The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Weighty Warning

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Not sure exactly how the idea hit me, it just did and stuck in. Perhaps a bit dark, but hopefully good, I’ll let you be the judge. Enjoy.

It was silent in the street, the hustle and bustle of the hotel on the other side seeming far away despite being only a few feet away. As such, no one noticed the car standing under the light of a street lamp from above. Even if they had, they probably wouldn’t have really looked at it twice, despite the fact the car was expensive. That there was a man and woman inside was nothing special either. If someone had taken a closer look, however, they might have noticed something rather strange after all.

There was a woman sitting in the passenger seat, wearing a nice dress that showed off all the contours of her shapely body, her dark brown hair flowing around her beautiful face which right now held a blank expression. Her glazed eyes were fixed on a crystal spinning on a chain before her face, facets of light playing across her features as the man holding the crystal spoke.

“You will remember none of this,” Ross said. He was a good-looking man in his late twenties, dark haired, wearing a nice suit, his voice low and even as he spoke to his “date.” “Nothing at all. When you get out of the car, you will begin to walk away. With every step, you will come more and more awake again, you will come back awake more with every step. By the time you’re ready to cross the street, you’ll be totally awake and will have no memory of this, no memory at all. Should you ever hear me say the words ‘crystal sleep,’ you’ll fall back into this hypnotic state and do what I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes......” she whispered.

“Good,” Ross nodded. “Very good. Now, leave.” He watched her step out and walk away, her robotic motions slowly becoming more natural as she came out of her trance. He kept his eyes glued to that terrific ass and smiled as she left. Damn, the woman was a tigress, one of his best picks yet.

Ross was glad yet again for the great hypnosis lessons he’d taken in that mail-order course. It was all so simple. Just keep his voice even, give someone something to look at as a focal point and soon, he had them. Sometimes, it’d take a little more work to get the level of trance he wanted but it all added up to plenty of fun and personal gain in the end.

After finding he had a knack for instilling trances, Ross had gone about to gain quite the collection of beauties. His roommate’s girlfriend was first, then his sister, getting the two together for some hot nights. He’d managed to “persuade” his female boss to first give him a raise, then to let him “work late” with her in the office. He soon used his skills on various women at bars, having them eating out of his hand (and other places) in no time, forgetting boyfriends or husbands, just focusing on him. This woman was a great choice for that. She was a great subject, going under fast and listening to his suggestions to get her to open up into making love to him. Too bad she had to go back to her husband, it would have been a blast enjoying her all night.

Ross put the key back into the ignition, ready to start up the car and go home. He was still a little randy, maybe his roommate’s girlfriend was over. He could put his buddy under and then fuck her all night for some fun. Before he could make definite plans, the passenger door opened and a figure unexpectedly plopped into the seat next to him.

Ross started as he saw the man. He was middle-aged, gray in his scraggly hair and bushy beard, the suit he was wearing an obvious hand me down, dusty and ragged and getting stains all over the expensive leather seats. He wore tattered gloves and a cap and Ross could see a large bag at his worn-out shoes. The man was obviously homeless and although he seemed too pathetic to be a danger, Ross didn’t want him around.

“Get the hell out!” he yelled. “Come on, out, no handouts today! You’re messing up the seat!”

The man just stared at him and Ross saw how, although a tad bloodshot, his eyes still carried a lot of power to them. “I know what you’re doing,” the man said in a slightly hoarse but still strong voice.

“What?” Ross said.

“I saw that girl,” the man replied. “I saw you with her, waving the crystal. I saw the wedding ring on her hand. I’ve seen you a few times around here, same circumstances, different women. I know what you’re doing.”

“Really?” Ross said, raising an eyebrow.

The man nodded. “You’re hypnotizing them, bringing them into the proper trance state, giving them suggestions. Perhaps they’re having a dream or living a fantasy, maybe you make them think they’re a boyfriend or husband or they’re back in time with someone they once loved. It all adds up to the same thing, you make them have sex with you.”

Although taken aback by the informative tone and the almost professional manner, Ross was still a little belligerent of the man. “So what?” he smiled. “What are you going to do, tell on me? Who’s going to believe a bum over a successful man?”

“No one, probably,” the man shrugged. “I know I can’t stop you and can’t really impede you. But I do want to warn you.”

“Warn me?” Ross frowned in disbelief. “Warn me about what?”

“About the dangers you’re getting into,” the man said in a tone that indicated he knew what he was talking about. “About the consequences of just messing with someone’s mind.”

“And you’d know?” Ross said. The man leaned forward, his eyes boring into Ross’s, causing him to lean back a bit.

“Oh, yes, I know,” the man said. “Believe me, my friend, I know.” He leaned back in his seat, staring out the windshield as, despite himself, Ross sat back to listen as the man began to speak.

My name is Joshua Parrish and I was like you once. Young, arrogant, thought the world was my oyster. I was a privileged child, getting the best education possible yet didn’t really connect to anyone. Perhaps if I had, I could have avoided all that was going to happen.

It was in college that I learned psychology and more importantly, hypnosis and learned a way to truly connect to women. I was good at it, I was very, very good. I’d practice on my own, the sort of practice you’ve no doubt done yourself for the same reason. It wasn’t long before I had almost twenty of the best-looking women on campus under my control, a single phrase all it would take to make them my willing and loving slaves.

Well, I graduated top of my class, helped no doubt by my having a few teachers under my power. Anyway, I set up a private practice which soon thrived. It was a good setup. I’d help old clients, getting some “donations” in the form of more money or perhaps a “quickie” or two with some of the more attractive female ones. So, I had women, wealth, all that I wanted. Of course, that’s when I ended up losing it.

“How?” Ross asked.

Joshua sighed and rubbed his beard. “That, my friend, is a tragedy, one that pains me to remember, yet I have to. For your sake.”

About two years after I started, I was given a case from a rich woman, to help her teenaged daughter, Amy, out. She had a severe weight problem, you see, low self-esteem leading to overeating, putting her dangerously above what would be her normal weight. It was a tricky problem, to try and get her to cut down and quickly.

Well, hypnosis was the obvious choice. I noticed right then that Amy was a very attractive woman, despite her weight and felt she’d be a true beauty if I could get her to slim down. So, I put her under—

“How?” Ross asked. “I’m really curious.”

“Simple countdown technique,” Joshua sighed. “I went more for such things than swinging props or such. May I continue?”

“By all means,” Ross said, really curious by now.

Well, I put her under and talked to her. I told her that she would have to cut down on the food, she would have to drastically cut down on the food, cut out all fats, cheese, that sort of thing, only fruits and vegetables and some milk, that was all she would have. Well, it was a simple command, I put it in, then woke her up and made an appointment for a few weeks later.

There, I could tell the suggestions had taken hold. She had lost at least fifteen pounds and was looking much better, her blond hair framing a face that seemed even more attractive. I put her back under and gave her further suggestions, to continue to eat a little less and now to exercise too, to do a great exercise regiment every single day while keeping down on the food.

She returned another week later, a few pounds lighter and I knew I was almost there. I put her under again and tested her a bit. She was still a virgin, not surprisingly given her weight, but was open to a little experimentation. So, I told her she was now ready for a little snack and had her open her mouth while I inserted my cock. I had her suck me off and she was quite good at it too, licking and sucking and pinching my balls so I soon came in her mouth. I told her to keep up the exercises but now with an addition. That whenever she did exercise, she’d become very aroused, she’d be very, very aroused whenever she exercised.

By this point, her family was getting ready to move to another state so I knew I didn’t have much time. Thankfully, our next appointment settled all of that. She was incredible, nearly a size two and quite beautiful now and sexed up to boot, in a tight outfit. I put her back under and she told how, working out late at the gym, she’d run into a hunky employee and they’d made love that night. So, losing her virginity definitely opened a possibility.

I quickly brought her back to that memory, making her believe she was back with that hunk in the gym, all revved up from a workout and ready to have some fun. She undressed and her body showed great progress, thin but her breasts were still heavy and full. She was amazing, bringing me down, kissing me hard, letting me work my cock in her, urging me to screw her over again and again, which I was only glad to do. She was quite amazing, definitely would have made any future boyfriend or husband happy.

Well, I knew this would be probably our only time before she left so I made the most of it, fucking her on her back, having her ride my cock, nailing her from behind, having her suck me off, it was quite the experience, I haven’t had that many women who could make me so hot. Sadly, it had to end so I put her back under, told her to forget everything that had happened and sent her away. I still remember her thanking me for all I had done for her, unaware of what I had done to her. I said goodbye and went back to my office, preparing for my next client.

Joshua paused, rubbing at his face and looking away. “What?” Ross said. “What, I don’t get it, why are you telling me this?”

Joshua sighed and looked back at him. “She moved away and I attended a conference in Europe for a while, having some fun with some foreign ladies and learning new techniques. I returned to go over my mail, past things and such. Among them was a letter from Amy’s parents. They wanted to thank me for my help with her and to inform me that.......That......”

Ross watched him wipe at his face. “What?” he asked impatiently.

Joshua looked back at him with fire in his eyes. “That Amy had died a week before. Her body went into convulsions while at the gym. The fact that by this point she weighed almost 80 pounds didn’t help.”

Ross stared at him in horror. “You mean.....” he said softly. “You mean she.....You didn’t....You never......”

“I never removed the suggestions to keep exercising with a vengeance and eat as little as possible,” Joshua whispered sadly. “She just kept going at it, hiding how her ribs were visible under her shirts, still eating an apple, some water, maybe a sandwich in an entire day and doing the same exercise routine that would tire an Olympian athlete. The human body just can’t handle a stress level like that and.....broke down.”

Ross sat back, stunned, Joshua’s story impacting on him hard. “Did.....Did anyone know?”

“They never connected it to me,” Joshua said. “I kept it mainly quite, just told her parents I was helping her focus, not the exact suggestions. So, no, no one realized I had caused it. It didn’t really matter though. What mattered is that I knew. I knew and I had to bear that guilt for a lifetime. Which I have.”

Ross stared at him. “That’s why you’re......” He nodded at Joshua’s coat.

The former psychiatrist nodded. “I couldn’t do it anymore. I’d sit in my home, my car, my belongings and knew I’d gotten them all by the same methods that had driven that poor girl to her death. So, I went about trying to fix things. I went to my clients, removed all the suggestions, triggers, everything that held them back. I gave my money away to charities, women’s support groups, that sort of thing. And I just went out for a walk with just the clothes on my back and money long spent.”

He looked out the window and then back to Ross. “I don’t pretend this will ever make up for what I’ve done,” he said softly. “It won’t, it can’t. It’s not for me to judge in the end. All I know is that I took a wonderful young woman and caused her death just because I wanted a hot young thing to play with.”

He leaned in, eyes boring on Ross. “I can’t stop you, as I’ve said. And I can’t help how this story will influence you. What you do now is your decision, not mine, we’ll probably never see each other again. I know it’s still so tempting to use the power and you probably think you can avoid what I did, that you’re smarter and won’t make the same mistakes. Who knows, maybe you’re right. But I wanted to tell you my story anyway, tell you what you may face. We never think of how these women are effected. Maybe we should. As I said, your decision. You’ll have to live with the choice.”

He opened the door and got ready to step out. “Wait,” Ross choked out, moving a hand to his wallet.

“No,” Joshua said, holding up a hand. “No, I don’t want any hand-outs, that’s not what I’m here for. I’ve earned this fate, my young friend. Earned it and twice besides. I hope whatever your choice you avoid my fate. Think on that. Think on that hard.”

He shut the door and walked off into an alleyway, swallowed in the shadows. Ross watched him leave, then slowly looked down to the pendant still held in his hand. A part of him was saying that just because it happened to that man didn’t mean it’d happen to him, he could avoid it. At least, he thought he could. But what if he couldn’t? What if he did something like that or worse? What if........

A clap of thunder came and rain started to fall, smacking on the roof of the car. Ross sat there, his crystal in one hand, his key in the other, simply thinking through it all..........