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Weight of Authority: A Reyna Story

This story contains characters from my previous story, My Best Friend’s Girlfriend. However, you do not need to be familiar with the characters or plot to enjoy this story.

“Reyna!” shrieked Amy as she opened the door. “It’s so good to see you!”

“And you as well,” said the curvy Spanish woman. Her accent was noticeable, but clean. “And Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” said Amy. She opened the door wide to her manor and stepped aside, allowing Reyna to enter. Reyna was wearing a simple gold cocktail dress for the evening. Everything above the waist was lace, but Reyna particularly loved the knee-length skirt, the A-line shape, and the adorable bow tied around her waist. It simultaneously made her look youthful but powerful. Her lack of makeup helped. She preferred to let her tan skin, clean complexion, and radiant amber eyes speak for themselves. There was no reason to try to tidy up perfection.

Amy, on the other hand, had gone for the traditional holiday red. It was an off the shoulder style dress with a flounce sleeve detail just past the elbow. The skirt hit at the knee with only the rumor of a slit in it. It was nothing provocative, but a domesticated woman like Amy rarely was. Amy was in her late forties and enjoying the wealth of her husband in order to have a rich social life and little other responsibilities. The Millers never had any children, and Amy’s body showed. The blonde woman had dark blonde hair to her shoulder blades that was wavy and magnificent. The dress showed no cleavage, but Amy’s bust was ample, her stomach trim, and her legs were smooth and lithe. Reyna approved.

Amy led Reyna into the parlor. “Care for anything to drink?” she asked.

“Do you have Rioja Gran Reserva?”

“Not out here, but I think in the cellar. Shall I?” asked Amy, gesturing to go.

“No,” said Reyna smiling. “Maybe later.”

“Anything else? Water?”

“No,” said Reyna.

Reyna sat as Amy stood awkwardly nearby, not sure if she had insulted her dinner guest. However, Reyna sat placidly, smiling politely at her host while Amy hovered. Eventually, Amy took the hint, poured herself a quick glass of bourbon, and sat down across from Reyna.

“Where is James?” asked Reyna.

“Oh, he’ll be down shortly. He’s finishing a work call.”

“On Christmas eve?”

“He works everyday of the year,” said Amy as she took a long sip from her glass. She swallowed, smiled, and shrugged. “It pays the bills.”

“Yes,” said Reyna. She looked around the Miller Manor. Outside the parlor was the grand staircase that lead up and through all three glorious floors of the estate. Past that, she could see the den, and if she looked over Amy’s shoulder in the other direction, she could see the ornate dining room waiting for them in an hour or so.

“I imagine it costs much to manage this,” said Reyna.

“It does,” says Amy. “And it gets lonely some time, being cooped up in this big place with just the two of us. That’s why I’m so glad to have you over.”

“Yes. This place should be filled,” said Reyna softly, almost to herself.

“I should give you the tour before dinner,” said Amy.

“Yes, perhaps once James joins us.”

“Shall I go get him?” asked Amy, rising to find her husband.

“Just text him,” interrupted Reyna. Amy froze, realizing that Reyna didn’t want to be abandoned. “I want to catch up.”

“Right. Sure.” Amy grabbed her phone and quickly tapped away at it. “So, what brings you to Memphis?” she asked as she typed.

“Work wasn’t going well for me in Barcelona. My company hired someone … else to do my job. I’m not one for competition like that.”

“Oh,” said Amy, frowning as she continued to type on her phone, quickly replying to James’ response.

“I like to move around once a place becomes too stale anyways,” said Reyna. “This feels like a beautiful place to start over.”

“Well, you’re welcome here anytime,” said Amy. “I have to admit, after my mother told me all you had done for her, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I knew you helped her through her divorce, but she practically worships you.”

“She does,” said Reyna simply.

“Well, it was the least we could do on Christmas Eve to have an old family friend over. We normally don’t do anything special ourselves. I watch old Christmas movies and James falls asleep drunk sometime in the afternoon.”

“Let’s hope that doesn’t happen today.”

“Uh … right. He should be …” she frowned, “he should be down any minute.”

It took fifteen more minutes for James to join them in the parlor. Most of it was spent in silence. Occasionally, Amy would try to start a conversation, but inevitably, Reyna would end the thread with her short and exacting answers or she would bring it back around to James.

Amy didn’t want to talk about James.

James was in his mid-fifties, and well past his prime. He black hair was beginning to grey and his athletic build was gathering girth, but he still had a sharp jawline. He was the shadow of a handsome man, a ladies man, but now he could only draw attraction with his power, his wealth, and his influence.

“Sorry, I’m late,” said James.

“Working hard?” asked Reyna with an amused smile.

“Uh … what? Oh! Yes, yes … working hard,” said James. “Damn stock market.”

Amy gave a fake laugh and directed her husband to sit next to her. Before he could sit, she filled his hand with a glass of whiskey.

“Tell me, James,” said Reyna, “you are in charge of the manor here, yes?”

“Uh, well, not necessarily,” chuckled James. “My work pays for it, but Amy looks after it.”

“Ah, then she is in charge?” asked Reyna. “Should I be speaking with her?”

“Um … excuse me?” asked James. “I’m not sure I understand.”

“Maybe it’s a language barrier,” said Amy to her husband. She turned back to Reyna. “What do you mean by ‘in charge?’ In our marriage, no one is in charge.”

“Nonsense,” said Reyna. “One of you leads. It is obvious who it is.” Reyna looked to James. “You came when you were ready.” She looked to Amy. “You waited for him and on him. You prepared his drink, just the way he likes it. He is in charge, yes?”

“Well, uh,” said James, laughing uncomfortably. “In America, in our marriages, we are equals.”

“You can be equals while one is in charge. A manager is equal in worth to the employee, yet one is in charge.”

“No one is in charge,” said Amy. Her tone was firm, losing the politeness of earlier.

“James,” said Reyna. “As the one in charge, you must know that you are responsible for the happiness of those under your reign.”

“My reign?” asked James.

“He’s not in charge,” added Amy.

“You are in charge of Amy’s happiness,” said Reyna, ignoring Amy. “And yet, she is not happy.”

“What?” asked James looking to Amy. “What did you tell her?”

“I … I didn’t … what?” asked Amy, rising and stepping away from both of them.

“She didn’t tell me anything,” said Reyna calmly. “Sit down, Amy.”

Amy obeyed. James dramatically moved away from her on the couch, but remained seated. Both of them avoided eye contact with each other, but James kept glancing over at Reyna. Amy did not look away from the strange visitor.

“Why would you say that?” asked Amy.

“Because it is true,” said Reyna. “I am a goddess of truth.” Reyna said it simply, as though saying she was a woman, as though saying she was beautiful, as though saying she was in control. “I do not lie. I cannot do so.”

“What the hell is this shit?” snorted James. “I don’t have time for this crap.” James stood to leave while Amy looked on, helpless to stop him.

“Sit,” commanded Reyna, and James obeyed. “I won’t waste your time, James. I am here to present three truths, and after that, we will let Amy answer one question. Then, if she wants, we can all go our separate ways. You can go get drunk. I can go back to my hotel.” Reyna turned and looked at Amy, almost looking through the helpless woman. “And Amy can go back to her loneliness.”

“Why does she get to decide?” asked James.

“Because I owe her mother for a lifetime of service. It is the least I can do.”

Silence fell between the three of them. James and Reyna both looked at Amy, waiting for her to say something, anything. But James would not leave without Reyna’s permission, and Reyna would not leave without the answer to her question.

“What are the three truths?” asked Amy.

James gave some sort of a snort or huff in his seat, but he turned to look at Reyna while she gave her answer. Reyna smiled and relaxed in her seat.

“First, look into my eyes.” James rolled his eyes, but Reyna snapped her fingers, and he turned, leaned in, and looked deep into Reyna’s eyes. Amy obeyed immediately, her curiosity washing away any fear within her.

“In my eyes are all the answers to all the questions. The truth is in my eyes. All you need to do, both of you, is to look into my eyes. You are both so unhappy, so miserable, so frustrated. You are looking for answers, any answers, that will help satisfy you. Nothing has helped. All your money and accomplishments have not helped you. All your friends and status has not helped you. Your marriage and your lovers have not helped you. You are desperate for answers, and they are all within my eyes. Look in there and you will find the truth.”

Both James and Amy relaxed as they looked into the captivating amber of Reyna’s eyes. There was an eerie light that seemed to spread from them, washing over the couple. Had they not been distracted, they would have known they were holding their breath. They would have known they were leaning in. They would have known they were moving closer together. They would have known how very turned on they were as they listened to the delicate Spanish accent of their goddess.

“The first truth,” said Reyna, “is that the one in charge is responsible for the happiness of those under her authority. If your subjects are not happy, it is you who are to blame.”

“The second truth is that both of you are unhappy. James, your alcoholism is killing your body. The prostitutes you have found have given you syphilis. You are taking greater and greater risks in order to feel something, and you feel nothing. You have not touched your wife in years, though you still think about her body. You are pathetic. You are nothing.”

Reyna smiled as James visibly wilted in front of her. She turned and looked to Amy. “Amy, you are no better. You spend and buy without knowing why. You think once you have something, it will be the thing that makes you happy, but you are throwing money into an eternal void. It will never be filled. You have abandoned any hope that your husband will touch your body again, and you have sought out other lovers, younger lovers. A tennis coach. A masseuse. Cliches. Horrible cliches and you chase them hoping you will have some whirlwind romance that will give your live meaning. You are a slut. A whore. You are easy and cheap. You can be bought, though you are worth little.”

As the words washed over Amy, the blonde woman spread her legs. Her breath became ragged as she burned with shame and lust simultaneously.

“What is the third truth?” asked James. He should have been angry to hear of his wife’s exploits, but some part of him knew. He always knew.

“The third truth is that both of you should be relieved of your burden of authority. James, you have mismanaged your body, your finances, and your marriage. Relinquish control. Amy, you have mismanaged your body and your ambition. Relinquish control. You must give it up. You feel out of control because you are. You don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know where you’re going. You should give up control to someone who can rule with wisdom and grace. Give up the heavy weight of authority.”

Reyna waited in the silence now. Her words were sinking in. These were true thoughts, those James and Amy had long left hidden or ignored in the corner of their minds. Reyna had drudged them up, excavated them, and now their minds were readjusting.

“What’s the question?” asked Amy. Her question was breathy and thick. Reyna was certain she was already wet.

“Would you like a new authority? Not James. Not some silly vows you made when you were both young, stupid, and ambitious. Not money. Would you like someone else to be in charge?”

“Yes,” said James quickly.

Reyna chuckled. “The question is not for you, but that is noted.” She turned her attention back to Amy. “What do you say? Your mother gave me twenty beautiful years of her body and even more of her mind. Would you like me in charge?”

“Yes,” said Amy quickly.

“Good,” said Reyna. “You may both look away.”

They both closed their eyes and turned their heads, climbing abruptly out of Reyna’s amber gaze. Amy turned her face back quickly, eager.

“What happens now?” she asked.

“Would you like to serve?” asked Reyna.

“Yes,” moaned Amy.

Reyna uncrossed her legs, pulled up her skirt, and spread her legs, revealing her bare and shaven pussy. “Come serve,” she commanded.

Amy immediately fell to the floor and crawled on all four to Reyna’s pussy. She didn’t hesitate. If she had qualms with serving a woman, she didn’t make them known. She showed nothing but hunger as she brought her tongue to Reyna’s pussy and began to lick.

Reyna sighed with relief and leaned back in the chair. She closed her eyes. There was nothing sweeter than the first submission. The first time they realize who Reyna is, what she is, they are so eager to get on their knees and do everything for her. Humans are so hungry for the truth, and the truth enjoys being worshipped.

Reyna spread her legs further as Amy picked up in eagerness. Her new pet began to run her hands over Reyna’s thighs, teasing Reyna’s skin as her nose and tongue pressed deeper into Reyna’s pussy.

“Slowly,” commanded Reyna, and the woman obeyed. “Gently,” she reminded, and Amy began to give slow and long licks over Reyna’s pussy, just as she liked it.

Reyna opened her eyes. James was watching with fascination. The bulge in his pants should have been embarrassing, but the man had never seen his wife serve anyone, especially someone so beautiful.

“James, there is a letter from Amy’s mother in your office. You’ve ignored it. Bring it here.”

James got up immediately and obeyed. Reyna could see more clearly the huge tent in his pants from watching his wife’s first lesbian experience.

“James has disappointed you,” said Reyna.

“Yes,” purred Amy.

“He’s angered you.”


“You hate him.”

There was a pause. Amy stopped licking, but the Spanish woman sat up and pressed Amy’s face back into her pussy. Then, there was an eager, “Yes,” from Amy.

“Should I punish him?” asked Reyna.

“Yes,” moaned Amy.

“Finger yourself, pet,” commanded Reyna. “I know how much you like it.”

Amy’s hands immediately left Reyna’s thighs and hiked up her own skirt. She slid off her panties, all while keeping her tongue attached to Reyna’s pussy, and began to finger herself with one free hand while the other hand spread the lips of Reyna’s pussy apart. Her tongue went deeper into her new goddess and Reyna’s back arched with pleasure.

James returned with a thick envelope of papers. “Sign those,” said Reyna.

James did, but he did not take his eyes off his former wife or his new goddess while they fucked before his very eyes. He turned through the papers quickly, only looking down to see where he should sign. He signed them and turned the page, eager to be through the stack, hopeful to join the two women.

When he finished, Reyna held out her hand for him to hand them to her. “Amy needs to sign,” she said. She pulled up her new pet and kissed her hard on the mouth. Amy’s hand moved faster as Reyna’s lips moved from her mouth, to her neck, to her shoulder.

“Turn,” commanded Reyna, and Amy turned around, facing away from her goddess. She sat in Reyna’s lap, a stack of papers in one hand, and a pen in another.

“We need a table,” said Reyna. “James, come be a table.”

James came and got on all fours while Amy placed the stack of papers on his back and began to sign where her name was. She started to read the pages, but Reyna began to kiss her neck, fondle her breasts, and tease her pussy while she worked. Amy quickly mimicked James, and looked at the page just long enough to see where to sign. When she finished, Reyna took the stack of paper from her and turned her back around.

Amy climbed on top of Reyna and kept kissing her goddess. She hadn’t felt this passion in so long. She hadn’t felt this hunger ever. She had never known someone who would be so kind, to take the heavy burden of living and choosing away from her, to rescue her from her husband. Her lust quickly melted away into a resolved devotion.

James kissed Reyna’s leg, and her foot flung out as a reflex and kicked him. He yelped and scooted away from her, but Amy didn’t stop kissing Reyna. She moved to her neck, and bit playfully. Reyna sighed, but pulled her away.

She looked to James. He was cowering away from them, on the floor, his erection still strong. There was a red mark on his upper lip from where Reyna kicked him away.

“I am not for you. She is not for you. Is that understood?”

James nodded.

“You have proven yourself to be irresponsible with your body, with your sexuality.” Reyna pulled Amy away, but the blonde was eager to serve, to touch every inch of Reyna. Reyna rolled her eyes and lowered Amy to the floor. She spread her legs, and the older woman immediately moved back in to service Reyna’s pussy.

“Stand and come here,” commanded Reyna.

James obeyed, standing awkwardly beside her with his pants tented.

“You have spent your life getting value from your money.” She pointed to the stack of papers they had just signed. “I have taken your money.”

Reyna bent down and grabbed Amy’s face. Amy strained, wanting to lick again, but Reyna was strong. “You have spent your life getting value from your home.” Again, she pointed to the stack of papers. “I have taken your home.”

Amy moaned in response, her eagerness doubling, and Reyna released her, pleased to see Amy so turned on by Reyna taking from her. She would be taking much more from her new pet in the coming days.

Reyna looked back to James. “You have gained value from your sexuality.” Reyna touched James erection gently with one finger. Immediately, the erection began to wilt. “I will take that from you.”

James looked in shock at first as his penis became flaccid, but then he relaxed. He looked down at Reyna, his goddess, while Amy, his former wife, ate her out. No longer did he look on in lust. Now, he looked on in shame. He was diseased from prostitutes and strippers. He was an idiot, a moron, irresponsible with his own cock. He didn’t deserve it. Amy didn’t deserve it. She deserved better. She deserved stronger. She deserved Reyna.

“You have gained value from your work and your position,” said Reyna. “Now you will wait on us. You will become my butler, and if you prove yourself trustworthy, you may have authority again, ruling my other staff. But if you cannot be trusted with even that, I can find more menial labor for you.”

James nodded, watching as Reyna began to pulse her hips, slowly humping his wife’s face. His wife looked so happy, so beautiful, serving someone so strong, someone he could never hope to be or emulate.

“You want to worship me,” said Reyna. It was not a question.

James nodded.

“Worship by serving me.”

James slowly lowered himself to his knees.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” said Reyna as she stroked his ex-wife’s hair.

James nodded.

“She will make a beautiful maid,” said Reyna absent mindedly.

Amy didn’t look up at that, instead, she put her hand back to her pussy. She wanted to serve. That is all she knew. For too long she had been a little ruler, and she had been a fool. Reyna had been so kind to take from them what they could not manage.

“You will be my personal servant,” said Reyna, “waiting on me all the time. Is that understood?” she asked.

“Yes, goddess,” moaned Amy. She was close to cumming.

“You will answer to her,” said Reyna to James. “When she speaks, it is as though I speak.”

“Yes, goddess,” whispered James. He would not moan. He could not anymore. Sex was a curse to him. Eroticism was a distraction. To be truly happy, James needed to be asexual. He needed to know his place and love it.

That is what Reyna had given them. As Amy began to shiver with orgasm, Reyna smiled at the thought. That was their Christmas present from her: their place.