The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

WARNING: The usual disclaimers and warnings apply. The characters in this story have sex; if that offends you or for some reason you are Not Allowed to read about such things, stop now. The events in this story might not be moral or even possible; the point is to give you a hot fantasy, not a blueprint for life.

Watching the Show

“So then you convince them to dance?”

“Oh, no, they want to dance.”

“Uh-huh, sure.”

“I’m not sure you’re really understanding the point of the project. It’s not that I’m imposing my will on them; although many of them do find that allowing my influence to grow inside them, more and more over time, feels surprisingly rewarding. But my goal is to allow them to realize the desires which are already buried inside themselves.”

“Like, to dance naked.”

“Yes! Most women—most people—want to be desired. To have their sexy, naked bodies admired and stared at. But most people repress this desire. I can help them feel safe pursuing their deep, hidden desires. And they feel so good when they give in to them! It’s wonderful to see how much they enjoy it. Can’t you see it on their faces?”

The visitor looked up at the two half-naked women on stage, slowly gyrating around the pole and just barely not touching each other. The smoky, half-lidded looks they turned on each other were intimate and focussed. They were clearly in a world of their own, and clearly loved it.

His gaze drifted down to their breasts, large and perky and eagerly thrust up towards each other as if begging to be touched. Even as he thought that, their nipples seemed to stiffen.

“Beginning to feel aroused. Obey.”

The visitor turned, startled by the voice at his elbow. Mr Daniel, the clubmaster, stood there, but was clearly speaking to the dancers on stage, who had begun to gyrate a bit more sensually. The visitor ignored the small tingle he’d felt at the word “aroused”... and the more unsettling one at “obey.”

“Uh, so, what do you do to them?”

Mr Daniel smiled and shook his head a little. “Really, just being in here is the start of it. Listen to the music, soak it in and watch the dancers. They find it easy to identify with the sexy women on stage, losing themselves in the music and opening themselves up to the experience. Really, it’s hard to stop watching them, isn’t it?”

The visitor nodded, his eyes glued to the bodies wrapping themselves around the pole.

“I find that after not very long at all most people start moving their hips and wanting to dance—it’s really irresistable. And letting themselves loose like that gives them a taste of what it’s like to shake loose their worries entirely and really focus on relaxing. So then I have some other things I can show them that really help them learn to focus much more deeply.”

“Mmhmmm,” said the visitor, lost in the soft curves and sensuous turns of the pole dancers.

“Yes, you find this all so interesting. More aroused now. Obey.”

“What?” said the visitor, turning to see Mr Daniel once again speaking to the dancers, directing them to even more intense displays of their bodies. He wondered what it would feel like to be so open to command, so willing to let someone else control his responses...

“Would you like to see them?”

“See... Um...”

“The focussing aids which they use to develop this deeply absorbed mindset. To help themselves to fall so completely into these intense and fulfilling roles.”

“Oh! Ah... Yes, I... Sure.”

Mr Daniel pointed to a door leading to a back room. “We can take a look at them in my office. Go sit at the computer. Obey.”

The visitor turned sharply to stare at Mr. Daniel, as that last “obey” had sounded like it was directed at him. But the clubmaster was gesturing to one of the dancers, who knelt instantly on the floor where he pointed. All of his attention now seemed to be on her.

So he turned back and walked to the indicated door, hips twitching slightly to the insistent, irresistable music. Inside the door was a small office with a desk along the far wall and a computer on the top of the desk. He walked around behind the desk, threading somewhat awkwardly between piles of magazines to reach the chair in front of the keyboard. It occurred to him that he was still thinking about that last “obey,” and really had been strangely turned on by it... and almost wished it had been directed at him. But he was, in fact, doing as he’d been told. It almost seemed impossible not to...

He sat down in front of the computer. There was a strange screen saver running; a big spiral, covering most of the screen, lazily turned in the center. Other images flashed on the screen from time to time, but almost too quickly to see. He peered at the screen, trying to make them out. Of course, maybe he should move the mouse and start looking for whatever it was Mr Daniel was going to show him; but it wasn’t his computer and he wasn’t sure where to look, and anyway the screensaver all by itself was pretty interesting for now. And besides, he hadn’t been told to do anything after sitting at the computer, and it felt weirdly sexy to pretend, while he was alone in the office, that he was starting to fall under the same influence the dancers felt, that made them only want to obey. Obey. Had that just flashed on the screen?

The easiest way to see the quickly-flashing images seemed to be to unfocus his eyes a bit, to look at the whole screen and just let the images pop into his head. A beautiful woman with her eyes unfocused, staring at a swinging crystal. Submit. A sexy dancer losing herself in the music. Focus. A woman in a thong and heels, bent over a couch with her ass in the air as a hand swung down to redden it further.

“Helplessly aroused now. Obey.”

Mr Daniel’s voice spoke next to his ear. The visitor gasped in surprise, and arousal. When had he come in? He could be speaking to the visitor, or to the two dancers, glassily seating themselves in chairs across the desk, each with a hand between the other’s legs. The clubmaster reached to the mouse, clearing away the screensaver. He clicked on a folder labelled “Training.”

“By this point in the visit, my guests understand that what they’ve seen here arouses and excites them, and that although they’re usually not yet willing to openly admit it, secretly they wish they could be a part of this, could be as open to my influence and the sexy freedom of hypnosis as my dancers here. So I show them some of my training programs, which my dancers use to learn to focus their minds, and to open themselves more fully to certain ideas. Conveniently, Ally and Betty here are ready for more studying. They know it’s important to study every day. You can watch with them. Actually, since you’re there, why don’t you hold the mouse?” The clubmaster picked up the visitor’s hand, and set it on the mouse firmly but gently. Then with his hand still on top of the visitor’s, the clubmaster clicked on the file to open it.

* * *

The visitor walked slowly and erratically towards the front door of the club, thoughts reluctantly starting to drift back into his head. He wasn’t quite sure what had just happened... But probably he had just looked at a wonderful file on the Mr Daniel’s computer. He’d like to get a copy of that file, and look at it again. Every day. Study every day.

There were a lot of sexy images in the file, and he was sure it was right to let them settle in his head, wherever they needed to be. And sexy dancers. The dancers, watching the program, just like him. Were so sexy, touching themselves, so aroused. At the images of dancing, serving, submitting. Kissing the dancers’ feet, licking their thighs, swallowing the clubmaster’s firm juicy cock while taut nipples rubbed against his back and a leash tightened, buckled around his neck. A slave obeys. A slut is so sexy...

He shook his head. Whatever was in that file, it was so sexy to watch the dancers respond to Him. To see them helplessly triggered by commands He had somehow placed deep in their minds. It would be so sexy to have those triggers in his mind too... to know that he could be controlled that way, could not stop it...

Maybe if he watched more of Mr Daniel’s training programs, he would start to respond to the triggers too? He should study them, study every day. Hadn’t the clubmaster said He had a version of them online somewhere?

“Completely hooked now. Obey.”

The visitor turned, not surprised to see the clubmaster standing beside him, but not really sure what to think. Maybe Mr Daniel would tell him what to think.

“You need to ask.”

“Er, yes, I—may I please see the online version? You said there was a version of your programs online, and I... was hoping I could look at it a bit more.”


“Yes, I was hoping I could study it...”

“Every day.”

“Oh! I... Yes. I... would like to study every day.”

“Say that again.”

“I want to study every day.”

“Yes, you do. You need it. That need will grow, and deepen, irresistably now. Go home and send me a description of your time here, and the article you were planning to write about us. When I receive your email, I will send you a link to the programs online. You are open and willing to learn their lessons now. Your mind understands this. Obey.”

The visitor hurried out the door of the club, and into his new life.