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When I Fight Authority, Authority Always Wins

Chapter 4

“How do I look?” Gino asked me archly as he descended the staircase.

“Like the illegitimate love child of tinkerbell and Captain hook.” Gino was wearing a shiny disco ball shirt and a pair of white pants. His dark Italian skin was covered with sparkles.

“Hey Screw you,” he laughed.

“You going to another club tonight?”

He looked at me like I was a complete idiot; “No I get dressed like this to go over my taxes.” His face was so serious when he said it that it cracked me up.

“Who’s your accountant Diana Ross?”

“Oh shut-up bitch,” He checked himself out in the mirror striking about a thousand poses. He was strikingly gorgeous. Dark Italian looks, platinum blonde hair, devastating fashion sense, all in all Gino had improved a thousand fold. “Damien why don’t you come with me tonight? You never go out all you do is sit here and sneeze over your old books.”

He leaped over the couch and sat down heavily beside me. All the mass of his big muscled body was practical crushing me. “I have a lot of work to do yet.”

“Sure you do, C’mon you... me... and three hundred shirtless dudes dancing’ to bad club mixes. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Now that you mention it...NO.” I disagreed and pried myself away from Gino’s vice grip.

The big lug pouted for a couple secs’s making me feel like the grinch who stole casual sex but he quickly recovered. “Well I want to get out of here before Brian or Eric get home. They’ve been acting all weird lately.”

“I’m sure they think the same thing about you...” I laughed under my breath.

It was then that Brian, dressed as a reject from mad max beyond thunder dome, entered the house with Forman close at his leather padded heels.

Forman smiled at us pleasantly but Brian kept his head down making no contact.

“Holy...” I started,

“...Shit,” Gino finished.

And just when things couldn’t get any weirder, down the stairs trudged Red wearing only a pair of tighty whites. His imposing burly frame dwarfed both Gino’s large Gym muscle and Forman’s bulky football weight. He lumbered uninterestedly through the shocked tableau of me and Gino gawking at Forman and his little Dominatrix in training. The man was so unobservant. He stalked on thunderously heavy feet into the kitchen like a sleepwalking bear.

I turned to Gino in a completely casual tone and said, “Gino, did forget to pay the twilight zone repellant bill, this month?”

Gino didn’t miss a beat he just stared forward and said, “Shit I thought you were going to get it.”

“I take you guys didn’t know Brian was gay?” Forman asked.

“Or that he had been shopping at the Gap for Sadomasochists.” I pointed out.

Gino punched me in the arm and the hauled me off to a corner of the room to talk privately. “I thought you said you were just going to make him more easygoing and obedient towards his coach?!” He whispered animatedly as he continued to stare at the strange pair in our living room.

“That’s all I did!” I swore.

“Then how the fuck did that happen.”

I ran my hand through my hair searching for sort of explanation. I really hadn’t planned on any of this happening. I mean, yeah I thought Brian needed to be taught a lesson but not one that involved a torture wheel and a cat of nine tails. “Well I had intended for Brian to take everything his football coach said seriously and that he should follow his instructions to the letter.... And OH FUCK!” I said slapping the palm of my hand against my forehead, as I suddenly realized where the problem stemmed from.

“What?” Gino asked

“His coach! How was I supposed to know that his Coach was a closet case with a penchant for a little slap and tickle...with an emphasis on the slap?”

“You had nothing to do with him making Brian his S/M lover?” Gino asked me in doubting tones.

“Look if I had a heart I’d cross it and hope to die.” I said trying to prove my innocence.

“I’m sure Damien.” He spat escalating the argument

“It’s not like he didn’t deserve it he was using every girl on campus as a never ending supply of fuck toys, his arrogance on the field was loosing the games for his entire team, he was picking fights with you by making all those fag jokes and he was even beat up poor wimpy ass mark...” I rambled on as I tried unsuccessfully to assuage my feelings of guilt.

“Look honey, I don’t care how you try to justify this.... Wait a minute how did you know about Mark?” He asked in sudden suspicion

My head shot up in swift concern, too swift, “What? Mark? Who said anything about Mark? Gino who is this Mark person, we’re talking about the problem with Brian Right now and frankly I’m disappointed by your inability to stay on topic.”

“We threw mark out before you got here, and we’ve never talked about it with you. How would you know anything about that?” I could see the wheels turning behind his eyes.

“Would you believe magic?” I said hopefully

“Yeah like you saw it you crystal fucking ball?” He said flatly. You know when he was straight he wasn’t this damn witty.

“Oh you’ll believe that I can turn those trouble makers at your gym into happy little gay gym rats and make Brian into the queer prisoner of Zenda but a crystal ball your having trouble with?”

“Look D, you’re doing a lot of back peddling here. I thought we were close friends...I hoped we could get closer...You can trust me. Just tell me what’s going on okay?” He put one gorgeous olive skinned hand on my shoulder comfortingly and looked at me with heartbreakingly sincere eyes. My icicle heart was melting at his sweet gentle soul...

...But let me tell you what was at the top of my list of things to NEVER fucking tell people.

“Why don’t we sort out this mess with Brian and then go get a drink to calm our nerves, I’ll even go to that Meat market place if you want.” I said trying to slip out of the question.

He gave me a long look of skepticism, and then said “Alright...”

Thank the gods he bought it now what to do about coach leather boots and...


What now?

I escaped from the confrontation with Gino as he went to answer the door.

The only way this could get worse is if there’s a busload of Jehovah’s witnesses on the other side of that door.

When Gino opened the door to reveal the visitor I realized how wrong I was. It could be much worse then that. Mark could be behind that door. And he was.

“What are you doin here?” Gino demanded.

Mark’s lean form inched back, “I need to talk to you guys.”

The little twerp.

“I thought we told you never to show your face around here again.” Red growled idly readjusting the bulge in his underwear with one big hand distending the elastic around his massive paw vulgarly.

Mark made an uncharacteristic move of boldness and brushed passed Gino to stand center stage in the center of the entire circus in the living room.

Gino shut the door still leering at the unwelcome guest. I was coyly inching into the shadows under the staircase.

“Yeah you did but don’t you guys remember why you did?” Mark was going for the Meryl Streep award.

From my somewhat outside space I could see a very dim light start to flicker behind Brian’s eyes. “Wait a minute...”

Gino looked around confused, “We kicked you out because...because...” I could see the bewilderment in his trusting big eyes. And to my surprise I felt real bad about it.

“Gino look at yourself! I mean you guys were dicks but I don’t think...”

“What the fuck do you want anyway kid.” Red grumbled, he had obviously already lost interest.

“I want to...hey who are you anyway?” Mark asked obviously not recognizing crass crude lumberjack that Eric had become.

“Red,” he said and punctuated the introduction by spitting into the nearest potted plant.

Mark studied him carefully “Eric?” he asked uncertainly, “Jesus what did Damien do to you?”

“What?” Brian Barked.

“What are you talking about?” Gino said suspiciously his hands raking threw his hair nervously.

“Damien He’s been screwing with your heads and you lives. He’s dangerous he’s into all this voodoo magic stuff. He...”

“Wait a minute!” For the first time since he and Forman arrived he asserted his old dominant aggressive voice. “I remember now we threw you out on your ass cause you were a pansy ass faggot.”

“Watch how you’re talking boy,” Forman commanded giving the leash around Brian’s bulging neck a tug.

“Shut the fuck up you prick,” Brian roared and yanked the chain out of the big man’s hand.

Gino’s voice was unsure and he looked ready to cry or start swinging, “But...But why would we do that...we’re all gay...aren’t we?”

“I ain’t no damn fairy.” Brian said posturing, “What the...How the fuck did I get dressed like this?” He yelled noticing his S&M attire. “What the hell is going on?” he demanded in typical Brian regal fashion. He picked at the leather straps encircling his chest like poison.

Red’s usual look of incomprehension seemed to intensify “Are you saying we used to be straight guys?”

“Not just that.” The little Judas answered, “you used to weigh like a hundred pounds less and you were all cleanliness is next to godliness. I mean Eric you were an executive.”

“I was a...” The light I saw flick on in Eric’s eyes went on in Red’s. HE turned quickly to look at his underwear clad behemoth body covered in thick body hair and exaggerated labor muscle. He put too massive hand on his grotesquely huge thigh astounded at it’s mass. “Oh my god...What’s happened to me!” he asked in horror. His long Billy Ray Cyrus hair fell around his face as his towering form bent over, causing him to panic even more.

Visions of being burned at the stake began to run through my head. I wonder if they’d do that? Take me into the town square... Maybe they’d just stone me?

“No this can’t be happening,” Gino’s voice seemed to plead. “Damien wouldn’t do that, we’re friends...I mean him and me we’re boys You.”

“No your not he did this to you guys.” Mark was casting himself as the hero of the piece, and it’s not that I minded being the villain but I sure, as hell wasn’t thrilled about being made to look like a fool.

The Italian stud looked at himself in the mirror his luscious shaved olive skin bulging under his sequined shirt and his fleshy pillars of thighs practically spilling out his skimpy shorts. " Yo Did I always dress like dis?” His voice was fluctuating from his current regular sweet speech to his old thuggish bully street talk. He was actually trying to stop the spell from breaking. “Did I always dress like some fag ass bitch...”

I was not going to let them throw me into the river and see if I float that’s for damn sure.

Anyone paying close attention to me would have noticed that the shadows of the darkened corner were starting to almost come alive around me shielding me except for my eyes.

Brian was still occupied by being revolted at the way he was trussed up, Gino seemed to be contemplating the reality of his own personality, his new attitude at war with the old one and Poor Red just kept touching his huge body in horror and disbelief. I was going to have to do something. I hate being forced into things.

The immediacy of my actions was stepped up when Brian snapped out of it and came rushing at me like a bull in the streets of Spain “what the fuck did you do to us?” He screamed. One very powerful arm was in mid swing when I reached my hands up calmly and he stopped frozen. His clenched fist paused just in front of my nose. All the others also found themselves in various states of frozen time. All of them except Mark of course.

The minute I saw Mark at the door I knew that trouble was on the way so I slinked into my nice unnoticeable spot and began to weave an incantation. My hands were lacing in foreign patterns behind my back the whole time. “Are you quite finished?” I thundered at Mark.

The little weasel fell backwards onto the floorboards, “Holy Shit!” he whispered in start raving fear.

“Oh no quite unholy.” I was on autopilot my fury boiled so deep that I could feel the cold rage take over, my head was crouched between my shoulders like a stalking animal as I advanced on the idiot on the floor.

“I warned you.”

“What’s going on...What are you doing...”

I slid past Red in my advance and ran my fingertips across the tantalizing broad expanse of his muscular back in a deceptively playful way, “The funny thing about magic Marky boy is that the more you use the better you get. It gets to the point where you can pretty much do anything on your own.”

Mark’s Eyes were wild “What...What..are you going to do.” I realized in a detached way that the tips of my shoes were scraping across the floor, I was floating toward Mark. I had kicked up the juice full force. I could really feel it.

“ Do you know what you almost did?” My voice didn’t sound like mine, it was deeper darker, a lot more threatening. “These guys weren’t my toys you ass, They were actually happy. Eric with his ruthless ambition would never have found a relationship as happy as the one he has with his boyfriend hank. Brian with a little discipline and some well earned humiliation is well on his way to becoming a person...and Gino,” I looked at the conflicted face of my beautiful Italian friend thoughtfully, " Gino’s not the thug bully he was he’s sensitive and sweet and smart and he...” I broke myself off, “The point is Mark What I did was more help then hurt.”

“Alright, whatever you say man,” The jerk was actually trying to placate me so as to aid in his escape. He was skidding across the floor backward on his hands and knees to avoid me. “I’m just going to get out of here then...”

“Think again.” With one swing of my left fist invisible hands grabbed mark and dragged him into the air.

I had never personally witnessed my handiwork. I always cast it and waited. This was the first time I had taken things into my own hands. It was terribly scary and the most powerful drug I’d ever had, “Damien please I’m sorry, Please...” Mark whined as tears of panic slid down his pale face.

“Dammit Mark Stop being a little bitch, If you had a fucking inch of courage in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess.” I snapped, “You could have handled these guys on your own and I would be back in my nice happy isolated apartment. You need to grow a damn back bone you wuss.” When the words were out of my mouth I felt a rush and a plan formed very quickly.

“It’s not my fault..I..I” my friend and betrayer stammered uncontrollably while he hung in front of me motionless.

“Your right Mark, It was your deep sense of righteousness, and of coarse the over dramatic,” My feet landed on firm terra firma with a thud. I paced around Mark’s suspended form in cat like consideration, “And you shouldn’t be punished for that, you should be rewarded.”

“Don’t do it Damien, please...please...” And he was still crying. I was very irritated.

“I’m going to give you the perfect outlet for your need to protect and serve others, and then I’m going to personally grow you that back bone, Sound fair...”

“Damien I,” He sniveled louder,

“You talk to much Mark.” His mouth kept working but no sound came out. “Now no offense Mark buddy but I’m going to have build you from the ground up. Let’s see what kind of clay I’ve got to work with here.” My hands spread wide and Mark’s Dockers and polo shirt disappeared simultaneously. He now hung pale and shaky I his boxer briefs. He wasn’t an unattractive guy, just non-descript. He had an average body, no muscle, but no fat and at 5′7 he had a bookish charm with his shaggy hair and glasses. But that just wouldn’t do for what I had planned.

“You always told me you wanted to be taller right?” his eyes grew wide with terror, “Well consider it done. To tell you what happened next wasn’t surreal would be a lie a big fucking lie. Mark’s scrawny body seemed to stretch and warp, with the naturalness of someone really growing taller like he hit a growth spurt but it took him 6 inches in 5 seconds instead of two over years. Mark now stood before me a towering 6′4 instead of his diminutive 5′6. The added height made him dreadfully lanky like Ichabod crane.

“There you go, but I can’t leave you like that can I? All skin and bones...” Another hand sweep across my line of vision and Mark began to change in a most interesting way. His skinny frame began to expand with muscle and tendon.

My dick began to expand too. This was hot as all hell.

“I’ve always loved a man with soccer leg’s don’t you mark?” His calves flexed to well formed perfection and slid into well-trimmed thighs that were poetry in their impeccable thick and lithe shape. The muscle tightened around his abdomen and groin until it was the beautiful cut grace of stone-etched curves.

“And an ass, Mark, you need an ass you could eat breakfast off of.” The fabric of his Underwear stretched under the formation of his glutes as they shaped themselves into the most impressive ass I had ever laid eyes on. Masculine prowess and perfection. Tight and round and so high and proud it almost had an arrogant pride. This was the ass that young gay men salivated over in their wet dreams.

“Now Marky boy, we don’t want you too bulky, You’re going to need to be quick and athletic in your new line of work.” I told him as I cupped my well-formed handiwork. God the feel of that magnificent ass almost made me cum in my jeans. “So How bout big broad shoulders and tight pecs. Big and square and flat. And we’ll keep that little waist of yours okay?

There was another shift and Mark’s upper body contorted until it was a very defined V. The shape of his torso was so exquisite it seemed impossible. His slim waist expanded into the broad expanse of a tight chest and wide shoulders.

“One more thing, you need strong arms. Nice carved biceps.” And of course there they were after I had said it. His Arms hung heavy against the air. His shoulders jutted out at such a strong angle against his slim form that this muscular round biceps dangled against the air instead of brushing against his side.

“Beat that Bailey’s.”

I inspected Mark’s ultimate body. A body that could have only been achieved with optimum Genes and rigorous workouts. This body was so fine it made your eyes ache just to look at it. Mark whose face seemed to contort with stress look at himself in awe. “Cat got your tongue?” I asked releasing his invisible gag.

“Oh my god look at me.” He squealed as I set him on the floor. He stared at his reflection with the same posture he always had. Unconfident and shy Mark slouched in the body of the Grecian God I had gave him. Still looking to the entire world like the weak loser he was under all that muscle and beauty.

“Well that’s going to ruin the whole affect.” I noted. “You’re not going to be able to intimidate civilians with that whiny little voice.”

“What are you talking about you...” he trailed off in a fit.

“You wanted to play the hero. That’s’ fine by me. You can protect and serve like everybody else. Behind a Uniform and a badge.” I considered. “But that voice and that baby face...isn’t going to get you a lot of respect.” The sweet round face of unassuming Mark blurred a little becoming more angular, craggy. Weatherworn not from age but from life. A very handsome harsh masculine face appeared from behind the wire rim glasses. AS an after thought the glasses changed from transparent prescription lenses to reflective mirror sunglasses.

“This is fucking insane you’s got to stop this...” His high pitched wine deepened as he ranted into a deep resonate commanding tone. A rich sound that rumbled out of his chest with force. It sounded like a voice not accustomed to be questioned. Mark’s harder face twisted in confusion at the new sound erupting from his mouth.

“Hey buddy how bout just for kicks I make ya southern?” I asked.

“Ya’ll can’t do tha.” He drawled in a thick Tennessee bass, “I reckon, Tha’s nah e’ven possible.” His eyes went wild at the sound of his country western twang.

“You’d be surprised at what’s possible and what’s not.”

“See here now boy, Ya got’s ta ch-ah-aynge mah back.” He pleaded.

“Nope.” I finished my masterpiece with a few minor details. Giving him a tight trimmed Goatee’ and a military haircut you could set your watch by. Altogether he looked, and sounded like the butch cop from every gay man’s fantasy. Now to make sure he acted the part.

I ran my inspecting hands over the long stretch of Mark’s tight legs from behind him, “Tell me Mark what’s your Ideal man.”

There’s was a far too boyish wistful Grin on the hard face “Ah want ah man who’ll bring me roses and who’ll always be there ta support me...”

You’ve got to be kidding me. I was doing Mark a big favor. “No you don’t You want a hard as nail’s aggressive bear of man just like you.”

He looked at me, “like me?”

“Yes. Now you see here Mark. You are now officially Officer Mark Smith. You don’t take shit from anyone. You are one hard ass cop. You like to fight in Bars, you love a good brawl and you’re just about three evolutionary steps away from a Gorilla. You have the mentality of the terminator. You in short have the brass balls and backbone you never had before.” You could see the changes on Mark’s face as his soft expression shifted to that of one of suspicious consideration and a cocky confidence that wasn’t there before. “And you know Mark I think the reason you were so unhappy before was all the over thinking you did. You over thought every second of your life. I think you need something better to worry about. Let something else do the thinking for you.” Mark with his almost sneer look at me confused and then suddenly put one vein dissected hand down onto the bulge in his shorts which was once a modest 6 inches and now began to snake into a rigid 9 and half, With the heavy brass balls I mentioned to match. His Briefs were now packed tight enough to cut off circulation as he ran his hand up and down the length of his cock. Officer Smith would be to worried about keeping his monster cock happy to worry about much other then it. Officer Smith would now understand the simple pleasures of servicing the needs of his sexual urges instead of his neurotic hang-ups.

His Brains were in his dick now.

“So you see Officer Smith, you’re going to be able to protect and serve every man woman and child in the state.” Mark now wore the tan and black uniform of a state bike cop. It was so fitted to his supple body that every cut of muscle could be made out in the folds of the fabric. The shirt was stretch so taut against his skin the nipples were as apparent as the buttons. The tight Black pants seemed design just to accentuate the massive bulge between the runner’s legs. “And when I said Serve I meant it.” I gave into my own lust while looking at my own private Adam; “You’re going to be the most popular patrol men on the force. Whenever you pull a guy over and he seems pliable, you’re going to get onto those boot-covered knees and blow him like there’s no tomorrow. And use that Porn Star cock whenever you can. Got it?”

“Yah Ah Gahtcha,” he drawled as he lick the rim of his goatee’ with his tongue and rubbed a gloved hand across his crouch. Where weak, neurotic, miserable, punching bag Mark Smith had been there was now a hunk Motorcycle Cop Named Officer Smith too concerned about keeping the peace and getting a piece to worry about shit.

“Now in review,” I said, “Who are you?

“ Offi’cah M-ah-rk Smi-ya-th. State Bike Cop.” He smirked as he thumbed at the cleft between his thigh and the straining fabric of his crouch.

“I thought you were Mark smith, college student and computer programmer.”

He titled his sunglasses down to look at me with intense and rude eyes, “fuh-ck Nah, Tha sounds like some pussy, with ah pussy ass job.”

“And where you born in Dayton Ohio?” Which was Mark’s dull little hometown.

“Nah ah grew up in Kentucky. Where a man learns how ta be ah man.”

“And officer Smith is your favorite thing to do, sit at home and watch Dawson’s Creek?” I said mocking poor Marks pervious life.

Officer smith crossed his cut arms in front of himself and gave me a savage angry glare “Are you tryin’ tah make an ass of me man?” He stood with a cocky slouch that illustrated his insolent behavior.

“No,” I snapped quickly.

“Good cause ah’ll tell yah what mah favorite thang to do is. Ah like to get out on an empty stretch of highway,” He moved like a stalking animal toward me strutting boldly. “And pull ovah a good lookin man in a minivan and then show him jus’ how straight he ain’t by suckin him dry and then bendin him ovah my bike and fuckin his Brain’s out.” He was right against me his tan uniform moving like liquid over his buff body.

“Wow.” I exhaled with very real excitement. I hadn’t been this hard and this intimidated in... a long time. “That was vivid.”

The man I had completely disregarded as a human doormat and whiney loser, now stood two inches above me and put one large confident leather gloved hand on my ass and pressed me against him forcefully, “Now let me show ya how vivid I can be, bend the fuck over that couch bitch.”

That was incredibly fucking hot but taking it way too far.

I pulled away from my latest masterpiece a little shaky, from sexual chemistry and a little out of intimidation.

“Good’, I’m glad you see things my way. Let’s try this again.” I took one last look at the disdainful form of Mark as he postured in front of me hips forward and leer enticing me. I quickly focused my concentration trying to set everyone else in the room back in motion while making them ignore the changes in officer smith. But as I released the spell I could feel it changing. It was twisting around all the other magics in the room. I was reverberating off the other spells that I had cast bouncing off Gino to red to Brian’s and back again,

You’ve heard of the term too many cooks in the kitchen well this was like to many grease fires in the kitchen.

All that force spiraled out of my control and took on a life of it’s own. As Gino, Red, Eric and his coach stood motionless and Officer smith continued to leer at himself hungrily in the mirror I tried to regain control over the primal energies I had set loose. It was like trying to stop a flood with an umbrella.

Why don’t I ever stop while I’m ahead?

There was a flash.

“....So’s ah Was hopin’ Ya’ll wouldn’t be to mad tha ah came back to poach a roommate from ya’ll.” Officer smith said with a forward look on his handsome and stern face.

“That’s fine Mark, It’s just I don’t think any of us saw it coming.” Gino Laughed from where he was sitting lazily on the couch.

“Speak for yourself,” Red Chuckled as he went back up the staircase uninterested, big legs and wide cotton covered ass pumping.

“When Brian, here told Jon he wanted ta come stay wit us, we were jus’ as surprised as ya’ll” the young police man explained from behind the protective wall of his mirrored glasses.

I was having problems registering what was going on a couple seconds ago I felt like Pandora with a very open box and now I was back sitting next to Gino on the couch. I stared over at the mass of glittering sequined Italian muscle, searching for some clue as to what was going on and he just shot a confused look at the cop, the coach and their leatherboy.

Red had gone back up stairs so that left me with one less variable.

I looked on at the new Mark. He stood tall and dark and drop dead studly gorgeous next to Brian’s Burly Coach. Brian still dressed in his Leather boy gear was standing docile between them with his head down and a pleased grin on his face.

What did I do?

“What mark is trying to say,” Forman explained in his authoritative voice, “Is that Brian’ asked if he could stay with us for the rest of the semester. And even though Mark and I are damn happy together,” He put one big paw and Mark’s shoulder and rubbed the cop’s neck affectionately, “We wouldn’t mind having a houseboy.”

“Ah Hope ya’ll Ain’t to put out.” Mark offered returning Forman’s tender touch with a more flagrant pat on the older man’s meaty thigh.

“Wait a minute,” I objected standing on shaky legs.

“Don’t you worry none Damien.” Mark advised crossing his arms against his chest, stretching the fabric of his button down shirt to the point it looked like the seams were going to burst.

Forman intervened “Yeah it’s no problem. Brain can stay with us rent-free and he can have a hell of alota fun just raisin hell with us before he gets out of school and has to join the real world. Plus he’s got his submissive little heart set on it don’t you boy?”

It was the first time the young stallion had been addressed he raised his collared neck and beamed with appreciation. “Fuck yeah man this is going to be wild.” His leather shorts betrayed just how excited he was.

Officer Smith smiled a canine smirk. He grabbed Brain by his hair and took a hold of his chin in the firm grip of his gloved hand. And roughly brought the college boy’s face up to his own whiskered square jaw. “Ah can’t wait to get you home and start breakin’ you in.”

The athletic bully who had once beaten up defenseless weakling mark smith for being a gay weakling looked up into the Officer’s eyes and said proudly, “Can’t wait to be broken sir!” he almost said it like a challenge.

Mark reached down and smashed his open mouth into Brian’s kissing him violently. Brian grappled back eagerly. Officer Smith tugged happily on Brian’s nipple ring as Brian tugged on the other.

“That’s not what I mean,” I pointed out groggily, “Let me get this straight you and Coach Forman are living together.” I asked Officer Smith in confusion.

He pushed Brain away from him with the hand he had holding his chin and lowered his sunglasses with one leather coated hand, looking at me from underneath the sharp crest of his buzz cut, “Course we are Dah-mien. We’ve ‘a been to’gether since ah met Jon at tha’ Leather bar downtown two years ago.” Then he pulled an unfiltered cigarette out of his pocket, inhaled deeply and blew it into Brian’s open mouth.

“...And now Brian want’s to be your leather boy slash houseboy?”

“Do I ever!” Brian exclaimed stunned that I even had to ask.

And that ladies and gentlemen was all’s I could take and I couldn’t take no more

I fainted dead away.

I woke up in the comfort of my bed with a pounding headache. “Looks like someone had decided to return to the land of the living.” Gino whispered from the chair beside me.

“What the hell happened?” I asked incoherently.

Gino laughed quietly, “I think the shock of finding out that that cop friend of yours Mark was Leather freak and that Brian Wanted to be his boy toy was to much for you.”

“Oh jeez...” I muttered suddenly remembering everything. The Coach and Brian. The fight with Mark. The spell. Losing control. The whole ordeal must have floored me. My whole body ached and I was in this complete fog of exhaustion.

I felt a big gentle hand on my shoulder, “Don’t Worry I don’t think it was too humiliating. However it took both me and Brian’s Football coach to drag your ass up here.”

I took the hand abruptly and looked up into Gino’s concerned eyes. “Remember yesterday when you told me that I should back off the hocus pocus stuff because I was getting to carried away?”

His face clouded and his big sensual lips began to work silently, “about that I’m sorry. I was tired and it had been a long day and I just...”

“You were right.” I told him. “I need to step away from it for awhile. I should have listened to you.”

He smiled his big self-effacing smile of delight, “I’m glad you see it my way but why the sudden consensus?”

“I didn’t have control of the situation tonight.” I grudgingly told him possibly opening up more then I wanted to,

“Control’s a big issue with you isn’t it?” He asked very seriously. “You always have to be in control don’t you?”

“Yes.” I answered point blank. I did. That’s why I got so pissed at Mark he came into my experiment without knowing what I was doing and for no reason at all just started fucking with me... No reason at all. Why did Mark come here anyway. Out of moral indignation? That wasn’t like him. He saw how I changed Gino and Red and then he...

That little weasel.

He duped me. He knew exactly what to do to goad me into using a spell on him. He knew I’d never change him into a dumb humpy stud if he asked me too. So he fooled me into punishing him that way. The little bitch predicted my every move.

“Dammit.” I swore. Not only was my occult knowledge getting beyond my control but I been tricked by a computer geek. But all my anger and tensions melted away unnoticed when I realized that my alarm clock was blinking 1:30, “Did you stay home all night just to make sure I was alright?” I asked amazed.

“You bet I did. And I’ll have you know because of that feinting violet episode you had Mr. Melodrama I missed one of the best dance night’s at the Meat Market.” He joked.

“I guess, I owe you one.” I admitted

“You sure as hell do.” He agreed.

How was I supposed to know just how big a debt Gino thought I owed him...?

To Be Concluded...