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The Wellington House

* * *
CODES: mf, md, mc, gr, bd

SYNOPSIS: Charlotte is going to The Wellington House for a well deserved getaway, at least well deserved in her opinion.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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* * *

Chapter 1 — Happy Home

Charlotte looked in the mirror closely, examining the fine lines that were starting to form around her eyes and on her forehead, but she didn’t frown or get upset, instead a smile crossed her lips.

“Good thing Braxton’s bank account is big... that makes one thing!” she thought to herself and let out a little chuckle.

“What was that dear?” Braxton said from the bedroom and then stuck his head around the corner of the door.

“Oh nothing honey, just thinking about how good it will be to get away for a bit.”

Braxton smiled and nodded, “Oh, yes, that’s great. Well, I have to get into the office, give me a call before you head to the airport.”

She smiled back at him and nodded, knowing full well she had no intention of doing such a thing.

Charlotte was, by all reports and her own admission, a conniving, manipulative bitch, even if she did manage to hide it well.

At 29 she had everything she wanted; a rich husband who wasn’t stingy, that she could wrap around her little finger, and the respect or more likely fear of her social circle.

Things she never considered growing up on the “wrong” side of the tracks, dirt poor. She’d learned early that the one thing she did have was her looks. Long lush brown, almost black, hair, a nice “girl next door” roundish face, proportional features all around, including a modest but substantial bust, and a thin, almost athletic frame.

She put it to good use early in life, spending what little money she had on makeup and clothing that enhanced her appearance. She quickly started moving up the social ladder, learning quickly from each new boyfriend, until she’d managed to get into the upper echelons of the city.

Braxton had been her final conquest.

Rich with old money, a name that everyone in the city knew, always on the list of most eligible bachelors, she’d turned up her charm to 110% and soon enough they were dating.

Now, seven years later, they were happily married and settled into their life together.

Happy might have been a bit of a stretch of course, she was happy. Braxton, less so.

She knew about his dalliances of course; the girl he’d hired as his executive assistant with no qualifications other than her big tits, the blonde that came in twice a week to “clean” the house... and his dick. She assumed there were others as well, but they didn’t bother her in the slightest.

After all, if he was getting his dick wet in some other pussy, she didn’t have to put out herself, which suited her just fine.

She heard the front door open and close and she turned back to the mirror, checking her roots, the grey was starting to show, but she just smiled again.

Her little “getaway” was a very expensive trip to an exclusive spa called the Wellington House, that Braxton was of course paying for, where they would take care of all these little things that age was starting to bring out.

She picked up her travel bag of makeup and other essentials and walked out to the master bedroom, placing it in the open luggage, she looked back to the closet. It was full of designer clothing, suits, dresses, shoes, you name it. She looked at the suitcase and double-checked she had everything she wanted, they were mostly more comfortable things like yoga pants and tops, but there were a few of her favourite dresses in there too... just in case.

She closed the suitcase up and left it there, their driver would come and get it before they left for the airport, so she had some time to head downstairs and get some breakfast.

Chapter 2 — The Wellington House

Charlotte sat in the exam room as Dr. Thompson poked and prodded at her face. He was an older gentleman, probably in his late fourties, with a grey beard and slightly thinning hair, a set of thin professional looking glasses, but looked exactly like she’d want a doctor to in his white lab coat. He stepped back and nodded before he picked up a camera and pointed it towards her.

“Alright, now just stay relaxed.” he said and snapped several photos from various angles.

“Good. I think we can get some great results, you’ve come to us early enough, and our techniques have really improved in the last few years. Here, let me show you.” he said and motioned her to come over and join him in front of the computer that he set the camera down beside.

She pushed off the exam table and walked over just as the photos he’d taken loaded up on screen. He selected one and it filled the left side of the screen, a moment later a new image appeared on the right side. The new image had none of the fine lines around her eyes, her skin looked at least five years younger, and overall it was impressive.

“You can really get that kind of result for me?” she asked, a little suspicious.

“Oh, most certainly. We’re the most advanced beauty facility in the world. We’ll have you looking like you were twenty-four, or even younger, again in no time.”

She smiled and nodded. She’d heard amazing things about the Wellington House from some of her friends, and based on the price, they’d better be able to deliver.

“Great, what’s next then?” she asked.

“Head back to your room and relax, one of the nurses will let you know when your procedure is scheduled. Should be tomorrow but we are quite busy so it might be the next day at worst. In the meantime, enjoy our world-class spa services.”

She smiled and nodded before she headed back to her room to get changed into something to head out to the pool and relax in.

* * *

Charlotte felt groggy, which was to be expected after surgery, but there was something else as well. She could tell she was laying flat, most likely in a recovery bed, and she could see the cold white ceiling and the tops of the walls, but she couldn’t seem to even turn her head to either side, and she couldn’t feel anything below her neck.

“What... what’s going on?” she managed to half mumble.

“Ah, you’re awake, good.” she heard Dr. Thompson’s voice to her side say.

He came into view holding a tablet in his hands and flicking through the screens. She let out a little moan which got his attention and he put the tablet down onto what she assumed was a table at the side of her bed.

“Sorry, got distracted there for a moment. Good news though, everything went very well. No complications and the healing is already splendid.” he said with a smile.

The smile left his lips and turned into a stern look, “I’m not sure how to tell you this, other than just to say it, but I’m afraid we’ve done more than you requested. Or more precisely, we’ve done exactly what your husband requested.”

A sudden concern crashed over her and she raised an eyebrow, or at least tried to, she wasn’t really sure if she managed to do it, but at least the grogginess was fading fast.

“What... what do you mean!?!” she said with as much concern as she could muster in her voice.

Dr. Thompson let out a sigh and picked up the tablet again, “It will be easier if I show you while I explain.” he replied.

A few taps later and he held the tablet in front of her, but just to the side, on it was a live video feed from a camera that was pointing down at her.

Her eyes went wide and she screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK!”

A string of profanities came from her lips for the next several minutes as Dr. Thompson simply stood there, letting the tablet fall to his side, until she ran out of steam.

“All done?” he asked calmly when it was over.

She just stared at him, not knowing what to say, until he held the tablet up for her to see again.

This time she managed to keep quiet and get a better look at what she was seeing. Dr. Thompson was standing in the image, holding the tablet, but she was also laid out on the bed, completely naked.

She hadn’t been able to tell she was naked, but that wasn’t the most concerning part of what she saw. No, more concerning was the fact that she looked very, very different. Her hair was gone, her face looked different, her lips were puffy and large, her breasts were massive, her waist was tiny, and her hips flared out before trailing off to impossibly long-looking legs.

“What the fuck have you done to me...” she asked hoarsely from the yelling.

He took the tablet away and tapped on it, then used his fingers to zoom in, before turning it back to her.

“Well, let’s start at the top.” he said and she saw a zoomed-in view of her face.

There were several things that surprised her about the image, the first was that she wasn’t bald, not exactly at least. Yes her head had been shaven at some point, but there was fine stubble on her head, just not of her normal hair colour. Instead, tiny strands of blonde, almost white, hair covered her head.

“We shaved your head for a couple reasons, the first was to make sure the genetic re-coding took hold, which it has wonderfully. That’s your natural colour now, it will grow out about twice as quickly as before and have a nice medium coarseness to it. Next we altered your eye pigment as well.”

She blinked and focused on her iris’ in the image and for the first time noticed that her normal brown eyes were clear sky blue. But there was something else about her eyes as well.

“We did open them up a bit as well, you’ll have almost a surprised look by default now. As for your nose we didn’t have to do too much, just sculpt it a bit. We also removed the buccal fat in your cheeks to thin down the look of your face a little.” he continued.

Her nose did seem mostly the same, perhaps just a touch smaller and less pointy and her face did appear slimmer.

“You’re lips were of course another matter altogether. We used the latest silicone implant in them, no need to get them redone in the future.”

She looked at her lips in horror, they were huge and stuck out from her face. In the image they were “closed” but not really, there was a small gap between them that she could feel now. She pushed her lips together as much as she could and felt them come together completely, but it was hard to do.

“Yes, I’m afraid you’ll find it impossible to maintain, at your husband’s request.”

“That fucking bastard! I’m gonna cut off his tiny dick when I get back!” she shouted once more only to watch Dr. Thompson roll his eyes.

“What the fuck was that!?!” she screamed at him with an attempted scowl.

He sighed and shook his head, “Do you really think we’d do all this just to send you back to him and hurt him?”

She blinked several times and was at a loss for words, in her anger, she hadn’t considered the future all that much.

“But we’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s finish off the other changes your husband has made.” he said and then tapped the tablet to dismiss the zoomed-in image, returning to her full body view.

“I’m quite happy with how your breast augmentation came out, you had so little tissue to work with, at least for the desired size.” he said.

She stared at the image, the two large round globes on her chest seemed impossibly large. She’d always considered herself a small C cup, but that was nothing to compare to what she had now.

“2000cc’s in each one, we had to use the latest generation of tissue expansion drugs on the market... well, technically they aren’t on the market yet, but we have access to them anyway. It took twelve hours to expand the tissue enough to insert the implants properly. And if I do say so myself, they came out perfectly. Not a single stretch mark to be seen.”

Her eyes darted over to the doctor and then back to the tablet several times, “How... how are they...”

“Defying gravity?” he asked, “Well we installed an internal bra at the same time. Keeps them perfectly in place no matter what position you’re in. And they won’t sag or settle even in the slightest.”

She whimpered a little, but he just continued, “As for your waist, we removed a rib on each side, and used a similar process to your internal bra, to install an internal corset. Along with an aggressive liposuction, the result is quite striking.”

Her eyes finally made it past her breasts and he couldn’t argue with him, it was like someone had taken a zip tie and cinched it in tightly to compress her waist.

“You won’t be able to see it clearly, but we took that lipo’d fat and transferred it to your buttocks. We didn’t have to use as much of the tissue expansion drug there, but it did take a couple of hours to get the kind of bottom that seems to be all the rage these days. And finally we made a slight adjustment to the tendons in your feet, you’ll find it hard to stand flatfooted, but wearing heels will be a breeze now.”

She wanted to scream some more at him, but instead just glared, then blinked, and finally asked a question.

“That’s not all is it?”

He shook his head from side to side, “No, no it isn’t. It probably escaped your notice, due to the more obvious changes, but there are a few other things we did. We did get that five-year rejuvenation to your skin complete, perhaps even a little more. At the same time we did a permanent hair removal from your neck down... well technically from your eyebrows down, but you get the point I’m sure.” he said and then set the tablet down again.

Two more questions jumped to the front of her mind, “All of this should have taken weeks to heal, how...”

He smiled and nodded, “Well, two things there. The first is that you’ve actually been out for three days while the healing progressed. The second is that, like the tissue expansion drug, we have access to several drugs that dramatically speed up the healing process. There are risks with these drugs, most notably a pretty high mortality rate, but that’s not too high on our list of concerns here.”

A sudden dread filled her and she hesitated before asking the second question, to which she now doubted she’d like the answer for.

“You said earlier you shaved my head for several reasons, not just the colour change...”

“Very good, you are correct. There is one last surgical procedure we did while you were under, and is in fact why you can’t move at the moment. We installed a small device at the base of your brain stem, it has spent the last three days fully integrating with your brain stem and your nervous system. At the moment, it’s not much use other than to shut off your motor control, but that will change.”

“Fuck you.” was all she could get out in a low, angry voice.

“Perhaps later, right now we have a few more things to go over. The first is that over the next few weeks the device is going to learn how your nervous system works, but that’s going to require you to use your nervous system.”

Hope sprung up in her, if they let her move, she might be able to escape.

“Don’t get your hopes up though...” he said and shuffled for something, finding it he held it up in front of her, it was a small black FOB of some kind.

“This is a panic button. Every staff member here has one, if any of them click the button, it will shut off your body instantly. Likewise, the device in your head is geo-fenced. At the moment it’s fenced to this room. You take a step out of it and you’ll drop like a rag-doll.”

Her little bit of hope quickly disappeared.

“There is one last change that we’ve made to you, though it was done after surgery, we’ve increased the nerve density in a few parts of your body, that I’m sure you can surely guess. But to be clear, your lips and parts of your mouth and throat, the cavity between your breasts, your nipples, your clit, your outer and inner virginal walls, as well as your anus.”

“Why would you...” she stuttered, not sure what he was getting at by telling her this.

“Well, I’m not a monster, though I think your husband might be. Not that it makes any difference to me, but I thought you should know. He’s requested some very specific behaviour from you, and this will make it easier to get them. You see, the device is going to learn all about how your body works as we have you do different tasks. From sitting, to standing, to walking, to brushing your teeth. It’s also going to learn what causes you pleasure and pain, and in what intensities.

Once it’s learned all of that, we can program it to alter any of those signals going to or from your brain. We can block them, mute them a little, or a lot, or amplify them.

For example, your husband wants to make the cavity between your breasts just as sexually stimulating to you as if someone was playing with your clit.” Dr. Thompson finally finished.

She didn’t know what to say, what could she say?

“You’re... you’re insane...” she finally managed to get out.

“Oh not at all. We’re quite good at this actually. The device is going to flood your mind with endorphins and dopamine when you comply with what we want, and starve you of them when you don’t. It’s a technique that’s been used for a long time, just with much cruder drug techniques. Given enough time and effort, you’ll be completely compliant with what your husband wants.”

He said it so calmly and certainly she wondered if he was insane, or she was.

“You... you don’t have enough time though.” she said, as she did the math in her head.

“If I’ve been under for three days, and there was my arrival day, and then my surgery day, I’ve been gone for five days out of six. I’m due back tomorrow night!”

Dr. Thompson shook his head and chuckled a little, “As I said before, do you really think we’d do all this without a plan?”

“What... what do you mean?”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait and see, your husband didn’t want to spoil the surprise. In the meantime, I’ll let you process what I’ve said. Tomorrow we’ll get started on the rest of your stay.” he said and then left her sight as he turned and walked away.

She heard a door open and then his footsteps stopped, “Oh, one last thing to think about. Fight it or don’t fight it, it will make little difference to the outcome, but as I said, I’m not a monster, so consider accepting what is happening. I’ve seen several women struggle hard, and cause themselves more distress because of it, only to fail like all the others at the end.”

His footsteps started again and a moment later the door gently closed behind him, leaving her there, staring at the ceiling.

Chapter 3 — First Steps

True to his word, Dr. Thompson returned the next day, or what she assumed was the next day, it was hard to tell as there were no windows in her room and she had gotten very little sleep. She was still completely immobilized and had only been able to stare at the ceiling when she was awake.

“Good morning Charlotte, how are you feeling today?” he asked in a chipper voice.

“Fine.” she replied through gritted teeth.

“That’s good. Still undecided if you’re going to fight it or not though I see. That’s fine, expected even. Let’s get started and see if you make up your mind in the next couple of days.”

She grunted a response and he took the tablet from her bedside and tapped away on it for a moment.

“Alright, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to reduce the device’s blocking of your nervous system by 10%. That will let you start to feel your body and be able to do slight movements. Probably wiggle your fingers and toes a bit. If everything seems fine, I’ll increase it by another 10% and we’ll repeat until I’ve removed the block completely. How does that sound?”

“Fine.” she gave the same response which seemed to bring a smile to his face.

“Good... here we go.” he said and tapped the screen.

Her whole body tingled and she gasped a little.

“You’ll likely feel some... discomfort as we go. You aren’t fully healed from your surgeries yet and we don’t know how well the nerve density drug worked yet.” he said and then paused for a moment, “Ready for the next level?”

“I think so.” she replied, a little more concern in her voice.

He tapped the screen again and this time the tingling increased significantly, “Ahhhh!” she cried out, but at the same time she felt her hands and feet twitch.

“Excellent!” Dr. Thompson exclaimed, seeing the movement as well.

The tingling started to subside just as he spoke again, “Alright, now focus on lifting your hand and arm a little.”

She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, giving it her all until she finally felt her arm lift up a little, for a moment, before collapsing back down. She gasped for breath at how hard it was, but also felt some amount of pride in having done it.

“Perfect.” he said and didn’t even ask before moving to the next level.

* * *

Charlotte laid in bed and breathed heavily, getting to 100% had been far harder than she thought and her body ached all over.

In her naivety she’d thought she might be able to attack Dr. Thompson when he’d turned off the blocking the device was doing, but that was impossible. Even fully unblocked she could hardly move, each time she tried her muscles screamed out in pain.

Fortunately, soon after the doctor had left, reminding her once more that leaving the room would be impossible before he did, a nurse had come in with pain medication.

She’d hesitated to take it, not knowing if it really was pain medication... or if it was more than “just” pain medication, but in the end had swallowed it, along with the proffered water.

It had kicked in not long after and now the pressure in her abdomen was telling her it was time to try and make it to the bathroom. She sighed and sat upright, struggling at the weight of her breasts, and the numbed, but still there, pain.

After a few minutes, she managed to get her legs over the side of the bed and look down at a pair of shoes waiting for her. They were very plain and white, but had a good three-inch heel on them.

Dr. Thompson’s voice echoed in her head,

“We made a slight adjustment to the tendons in your feet, you’ll find it hard to stand flatfooted,

but wearing heels will be a breeze now.”

A shiver ran down her spine as she gently slipped her feet into the shoes, her toes pointing downward naturally as she did so. Then, bracing herself, she pushed up off the bed and stood.

Her arms flew out to her sides and windmilled as the weight of her breasts pulled her forward, she reached back and took hold of the bed to steady herself just in time and remained upright.

Then, she took a slow, careful step forward toward the bathroom. Then another, and another, until she was at it’s door. The relief she felt from her victory was short-lived as she realized she’d just taken the first steps to training the device in her head.

* * *

It had been three days since she’d managed to get to the bathroom that first time, and walking was no longer a struggle. She could stand up and walk around the room with relative ease, she’d been slowly getting use to her new centre of gravity, and she no longer even needed the pain medication.

They’d even given her a simple hospital gown, though tailored to her new extreme figure, to wear. She looked ridiculous in it, but it at least meant she didn’t have to walk around naked.

Dr. Thompson continued to come in each morning to check on her, he seemed quite satisfied with her progress, but made no other comments except a little small talk.

When he had left that morning, she’d decided it was time to test her luck.

The nurse had come in to check on her a while later, then like each day, she had been left alone in her room. She’d investigated each and every corner of it once she was walking better, and to her disappointment, found it to be like every other hospital room in the world. White, bland, and antiseptic.

So like yesterday, she’d gone to the bathroom, had an amazing hot shower and then put on her gown. This time though, instead of returning to her bed, she turned right and put her hand on the door that led out to the hallway.

She gently turned the handle, trying not to make noise, until a faint click could be heard as the latch retracted. She gave a tug on the door and it swung inwards, just a little so she could look outside.

The hallway was unimpressive, across on the other side she could see several matching doors to both sides of hers, and more bland whiteness. What she didn’t see was any people.

She steeled herself and pulled the door open more, until she could slip out of it, then took a step outside, her head and foot crossing the threshold of the door frame first.

Before her high heel even touched the ground she felt her entire body turn to jello, her knees quivering, and she only just managed to pull herself back into the room before they gave out completely.

As soon as she did, her strength returned and she managed to avoid falling over like a rag-doll.

She let the door close completely and resignedly, walked back to her bed, her luck having gotten her nowhere.

Chapter 4 — Expanding Horizons

Charlotte hesitated but followed the nurse out of her room, as she entered the hallway she half expected her legs to give out, even after the nurse had assured her they would not.

She followed the nurse down the hallway and around the corner, coming into a larger open area full of exercise equipment.

“You now have access to the gym. You are to work out twice a day on each of the machines for at least five minutes each.” the nurse said and then turned and left.

Charlotte watched her walk away and then turned back to the gym. There were stationary bikes, weight-lifting machines, rowing machines, and others.

Having nothing else to do, though understanding the implications, she walked over to the closest one and started to use it.

* * *

Charlotte stared at the new TV on the wall at the foot of her bed and frowned, or at least she imagined she did. Her lips made it almost impossible to form any kind of expression really.

It had been there since she returned from the gym last night and no one had come by to explain it yet. She’d checked it for any kind of controls or a power switch, but found none.

“Good morning Charlotte.” Dr. Thompson said as he walked in for his morning check on her.

“Good morning Dr. Thompson.” she replied. She’d decided there was no point fighting it at the moment, they had complete control of her situation, so it was better to play along and wait for any opportunity that might present itself.

It hadn’t come in the two weeks she’d had access to the gym, but she could wait them out, she had little choice but to.

“Ah, I see you noticed the TV.” he said and then reached into his pocket and pulled out a remote control and then handed it to her.

She took it and turned it over once or twice.

“I’m afraid it doesn’t have any news or shows you might like on it, but it might help pass the time nonetheless.”

She nodded and tried her best to smile, “Thank you Dr. Thompson.”

She set the control down on her bedside table as Dr. Thompson did her morning routine checkup, when he was done, she headed to the gym, then hit the shower, before returning to her bed and the new TV.

Picking up the remote, she found the power button and pressed it, the TV coming to life and she nearly jumped out of bed at the sound and picture that were on it.


A large-breasted blonde woman was on all fours and being pounded from behind, her moans and groans filled her room far louder than she liked. She quickly changed the channel and at least the porn was gone, but it wasn’t all that much better.

In its place, she recognized the reality TV drivel of a famous family, whose real claim to fame was the sex tape one of them had “leaked”.

She changed the channel again and this time was confronted with a fashion show of some kind, a tiny woman was walking down a runway with a completely impractical outfit on.

Hitting the channel button again the image changed to a woman applying makeup to her face, she was explaining how to do it and what the best kinds of looks were for various events.

She sighed and hit the button again, only to be confronted with the blonde being fucked once more.

Charlotte shook her head and hit the power button, shutting the TV off and instead just laid back and closed her eyes for a while.

* * *

The TV clicked on and Charlotte sat up in surprise... had she hit the power button by accident?

She looked over at the remote on the bedside table and groaned. No, no she hadn’t.

It didn’t take her long to figure out that the TV turned itself on every 30 minutes during the day, each time resetting to the porn channel. Which meant she had two choices, keep the remote close and shut it off when it turned on, or head to the gym to avoid it completely.

She sighed and shut the TV off, then put the remote on the table before heading to the gym, unwilling to accept she only had two choices and figured this was in some way a third.

* * *

Charlotte rubbed her pussy as the porn on the TV played in the background, at the moment there was a woman sucking a man’s dick like her life depended on it.

After a week of fighting with the TV’s constant interruptions, switching it to one of the other channels or turning it off, she’d finally given up. Besides which, she had to admit she’d been getting hornier and hornier each time it flicked on.

It had been several months since the last time she’d fucked Braxton, and she was a woman after all, she had needs too. And so this time when it turned on, she’d decided to relieve some of her own stress with a quick masturbation session.

She had to admit though that it was going amazingly well! She’d always been sensitive, but nothing like this. Just touching her clit had almost made her climax right off the bat.

She’d cooled down a bit before resuming, this time being more careful to go slowly, and now she was well on her way to an amazing orgasm. She was currently gently rubbing her clit in a circular motion and her whole body was tingling with pleasure as she reclined with her eyes closed.

POP Oh god Braxton, I love sucking your cock!” the TV blared and two things happened simultaneously.

The first was Charlotte’s eyes popped open wide in surprise at Braxton’s name.

The second was her finger involuntarily pushed down hard on her clit, sending an orgasm crashing over her.

“What... oh my goooooodddddddd!” she cried out as her whole body convulsed on the bed.

* * *

“You can’t be serious!?!” Charlotte said as Dr. Thompson held the tray in front of him.

“Quite serious.” he replied calmly and placed the tray on her bedside table.

It was filled with dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys.

She had known this day would come at some point, the last week of masturbating in front of the TV had made it clear that they’d switched the device from just monitoring to actively changing the signals to and from her brain.

She’d always enjoyed sex, and masturbating, but this last week was on a whole different level. It was like a drug, and a very addictive one at that.

“From now on you’ll use these to masturbate at least twice a day.” Dr. Thompson said and then smiled.

“Oh, and remember when I said I’ve seen several women struggle hard, and cause themselves more distress because of it? This is that moment for you, from here on out, it’s going to be very hard to continue to fight it, if you do at least.”

Then he walked out leaving her to stare at the tray of sex toys.

* * *

Charlotte slipped the dildo between her lips and let it touch the back of her throat, causing her whole body to shiver and tremble as a small orgasm came over her.

She’d tried to fight it for a day or two, refusing to masturbate or use the toys, but it had already been too late. She needed the hit of endorphins and dopamine that came with both the obedience and the orgasms.

Today she was sucking on the dildo holding it with one hand as her other squeezed her giant tit and played with her nipple. She orgasmed several more times before she finally finished.

She knew things were getting bad for her, she seldom thought about escape or disobeying now, in fact she thought of little else but sex and her appearance.

That had snuck up on her, her newfound focus on her appearance. She’d always been concerned with how she looked, it had been what had gotten her where she had been in life, but this was different.

It wasn’t just that she took care in her appearance, but she was focused on a very specific look. One that she’d watched for hours on the TV’s various channels, a look she could only describe as pornstar chic.

Big voluminous hair, heavy bright makeup, tight clothing that covered little of her skin and almost glowed with how neon the colours appeared.

She’d caught herself walking to the gym naked one day, but in full makeup, without feeling even a twinge of embarrassment. In fact she’d rushed back to her room and stuffed one of the vibrators between her tits and masturbated to the idea of walking around naked in public until she came several times.

That was something that hadn’t snuck up on her at all... the change in her masturbation preferences had become apparent very quickly.

She’d noticed it a week ago but tried to deny it for several days, but it was no use. She still enjoyed rubbing her clit and slipping a dildo between her legs, but they weren’t the most pleasurable techniques anymore, and in fact they seemed to be less pleasurable than she remembered now.

Dr. Thompson had told her that the channel between her tits would become an erogenous zone for her, but she had never thought that it would outshine her pussy. A shutter ran through her as the other thought that she had been trying to push down bubbled up to the top.

It wasn’t just her tits and mouth that were more pleasurable than her pussy these days... it was her ass as well.

She’d avoided it as much as possible, but there was no denying it, a dildo in her ass brought her to orgasms faster, and harder, than anything else.

Charlotte wondered how many other things Braxton had specified he wanted for her. Dr. Thompson had made it clear from the beginning that this was all Braxton’s doing, that he had specified what changes were being made to her.

She had no doubt that it included every detail of her new sexual preferences.

Chapter 5 — What’s in a name?

The TV was on and Charlotte was masturbating as usual. She had one hand under her ass, working the dildo that was sliding in and out of her anus, her other hand was pulling hard on her nipple.

“Oh god fuck my ass!” she cried out as another small orgasm crested.

The TV was muted, but Charlotte knew the scene by heart, “Yeah, harder, deeper! Fuck your anal slut good!” she cried out again and another orgasm crested.

She let out a moan and was about to say the next line when she heard Dr. Thompson clear his throat to her side. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she turned to see him standing there, watching her.

“Oh my god Dr. Thompson, I’m sorry!” she exclaimed and started to pull the dildo from her ass.

He raised his hand and waved at her, “Don’t stop on my account Charlotte.” he said.

Before she could get the dildo out of her ass she stopped, her face a mix of confusion, desire, and shame.

“But... ah... are you sure?” she managed to stutter out.

“Of course.” he said and waved her concerns away.

“Oh... ok.” she said and blushed before pushing the dildo back into her ass and turning back to the TV.

It took her a moment, but she caught back up to where the video was and she parted her lips once more, “Yes! Yes! Don’t stop! I want it! I need it! I’m your anal slut! I need your cock in my ass!”

More orgasms came, but they were even better now that she knew Dr. Thompson was watching her.

* * *

Dr. Thompson was standing beside Charlotte as she laid in her bed for his morning check-up. He was holding the tablet in front of him, reading from it.

“So Charlotte, if I said I wanted to fuck your pussy what would you say?” he asked.

Her face lit up as she responded, “Oh gosh, I’d love to have your cock in my pussy Dr. Thompson!”

Dr. Thompson checked something on the table and continued, “Good. Alright, now having asked that question, is there something else you would like me to fuck more than your pussy?” he asked.

Charlotte blushed and nodded. Dr. Thompson checked something else on his tablet.

“And what would that be?” he asked.

“My ass...” she replied as she bowed her head a little, “...or my tits... or my face... gosh, really, just about anything.” she finished.

Dr. Thompson checked another item on his tablet and nodded.

It was true of course, she loved masturbating with her pussy, and she could only imagine how much better it would be to have a nice hard dick inside of it, but it wasn’t anything in comparison to her other holes.

They were just so much better!

“Alright, one last question. What do you think of the name Cherry?” he asked.

Her world exploded in pleasure as she squealed in delight, “Oh my god, I love it!”

* * *

Cherry was on her knees sucking Dr. Thompson’s cock like she did every morning beside her bed, and she was in heaven!

“God Cherry, you suck harder than a Hover!” Dr. Thompson exclaimed and she doubled her efforts.

He reached down after a few more moments and took a handful of her mass of platinum-blonde hair and pulled her off his cock.

Her lips flapped like a fish for a moment, trying to get back onto his shaft, but then she looked up adoringly at him as he pulled her to her feet.

He let go of her hair and instead gave her left tit a slap, “Oh god baby, slap that big fake titty!” she cried out and pushed her tits forward to make sure he had easy access to them.

Instead, he put his hands on her hips and twirled her around and then pushed her down onto the bed. He gave her feet a little kick to each side and then grabbed two handfuls of her ass.

“Yes, yes! Grab Cherry’s fat ass!”

He let go of one of her ass cheeks and she turned her head over her shoulder just in time to see his hand coming down on her ass.

“Spank me hard baby! I’ve been so bad!”

She knew what was coming next, she wanted it more than anything, and he didn’t disappoint. He grabbed both of her ass cheeks again and pulled them apart, she reached around and held them apart for him as he pushed his cock up against her sphincter.

“Yes fuck Cherry’s ass! Cherry’s been a dirty little slut! Cherry needs her ass fucked so bad!”

And then all she could see was stars as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her.

Chapter 6 — Homeward Bound

Cherry double, no triple, checked her makeup as the butterflies in her stomach threatened to burst out and ruin everything.

Her shiny pink lip gloss was perfect, covering her luscious lips and drawing attention to them. Her light pink eyeliner was just right and the foundation she’d used covered over all of her pours to make her face look almost doll-like.

Her hair was big and bold, surrounding her head almost like an angelic halo, while still flowing down her back. She flicked a stray strand of it over her shoulder so that it didn’t come anywhere near her cleavage.

She smoothed her hands down her tight little pink one-piece dress that just covered her nipples at its top, and her pussy at its bottom.

On her feet were a matching set of towering pink patent leather heels that almost made her walk on her tippy toes, but not quite.

Satisfied as best she could be, she walked back out of the bathroom and over to her bed, picking up the small purse, she flipped it open. Inside was her ID card, an airline ticket, a few items of makeup like her lip gloss, and nothing else.

She pulled the ID card and held it up, smiling, she read the name on it to herself and a shiver of pleasure ran over her, “Cherry Mounds”.

Reading the rest of it just caused her confusion, like the fact that it had the wrong address on it, so she just pushed that out of her mind and put it away. The photo was a little weird as well, she couldn’t ever remember having her hair in quite that style, though it was definitely cute!

She closed her eyes for a moment and then steeled herself, there was nothing else to do, so she opened them again and reached out to take hold of the handle of the bright pink carry-on case and turned to walk to the door. Inside the case were just her essentials; a spare pair of shoes, a few of her favourite outfits, and of course lots more makeup and hair care products.

She strode to the door, her heels clicking on the hard floor and then she opened it, stepping outside to find Dr. Thompson waiting for her.

“Ready to go Cherry?” he asked, his gaze looking up and down her body, lingering on her tits just for a moment.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her again, god she loved it when he did that. Not as much as when he fucked her of course, but nonetheless, it was still an amazing feeling.

“I am, Dr. Thompson.” she replied with a nod and he waved her to start walking down the hallway, she knew he’d be watching her ass sway as they did.

When they arrived at the end of the hallway, where she had turned so many times to go to the gym, he stepped in front of her and swiped his security pass on the door and then it opened to an electronic buzz. On the other side was the front lobby of the Wellington House that she’d almost forgotten what it looked like, it had been so long since she’d been there.

Dr. Thompson once again waved her forward and she stepped across the threshold, half expecting her knees to give out, but finding they remained steady as she wiggled her ass towards the front doors. They became less steady as some of the people, staff and guests, that were in the lobby turned their heads to look at her.

She caught three men staring at her tits, two women side-eyeing her ass, and one man’s jaw almost on the floor as he gazed at her lips. It was almost too much, but she somehow managed to get to the door that opened automatically for her, and step out into the warm sunshine.

She took in a deep breath, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d smelt fresh air, it was exhilarating!

Dr. Thompson took her elbow though and guided her over to the limo that was parked in the driveway.

“Now then, this is Doug, he’s going to take you to the airport.” Dr. Thompson said as he indicated the man holding the door to the limo for her.

“Hi Doug! Nice to meet you.” she said, giving her tits a little shake as she waved at him, holding her purse with both hands in front of her.

“Hello Cherry, nice to meet you. Here, let me get that for you...” Doug said and took her carry-on case from her before walking around to the trunk.

“Doug will make sure you get to your gate. When you land, there will be another driver waiting for you at the arrivals, to take you home. Just look for the sign with your name on it.”

Cherry smiled and nodded, “Thank you Dr. Thompson, for everything.”

“My pleasure, Cherry.” he replied and waved her to enter the limo. She turned and placed one foot inside, then turned back.

“I just want to say that I can never repay you for all you’ve done for me, but if you’re ever out my way, I’d certainly like to try...” she said and blushed before ducking down into the car and letting Dr. Thompson close the door behind her.

* * *

Cherry had goosebumps... actual goosebumps! She’d landed and found the man holding up the sign with her name on it and now they were swiftly moving through traffic back home. She couldn’t wait to get there and see Braxton again.

Or more importantly, Braxton’s cock.

She’d been daydreaming about sucking his cock, sliding his cock between her tits, taking his cock in her ass, on the entire flight home. It had gotten so bad that she’d had to take a quick break in the bathroom to masturbate a bit, even if she hadn’t cum.

Of course the constant stares of the other passengers and crew hadn’t helped, but Dr. Thompson had been clear... no orgasms until Braxton said so.

It was so hard though, she wanted to so desperately give the guy sitting beside her a blowjob. He’d been staring at her tits since she’d sat down and been flirting with her after he’d worked up the courage.

But she’d let him down easy, and made sure he got a eye full as well... after all Dr. Thompson hadn’t said anything about flashing her tits.

The car made a turn and she looked out the window, recognizing the neighbourhood, she was almost home!

A minute later, the car came to a halt, the driver got out and walked around, opening her door and she almost bolted out of the car. She opened the front door and almost squealed in excitement.

“Braxton... I’m here!” she called out and there was a moment of silence until Braxton’s voice filled the house.

“In the living room Cherry.”

Just hearing his voice made her knees weak and she quickly made her way to the living room to find him standing there, a giant smile on his face.

“Braxton!” she squealed in excitement, so distracted, she didn’t consciously see that there was someone standing beside him for a moment.

When she did, confusion crossed her face and she tilted her head to the side, “Whaaaa...?” was all that she could muster as she stared at the woman.

“Oh Braxton, really? Is this your mistress? Some blow-up Barbie doll? I’m disappointed” the woman said.

“Well Charlotte, you know my taste in my side pieces tends towards big tits and dumb blondes. And Cherry is both of those in spades.”

Cherry’s brain misfired as she stared at the brunette beside Braxton, a brunette that looked identical to her... or at least what she had looked like before her visit to the Wellington House.

“She does have that vacant dump look down to an art by the looks of it. Well when I agreed to let you bring your side piece into our bedroom, I knew what I’d be getting into... mostly.”

“Braxton... what... I...” Cherry stuttered out.

“Ah, Charlotte, perhaps you should head up to the bedroom while I have a quick chat with Cherry. Just to calm her nerves.”

Charlotte rolled her eyes and gave out a tsk, “Fine, don’t be long though.” she said and then walked by Cherry.

Cherry’s brain finally caught up a little and as Charlotte walked by she noticed that she’d been wrong. Charlotte didn’t quite look identical to her old self.

Instead the new Charlotte had the skin that she’d had in her early 20’s, and it was flawless. Likewise the new Charlotte had larger breasts. Nowhere near as big as Cherry’s titties, but still, larger than she had before.

She turned back just in time to see Braxton come to a stop in front of her, “A little confused Cherry?” he asked.

She nodded, not sure what else to do.

“Let me explain then. You see when I found out about the Wellington House, I was just going to send you there for a quick ‘tune-up’. You know, a slightly better attitude, take a few years off. They call it their 30-for-30’s package. Thirty days at the spa for those who are 30 years old.”

She wanted to say something, but her lips refused to move.

“It would have been an anniversary present, or a birthday present, or whatever. A trip to the Wellington House, then overseas, as a cover story... you’d never make the second part, but no one would be the wiser. When you returned, I’d have a much more agreeable wife.” he said with a shrug.

“As part of the pre-screening that the Wellington House does, I’d sent them all of your details. What they found surprised me and changed my plans completely. I’d known you’d come from poverty, and that wasn’t a problem for me, but I guess it was a problem for your parents because it turns out you have a twin sister.”

Cherry’s eyes went wide, or at least they tried to but she doubted it looked as impressive as she felt it was.

“Your parents never told you, but they put her up for adoption as they couldn’t afford two children. She bounced around the foster system for a while, never really finding a permanent home, until she was old enough and ran away on her own. The Wellington House tracked her down and found her working a dead-end job as a waitress, it didn’t take much to entice her to take a better-paying job across the country at the Wellington House.” he continued with a smile.

“Once there, they wasted no time in getting her into the same kind of treatment you experienced, just with a different end goal. It didn’t take as long as your treatment took, she was already half broken by life, and honestly, once she realized what was happening, she accepted it pretty quickly. So by the time you arrived at the Wellington House, she was all ready to take your place and return ‘home’ a week later, just as you were scheduled to.”

Cherry shook her head from side to side slowly, “No... that’s... that’s not possible...” she muttered.

Braxton chuckled and smiled, “Oh it’s very possible. These last few months have been great too, the new Charlotte is a wildcat in bed. Eager and willing to please me in ways you were never going to. And so much nicer in public, you know she has made more friends in my social circle over these last few months than you did in 7 years? She even won over my mother!”

Cherry’s lips flapped, but no words came out.

“I have to admit that when she got all dressed up for court, you know, as ‘Cherry’, in that fake blonde wig, that stuffed push-up bra so she could get ‘her’ name legally changed, I actually couldn’t help myself and fucked her when she got home before she had a chance to change.”

“No... no... no...” said shaking her head.

“Ah, there she is.” Braxton said.

“You... you bastard! I’m going to call the police... you won’t get away...” she started to say but then Braxton held something up in front of her.

She recognized it immediately, the same small black FOB that Dr. Thompson had shown her so long ago.

“No, please.” she started to beg but Braxton just continued to smile.

Then he reached out and pulled down her dress, exposing her tits, and grabbed one, “That might be a little too much Charlotte... let’s take it down a notch.”

“Oh god! Squeeze that big fake titty!” Charl...rry said as pleasure coursed over her body.

“That’s better.” Braxton said and pulled her dress back up.

“Now then Cherry, we’re going to go up to the bedroom where the Charlotte is waiting for us. You’re going to pay a lot of attention to her, tell her how pretty she is, suck on her tits, lick her pussy. She’s probably going to tell you how much of a slut you are, how fake you look, that you’re a useless whore. When she does, make sure to thank her and agree with her.”

She blushed and bowed her head a little, “Of course Braxton, I am a fake slut whore after all.”

Braxton took her hand and led her up to the master bedroom, where Charlotte was waiting for them on the bed, naked, playing with her tits.

Cherry’s face flushed once again, “Oh my god, your titties are so nice!” she let out and then dove between Charlotte’s legs, her tongue quickly finding the Charlotte’s pussy.

“Right to the fucking point, isn’t she?” Charlotte said and then moaned as Cherry’s tongue worked its magic.

Out of the corner of her eye, Cherry watched Braxton walk over to the side of the bed and get undressed. She desperately wanted to raise her head and see his cock, but she didn’t dare. Her desire only got worse when Braxton took a step forward and Charlotte leaned over and sucked his cock between her lips.

After a few strokes up and down his shaft Charlotte popped off him and looked down at her, “Keep licking you stupid whore, I want to suck my husband’s cock some more.”

Cherry stopped only long enough to look up directly into Charlotte’s eyes and reply, “Thank you for letting this stupid whore lick your pussy ma’am.” and then she went right back to work.

* * *

Oh god, oh god, it was finally going to happen!

Cherry had been sucking, licking, and kissing Charlotte’s body for what seemed like hours. All three of them were naked now, and Braxton had played with Cherry’s titties, let her suck his cock a bit, and even given her ass a good spanking as she’d been licking Charlotte’s pussy, but now it was time.

Cherry was on her back, Charlotte was sitting on her face so Cherry could lick her pussy, but was also holding Cherry’s legs upright and backwards a little, positioning her ass perfectly for Braxton.

She could feel the tip of his cock hovering just in front of her sphincter!

“God I want to see you slam that into her ass.” Charlotte said and Cherry almost orgasmed right then and there.

Instead Charlotte started to rock her hips just as Braxton pushed into her ass and leaned forward to grab hold of her giant tits.

Her world exploded in pink fireworks as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her.

Chapter 7 — Epilogue

Cherry looked out of the window of her condo, the warm morning sun beaming in, as she sipped on her orange juice and finished her breakfast.

She looked at her watch and drank the last of the OJ before taking one last check of her makeup and heading out to the gym.

The condo was perfect, the gym was just a few buildings down the street to the left, and a salon was in the same building as the gym, and half a block to the right was a grocery store. Those things didn’t make it perfect though, what made it perfect was that it was directly across the street from Braxton’s office building.

That meant he could drop by before work, at lunch, or after work and pound her ass anytime he wanted.

This morning he’d texted her to let her know he’d be over at lunch, so she had some time for her morning routine. An hour or so at the gym, having all the guys stare at her and get her horny, then a quick stop at the salon to have her nails done, before picking up some groceries so she could make Braxton a nice home-cooked lunch.

It would take her an hour or more to recover from lunch, but if she didn’t get too distracted she’d have time in the afternoon for another trip to the gym. If not, she’d head down after dinner but before her shows came on.

Sunday night she’d head out to Braxton’s home for their weekly threesome with Charlotte. She liked Charlotte, she was kinda like the sister she’d never had, and the woman could use a strap-on almost as well as a real man!

As she walked down the street, men and women staring at her, she just couldn’t imagine her life being any better.

* * *

Thompson closed the folder and nodded to the man who sat across the desk from him.

“And no concerns?” Thompson asked.

“No Sir. No signs of slippage, she’s fully into her programmed routine. We’ll do wellness checks every month for the next six, then move it to the standard quarterly checks.”

Charlotte had been a long-term client at the Wellington House, requiring more time and effort than most, but like all clients, she came around in the end.

He’d had some reservations about leaving the old personality so close to the surface, but the husband had been very clear with what he wanted, and he had the FOB if anything should go wrong.

He could always send her back for a “tune-up” if required, but it didn’t look like it was going to be necessary.

Between the device in her head, the constant subliminal messages that had been broadcast in her room, along with the more obvious messages on the TV, they hardly needed to drug the food. But he didn’t do anything halfway, and she’d gotten the full package, just as the husband had wanted.

He’d almost felt sorry for the sister... what was her name again?

He looked at the man and waved him away, “Good job, keep me posted if anything changes.”

“Yes Sir.” he replied and then walked out of Thompson’s office.

Thompson opened the folder again and flipped through until he found what he was looking for, “Beverly” he half mumbled and nodded his head.

Beverly had been dealt the short straw in life, no fault of her own of course, and he disliked taking advantage of such situations. However his mind was soothed with the knowledge that it had doubled the profit as the husband had eagerly paid for a complete second package at the Wellington House for her.

He closed the binder once more and then stood up, walking from his office, through the main lobby, towards the door where his current client was well on her way.

A smile crossed his lips, he did enjoy his work, there was always such variety in it, even if this one was going to end up another blonde bimbo. Each case presented unique circumstances and challenges, and that never got old for him.