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Standard disclaimers apply. No one under 18(or 21 depending) and if erotic stories offend you, then use your common sense and don’t read it. This story contains sex between consenting, and non consenting adults and teenagers involving mind control, possible incest, and other such topics that will burn your sensitive eyes out(when I finish writing it). Spelling and grammar have been checked to the best of my(and my computers) limited ability, but I hold no liability for it. This story may be reproduced for distribution or archival purposes, as long as -some- type of disclaimer and credit to author is attached.

The hardcore stuff doesn’t hit until deep into chapter one.

Whispers of Temptation


Mists rolled over the hills as the succubus looked out across the countryside. She mussed to herself, wondering what next to do. She was bored with this realm. She grasped the demon amulet hanging from her neck with her thumb, and forefinger, stroking it.. caressing the surface. The amulet itself was elegant in it’s simplicity. An outer ring, with various runes etched into it, held a inner ring suspended by silver thread. The inner ring was solid, and had mounted on it a single ruby about the size of a dime. It hung around her neck by a narrow, fine linked, golden chain.

The succubus herself is extraordinary in her beauty. Her preferred form was that of a tall human woman, peaking at about six and a half feet. Long raven black hair cascading down her back, shimmering like a waterfall when she moved. Her skin was flawless, and deeply colored to a tan more perfect than obtainable by natural means. The demoness’s figure was well balanced and perfectly proportionate. Her breasts where sizeable, yet not obscene, and her curvature continues to her stomach. Perfectly flat, with the tracings of muscle visible under her dark skin. Her shapely, toned hips came next, perfectly balanced to her breast size. And then her legs, seemingly endless, and perfectly sculptured and well defined legs. Her arms were shapely, as arms can be, narrow, and elegant.

She pondered all that she had accomplished in her masters name, and become frustrated, wondering what there was left to do. She called out in her frustrations Calling the name of her master, and summoning him. “Master! Come to me, Thy work is complete here, and I seek new lands to corrupt in your unholy name!”

A flash of fire lit the sky, and the screams of tortured souls filled her ears, and she grinned, knowing her master had come to her call. He materialized from the flame, ashes settling at his feet where the ground had been charred black. He smiled at her, from under his hood, and she felt a feeling of satisfaction pass over her, despite the fact she could not see the smile for the hood. “My pet,” she felt his voice resonate through her rather than hear it, “You have done well in molding this land to my tastes, and there is a new realm awaiting your talents, some will accept them readily, and others will oppose you at every turn. This new realm is unlike any other you have seen before, and I will prepare you for it before I release you to it.” A hand came up, shrouded under the robes, and gestured to her. The succubus was surrounded by magical stands, and they wove tighter and tighter together, eventually forming around her shapely body.

She closed her eyes, and enjoyed the feelings of the magic. When she felt it subside she opened her eyes, and looked down at herself. Replacing her former clothing, was a totally new and different outfit to what she was used to. Her legs were clad in black thigh high boots made of a shiny, black material, with very high heels. Only her supernatural enhancement to her reflexes kept her from losing her balance immediately. Around her waist was a shimmering black article, coming to a stop several inches above her knees. It was tight, and she enjoyed the feeling of the odd material against her skin. Her upper body was wrapped in a the same type of material in a shirt, that pulled tight against her body, and was shortened to show her midriff. Her amulet rested on the rise of her breasts, where the V-neck of the article formed. Over her shoulder slung a small container, made of the same black, shiny material of her boots, large enough for some coin and a few personal items. She smiled to her master, knowing that he of course chose well to her needs in the new world she was about to enter.

During the time that she was assessing herself and her new look. Her demonic master was doing the same. He looked her over, letting his eyes follow each outlined curve. He smiled to himself, knowing that his succubus would serve him well as she always had. He finished his assessments with a nod, and she looked up to him, eager to perform her tasks for him. He looked over her a final time, before passing his hand over a rock, causing it to glow, the glow expanding beyond the rock, forming slowly into a seven foot tall rectangular shape. He spoke to her again, “Go, my faithful. Breed forth lusts and desires in this new world. Bring mortals to their knees by their own passions, and wants. You know your methods, go forth, and work your magic on them..” She nodded once, and stepped through the glowing vortex that her master had formed, reality breaking apart one moment, then slowly forming before her again..

Reality formed again behind the fading vortex. And she breathed as she emerged into her new challenge. She stepped into our world. And these are her legends.

1 Getting Settled

She emerged form the vortex, into a narrow space between two large shapes, structures.. She looked around her odd surroundings. She felt others near by, but did not see them, behind the brick walls she thought, or around the corner. She strode out confidently, the heels on her thigh highs tapping lightly against the pavement. Several heads turned wondering who this woman was, and why she was here in this small town. The succubus looked about, noticing she did seem out of place, but not minding, as she strode forward, seeking to do her master’s bidding.

She let her mind gently brush against the minds of others, picking up surface thoughts, and she discovered that a university was across county lines, and with universities cam bars, and with bars she thought to herself, grinning slightly, came week willed people.

She entered a small building near by, her mind quickly adjusting to the place and time she was in. A man walked up to her, looked her over with a not so subtle widening of his eyes. “Y- yes ma’am.. What can I do for you?” he asked, as his eyes rested on the entrapping amulet she wore.

“My dear boy..” she said, accenting the words with her full lips, “I would ask if I might use your device..,” as her mental energy melded slightly with his “Telephone yes,..” She could tell he was about to quote some minor rule of his trade, forbidding the use of the device save for business only, but she reached out with slender tendrils of magic into his mind. She established herself in his mind as a trustee, a confidant, one whom he would set aside such trivial rules for,

“Yes, of course, right over here,” he motioned her toward a nearby desk, with various strange, trivial objects on it, along with what she needed, a telephone. She picked it up, and began to dial, her fingers forming a blur before the man’s eyes, as he watched her.

“Yes.. Taxi service, right,...... yes, The Red Center, pick me up... yes you have the address. Thank you dear.” The man listened to her end of the conversation, as watched enthralled by her lips as they moved. He shook his head trying to clear it, and looked up again, thinking he saw her wink at him. “Dear Tony, are you alright? You look a little flushed..” She said with concern as she replaced the headset of the phone.

“I’m fine.. Um.. um.. Dammit, I’m sorry, I’ve had a long day, and I can’t even remember your name.. Oh wait, Trista, I’m sorry.. I’m not doing to well today” he babbled as she took his hand, guiding him to the chair behind the desk. She traced a rune, that he barley noticed, silencing the room, and forbidding it to others.

“I don’t think your fine, Tony, sit back in your chair, let me see if I can do something for you...” she tugged at his mind, knowing his own limits, and forcing him to push them, as she sat on the desk in front of him, bending over to press her lips against his. He returned it, nervously, his hands coming up, but shaking and afraid to touch her, as if her skin would sear his shaking hands.

She smiled to herself, breaking the kiss gently, only to let him take but a single breath before sealing her lips against his once more, with slight pressure, his head leaning back instinctively, and his mouth gaped in surprise. Trista took this opening, and parted her own lips slightly, teasing his mouth with but the tip of her tongue. She tugged his mind slightly more, letting his own desires overcome him more than her control, and he began to respond to her. Kissing her back, and bringing his hands to wrap around her waist, one sliding up the back of her shirt, feeling her smooth flawless skin.

She moaned into the kiss, from his very touch, and shivered in his hands. He began to lift her shirt upwards, slowly, as she shifted her kiss to his neck, sucking on his skin gently. Her lips broke their contact just long enough for her shirt to be pulled off her head, and she reached for the buttons on his. Her agile fingers undoing the buttons, and before he could blink, his chest was bare.

She stood, guiding him to his desk, pushing him back firmly onto it, she stretched out smoothly, placing her breasts at his eye level.. His tongue darted out to her nipples and she moaned out, pressing his head against her bosom. He reached down, hiking her skirt up, and placed his hand against her, running his fingers along her outer edges. Her arousal was obvious to him, as her demoness trap almost sucked his fingers into it. He believed her to be close to cumming, and he knew that he was, even though his manhood has not yet left his pants.

She sensed the urgency building inside of him, and she reached down, and with a swipe of her nails, cut the cloth of his jeans cleanly through, even through his boxers as well, exposing his manhood plainly. He marveled briefly at what her mere nails had done to his pants, but her moaning on his desk brought him back to his task at hand, he placed his hand on either of her shoulders, and raised his hips upward. She reached down, took his manhood in her hand, and guided him into her wet, and tight demonic cunt, as he lowered himself on to her. She cried out, with her body in ways that amazed the un expecting man. He answered his own body’s calling as he entered her harder and faster than any woman in his life, not knowing that he was entrapped by a demoness, rather than a woman.

She bucked against him, tightening her ‘demoness-hood’ on him, as he arched his back, slamming himself into her, filling her with his cum, as sweat dripped from his body onto hers. She moaned out, his climax setting off her own, she mentally cried out to her master, that she has begun his work. She thrashed against him, squirming on the desk, as her orgasm heightened. Her juice flowing from her outward, spilling on the desk, and her scent filling the air. Tony gasped underneath her, and she sighed, running a hand through his hair, knowing, somehow, that he was changed forever. He never saw the succubus wave her hand repairing the fiber of his clothing, nor would he have cared. She left the boxers be.