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First, this story should not be confused with Cafetray’s excellent Worlds Colliding, here. Mine is “Words”, his is “Worlds” (and his is far greater in scope and intensity than mine). I’ve wanted to, and been noodged, to start posting some of the 60 or so stories I have posted only on the two linked message boards to this site... The MC Forum and The Garden of MC (see Simon’s links on the main page). Thus, I was trying to think which of said stories to quick-edit and send when I came upon this one. I noted it was for a writing contest started by the dearly missed blankpage, and also it’s a story that represents what I write at its F/F, “talked me into it”, hyperbolic best (or worst).

So anyrate, here it is, with my thanks to MichelleLovesTo, whose one contest story prompted me to write mine back in the day, and to everyone who’s given me a push to get some of my older stories out here.

* * *

When Words Collide


I stood there in the corner of Kevin Keegan’s huge apartment, sipping my martini and letting my eyes drift slowly over the assembled partygoers, all of them dressed to the nines, as this was an “executive” soirée. I, myself, was decked out in my most effective “come hither” outfit... my jade and black, skintight, high-slitted cheongsam evening gown, the one that showed off my my well-toned, shapely figure the best.

I love parties like this, and get invited to lots of them, working as I do as a PR flack for the Gregsom Agency, a public relations firm for the high and mighty here in Los Angeles. Attending parties like this, and mixing with the rich and infamous, is part of my job description, and one that I take to like a fish to water.

I’m 28, witty and intelligent, a notorious flirt, and considered rather attractive, if I must say. I have soft brown hair, excellent features, and the best body that hard exercise at Gold’s Gym can buy. I can schmooze with the best of them, and can make even the most pathetic has-been think they’re God’s gift to the world after only a few minutes’ conversation.

Because you see, I have this gift.

Perhaps it’s a combination of my looks, the tone and timbre of my voice, and my judicious choice of words, but whatever the case, I can generally talk anyone into just about anything I want. And what I normally want, and was at this party to procure, was the most luscious female flesh I could find.

Truthfully, no woman is safe from me when I’m feeling horny and needy, whether she be lesbian, bi, or straight (or even just slightly bent). It usually takes no more than 15 minutes from the time I sidle up to a woman until I have her eating out of… well, you get the picture. I don’t question my gift anymore, either; I just use it... over and over again.

Executive, high-level parties like this are the perfect hunting grounds for me. Affairs such as this are where the city bigwigs feel the most comfortable bringing their trophy wives and mistresses. As such, most of the other women at these things are about my age or slightly older... my preferred range. All of them good-looking, all of them dressed so fine, and most of them bored out of their gourds before they finish their third vodka on the rocks.

Not only that, but there are usually scads of women around like me... young and single, having wrangled invitations any way they could in order to mix and mingle with the mover and shakers of the L.A. financial, film, and publishing world.

As I said, a very fertile hunting ground. Lots and lots of delicious prey.

That’s what I was doing now, then, searching for my target for the evening. I’d already made my rounds, and the party itself was turning into one colossal, droning bore. Still, I let my gaze linger on each potential “victim”, checking them out, trying to see if I thought they were the type of woman I wanted to be with tonight. I wasn’t having as much luck as I’d hoped for, when my eyes finally caught sight of her.

I didn’t recognize her, but she was tall and statuesque, with a luscious, long mane of striking red hair and a figure to die for (or lie with). I watched her intently as she stepped from one of the side rooms and made her way slowly across the floor. As she stopped and talked with each small clump of people for a moment, I couldn’t help but notice that her hands always managed to find the shoulder or arms of the most attractive woman in each group.

My ‘gaydar’ went off full force, and though I find nothing more delicious than turning a straight woman, I usually get the most enjoyment in the shortest amount of time with a fellow lesbian. We can get started with no hesitation, no confusion, and can proceed more directly to the clash and burn.

And that’s what I wanted tonight. I’d been sexually fasting for three days straight... an abnormally long stretch by my standards... and I wanted it hot and juicy, and I wanted it now!

My “meal” for the evening decided upon, I kept watching as she moved more in my direction. I would occasionally catch her eye, to make sure she knew I was watching her, that I was interested in her. And I could tell pretty much right away that she was interested in me too, for the obvious reasons.

Like a good little victim, she kept moving closer and closer to me. I could tell she was attempting to be coy, stopping along the way to chat with others before moving closer.

For some reason, this bothered me more that it normally would, as couldn’t she tell I was the woman she wanted to be with the most? I played it cool though, never letting my expression change, and waited as patiently as I could for her to approach. I also took some comfort from the fact she coming to me, and not the other way around.

She finally reached me, moving up closer than I expected and standing directly in front of me. She obviously wanting me to take an “up close and personal” look at her... which I did, and which I most certainly wanted to do.

She really was gorgeous. She looked to be about five years my senior, but certainly none the worse for the longer wear. She was even taller than I’d guessed upon first seeing her, standing at least three inches above me. She used that height, looking down somewhat haughtily at me, appraising me even as I was doing the same to her.

I didn’t mind that though, as very shortly I’d be showing her which of us had the right to “haught”.

I stared up at her face for a few moments, drinking it all in. She was beautiful to be sure, perfectly made up, as if even a single touch more blush or mascara would push her into the overdone range. Her eyes were a liquid green, and her red-painted lips were full and lush, something most women would need a pint of collagen to achieve. Oh yes, she was beautiful all right.

But so am I, and I refuse to take a back seat to any woman in that department.

Her body, on the other hand, I couldn’t quite touch. Well, at least not yet.

Dressed in a shiny black-satin, off-the-shoulder, very haute couture little number, one so deeply cut in the front that it left very little to my imagination, I had to admit that she had one leg up on me (mmmm...) in that department. Her rather wonderful breasts were obviously larger and fuller than mine, as were her hips, though certainly not in an unattractive way.

So, while I’m definitely not bad at all, she was certainly better... I could willingly admit that. In fact, I was happy to admit that, seeing as how her body was soon to become a playground for my hands, lips, and tongue.

I glanced back up at her face to see those green eyes slightly filled with lust, happy that my plans were already working. Well, at least something was working, as I wondered fleetingly what my eyes looked like, considering how deeply attractive I found her. All I did was look at her though, as I have a theory that the woman who talks first becomes the more submissive. Finally, she broke the ice, just as I’d hoped.

“Are you having fun, hon?” she said with a smile. Her voice was hot and sultry, the use of that particular term of endearment sending a delicious shiver down my spine. But I didn’t want to play that game, not quite yet.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked back, completely ignoring her question. I was trying to be just as sultry as she, giving her a coy smile, but wanting to keep her off-balance a bit and show her just who was in control of this situation.

I had expected her to be confused, and she was for just a moment. Then she reacted in an unexpected way. She looked down on me sternly and stated somewhat harshly, “I said, are you having fun?” in a voice that reminded me a lot of my 12th-grade literature teacher, Mrs. Fitzroy.

Thinking I may have overplayed my hand a bit, and not wanting her to stalk off, I decided it best to answer. “I wasn’t until a few seconds ago,” I said softly, giving her my best “I want you” smile again.

“That’s better,” she purred, her own smile back in full force. “And to answer your question... yes, I very much like what I see. You’ll make a fine addition.”

Addition? Addition to what?“ I thought. ”What the hell is that all about?

She was obviously full of herself, and about how attractive she was (though who could blame her, really). But it was time to end this, as she was making me hornier than hell, and my biological meter was running.

“You want me soo bad, don’t you?” I whispered, letting my words fill with thick meaning for her.

I saw her shiver, looking a touch taken aback, before simply nodding her head in response. So I pushed on, going straight for her libido, lightly pressing myself into her to whisper again, only this time hotly in her ear.

“I could make you cum so hard that your toes would curl… permanently.”

This time I felt her shiver against me, reveling a bit in the feel of her body against my own, knowing that I was getting to her. This left me totally unprepared for her whispered response.

“That would be too bad then, baby,” she managed to murmur. “Because if my toes were curled, then I wouldn’t be able to slide my stockinged toes in and out of your wet pussy as easily. I wouldn’t be able to masturbate you with my toes until you were so aroused you could barely breathe.”

I couldn’t help my reaction, feeling her words sliding all through my body, looking down as she stepped away a bit and pulled her foot out of her heels to rub her toes against the back of her calf. I wanted to say something, needed to say something, but couldn’t. I’d lost my voice for a moment thinking about what her nylon-covered toes would feel like inside of me. My hesitation gave her the chance to press on.

“In and out of your wet sex, spreading you, filling you, my stockings so soft, your pussy so wet for me. What is you name, dear?”

Another one of my rules is that I never give out my name first. But I was so mesmerized by her words, by watching her rubbing her own calf, that I whispered, “Joanne…”

“Yess… And my name is simply Anne. You’d love my toes inside you, working and teasing your juicy little pussy, wouldn’t you, Joanne?”

Our exchange of names had actually been a break for me, giving me just a couple of seconds to compose myself, to shake off the heavy weight of arousal I felt at all she was saying and doing.

“Yes, Anne,” I said, trying to sound languid and unaffected, trying to sound like I was still in control of my emotions. “And while you were doing that, and if we worked it just right, I could slide my stockinged foot all over your face, could massage your cheeks and lips with it, allow you to suck on my toes. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, to suck on my toes?”

We had our hands on each other’s shoulders now, staring at each other’s faces. I could just hear her nearly sub-vocalized moan, see it in her eyes that I had gotten to her with that one. I found myself struggling to not get lost in those eyes though, so wonderfully deep and green. I needed to be strong, to hold on to my advantage.

“You’re getting so very wet now, Anne… wet for me, aren’t you?”

I saw her nod, her eyes gleaming with desire. But then she blinked, set her jaw a bit, and tried to regain the lead.

“Yes, Joanne. I am getting so wet for you… so wet and fragrant for you. And I’ll bet it’s all you can do to resist kneeling right now, to keep yourself from kneeling and sticking your head under my dress just to smell me; to smell me and lick my wet panties. Am I right, baby?”

I shuddered, and though I fought not to, gasped aloud. Whether by chance or some bizarre knowledge, she’d hit on one of my fetishes… the aroused scent of another woman. I know my nostrils were flaring at the thought of that, my legs turning rubbery, trying to block the image of what she’d said from my mind, and the things she was making me feel every time she called me “honey” or “baby”.

As I struggled with that, she saw her chance and went on.

“Kneeling… helpless… under my dress, the air around your face so hot and humid with my scent, with my heated desire for you.”

I was in trouble now, because I did want that, wanted it so bad it seemed as if I could smell her already. Or was that me?

However, I wanted her on my terms, not hers! It was then I finally realized what I’d gotten myself into.

Anne wasn’t prey. She was a predator, just like me; maybe even better than me.

This wasn’t the first time I’d made this mistake, but this was the first time I’d run into another woman I might consider my equal, if not the more dangerous hunter than I. For some reason the thought of that, of perhaps finally meeting my match, sent a huge thrill of excitement all through me. I could only hope she was feeling the same thing.

Desperate, I did the only thing that I could think to do in this situation... I turned what she was saying around on her.

“Yes, Anne, that would be rather wonderful... for you. I have an incredibly talented tongue, and I’m sure within less than a minute, I could have you helplessly humping it, moaning and writhing on it, begging to be allowed to cum.”

The thought of her doing that didn’t do much to cool my own ardor, but I could see it did slow her down a little, as her eyes closed for a moment. No doubt, she was imagining how good my tongue, and such relentless need, would feel. We were both sweating now, a light sheen of perspiration covering us, our bodies trapped by our own building desires.

I wanted to keep going, to keep up my momentum, but my mind was so thick with lust for this beautiful woman I was coming up empty. I grew even more confused when she opened her eyes and gave me a soft, dreamy smile before salaciously licking her lush lips and sighing, “Yess... maybe you are the one.”

The one what?“ I thought, my brain feeling as mushy as I could ever remember.

“But, sweetie,” she continued, “you and I both know it would be foolish for me to allow you to immediately feast on my delicious pussy. There are so many other parts of me that you’d have to worship first before you could earn that right. My breasts, for instance. Look at my breasts, darling.”

And there, right then, I made my second major mistake. Without thinking, I did as I she’d said, dropping my eyes from her wonderful face to her even more wonderful chest, staring into the shadow of her deep cleavage.

“Aren’t they attractive, Joanne? Aren’t they so soft and seductive that the urge to just press your face between them, to smell the sweet mixture of my sweat and perfume, to lick the soft skin there, is almost unbearable? Don’t you find the thought of them pillowing and pressing against your cheeks completely irresistible?”

I did... or I almost did. I barely managed to catch myself as I started to lean down to do that, to bury my face between her breasts. I was so drawn to them, so hot for them.

But I did catch myself, and with all the will I could muster, somehow managed to pull my eyes away from them, to straighten up and look her in the eye again. This was hardly any better, but at least it gave me the semblance of a chance to resist everything she was offering me.

“You’re right, Anne, you have magnificent tits,” I said hoarsely. “And I’ll bet that they’re incredibly sensitive too, that if I massaged them with my fingers, if I kissed and licked and sucked your achingly swollen nipples, that I could get you to cum over and over again just from that alone.”

I got her to close her eyes again with that one, got her to shiver visibly once more. Nevertheless, I had no idea how much longer I was going to be able to hang on if I couldn’t break Anne down soon. My own nipples were as swollen and needy as hers, and crotch of my panties felt as if I’d showered with them on.

It all seemed like a heavyweight boxing match, the two of us trading one body blow after another. Or should I say, trading one deliberately low blow after another.

I couldn’t make myself follow through on this either, as I was having trouble even catching my breath now. It looked like she was struggling to come up with something too, as she opened her eyes and just stood there staring at me, smiling and obviously deeply aroused as well.

So it was with almost perfect timing that David Keegan, Kevin’s ne’re-do-well younger brother... his drunken, totally trashed younger brother... stumbled up to the two of us and slurred, “Woulds either of you tooz foxes like a hot ride on the Keegan Express?”

We both turned to him simultaneously and half-shouted, “No!”

“Oh, I gets it,” he said, looking hurt. “Both you bitches would rather play ‘stick your finger in the dyke’, huh? Well, your loss,” he grumbled, turning and stumbling off toward the bar.

The two of us turned to looked at each other again, both of us smiling, and I couldn’t suppress a small giggle. But that giggle turned out to be my third big mistake, as it allowed Anne to fill the breach first. She stepped closer and said firmly, “No, not a finger. But when you come back to my house, I’ll take you up to my playroom’ and strip you naked. Then, I’ll throw you on the bed, take my ‘Joanne Tamer’, and drive it so deep inside you that you’ll see stars.”

I just looked at her and whispered shakily, “Joanne Tamer?”

Her smile changed then as she looked down at me. It turned... triumphant. “Well, that’s the name it will have after I’m through strapping it on and using it on you, dear. I’ll bind your wrists to the headboard, tie your knees practically up to your neck, and slide that long, thick, ridged thing in and out of your sopping cunt so hard, and for so long, that you’ll be screaming to cum.”

I desperately tried not to think about that, I really did. But the thought of it... of her sliding up between my lifted legs, her beautiful red hair and wonderful breasts hanging down on me, moving against me; the feel of her simply using me like that... poured into my hindbrain and found the small part of me that had always thought about, always wanted to be taken and controlled.

Her verbal images locked onto that part, massaged and masturbated and strengthened it… and she had me.

I couldn’t help or stop myself as I moaned aloud, thick and throaty. I know I must have gotten that “aroused deer in the headlights” look on my face, because now Anne’s smile turned feral, and she moved in for the kill.

She pressed into me, her right breast pushing into mine, her right hand coming up so she could stroke and tease my painfully engorged left nipple with her nail. She leaned in, put her cheek on mine, and whispered in my ear, “You did your best baby, as well as anyone I’ve been with in a long time. And there’s something so deeply erotic and enticing about you that you almost won. I imagine there’s a part of me that wishes you had, too.

“But your desire to give up all control is greater than mine, so it’s time for you to submit... to submit to me.”

She nibbled my ear for a moment before moving behind me, pressing into me tightly from behind. I could feel her breasts tight against my back now. I swore I could feel her nipples against me, even through all the layers of fabric between us. She pushed her mound tight to my ass and reached down with her hands to lock her fingers in mine at my sides, and started whispering again.

“You’re so completely aroused now, Joanne. The pressure inside you to cum is growing more unbearable by the second, as you think about how it will feel to be my sexual toy tonight. You know I will torment you, deny your orgasms until I make you so needy that you’ll do anything to cum. And, once you start, then I won’t let you stop cumming, sweetness. Oh no. Before the night is done I will drain your creamy cunt of every drop of cum you can produce. It will be glorious.”

She locked her fingers tighter into mine, and used her strength to keep my arms down at my side as I helplessly tried to reach to the front of my dress, to rub or touch myself anywhere, my need so bad that I literally couldn’t stand it anymore.

David Keegan’s comment had been more apt than he’d ever know. Anne had pulled my finger from the dike, and the walls of my resistance were being washed away. I was falling, and falling hard, dizzy with lust now, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.

I didn’t want to stop it, either.

And she was reading my mind.

“I could make you do anything now, baby, and you would do it for me. You’d want to do it for me, just to show me what a horny little slut you truly are.” She toyed with my earlobe with her wet tongue, and started massaging my back and ass with her body. “I could make you pull your dress up to your waist, slide out of your soaked panties, and masturbate yourself to orgasm right here in front of everyone... couldn’t I, Joanne?”

I struggled not to answer, though I had almost nothing left inside me with which to resist. But my hesitation was enough for her to breathe, “Yess, that’s it. Fight it. Fight it, Joanne. That will make your orgasm even that much harder, that much more delicious for us both.”

She was right, and I knew she was right. Resistance was futile now, and it would only make my collapse that much deeper, and more complete.

But I was just so fucking horny.

“But I won’t make you do that, Joanne, because I like you. I like you a lot, and wouldn’t ruin your career for anything.” Now she was kissing the back of my neck as she moved against me, the feel of her lips and body electric.

“But if you’re going to walk out of here in a minute with me, you’re going to have to cum first. And you will. You’ll keep trying to fight it, because that’s your nature, and because you know that when you do cum for me I will own you, that you’ll become my slave tonight… maybe forever.”

I ground back against her, moaning aloud again, my mind such a ball of sexual mush I didn’t know if I wanted that or not anymore.

It didn’t matter though, as she gave me no chance, no chance at all.

“So much pressure inside you now, baby, so much aching, burning need to cum. Your cunt is dripping, spasming, and you can’t take it anymore. It’s throbbing and begging you to let go, to feel the pleasure that is yours if you will only cum. Let it go, Joanne. Let it go and cum for me now….”

It was all too much, and I lost it completely then. As my body started to shake against her, she turned us so we faced the wall, so that her body was between me and the other guests. I guess she did really like me, and meant what she said about not ruining my career, because as my whole body seized, she let go of my hands and wrapped one arm around me. Then she put her other hand over my mouth tightly and pulled my head back to her shoulder.

And I came… I came spontaneously, moaning and squealing into her hand, snapping and jerking against her. I came so very hard… so very hard for her.

I couldn’t help it and I couldn’t stop it as my body turned inside out, as the dominant part of me just melted away in her arms, as my cumjuices gushed and oozed and drained out of me, as I spastically writhed against her, using her body and strength to keep myself from falling to the floor.

It all went on for so wonderfully long. Without her touching or working my breasts or pussy, Anne had just given me the strongest orgasm of my life.

As it finally started to abate, she pulled her hand away from my mouth and just let me pant. I struggled to settle down, but that took a long time, as well. Anne continued to hold me, to whisper “that’s it, baby, that’s it,” softly in my ear, until I finally found the strength and balance to stand on my own.

She turned me to face her then, reaching up to push my sweaty bangs to the side with a long finger. She didn’t say anything either, just stared at me, smiling.

I swallowed a few times and finally managed to say, “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome, dear. But we’ve only just started. Grab your purse and come with me.”

“Yes, Anne,” was all I could say. That was okay though, because my agreeing with her was superfluous at this point.

Everything had changed... I had changed. I would’ve done anything she asked me to do, now. The only thing in my mind was my overwhelming desire to be with her.

So we found our purses and made our way toward the front door, basically ignoring everyone else in the room. She pulled out her cell phone and made a quick call, one I think she intentionally allowed me to overhear.

“Hello, Michelle. This is Mistress. Bring the car around to the front door. I have a new sister for you to meet… and eat.”

She snapped the phone shut and turned to me with that incredibly alluring smile on her face.

“Make sure you catch your breath, honey. My limo has great air-conditioning, but you’ll find there won’t be much fresh air under my dress at all. I’m sure you’ll be more than fine with that, though.”

She was right. I was going to love that, and I felt my cum-drenched pussy spasm again in anticipation. So, smiling and nodding, I let her take my hand and lead me through the door and out into the L.A. night.