The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

What Jehovah Didn’t Witness

a collaboration by Kris P. Kreme and Mrs. Peel

Being a god is not all it’s cracked up to be. For a start, you need believers. The more who believe in you, the more powerful you become. This does attract more than its fair share of, how can I put it? Nutters, those men and women who believe passionately that they speak on your behalf and appoint themselves as your representatives on Earth. They really do give us guys a bad name. The problem is, if you try and talk to them about it, they get themselves into even more of a frenzy.

The other hassle, if I’m being honest, is that with power comes responsibility. We gods get blamed for everything from floods and famine to misplacing the house keys.

Now, personally, I much prefer the quiet life. Less responsibility, less blame when things go wrong. I’ve still got powers, thanks to a small sect of Viking descendants up near the North Pole and an elderly Norwegian lady who still prays to me a couple of times a week, when she remembers. The rest of the time I lead a normal life in a small town near Maine. I adopt the persona of a middle aged guy who keeps his front yard tidy, drops in at the local bar once a week and helps out when the community needs me. Otherwise, I enjoy reading, watching a little TV, and occasionally, just occasionally, using my powers for a little fun.

Take a couple of months ago, for example. A quiet morning of reading the papers, a coffee and a snooze was all on the itinerary, but a sharp knock at the door broke my tranquillity. I could have made the caller vanish, but that always led to photos on milk cartons, questions and interviews with police. I really didn’t want to go through that again. So, being the friendly neighbor, I opened the door.

Standing on my doorstep were two figures. One, I pegged as being in her late thirties, her companion in her late teens. Both were dressed in what could be generously described as ‘thrift shop chic’, but were in reality the dowdiest clothes imaginable.

The older woman looked up at me and smiled earnestly. “Have you let the Lord into your life yet?” Her British accent reminded me of Julie Andrews.

I was very tempted to point out that I had let her Lord into my life and the bugger had never done the washing up, always left the toilet seat up, hogged all the snack foods, and still owed me for that whole Joan of Arc business, but I said nothing. Geez, the guy must be getting desperate for followers if he was using these two as recruiters. Mind you, there was something about the accent and smile that showed promise. Maybe I could have a little fun with them.

“Come in, ladies. I’d love to hear more.”

The women looked at each other in astonishment. I guessed they had been so used to being turned away that they’d forgotten what it was like to be welcomed. The elder of the two quickly composed herself.

“Thank you, sir. May the Lord look down on you with kindness.”

I was betting he wasn’t. Knowing him, he was probably already putting his head in his hand and despairing. He knew what I was like. Maybe he’d think twice the next time he decided to eat all my cheese puffs.

As I ushered them into the front room, I reappraised my visitors. The one that had been doing all of the chatting was actually quite attractive. Despite her awful dress sense, full length skirt, high neck floral blouse and a baggy cardigan that had seen better days, she had a great body. About 5′6″, slim with a still-firm set of tits, she had her mousy brown hair pulled back austerely into a pony tail. She wore no make-up, but her fine bone structure and full lips gave her a natural beauty.

Her companion was clearly related. I guessed she was probably her daughter. As well as inheriting her mother’s dreadful wardrobe, she’d also inherited her looks. Her breasts were fuller, 36C’s at a guess, and her hair was a little blonder, but otherwise a younger, firmer version of her mother. This could be fun.

Now, I should point out at this stage that I’m not a bad god, just a little mischievous. I’m not one to click my fingers and turn innocent women into big-titted bimbos, although I have had my moments. I like my ‘friends’ to have a little free will. Gradual changes, subtle alterations are much more my thing. Okay, it may also be down to the fact that Mrs. Olafson had forgotten to pray to me that week so the whole finger clicking power was running a little low.

As the two ladies sat down, I offered them a drink. “Coffee, wine, something stronger?”

The elder of the two blushed, her hand going to the top button of her blouse anxiously. “Oh, no. I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t suppose you’ve got any decaffeinated tea have you?”

“Of course I have, and less of the ‘sir’. I’m Bob, Bob Locci.”

“Thank you, Mr Locci. I’m Mrs. Roberts and this is my daughter, Jane. We are here from the Church of the Second Coming and we’re here to share the wonders of the Lord.”

She stood again, awkwardly offering her hand in greeting. I shook it.

“Delighted to meet you both. I’d love to hear more, take a seat, relax and let me just see to that tea.”

The two ladies sat primly on the sofa, waiting patiently while I went into the kitchen to make a fresh pot.

“Here we are ladies,” I declared, carrying a tray of my best china out to them. First impressions always count, I feel.

“Help yourself to milk and sugar, and can I offer you a cookie?”

I presented a plate to them full of cookies, from plain biscuits, through shortbread, to chocolate chip delights. Neither woman hesitated, both going for the dullest, plainest biscuits there. They also declined the sugar and only poured a drop of milk into their teas. Their devotion to the simple things in life was admirable. I wondered idly what else they abstained from.

“Oh, come now ladies,” I urged, flexing a few of my omnipotent muscles, “The good Lord made sugar for us to enjoy. Just a spoonful?”

Jane looked at her mother imploringly and Mrs. Roberts agreed. “Our sweet Lord grew the sugar cane in the fields. Praise his name.”

With that, the two of them took a spoonful each. I smiled.

“So, ladies, tell me about the Lord.”

* * *

An hour later, Mrs Roberts had finished her spiel. Her daughter had listened patiently, but had hardly said a word up to this point. Time for a few tweaks, I thought.

“So, Jane, I’ve heard from your mother about how she gets comfort and pleasure from working for the Lord, but how about you? What do you get pleasure from?”

“Mr Locci!” her mother interrupted me. “That’s hardly an appropriate question to ask a young lady.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs Roberts,” I began. “It’s just that it would gladden my heart to hear your lovely daughter share her love for the Lord, too. I didn’t mean to imply she might get her pleasure from boys, although at her age it would be perfectly natural.”

Jane blushed, but remained quiet.

“There is nothing natural about getting pleasure from boys, Mr Locci. Our Lord is the only love we have and sharing that pure love with others is our mission.”

“Quite right too, Mrs Roberts, quite right too,” I assured her, patting her on the hand. “You know, you do excellent work, but may I offer a little advice?”

“Go on,” the woman said cautiously.

“You know, if you really want to make your Lord popular, you could take some tips from the marketing world.”

“The Sodom and Gomorrah of business has no place in our church, Mr Locci,” Mrs Roberts replied calmly.

I could see it was time for a few more adjustments and only hoped my North Pole sect weren’t having a lay in. I smiled my omnipotent smile and as I did so, Mrs Roberts blinked.

“I’m sorry, Mr Locci. You were saying?”

“Marketing. I hope you don’t mind me saying, Mrs Roberts, but first impressions count. You and your daughter are very pretty.”

Mrs Roberts was about to protest, but then blinked again.

“But you do yourselves no favors with this thrift shop wear,” I said, gesturing towards her baggy cardigan. “A better fitting blouse, a slightly shorter skirt, nothing indecent, of course, maybe a pair of tights and some heels? Perhaps wear your hair down? And don’t you think Mrs. Roberts is a little formal? What is your first name, by the way?”

“Madeline,” the visibly embarrassed mother replied.

“Well, Madeline, if you turned up on folks’ doorsteps dressed a little better, I suspect they would be a lot more willing to listen to what you have to say about our Lord.”

“Do you know, Mr Locci, you may be right.”

Madeline smiled. With that, she stood up.

“Come along, Jane. We’ve God’s work to do. Thank you, Mr Locci. You have been most helpful. May we visit again?”

“Why, of course, Madeline. I look forward to it. Shall we say same time next week?”

“Same time next week, it is, Mr Locci.”

* * *

Week 2

It was clear the mother and daughter had been busy in the previous seven days. When I opened the door, a subtle transformation had occurred. Gone were the floor length skirts and baggy cardigans. In their place were tailored black skirts, below the knee, modest by most standards, but practically blasphemous by Mrs. Roberts previous measures. Dark black tights adorned their shapely legs and black one inch heels graced their feet. The blouses were also a definite improvement. Sensible and white cotton, but much more fitted, showing off the mother and daughter’s figures appropriately. I was amused to see that Madeline and Jane even had their top button undone.

“Ladies, how good to see you. Come in.”

“Hello Bob,” Madeline smiled, offering her cheek for a gentle peck. I leaned over and puckered up. It would have been rude of me to refuse.

With greetings out of the way, I led them into the front room.

“What can I get you, ladies? Coffee, wine, something a little stronger?”

“A coffee would be lovely. Thank you, Bob.”

I smiled. Things really had changed.

A few moments later I carried out the tray of coffees. Both added a little cream and sugar. As before, I offered them a cookie. Both took the shortbread, leaning back in the chairs and looking more relaxed than the previous week.

“So, how’s your week been, Madeline?”

“Oh, Bob, praise the Lord, it’s been wonderful. You were right. Folks have been so much more welcoming. Mr. Armstrong and his son really opened up their home to us on Monday. Young Luke was particularly willing to hear what Jane had to say.”

Jane blushed and squirmed slightly in her seat.

“Mother said we may be able to visit again,” she said. “To spread the word more,” she added hastily.

I realized this was the first time I’d really heard Jane speak. Her soft New England accent revealed that she’d been brought up in the area.

“That’s great,” I smiled, “It’s great that Jane is seeing boys her own age.”

Madeline looked less happy. “Only for us to spread the word of the Lord to. Luke may be the exception, but most have only one thing on their mind... fornication!”

“Mother!” Jane protested.

“I’m sorry, dear, but it’s true. Men who have not seen the light of the Lord care only for vulgarity and fornication.”

“You may well be right, Madeline,” I interrupted. “And I may have an idea to help. If you’re going to recruit these men, these fornicators to the world of Light and Truth, you’re going to have to use more than just the power of the Word. You’re going to have to use the power your God has already gifted you.”

“And what is that power?” asked Madeline eagerly.

“Why, the power of your femininity.”

Madeline looked awkward. Jane blushed. “I’m sorry, Mr Locci, but that is completely inappropriate.”

I smiled. Madeline blinked.

“I’m sorry, you were saying?”

“Well, I don’t mean to be rude, but look at you both. You appear very professional and everything, but you still look like washed up Real Estate agents. No make-up, your hair hangs lifelessly, those skirts! You can’t even see your knees. As for your blouses, please!”

I looked at mother and daughter and realized I may have gone too far. They both looked like they were about to burst into tears.

“You’re both beautiful women. God gave you that beauty and he’d want you to use it. You know I’m right.”

I finished with a smile and they both blinked back the tears.

“Of course you are, Bob. Come on, Jane. We’ve got work to do.”

They rose from the sofa purposefully.

“May we visit again, Bob?”

“Of course you can, Maddy. Same time next week?”

“Same time next week it is, Bob.”

* * *

Week 3

The girls were ten minutes late the following week, but boy, were they worth the wait.

“Hi, Bob,” came the friendly greeting from Maddy. It was followed by an even friendlier hug.

I stepped back to admire the progress I was making. Both women had had their hair done. Maddy’s was now cut shorter and the blonde highlights really helped add color. Her daughter’s naturally blonde hair had been lightened and given a little more body. Speaking of bodies, there was now no doubt that mother and daughter knew how to use theirs.

The blouses had been replaced by brightly colored spaghetti strapped tops that did little to hide their fabulous cleavage. Their skirts had gone way above the knee and the thick black tights had been replaced by shear pantyhose. Heels also seemed to be a little higher, helping both women’s posture.

“Come in, ladies. You look fabulous! What can I say?”

Maddy blushed and gave a little giggle.

“Oh, Bobby, you know it’s all for the Lord, not for you!”

She gave me a playful punch on the arm. If only she knew.

“What can I get you, ladies? Coffee, wine, something a little stronger?”

“Well, it is past mid-day. A little glass of wine wouldn’t hurt.”

“And the same for you, Jane?” I turned to her daughter.

“No, Jane’s still a little young for such things. A coffee will do for her, at least for now,” her mother replied before the poor girl could utter a word.

I retreated to the kitchen and prepared their drinks, the whole time enjoying a brief feeling of accomplishment. Not only were the ladies progressing quite nicely in a direction I was more fond of, but the North Pole sect and Mrs. Olafson had given me a nice boost for the week. I also don’t imagine it’s necessary to tell you, being a god, I have excellent vintage wine.

As I walked back in the front room, my eyes traced the women’s legs, from their feet up the shear pantyhose to the surprisingly visible panties both displayed. Clearly neither was completely used to sitting properly in such short skirts.

“Here you are.” I said, handing each their respective drink, and taking a seat across from them. “So tell me about your week.”

As Maddy sipped on the wine, Jane took the liberty of speaking up, and most enthusiastically too. “Oh, it was such fun this week. Not only did we get to revisit Mr. Armstrong and Luke.”

I noticed a definite softness when the girl said the name Luke.

“We also visited with three other households, all men. You were right Mr. Locci. You were right about so much.”

“Nonsense Jane,” I said. “And call me Bob or Bobby. Your success in spreading the message of the Lord has nothing to do with me. It’s simply that you are better using the tools he has provided.”

Maddy finished off her glass of wine and smiled over at her daughter. “We really have been blessed, and no matter what you say, you’ve helped us tremendously. I mean that, Bobby.”

“Tell me more. I’m just so happy you are doing well in your work.”

Maddy straightened up, lifting one leg to cross over the other. As she did this, I got more than the excellent view of her thigh. As she slowly rocked one leg over the other, she told of their visits and all the progress they felt was being made. She spoke about how so many of the men had requested additional visits and their acceptance of the message they spoke seemed nothing if not imminent.

Throughout the conversation, I smiled and put on my listening ear, even if what was really being taken in wasn’t so much their words as it was their bodies. Neither lady had any idea just how exposed they were. By the end of Maddy’s telling, her panties were peaking out with every movement of her leg, and one of Jane’s straps had slipped down off her shoulder. The young girl did have a stupendous pair of breasts. The slightest movement might make her bra more than visible in a moment.

“It’s so nice that you’re feeling good about yourselves.” I said.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter what we feel. It’s all for the Lord.” Maddy assured.

“Ah but I think you might be wrong. The Lord surely cares greatly for you both. Otherwise he would not have entrusted you in your mission. He would surely wish only for you to feel good and comfortable in what you are doing.”

I watched both ladies. Jane sipped at her coffee, smiling and looking to her mother. Maddy seemed to fight something, a reaction she may have had. She suddenly blinked and looked very relaxed. As I mentioned, the boost this week had greatly helped my powers.

“You may be right, Bobby. Still, there were a few uncomfortable spots in a couple of our visits this past week.”

I sat back in my chair. “Tell me about them. Oh, and Jane, if you’d like to get the plate of cookies. It’s just in the kitchen there. I’m certain you’ll find something to enjoy.”

As Jane left the room, Maddy turned serious. She leaned forward and spoke in a hushed tone. “Bobby, I’m very afraid that the extra attention we’ve drawn to ourselves might be leading us down a dangerous path. I believe Jane has been experiencing it and I know I have.”

“Experiencing what?” I asked.

She looked over, as though making sure Jane was still out of earshot. “Physical desire.”

I smiled and Jane walked back in the room. She already had a shortbread cookie in her mouth. Handing the plate over to her mother, I watched as Maddy smiled nervously and took a shortbread as well. I watched Jane lick the cookie as she ate, making a rather plain show of how much she enjoyed it. I was feeling on top of my game and decided to take things a bit further.

“Jane, Maddy, I can completely understand what you’re going through. You mentioned before that many of these men are only interested in one thing, and I don’t have to mention what that is. So naturally when you dress the way you are and go into their homes, they’re going to have that on their mind. It only makes sense that the tension being in the air might rub off on you both.”

“But how can we keep our composure? We have to dress this way to get them to listen, but they only are after one thing.”

I smiled at Maddy. “It’s quite simple really. You need to try some personal release.”

“Release?” Jane spoke up, finishing off a cookie.

I nodded. “Release, you’ve heard of self stimulation, masturbation to be blunt.”

Maddy dropped her cookie in her lap, her eyes widening and her shoulders straightening. “I’ll have nothing of the sort happening. We are messengers of the Lord. We simply cannot let base urges and actions take away our focus.”

I looked at both women calmly. “But that is what has already happened. You’ve been distracted and there should be no distraction when spreading the word.”

Maddy blinked. So did Jane. I simply smiled.

“So... how would you suggest we... um, take care of things?”

The mother was still nervous. I noticed Jane’s eager eyes already flicking between mine and Maddy’s. The openness of young minds was always impressive to me. I reached forward and took a shortbread cookie.

“Well, what I’d suggest is whenever you feel that the men are getting overly attentive to you and you might lose composure, you simply excuse yourself. Go to the restroom, a bedroom, a private hallway. Just find yourself a nice spot to relieve your desires. Then your mind will be free to focus more on the Lord.”

The women nodded, Jane rubbing at her thighs as she sat back on the couch. Minutes later I stood with the two at the door. They both seemed more relaxed and comfortable from our discussion.

“Same time next week, Bobby?” Maddy asked.

“Naturally,” I replied. “Oh, and one thing.” I said, playing this last bit off as an afterthought. “You may both want to shop for some fancier undergarments.”

Maddy shot her eyes to mine. She looked ready to say something, but only a blink took care of that. She smiled. “Yes, perhaps you’re right. We’ve focused on our exterior clothing and looks. We mustn’t forget the whole package. The Lord is worth the effort.”

As they left, I thought about their whole packages, and the simple fact that any men they visited were sure to have fuller packages when these two left.

* * *

Week 4

I was more than pleasantly surprised when I answered my door the following week. Maddy practically leapt into my arms and hugged me tight, shoving her tits hard into my chest. She pulled my face to hers and gave me a very intimate french kiss. I hardly got the words, “Hello there” out before Jane smiled wickedly and pulled my face to hers as well. After a minute or so of sucking face with the two eager missionaries, I had to catch my breath.

“Wow,” I said. “Well, it does appear you’ve had the good week. Come in and sit down.”

Maddy and her daughter walked in on sexy high heels, even their manner of walking much improved from just a week before. The two women seemed far more confident, far more knowing of the reaction their attire caused, and far more comfortable with all that.

“Bobby, you have no idea how many visitations we’ve had requests for. Mr. Armstrong told all his buddies from the lodge and we have been running ourselves ragged just to get to every home.”

“Luke is still my favorite.” Jane spoke up.

“Oh Jane, you have to remember we aren’t in this for boys. It is the Lord’s work, and even if he is quite stimulating, we must keep our heads clear.”

I grinned, watching the mother and daughter talk so openly about how stimulating some of their visits had become. “Ladies, I can’t wait to hear all the details. But first, can I get you anything to drink? Coffee, wine, something stronger?”

Maddy tucked a stray lock of hair behind one ear and smiled blissfully up at me. I was definitely seeing a different side to these two, and I liked what I saw. “We’ll have some wine. I think we’ve earned it this week.”

Returning from the kitchen a few moments later, I caught the two in mid conversation. Maddy was laughing and Jane seemed rather embarrassed. I took a second to appreciate what the two were wearing now.

Their tops hadn’t changed so much, still strappy, possibly a size smaller than before. The sexy bras visible were very much different, lacy and pink with a partially sheer quality that made Maddy’s nipples almost visible when she looked up at me.

“Here you go. Sorry to interrupt, but it sounds as though you had an amusing story to share.”

Maddy took her glass and practically inhaled it all in one gulp. Jane shrugged and did the same, watching her mother. “Oh, I do, Bobby. Your advice was so correct. This past week we made sure to dress up and present ourselves better than ever. The Lord deserves nothing less. Anyway, the problem with that was, these poor corrupt souls were even more leering and sexually frustrating. I had to keep reminding myself why we were there. I was just telling Jane how many times I had to masturbate at the last two houses we visited.”

“You were?” I asked, looking over at her daughter. Jane was finishing up her first glass and sat it back on the table, where I poured a little more from the bottle.

“Yes, Bobby.” Jane said, rather shyly. “Mother has been quite active with the advice you gave us. I caught her, quite by mistake, in the shower one morning.”

“Oh, Jane sweetie, I know you’ve been doing it too. Besides, I was only clearing my mind of all the corruption so we could better serve the Lord that day.”

All this open discussion was more than I had expected. Clearly my boosted influences the week before had served me very well. Thank me for Mrs. Olafson. I went and retrieved a plate of fresh cookies.

“Cookies?” I asked, and both ladies fairly slapped at each other going after the moist chocolate ones.

As they ate, I took note of the fact they each still were showing much more down below than a decent lady should. Both had on quite sexy and revealing lacy panties, the sheerness revealing enough to where I had little to guess at when trying to deduce the naturalness of their hair color.

“So tell me, Maddy, has the self stimulation worked to make your mission more successful?”

“I think so,” She said. Taking a refilled glass of wine, she tipped it up and downed the whole thing. “I’ve been definitely fighting the urges. These men have strong immoral goals and coming down to their level a bit more has been tough. I’m quite pleased with Jane. She’s made me a proud mother.”

Jane simply smiled, her eyes showing the effect of the alcohol rather quickly.

“Take the incident in the shower, for example. I just knew Mr. Armstrong would be all over me as soon as we walked in his home. The man has tried to touch me as much as anyone. I realize affection is a good sign of our message being delivered. The Lord loves a friendly follower. But he’s more than a bit aggressive. I have to be careful. So, I climbed in the shower and simply took care of myself, making sure any lasting urges would be properly sated. I need to be responsible.”

“That sounds right.” I said. “And you, Jane, how are you handling it?”

The girl looked like more than just a temptation, she looked like a creature worth getting in trouble over. Her long blonde hair was styled innocently enough to maintain how young she was, but she looked quite grown up. Her straps on both shoulders had already fallen and her red sexy bra was quick to draw a stare. She looked at her wine glass, then over at her mother.

“I think I’m handling things well enough, Bobby. Luke is a dream but I’ve managed to curb my impulses.”

“You sure have, sweetie.” Maddy said, filling her own glass with more wine. “I nearly lost my own composure when I heard you in the hall closet at the Armstrong home yesterday.”

My curiosity was peaked. “Closet? Do tell about this, Jane.”

The teenager looked flushed with being put on the spot, but the wine had easily loosened her tongue somewhat. “There’s not much to tell. I was feeling... well, you know... and I had to find somewhere to release the tension like you told us. Unfortunately, the hall closet was the closest place, so I ducked in and had a little fun.”

“A little fun? You were nearly loud enough that the Armstrong men wondered what was happening. I had to cover for you. What exactly were you up to?” Maddy asked.

“Well, I had to slide my panties down which took some maneuvering in the dark closet. Then I wanted to buck my hips forward as I thrust my fingers up inside me. Turns out the closet was a little cluttered and I knocked over a couple of boxes. I have to admit it was very fulfilling, but I imagine I could have found a better place.”

As they nibbled on their cookies, I exerted a bit more of my influence over their minds, just to ensure we had no awkward moments in the conversation. “You know, Jane,” I started. “I can think of some tips that might make your little releases a bit less time-consuming and allow you both more time to spread word of the Lord.”

Maddy blinked. “Really, Bobby. That would be so kind of you. You’ve already helped us so much.”

I winked at her. “It’s nothing, just doing my part. Now what I suggest might seem radical, but anything that gets you more comfortable and successful in doing the Lord’s work is good, right?”

“Of course.” Maddy said, nodding. Her speech was already a little slurred and Jane appeared quite tipsy as well.

“It seems that the problem is your undergarments. Unfortunately they’re a hindrance to making your releases quick and as pleasant as they should be. So I’d simply recommend you forgo wearing anything under your clothes. It just makes everything that much simpler. You still look presentable, you just have less on to get in the way.”

I hesitated, wondering if I needed to up the influence a bit. Both women slowly looked my way and smiled. I knew the influence was just enough, no need to blast their brains harder than I had to. After all, that wouldn’t be very mischievous, now would it?

“Bobby,” Maddy said, standing. “You’re absolutely right. The Lord needs us in there with the men, telling them what we need to tell, not spending all our time fumbling with our panties.” She turned to her daughter. “Jane, as soon as we get home, I want you to throw out all your panties. We need to make sure that at a moment’s notice we can be in a bathroom, a hall, or even a closet, rubbing our intimate urges away. That way, you and I will be better prepared for the talks we are going to have to have with these poor corrupted souls.”

Jane seemed to quickly take to the idea and the two of them stood and hugged tightly to solidify the agreement. I simply sat there, watching as breast rubbed against breast, and mother patted daughter on the lower back, coming sinfully close to just cupping her ass.

“Thanks so much, Bobby. You have so many helpful insights. The Lord did well leading you into our lives. Is there any way we can thank you, for all this help?”

To say I wasn’t tempted would be going against my character. I may be a mischievous god, but I’m a truthful one. I was more than tempted. I wanted to grab both ladies and show them the power of my influence in more ways than one. Patience, though, has always been my strong suit. I stood and escorted them to the door. “You two don’t owe me a thing. I’m just helping you handle your mission in the most efficient way. You’ve taken on a lot. If I can help you even a little, I’m doing far less than either of you.”

On the porch, both Jane and her mother turned and practically yanked me off my feet. Their tongues fought against each other in my mouth, making sure I completely knew how appreciative they were. I did, by the way. I also knew how hot their bodies were becoming. The internal heat had been building and these two were on a collision course for meltdown. I hoped they made it back next week, but the way things were escalating lately, I wasn’t entirely sure.”

“Have a good week, ladies. I hope my advice helps you out.”

* * *

Week 5

Next week came and so did my two playthings. They were walking objects of lust, easily capable of making the most pious man fall into a pit of depravity from which he’d never escape. I probably took a bit longer to stare at their bodies before looking the two in the face.

Maddy was made up in the sluttiest looking makeup I think I’d ever seen. She had her eye shadow deep and rich, matching her lipstick. Her hair was done up in pigtails and made the mother look no more mature than her teenage daughter.

And, oh boy, was the teenage daughter wickedly dressed. She wore a low slung mini that wrapped so tightly to her virginal thighs, I was fairly certain I could make out every movement of the muscles those well-toned legs had. The length was so high above her knees, it may as well have been a belt. And the color of both the mini and her top was vivid and quite appropriate. Red always makes a girl look sexy. On Jane it only made her look as hot on the outside as she no doubt was feeling on the inside.

Both women grabbed me and pulled me at them on my porch. I wrapped my arms around them and Maddy pulled my face to hers.

Jane, meanwhile was pulling my hand down towards her ass, making me squeeze my fingers and feel how she nearly vibrated under my touch. As soon as I’d made out with both ladies, our first words were exchanged.

“Hello,” I said, rather short of breath. “Might I just say that you two are a vision of only the highest of your Lord’s creation. And you both have been very blessed.”

I paused and looked at their tits. Both the mother and her daughter had pokey nipples just begging to be pinched through the indecent clothing they’d found to wear. I had to force myself to maintain composure, especially in front of any watching neighbors. Believe me, if my neighbors were home, they had plenty to watch.

“Blessed indeed,” I said.

“You’re a sweetie, hon. I know the Lord blessed you as well. Your advice has only helped us more this last week. You have to hear how well our visits have been going. I’m certain Jane will just burst if she doesn’t tell you about Luke’s house.”

I turned to the previously shy daughter. She now looked about as shy as a ten cent whore and had that giddy, yet sweet look in her eyes that many a teenage girl had mastered. “Well we don’t want her to burst, that’s for sure.”

I know what you’re thinking. Surely you had your way them this time. Surely, you used your influence to fill them with only the most perverted minds and the willingness to use those minds on every man they saw. Well, you’re half right. I used my influence but these two lovelies could wait just a bit longer. Like a fine wine, they only became more desirable with every passing day. If you were a god, even a minor one, you’d understand that waiting is something you may as well get used to. I’d been on a string of good days with my handful of worshippers. Mrs. Olafson was beginning to pray regularly. So with my strength quite charged, I was more than willing to play with these two just a bit longer.

“Anything to drink? Coffee, Wine, perhaps something stronger?” I asked, watching Maddy and her daughter lay back on the couch.

Jane had her legs spread and I got my first look at her completely uncovered pussy. It was a gorgeous sight, so young and virginal, so pure and open. The girl had little care that she was displaying herself so openly. In looking up at her eyes, I saw that she was looking to her mother.

Maddy nodded, her finger tracing the edge of her low-cut blouse. “Bobby, I believe we’re ready to try the stronger drinks. Do you have any vodka?”

I raised an eyebrow. “Vodka, why of course.” I started to turn away, then thought. “You’d both like some, I presume.”

“Oh yes, Bob.” Jane said. “I’d like nothing more than to do everything my mother does. We are missionaries in the field and need to be examples for each other. The Lord would have it no other way.”

“Well said, dear.” Maddy responded. I simply smiled and went to get their drinks.

Minutes later, I was seated across from the two, watching an already slightly inebriated Maddy tell her tale. She told of visiting house after house, and having nobody turn them away. She told how, though the wives and daughters of many houses seemed bothered by their presence, the men were so clearly receptive to their message. It was glorious, she said. Then, when it seemed Jane was about to actually burst, something I haven’t seen a worshipper of mine do in nearly a thousand years, the mother turned to her daughter.

“Jane, tell Bobby all about your time with Luke this week.”

The teenager nearly spilled vodka all over herself as she animatedly told the story. The movement set off her tits, making jumping sloshes and leaps inside her rather flimsy top. Having no bra was quite suitable to the girl, but if any men she spoke to managed to actually pay attention to her message, I’d have been quite impressed.

“Luke was eager to see me when we visited this week. He had three of his friends from school and they all wanted me to share my message with them privately in his bedroom. I must say, I was sorely tempted to let them do what they wanted. I know it’s corrupt what they had in mind, but having them all around me like that was very difficult. The best I could do was take a break in the small bathroom that connected to his bedroom.”

“And tell Bobby about that. I heard you from out in the living room with Mr. Armstrong. You sounded quite filled with the spirit.” Maddy said. She was gulping down her vodka like it was water.

Jane grinned the grin of a drunk teenager and continued.

“Bobby, I came like never before. I was hardly in the bathroom when I fell right to the floor and crammed my hand up inside me, as much as I could manage. I thrust away, sliding my legs all over the tile floor, bracing my body against the counter top. It was the best release I’ve ever had and I almost worried about breaking the cabinet doors. Luckily, it was quick and while I did leave a small puddle of juices on Luke’s floor, I felt much more focused and driven to share the word with all four boys.”

“From what I gathered, the boys, sinners as they are, paid very good attention and seemed quite eager for a follow-up visit themselves.” Her mother added.

“Yes,” Jane said. “Every one of them made sure to watch me as I spoke. I think I may have had a slight wardrobe malfunction, as I noticed one of my nipples was slightly exposed only later. But the point is Bobby, I handled my first solo mission work. I met with those boys and it was so thrilling.”

I was beaming a smile at both ladies. Just imagining how much these two had changed, and just how different they seemed, was beyond entertaining. It made me proud of my mischievous side. Plus, my mind kept going back to cheese puffs. I really did like cheese puffs and their lord had been quite open about eating my entire bag the last time he was over. Two could play at that game. I could enjoy a couple of his puffs as well. Maddy and Jane were far more than puffs, though. They were delicacies to be savored.

“Maddy, Jane, I really am proud of you both, as I’m sure the Lord is. You’ve taken so many helpful cues and done so fine a job. But I do think you’re still missing one little element to your frequent visits that would make your job that much more successful.”

Jane looked at her mother, then at the empty vodka bottle they had quickly drained. Maddy looked concerned and suddenly very much like her old serious self. “Whatever could it be, Bobby? We’ve done so much, and you’ve helped us undeniably. How could we be doing more, or better?”

I stood up and paced, making a show of putting my finger to my chin. I wanted to take just a second to shower these ladies with my influence.

“Maddy, Jane, you remember I suggested you approach this like advertising, take a few tips from the world of media and sales?”

“Yes, yes of course.” Maddy said.

“And what sells a product or idea the best?”

Jane seemed about ready to pass out. Both women were wavering in their seat, looking unsteady at best. They used all the brainpower they still had to think about what I was getting at. Finally, it was Jane who spoke up.

“A catchy slogan?”

I had to smile. The girl was still so innocent inside, even if her outside was threatening to bust my pants open.

“No, sorry Jane. That’s not what I meant. Everyone knows that what really sells, is sex.”

Maddy looked at me, her tipsy grin fading. Jane simply opened her mouth a little and seemed on the verge of sliding off the side of the couch.

“Mr. Locci,” Maddy said, calling me that for the first time in a while. “That is something that has no place in our mission. We are trying to bring these men from the brink, not drive them over it.”

I sat back down and looked her in the eyes. It took almost no effort at all for my power to course into her thoughts. She blinked, looked around as though the room were spinning, then slowly smiled.

“I really think you should give it a chance.” I said. “After all, the best way to reach these men, is to put yourself on their level.”

“Tell us more, Bobby.” Maddy said. Jane looked at her mother and she too blinked a couple of times, seeming suddenly quite relaxed.

“To tell the truth, I’m only speaking as an outside observer, but you’re trying to share the brilliance of your Lord with these sinful men.”

“Right.” Maddy said.

“And these men only have one thing in mind most of the time.”

“Right again.”

“So what you need to do to relate to them, is play their games. Use sex as a tool to aide in your mission.”

Maddy gasped. Even with the influence, there was little to change her reactions. Her eyes showed the truth though. I smiled, as did she.

“So, we should do what?”

“I’d definitely only do a little. You don’t want the men gaining the upper hand. The trick in advertising is to tease the public. You’ve already done quite well with your supple bodies and tight clothing. Now, I think you should focus more on the physical tease. Use your hands, your mouths. Try to bring them to the brink and then go for the sale. Tell them the word. Share your message. I have complete trust that you will guide Jane into the intricacies of what I’m saying.”

I stood up and walked towards the kitchen with the empty vodka bottle. As I did, I could hear Jane already asking questions. The girl was so well-practiced at dressing like a slut now, it would be fun to watch as she became one under her mother’s expert tutelage.

“I’m so sorry.” I called out from the kitchen. “I completely forgot to offer you any cookies. Would either of you ladies care for some?”

The response I got was muffled at first, but I soon realized this was due to some back and forth conversation Maddy was still having with her daughter. When Maddy spoke up again, everything became very clear.

“No, Bobby, I don’t think we’ll have any cookies today.” She paused as I stepped back into the room. “But I think we both would like to get something tasty in our mouths.”

The look on those drunken ladies faces as they sat there on the couch was unmistakeable. They were horny, beyond horny even. Jane was rubbing her thighs together, the brief glimpses she still gave of her womanly opening showing how enflamed she was with desire. Maddy was openly feeling herself up. She wasn’t being completely trashy. Her top remained on. But the woman was clearly salivating at what she wanted.

“You both do, huh?” I asked, grinning.

“Oh yes, Bobby,” Jane began. “We need to practice before we put your methods to the ultimate test this week. Who better to practice on than you?”

I couldn’t have agreed more, even if my erection wasn’t threatening to blow the zipper on my pants. “So, you’d like something in your mouth. Well, since this is all for the Lord, I’ll do what I can to help you ladies out.”

Maddy stumbled to the floor in front of me and licked her lips. She looked up into my eyes and I saw the woman who had visited me that first day with her daughter silently in tow. She grinned like the sinful creature she was becoming and looked over to Jane, still seated on the edge of the couch.

“Come down here, Jane sweetie, let your mother show you how this is done.”

The teen awkwardly dropped down and crawled over next to her mother. She may not have been having a full wardrobe malfunction now, but her top was loose enough that I could look straight down in it and see her young nipples growing harder right before my eyes. Smiling up at me, Jane seemed to suddenly hear what Maddy had just said.

“You’ve done this before?”

Maddy was unzipping my pants as she remained fixed on the large bulge I was no longer trying to hide. “Not this exactly, but a mother knows how things like this are done. I’ve been spreading the word and sharing a message of staying away from sin. How better to do that than to understand the various methods of sin. This is something that will easily let us reach those men who are so close to accepting our faith.”

I had wide open eyes and grit teeth at this point. Naturally, being a god, I could have anyone I wanted. There’s just something about having one of the other team break down and stroke your cock that sends a chill even up inside my spine.

“First, you have to stroke him.” Maddy began. “Like this.”

The woman was performing beautifully for someone of such little actual experience. She rubbed my cock up and down, looking from her daughter to my eyes. She grinned at the corners of her mouth and lowered her head.

“Now, you want to start by licking him and making him yours. Just enjoy yourself. The specifics are up to you. Remember to always have his cock in either your hands or that hot little mouth of yours. The Lord blessed you with a cute face and a nice little mouth for many reasons. I believe this may be one of those reasons.”

Saying this, Maddy opened wide and crammed my cock right in towards the back of her throat. She never even gagged as she seemed to simply open up and slide on and off, nearly butting her nose into my waist.

There are a few things about that day that stick with me, but the sounds of Maddy sucking me off and making her daughter watch are some of the best. The only thing better would be when she handed the reins over to the teenage girl.

“Here, your turn. Now, remember Jane, you need to do this well. The better we suck cock, the better our message will be received by those fornicating men.”

Jane trembled a bit as she grabbed my slick cock. She looked up at me, her long blonde hair hanging partially in her face. Brushing it aside, she pumped my cock once and immediately dove for it. Nearly choking herself at first, attempting to cram the length of it down her throat, the girl quickly found her comfort zone.

“That’s it Jane, very good.” Maddy said.

I was beginning to buck my hips forward as Jane sucked me like a pro. No ordinary girl would be a pro so fast, but you forget, I was fully primed that day and what better way to use my influence?

She slurped and slobbered, batting her eyes at me whenever she got a chance. Sliding it deep into her mouth, the girl looked like no less of a whore than those she tried to save. The beauty was in knowing that she believed acting this way was actually helping her save those others.

“Jane, hon, you two are getting me a bit worked up. Don’t mind me, I just need a little release of my own. You keep sucking and remember, always ask the man what he’d like to do when his climax approaches. We may have to sink to their level, but we can do so politely.”

Jane nodded and jacked my cock a few times, watching as her mother leaned back on the floor. Maddy pulled her short skirt up and thrust away at her hot cunt. She was doing much more than simply stimulating herself. The very sight of seeing her mother like that seemed to triple Jane’s efforts on me.

It was quite clear that in little time that all three of us would reach a climactic pinnacle of pleasure. Maddy was bucking away, legs spread, one hand reaching up under her top and crushing at her firm tits. Jane was bouncing her face on and off my erection so hard, even I had to brace myself. The energetic teen was fully embracing the act and only hesitated her movements when she saw my face.

“Are you about ready?” She asked.

I nodded, holding my breath just a bit.

“Where do you want to,” She paused, her shyness and inexperience showing through, “um... you know?”

I grinned and bucked my throbbing erection up at her face. “As you may know, there are several options you’ll probably have to consider with those unsaved heathens. They may want to spray their seed on your face, in your hair, or all over your body. But they also may simply want you to swallow it. I think to make sure you’re practiced in that respect, you should just drink it all down.”

I patted the girl’s head and she looked unsurely over to her mother.

Maddy was already orgasming on the floor. Her legs were spread and her face flushed as she ground into the carpet. “Just do it, Jane, do it!” Maddy cried out. “Suck his cock and all that lovely seed down your throat.”

As awkward as she looked, Jane redoubled her grip on me, jacked a few more times and swallowed as much of me as she could. The teenager was in for a minor surprise, but one I’m sure she was capable of handling. You see, being a god and all is tough, but there are fringe benefits. My erections are harder. My climaxes are larger. Best of all, my semen is unbelievably tasty, addictive even.

No sooner did Jane get one little drop of me inside her mouth, than she was fairly mad with desire for more. The girl went back to nearly choking herself as she crammed her face into my groin and let my full release overtake her. This is the scene I most recall that second to last visit. Sweet, virginal Jane, with her throat full of my cock, jet after jet of warm sticky seed spraying inside her like an uncontrollable hose.

When the girl finally relieved some of her pressure, she pulled back slightly and I could clearly see the semen dripping from her nose and the corners of her mouth. She’d taken the full blast of Bob Locci, and let me tell you, that’s no small feat. Her blonde hair was a mess and her top had now dropped nearly enough to allow one of her young tits free. She quickly pulled the straps back up and all was hidden again. Still, I knew what was there and a taste of that was far better than simply having the whole meal.

After we all composed ourselves, I escorted the ladies to the porch. “You both seem more than prepared for your work this week. I wish you luck and know that the Lord will be with you.”

Maddy grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to her. “Thanks, Bobby. You’re the best.” She looked at Jane, still sweet and innocent, save for the single drop of sperm running down her chin. “And thank you so much for showing my daughter here what these men will want to do to her. I think we’re both better off for knowing what we’re in for.”

I smiled and just to make sure they weren’t totally gone, added. “You’re sure this isn’t too much for you?”

“Oh no, it could never be too much. Nothing is too much to spread His word.”

As they walked off, Jane turned and winked at me. “Bye bye, Bobby, see you next week.”

I knew right then that next week I’d really be seeing them, and they’d surely be quite the different pair after a week of blow jobs and hand jobs.

* * *

Week 6

During the course of the week separating their previous visit from this one, I’d had an unfortunate drop off in praise from my sparse worshippers. Turns out Mrs. Olafson was attempting to be saved by some very similar missionaries to these two. I had little doubt that someone was a bit upset I was stealing two of his lovely recruiters. All my worries were quickly forgotten when I heard the doorbell that morning.

I’d nearly forgotten what day it was, when someone began laying on the bell. I walked towards the door and before even getting there, could clearly see two rather stumbling silhouettes on my porch. I recognized the giggles and hurriedly swung the door open.

“Heyyy there, wha’s up, Bobby?” Maddy slurred. She was barely standing on her feet, leaning on my porch railing.

“It’s Bobby, yayy Bobby.” Jane said.

Both were clearly drunk, and not just drunk, they were close to passing out drunk. They also appeared quite the sinful duo. Mother Maddy had her hair down and all throughout it were dried white spatters of semen. Her cheeks had some smeared spots of cum as well and her top was fully pulled down so both tits jiggled obscenely as she tried to steady herself.

Sweet little Jane was no longer virginal looking, in the least. She had semen all over her blonde hair, ropes of the stuff connecting down to her shoulders. She wore a very tight baby doll tee and it was so thoroughly soaked through with man juices that you could see every feature of her sweet teenage tits. Her hands fumbled with the top edge of her mini skirt, pulling it down and giving me more than an eyeful of her burning hot pussy.

“We’s been waitin to see you all week.” Jane said.

I escorted them inside. Couldn’t let the neighbors get too much of a show. Once inside I subtly used what influence I had to clear their speech up, make them better able to tell me about their week. When that was done, Maddy and Jane sat next to each other on the couch like two fellow whores waiting for their next john.

“Bobby, you were sooo right. Men responded much better once we used sex to sell our message. I’m sure the Lord is so pleased with how successful we’ve been.”

“I’m sure he is.” I said, smirking a bit.

“Yeah,” Jane said. “Luke and his friends were all there again and they wasted no time having me kneel on the floor as they surrounded me. I’m not sure the term they used, but they covered me in seed. I simply sat there stroking occasionally at myself to keep calm as they jacked their cocks right at my face. I’ve never tasted so many wonderful flavors, all slightly different and salty.”

Maddy nodded. “And Mr. Armstrong’s no slouch himself. He allowed me to give him a hand job while sharing some of my literature with him on just how the Lord saves.”

As the two ladies talked and seemed oblivious to their exposed breasts, I did something I hadn’t done before. I took a seat in between them. This was my day today. No more offering them drinks, no more cookies. It was time I enjoyed the fruits of this particular labor and it was something I’d been anticipating for nearly six weeks.

“So, Bobby, I think we’ve just about taken things as far as we can. I have to say, had we never visited your home that first week, I’m unsure where we would be right now.” Maddy said.

“We sure wouldn’t be here.” Jane said.

Maddy looked over at her daughter and noticed what she was doing. Practically as soon as I had sat down, Jane’s slender teenage fingers were worming their way inside my pants. When her mom looked over, she saw the girl lowering her blonde face to my cock and sucking away like a porn star. She rubbed her face all over it, wiping it into her hair like a cock-addicted slut. I simply looked down at the girl and raised my eyebrows.

“Well, Jane, that’s all you think about now, isn’t it?” Maddy said. She wasn’t upset or bothered in the least. In fact, the woman in her classic British accent, sounded more amused than anything.

Before I knew it, Maddy was continuing to tell me about their week while reaching over and forcing her daughters head up and down my cock. Jane sounded as though she couldn’t breath but Maddy never let up, simply forcing the girl to suck my cock until it was threatening to explode.

“Bobby, sex really does sell, and when you think about it, why shouldn’t it? Everyone is so obsessed with pleasure, what feels good. So if we sell ourselves and spread a good word while doing so, what could be wrong with that?”

“I couldn’t... agree more.” I said through gritted teeth. Between the mother talking about all the men she and her daughter sucked off and the fact she was currently forcing her daughter by firm hand to inhale my own bulging erection, I wasn’t going to last long at this rate. That’s when she suddenly grabbed Jane’s long hair and pulled her up off me, her mouth making a pop as she let go of my cock.

Maddy looked at my lap, then reached up and grabbed at her own tits. “Bobby, I see my little sweetie has gotten you all worked up. Now, I’ve been considering something this whole last week. Call it my own little idea on where we go next from here.”

“Yes?” I said, smiling.”

Jane looked up and she and her mother exchanged a knowing glance. Apparently they had planned on surprising me with this together. I leaned back into the cushions and let both of the ladies look to me like the lusty sluts they’d become.

“We want to fuck!” Jane said.

“Exactly.” Maddy said. “We hear so much about how great fucking is, when all we’ve ever been taught is making love. These perverts we are trying to save know only the joy of fucking a little cunt and putting her in her place. If we’re to reach them, it’s going to have to be by fucking.”

Jane leaned in and rubbed her sticky top against my side. Her nipples were warm and erect. I looked over at the girl. “I’ve never been fucked, Bobby. I want you to be the first man that sticks it inside me.”

If only the girl had known I wasn’t exactly a man so I couldn’t take that honor. Still, to be the one who deflowered her, that was something even I hadn’t experienced in some time. I smiled and grabbed at her breasts, feeling her up like I’d wanted to do for weeks now. She’d come a long way, but the body was still that of an innocent teenage girl. She just dressed up the outside and sluttied herself up. Now, they both wanted me to help slutty up the inside.

“So what do you say?” Maddy asked.

“Yes, Bobby. What?” asked Jane.

How could I refuse? These two made such convincing arguments and I was sporting a pole that had best be used very soon. “You know I only have your interests in mind.” I said, making a show of it. “And if you two think this will help with your work, who am I to stand in your way?”

“So you’ll do it?” Maddy asked, sliding her hand along my erection.

I sighed, purely for act. “Yes, I guess so. I’ll fuck your slutty little brains out. It’s the least a guy like me can do.”

I’m not one to kiss and tell, but we did a hell of a lot more than kissing. So I’ll share the sordid details. I began with Maddy, who insisted she show her daughter the proper way to ride a man. She explained to young Jane that while they were missionaries in the service of the Lord, they shouldn’t have missionary style sex. That was for others like them, ones already saved. For the men they would be visiting, there were a number of different positions and she aimed to show a few before allowing Jane to try them out.

It’s lucky I’m a bit more in control than the average slob on the street, otherwise I never would have made it through the marathon fucking that Maddy demonstrated. The woman was wild, far wilder than I gave her credit of being capable of. She climbed into my lap and sank down, sliding my cock up inside her gut. She bounced up and down, showing Jane how the movement set off her tits and gave me something to reach up and grab onto.

She rotated around so she faced the other way, still bouncing on top of me with pure uncontrollable energy. At this point I was squeezing Maddy’s thighs, jumping up off the couch to drive deeper inside her.

Over the course of the next twenty minutes, Maddy demonstrated several popular positions to her daughter. She made sure Jane got down and saw up close how my cock sliced up into her. The poor girl was nearly dripping herself when time came for me to finally take her virginity.

I won’t say I didn’t enjoy the girl. I did. I will say that there’s something a bit more than just mischievous about having a mother standing by watching as I mounted her teenage daughter. Jane immediately picked her favorite position, doggy style, and dropped to all fours right there in the middle of the room. She leaned back, letting her hair drape over one shoulder.

“Give it to me, Bobby. Come on and fuck the spirit into me!”

How could I refuse?

I grabbed the young girl’s wide hips and pulled her back towards me. What little of her indecent skirt I needed to move, was lifted up and there was my target. I grinned over at Maddy as I pulled Jane back at me.

The girl grunted hard, her body shaking as I took it slower and managed to break through any barrier that was there with simultaneous force and a slow pace. In little time, I was fucking Jane like a slut, like the slut she’d now be to all those men they visited. I grabbed her blonde hair and used it like reins, pulling her back at me, slamming in deep and feeling her vibrate with tremors of pleasure. Her little orgasms intensified until she inevitably lost control.

“OHHH... OHH Bobby! OH yesss, OHHHH God! Oh God Bobby!”

I nodded. It was nice hearing a young previous virgin shouting my name. She had no idea how accurate God Bobby was. To thank her for her praise I picked up the pace and really set out to screw her brains out.

Now, a quick word. As a god, I have to be careful when I ‘screw a girl’s brains out’. It has actually happened a few times and that’s only fun the one time. Then afterwards you have to set her up with permanent assistance, pay some sort of support, and generally feel guilty way too much. So when I say I screwed her brains out, I really mean I fucked that lucky girl into a useless pile of jelly, but only for the afternoon. She left feeling much better. So, back to the good stuff.

Jane was crying out, “Oh Lord, Oh God!” so many times, that Maddy seemed to be praying right there beside us. The woman dropped to her knees and at first I assumed she was simply getting into the spirit. Then I realized she was more interested in sharing the spirit with us.

As I grabbed Jane and pulled her up to my front, so I could better latch onto those heaving young tits, her mother crawled to where my cock was thrusting away wildly inside the girl.

We both were quite surprised to feel Maddy’s tongue lapping away at my cock as it continued to thrust away inside her daughter. She had a skilled tongue too, so I certainly wasn’t going to say anything. Jane, on the other hand, seemed nervous and confused. I simply relaxed her and let her feel only joy from the entire experience.

I fucked Jane for probably thirty minutes total, though it felt like hours. The girl was a real pro at taking a cock. She orgasmed loudly and easily. She shook her body enough to drive me wild, whether it was her squirming hips or her leaping tits that I admit to having a bit of fun with. As with all things though, this fun had to end.

“Jane, I’m about to cum. Where do you want it?”

The girl was right in the middle of an intense orgasm so Maddy spoke up for her daughter. “You cum deep inside my girl. These fornicating men are going to wish to do the same thing. She has to be used to it.”

“Oh Yessss... Oh do it! Fill me with your seed, Bobby, oh godddd!” Jane shrieked.

Since she asked so politely, I couldn’t very well deny her. Besides, I was safe. Nobody’s safer than me. Just ask their Lord, after he had that fling with Mary. Guy wants to be all mighty and moral at the parties. He takes more than cheese puffs, let me tell you.

I slammed my hips forward into Jane, both of us collapsing to the floor, my cock firmly wedged up inside her young cunt. I must’ve filled that girl with more cum than all the men she’d visit for the next week. I’d been waiting for a while, you know. Whatever the volume, when Jane finally pulled herself up off the floor, her weight was a bit off balance temporarily. It’s always fun watching a girl stumble because she’s not only had a bit to drink, but had far too wild a fucking to walk straight. Teens are especially fun. They always want to play it off, and remain in control. They never are though.

The rest of their visit was much of the same. I fucked Maddy once and came inside her. She squirmed and tried to remain proper throughout the whole experience but I could see her losing control. When it finally did come time for them to leave, they both looked rather worn out. Neither really cared that they no longer had their tops on, or that thick trails of semen were running from their thighs to the floor. They simply staggered out to the porch and kissed me goodbye.

I took a moment to grope Jane, squeezing the young girl’s tits with firm milking motions, something I’m sure she’d have plenty of guys doing soon enough. Maddy reached into my pants and told me how much she’d miss our regular visits. I explained to her that there were far more men out there in need of her special message. The Lord surely wanted her out there as much as possible, doing whatever or whoever it took to get the word spread.

Watching them leave was actually a bit harder than I thought it would be. I still know, even to this day, that they will be back for more ‘inspiration’. They’re mine now, whether they know it or not. You might ask, was the whole thing worth it? Well, to that, I say a big yes, most definitely. They may not have showed up on my doorstep the following week, but I began getting a weekly visit from their Lord.

Oh sure, he never stuck around, only dropping off a large box on the front porch, but I got the message. The box simply said No Hard Feelings, and inside were the most delectable assortments of cheese snack foods you could imagine. So until I can enjoy my favorite two tasty treats again, I will always have all the cheese puffs I can handle.

As far as having no hard feelings, well that’s a funny thing. He may have no hard feelings, but I certainly do whenever I think about Madeline and her daughter Jane. I’m sure they’ll inspire many hard feelings in men for some time to come.

Anyway, I have god things to attend to. Thanks for listening, and remember the lessons of advertising. Sex sells, so ladies, be a slut and have fun. If anyone questions why, just tell them Bob Locci said so.

The End