The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Wager

It was another slow night for Brett. He was at the local bar trying to pick up a girl, but not many were out tonight. He had tried and struck out with a blonde and her brunette friend in the corner, so he just sat at the bar and ordered a double. At this point he was just waiting for something better to come along. It was nearing three am, Brett figured the night was done, another unlucky night. He was just standing to leave when she stepped in.

She was short, just over five foot, with straight long black hair with a dark red tint. She had a lovely figure, large shapely ass, and size able breasts. The tight red cocktail dress she wore showed every curve expertly. A dress she looked born to wear, with a little black clutch purse and stiletto heels to match the purse. Her lips were nearly blood red with small ruby studs in her ears. Her eyes a dark nearly emerald green and piercing.

His breath was nearly taken away, his blood ran hot at the sight. He was fairly good looking at six foot two, and a mostly muscled two hundred twenty pounds. With a blonde buzz cut and hazel eyes. Sure not every women was into him, but he could pull his fair share. Even with that, this lady was way out of his league. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” he mumbled to himself.

He stood up and walked over, just in time to hear her order a bloody screw. A screwdriver made with blood orange juice instead of regular. Brett signaled the bartender and told him to put it on his tab. “That’s very sweet of you, handsome. What’s your name? I always like to know who buys my drinks” She smiled at him and spoke with a seductive purr to her voice. He smiled back, “Brett”. Offering his hand to shake. His eyes quickly played over her curves, the smooth, pale, almost alabaster skin. Her breasts pressed tightly against the front of her dress, Brett had to guess to be at least a 38 D, or better. It wasn’t until her hand was in his and he noticed the nail polish that matched her lipstick. “Cassandra”, she purred back. “It’s nice to meet you.” She clearly noticed him checking out her body because she added. “Your not so bad looking yourself.” Flashing a bright white smile. “Very cute and desirable” It wasn’t often that Brett blushed.

The bartender came back with Cassandra’s drink, telling them both this was the last round. By the time Brett payed and turned back, Cassandra had finished the whole thing. He smiled and she smiled back. “Your place is definitely closer then mine” Brett had never been this lucky in his life. He offered his arm, and she hooked hers through, and they strolled out into the night.

Brett couldn’t argue, after all he only lived four blocks away. While they walked through the balmy night air, they talked over various subjects. Brett brought up his collage courses, then asked about here. Cassandra skirted the subject by saying she was sort of drifting at the moment. Next they discussed the weather before the conversation finally dies away. Brett started to hum a tone absently, and was surprised when Cassandra asked, “Is that the gambler by Kenny Rogers?” He smiled and nodded his head. “Yeah, it played earlier at the bar, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.” She chuckled, “To bed I missed it, I love that song. It also gives me a great idea. A very kinky one to, if I do say so myself.” Brett laughed, “You sound like an evil villain with that chuckle before hand”

“Well maybe I am” she retorted, “The evil Cassandra, here to seduce you with my wickedness.” Brett smiled, “ Well go ahead and seduce away” Cassandra purred, “I will in time, only good things can come to those who wait.” “I am not known for waiting well, which is good.” He turned her toward the walkway. “This is my place right here.” Together they walked forward through the front door.

They went through the locked door, and to the elevator. They rode up to the third floor, then walked down the hall to apartment D. “I guess it’s good to know it’s not two dimensional.” Cassandra giggled. Brett chuckled with her, as he unlocked the door, then ushered her inside. The place wasn’t much, just a small studio, but that didn’t matter. They sat down on the edge of the bed after removing their shoes. “So what was this kinky idea you had?” Brett questioned. “Well first let’s say it could be, as long as your willing to make a bet with me?” she continued on to Brett’s raised eyebrow. “I bet I can enslave you to my will without touching you.” Brett smiled and chuckled, “What would the stakes be?” Cassandra smiled, “Well obviously, if I do it you become mine. Mind, body, and soul. If you can some how resist me, well then you can have me, to do anything you want with.” She held her hand out as if you shake. “Is it a bet?” Brett took her hand. “Hell what do I have to lose, your on.” They shook, sealing the deal.

Brett followed her beginning instructions, undressing, removing shirt and pants, everything but boxer briefs. Then he sat in the middle of the bed Indian style. Cassandra had said she would soon join him in his undressed state. She put down her clutch on the window sill by the bed, then opened it and produced a pink prism like crystal, suspended off a gold chain, from it’s depths. She slipped the chain over her head effortlessly. Then climbed up on to the bed, and sat cross legged across from him. Reaching down, Cassandra slowly pulled the top of her dress down to expose her breasts. As pale as the rest of her, with pretty pink nipples, her breasts were pert and perky. Seeming to defy gravity. Her half dollar sized nipples, sticking out erect, from either cold and excitement.

“Okay Brett, you have agreed to the wager. So let’s see if I can work some magic.” She smiled, “You said you took a beginner’s psych course. So this maybe harder for me, and familiar to you. You must know something about hypnosis, or what some people call mesmerism?” Brett nodded his head, “Sure. We touched on it, is that how your going to win the bet?” She smiled, “Well it is my first option.” Cassandra admitted. “It doesn’t mean it won’t work. What I want you to do is just stare at the pink crystal that hangs between my breasts. You could also stare at my breasts, I won’t know the difference, and I know you’ll so it anyway.” She smiled. “Now while you stare and focus, just let my words float across your mind. The sight of my exposed flesh is already exciting you. So you can stare and focus on them easily, because it’s what you want to do. You like breasts, and mine are fully and lovely. Exposed for you to see. Watching my tits or my crystal. Letting my words flow across your mind, just flowing in one ear or the other. The words I say don’t really matter to you Brett. The words mean nothing at all. All you care about is getting to stare at my exposed cleavage. Staring at my exposed flesh, focusing on my perky breasts. Your getting to see what you wanted, while my words float and worm into your mind. Just floating in and beginning to work their way into your thoughts. Your eyes focusing my breasts and crystal. They are so lovely and perky, that they draw and hold your eyes. Your a hotblooded male so you want to look at them. It’s fine if you stare because I want you to stare. The more you stare the better the chance my words will work, being heard but not listened to. Your subconscious mind is always listening, so that’s what I’m speaking to. I;m not really speaking to you, I’m speaking to your subconscious. Your waking mind is focused on my breasts, while your subconscious min hears my words. Really that’s what I planned on, hoping it would give me an advantage. So just focus on the crystal and my chest. Focusing so strongly, that your eyes actually start to grow tired. Your focused and staring, fully concentrated on my breasts. My breasts rising and falling with each breath I take. They rise and fall, and your eyes watch so closely. As they rise and fall, you follow. Each time they fall your eyes follow, being drawn down. Eyes drawn down with every fall of my breasts. Every time my breasts fall, your eyes fall. When your eyes fall, you fall. My breasts fall, and you fall, your eyes fall, and your mind falls. Your eyes fall and your mind fall, your mind falls and your eyes fall. They become so much heavier every time they fall. Your becoming so heavy. When my breasts rise and fall, your eyes and mind fall. Body becoming so heavy.” Cassandra slowly and evenly spoke to Brett, watching and judging his reactions.

His body was relaxed and his shoulders slightly slumped. His breathing even and steady. Brett looked like he was slowly succumbing to her words. His eyes locked on either her breasts or the crystal. Either way, the wanted effect was happening. Even though parts of his body were growing heavy and slipping down, another part of his anatomy was doing just the opposite. That was really how Cassandra planned on winning this wager, to enslave him to her will. Through desire and lust.

“That’s good Brett, just keeping watching the rise and fall of my breasts. As they rise, you fall, as they fall, you fall. As my breasts rise you fall. Your body, mind, and eyes growing heavier with each rise and fall of my chest, and breasts. Your eyes feeling so heavy, your body felling so heavy. Just relaxing deeper, and deeper, with each breath I take. Your eyes growing so very heavy. Mind growing so heavy it’s hard to think, so heavy the thoughts just stop. Your eyes and so very heavy, they wish to close, they want to close, they need to close. You need to watch my breasts Brett, you need to keep your eyes open, so you can see my breasts. Eyes so heavy and wanting to close, needing to watch my breasts, unable to look away. So tough to watch, to keep your eyes open, needing to watch as my breasts and the crystal, rise and fall. Every time my breasts rise, your mind and body fall. Your body so relaxed and tired, your mind so relaxed and tired. Your mind is so heavy and slow, that only your subconscious is awake. Your subconscious listens to and hears my every word. Speaking only to your subconscious. Your ears and mind no longer hears my words, only your subconscious hears, and it wants to obey. With each rise and fall of my chest, your body and mind fall away, leaving on your subconscious to hear, listen, and obey. Your mind drifts down, down, down, deeper, and deeper. So heavy, and relaxed and tired. Falling deep into sleep. Body and mind dropping deeply into sleep. Your body is asleep Brett. Your mind is asleep. Only your subconscious mind hears my words, listening and obeying. Your whole body is deeply asleep Brett, your whole body, all except one part.” Cassandra licked her lips, before continuing.

“Your dick isn’t asleep Brett, no your dick is wide awake. So hard and ready for action. Your cock likes my breasts, and that’s why it’s awake. You are asleep, but your cock is awake and ready for action. Your prick likes the rise and fall of my breasts. Your prick is hard and awake, watching my breasts.” Cassandra smiled to herself, by his posture and breathing she know he was asleep. Brett was asleep even with his eyes open to watch her breasts and crystal. He was fully erect, manhood sticking up through the open fly of his white boxers. Standing high and proud.

“It’s okay to be aroused by my breast Brett. I want you to be aroused as you look at me. As you watch my breast rise and fall, I want your dick to be hard. It right and natural to be aroused and erect while watching my breasts. It’s natural and normal for a man to play with himself when he is aroused. When your aroused you should play with your cock. I want you to play with your hard cock Brett. It’s perfectly normal and okay. Just let your hand float up off the bed. Yes, that’s good, just like that Brett. Your hand slowly comes up and finds your erect cock. Good Brett, very good. Now let your fingers close around your shaft. Yes, like that, good. Start to stroke yourself Brett, play with yourself while you watch my breasts rise and fall. Play with your cock, while I continue to speak to your subconscious. Your subconscious listening and obeying.” Cassandra watched for a moment or two, watching as Brett’s hand slid up and down his shaft. All while he watched her breasts. Her smile was wicked, the time would be soon.

“Perfect, your doing so well Brett. Simply stroke as I speak to your subconscious. Hearing and obeying. Soon I will allow you to orgasm Brett. You will climax when I say you can, enjoying yourself fully. That’s what you want Brett, you want to cum, to release as your stroke, release as you watch my breasts. Subconscious hearing my words, my words slipping deep into your subconscious to become your new thoughts, to be heard and obeyed. You obey because it gives you pleasure, you like pleasure, so you obey. You want to be my mindless slave Brett, because it feels so good. Feels so right and natural to obey me, to give in to the pleasure. You want to obey to feel even more pleasure. You want to be, you need to be, my mindless slave, to continue to feel this pleasure. You receive pleasure for obeying, and it makes your want to obey even more, to receive this pleasure. You want to release, you need to release. To release, to cum, you need to be my mindless slave. You will be mindless to cum, and to cum you will be mindless. Stroking to become my mindless slave. Soon I will tell you cum Brett. Yes, you will cum when I tell you to. You will become my mindless slave when you cum Brett. Becoming my mindless slave when I tell you to cum. You will be mindless when you cum, my mindless slave. Now Brett your time is here, so very close to release that you can not hold back any longer. Cum for me Brett, release for me, your mistress and owner. Cum Brett, cum.” Cassandra instructed the heavily slumped, stroking man before her.

Brett grunted softly as his manhood twitched and pulsed in his hand. His hot juices began to pump out, falling onto his boxer fronts, making them wet and sticky. Three splashes of his ejaculate pumped out to fall down, before his orgasm subsided. Cassandra watched it all, waiting until Brett was done before doing anything else. She reached her hand out and gently shook Brett’s shoulder. His head slowly came up and his eyes blinked several times. “Are you my mindless slave Brett?” Cassandra questioned him. “Not quite, though it was a good try and a lot of fun.” Brett answered. “Does that mean I;m the winner?” he smiled wide. “I have one more thing to try, my last option.” Cassandra said with a knowing lilt to her voice. Then reached over to get something from her clutch.

She pulled out a small black pouch, and took a small pinch of pink sparkly powder from inside. She held her hand out and blew the powder into Brett’s face. He breathed in deeply with surprise, pulling the foreign powder deep into his lungs and body. Cassandra watched as his eyes unfocused, and took on a far off look. “Are you my mindless slave now Brett?” She questioned in a knowing way. A wicked smile spreading on her lips. “Yes”, Brett answered in a soft monotone. “You see Brett I learned something long ago.” Cassandra spoke to him. “If your going to make a bet, make sure it’s one you can win.” She chuckled as if it was a witty joke and stood from the bed.

She slowly stripped off the clingy dress she wore, and discarded it on to the floor in a puddle of fabric. She stretched, as if the dress had really confined her. “There we are so good to be free, and soon it will be even better” She commented to herself. The crystal started to pulse with a red light and began to leak into and then emanate from her body. Slowly two red and black horns began to sprout from her forehead, growing from right below her hairline. Next a long tail uncurled from the spot directly above her ass crack. All before her skin started to deepen into a nearly blood red hue. Finally two large bat like wings unfolded out of her back. With transformation completed, the light subsided.

If Brett were not enslaved, he would have fled from the room screaming and panicked from the show. Instead he didn’t react at all, simply sitting there with that blank far off look. Cassandra was just as beautiful as she had been before, even if far more demonic, as is the way with succubi. She stepped back to the bed’s edge. “Come give me a kiss slave”, she told Brett. He leaned forward and their lips met in a display of passion, and lust. When Cassandra pulled away, leaving Brett smiling like a fool. Then after a moment he opened his mouth and a sphere of light rose up out of his throat, to hover for a moment in the air between them. Then it shot forward and disappeared into Cassandra’s pink crystal. Brett’s body slumped over onto the bed lifeless. Cassandra smiled and and said to no one specific, “so handsome and desirable. Not to mention tasty.” Suddenly a green portal opened under her feet, and she sank into the floor. Leaving behind a singed circle in the flooring, and the smell of sulfur in the air.