The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

What You See In The Mirror

He grunted as he gently placed the mirror down in the corner of the room. There. All done.

Juan Miguel Santos de Costa placed hands on his hips as he admired his new furniture; a full-body mirror someone had left on the street. There had been some other junk around it too, but Juan had ignored all those. The mirror was what seemed to call to him; after all, it had a pretty cool golden dragon frame. Plus, Juan looked good in the mirror. Juan always was a bit full of himself, at least when it came to appearances. he worked out, kept hia body tight. He was no bodybuilder, but he had decently broad shoulders and a well chiseled 6-pack. His light green eyes stood in contrast to his darker skin and mess of black hair, but he also had a smile that could light up a room. It was the sight of obe of those smiles, reflected back at him in the mirror, that made his decision, and so he lugged it all the way back to his dorm room.

He admired his reflection for a little, before getting on to the showers. He had just come back from a game of soccer with his friends. He left the room in nothing but a towel, and came back the same way, except with his hair wet.

As soon as he stepped back in, Juan felt a sense of relief and happiness wash over him. He ginned as he caught his reflection in the mirror. Looking good. Juan had never really cared about his decorations; his walls had football posters on them, and his clothes lay in a mess everywhere. However, now that the mirror was here, he felt like it really brought the whole room together.

He struck a pose, showing off his biceps for a bit, before dropping the towel and reaching for underwear. After a few minutes of the sniff test, he found a decent pair—yellow low-cut boxer briefs—and put them on.

As he reached for his pants though, he stopped himself. Frowning, he looked up at the mirror, and was greeted by his own confused looking reflection.

Damn, you look sexy

Juan grinned, standing up and checking hinself out. Yeah, he was pretty sexy. No need to be ashamed.

No need to hide it

Right, no need to hide it. Besides, he was in his own room. No one could see him anyway. No one else was here, since this was a one bed room. Juan could dress or undress however he wanted here.

With that tantalizing thought in mind, Juan ignored getting dressed and went straight to his laptop. He needed to get some work done. He sat down om his bed, opened his laptop, and started looking up what he needed for his econ assignment.

Half an hour and ten pages into a reading, he caight his reflection in the mirror, then did a double take. Juan blinked as his eyes refused to believe what they were seeing.

He got up, and walked up to the mirror. The reflection did the same. He waved his right hand, then quicky raised his left. The reflection copied him.

Except it wasn’t his reflection.

Standing there, instead of a reflection of Juan’s muscled, well kept body, was a thin waif of a girl, staring back. At least, Juan thought she was a girl. On further inspection, it might’ve been a really femmme, no it had to be a girl. She was wearing a yellow bra for chrissake! Although, she was pretty flat.

The weird thing was, her face was really similar to Juan’s. She looked almost like one of Juan’s cousins or something. It was less defined, more angular, but definitely feminine, with ruby red lips and long lashes. Juan recognised these features as his own, except his lips weren’t that red, and his lashes weren’t that long.

This was weird. This was really weird. But...

Juan had to admit...the girl in the mirror was hot.

She was wearing only yellow boxer briefs—the same ones as Juan’s. This meant pretty much nothing was left to the imagination; Juan could see her flat, smooth stomach, her small, dainty hands, her wide, womanly hips.

Juan turned around to see what she looked like from behind, and he was not disappointed. He could kinda tell from the front, but this chick had an ass you could bounce quarters off of. Girls had always said he had an ass they were jealous of. He moved his own ass up and down, and to his delight, he found that the girl’s ass bounced and jiggled the same way his did in response.

It was a pity her breasts were so small; he would’ve loved to make them bounce too.

He experimented a bit more, doing different poses. To his delight, he found the girl copying him exactly, down to the facial expression. As such, Juan made sure to have a sexy smile all the while he posed. The result was stunning; a hot, Latina babe with Juan’s winning smile.

This was too fun. It was like he had his own peraonal porn star right here in his own room, who would do anything he wanted for him.

Juan bit his lip, and the reflection copied. Fuck. She looked sexy with her red lips like that. His mind was racing...this reflection would basically do whatever he did, right? He rubbed his navel absentmindedly, noting how sexy his reflection looked while copying him. Slowly, he lowered his hand down, getting excited as his reflection did the same. He grew harder and harder until his bulge was impossible to ignore, then slipped his hand under the waistband of his underwear.

The girl copied him.

Juan instinctively closed his eyes as he started to jerk himself off, then snapped them open. No, he needed to watch this. He wanted to watch this. True enough, his reflection was also touching themselves, although there was no bulge down there for them. Still, the thought that this sexy being was touching themselves for Juan, just because Juan was doing it, was incredibly hot to him. He moaned, growing harder as he watched his reflection moan back at him.

Fuck. This was too hot.

Juan came instantly, jizz seeping through the fabric of his underwear. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, mouth hanging open and drooling a little. He sat like that for a moment, legs vibrating, before coming back to, gasping.

“Fuck,” he moaned. It had been a while since he had cum that hard. He got up and changed his underwear. When he returned, the sexy girl was still looking back at him, still copying his every move. Juan felt his cock harden at the sight of her again, but resisted the urge to jerk off and forced himself back onto his laptop.

An hour later, he gave up and changed to go out. He needed a bitch to fuck tonight.

* * *

Juan looked up from his computer once more, and found that the sexy bitch was still there.

Not his reflection; the girl he had brought back two nights ago. He had fucked her three times that first night, and he hadn’t cum once. She had been more than satisfied, obviously, but he was left with the worst case of blue balls he could remember.

It wasn’t really her fault though. She had done nothing wrong. In fact, if Juan was honest, she had done everything right, down to the colour of hair and type of body. She was a redhead, blue eyes, legs for days and not a single hair below her neck. Not to mention, she could ride dick for hours. Still, for some reason, it just didn’t do it for Juan.

It was probably because of the mirror. Occasionally, Juan would catch sight of the two of them in the mirror, and every time, he would see his own reflection as a girl. Watching two girls go at it had never been Juan’s thing, so every time he saw their reflections going at it, he would find himself involuntarily losing his drive.

It had been two nights now, and Juan just wanted some time alone. Fortunately, the girl took the hint.

Someone knocked on the door.

“That’s him,” she said, walking over to the door and opening it.

“Hey,” said a deep, but playful voice, “Ready to leave, your Witchiness?”

The girl giggled as she turned to introduce the man to Juan.

“This is my brother, Seamus,” she said, “Seamus, this is Juan.”

Juan gulped as he shook her brother’s hand. Seamus was a giant of a man, all muscle. He stood at around 6′5, had the same fiery red hair as his sister, and a dangerous glint in his eye.

“Nice to meet the man my sister’s been raving about,” he said, “Give us a call sometime, will you?”

“Seamus!” said the girl, hitting her brother on the arm. He didn’t react at all.

“But if you do want a good time,” she said, turning back and whispering to Juan, “Call me?“

Juan nodded, and the siblings left.


Once they were gone, Juan locked the door and stood behind it. He took in a deep breath, steeling himself. He took off his shirt and pants, standing only in his black boxer briefs.

He glanced at his reflection, and once again, the small-titted, bubble-butt chick was staring back. She was, as usual, wearing the same things as him. And looked fucking sexy in it too. He bit his lip, then walked closer, wanting to get a better view.

Suddenly, Juan stepped on something soft, different from the rest of the carpet. He looked down to find red, lacy panties. For a moment, he stared at them, blank. How did they get here?

He realised with a jolt that these were the pair the girl had been wearing. Of course. She must have forgotten them here—or had she left them on purpose?

Juan picked them up, intending to put them away, when he realised something. He looked up to see his reflection holding the same pair of panties he was. He gulped. Should he...?

It’s not like there’s anyone else here..., he thought, and it’s not like I’m getting off to my own reflection.

A minute later, he was wearing the panties in front of the mirror. At first, he felt rather silly; these panties were not made for men. As such, his erection poked out awkwardly. Not to mention, these were meant for a woman, and so they were a little tight. It was riding up Juan’s crack a little.

But man. The view in the reflection was gorgeous. Their ass looked like it was bursting from the red fabric, plump and juicy. Juan knelt down, ass facing the mirror, looking back, spreading his knees. He imitated Nicki Minaj’s pose for Anaconda.

Fuck. They looked sexy as fuck. Juan’s dick was rock solid, and precum was leaking a little. He pushed one hand down his juicy ass, unable to keep his eyes off the reflection of his hand reaching down. The tiny strip of fabric that was meant to cover his hole had already been swallowed up by his pillowy cheeks. He stopped his hand over where that hole should be, and pushed a finger there.

He moaned. Purely so the reflection could obviously. That was why he did it at a higher voice than normal.

The result was stunning. The image of the sexy latina posing and moaning for him like that was almost enough to make him cum then and there.

But not yet.

No, Juan had not cum in two days. He wanted to make this one good.

He turned around, keeping his legs open but allowing himself to fall onto his knees, and pushed a hand down the panties once more. He grabbed his balls and started moving his arm up and down, careful not to rip the fabric of the underwear, and imitating the way a woman would play with herself. He moaned again, then moved his other hand over to pinch his nipple.

Juan played with himself like this for half an hour, teasing himself, moaning femininely, changing poses. When he finally came, he was on his back, knees together and ankles far apart, toes curling, and fingers pinching his nipple desperately. He watched himself in the mirror as he came, eyes rolling to the back of his head once more.


Maybe it was because he hadn’t cum in two days, but this time seemed a lot more intense than the last.

* * *

Juan hadn’t left his room for the last week.

There just...hadn’t really been a need. He ordered all his food, and just kinda...missed all his classes. He reasoned that it was just that he had not been able to focus at all recently; the last time he went to class he had felt all light-headed and dizzy. He had only barely understood what his professor had been saying, and his friends agreed that he seemed a little off that day.

So he had taken a week. To rest.

That said, his room was starting to get a bit...funky. He hadn’t left his room to wash his clothes, or himself really. He had promised himself that he would get to it, really, he would.

Just one more.


Juan was getting good at moaning femininely now. He’d had a lot of practise. He was also getting good at posing for the mirror; he was on his bed, stomach down, legs spread apart and open while he looked back at his reflection. Fuck. They looked so fucking sexy.

Especially in the black thong and lacy bra Juan had gotten for himself. He reasoned that since everyone knew he was a stud and fucked women, they would all think it was for some girlfriend if they ever found it. Plus, it wasn’t like he was buying it for himself. No. He was buying it for his reflection. His sexy, feminine, reflection.

Juan arched his back and rubbed his hard dick over the pillow between his legs, he leaned back, pushing out his ass, and sat up. His cock was, as usual, poking through the top of the fabric, leaking. Watching his reflection act so sexy for him was so fucking hot. The expression they had on as they looked over their shoulder just screamed “fuck me Daddy.” Juan had never had a Daddy kink before, but he was finding the idea more and more hot as of late. He had no idea why.

He moaned once more as he slapped his ass, the tingling sensation making his cock hard. He kept his eyes on his reflection though, on the way they blushed slightly at the slap, the way their eyes begged for more. More. More, Juan wante mo-

Knock knock knock.

“Juan? It’s me, Seamus,” said a voice on the other side of the door.

“Fuck!” Juan whispered, the spell broken. Shit, fuck, shit, why was he here? Louder, he called out:

“One sec!”

Seamus tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. Juan thanked god he had gotten into the habit of locking his door.

“C’mon, we’re all men here,” Seamus laughed, still on the other side of the door as Juan scrambled to put some clothes on, “We all know what’s happening there.”

In the end, Juan managed to slide into some jeans and hastily zip up a jacket. As soon as he opened the door, he crossed his arms, to make sure Seamus couldn’t see the bra he had on underneath.

Seamus raised an eyebrow, and asked if he was okay. Juan replied nonchalantly, then waited. No one said anything for a while.

“So...why are you here?” Juan finally asked.

Seamus seemed amused by the question. At that moment, Juan’s heart fluttered a little. Weird.

“I came here to pick up what my sister left behind?” he said, grinning.

Juan stared at Seamus for a moment, before it finally clicked.

“Oh!” he said, face burning, “Oh, right, yeah.”

He had forgotten. The girl had called him yesterday, asking to return the panties she had left behind. Apparently, she had left them on accident. In the end, they agreed to get Seamus to pick them up.

“Right, um, this way,” said Juan, heading over to his closet, leaving the door open, “It’s, um, here.”

By the time he had fished out the red pair he had worn a week ago, Seamus had walked in. For some reason, Juan’s heart was beating hard as the redheaded man in front of him looked around his room.

“You’re not very clean, are you?” he said, looking around. Juan blushed as Seamus seemed to catch sight of himself in the mirror.

“Here,” he said, shoving the panties into Seamus’ hands, “These are what you came for, right?”

Seamus didn’t answer immediately. He seemed entranced by the mirror. Instinctively, Juan looked at where Seamus was looking.

What he saw made him gasp.

He was naked. No, his reflection was. Well, not exactly. They were wearing the thong and bra that Juan had on underneath, but nothing else. Juan double checked to make sure he had the jacket and jeans on, and sure enough, he was. However, the mirror didn’t show that Juan was wearing them.

That my reflection is wearing, Juan reminded himself. He had found himself slipping up like that lately. Still, it wasn’t a big deal. Sure, it was a little weird, but it was to be expected really, given the situation.

Yeah. Juan rationalised that, given the situation, this was normal. He was normal. He was a normal straight guy.

But other people might not see it like that.

Juan realised that maybe the reason Seamus was staring at the mirror was because he was seeing the same thing Juan was. Heart pounding harder than ever, Juan turned back to look at Seamus.

“Do you see...”

His voice trailed off when he realised that Seamus was inspecting the panties he was given. Juan’s eyes grew wide as he realised the same thing Seamus had.

Juan’s size and huge dick had stretched out the fabric of the panties.

“Did you,” said Seamus slowly, “wear these?”

Juan gulped as Seamus seemed to realise something else. He looked down at Juan with eyes that seemed to peer into his very soul. He looked around, and noticed the crumpled pillow at the edge of the bed. He turned back to Juan, making his heart beat faster.

“What...” he said, “were you doing...before I got here?”

Juan licked his suddenly dry lips. He coughed; his throat had suddenly gone dry too.

“I...just...” Juan couldn’t keep Seamus’ gaze, and looked to the floor.

“Look at me, boy,” Seamus growled.

A shiver went down Juan’s spine. He obediently looked up, into Seamus’ golden pupils.

They stood like that, frozen, for just a moment. But to Juan, it felt like years. He felt trapped, cornered, and exposed.

Slowly, Seamus licked his lips, and smiled.

Juan’s hole quivered.

“Turn around,” Seamus ordered softly.

Juan’s hole twitched again as he obediently, turned around, and faced the mirror.

“Don’t you dare,” Seamus whispered aggresively, “...move.”

With that, Seamus reached around and slowly unzipped Juan’s jacket, down to the navel. The black bra was visible to everyone now, not just to Juan in the mirror.

Seamus tutted.

“What a naughty boy,” he growled, “Don’t you know bras are for girls?”

Juan whimpered as he felt Seamus’ other hand reach down and feel his ass. Juan’s breathing quickened as Seamus groped his ass.

“Oh? I don’t feel any underwear,” he growled, “That could mean...”

Slowly, using the hand that had exposed Juan’s bra, Seamus unzipped Juan’s jeans. Once they were loose enough, he reached down with his other hand to and found the waistband of the thong.

Suddenly, Seamus pulled up.


Juan gasped involuntarily as the lacy fabric pulled against his hole and further tightened around his balls. His cock was leaking, even more exposed than before, his jeans slowly slipping down his thighs. Juan’s knees turned inwards and ankles out, instinctively arching his back as he lifted himself onto his toes.

“And what’s this?” Seamus asked, his voice low in Juan’s ear, “Not even girls wear things like this.”

Juan’s breath was coming fast now. His entire body felt tense, like it was a live wire, brimming with electricity. It was all being held it place by Seamus’ hand, still holding up that thong, still hoising Juan up onto his knees, still pressing that fabric against Juan’s desperately twitching hole. All it needed was a touch to be set off.

“P-please,” Juan managed to gasp, “”

Seamus leaned forward, sniffing Juan’s neck. Juan could feel his heat behind him, tempting him, so tantalizingly close. He was just there...just behind him. He could see him in the mirror. The image was so hot; the big, strong man, sniffing them, holding them captive, holding them hostage to their own desires. Seamus could take what he wanted. Juan wanted him to take his reflection, to take them and make his reflection moan and gasp and scream the way he himself had. It would be so hot watching them get-

All of a sudden, Juan felt the hand on his thong let go. He gasped as he felt Seamus move from behind him, away, to the door. Before Juan could realise what happened, Seamus turned around and grinned.

“I’m not into faggots that don’t wash,” he grinned, then held up the panties Juan had given him, “Thanks for these.”

He left, leaving Juan more confused than ever.

* * *

“And two, and three and four! Shimmy, shimmy, star!”

What am I doing here?

In a moment of lucidity Juan had not felt in weeks, the question of how he had gotten here came up. “Here” was an aerobics class at the local gym. Normally, Juan would not have been caught dead here.

Why? Cause that’s where all the fags were. But wasn’t that the reason why he had decided to come in the first place?

“And move those hips! Hips! Use that core!”

As Juan rounded his hips while moving in a circle, he slowly came up with the reasons why he was doing this again.

When Seamus left his place a month ago, Juan had been in a state of confusion. What the hell had happened? Why was he getting so hot and bothered over him?

Juan was straight, right?

But after mulling it over for about a day, and cumming three times in front of the mirror, Juan came to the conclusion that it was normal. He was feeling like that because of the reflection. Because the reflection showed Seamus, manly as fuck man, seducing a girl, and it had been hot as fuck. Of course Juan had gotten excited; it was basically porn. There weird going on; he was just looking forward to seeing the girl get fucked, that was all.

However, for the first time, Juan felt apprehensive about the mirror. I mean, sure, the orgasms were great, and the idea of his reflection doing whatever he did was hot...but he realised, for the first time, that maybe this was the start of something...something he might not want.

So, Juan did what any guy would do, and promised himself that he would throw out the mirror.

Just after one more session.

And as the weeks went on, and the last session kept getting updated, Juan found that these sessions were also getting a little...repetitive. Sure, his reflection was still hot as fuck, but seeing them play with themselves the same way, over and over again was getting a bit...tiring...

So he started...experimenting a little.

At first it was just a finger. Just a finger, in his hole. The expression his reflection made when it went in had made him cum instantly. He had started fingering himself more and more in these sessions, but only kept it to one finger.

At the same time, he also began to wash himself more.

Despite the...strange circumstances...Seamus was right. Juan had not been taking proper care of himself. So he started to, first by cleaning up his room, ordering it all, and pulling down the soccer posters. He only had them up in the first place because he had nothing else to put up there; it wasn’t like he really liked them or anything. Then, he started showering regularly again. However, he found that it was very easy for him to work up a funk, so in order to stop that from happening quicker, he had begun shaving his pits and pubes. Then, one day, he wondered what it would be like to just...shave everything. Below the neck of course. There was no real reason for it, he just...felt like it. All the models in Abercrombie and Fitch were always smooth and shaved; Juan supposed he just wondered what it would be like to be them.

However, once Juan had gotten out of the shower the first time he shaved everything, he couldn’t help but gape at the mirror.

It was her. His reflection.

Up until now, his reflection had only shown up on that single mirror he had brought home. Nothing else. However, now it was here, in the mirrors of the communal bathroom at Juan’s college.

Juan’s first reaction was shock, but once he had gotten over it, he realised that his reflection looked...really good. He hadn’t noticed, but before, when he had been unshaved, his reflection had been unshaved too. But now?

Holy fuck.

From then on, Juan kept himself shaved at all times. He found that he liked the feeling of his pants on his naked legs, as well as the feeling of his stiff nipples under his...well...

The thing was, all reflections of Juan were always in whatever underwear Juan was wearing. They never showed his outer clothes. As such, Juan had taken to wearing panties, thongs, and bras under his normal clothes. Because of this, he now wore more layers than usual; where he used to wear just a t-shirt, now he had an undershirt and a button up. However, it was all worth it to see that sexy beast in the mirror, always copying Juan’s movements.

As such, Juan found himself acting more sexy whenever he was around a mirror. But not his usual, macho, sexiness. This was a more...feminine allure. He would sway his hips, lick his lips, arch his back when he thought no one was looking. As a result, he now stood and posed like a female model all the time.

Some of his friends had noticed, and had started giving him shit about it. Juan didn’t care. They couldn’t see his reflection, so they didn’t know. If they could see what he saw, they’d do the exact same thing he was doing.

He wasn’t gay. This was completely normal for a straight guy.

Which was also the reason for the aerobics lessons now.

Juan always had a thing for girls that worked out. Not bodybuilders mind you; just girls that did cardio or whatever they did to keep slim. Watching a girl working out like that was always hot, but he couldn’t just go to the gym to perv on girls. Except not he could. Better yet, the girl in question would not be wearing anything but their underwear.

Right now, Juan was watching his reflection twirl his hips around in a circular motion as he slowly moved in a circle to the beat of the music. His arms were held stright up, so the focus would be on his core. To everyone else, he was wearing a black shirt and green shorts; but his reflection showed that underneath was a bright pink thong and bra. The sight of his reflection moving to the music in a pink thong and bra kept Juan rock hard throughout every lesson; a sight which hadn’t gone unnoticed. Juan had noticed some of the girls giggling as they noticed his bulge. However, that was only in the background.

What really occupied Juan’s mind were the few men who would stop by and watch him sometimes. He knew they were watching him; he could see their reflections staring at his reflection’s ass. The sight of such big, strong men staring at his reflection was understandably hot. His reflection was sexy, after all. Juan knew intellectually that the men couldn’t see his reflection; they were ogling him.

Except they weren’t. Juan couldn’t see his own reflection anymore, not anywhere. Instead, there was this other person there, who looked a bit like him, but Juan knew it wasn’t. As such, Juan’s old self, the manly guy he knew, was fading from his own mind. Juan was thinking less and less about himself, and more and more about his reflection, his sexy, slutty reflection.

So when he saw these men ogling him, all Juan could think about was how they would be ogling his reflection, how it would look if they seduced them, if touched them...kissed them...

“And hold!”

As Juan held the final pose for the requisite ten seconds, he realised the class was over. He released the tension from his body; he had worked up quite the sweat. As he packed up his things, someone lightly tapped him on the shoulder.

Juan turned to find one of the men who usually ogled him grinning at him.

“Hey,” he said, “I’m Drake.”

Juan looked up the stud’s face as he took his hand. Drake was a large black man, built like a house. He was currenly shirtless, his broad shoulders and washboard abs out and on display for everyone to see. Juan had noticed that he was usually shirtless; at least he had been whenever he had been checking him out.

“I want you to help me with something,” he said.

Minutes later, they were in the bathroom, Juan sitting on the sink, kissing a standing Drake. Drake’s hands were groping Juan’s ass, pulling him closer with every squeeze.

Fuck this was hot.

Juan could see his reflection in the mirror in front of him; there was a single, rectangular, wall-high mirror on the opposite wall of the sinks. Probably so men could check their full profile before heading out.

Drake had dragged Juan in here as everyone else watched. He had ordered all the men to leave the bathroom, so now it was only Juan and Drake in here. Even so, that meant that everyone outside knew what was happening in here. The idea that Drake was going to use Juan’s reflection while everyone outside knew about it was incredibly hot to Juan. Just watching them moan and gasp as Drake groped their ass and kissed then neck was enough to make Juan start leaking from him still-hard cock.

Drake suddenly ripped Juan’s shorts off. In the back if his mind, Juan wondered how he was going to get home in only his underwear. Then he remembered what his underwear was.

“Nice, slut,” said Drake, slapping Juan’s ass.

Juan’s reflection gasped and moaned, instantly burning away Juan’s thoughts of being exposed in front of a such a large man. No need to think about any of that. Just enjoy the show.

Drake then pulled Juan off the sink, and forced him down on his knees. Juan instinctively arched his back and spread his knees slightly; gotta look good for the mirror. Drake grinned, one hand on top of Juan’s head. His other hand went under his waistband, and fished out his cock.

Juan’s eyes went wide. A shiver suddley went down Juan’s spine, down until it settled in Juan’s hole, making it...quiver. Juan gasped. The cock in front of him was so...big.

“You know what to do,” Drake grinned, “Slut.”

For a moment, Juan’s mind cleared again. He realised that before, he would have never found himself in a situation where he was on his knees in front of a black man. He would never have found himself drooling over the scnet of a cock. He would have never felt this his hole.

But just as these thoughts were about to crystallize, Juan caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. The sight of the thin, feminine body on their knees, eyes full of want, in front of a such a big, masculine cock...

Juan watched as his reflection giggled, then started licking the base of Drake’s fat cock. The scent of Drake’s balls made his hole quiver even more, permeating into his skull. His reflection’s eye’s rolled up as they licked Drake’s shaft all the way, getting it wet. With one hand, they started fondling Drake’s balls as they sucked at his head.

“Yeah, that’s right bitch,” Drake moaned, “Suck this fat cock.”

His reflection giggled once more, before taking the cock in their mouth. Fuck. That was so hot. Juan’s cock was so hard, as he watched in the mirror how his reflection slowly took all 8 inches of Drake’s thick, fat rod. The taste combined with the smell made his reflection hole spasm, before continuing to quiver in need. Juan’s cock was leaking continuosly now, and he hadn’t even touched it once since this all began. It was just so hot to see his reflection getting so turned on by such a hot, masculine man.

Drake had his hand on Juan’s reflection’s head, who was looking up at his grinning face. He grunted and started thrusting into their face, groaning and cussing as he did so.

“Fuck yeah,” he swore, “Fuck yeah, you fucking slut. Knew you were a fucking cocksucking bitch.”

Juan’s reflection moaned, their throat vibrating on Drake’s cock. He grabbed them by the head and started skullfucking them. Their eyes rolled to the back of their head as their nostrils filled with the scent of his manliness, and his mouth overrun with the taste of his cock.

“Fucking...” Drake moaned, “Bitch!”

Juan and Drake came at the same time, Drake’s cum flooding Juan’s reflection’s throat. They gagged a little before swallowing it all. It tasted salty and hot, the texture thick. The breathed in the scent through their nostrils deeply as Drake’s cock twitched inside their mouth. Slowly, he pulled out, a string of saliva trailing from his reflection’s lips.

“Nice and clean,” said Drake, obviously impressed, “You must’ve practised that.”

As Juan’s reflection giggled and Drake put his cock away and walked off, Juan blinked. He found himself on his knees, with the salty taste of cum still lingering on his tongue. His knees felt rough and weak. Did he just...

But once again, as he looked in the mirror, and saw his reflection basking in the afterglow of oral sex, he found himseld unable to care about what just happened...

* * *

“You’re addicted, aren’t you?”

Juan moaned as the man growled in his ear. He had to admit that maybe this man had a point. Maybe he was addicted.

“Addicted to cock, aren’t you?” he went on.

Juan wanted to frown at that, but found he couldn’t. Instead, he giggled. Privately he thought that no, what he was addicted to was watching his reflection getting used by men. But he supposed the men couldn’t know that. Nor did it really matter. Cause everything they said, they weren’t really saying to him.

They were saying it to his reflection. And he was just watching.

Like now.

Juan caught sight of his reflection giggling on the window of building as they passed it, arching their back against the man. Juan didn’t even know his name; they had met at the club earlier that night and he had asked...well...ordered...Juan to take him home. For some reason, this made Juan’s cock twitch. He reasoned that it was because he was watching a man take his reflection by force. Juan always liked porn where the man could dominate their partner through their words and alone. Something about that unfiltered manliness was sexy, especially when it was revealed that their partner was turned on by this manliness. Juan’s reflection was one such partner. He knew that their hole was quivering as soon as the man was speaking in a low voice.

To be quite honest, his reflection’s hole had been quivering almost constantly lately. For the past month or so, ever since that one time with Drake in the bathroom. Drake had used Juan’s reflection’s mouth a couple more times after that, and each time Juan seemed to cum more than the last. Coincidentally, his reflection’s hole was spasming more and more often, and more constantly than ever.

When Juan complained about this to one of the fags at his aerobics class (they had been hanging out more lately, and Juan found that they were actually pretty fun to be with) they had suggested, as a joke that Juan get a buttplug.

“A vibrating one,” they had said, giggling, “That’ll take care of it nice and good.”

At the time, Juan had simply laughed it off. However, as he found himself making his reflection play with their hole more and more in his solo sessions, he began to think about it.

It was fine if it was his reflection, right? It would be pretty hot. Seeing them with their hole plugged wasn’t like he was doing it cause he wanted something up his ass. No. It was his reflection that wanted it.

That was what he told himself as he slowly pushed in a five inch plug one night. His knees were turned inward, bent, with his back arched as he watched himself push it in. All he had on was a bra, five in black heels (the elevation of his heels made his ass pop out more) and a six-inch leather miniskirt. No underwear, obviously. As soon as the plug was in, it’s black, round base pushing against his soft, pillowy cheeks, his reflection’s legs gave way as Juan came. Hard.

Juan also found himself wearing more jockstraps now. The reason was because some of the guys who he made his reflection serve—Drake especially—told him to. On the plus side, this made the plug in his reflection’s ass much more visible, although Juan had to admit there was just something about a thin line of fabric over the flared base of his vibrating plug that was incredibly sexy. With all that in mind, Juan compromised by only wearing the most girly (and as a result, most faggy) jockstraps he could, so they would look better on his reflection.

As a result, he had worn blue YiZYiF Men’s Sissy Pouch Crossdress Ruffle Skirted Jockstrap Panties, coupled with a matching blue bra and five inch heels to the club that night. It was crossdress night at the local gay club, which Juan was getting quite familiar with. They had a lot of mirrors there, along with a lot of men, which meant that his reflection was usually alone amongst the throngs of men there. Just the sight of it was enough to get Juan hard enough for the whole night.

Juan quickly stumbled into his room, eager to start watching his reflection get used by yet another man. The man growled as he pushed Juan onto the bed, giving him the perfect view of his reflection laying on the bed, legs spread. As the man came closer, Juan realised this was the first time since Seamus, all those months ago, that he had another man like this in his room. All the other guys had used them in public, at the gym, or the club, or in their cars (Juan always made sure there was a mirror somewhere nearby). For some reason, the thought made Juan’s heart beat faster. Weird. Well, he was excited; so much his cock was already leaking and his reflection’s hole was still squirming against the vibrating plug. But he had never been this excited before.

“Turn over,” the man growled.

Juan’s reflection obeyed, turning round and pushing their ass out, doggy-style. They looked over their shoulder, smiling faintly and biting their lip. Those eyes begged for release, yet also seemed to hold a hint of hesitation. Juan knew he liked his sluts to be nervous about getting fucked. Nervous because they knew this time, it would be different. It made him feel special to make his partners feel like that, and so when he felt that coming from his reflection, he felt his dick stand even harder.

The man seemed to be of the same mind. He grinned as he slowly pulled out the plug, causing Juan’s reflection to moan and drop his upper body down to the mattress. They clenched hugged the pillow under them as they squirmed.

The plug came out with a pop, and Juan could feel their hole felt suddenly incredibly empty.

“Oh, please—” they moaned, arching their back and pushing their ass out more, “Please...”

The man slapped their ass.


He then grabbed his reflection, pulled it up, and pushed them against the mirror. Juan was suddenly face to face against the mirror. He was still bent over, and could see the man’s reflection stand behind him.

“Watch yourself,” he ordered, as he lowered himself behind Juan’s reflection.

So he did.

“Oh! Fuck! Ooooh!”

Juan watched as the man ate his reflection out, making them moan. He watched as his reflection’s body squirmed, hands grasping at the mirror frame so they could stay in position after their knees started to weaken and wobble. He watched as their toes slowly curled inwards, back arched as their face transformed moment to moment as waves of electric pleasure rolled up their spine, making them shudder and gasp. The man’s tongue was wet and slippery in their hole, slowly digging in deeper and deeper, pressing against their walls and pushing against pleasure centres that made their knees weak.

After a while, Juan saw the man come up. He grinned as he slid his hands up Juan’s reflection’s body, grabbing at their nipples, hips, and ass. He gave their ass another smack, once again making Juan’s reflection whimper in delight. He bent over, leaning in close to their ear, body heat radiating on their back while his golden eyes glinted.

“Tell me what you see,” he crooned in Juan’s ear, before plunging his dick into the reflection’s hole.

Juan gasped. The man’s cock slid in easily, thanks to the lube and toys loosening him up a little. This was the first time they had ever been fucked. Well, the first time they had ever gotten a cock in their hole. The feeling was nothing like their fingers, or tongues, or toys. It was hot, live, and pulsing, and filled them up much more than a toy ever did.

It felt heavenly. Juan could tell by the expression on his reflection’s face that it felt like they were finally complete, like this was the missning piece of their life. It was as if they had a hole in them before, and it was now plugged up and healed, all thanks to this random stranger’s cock.

“I-I see,” Juan moaned as the man slowly moved more in, filling him up more, “A-a...bitch...”

“Good,” said the man, placing a hand on Juan’s head, forcing him to look at his reflection, “And?”

“I see...a slut,” Juan whimpered as the man stopped, all nine inches of his cock inside.

“And?” the man repeated.

Juan whimpered. Please, just do it. Just let him have it. The cock was so good, so full inside him. It was pressing right up against the spot Juan knew would end it all. Juan knew it was what he, and what his reflection needed. He knew it because he had been trying to reach that spot for ages now, what seemed like centuries, without success. He needed it.

“And?” repeated Juan. He didn’t know what he needed to say, he just needed the man to do it.

The man leaned over and whispered:

“A fucking faggot, bitch. You’re a fucking faggot, aren’t ya?”

With that, he pulled back, and slammed into Juan. A burst of pleasure exploded from the base of Juan’s spine, causing him to scream out in ecstasy.

“Say it!” the man ordered, pulling back for another slam. Juan was still reeling from the previous thrust, head spinning. His knees were wobbling on their high heels; the only reason he was still standing was because the cock inside him was propping him up.

“I-I’m,” managed Juan, the words coming out suprisingly clear, “I’m...a...fagGOT!!”

The last syllable came out as a scream as the man thrust into him again. This time, Juan couldn’t stop himself. He came. Hard. Cum spurted from his cock and onto the mirror as his knees collapsed and grip loosened. The man managed to grab him and hold him in place as Juan’s body spasmed in pleasure. It seemed to go on forever, an endless pleasure with no sign of ever stopping...

Juan came to slowly, and by that time, the man had moved Juan’s body to the bed, where he was fucking him on his side, one leg held up. As he slowly assembled his thoughts together, he noticed two things.

One, he was giggling and moaning, much more naturally than he had before. Before, it was all an act, a way to make his reflection seem more feminine. But now, his feminine moans that he had become so familiar with was coming out naturally, as if this was how his voice normally was.

The second thing he noticed, was his cock.

That is to say, he could see it in his reflection.

All of a sudden, Juan realised that he, for the first time in two months, was looking at an actual reflection of his own body. He was shocked at how different he looked now. His body had become a lot slimmer, and smoother, completely hairless. His frame had become a lot daintier and feminine; his hips seemed wider and his ass much juicier. His legs were more shapely, and his stomach flat and smooth; no trace of the abs he had before. Not to mention, his face somehow seemed...softer. More feminine. But still definitely that of a man. No...a boy.

All of that, coupled with the heels and faggy clothes he was wearing, as he moaned femininely while arching his back and giggling as a cock fucked his ass, Juan had to admit that...

“I’m a faggot,” giggled Juan.

Juan raised his eyebrows in shock; he hadn’t said that! He hadn’t wanted to say that! It was true, but he was- he wasn’t-

Then he realised that he hadn’t raised his eyebrows. He was still watching himself in the mirror, moaning and cooing, eyes never leaving his reflections.

It was then that he noticed the final change.

His eyed were now gold.

Don’t worry little Juanito, his reflection giggled inside his head, I’m gonna make sure we have lots and lots of fun!

* * *

The being Juan called his reflection giggled as he watched the former straight boy look back, unable to change his expressions. It felt soooooo goood to be fucked again, to have a Man inside him once more.

Centuries ago, the Spirit of the Mirror had been an ordinary little wizard. Just an ordinary wizard who charmed men into fucking him until they too became giggly little fagbois like him. He had a plan back then, one that included fucking a lot of men, but he couldn’t remember what it was now.

What he did remember, was that some holy priests or something had sealed him away inside a mirror for “depravity.” Actually, they had tried to kill him, but he had been too powerful, and so they ended up simply trapping his essence inside the mirror as punishment. Inside there, he had been forced to be the reflection of holy men and women, who knew their place or whatever. It had been awful. For a couple hundred years or so, that was how he spent his life; as the reflection of holy people.

Then, as the church fell and history was forgotten, the Spirit found himself moved and lost time and time again. Every time someone found him, he would try to exercise a little more of his power, just a bit. Over the course of another hundred years or so, he had gotten a little more power back, bit by bit, until he had finally been found by Juan.

The Spirit had found that Juan was quite weak-willed. Despite his masculine appearance, he lacked what was needed to be a true Man in his eyes; an indominable will. As such, the Spirit had found it easy to lay his charms on Juan, to change him little by little over time.

The final step had been when Juan’s cum had hit the mirror. With that, the Spirit had been able to drain Juan’s remaining masculine energy and turn it into power, power enough to switch places with Juan. That wasn’t to say Juan was trapped in the mirror the same way he had been. No—with the changes the Spirit had made to the seal, Juan was now the Spirit’s personal reflection. He would follow his former body to any reflective surface he was in front of.

The Spirit, now in Juan’s body, decided a new name was appropriate. Juanito had a nice ring to it. He would call himself Juanito.

He moaned as his new body shuddered, eyes rolling back as he came once more. He gasped as he felt a faint pride in how well he had trained this body. As a reward, he made sure that his reflection, Juan, could feel all the same things he was feeling now. Juanito couldn’t help but grin as Juan mentally moaned from being forced to cum by another man inside his ass.

Not that he would ever admit it to himself, but Juan had stopped being a straight man long ago. He was a full fledged faggot that loved being fucked by men.

But that denial was part of his charm, or so Juanito thought. He decided it would be nice to keep him around for a while.

But for now...

Juanito turned around, keeping the man’s cock inside him as he did so, displaying some very impressive flexibility. He pushed the man over onto his back, then straddled him, his back to the mirror.

“Let me make you feel good, Daddy,” Juanito cooed, eyes flashing gold.

Juanito was gonna have a lot of fun in this new world.