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When I Fight Authority, Authority Always Wins

All right here we go again, so let me for posterity reiterate this is a mind Control story about gay sex. If the words Mind control, gay, or sex do not encourage you to read on. Don’t. Also if you are not old enough to vote, do not read on. Barring that enjoy. Also this story follows behind my others in this order, “That Old Black Magic”, “What’s in a name”, “The Time Warp...Again”, and “Let’s Get Physical”, all of these stories are my own and are protected by an Egyptian curse, So don’t try to steal credit or post em on paysites. And if you would like to lodge a formal complaint with the bureau or would like to drop the author a line please send a self addressed stamped envelope to and remember, have a nice day!

Part 1

Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Somebody get that!” I yelled.

No answer


It continued to ring. Oh, that’s right...they all have jobs. Oh well. I reached out from under the comfort of my sheets and grabbed for the phone drowsily. “If this ain’t Keanue Reeves calling to admit his uncontrollable attraction to me, you’re going to be very sorry.”

“Damien.....?” came a tentative voice on the other side of the phone.

“This don’t sound like he Keanue,” I accused as I started to drift back asleep.

“It’s Mark.”

I woke up a little, I hadn’t heard from Mark since I moved in with his old roommates, Them finding out I knew Mark the gay man they threw out and beat up for coming out of the closet in their house, might cause some awkward questions, “Mark, how are you? You know you shouldn’t be calling here, I’m not quite done yet and if you...” I started saying but he cut me off.

“I had to call and tell you this weird thing I saw yesterday,” He pressed on in his cloying tone.

“What?” I asked in confusion, I’ll admit, I’m not the most coherent person when I wake up.

He paused and then launched into one of his typical long-winded stories, “Well, the other night I went clubbing with a bunch of friends downtown and we ended up in this bar called the Meat Market. It was really hopping and there was this gorgeous guy there...”

“Mark If you woke me up to tell me about some one night stand I’m gonna...”

“Let me finish,” He said, “Anyway there was this gorgeous guy there. He had all these big round muscles, the roundest pecs I’ve ever seen and he was wearing this outrages outfit. Just a pair of tiny red Lycra shorts and a pair of knee high cast hugging plastic red boots.” There was a pause so I could take in all the information. “Oh and the cutest blonde dye job I’ve ever seen, his dark roots were all growing out so it looked frosted. Anyway I spent the whole night staring at this hunk. 1 -because well how could you not? And 2 because I could have sworn I knew him. And guess who it was?”

I irritably asked him “I don’t know mark who was it?”

“IT was Gino!” He yelled in an accusatory tone. “Why the hell was Gino Slavatore dancing in a pair of hot pants at a club like the meat market and making out with some blonde guy?” He demanded.

I was suddenly extremely interested in what mark was saying, “What do you mean HE was dancing with some blonde guy?” I asked hotly, surprised by the jealousy in my voice.

“That’s not the point.”

“Oh...What is?”

He practically was shrieking in my ear “What did you do to him?”

“What I said I would, I have to say, at first I was a little shocked it worked too. But you should see what else I’ve been able to do. We’re not talkin about turning scarves into doves here man.”

“You made Gino...Hard as nails, mean to the bone, Italian tempered, Gino the street thug gay?”



Why was he so stupid? “I convinced him it was the only way to go with my good looks and charm, oh and lots of pie graphs.”

“You didn’t use that weird stuff you major in did you?”

I was so irritated I didn’t have time to come up with a snide remark “Of course you moron.”

“Oh my god,” he gasped.

“Christ if you’re getting this worked up over Gino, seeing Red would absolutely send you into hysteric’s.”

“Who’s Red?” he asked confused.

“Oh I mean Eric.”

“What did you do to Eric?” he asked in a frightened tone.

“First let me ask you this, have you ever been laid bareback in the cab of 18 wheeler Mac truck, using your flannel shirt as a blanket?” I asked with a Cheshire cat grin.

“Hell no,” he exclaimed confused.

“I bet Eric has.” And then I started laughing really hard.

“Why are you doing this to them?” His waify voice blared at me

I sat up in bed, “You know why because they were rude to you and needed a lesson. Well that was the reason in the beginning, then it was because I was bored...then because they’re like really hot but I think when I write the book I’ll say it was because I felt that I was somehow giving something back to society.”

“Stop making jokes,” he snapped in a bitchy tone.

“Mark quit the Drama Queen routine, this doesn’t concern you.” My rope was quickly ending.

“How could you do this to three unsuspecting men?” He wined in my ear.

I lit a cigarette in the cup of my hand and shut my blinds, “9” I mumbled through my clenched lips as I struggled to hold the phone and light my cigarette.

“What?” he almost screamed.

I exhaled a cloud of smoke, more interested in the shapes it made then the idiot on the line, “The last count was 9.”

“How did you involve 6 other men in this nightmare?”

“I got on a roll.” I shrugged.

“You’re loosing you mind!” He simpered.

I rolled my eyes heavenward “We all go a little mad sometimes Mark,” I paused thinking, “I just know enough about the occult to make my insanity productive.”

“Someone has got to stop you.” He said over dramatically.

“Get real Mark.” He was pissing me off.

“No this is unnatural Damien, you’ve taken things to far. Someone’s got to put an end to this.” He stated nobly

“What are you going to do call Ghostbusters?”

“NO, I’m going to tell them what you did to them...” He said with a little more apprehension then he intended.

I blew him off “Get real Indiana Mary, You’re not going to do anything.”

“Oh yes I am.” He threatened.

“Look here Mark you’re a sweet albeit pathetically stupid and weak guy, don’t mess with a force beyond your comprehension.”

“Oh yeah what’s that?” He asked snidely.

“Me. And I don’t need a magic wand to take you out back and beat the piss out of you.” I hung up the phone and didn’t give the issue another thought, which in retrospect was a big mistake....

When events spiral out of your control so completely it’s hard to trace events back to the point where things began to fall apart. But if I were really thinking I would know it was the day I had overestimated myself and regrettably underestimated other key figures. Basically I was getting cocky and bored and had thrown far too many balls in the air.

It was the night after the phone call from frantic little Mark and the weekend after I had helped Gino reorganize his Gym and was probably riding a little high off the thrill of reshaping reality to fit my mood and also gaining Gino’s further gratitude and amorous attentions. Those Big Italian eyes thankful and mooning would go to anyone’s head. I have never been good at what you would call multi-tasking.

I was in the middle of a large tome of religious purification rights from a rare Tigress and Euphrates River religious sect. It was as dull as watching paint dry...on a mime.

So when Brian walked in the front door dripping sweat still in his football uniform and growling like a rabid dog it was a welcome respite.

“You look happy.” I told the ripped and sweating picture of Americana.

“What’s it to you?” He sneered as he dropped his shoulder pads and helmet on the couch.

I considered “Nothing really, just bored.” I answered matter-o-factly.

He peeled off his jersey showing his strong torso ripped to functional perfection. “Coach is bullshittin’ me, treatin’ me like a damn freshmen, I know how to run MY team better then that old jerk.” He threw back his head and squirted water from his water bottle into his mouth. His shaggy brown hair matted to his head, his every pore oozing sweat and his tight game pants all combined to make the scene look like a sports spread in Playgirl. I started laughing almost immediately.

“You think that’s funny asshole?” Brian barked.

“Yea...” I said smiling at the centerfold the jerk was giving me, " but anyway aren’t you supposed to do what the coach says...I mean isn’t that the whole point of having a coach?”

“Look I know what the hell I’m doing and I don’t need some old woman trying to fuss over me, He better just sit on the sidelines like a good girl or I’ll beat his...” He mumbled on in a juvenile tangent like a spoiled brat.

“Well that’s a mature and level headed solution, why don’t you just take his lunch money?”

I watched in morbid fascination as Brian’s Face grew redder and redder and he began to almost foam at the mouth. His strong square jaw roaring in frustration and his whole body tensing in anger. He squeezed the water bottle in his hand until the tanned flesh of his arm erupted into the large muscles of his bicep. His chest heaved up and down forcing the hairy fur of his pecs to lift up and down in steady rhythm. Brian was hot. No doubt about it so masculine, he was living breathing testosterone. With his Rock hard body, bad attitude and natural athletic ability no one ever probably told him no.

“You need some Discipline.” I offered off handedly.


“Oh...I’m sorry,... nothing, I mean Right on man!”

“That’s what I thought.” Brian trudged up the stairs to his room with me watching his beefy ass move underneath the tight white pants. His legs were fury trunks of raw power that made me salivate.

“What a dick.” I said after my roommate was out of earshot.

“How do you know? Don’t tell me you’ve seen it?” Gino said lecherously from behind me.

I mentally swore in irritation. “I hate it when you sneak up on me like that.”

I turned around and was stunned. “Did you fuck a brooks brother and then in the rush to get dressed before his wife got home, ended up in his clothes instead of yours?”

“Has anyone ever told you, that you aren’t as funny as you think you are?” Gino said to me. As he came around to the front of the couch. He was dressed to the nine’s. He was wearing a deep blue suit with a red power tie. He looked elegantly handsome. His large shoulders and wide biceps only looked bigger in his well-cut suit.

“Repeatedly. But honestly you look great.”

“Thanks I had a meeting with the owners of the gym, They were really pleased with my management especially how I filled all the open positions so fast.” He gave me a killer smile and then a polite little thank you clap.

“Please no applause, just throw money.” I answered.

“I have a better idea on how I could thank you.” He gave me a lusty smirk and began to advance on me...


Saved by the bell, as it were.

“Christ, Every time I get ready to...” He grumbled as he went to the door.

He opened the door and was greeted by the wide vacant eyes of a blonde girl in a tank top and shorts. “Hi, does a Brian live here?”

“Yeah,” Gino let her in.

“We’re supposed to go out tonight, my name’s Chrissy.” She giggled.

I looked over at her impatiently. People who conform to stereotypes based souly on the pigment of their hair bother me. “He just came home from practice, he probably won’t be ready for awhile.” I explained.

She took along time to absorb that information and the smiled looking at Gino’s hunky body tightly clothed in expensive fabric. “That’s okay by me, I’m sure I’ll fine someway to entertain myself.” She gave Gino a wink.

The old Gino would have had his hands all over her big tits and plowing her mouth with his tongue, my Gino just gave her a flat unimpressed look and sat down grumpily.

I gave her a look that spoke volumes. The daggers my eyes were shooting basically translated into, Look here sister I’ve already staked my claim on this here territory, now get to steppin’. Chrissy obviously the idiot her name and bust line belied didn’t catch the warning she went over and sat right next to Gino with one hand on his big thigh, “So what is it you do?”

I gave her another dark look, “I’m sorry Gino prefers Silence to awkward conversation.”

She got all huffy, “How do you know what he prefers.”

Gino intervened cordially “We’re sorry Damien and I were in the middle of a long over due discussion when you showed up, We’re both a little irritable, we apologize Mandy.”

“Chrissy,” She corrected.

“Whatever,” he answered obviously pushed beyond even his limitless patience.

The little skank looked as if she was going to mount a second attack on Gino when there was a loud rumble that brought all our attention’s to the staircase as Brian ran down them like a roll of thunder. He had changed into a pair of khaki shorts and a T-shirt. He hadn’t taken the time to shower and the sweat from his practice and its accompanying prevalent odor remained. “C’mon Chrissy let’s get going.”

“You’re going like that?” She asked skeptically sizing up his sweaty forehead and matted hair.

“Yeah, what about it?”

“She means you’re not going to shower or anything?” I pointed out.

“Fuck no.”

Chrissy looked distraught “But...”

He gave her a dark look, “But what bitch? If you got a problem you can go home and I can call somebody else.”

Chrissy smiled a big dumb pleasing smile, “Sorry Brian.”

“That’s better, now let’s go.”

I heard the door slam behind Brian and Chrissy, “I said it once and I’ll say it again, What a dick.”

I looked for Gino’s agreement but caught instead an excited and intense glance. He obviously saw this as an opportunity for some alone time so I immediately reached for the nearest book and hid behind the aged leather.

“I wanna have a little talk with you D.” Gino said seductively.

I reached into my shirt pocket and grabbed my reading glasses. And began to read the most uninteresting passage about how the Maenads of Ancient Greece drank the blood of their victims in a rite to ensure sexual stamina. “Go right ahead.” I said offhandedly. “And stop calling me D.”

“Alright. I get you’re game buddy.” He smiled.

“What are you babbling about.” I asked as I continued to immerse myself in my reading.

“Two can play this game baby. And I should warn you...” A bold red tie landed on the large page I was reading. “I’m into games.”

“What are you...?” I looked up to be greeted by the welcome vision of Gino loosening his collar and unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his gorgeously muscled chest. He pulled his white shirt out from his pants revealing his low hanging waistline and the enticing curve of his exposed hip bones.

“Every time I try and have a serious discussion with you hide behind one of those old books to ignore me.” He shrugged out his jacket letting it drop to the floor. He removed one bulging arm from the coning sleeves off his cuffed shirt. I found myself intently following the swell of his bicep as he reached across his pecs to remove the other sleeve. “So I’m just going to have to find some way to keep you’re attention.” He threw the discarded shirt and it landed next to me. He stood before me naked to the waist his big upper body pumped and perfect in contrast to his well-fitted pants. I took one look at the mind numbingly hunky Italian stallion before me and had to repress a sigh of sexual appreciation. He stood relaxed and cocky that the mere sight of his muscled body would be enough to impress me. And it sure as hell was but I wasn’t going to let him know that.

“I’ve got work to do Gino, either get serious or come back later alright?” I had to force myself to return my gaze to the stupid-fucking book.

“This is as serious as I get.” I heard the faint thud oh him removing his loafers. Oh Christ he wouldn’t...There was the sound of metal clicking from him undoing his belt...of course he would. I couldn’t help but to look up as he dropped his pants to the floor. He was wearing a pair of tiny black boxer briefs that had to be the single most erotic things I’d ever seen in my life. They hugged his big ass and showed off his heavy package perfectly. His big hairless thighs were olive skinned perfection against the black bushel of his immense bulge. He stepped out of the pants and again stood confident in front of me in only his skimpy underwear and black socks. He kept his socks on. And that for some reason combined with the picture of his humpy muscled body and tightly packed cock seemed wildly sexy to me. “Now do I have you’re full attention?”

I started to speak but I was silence by the beauty of watching this paragon of masculine splendor strut toward me on legs as thick as my waist. With one powerful arm he knocked the book at of my hand. He put one meaty thigh beside me propping himself up on one knee. And then grabbed the couch with his opposite arm effectively imprisoning me in the span of his wide form. The big peaks of his pecs were only inches away from me and the protruding pouch of his skin tight boxer briefs dangled only inches above my own crouch. I looked up and our eyes met. His chiseled but soft Italian features looked down at me and I could feel his hot sexed up breath on my face, “You’re eyes say no, no, but...” He took his free hand and grabbed my chest, placing his fingers along my side and running his thumb tantalizingly up and down my chest and shoulder. “You’re dick says, Fuck yes.”

I may make very convincing show but I am not made out of stone.

I put one hand on his back and the other on the flexing bicep that he was using to steady himself on the couch. He looked into my eyes and arched on of his thick dark eyebrows. He took his hand off my side and grabbed the hand I was using to stoke the dent in his lower back. He pushed my examining hand forcefully onto the swell of his bubble butt My dick leaped at the feel of the cotton veiled muscled ass. His hands ran mine up and down his own ass harshly; making it fell every inch of his fantastic ass.

He leaned down, I arched up and in one moment that seemed forever our hungry lips met and his tongue entered my mouth on contact. His commanding broad jaw brushed against mine as his fat tongue caressed every inch of mine. His sensual Italian Lips seemed hell bent on taking in every inch of mine. It was like something that had been building in him had broken free and he had to devour me before the moment ended.

“OH GROSS!” screamed into my ears.

Gino tumbled off me as I stood up in shock. Across the room straining in front of the open door was Chrissy with her hands on her mouth stunned.

She had walked in and saw Gino in only underwear and socks making out with me as we both ran our hands over his glorious butt. To say we were caught red-handed wouldn’t do it justice.

Brian came running in n legs built to speed down the countless yards of a football field, “What’s wrong?” He saw me standing, clumsily regaining my bearings and resituating my glasses and Gino lying on the floor in nothing but his jockey shorts and a smile, on his elbows and spread eagle.

“I came in here and these two were going at it like dogs, they’re perverts.” She wined.

That put me back in control real quick, “watch it Barbie.” I snapped.

Brian looked as stunned as his date but Gino’s rock hard cock tenting his underwear a good8 inches high was enough proof to sustain her claim. “No you watch it faggot.” He yelled.

I sat back down tiredly, I shook my head “This is not going to go well,” I sighed.

“Look Brian just take your date and go, alright?” Gino said.

“No it’s not alright! What the fuck has gotten into you lately. Between you and Red I don’t even think I know you two anymore. Nothing has been “alright” man, ever since this asshole showed up.” I still had my head in my hand when Brian’s abrasive grasp yanked me out of the chair.

“What the fu—...” I yelled startled.

“What the hell is your deal anyway? Comin up here making all kinds of trouble,” He was raging and I was so surprised at the suddenness of his outburst I just stared at him. After a second however I was reaching back ready to cold cock the asshole. But before I could ever land a punch. Gino was there. My knight in shining boxer Briefs. He pushed Brian to the side and stood between us like a referee.

“I said go!” HE roared.

“Fine if you fairy’s want to play it this way I’m gone. And that means I’m getting my stuff and getting the hell outa here too. I got’s some friends over at the Frat house who’ll put me up.” HE snapped. Then he turned to his date, “C’mon Chrissy...move.” And they were gone again.

Gino and I were both silent for awhile and then he looked at me worriedly, “what are you thinking about?”

“I was just wondering,” I answered pondering aloud. “So you think Brian would make a better Hairdresser or a make-up artist?”

Gino looked at me angrily, “NO!”


“I said leave Brian alone.” He ordered.

“Gino, what are you—”

“Look Brian and I have been friends for a long time and I don’t want you to do to him, what you did to those guys at the gym alright?” He explained. “Not that I’m not grateful for your help or anything.”

“But c’mon man, you should have heard him talking about his coach, and the way he treats his dates and then the ass had the nerve to get up in my face. He needs to be brought down a beg or too.” I told him.

“And you’re just the person to do that I guess?”

“You bet.”

The sensitive Mediterranean man put one hand on my forearm and looked at me anxiously, “look D, I’m worried about you. All this Magic bullshit it can’t be good for you...What’s that they say about a lot of power?”

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I answered reflexively.

“Yeah that’s it. I think you should back off the Hocus- for awhile. “If you’re going to do anything to Brian Just teach him some manners. That’s all you gotta do.”

Why did everybody think I was turning into Rasputin here? I mean you completely alter the fabric of reality for a bunch of unsuspecting men and all of a sudden you’re a megalomaniac, “If you feel that way, okay.”


“Just a couple manners.”

He let me go and sighed tiredly, “Good. I’m going to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Teach Brian Some Manners, huh?

I know just the obedience school to send him too.