The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

When In Rome

Part 4

It was totally dark now and no one could disturb them. Juni and Nero were totally naked now. They felt their hot bodies and Nero sucked Juni’s nipples again. Juni’s breasts touched Nero’s bosom and she was very close to him now. She told him to stop sucking on her nipples and he did. Then she put his fingers on her lips-which was a sign for him to kiss them. They were wet and hungry. Nero kissed her and their tongues came together. They pressed their bodies against each other. Nero felt Juni’s full breasts on his chest and kissed her again. They had a complete French kiss. Then he put one of her legs up so he could intrude softly into her body..and she was moaning loudly. Juni welcomed his “invasion”, as her leg was now in a sexual position. The emperor’s nose was in between her soft breasts, and she smelled his natural scent.

Nero played with her breasts and began to push her body now, and Juni was moaning continuously when he started that pushing. He had both breasts in his hands and stroked them while pushing Juni’s body again and again...and he kissed her again. Juni was moaning and Nero liked it when she said, “Push me baby.”

Nero’s head was again between her breasts and he pushed her in the gentle way that she liked it. Juni was moaning in short waves and was near an orgasm. Nero licked her breasts and Juni embraced him with her arms and legs. In this moment, he made a last push and they both had an orgasm, and they both moaned when he came into her.

They fell asleep after this and Juni’s hand was in Nero’s. They slept until 10 or 11 a.m. the next morning.

* * *

The next afternoon, Nero and Juni were naked on the bed and he gave her a passionate kiss. She answered his kiss with equal passion. They embraced and then he caressed her breasts with his hands. She felt his warm touch, and he stroked her skin. Nero sucked her nipples and she moaned softly in pleasure. They shared a French kiss and she had her arms around his neck.

Nero kissed her breasts again. They were soft and the nipples were sensitive when he stroked them with his tongue. This caused Juni to moan again. They still kissed passionately, their tongues touching each other and their bodies moved against each other. Nero softly whispered her name. He said, “Juni, I want you to touch my limb. Kiss me while you touch me with your warm hand.”

And so she did. Juni kissed Nero’s lips and touched him with her warm hands. A surge went through his body and she heard him moan. She felt him in her now. The moans were getting stronger and stronger and she nearly screamed out, but he quieted her lips with a kiss. Nero’s penis pushed into Juni’s vagina.

Nero felt that she liked it too, and pushed her stronger with his hard penis while he licked her breasts again and she moaned. The emperor went on pushing her and Juni held him with her legs. While their bodies sweated and shook, Nero thrusted in and out of her and Juni was building towards an orgasm. Another push of his penis brought her to the orgasm and Nero withdrew his penis and splashed it all over her body while Juni moaned loudly. The orgasm was almost there, and she tasted his juices. Nero stimulated Juni with his finger and she had a great orgasm while moaning.

* * *

Later that night, Juni and Nero shared a passionate kiss, and she felt his tongue in her mouth. She put her arms around his neck and he put his arms around her waist as they continued to kiss passionately. Nero took her to the bed and kissed her again, his hands wandering to her upper body up to her breasts, stroking her arms and neck. He held her tight and kissed her neck and lips. Their tongues met and they shared a deep kiss. Juni pressed her breasts against his body and was completely helpless. Their kisses were passionate and addictive, and they couldn’t stop. They clung together to each other, not wanting to let go.

Nero took off Juni’s shirt and bra to see her breasts, and touched them with his hands, pressing them softly and kissed her breasts with his lips. Juni moaned softly in pleasure as he continued to kiss her breasts. Nero licked them and Juni said, “Go onlicking my breasts, Nero. I like that.” With that, he licked and sucked her nipples intensely.

Juni lay on her back on the bed with Nero above her and he took her hands up. Her breasts were longing for his tongue to play with them, to lick her nipples and suck her breasts-and so he did. The emperor took her nipples into his mouth and softly sucked her breasts. Juni was softly moaning in deep pleasure, and he felt her legs wrapped tightly around him-and she shook gently.

Nero began to massage her neck and shoulders and Juni kissed his fingers and held him tight with her legs. He came down to her breasts and licked them again, and she was moaning and started to stroke his other limbs with her warm hands as they lay side by side on the bed.

Nero kissed her again, playing around with her tongue, licking her upper body and continued to kiss her. Juni sat naked on his lap and he kissed her breasts again. He held her breasts, licked and sucked them-causing her to moan again. Nero kissed Juni’s neck and face as well.

Afterwards, the fell into a long, deep sleep.

* * *

The next morning, the phone rang. Juni and Nero were still asleep but the ringing woke up Juni. She got up and sleepily and answered the phone.

“Hello?", she asked.

“Hi, Juni. It’s Gen. I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“Well, you did but it’s okay. What’s up?”

“The girls and I are going out for some breakfast and thought you’d like to join us,” Gen said, “have you ever had an Italian breakfast?”

“No,” Juni said, “but I’d love some before I go back to the US.”

“Great. Should we pick you up at your room?", Gen said.

“Yes, that would be great. You can come over while I get ready.”

“Okay,” Gen said, “see ya then.”

“See ya,” Juni said.

Juni went to Nero and, shook him and said, “Wake up.”

The emperor woke up and she said, “Gen and some friends are coming over to take me to breakfast, so you have to leave.”

“Do I have to go back to the Colosseum?", Nero asked.

“Yes. Sorry,” Juni said.

“Okay, but I’ll be back here this evening. Your friends should be gone by then,” the emperor said.

“They will be, but for now you have to change into your present-day form and get out of here,” Juni said, “they’ll be here any minute.”

“Okay,” Nero said, and within seconds he changed into his present-day form, as the young Italian man.

However, when he opened the door to walk out, Gen and her friends were standing there. They saw Nero and starting going into flirt mode. Nero smiled sheepishly and quickly went past them. When Gen and the others got into the room, Gen exclaimed, “Now HE is cute!”

“You said it!", Anna exclaimed.

“And he’s mine for a couple of days, so sorry guys,” Juni said-grinning, “when I’m gone then you guys can all fight for him. Now let’s all go eat.”

And off they went.

End of Part 4