The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


6. Gulfstream (part 2)

NOTE: Includes a brief discussion of the nature of consensuality, plus a depiction of consensual anal sex.

“Roll over,” Mari commanded, and I did, whimpering despite myself, for more than one reason. She knelt beside me and I felt a fingertip trace its way slowly between my cheeks, circle my opening, gently caressing, more fingertips resting nearby, no claws. It went on for a minute or two, soothed me at a time I had a pretty good idea what would come next, and dreaded it.

“Feel the pleasure from my touch flowing up and down your body,” Mari whispered, her voice soft, low, reverberant. “Feel your conditioned mind dim as that pleasure flows. Feel your thoughts slow, recede, feel your mind becoming blank. Feel that wave of pleasure rise as I gently explore this new part of you, let that pleasure lead to orgasms without ejaculation even if I don’t snap my fingers. Each time that happens, the deeper you go into my power, into My control, loving every moment, willing and eager for more.”

Another minute or two of steadily heightening bliss, steadily decreasing awareness of anything beyond what she was making me feel, then her fingers withdrew, lightly tracing their way away, and their loss was an unfilled hole in me. But it wasn’t long before they returned, oily this time. One slowly, teasingly hesitated at my entrance, then a worming, spiraling sensation as it made its way gently inside, trailing goo.


I came, a different feeling than any I’d had before, my hard cock humping itself into the mattress, hips bucking, entrance clenching around that finger, one knuckle deep.

[SNAP] Gasps, guttural groans. Finger continuing its slow sensuous premiere on my interior stage.

[SNAP] Two knuckles deep, creeping inside so slowly, my kegel-strengthened passage spasming, awareness receding.

She nipped my earlobe and I came again, all without ejaculating.

Then another finger. Motionless, sensation saturating. And then three.

“Goooood boy,” Mari crooned, her lips brushing my ear, so close it was like her voice was inside me, and I was right back at the edge.

It felt like ... shit, like I needed to shit. But I was already so aroused, it felt like a whole new universe of shit, kinda queasy slippery and so much better than I could’ve imagined. My hips pressed down hard into the mattress, my cock pressed harder. I should’ve been too nervous to relax even with so many shattering pseudo-climaxes and near-continuous edging, but I was so close that my body’s newly learned response to relax when I got close was taking over, deeper into Her control, deeper into Her power. Which only increased the pleasure.

Just one of Mari’s long fingers now, she found a spot several inches inside me, began stroking, slowly, gently. Finger circling, caressing, so gentle. Sensuous lips to my ear, my shoulder between warm expansive breasts.

“That’s your prostate, little moth,” Mari whispered, so near. “It is so very aroused right now. You’re about to learn how I can use it to make you feel sooooo, sooooooo good.” She touched the tip of her tongue to my earlobe, finger still gently moving. Her tongue and that one finger, alternating gentle stimulation, directing a wave of intense pleasure that felt like an orgasm had already started but was not developing further, the back of her other hand’s claw tips brushing up and down my back, a kind of resonance developing inside me, that wave of incipient overwhelming ecstasy flowing up and down my spine with her hand, rising, reinforcing, divine. It’s difficult to imagine how my cock could’ve been any harder.

“Get ready for your first full-body orgasm,” she whispered, savoring each syllable, “get ready to be molded into a person who can experience this much pleasure any ... time ... I ... want. The more pleasure you feel, the more you come on the way, the deeper you sink into My control.”

And things began speeding up.

She sat, removed her hand from my ass, moved behind me, her other hand still resting on my lower back, the tips of her claws just touching. I felt something bigger than a finger enter me. Slowly, exceedingly slow, she lowered her soft, warm, enormous breasts to spread across what seemed like almost my entire back.

“Spread your legs, relax and hold still, little moth, this is just the beginning,” she whispered into my ear, nibbled my earlobe, breathed hot breath into me. Licked. Moved in and out, so slowly, a tiny bit deeper each time. Shit. It was an almost totally unfamiliar sensation, and strong, like ... well, like nothing I’d ever felt before, sort of draining and maybe a tiny bit like getting kicked in the balls and having that creeping sensation spread through me, something that hadn’t happened for decades but the male body has long memories about that singular agony. And this was a long shaft, though thankfully not as thick as mine. Mari reached down for my balls, cupped them, squeezed gently. Slapped my ass with her other hand, hard enough to leave a welt. Again on the other cheek, even harder. And again.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” I groaned, both from sharp pain and the subsequent rushes of pleasure that stayed and bloomed.

“Toldja you would pay,” she said, and I could hear her wicked grin. Pushed in farther. Farther. Cupping, squeezing, pumping claw tips against my back, not hard enough to break skin but hard enough to ... oh goddess, she was all the way in and I felt completely filled with her, my ass stinging and radiating hot bliss, not that I wanted to make a habit of this when there was so much pleasure to be had in other ...

She pulled back, leaving emptiness behind, then pushed all the way back in, faster this time. Suction inside me, then fullness. I really wasn’t ...

And again, faster each time, me more lubricated, my virgin ass more prepared. Shit, I’d never had to use lube for anything before ... every time I’d entered a woman she was already good and wet before I ...

Harder this time, nudging against the end of whatever channel she’d plumbed inside me. She was gasping in pleasure ... this was a double-ended strapon and her end seemed to be doing its own magic. Her arms around my belly, she lay back and rolled me with her so that I was stuck fast onto a silicone cock sticking straight up from her, reached up to place strong hands behind my knees and pull them down. Her arms were stronger than my bicyclist’s legs, and it wasn’t close. Pleasure crested through me at the realization. She began bouncing me up and down against her hips, me a fucktoy helpless above, almost like sitting on her lap in sort of a reverse cowboy position except with my engorged cock straight up, my hands on the bed to keep us from toppling over even though she could probably keep that from happening herself.

She came, moaning, and I followed without ejaculating, just as she’d directed.

Then she spun me around, a half-turn so I was looking down at her, crossed her booted ankles under my chin and forced me onto my back, still all the way inside me. Lifted my ankles up and over my head using one strong hand to pin them together and began fucking my ass in earnest, her magical swirling eyes on mine, me completely lost in hers. Long slow strokes coming almost all the way out and then all the way back in at first, then shorter and faster. She came again. And again, and I came with her, stronger each time. I was losing focus on my surroundings, retreating to my beautiful Aegean pool.

All these orgasms with that thing up my rapturously suffering ass might’ve been making me start to feel differently about the whole situation, but anal still wasn’t going to be my favorite. I think. But then, all the way inside me, she began gently squeezing, stroking my cock with her other hand still slick with lube, and on top of everything else that felt pretty damn great.

Mari leaned forward onto me, letting go my ankles, one arm and the other shoulder keeping my legs high, her warm expansive breasts spilling over my chest. Her free wrist twined around one ankle.

[SNAP] Oh, I came.

[SNAP] Again. [SNAP] [SNAP] Again again.

Mari came, too, and then so did I. It felt like I was losing contact with my senses.

“Breathe with me,” she said, and I tried to follow her breaths, not so deep and long as they might’ve been. It wasn’t so easy from this position but some part of me obeyed, my awareness somehow slipping inside her without me trying, and before long I was there. It felt like I no longer had control of my breathing, like she was breathing for both of us.

“Tell me you submit to My beautiful breasts,” [SNAP] She commanded.

“I submit to Mistress’ beautiful breasts,” I gasped without thinking, and pleasure spiked.

“Tell me you submit to My perfect mouth.” [SNAP].

“I submit to Mistress’ perfect mouth.” Another crashing wave of pleasure.

“Tell me you submit to My powerful legs and feet.” [SNAP]

“I submit to Mistress’ perfect, powerful legs and feet.” Immediate blissful pleasure, higher and higher.

“Tell me you submit to My perfect purpose.” [SNAP]

“I submit to Mistress’ perfect purpose.” Continuous drifting, floating ecstasy, deeper than ever, still breathing with her.

“Gooooood pet,” she said, rapture rushing through me at the praise, her lips and tongue touching, nipping at mine. “Feel your balls tighten, your orgasm approach, the most wonderful thing you will ever experience, exactly how and when I want it, a whole-body climax at my command, irresistible and impossibly strong. You will finally release, lose your essence, your thought, your will inside me. Your cock, your self so deep, under me, completely controlled while My perfect instrument is deep inside you, your mind empty and ready to be filled with whatever My perfect purpose reveals.”

“Oh goddess,” I whispered, “oh Goddess.”

Mari unstrapped herself from that instrument, slid herself from her end of it, lay my legs down, mounted me so sensuously through her bombshell leather catsuit, squatting on the bed above, cupping Her amazing breasts, still in those high-heeled boots. Slid hot wet vagina slowly up and down my slick, dripping, throbbing, fully lubricated pole, wriggling her hips, raising and lowering herself with such purpose, pulsing Her perfect pussy around me at one depth after another, from just my cock head to my entire shaft, Her spectacular ass tight against my balls, breathing for both of us until it felt like I could hardly stay conscious, and then she came again, breathing out hard, moaning and whispering to herself, and I came with her.

She put one hand to my chest, lowered herself to one knee, then both knees, my cock still tight within her, leaned forward over me, squeezing both her breasts, squeezing those luscious erect straining nipples between long strong fingers.

“Look at me,” and I did, spirals spinning slowly in Her beautiful bottomless purple eyes, my senses, my world whirling, nothing else to think, or see, or feel, or know, but Her.

“When I count you down to One and snap, you will cum hard and long, releasing more completely than you ever have before, deeper into exhalation, letting your deeply relaxed submission lead you into My perfect full-body orgasm, My gift to you, that only I can give.” She reached behind and under her, I heard a few whooshing sounds and her disembodied strapon seemed to fill me up even more, then she flipped a switch. I felt a vibration begin deep inside me, coming in waves, stronger and softer, the vibration going straight up my spine and down the nerves of my legs and arms to the tips of my toes and fingers, linking every part of me to Her purpose, and goddess, it was like nothing like I’d ever felt before, my mind mostly gone, my body swept along for the completely immersive ride, me helpless to do anything more than experience the intense pleasure She controlled so absolutely. She began slowly lowering herself onto me, taking me deeper into herself, letting the points of Her nipples brush my chest, then areolæ, then more, the twin circles of contact expanding as more and more of Her spectacular form possessed me, taking my shaft fully into herself and pressing deeper, Her perfect soft strong ass tight against my groin, my balls, her taut muscled belly owning mine, and then she resumed that mind-melting oscillation around me.

“Each time I snap, tell me again that you submit to My perfect purpose, orgasming without release, each time more strongly.” [SNAP]

“Ahhhhhhhhh ... I submit to Mistress’ perfect purpose.” My voice might as well have been coming from a completely other person.

“Good boy. Feel that cum rising in your balls, reaching out for delicious escape ... Three.” [SNAP]

“AHHHHhhhhh ... I submit to Mistress’ perfect purpose.”

“Sweet moth, feel that cock straining, purple, engorged, so close to release at my command, nothing else it can do but obey Me ... Two.” [SNAP]

“AHHHHHHHHH ... I submit to Mistress’ perfect purpose.”

Her lips reached mine, her breath hot and fast for both of us, then her long rough tongue entered, possessed me, owned me, pulsing deeper in time with the vibration of Her instrument. I felt sharp claws brushing gently against my ribs, my waist, then her strong hands captured mine from behind, fingers and thumbs wrapping between mine and meeting on my palm, tight strong pussy rippling, dominating my overwhelmed cock, the desperate aching agonizing vibrating delirious ecstasy of her long strapon all the way inside me, me so deep within her, my entire body fully engaged to Her purpose. The points of three sharp claws touched my palms, then two, then for a brief moment she withdrew one hand and her tongue, her lush lips still touching mine.

“Ask me,” she whispered.

“Oh goddess, please, yes.” Gasping.

“One.” [SNAP]

And my Aegean pool was blown away along with everything else in my existence. Screaming soaring convulsing ecstasy, beyond anything she’d made me feel before, beyond anything I could imagine feeling, Goddesslike epiphanies of pleasure through every fibre of my being, it went on and on, her cumming in resonance again and again above me and tight around me, sucking all our emissions into Herself. This was divinity, this was enlightenment, this was true fulfillment ... there was nothing else I could want to do with the rest of my life than be here in this moment, and for this moment to go on and on and on.

But of course it couldn’t. Mari whispered me down through countless planes of bliss, using words that didn’t register, responses I don’t remember repeating.

“Oh little moth,” she said after an eternity, now snuggling next to me, her strapon nowhere to be felt. “That was so good ... I didn’t know it could be that good. I ... loved ... that, Bob, my dearest. Thank you so much for trusting that I would make it good for you ... you made it just as good for me.” And she sighed happily.

I lay there drifting, floating, disconnected, awash in blissful grateful soothing obedient pure sensation, awareness tickling but far off, awareness of unfamiliar inclinations, impulses, fantasies, inspirations, and that awareness slowly became uncomfortable. And there was my deep warm pool, beckoning. This might have been Mari’s greatest gift to me, this focus, this warm safe soothing shelter, this ability to feel individual thoughts or sensations rather than everything as its usual jumble of sights, sounds, thoughts, emotions, reactions. And the gift had been inadvertent. That awareness expanded and enfolded, into Mari, into the jet crew as they approached the nearby hangar, into the sounds and smells here and beyond—oh my we smelled of torrid sex.

Don’t wanna be your slave
Don’t wanna be your slave
Don’t wanna be your slave

I felt triggers she’d planted or reinforced or replanted in me, sought out more: the freezes, the compulsions that made me do her bidding without question or thought, the disconnection of my senses at her command (except when it was safe and nothing else required attention). Removed them, except for a still-goodly number that seemed more fun and less risky, especially those meant for playtime like we’d just experienced with such delirium. And then I felt somewhat less lumpy, less burdened, less anxious but also mourning to lose that feeling of mindless obedient bliss, where someone else could do all my thinking and all I need do was serve. This was a woman I could love even along with my wife, as long as there was a way to keep those existences separate, which seemed unlikely. But I’d pledged my help, and if she needed it I would provide. And she seemed so happy just then, though perhaps that was because she couldn’t realize that I’d just removed about 80% of her programming. Ah well, she would have to know sooner or later ... might as well be now. I opened my eyes.

“Mistress,” I said. I’d meant to say her name, apparently missing at least one of her compulsions. “Mistress Mari,” I corrected, better but still not quite right, “we need to talk.”

Mari’s eyes remained contentedly shut. “Not now, dearest little moth,” she said, apparently floating in a blissful pool of her own.

“You need to get going,” I said. “And we need to remove that were-tigress spell ... you have plenty of energy to revert safely now, stronger in your normal form than ever before.”

She shook her head, very slightly, eyes still closed. “Nuh uh. When I go, you’re coming with me, and I’ll be in my animal form.”

Chain, I feel the words falling in a rhythm
I see the wind bearing its decision to never give in

I had a choice to make. I understood the extent of her change well enough, and the crazy orgasmic energy she’d received was sufficient to revert the spell safely myself, right now, and it seemed safest to do that while she was not in a place to resist, because her resistance could be ... irresistible. But I also didn’t want to lose what trust I might already have with her.

“You know I removed most of your triggers, and I have a few spells of my own, including one to freeze you,” I said. “I already said what I might have to do if you tried to just take me. I don’t want to do that, because I ... I care about you, Mari, and I want us to trust each other.”

“Of course you care about me, sweet moth,” she said. “All my slaves love me, they can’t help it.”

“But I’m not your slave, Mari.”

That opened her eyes. “Freeze,” she said, snapping her fingers, rising to one elbow, frowning.

I felt the pull of compulsion but shook it off. “Nuh uh,” I said. “This is not the way.”

Mari looked frustrated. “But ... how?” she asked. Loudly. Angrily.

“Like I said before, I don’t really know, but ... Freeze,” I said as she started rolling onto me, and snapped my own fingers, mostly for show. And she was frozen. It wasn’t the posthypnotic suggestion she’d been using, but something closer to what might be properly called a spell, sort of the distilled concentrated essence of a posthypnotic suggestion ... the line between was kinda indistinct. Her eyes grew wide, fearful. I slipped my awareness inside hers, soothed her. “Can you feel me inside you?” I asked, not sure if in words or directly inside her. “You can speak.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I won’t harm you,” I said gently, “I want to help, but you have to let me.”

“If you really won’t harm me, unfreeze me.”

“Mari, you asked me to trust you with that strapon, and for love of you and your purpose and need, and mine, I did. You held up at least part of your half of that bargain, to make it good for me ... that was really truly mindbendingly life-changingly wonderful, thank you, but you didn’t fulfill your other half, which was to let me help you leave this world of forcing slavery on someone. Like me. Can you tell me about that?”

Mari breathed out hard. “I don’t want ... I don’t know, I can’t ...” she said.

“Can you try, Mari?” I asked softly. “My only other choice is to dispel your were-tigress.”

Mari’s eyes filled with frustrated tears. “It took so much to get that spell,” she said, “and it’ll take a lot more with that traitorous bitch after she put in those booby traps you found.”

“That’s the old Mari talking,” I said. “You’re better than that now. And you won’t need another witch to cast the spell on you again, I’ve learned it myself by kind of reverse-engineering it from you. I can teach you, show you how your animal form can be different each time ... just please be generous and ... don’t be a parasitoid wasp next time, OK?” I shivered. “You’ll have to be much more careful, and you can’t be in an airplane in your animal form again like you were earlier today. I also want to teach you a few more new spells so your magic will be more in balance, harder for others to locate.”

Mari’s attention perked up. “How would you teach me?” she asked.

“I think I figured out a shortcut for that,” I told her. “It involves, um ... more fucking.”

Mari smiled.

“Tell you what, how about I dispel your were-tigress form, then teach you the other spells?”

“Why don’t you fuck me first, teaching me your spells, and then you can change me back.”

“No good ... I need us to be able to trust each other and so far you’re not honoring deals we already made. Wait, how about I fuck the new spells into you while you’re still frozen in your animal form, and we can take it from there?”

Mari quailed. I could feel her recoil. “That would feel kind of like rape,” she said.

That brought me up short. “Let me think about that,” I said. “I’ll need a few minutes anyway ... us old guys tend to take longer to bounce back than you might be used to.”

Mari smiled again. “I can fix that,” she said. “I just need to be able to snap my fingers. Try me.”

“OK,” I said. “You’re free to snap your fingers and speak, but not move any more than that.”

She grinned wider. “Get hard for me,” she said, snapped her fingers, and lo and behold, I grew.

“Neat trick,” I said, shaking my head.

“Harder,” she said. [SNAP] And I was.

“So hard you can’t think,” she said. [SNAP] And fuck if my eyes didn’t roll back, cock throbbing as hard as it ever has.

Mari’s grin showed sharp teeth.

“No more snapping,” I said before she could do more, and her hand locked up, thank goddess. I was having trouble thinking straight. I closed my eyes, breathed deep, went inside myself, found the post-hypnotic suggestion she’d installed, released it. Didn’t remove it entirely ... who knows what kind of fun it might be some other time with her or Joanna, but right now I needed my head clear.

Somebody spoke and I went into a dream ...
I’d love to turn you on

“Interesting,” she said, watching. “So that’s how you’ve been slipping my control.”

“I’m not sure there’s any one way,” I said, not wanting to give details, took another deep breath, changed the subject.

“So you think it would be rape if I gave you some new spells while you couldn’t move?” I asked.

She grimaced. “You fuck me without my consent, that’s rape,” she said.

“So at least some of what you’ve been doing with me today was raping me?”

“You consented, Bob.”

“Not to all of it. Certainly not back at my house. I did not want you sending my family away and then fucking me like that, not at all.“

“You had fun, didn’t you?”

“That’s not the point. If you want to bring up ‘Rape’, let’s explore that. Right now according to your own words you’ve raped me and I haven’t raped you. Is that where we want this discussion to go?”

She sighed, her look conflicted and a little angry. “OK, fine ... sorry I brought it up.”

“I don’t want anyone to be sorry, Mari, I want us to find something that works for both of us. Your pilot and crew are back in the hangar now ... we don’t have a lot of time.”

She took a breath. “What spells?” she asked.

“Healing, protecting, curing,” I said. “Light magic.”

“Not exactly my style,” she said, making a face.

“That’s why you need them,” I said. “That’s balance. Get too strong on one side or the other and adepts will notice. Which could be bad if they’re strong. For instance, you could heal some of the wounds you’ve given me this week, on my cheeks and waist. Maybe not all the way, but some.”

Some film quote started coming to mind, but I pushed it away hard.

Mari sighed. “I suppose that might be handy. Can’t have my slaves bleeding out when I get rough.”

Her sigh echoed in mine. “That might be misusing light magic, and I get the feeling that wouldn’t turn out well.”

Another breath, then the corners of Mari’s wickedly beautiful lips turned up. “Fuck me, darling,” she said.

I wasn’t sure I could resist her eyes, figured the best course was to enter her from behind, at least for now.

“Thank you for trusting me, Mari,” I said. “Your body will move easily where I guide it, but you won’t be able to move it yourself, not even for my pleasure. Up on all fours, dear.” She complied. I spread her long legs to lower her for easy entry, but seeing her gorgeous leather-clad legs and superb plush ass apart like that from behind, enormous elongated breasts beyond swaying mostway to the bed, was a delight all its own.

I tapped my cock head against her clit, stretched one hand underneath to circle it, teasing, reached around to fondle one erect nipple with the other, ran my fingers and palm around the slope and invert summit of that mammoth breast, gently squeezing. There was so much more of her than any other woman I’d ever had, it felt like I was clumsily relearning how, like it was my first time, but some things were the same.

“Mmmmmmm,” she hummed. I could feel her sex warming.

“I like it slow, Mari,” I said, and entered her. Her legs spread, entrance wide, impossibly strong muscles immobile, my cock slick with precum, her pussy just as ready, tighter than any reason said it should be. I slid in and out, slow deliciously lubricated friction. Withdrew to tap and circle clit with cock head, continued massaging that perfect pendulous breast, rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger, between fore and middle fingers. Reached three crossed fingers into her, curled the middle one back to caress that spot the way Joanna loves. Mari moaned, shivered.

I moved my shaft against the leather-clad cheeks of Mari’s magnificently muscled ass, slid up and down. Cupped those super-strong glutes, squeezed.

“I suspect you could crack a walnut between these,” I said, “can you be gentle, too?”

I felt Mari exhale. “I can be as slow and gentle as you like, lover,” she said softly. I gathered what slack I could from the encasing leather, tugged her delightful cutout down as far as I could, pressed my shaft between her cheeks.

“Squeeze me gently,” I told her, and somewhat astonishingly, she could and did. Firmly, almost completely into her deep soft silky strong valley, it was like I was in a vise, but not too tight. She squeezed softer and harder again ... oh goddess, she could make me cum in moments from this alone, and pleasure washed through me at the realization. “Enough,” I said, gasping, pulled away, continued teasing her while I let myself return from the edge, then re-entered her and resumed my slow glide in and out.

“I’ll tell you when I’m about to come,” I said. “When I do, I want you to squeeze just tight enough to stop me, then release me when I say.” One hand continuing to tease her breast, my other ring finger moved to her clit, brushed lightly up and down, side to side, gently pressed. She gasped. And again, moaning, and again. Her clit lengthening and hardening, she was close, her sounds bringing me with her.

“Stop me,” I husked, and she did, squeezing firmly but short of pain, holding me there on the edge until I slowly came back, still caught tight between her heightening moans and her divine pussy’s complete control. The sound she made was extraordinary, a grunt, whine, growl, moan, drone, gasp, purr; that much harder for me to come back from the edge.

I reached my expanded awareness into her, alongside her. Yep, she was close.

“No cumming ’til I say,” I said.

“Uhhhhhnnnnnggggghhhh!” was her only reply; hungry, empty, deeply aroused, frustrated.

I let my awareness, our shared awareness, go to that deep warm pool within us, around us. All those other beautiful figures remained, but were no longer singing, aiding me beautifully, so much as smiling and nodding. I visualized what I wanted to give Mari. Spells, you could call it, but that’s another indistinct line.

There’s a mirror lake before me
But I’m frozen when it’s time to jump
It’s like maybe I’m afraid of what I’ll find

Knitting wounds, binding breaks and sprains, preventing, halting, and reversing infection, treating and even preventing allergies, illnesses, scars, alleviating pain, planting, tending, nurturing, finding wild plants and harvesting, sharing in the bounteous energy of a healthy environment, wards for the same kind of freeze command and mental-physical control I was exercising over her now, soothing crying babies, delighting them, coaxing them to sleep, stimulating and guiding the insatiable curiosity of tweens, understanding and fortifying the heart of a sullen, angsty teen, patience, knowing when to be firm, when permissive, teaching with love and the student’s best interest at heart, how to keep spousal love fresh, new, alive, when to stop problem solving and just listen, when and how to be present and express undying love to a dying parent or dear friend. So much you hope will never happen but which life teaches you in a way that shouldn’t have to be as hard, or as heartbreaking. All the things I wish I could’ve done better if only I’d known, and I was still so far from knowing. How to dispel, to modify and summon again, her were-form.

Mari was on the edge, half over the edge, body trembling, suspended over a long long drop, and I wouldn’t be far behind, but I wanted us to come together, feel each other’s ecstasy from inside.

“I’m very close, Mari ... when I come, come with me, not before. You will feel what I feel, just as I experience what you do.”

Mari could only manage a half-conscious assent, her sounds bringing me that much closer.

“Release me,” I said, and imagined everything I wanted to give was a measure of what I would soon be pumping into her. I slid out.

“Raise your left leg and turn into me,” I said as steadily as I could, and she did, then “Higher. Your arm, too. Eyes closed,” And she did. I moved alongside, reentered her, both of us balanced on one knee and one forearm, me using her for balance ’cause she had balance for two, or ten. Face to face, feeling her raised heavy warm breast against me. I kissed her, my other hand reaching to the oval cutout over her sacrum, fingers pressing, exploring the arc of her magnificent ass and deep nether cleavage. I felt her sensation from the top, bottom, and hard nipple of her breast against me, the electricity of that nipple against my chest, of my fingers stroking her, of my cock surging deep inside her tight welcoming wetness, of her seemingly limitless physical power and the glorying satisfaction it gave her, and from within and without our warm Aegean pool, enlightenment all around.

“You can kiss me back,” I said, and she did eagerly, and it was empyrean.

“Three,” I said, and she whimpered. I slid in and out, exquisitely slow, continuing to stroke her, clutch her closer, her sensations and eagerness and aching agonized awareness of irresistible oncoming rhapsody increasing with mine.

the time will come when you see we’re all one
And life flows on within you and without you

“Two,” I said, and her sounds converged to that moaning, whining, droning, growling, gasping, groaning grunting purr. I felt her mounting pleasure as fresh and intense as my own but more distributed through her spectacular form, so different from mine yet so intimately connected. “Open your eyes,” I said, and hers snapped open, locked on mine, mine on hers.

“One,” I gasped. She moaned, I groaned. All the torrid sex noises you might expect ensued, but it was so much more. I came into her so hard, she came with me so hard. Everything I’d visualized flowed into her with all the fluids my body had left to give, with joy, with unbounded pleasure, with love.

After a little while I pushed her onto her back and lay alongside, one leg and one arm over her, stroking her beautiful hair. It was tempting to play with her bountiful warm spreading breasts while I still could, but ... no.

“That was really nice,” she said, voice breaking, tears trickling down her perfect cheeks. I wiped one away.

“That’s love,” I said.

“I want that,” she said as if she had no chance.

“Would you settle for your old body back?” I asked.

She looked deep into my eyes, hers still swirling.

“I don’t know how you gave me what you just did,” she said, “but it was nice. Really nice. I feel more complete somehow, more ... ready for something, but I don’t know what that is.”

“It’s love, Mari,” I said, “I think.” Her tears multiplied. Time passed.

“Do it,” she said, her voice tentative, trusting but not.

“You’re free to move again,” I said.

She curled up under my arm and leg, hooked my ankle with hers. Kissed me tenderly, hand caressing my chest. Flexed fingers to extend claws.

“I’ll miss these,” she said.

“But now you know how to get them back, when you want or need to,” I whispered, crying a little myself, for more than one reason. “Just please be careful.”

She nodded. “I’ll still miss them,” she said, pressing her face into the sheets to soak up her tears, as if losing this perfect form signified losing her old life. Which it kind of did.

I let her mourn awhile, then reached inside myself, inside her for the were-tigress form. Found the edges of it, the shape of it, the entirety of it, drew upon the energy she’d accumulated for the purpose and ... dispelled. Not her underlying lycanthropy—that was deeper and different, perhaps more accurately called a curse that she would be subject to forever or until such time as someone more knowledgeable than I could do something about it.

She was still lying there beside me, crying softly, but she had tattoos on her toned upper arms, no highlights in her sleek dark hair, smallish high firm breasts on a strong slender frame, long pointed fingernails, a catsuit much too loose on her, and a face that’d seen more heartache than any were-tigress I could ever imagine knowing.

“Thank you,” she said.

“I think,” I said.

She rolled on top of me, held my wrists over my head with one strong but not overpowering hand. “One more, my way,” she said, and I nodded. I helped her out of her boots and catsuit, once so spectacularly form-fitting but now more of a saggy spindly leather sack, easily removed. She held me, naked and vital and warm, and I her.

“Get hard,” she said after a time, snapped her fingers, and I did. Then again, and again.

And, undulating, she knew me, had me, loved me. Kissed me gently goodbye, leaving me alone on a vast gray damp dark tarmac after.

I didn’t make it home.