The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“The Way You Make Me Feel”

Tamsin really didn’t know what she was going to do when Chandra answered the door. She’d been steeling herself for this all day long, checking and double-checking the psionic shield obsessively and wishing that she could do more than just diagnostics—all it did when she wore it was give her a thundering headache. She wouldn’t really know if it worked until she ran into an active psi. And she couldn’t go find one without admitting what they’d done.

She’d run all sorts of different scenarios in her head as she went through the day’s classes, planning for contingencies and rehearsing speeches and imagining that moment when Chandra first saw her, over and over and over again. She’d imagined guilt, fear, defiance, anger, and she’d imagined her reactions to every one. She’d thought about this moment so many times that she didn’t know how she’d handle it when it happened.

So when the door slid open, it was as much of a surprise to Tamsin as to Chandra when Tamsin punched her in the face.

Chandra’s head snapped back with a satisfying smack, and she staggered backwards through the open doorway with an expression of confusion and pain on her face. “Wha?” she slurred out. Her left eye was already beginning to swell up. She put up her hands defensively, but Tamsin had taken three years of unarmed combat training with Chandra. She knew she could take her. She stepped through the door and let it slide shut behind her.

Behind Chandra, Tamsin could see Gilly kneeling on the floor, nude, with her eyes closed. She had her hands tied behind her back and her ankles tied together, and she was letting out a slow, whimpering moan as she gently shuddered in obvious pleasure. Even if it hadn’t been clear from her voice, her indigo nipples stood up like pencil erasers on her lavender breasts. She wore a set of earbuds, and between that and the impressive sex toy between her legs, she was so utterly lost in her own sensations that she was oblivious even to the dust-up going on right in front of her. That made Tamsin really want to give Chandra a matching shiner on her other eye, but she controlled herself. Barely.

Instead, she snarled out, “Did you really think we wouldn’t find out what you did to her, you bitch?” Tamsin figured she could always hit her again if she didn’t like the answer. And she was pretty sure she wasn’t going to like the answer very much.

Chandra brought a hand up to her cheek and touched it gingerly. She winced, then shook her head just a little to clear it. “I...I don’t understand, Tam,” she said, her voice still a little muzzy. “Last week, you said you wouldn’t tell anyone. You said that you didn’t want us to get expelled—”

“Last week,” Tamsin growled, “I didn’t know what you were.” She felt a hot rush of righteous anger flush through her body at the look of fear on Chandra’s face. “Yeah, that’s right. I was a little suspicious after we talked, so I got Karrick to hack into the student databases, have a little look at your personnel file.”

Chandra flushed red in all of the places that weren’t already swollen with blood. “That is personal and private information!” she hissed. “You had absolutely no right to—”

“Oh, don’t you dare start an ethics debate with me!” Tamsin spat out the words as the anger and the throbbing in her skull that told her the psi-blocker was still working combined to leave her teetering on the edge of violence. “Not with Gilly right there!” Gilly started to open her eyes now, the loud mention of her name sinking in through whatever was playing on the earbuds. Her gaze looked unfocused and glassy, like someone waking from a pleasant dream. “Karrick did what he had to do for a friend. So did I.”

Chandra shook her head slowly. “I know what you’re thinking, Tam, but—”

“No, you don’t,” Tamsin replied smugly. She tapped the metal band around her head. “Not while I’m wearing this. I read your file, remember? ‘Grade One Telepath’. I took precautions before I came to visit you. So don’t even try anything.”

Chandra reached up to rub her head, but stopped as she touched the tender bruises blossoming over her left eye. “Tam...I wish I could have told you,’ve seen how much bias there is against me just for being from the Europa Colonies. Half the people here think I’m some sort of Secessionist sleeper agent. You’re one of the only people who accepted me for who I was. I didn’t want to wreck it by telling you I was also a psi.”

“Oh, but you’re perfectly willing to wreck Gilly, huh?” Tamsin took another step forward, feeling grim satisfaction in the way that Chandra took a step back. “Perfectly willing to screw up her academic career, wreck her chances for a starship posting, get her expelled for fraternizing with a fellow student, and leave her some sort of brainwashed sex toy just so that you can get your kicks!” She moved closer. Chandra’s back hit the wall.

Behind Tamsin, Gilly muttered out, “No, wait...” but Tamsin didn’t listen. Gilly wouldn’t have anything useful to say until Chandra fixed what she’d done to her. And when she did, Tamsin was going to hold Chandra down while Gilly really went to work on the bitch.

“Brainwashed...” Chandra looked at her in utter astonishment. And then, unbelievably, she started laughing. “Oh, Veda,” she gasped out between peals of helpless laughter. “Oh, Veda, you thought that I...that I...” Then she lost it again, giggling hysterically as she sank down along the wall.

“Stop it!” Tamsin yelled, her face red with fury. She wanted so bad to kick Chandra in the ribs, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. “None of this is fucking funny!” It was a good thing that the walls of the dorms were sound-proofed right now—if a proctor walked in on this, they’d probably all three get booted from the Academy. Two naked girls, a third girl fighting with one of them, kinky bondage games going would definitely not look good on their academic record, to say the least.

Which was half of why Tamsin was so pissed at Chandra. She and Gilly had been into each other for a while now, and nobody really cared—the ‘no fraternizing’ rule was on the books, but the instructors never really enforced it unless it got in the way of classwork. But lately, Gilly had been getting more daring. Nothing that would get her expelled...yet...but things that her friends had started to notice. Coming to classes still smelling of sex, slipping off to make out during free periods...Tamsin had actually noticed her fingering herself below her desk during Astronavigation 301. Sooner or later, someone was bound to crack down on them.

Tamsin had tried to tell them that the first time she’d walked in on them like this, a week ago. (After blushing furiously, spinning around, and trying desperately to pretend she hadn’t seen two of her closest friends buck naked and fucking each other.) They’d both waved it off, but Tamsin hadn’t liked the way Gilly had been so unconcerned about it. She’d seemed so studious when she’d first come to the Academy. Admittedly, Sirians had that reputation, still felt out of character to Tamsin. That was when she’d gone to Karrick, asked him to use that way he had with computers to find out a little bit more about Chandra Sayani. And what she’d found...

Tamsin couldn’t help herself anymore. She grabbed Chandra by the shoulders and shook her furiously. “Stop it!” she shouted. “You get a hold of yourself and you fix what you’ve done to Gilly, and you do it now!” But Chandra didn’t stop laughing. Tamsin suspected the other girl really was hysterical now, but she couldn’t stop herself from shaking Chandra any more than the other girl could get rid of the giggles.

It might have gotten bad, then, if not for Gilly. She must have managed to get to her feet somehow, because she hopped her way over to Tamsin and flung her body against Tamsin’s back in an attempt to somehow rescue her girlfriend. It didn’t exactly work—she couldn’t put much momentum into it, and she lost her balance and fell down while barely even nudging the other girl. But it was enough to snap Tamsin out of her rage, just a little. She let go of Chandra and began to help Gilly back up to a sitting position.

Chandra finally began to calm down, as well. “I’m sorry,” she sighed out, still a little out of breath after the fit of laughter, “it’s just...Tam, do you actually know anything about telepaths?”

Tamsin shook her head defensively. “I’m not training for Psi-Corps,” she said. “I just know they’re heavily regulated, and that most of them keep their abilities a secret to avoid prejudice.” Or so that they could use them on unsuspecting friends, she thought murderously. Tamsin almost wished she could turn off her psi-blocker just so that Chandra could feel the strength of her anger, but she didn’t dare. A Grade One telepath could probably stop her heart with a thought or something.

Chandra sat up a little straighter, her face now weary and just a little sad. “You have no idea how right you are,” she said. “Look at you, Tam. You found out I was a telepath, and thought that I would actually do that to her? Tam, I love her. More than I can say.” She was angry, Tamsin realized. Quietly angry, nothing like the rage that Tamsin had displayed, but she was pissed.

“Oh, come on,” Tamsin said. “What would you have thought? One of your best friends starts behaving oddly, and then you find out that her new lover is a Grade One telepath? How was I supposed to—”

Chandra cut her off with a loud, theatrical sigh. “Tamsin,” she said, her voice sounding like a professor correcting a particularly inept student, “the grades of telepathic power go from one to one hundred.” She narrowed her eyes as best she could. “Up.”

Tamsin knew that expression. She grimaced, just a little, as she started to feel the righteous rage seep away to be replaced by mortified embarrassment. “So a Grade One is...?”

“’Limited and/or situational telepathic ability, of no significant degree,’” Chandra recited. “’Subject is allowed to self-monitor, conditional on results of personality profiling, but must make regular diagnostic visits to ensure that abilities are not increasing in scope or power.’”

Tamsin stood there for a long moment. “Oh,” she said at last.

“I can do one thing, Tam,” Chandra said. “It’s tiny, so tiny that I barely even remember that I can do it most of the time. But when I finally worked up the guts to tell Gilly how I felt about her, and when she told me she felt the same way...” She blushed. “We’ve been playing with it a little,” she admitted. “Just for fun, though. I would never do anything to hurt my Gillyflower.” She reached over to where Gilly had managed to wriggle back into a sitting position and stroked the small of Gilly’s back, causing her to shiver in bliss.

“Oh, God,” Tamsin said, sitting down next to them. “I am so sorry, Chan. I just, I really thought...” She looked down at the floor, suddenly ashamed. “Can I, um, have a do-over on the last ten minutes?” she asked in a tiny voice.

Chandra reached over and patted her on the shoulder. She felt Gilly lean into her back, which would have been a lot more comforting if she didn’t feel all four of Gilly’s nipples pressing into her flesh. “It’s okay, Tam,” she said. “I won’t lie, I’m still a little hurt, really thought you were protecting Gilly. That goes a long way to making it right.”

Gilly said, “It’s my fault, too. I think I let us get a bit too carried away lately. But you know what they say, the mating urge is always strongest before second molting.” Gilly’s species didn’t really have a way with aphorisms, but everyone always thought it was too funny to tell her so.

“Even so,” Tamsin said, “I want you to know I really am sorry. About everything.” She hoped she sounded as sincere as she really was; she genuinely did feel terrible. Of course, some of that was the pounding headache that the psi-blocker caused, but...

“Forget it,” Chandra said. “No harm done.” She smiled, then winced at the movement of her own face. “Well, no harm done that I can’t slap a medpatch on. Besides, you’ve done worse to me in Unarmed Combat. Remember the time you did the joint hold too hard and cracked my wrist? At least this time the instructor’s not telling you what a good job you did.”

Tamsin relaxed a little. “Okay,” she said, lowering her voice conspiratorially. “I really am sorry I peeked, Chan, but now that I know, I really gotta know...just between us, what exactly is your Grade One psionic talent?”

Gilly wriggled against her back. “It is sooo much fun!” she sighed out. “It definitely makes learning about deviant human sexual practices so much more enjoyable!”

“Oh, it’s really minor,” Chandra said modestly. “Barely worth mentioning.” She smiled a crooked smile as she carefully avoided crinkling the left side of her face. “It’s almost not even a psionic talent at all, really. You could probably learn how to do the same thing at a massage school.”

Tamsin sighed. “This is how you’re going to punish me for punching you in the face, isn’t it?”

“Nah, I’m going to punish you for that by making you do my laundry for the next two weeks,” Chandra replied cheekily. “By hand, too. The transporter beams always leave the fabric feeling too stiff. But this? This is just teasing.”

“Oh, so not fair!” Tamsin cried out. “You are officially being cruel, Chan.”

“Actually,” Gilly said, “I think she is being entirely fair. The crime of physical violence alone might not merit such a punishment, but the crime of violating her personal privacy is the greater one, and doing her laundry by hand will give you ample time to meditate on the ethical implications of—”

“I, um, meant she’s not being fair by teasing,” Tamsin cut in. Gilly could probably go on for quite a while if you let her. “Come on, Chan, clue me in.”

“Alright,” Chandra said. “Take off the psi-blocker, and I’ll show you.” Tamsin must have given away the sudden surge of nervousness she felt somehow, because Chandra said, “I promise, it’s nothing permanent or painful. You trust me, don’t you?”

She said it lightly, but Tamsin knew exactly what she meant by the question. Words went only so far in making things right between them again. “Of course I do,” she said, slipping the psi-blocker off of her head. She set it down on the floor. “Damn,” she muttered. “I was really hoping the headache would go away when I took it off.”

“Maybe I can help with that,” Chandra said, reaching up and gently stroking Tamsin’s temples. Amazingly, it did—Chandra’s fingers felt wonderful, soothing away all the pain in a matter of moments. Tamsin’s eyes fluttered just a bit as Chandra’s soft touches worked their way down to brush at her cheek. “It’s my talent,” she said. “I can amplify pleasure. It only works when I’m in direct physical contact with another person, and I can’t stimulate the pleasure center of the brain directly, but I can make anything that feels good to them feel...better.” She punctuated the words with a light caress of Tamsin’s chin, and Tamsin was amazed at how good it felt.

“She did it to me for the first time when we made love,” Gilly said softly in Tamsin’s ear. The tickle of her breath against Tamsin’s sensitive skin made her shiver in bliss. “I came so hard, Tamsin, it felt like a thousand fingers on my nipples and a thousand tongues on my clits. She made everything feel so good to me that I wanted to try everything. Do you understand now?”

“Yes,” Tamsin husked out, arching her neck as Chandra’s fingers danced their way along her throat. She closed her eyes for a long moment, enjoying that soft, gentle touch. It took a long time for her to focus them again properly when they opened. “I, um, I...” She tried to compose her thoughts, ask where this was going and what this would mean to their friendship, but just then Chandra traced the ridge of her collarbone and all she could think and say was, “Oh, fuck, Chan, it just feels so good...”

Chandra smiled at her, and Tamsin could see the arousal on her face. “Mmhmmm,” she said, almost absently, as her fingers brushed at Tamsin’s collar. They teased just lightly at the button, and Tamsin ached in anticipation, but Chandra didn’t show any sign of getting ready to undo it. She was waiting, Tamsin realized. She was waiting for Tamsin to do it herself.

The moment Tamsin realized that, her fingers were fumbling at the buttons and zips of her cadet’s uniform, removing it with more haste than speed. Her hands felt thick and clumsy, and she couldn’t unfasten it anywhere near as fast as she wanted...mainly because with each button she undid, Chandra’s fingers traced further down her quivering flesh. Behind her, she felt Gilly nuzzle her neck, and Gilly’s rough tongue felt just as good as Chandra’s fingers. Even better, perhaps. She felt like her nerves were all singing with pleasure now, and she could barely concentrate enough to pull her top off once she got to the last button.

It was worth the wait, though. Gilly’s nipples felt like tiny vibrators where they rubbed up against the skin of her back, and Chandra’s hands teased a moan out of Tamsin in seconds when they stroked her breasts. “Oh, oh God, oh, fucking yes,” Tamsin moaned out, and she saw Chandra smile for just a moment before her eyes slipped shut. All her other senses were distant, unimportant now. There was only touch, only pleasure. Tamsin couldn’t imagine caring about anything else.

She managed to slide her pants off before her hands reached out to touch Chandra, but only barely. It was so hard to stop herself. Everything felt so good now, even the way her hands glided over Chandra’s soft skin. The different textures as she fondled Chandra’s tight, firm nipples sent tiny starbursts of pleasure into Tamsin’s brain, and she grunted in animal lust as Gilly gently slid out from behind her and she sagged down into the rough carpet. Even that felt so fucking good...

Then Chandra’s hands were all over her, finding places to touch that felt....Tamsin’s mind went warm and wet and red for a moment in bliss. It all felt so unbelievably fucking good. Gilly had wriggled around to lie next to her, pressing her body against Tamsin’s and whispering in Tamsin’s ear just how good it all felt, just how much she wanted it, just how long they’d waited to show it to her, and Tamsin realized somewhere around her second orgasm that this was why they’d let her walk in on them naked. Then she realized somewhere around her third orgasm that she’d already had two orgasms just from Chandra’s touch.

Then Tamsin felt Chandra’s tongue, licking her pussy, and that practically made Tamsin’s brain shut down altogether. She couldn’t even begin to focus on what Gilly was saying to her, not when every single nerve in her clit was having its own separate orgasm every time Chandra’s tongue slid over it. She just melted into it all, and when Gilly straddled her face, she realized that even licking felt good now.

Tamsin lost track of time completely. Everything fell away, leaving behind only hot, sensual pleasure. She heard herself moaning into Gilly’s cunt, but the sound had no meaning compared to the utter bliss of touch. Her legs spread wide to allow Chandra full access to every inch of her pussy, and her hands were stroking and her body was writhing and it all felt so good, it all felt so utterly fucking good...

She didn’t even remember passing out. She only remembered waking up, groggy with free-floating endorphins and cuddled up to the warmth of her two friends. “Sorry,” she said, her voice dazed with pleasure. “I think it was a little overwhelming.”

“It’s alright,” Chandra said. “We fucked you so hard you lost consciousness. I’m taking it as a compliment.”

Gilly pressed happily against her from the other side. “And now I have a sister pet!” she said enthusiastically. “I am so thrilled! There are so many things I wanted to do to Mistress that required more tongues and hands than I possess!”

Tamsin raised an eyebrow. “Um, ‘sister pet’? I, um...I mean, I like this, but I don’t know if I’m really....up for that, you know? I just—”

Chandra cut her off with a slow, gentle caress of her breasts that left her mewling in pleasure. “Please?” Chandra said, punctuating her words by tracing Tamsin’s nipples. “Just give it a try, Tam, just for tonight. I think you’ll really enjoy it, if you just give in and let yourself.”

“I, um, I don’t...” Tamsin felt her resistance melting away with every soft, stroking touch of Chandra’s fingers. “Yes, Mistress,” she whimpered out, and she was astonished at just how good those words felt on her lips.

“Good girl,” Chandra said, and Tamsin quivered in pleasure at the way the words made her feel. “Good girl,” she repeated, punctuating every word with a long, lazy, blissful caress that made it feel even better to give in.