see fit.”

Behind him, Chelsea gasped. “You can’t be serious,” she protested. “Master, you don’t know what you’re—”

Seb flashed a reassuring smile as Sophia held the younger Jaeger back. “It’s alright,” he said. “I’m sure I’ll win. But if I don’t, than your mother truly has me outmatched. Fighting her further would just be wasted effort.”

“Well said.” Elise grimaced. “But suppose you are victorious. What then? Do you expect me to submit and become another puppet for your collection?”

“In my dreams, maybe,” Seb laughed. “But I doubt you’d ever submit to me, and trying to force the issue would just lead to the same mental bloodbath I’m trying to avoid. However…” He threw off his blazer and passed it to Sophia before loosening his tie. “Besting you at this game would be proof that my abilities are enough to overpower you. And if that ends up being the case, wouldn’t it be preferable to concede defeat of your own free will, rather than lose your mind trying to deny it?”

“I suppose it would,” the deadly beauty acknowledged, her voice a chilling hum. “Though it depends on what exactly I would be conceding.”

“All I ask is that you give your daughter back to me, and allow us all to live together in peace. Her mind is already under my control anyway, so this is really the best outcome for everyone. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have a man of my talents in the family fold?”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Elise growled. “There is nothing on this planet that could make someone like you a Jaeger. Just as there’s no way for you to guarantee any of these terms you’ve so brazenly set.”

Seb shrugged. “Maybe not. But if either of us reneges, then we’re right back where we started. I’ll try to brainwash you, you’ll fight me until our minds break, and nobody wins. At least with my terms, we both get to keep our sanity, and one of us gets an unqualified victory. Isn’t that worth gambling for?”

For a moment Elise was silent. Then her mouth stretched into a veiled smile. “Very well,” she said. “But don’t expect an easy match.”

“I never did.” Seb returned the smile, rolling up his sleeves and extending his hand. “So: do we have a deal?”

Elise hesitated, and Seb’s heart froze. But then her hand clasped his, and the trap was complete.

“May the best mind win,” she agreed archly.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself,” he replied, shaking her hand with a steady rhythm. He would have only one chance at this, one shot to ensnare the arrogant aristocrat the same way he had captured her daughter. “Now,” he said, making sure her eyes were still locked with this, “try not to fall too quickly when I tell you to SLEEP.

He jerked his hand down, pulling Elise sharply towards him. To his satisfaction, the lithe woman slumped forward with a short gasp, her head falling against his shoulder and her arms collapsing to her sides. Seb wasted no time pulling her close and weaving threads of hypnotic patter around her, sending Vox-laced whispers through her ears and around her mind, guiding her even deeper down, down, down into the soothing darkness of his voice.

“Oh my god,” Sophia breathed, craning her neck to look at the limp matriarch’s expression. “Did you do it? Is she under?”

Seb gave a quick nod in response, unable to risk a verbal answer. In truth, the instant induction appeared to be a success, but just because Elise was in trance didn’t mean she was entirely pliable. He had to make the most of this opportunity, while he still had the time and energy.

That’s right, feeling more and more relaxed with every breath,” he murmured, moving her towards a nearby chair. “Body feeling so heavy, so sleepy. In a moment, I’m going to tell you to sit down. And when I do, I want you to focus on that sensation of descent, of letting the gravity of my power pull you further down into this dreamy, drowsy, docile state. Do you understand?

“I…understand…” Elise’s pursed lips whispered. “But…wait…”

Sit,” Seb commanded, releasing his subject. She wavered for a moment on her feet, but didn’t hold out long before collapsing into the chair, her ordinarily graceful limbs splaying in a helpless sprawl.

Good girl,” he exhaled, relieved. “Feel your body sinking into the chair. Notice how relaxing and wonderful it is to follow my voice, to let all that tension in you slip away, bit by bit, breath by breath.

“Breath…by…breath,” Elise repeated with a shuddering sigh, her smooth legs sliding even further apart, a glimpse of her panties visible beneath the folds of her robe.

“Wow…” Sophia gaped, drifting closer to the undignified display. “She looks so different like this.”

“I’ve never seen her so…relaxed,” Chelsea agreed with quiet astonishment.

“Make sure you both stay awake,” Seb cautioned his slaves, giving the Vox a breather while he re-centered himself. “This isn’t over yet.”

“Yes Master,” Sophia answered.

“Don’t worry,” Chelsea muttered. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

“What…?” Elise slurred. “Chelsea is…that…?”

Shit. She was already fighting awake. Seb had to move fast. “Relax, Elise,” he commanded. “Feel your attention returning to my voice. It’s very easy to focus on, isn’t it?

“Yes…” she answered, the stress in her expression easing.

That’s right. So easy and natural to just follow my voice, to let everything else fade into the background. It’s all so unimportant right now, so trivial compared to my words, and the blissful, relaxing feeling they bring you. It’s such a simple, straightforward task. I bet it comes to you naturally, doesn’t it?

Elise’s head lolled to one side, a strand of blonde hair falling over her dozing face. “Yes…naturally…”

That’s right. Some people struggle to listen when I speak like this, but you’re having no trouble at all. You’re so good at this, I bet you can focus on my words without a second thought. Isn’t that true?


In fact, you could probably even listen to me without having to think at all, couldn’t you?

Elise’s lips drifted apart, her chest rising and falling as her breathing slowed. “Yessss…”

That’s right. That feels good doesn’t it?

“Uh-huh….” Elise replied, shifting in her seat, her thighs rubbing together. “Feels…good…” A faint giggle slipped from her mouth, shocking her spectators.

“It’s working. She’s getting turned on,” Sophia whispered. “Fuuuck…I’m so jealous…” Her hands slid restlessly over her dress as she stared at Elise’s squirming body.

Seb allowed himself a short laugh, but it died halfway out. Already, he could feel the fatigue creeping back into his bones, his voice noticeably hoarser as he continued to speak.

Good girl, Elise,” he said, and was rewarded with a sharp hitch in his subject’s breath. “You’re doing so well. After spending all day thinking so hard, it feels good to give that tired brain a rest, doesn’t it?

“Feels…good…” she repeated, the whites of her eyes visible under her fluttering lashes.

That’s right. Let’s just give that sleepy mind of yours a rest. Let yourself stop thinking for a while and just give in.

“Just…give…” Elise’s brow furrowed. “W-wait…no…”

Seb’s pulse skyrocketed, his skipping heart sending tremors through his throat. “I-it feels so good to rest,” he maintained. “You work s-so hard it’s natural to want to relax, to let go of all that stress and just...” Seb coughed. “Just…sink into the moment with me.

Elise’s chin dipped into the start of a nod, but then her fists clenched. “N-no…” she groaned. “Gotta…keep fighting…can’t…ever…let go…”

Seb drew a deep breath, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He blinked, the distance between him and Elise momentarily expanding before snapping back into place. “I-it’s only for a moment,” he assured her. “And it’ll feel so…so…

He coughed. The final word stuck in his throat, refusing to budge. He grasped his neck, as though he could somehow massage the obstruction free. But it was no use: the Vox was too tired to push even a single syllable from his lips. It needed time to rest, to heal.

Elise stirred, as though sensing his weakness. Both Sophia and Chelsea looked to Seb, confusion and panic flashing across their faces.

Then Sophia snapped into action. She bent over the arm of the chair, lowering her mouth beside the Elise’s ears. “It’s gonna feel so good,” the buxom girl purred. “You like to feel good, don’t you?”

“Y-yes…” Elise answered hesitantly.

“I knew it.” Sophia unzipped her dress, her heavy tits swaying as she let the lavender fabric fall. She smoothed her fingers over Elise’s robe, outlining the curve of her breasts before diverting towards the cloth belt. “It’s probably been a really long time hasn’t it? So long since somebody made you feel good. But you remember how it feels, don’t you?”

“Y-yes…Hh!” Elise drew a sharp breath through her teeth as Sophia parted the robe, revealing a gently sloping landscape of flushed, quivering flesh. The dark-haired girl’s hands wasted no time exploring the new territory, gliding over shaky hips and soft, slightly pointed breasts, tweaking the stiff red nipples at their ends.

“There we are,” Sophia murmured. “Just relax, and enjoy the feeling. Master and I will make sure you have a good time.”

Seb straightened and rolled back his shoulders, grateful for Sophia’s quick thinking. As her kisses traveled down the neck and breasts of his panting subject, fresh sparks of power caught in his blood. And when Sophia descended between Elise’s shivering legs, Seb put that renewed strength to good use.

That’s right. Focus on that anticipation building inside you. Notice how your body reacts, how sensitive and needy it is. How it yearns for pleasures it’s lacked for far too long.

“Yessss…” Elise moaned as Sophia’s tongue teased her pussy in languid circles. “T-too loonngg…”

It’s natural to want this. To fixate on that desire, to want it to build, and build and build…” his voice faded again, the heaviness in his body worming its way into his tongue.

Fortunately, Sophia had been keeping pace, her lips now pressed against her victim’s cunt, juices and saliva dripping as she drew moans of ecstasy with deep, loving licks.

“Mmm…ahhh, that’s a good girl,” Sophia cooed, breaking away and letting Elise whimper from the sudden withdrawal. “I bet you want to cum soon, don’t you? I bet you want to cum so badly it’s driving you craaazy.” She punctuated her words with teasing flicks of her tongue. “Can’t you just…feeeel that pleasure building and building inside you…? Growing so big with nowhere to go?”

“Yes…yes…!” Elise hissed. “Oh god I…I…

Seb clenched his jaw, summoning the remaining power at his disposal. He had to push Elise over the edge now, before he missed his chance.

You want to cum for me, don’t you?” he growled.

Elise’s hips writhed against Sophia’s face. “Yes…Yes! Yes, please!”

You want to feel all that pleasure break free, want it to consume you, body and mind, is that it?

“I…haaahh…Yes! Yes!”

In a moment…” Seb let out an aggravated snarl, fighting the burning sensation coating his throat. “In a…moment I’m…going to…going to snap my fingers. And when I do you…you will…you will surrender to that feeling. Surrender to…surrender to the power and pleasure I give you and…and only then will you be able to cum. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes, I…wait….I can’t…” Elise’s back arched, her hands grasping at Sophia’s head, as if trying to force her away. “I…I can’t surrender. I won’t…won’t…”

Seb buckled to his knees as a powerful dizziness swept through his head. He could barely see straight, but he still knew what he had to do. His shaking hand rose, and he fumbled for his fingers to line up just right so he could…


Elise’s body went rigid, the veins in her arms pulling taut. Her expression contorted, her nostrils flaring as a guttural growl escaped her grit teeth. But there was no release, no sign of sudden surrender. And as her heavy lidded eyes fought to open, Seb saw hatred in her bleary gaze.

“I…won’t…give in…” she hissed, trying to sit upright. “I…will never…break…again…”

Sophia moved to press her back into the chair, only to yelp in pain as Elise grabbed her hair and yanked her aside.

Seb watched his plan unravel in helpless horror. He tried to stand, but his legs wouldn’t move. He tried to speak, but all his vocal chords produced was a dry wheeze. It felt like he was drowning in the air, unable to do anything but watch Elise fight through the web of trance, pulling her body and mind free with angry groans and sharp, unwieldy movements. Sophia closed in to placate her again, only to catch a swinging arm to her stomach, forcing the poor girl to double over and gasp for breath.

“I…am a Jaeger…” Elise growled, falling naked onto the floor and crawling towards her phone. “I have to…keep fighting…I have to…win no matter…what you…you…”

But as her quaking fingers reached for the coffee table, another set descended and took the phone away. Elise looked up, her eyes widening as she beheld her own daughter standing above her, holding the device out of reach.

“Don’t be so pathetic, Mother,” Chelsea scolded with scathing contempt. “Can’t you tell when you’ve already lost?”

The question surprised Seb as much as it did Elise. “Wha…what?” The drowsy matriarch blinked. “I haven’t…lost…”

Chelsea laughed. “Please. This battle was over the moment Master enslaved me. But you were too ignorant to see it then, and too stupid to realize it now.”

Elise’s eyes burned with rage, but she remained on all fours, her body apparently still too heavy to lift. “Not…stupid…” she uttered.

Chelsea sighed as though dealing with a petulant child. “Don’t you see what he’s done? You’re crawling on the floor after almost cumming on a stranger’s tongue. You can barely talk right, barely think right, hell you can’t even stand.”

“B-but…” Elise stammered, and Seb swore he caught a hint of fear in her voice. “I…can still…win…”

“No, you can’t.” Chelsea put a patronizing hand on her mother’s cheek. “Did you honestly think this was ever a fair fight? That Master was telling the truth about the limits of his powers? That the man who brainwashed me into his sex slave would be so chivalrous as to give you a fighting chance?”

Seb held his breath as he saw the confusion spiral in Elise’s eyes. She was clearly trying to follow Chelsea’s words, trying to uncoil the twisting logic. But it seemed strands of his trance were still sticking to her thoughts, causing her to mouth empty syllables a few times before speaking again.

“It…was a lie…?” she asked.

Chelsea smiled. “Of course. This whole night has been a set-up. Ever since he took my mind away, Master has been planning to use me to get the family fortune. That’s why he lured you away from your work, filled you with false confidence, and waited for when you would be most isolated and arrogant to strike. And now he’s toying with you, making up games and watching you squirm. Because as fun as it is for him to break people, the real satisfaction…is when they break themselves.” She looked to Seb. “Isn’t that right, Master?”

Seb blinked, his head and throat finally clearing enough to allow the Vox to speak again. He tried to force his legs to stand, and was thankful when Sophia knelt beside him, lending her assistance as he drew up to his full height.

Yes,” he answered, trying to embody the mastermind Chelsea had sketched. “You are already mine.”

Elise let out a low moan. Chelsea shivered with delight. “You see, Mother?” the younger Jaeger asked. “It’s a simple as that.”

“It…can’t be…true…” Elise’s fists balled on the carpet. “You’re lying…you must be…

“It’s pointless to argue,” Chelsea sneered. “I belong to Master now, as does the family legacy. Which means everything you’ve worked for has been stolen by man you’d never even heard of. And now you have nothing.”

Chelsea shoved Elise’s head back, causing her to fall against the foot of the couch with a gasp. Seb opened his mouth to ensure the Vox would keep her down, only to catch a warning look from Chelsea. Not yet, it said. Hold onto that power and wait for my signal.

“I love my Master,” Chelsea continued, pulling her pajama top over her head and tossing it aside. “He owns me completely. Especially when he fucks me.” Her bra was next to go, her hands smoothing over her bare tits as she sauntered closer to the whimpering woman beneath her. “Nothing feels better than obeying him,” she continued, wriggling free of her pants and panties. “You already know this, but you stupidly refuse to accept it. Which is why we’re going to have to make you.”

“M-make me…?” Elise repeated, struggling to hold her daughter’s gaze.

Chelsea knelt beside her, stroking her head with cruel affection. “Well, Master? Can I show her now?”

Of course,” he answered, gesturing for Sophia to set him down on the opposite sofa. She settled on the cushion beside him, her soft tits pressing against his back and her hands massaging his shoulders as she gawked at the obscene display.

“Just relax, Mother,” Chelsea murmured, gliding her fingertips around the edges of Elise’s nipples and giggling when her back arched with a gasp. “Look at you, so eager to give in. Master has really done a number on you, hasn’t he?”

“N-no…” Elise stammered, but seemed unable to pull away from her daughter’s touch. “W-won’t…give in…”

“It’s not up to you anymore,” Chelsea tutted, shooting a glance towards Seb. “Isn’t that right, Master?”

Seb nodded, understanding the rhythm Chelsea was trying to employ. “My slave speaks the truth,” he said, boring his gazes into Elise’s. “Listen to her words. Accept all that she says to you.

Elise’s eyelashes fluttered, her mouth falling open with a trembling sigh. Chelsea slid two fingers inside, and smiled as Elise’s lips closed with a muffled moan, sucking drooling even as she seemed completely baffled by her own behavior.

“There, that’s right.” Chelsea gave an encouraging nod. “Your body is already obeying his desires. There’s no need to think or understand it. Just go where he takes you. It will feel so much better, I promise.”

She withdrew her fingers from Elise’s mouth, a thread of saliva stretching between them. Elise raised a shaking hand to push her daughter away, but Chelsea intercepted the attempt, and drew it between her own legs instead, causing her mother to gasp.

“Feel how wet I am?” Chelsea asked. “Feel how wet he makes me? And look how wet he’s making you too…”

Elise moaned, her legs bending and shifting in a weak facsimile of struggle as her daughter stroked her leaking pussy. The once-proud matriarch’s hands pawed at the cushions above her, as if grasping for a life preserver. But Seb wasn’t about to let her get a grip.

“It’s pointless to resist,” the Vox rumbled. “You’re losing yourself to the pleasure.”

“I…I…I’m not…” Elise gasped between strained whines. “I haven’t—ah!” She threw her head, bucking and moaning in her daughter’s grasp.

“Didn’t you hear our Master?” Chelsea asked, hooking an arm around to squeeze and pull at Elise’s trembling tits. “It doesn’t matter what you say. The truth is right here. Your own daughter is getting you off, and you’re too weak and pathetic to fight it. We’re both obeying Master’s orders, whether we want to or not. The only difference,” she added, slipping her fingers inside Elise’s cunt, “is that wanting makes it so, so much better.”

Elise’s eyes rolled back, her mouth hanging open as it struggled to form words. “Oh god…oh god…I…I…”

Over his shoulder, Seb heard Sophia suck in a hissing breath. It was then that he realized she had long ago stopped massaging him, and was now staring at the carnal display with captivated eyes, rubbing her own glistening snatch as it dripped freely on the sofa. Seb smiled, the Vox humming with renewed appetite, his cock hardening through his exhaustion. He toyed with his entranced slaves tits, causing her to shudder and squeak as a tiny orgasm rippled through her. When the tremors ceased, she leaned in to plant a deep kiss on his lips, before trailing down his neck and sliding onto the floor between his legs.

Seb sighed with satisfaction, and moved her hair aside as she unbuckled his pants and fished his stiff cock free. She engulfed it with her lips, drawing a hungry moan from the depths of his tried body, the warmth of her mouth and the display of Chelsea’s devotion stoking the Vox’s even further.

Your resistance is nothing to me,” he taunted Elise, his voice low and dangerous. “I know how weak you really are. I always did.

“W-weak…hhhh…” Elise could barely get a word out before another caress took her breath away. “I’m…weak…?”

“Of course you are,” Chelsea confirmed with a gentle laugh. “We all are next to Master.”

“B-but…I…w-worked so…hard…”

“And you did a very good job preparing me for him.” Chelsea’s voice dripped with faux sincerity. “There’s no shame in that. No shame in submitting to a higher power if it means getting ahead. Isn’t that why you follow Grandma and Grandpa’s orders? Isn’t that why you taught me to follow you?”


“But Master is greater than all of us. Even Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t reduce you to this state. And yet here you are, helpless and horny, begging to cum for your new Master.”

“I-I’m not…I’m not…”

Yes you are,” Seb interrupted, reveling in the power of his words and the pleasure of Sophia’s tongue. “Every inch of you is begging to cum for me. That pleasure you tried so hard to fight is returning with twice the strength. The more you fight it, the weaker your resistance becomes. But the pleasure won’t stop until it’s broken you.

Sophia whimpered on his cock. Elise choked on a yearning cry.

“That’s right,” Chelsea encouraged with sadistic glee. “It feels too good to stop. That pleasure just keeps building and building and building.”

Elise was nodding, her eyes rolling back into her head. “Yes...oh…oh please…please.”

“Keep begging. Beg Master to make you cum. Beg for release, you pathetic animal.”

“P-please…” Elise cried. “Please…make me…make me…”

Seb’s cock strained in Sophia’s mouth. He quickly grabbed her hair, pulling her off before she pushed him too far. Her lips popped free in a wet gasp, her tongue still lolling, drooling, pleading to continue its work.

“Not yet,” Seb grunted.

“B-but M-master…” She trembled, clutching his knees. “I’m so…so close…”

Seb locked eyes with Elise. “Cum for your Master,” he commanded.

Sophia was the first to be affected, an ecstatic squeal breaking from her lips as her body spasmed with undulating pleasure. Chelsea closed her eyes and exhaled, unable to hide the trembling joy that traveled up her thighs and through her jiggling tits.

But by far, Elise was the hardest hit. Her hips rose, then fell, then rose again, a cry of pleasure forming, then breaking, then erupting as she writhed with overwhelming ecstasy. Then at once, all the tension seemed to leave her. She collapsed back onto the ground, her head listing to the side and falling on Chelsea’s breasts. The younger Jaeger stiffened in surprise, before smiling and cradling the new thrall’s tired head.

“There…” Chelsea said. “That felt good, didn’t it?”

“Felt…good…” Elise’s eyes were empty, but her lips spread into a hazy smile. “Felt…good…”

“That’s right. Now here, let me take you to Master. I promise he’ll make you feel even better.”

“Okayyy…” Elise drawled, offering no resistance as Chelsea helped her to her feet and guided her over to where Seb was sitting. Sophia was still panting and quivering on the floor, but she managed to crawl out of the way as Elise drew near.

“Is…is that…?” Elise asked, a fresh dribble of arousal traveling down her thighs as she beheld her Master’s bobbing cock.

“Go ahead.” Chelsea gave her mother an encouraging pat. “Show Master who you belong to.”

“Yesss…” Elise crawled onto the sofa, straddling Seb with lingering, lustful movements. But Seb gripped her hips before she could descend, her quivering pussy millimeters from his cock.

Not until your Master commands,” he chastised her.

She froze immediately, even as it was clear the anticipation was driving her crazy. “Yes…M…Maas…”

“Say it,” he commanded, dropping the Vox to test her. “Tell me what I am.”

“M-M-Maassster….” Elise moaned.

Good girl.” Seb grinned. The praise sent fresh shockwaves through her system, yet her body remained locked where it was, unable to take what it so badly desired without permission.

Chelsea fell onto the sofa beside him with a sigh. “Are you just going to torture her all night?” she asked. “Not that I would mind, of course.”

“Just savoring the moment.” Seb shot her a grateful look. “Thanks for the assist, by the way. Both of you.”

“I knew I had to do something.” Chelsea frowned, a hint of sadness in her eyes. “You were never going coax her into surrender. Deception and domination are the only languages she understands.”

“Wasn’t that long ago I would say the same thing about you. So…how about we finish both of your reeducations right now?”

Chelsea blinked. “Huh? Eep!” she let out a startled cry as Sophia slithered between her legs, looking up at the blonde with a devilish grin.

“Consider this payback for last night.” The busty girl snickered. “Try not to break too fast.”

“I-I wouldn’t…oh!” Chelsea’s retort snapped as Sophia descended. At the same time, Seb gripped Elise’s hips and plunged his cock into her eager snatch, savoring the sensation as she embraced every inch.

Give yourself to me,” he commanded, exploring his new slave’s body as he carved fresh paths through her mind. “Accept the pleasure of my truth: that I am your Master, and you are my slave.

“Y-yes…” Elise Jaeger stammered.

“M-Maaasster….” Chelsea Jaeger cried.

I own you completely, body and mind. Say it.

“Y-you own me…”


“Body and m-m…”


Seb grunted, the overlapping chorus of submission quickening his pace. “You will always obey me. Say it.

“I will…always…”

“Always….obeyyy…oh god, Maaaasster…”

Nothing is more important than serving me. Nothing is more important than being a good slave. You know this is true, don’t you?

“Yes! Yes!” Elise bounced in mindless ecstasy as his cock claimed her.

“Yyyyessss!” Chelsea howled as Sophia’s tongue held her captive.

Then be a good girl….” Seb drew in a sharp breath, unable to hold it back any longer. “And…cum for your Master.

An animalistic cacophony erupted as Seb’s slaves obeyed. He joined in with a triumphant moan of his own, Elise’s cunt milking every ecstatic drop from his cock. She collapsed against him, and he sank into the sofa cushions, not having the strength to move her away. An exhaustion like none other descended upon him, the adrenaline and energy he had maintained all night dissipating into a drowsy, overwhelming haze.

And yet…even as the world seemed to dim, he noticed a warm hand clasp his, and turned to see Chelsea smiling at him, her tearful blue eyes visible even through the dark spots clouding his vision.

“Thank you, Master,” she whispered.

“I’m yours.”