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This story, set in an alternative universe where magic is possible, is intended to be the first of a series based around the title character. If you would like me to submit more in this series please let me know, I would appreciate the feedback.

Many thanks to Tang for proof reading this story, for encouraging me to submit it and for writing stories that helped inspire it.

Witch Queen

White Wedding

This was it; the moment she had and Jarred had planned for over the last two years, with a smile on her lips Rhiannon opened her mouth to say the words ‘I do’ but she never got the chance. From the door of the church came the sound of splintering wood quickly followed by screams and the sound of fighting. Steel on steel, sword on sword rang out as Rhiannon and Jarred spun around.

At the back of the church the large double doors had been burst open and figures in red were rushing into the church, swords drawn and shields raised they attacked the wedding guests at the back of the church. With eyes open wide in shock Rhiannon watched as more and more of the figures in red leather armour poured into the large church. The wedding guests were reacting after the shock; men were drawing swords and knives, fighting back against the force that was still pressing into the church, blocking the only exit.

Jarred turned to Rhiannon, “Hide,” he said intently as he stared into her eyes, “Don’t argue, don’t discuss just hide, these are Blood Guard, for once just do as I say and hide,” he said then he leant forward and kissed Rhiannon, “Hide,” he said once more before drawing his sword and dashing towards the back of the church.

“No,” shouted the priest that had been about to marry Rhiannon and Jarred, “This is a place of worship, a place of peace,” he cried out, “Not anymore,” came the mocking reply as an arrow took the priest in the throat. Rhiannon watched in horror as Father Arden fell, dead before he hit the ground then she turned and fled, running past the altar to the door into the corridor that lead to the vestry.

Doors lined the corridor, storerooms and sanctuary rooms, some of which Rhiannon knew were occupied; Rhiannon fled past them heading for the door at the end of the corridor. She stopped suddenly, the last door on the left was the sacristy, it had cupboards and chests, which would be better? A scream from behind her made Rhiannon’s mind up for her, turning left she dashed into the sacristy and closed the door behind her.

A large table dominated the centre of the room and cupboards, one with a full length mirror secured to its door, lined the walls to her right and left while beneath the stained glass window at the far end of the room were three large wooden chests. For a moment Rhiannon stared at the three chests, she had been in this room many times and knew that the chests were empty of their usual contents, the robes, sheets and altar covers were being used for her wedding. Running forward Rhiannon opened the chest on the left and lifted the lid, there was no lock on the chest, there was no need, no-one in Bardsfield would steal from the church; for a moment she looked inside, yes it looked big enough.

Holding the chest open with one hand and lifting her wedding dress with the other, Rhiannon stepped into the chest; she hunkered down then slowly allowed the lid to lower. Total blackness enveloped Rhiannon as the lid of the chest closed and the noise of battle faded. In the dark and silence of the chest Rhiannon began to silently weep, how could this be happening?

Jarred had said that the invaders were Blood Guard, the personal guard of Witch-Queen Elianna Holzberg, ruler of the mountain realm of High Elstrand; a country that had been in conflict with Rhiannon’s homeland of Grent for the last fifty years. An uneasy ceasefire had been in place for the last eighteen-months with only unsubstantiated tales of aggression by High Elstrand. What was more, Bardsfield was almost 100 miles from the border and was a place that had been untouched by war even when the fighting had been at its most violent and bloodiest.

Like most of her fellow countrymen Rhiannon knew virtually nothing about High Elstrand or its people, other than that they were a violent race that believed in conquest rather diplomacy. The only other known fact was that High Elstrand was a matriarchy, ruled by women, other things were rumour, that they knew magic and used it to ensure nearly every baby born was female was one that Rhiannon had heard. That they hated men was another rumour as were the stories of arenas where trial by combat was the way that they decided innocence or guilt. But why would they attack Bardsfield?

Rhiannon was trembling with fear as she sobbed quietly, what had happened to Jarred as well as her father and mother, her sister and brother and the rest of her and Jarred’s family, was the battle still going on and was Jarred winning? Suddenly Rhiannon froze, had she heard a noise, a foot fall perhaps, something being opened, a quietly spoken voice?

Rhiannon was holding her breath, this time she was certain she’d heard something; at least one person was in the room. It happened without warning, the box lid flew open and hands were reaching for her, lifting her from her hiding place. Rhiannon screamed and began to thrash wildly as strong gauntlet covered hands lifted her clear from the box. Then she was being held upright, surrounded by warriors in blood red studded leather armour, laughing at her attempts to break free. Half carried, half dragged but still struggling wildly she was brought forward and stood in front of a warrior whose leather armour was more lavish. The armour was more obviously expensive and better made than that of the others but it was just as blood stained. The warrior wiped dripping blood from his sword with a piece of material that Rhiannon recognised as having come from a church ceremonial robe and then sheathed the sword. Rhiannon could see grey eyes staring at her through the slit in the warrior’s helmet that protected his head.

As with all those that surrounded her, the warrior was standing before Rhiannon was tall in fact the tallest of them all, probably six feet in height with broad shoulders; Rhiannon was terrified, her eyes were wide with shock and her body shaking uncontrollably. A little sense remained to the terrified bride, Rhiannon had stopped struggling, she knew escape was impossible from the heavily armed and armoured warriors that surrounded and held her.

The warrior in front of Rhiannon continued to look at the captured young bride for a few moments. Then, in silence, it removed the studded leather gauntlets that protected its hands and passed them to one of the others; to Rhiannon it was obvious that this was the leader. Reaching up the warrior lifted the stiff red leather helmet that protected its face and head then passed this to another of the group. As the helmet was lifted off Rhiannon felt her knees become weak and her mouth fall open as she looked in complete shock and disbelief at who was standing before her. The warrior in front of Rhiannon was not a man it was woman and not just any woman. Looking at Rhiannon with a broad grin on her face was the Witch-Queen Elianna Holzberg, ruler of High Elstrand.

Rhiannon had seen her once before, as a treat for her 19th birthday Rhiannon’s father had taken her to Beston, the capitol of Grent, on one of his regular visits as administrator of Bardsfield. Although Bardsfield was a large town the size of the capital had amazed Rhiannon, it seemed to go on forever with its wide boulevards and roads that led to the parliamentary and legislative buildings at its centre.

On the third day of their visit Rhiannon had been left to her own devices while her father attended to his duties. She had boarded one of the free, open air, horse-drawn charabancs provided by the government and ridden on it around the city taking in the sights, and in some places the smells that made up Beston. Near one of the gates that separated the inner city from the outer the charabanc had stopped, guards and soldiers could be seen dashing forward, shouts and boos were coming from just ahead, something was happening. On a sudden impulse Rhiannon had climbed from the carriage and headed in the direction of the noise.

The crowds had become thicker and the noise louder, Rhiannon heard swearing and cursing, threats and imprecations but she’d continued forward through the steadily thickening crowd, wondering what was going on. Suddenly Rhiannon was in the open, a wide boulevard that led from the Water Gate directly to the parliament, Rhiannon looked around in surprise. Several steps behind her was the crowd to her left were ranks of soldiers and guards and ahead of her, on the other side of the boulevard had been another line of angry people. Rhiannon had turned to her right, approaching her through the gate had been a troop of cavalry mounted on some of the largest warhorses Rhiannon had ever seen. The largest, most powerful of the warhorses had led the column while behind it were two lines of ten.

Mounted on the twenty horses were cavalry in red ceremonial leather armour, the plumes on their leather helmets were blood red. Their highly polished buckles and belts glinted in the afternoon sun, a long lance was held in their gauntleted right hands and supported in their right stirrup. A blue flag with a broad white border fluttered below the tips of each lance, a sign of peaceful intent. Despite the ceremonial nature of their armour and the flags of peace there was an air of danger, a feeling of barely withheld violence about the riders; these warriors were more than just spit and polish, more than just for show.

The leader of the troop of cavalry wore no helmet and, as the rider’s large warhorse came to a stop, just feet from where she stood, Rhiannon could see that the leader was a woman. Like those behind her the woman was armoured in ceremonial red leather with a cloak of the same material falling from her shoulders and over her mount. Pitch black hair hung in a long braid down the woman’s back, her pale skinned face was haughty and proud with chiselled features that gave it an austere and cruel look.

A small breastplate of black leather embossed in gold had decorated the front of the woman’s armour; on it was the royal crest of the Holzberg family, rulers of High Elstrand. Rhiannon’s mouth fell open in surprise; on pain of death only one person in High Elstrand could wear that crest, the Witch-Queen Elianna Holzberg.

Rhiannon wanted the ground to open and swallow her up, it was then that she understood what the shouting and crowds were about, why the soldiers were present; before Rhiannon was the most hated and most feared person in Grent and Rhiannon was blocking her way. Rhiannon froze as Elianna Holzberg stared down at her. Another realisation struck Rhiannon, the twenty warriors behind the Witch Queen were not just any soldiers they were the Blood Guard, the Witch Queens personal guard and protectors, the most dreaded warriors in the five kingdoms.

“Hello pretty, pretty” said the Witch-Queen, her grey eyes seeming to study every inch of Rhiannon, “Are you my welcoming committee?” she had asked with a laugh.

Rhiannon had remained frozen and for a second she could have sworn that the Witch-Queens eyes had changed, for the merest moment becoming pitch black orbs before once more returning to their normal grey colour. Suddenly a hand grabbed Rhiannon’s upper arm and she was dragged from where she was standing by an officer of the city guard.

“Bye pretty, pretty, I’ll see you again,” said the Witch-Queen, her eyes never leaving Rhiannon as she was pulled back, behind the soldiers and guards then around a corner and out of sight of the Witch-Queen.

The officer had looked at Rhiannon in disbelief, “You idiot, do you want to die?” he asked, “Stay here,” he’d said before dashing back to his men but Rhiannon hadn’t stayed, picking up her skirts she’d run as fast she could, not stopping until she reached the inn where her father and she were staying.

Rhiannon had never told anyone that it had been she who had stood in front of the Witch-Queen on the day that the ceasefire was signed, she never expected to see the Witch-Queen again but now she was her prisoner.

“Hello pretty, pretty,” said the Witch-Queen, “I told you I’d see you again.”

Rhiannon was speechless, this close she could see that although the Witch-Queen’s face was just as cruel and haughty as she remembered there was no sign of age, her skin was smooth and wrinkle free. The Witch-Queen’s grey eyes unclouded, her hair the deepest black with not a sign of grey although it was said that she had ruled for more than seventy years. Laughter came from the warriors around Rhiannon as they also removed their helmets, all of them were women.

Rhiannon felt her knees buckle, only the grip of the female warriors was now holding her up, “Oh my, you seem surprised to see me,” said the Witch-Queen, “And I didn’t even get an invite to your wedding,” she mocked with a pout, “But I’m not angry with you Rhiannon and just to prove it why don’t you have a drink on me?”

From a hook on a belt around her leather armour the Witch-Queen took a small leather flask, removing the stopper she held the flask towards Rhiannon, “Here we go,” she said.

Rhiannon looked at the leather flask then at the Witch-Queen, she shook her head rapidly and shied away, her voice failing her. Elianna Holzberg sighed dramatically looking round at her warriors, “Oh dear, that’s not very nice is it, I offer the bride a drink to celebrate her wedding and she says no, how rude,” laughter rang out.

It happened so quickly that Rhiannon didn’t have time to react, the Witch-Queens hand flashed out, taking hold of Rhiannon’s jaw, forcing her mouth open, the flask was at her lips and the contents being poured into her mouth then her nose was being pinched closed as thick, bitter tasting, fluid filled her mouth. Rhiannon had no choice, it was either swallow or drown; Rhiannon swallowed as the Witch-Queen poured the fluid into her mouth; finally the flask was empty. Rhiannon coughed and spluttered as the flask was taken from her mouth and her nose was released, thick black fluid sprayed from her mouth and ran down her chin, staining her white wedding gown. As Rhiannon continued to cough the Witch-Queen stepped back, watching her.

Rhiannon gasped, breathing hard, panting in shock from what had just happened as the thick liquid that had been poured into her mouth ran down her throat and into her stomach. Whatever the Witch-Queen had forced Rhiannon to drink was getting warmer, in fact her whole body was getting warmer; Rhiannon blinked, she suddenly felt incredibly relaxed. The terror and horror she’d felt were still there but to Rhiannon it felt as if something was slowly but surely wiping them away; Rhiannon was becoming calmer and calmer.

“That’s better Rhiannon,” said the Witch-Queen as she reached out and patted Rhiannon’s cheek, Rhiannon didn’t even flinch, she just couldn’t react to the Witch-Queen’s touch.

Rhiannon stood immobile, her mind fuzzy, feeling disassociated from events around her as the Witch-Queen turned to her warrior’s, “Bring me my claiming bag,” she ordered the officer to whom she’d given her gauntlet’s, the officer bowed low.

“Yes Majesty,” she said as she rapidly turned and left the sacristy.

“The rest of you may claim your own rewards, tell the other Blood-Guard the same,” she ordered, “Put the males to the sword and have the Abbesses begin transporting the children, all those who are unclaimed can be pacified and placed in the wagons, we’ll deal with them when we return home.”

Rhiannon knew she should care about what was being said, but she couldn’t, she knew she should try to flee and find out what had happened to Jarred but she didn’t, she felt calm and placid as she stood watching the warriors bow then leave the room; the Witch-Queen turned back to Rhiannon a broad grin on her face. With practised ease the Witch-Queen began to remove her armour, “You just won’t believe how tiresome armour is Rhiannon, oh I know it’s vital protection and all that but to tell you the truth it chafes,” said Elianna as if chatting to Rhiannon as she unbuckled and unlaced the thick, studded red leather armour. “Feels really good to get out of it,” she said as she removed the last piece and added it to the pile on the floor.

Beneath the blood red armour the Witch-Queen wore a form fitting red leather suit with a scooped neck that exposed the top of her large breasts and a pair of heavy and flat-soled leather boots that reached to her knees. Elianna stretched the leather of her suit flexing as she did so, Rhiannon had been correct the Witch-Queen was tall, easily six-feet in height with broad muscular shoulders. Large muscles in her arms, legs and abdomen could be seen rippling beneath the tight leather suit as she moved. Rhiannon knew she should be terrified but she wasn’t. Her mind just wouldn’t react and her body didn’t seem to be hers to control, she simply stood and watched Elianna as the Witch-Queen once more turned her attention to the immobile bride.

“Much better,” said Elianna, as she picked a dagger from her pile of clothes and laid it on the table next to Rhiannon, “But I’m afraid you look a mess my pretty, for a start let’s get rid of this,” she said as she removed Rhiannon’s headdress and veil then unpinned Rhiannon’s hair using her fingers to comb out Rhiannon’s blond hair. Rhiannon made no effort to resist, she couldn’t seem to move, even the thought of doing something to help herself simply drifted from her mind as soon as she thought it.

“And you’ve dribbled all over your lovely white wedding gown,” said Elianna as she picked up the dagger, Elianna made no attempt to undo the wedding dress, she simply cut it from Rhiannon’s body and threw the resulting rags to one side, keeping the last piece of white silk to wipe Rhiannon’s face clean of the thick black fluid that covered her lips, chin and neck. Now Rhiannon wore nothing other than her underwear, stockings and shoes.

For a moment the Witch-Queen looked at the white satin bra, panties, suspenders and white silk stockings that Rhiannon wore, “How awfully conventional, and definitely not your colour, red will suit you so much better” said the powerfully-built woman as she knelt and removed Rhiannon’s low heeled white satin shoes. Rhiannon’s underwear followed the same fate as her wedding gown as the Witch-Queen cut it from her body with the highly sharpened dagger, within moments Rhiannon was naked, unmoving and silent before the Witch-Queen.

“Very, very nice Rhiannon, you look just as good as I thought you would that day I first saw you, and a natural blond as well,” said Elianna as she looked approvingly at Rhiannon’s body. Rhiannon wanted desperately to move as Elianna’s hands began to run over her naked body, squeezing Rhiannon’s large breasts, running her fingers down Rhiannon’s flat stomach and through her blond pubic hair. The Witch-Queen stroked Rhiannon’s thighs then her face as the young woman stood without moving, her mind unsuccessfully trying to tell her body to react. Rhiannon had never had any sexual interest in women so to be so intimately touched was a revolting experience to her but again the revulsion seemed to rapidly fade away.

As the Witch-Queen continued to run her hands over Rhiannon’s body the door to the sacristy opened and the officer who had been dispatched earlier stepped in, for a moment the female officer looked appreciatively at Rhiannon, she held out a large leather sack with a draw-string top, “Your claiming bag Majesty,” she said.

For a moment the Witch-Queen continued her assault on Rhiannon’s body, squeezing and caressing her breasts with her large hands then she turned and took the proffered bag, “Thank you General Benina, go and find yourself a prize before all the best ones are taken, And kindly take my armour with you I doubt I’ll be needing it” she said as she placed the leather bag on the table.

Benina bowed, “Of course you Majesty” she said as she picked up the Witch-Queen’s leather armour then with a last look at Rhiannon’s naked body she left.

“I have a secret to tell you Rhiannon,” said the Witch-Queen as she undid the drawstring on the top of the bag and opened it, “You are the reason that your country and mine have had a ceasefire for the last eighteen months” she said as she reached into the bag and removed a comb, a small wooden box and a long strip of red leather.

If Rhiannon could have felt any emotion it would have been disbelief but even that was denied her as the Witch-Queen did something unexpected, she began to comb Rhiannon’s long blonde hair all the while talking in a conversational tone. “It’s true, the moment I saw you I knew that I had to have you but you disappeared so quickly anyone would think you were frightened of me” she said with a laugh as she combed Rhiannon’s blond hair back over her head. Picking up the strip of leather she began to plait Rhiannon’s hair from the top of her head with the long red leather strip.

“I thought about it all the way to the parliament and that’s when I decided to offer the ceasefire, I was originally going to demand that certain provinces be turned over to me, but then I realised that other than your description I knew nothing about you or where to find you” said Elianna as she finished plaiting Rhiannon’s blonde hair. Her long blonde hair was now combed into a smooth, taut cap over head before being fastened into a tightly plaited braid intertwined with the red leather strip which hung from the top of Rhiannon’s head to middle of her back.

“What would happen if you were killed when your parliament denied my demands and the war escalated, I couldn’t have that not after just discovering you, so instead I proposed a ceasefire” said Elianna as she opened the wooden box. “It took my agents all this time to track you down, just think of that Rhiannon, it was you and you alone that for the last eighteen months has prevented a full scale invasion.”

Elianna looked at Rhiannon and smiled, “I wonder if you realise just how beautiful you really are?” she said as she began to take items from the box, “Somehow I doubt it, from what I’ve learned about you I would guess that you don’t, you have no vanity in you whatsoever, your modesty appears to be quite genuine.”

To Rhiannon’s surprise she realised she could move her eyes, she blinked as the Witch-Queen approached her once more, Elianna took hold of Rhiannon’s left breast and quietly spoke a word. Rhiannon turned her eyes down, there was a sudden intense coldness in her nipple but no pain then Elianna took hold of her right breast and spoke quietly once more, again there was intense cold; both of Rhiannon’s nipples were now pierced with unbroken, irremovable, gold rings. Quietly casting her spells the Witch-Queen continued to magically decorate Rhiannon’s body; finally she stood back and closed the box as she admired her work.

As well as her nipples, a gold ring now pierced Rhiannon’s navel; six rings were through each of the outer lips of her labia and one through her clitoris. Two gold studs pierced her tongue while a dozen studs lined each of her ears and the centre of her lower lip was pierced with another gold ring.

“Gorgeous,” said Elianna as Rhiannon stood silently before her, Rhiannon’s eyes were looking down at the body jewellery that she now wore, there was disbelief in her mind that this could be happening.

Returning the comb and the now empty box to the bag Elianna took a rolled up red leather garment from the bag and shook it out.

“As I was saying, you are the reason for the ceasefire, of course now that I’ve found you all that will change but that’s not something you need worry about” said the Witch-Queen as she held up what she’d taken from the bag, Rhiannon could see it was a leather suit in the same blood red as the Witch-Queen and her troops wore.

Rhiannon’s mind was trying to get her body to work to do anything as Elianna began to put the suit on her, putting first one then the other of Rhiannon’s feet and legs into the suit which even had feet attached to it. Elianna pulled the suit upwards, the red leather stretching around Rhiannon’s legs as it covered them.

“You were remarkably difficult to find you know” said Elianna as she pulled and tugged on the leather suit moving it up Rhiannon’s legs, “I never thought to find you in such an insignificant place as this” commented Elianna, the leather suit now covered Rhiannon’s thighs and hips.

Elianna slid Rhiannon’s arms into the sleeves of the suit which stretched to allow her hands to emerge from the end, the Witch-Queen pulled the blood-red leather suit into place around Rhiannon’s body and then stepped behind her. The Witch-Queen began to fasten the suit closed, pulling tightly on the leather laces at the back, moving from the small of Rhiannon’s back to her neck. Finally she was finished and the suit was laced closed, the leather had become tighter and tighter around Rhiannon’s body until the suit sheathed Rhiannon from neck to toe in skin-tight leather, only her hands and head were uncovered.

“I suppose you are wondering what’s happening to you and why you can’t stop what I’m doing?” said Elianna as she once again reached into the bag, kneeling in front of Rhiannon she lifted the young woman’s leather covered right foot and slid it into an a stiletto heeled ankle boot in exactly the same colour as the suit she now wore.

“The reason you are so docile, so compliant, so unable to react is because of that little concoction I had you drink” said Elianna as she laced the boot closed, “We call it calming juice” she said as she fitted the second ankle boot to Rhiannon’s left foot and tied the laces.

Thanks to the stiletto heels on the boots Rhiannon was now six-inches taller than she had been, her eyes now level with those of the Witch-Queen, “The effect is of course only temporary” said Elianna as she again reached into the bag; relief flooded through Rhiannon as she heard what Elianna had said, despite how bizarrely she was dressed, despite the gold that pierced her body there was still a chance she could escape when the potion she had been given had worn off.

Elianna was now pulling a long blood red leather glove over Rhiannon’s left hand, “But I don’t have to explain the effect to you do I pretty, pretty, you know exactly how it feels” said Elianna as she pulled the leather glove into place high on Rhiannon’s biceps then smoothed it over her hand and buttoned it closed under Rhiannon’s wrist. “I tried it once myself you know, many, many years ago, so I also know how it feels to be standing where you are, unable to move, unable to raise an emotion” said Elianna as she fitted the right glove over Rhiannon’s hand and arm.

Again Elianna stood back to admire her handiwork, she smiled, “I knew you’d be perfect, well almost perfect anyway,” she commented as she picked up an item from the table.

Still unable to control her body other than her eyes or feel any emotion about what was happening to her, Rhiannon could only stand as Elianna pulled a hood in the same blood red leather as the suit and gloves over Rhiannon’s head and face and began to lace it tightly at the back of Rhiannon’s head. Now Rhiannon understood why the witch-Queen had braided her hair, at the top of the leather hood was a small hole through which her braided blonde hair exited the hood and hung down her back. By the time Elianna had finished lacing the hood closed the leather that now encased her head and face was as skin tight as the suit she wore and from the top of her head to the tip of her toes only Rhiannon’s eyes, mouth and vagina were left uncovered by incredibly tight, blood red leather.

“You’re almost perfect” said the Witch-Queen as she reached into the leather draw-string bag once again and removed the last items it held, “But I haven’t told you what the reason for all this is” said Elianna as she squeezed Rhiannon’s leather encased breasts and then stroked her leather covered face.

“The reason I spent all this time looking for you was for one reason only” said Elianna as she stepped into a red leather harness and pulled it up her waist and buckled it in place, “From the moment I saw you on that street I wanted you as my slave, or to be exact my sex-slave” said the Witch-Queen as she lifted Rhiannon with ease and moved her backwards until Rhiannon’s leather covered buttocks pressed against the large wood table.

“The piercings and the leather you now wear are those of an Elstrand pleasure slave, the term for your leathers is a slave-skin,” said Elianna as she placed Rhiannon back onto her boot covered feet, “But you are not yet a slave, you do not yet have a slave’s mentality, a slaves outlook on life, but that is about to change.”

The potion was beginning to slowly wear off and Rhiannon could feel disbelief and horror at what the Witch-Queen was saying and at what was now extending from the harness she wore. Jutting out from Elianna’s crotch was a long and thick black phallus, its surface lined with what looked like pulsing green and purple veins. Stepping forward the Witch-Queen took hold of Rhiannon’s leather covered waist as the tip of the fake phallus touched Rhiannon’s vagina; this can’t be happening thought Rhiannon, this is my wedding day.

“Look at me Rhiannon” said the Witch-Queen, for a moment Rhiannon continued looking down her leather covered body at the phallus touching her vagina, “Look at me Rhiannon” repeated the Witch-Queen; Rhiannon raised her eyes and looked at the Witch-Queen. Elianna’s eyes had become featureless black orbs, as soon as Rhiannon’s blue eyes looked at the Witch-Queen’s all black ones she was lost. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t look away as with one smooth Elianna pushed the dildo into Rhiannon’s vagina, for a moment there was resistance then Rhiannon felt a tearing pain as her virginity was taken.

Rhiannon couldn’t look away from the Witch-Queens gaze as the dildo began to slide smoothly in and out of her vagina as she was fucked for the first time. Rhiannon could hear words, quietly spoken words, a chant, a rhythmic chant in time to the dildo sliding deeper and deeper into her vagina. Rhiannon began to pant and gasp as the Witch-Queen continued to ravish her and to her horror Rhiannon realised she was experiencing pleasure, sexual pleasure.

She tried to resist the feelings pulsing from her vagina, tried desperately to resist the sensations in her mind as the Witch-Queen’s all black eyes bored into hers but she couldn’t, and by now she didn’t want to. Rhiannon realised she could move, could try to get away, but she didn’t want to, she didn’t want to do anything other than stand here and be... be fucked and fucked and fucked. Rhiannon could feel new words, new emotions, new loyalties, new needs, new desires, a new sexuality flooding into her mind, pushing out and erasing what had been there before; remaking her mind, creating a new Rhiannon.

The dildo sliding in and out of her cunt was exciting her more and more, as her mind was twisted and shaped by the Witch-Queens magic, sensations she had never experienced before were pulsing through Rhiannon’s body, exciting her more and more, juices were dripping from her cunt as the Witch-Queen fucked her. Then suddenly what felt like the brightest of red lights exploded through her mind and body as for the first time in her life Rhiannon came. Rhiannon’s mind flooded with light, red then black then red again, her eyes slammed shut and for a moment time seemed to stand still.

Slowly rhiannon’s eyes opened, the dildo was no longer inside its cunt and standing before it was the Witch-Queen, a smile was on Elianna’s lips as she stood patiently, apparently waiting for something, rhiannon licked its lips with its newly pierced tongue, deferentially the slave lowered its gaze from the Witch-Queens face until it was looking at the floor, “Mistress, how may your slave be of service to you?” asked the newly enslaved rhiannon.

The Witch-Queen laughed with delight, “It was definitely worth the wait to hear you say those words rhiannon,” she said, “Tell me my pet, whose slave are you?”

“Yours Mistress, this slave is only ever yours, this slave loves you Mistress” said the enslaved rhiannon as it continued to look down.

A hand was placed under rhiannon’s leather covered chin and lifted rhiannon’s hooded face until it was looking at its Mistress, “Yes my pet, you are mine and mine alone,” said rhiannon’s Mistress as she picked up the last two items on the table.

The slave looked in amazement at what its Mistress held, a two-inch wide red leather collar encrusted with rubies; rhiannon couldn’t help itself, it sighed with pleasure as its Mistress buckled the ruby encrusted collar around its neck and locked it in place before attaching a long red leather leash to the ring on the front.

The Witch-Queen looked with delight at her new slave, “Now you are perfect Rhiannon, or rather you will be eventually,” she said, “But now you are my new slave-slut, come look at the new you,” said Elianna as she led rhiannon to the mirror. Rhiannon looked in amazement at the figure in the mirror, dressed from head to toe in blood red leather with only its cunt, mouth and eyes uncovered was the new rhiannon. The slave-slut rhiannon, perched on six-inch stiletto heels, the skin-tight blood red leather slave-skin showing every curve of her body, her pierced and uncovered cunt still dripping wet. A flush of delight swept through the slaves mind at the sight of what it had become, “Thank you Mistress” said the new slave.

Elianna smiled, “Time to see how my guard has got on,” said Elianna, “Heel rhiannon” said the Witch-Queen as she tugged on rhiannon’s leash. With rhiannon following obediently at the end of its leash the Witch-Queen walked from the sacristy and back down the corridor along which rhiannon had fled. The sight of its beloved Mistress and the smell and feel of the tight red leather that encased its body, head and face excited the new save as it followed at the end of its leash. Juices were running freely from its cunt, staining the blood red leather that covered its thighs.

Patches and splatters of blood were on the walls and floor of the corridor but no bodies; rhiannon’s new Mistress opened the door at the end of the corridor and stepped into the ruined church. As with the corridor it was obvious that fighting had taken place; pews, chairs and cabinets lay shattered and broken, blood was on the floor, but once again the bodies had been removed. All around the church the twenty members of the Red Guard that had accompanied the Witch-Queen into the temple were in the process of claiming their spoils.

At the back of the church a woman who rhiannon recognised as the wife one of the guests invited by her father was being held by one of the Blood Guard as she poured a flask of the thick black potion that rhiannon’s Mistress had called calming juice into the woman’s mouth. As rhiannon watched the woman’s struggles reduced as the potion took hold of her mind and body, rhiannon’s Mistress picked up an overturned chair and sat down with her booted feet stretched in front of her, rhiannon stood obediently beside the chair.

Near where the wedding guest was having the calming juice poured into her mouth stood two women already dressed from the neck down in red leather, their hair braided identically to rhiannon’s, one a brunette the other a blond. The women were two of rhiannon’s bridesmaids and her best friends, Melinda and Antonia; rhiannon saw differences between what Antonia and Melinda and herself were wearing. Although the red leather slave-skins were identical to rhiannon’s, Melinda wore thigh boots with even higher heels than rhiannon’s and elbow length gloves while Antonia wore wrist length gloves and knee-high stiletto boots. As rhiannon watched the Blood Guard who had claimed Melinda pulled a red leather hood over the young woman’s head and began to lace it closed, as with rhiannon only Melinda’s eyes, mouth and cunt were now free of the blood red leather. Moments later a blood-red leather hood was pulled over Antonia’s face and head. Looking at her former friends as they were transformed rhiannon decided they would make acceptable slave-sluts.

On the left side of the church, their new owners were fucking six leather-covered women, unidentifiable in the blood-red leather hoods that encased their faces. Black dildos were sliding in and out of their cunts as they stared wide-eyed into the all black eyes of the Blood Guard whose slaves they were rapidly becoming, rhiannon’s gaze wandered onwards. A naked young woman stood motionless as a Blood Guard opened a wooden box and started taking out the gold rings and studs it held; the girl was rhiannon’s nineteen year-old cousin Roseanne. As rhiannon watched the Red Guard pierced Roseanne’s nipples and navel, rings through Roseanne’s clitoris and labia quickly followed as without emotion rhiannon looked to see what else was happening.

To the right side of the church a line of unresisting women were being dressed in slave-skins by their soon to be Mistresses, rhiannon recognised all of them. Two were nuns, teachers at the town school, light glinting from the gold rings through their nipples and lips and the studs in their ears as the leather suits were pulled over their hips. The other three were wives of local council members, about to suffer the same fate as every other woman in the church as the blood red leather suites were pulled over their bodies.

Five Blood Guard, including General Benina, had chosen women rhiannon knew very well, rhiannon’s mother, sisters and aunt were about to be enslaved as was Jarred’s sister. Long red gloves, identical to those that rhiannon wore, were being slid over rhainnon’s aunt Jenna’s hands and arms, over her slave-skin Jenna wore thigh length boots with high, thin stiletto heels, rhiannon’s aunts eyes looked at rhiannon without recognition; hooded as it was, rhiannon was just another slave.

Next to her was Jarred’s sister Caitlin, rhiannon just had time to recognise her as her soon to be Mistress pulled a red leather hood over Caitlin’s head. As the laces were fastened the hood tightened around Caitlin’s head and face, encasing them in skin-tight blood red leather. Finally a simple red leather collar was buckled around Caitlin’s neck. Rhiannon could see that the Blood Guard who was about to enslave Caitlin was already wearing a harness with a black dildo attached. The Blood Guard stepped close to Caitlin, the dildo brushing against Caitlin’s cunt as the Blood Guard spoke quietly to Caitlin. With one smooth motion the black dildo with its pulsing green and purple veins entered Caitlin’s cunt as Caitlin’s eyes opened wide, staring at the Blood Guard’s. The Blood Guard began to fuck Caitlin, chanting quietly as she did.

The woman next to Caitlin was rhiannon’s mother Beatrice, gold rings and studs already decorated Beatrice’s body and her hair had already been braided with red leather, kneeling in front of Beatrice, pulling a red leather slave-skin up Beatrice’s legs was General Benina. rhiannon heard its Mistress laugh, “I see Benina is running true to form, she always prefers her sluts to be mature women, do you know who she’s chosen rhiannon?”

“Yes Mistress, that is this slaves mother,” replied rhiannon without emotion.

“Your mother, well I see where you get your looks from, she’s quite remarkable, how old is she?”

“Forty-four Mistress,” replied rhiannon.

“I’m sure Benina is going to enjoy owning her, she’ll make an excellent slave-slut, don’t you agree rhiannon?”

“Yes Mistress, she has a perfect body for a slave” replied rhiannon.

Elianna looked at rhiannon and smiled, “Just the same as you pretty, pretty” said Elianna as she ran her hand down rhiannon’s leather encased thigh; rhiannon closed its eyes and shuddered with pleasure at its owners touch.

“Thank you Mistress,” said rhiannon, its cunt becoming wet once more as it filled with pride and joy at the compliment its beloved Mistress had given it.

By the time rhiannon opened its eyes the enslavement of its sisters had been completed, standing next to each other, with only their eyes, mouth and cunts not covered in blood red leather, the two new slave-sluts now had leashes attached to their collars the leashes held by their new Mistresses.

“How may your slave be of service Mistress?” asked the slaves that had been rhiannon’s sisters.

“What was your name slut?” asked the Blood Guard nearest to Rhiannon.

“This slave was called annette, Mistress,” replied the new slave.

“You may keep you name for now,” said the Blood Guard.

“Thank you Mistress,” replied the slave-slut that had been rhiannon’s sister.

“And what was your name?” asked the second Blood Guard.

“This slave was called bethan, Mistress,” replied the slave that had been rhiannon’s oldest sister.

“You may also keep that name,” replied bethan’s Mistress, “For now anyway”.

“Thank you Mistress,” said bethan with a shudder of pleasure.

The transformation of Jenna and Caitlin from free women to slaves was now complete and they stood obediently on the end of the leashes attached to their collars beside their new owners. In their slave-skins and hoods the two slaves were indistinguishable from rhiannon or any of the other slaves that now stood around the church. Only Beatrice was still to be enslaved and as rhiannon watched a red leather hood was pulled over its mother’s head and laced tightly in place then a studded red leather collar was placed around Beatrice’s neck and buckled securely.

Without emotion rhiannon watched as General Benina slid her dildo into Beatrice’s cunt and began to fuck her as the commander chanted and rhiannon’s mother gazed into the General’s eyes. Finally the General pulled the dildo from Beatrice’s cunt, Beatrice groaned with pleasure and her eyes, which had been closed, fluttered open, beatrice looked at Commander Benina, “How may your slave be of service, Mistress?” asked the slave that had been rhiannon’s mother, the General reached out and stroked beatrice’s large, leather covered breasts, “For now stay silent and obey my commands” said Benina as she clipped a leash to the ring on the front of beatrice’s studded leather collar. Every woman in the church was now a slave dressed from head to toe, suited and hooded in blood red, skin-tight leather.

Commander Benina approached the Witch Queen with a grin on her face; behind her following at the end of its leash was the slave-slut that had been rhiannon’s mother.

“I’ve been thinking Majesty, we interrupted a wedding, and we do still have some of the guests with us,” said the Commander indicating the newly enslaved women, “Perhaps we should finish what was started?”

The Witch-Queen smiled as she climbed to her feet, “You’re right,” she said tugging on rhiannon’s leash, the newly enslaved woman stepped forward, “And we also still have the bride,” she laughed, “Would you do the honours Benina.”

“With pleasure Majesty,” said Benina also smiling, she cleared her throat “Do you take this female to be your slave-slut, promising to dominate, ravish, pervert, mentally and physically transform and corrupt it, keeping it as your own property to be used by others only with your permission until you grow bored and sell or kill it?”

“I do,” said the Witch-Queen as the Blood Guard cheered raucously.

“Slave do you, give yourself to Elianna Holzberg, Witch-Queen of High Elstrand, to be dominated, ravished, perverted, physically and mentally transformed and corrupted as she sees fit?”

“It does,” replied Elianna to more cheers.

“In that case I hereby pronounce you Mistress and slave, Majesty you may kiss your pet,” with cheers ringing around the church the Witch-Queen took hold of her property, and kissed rhiannon, her tongue delving deep into her slaves mouth.

Shudders of pleasure ran through rhiannon’s leather encased body as its Mistress passionately kissed it, filled with lust and joy that it had finally had the chance to say i do.