The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Witch’s Pet

Synopsis: A powerful witch uses her prisoner and turns her into a hideous beast for her own sick pleasure.

* * *

“Wake up, bitch,” came a cold, powerful female voice, immediately followed by a fierce slap. “I said wake up, you filthy cur.” Again and again, slap after slap echoed throughout the dank, dark prison room.

Finally, the chained woman opened her eyes in a frantic start, her blue eyes darting around in a hasteful stupor. Before her stood a tall, beautiful woman, clad in a black dress, a slit down the side to show her long, sexy pale leg. Her eyes rode further up her body, passed her slender legs, her wide hips, implausibly thin waist, and large, firm and prominent breasts, tightly packed up in the black, corset like top of the dress she wore. The creamy mounds of flesh were practically bulging up passed the neckline, stressing the garment for all it was worth. She wore long, black, thigh-high, high-heeled boots, matching gloves that cleared passed her elbows, and a long, black flowing cloak. The woman grinned maliciously, her teeth appearing sharper than a normal mortals, with pointed ears similarly to that of an elf, and long, almost glowing, green hair. But most unsettling were her eyes: solid black where there should be white, and chilling red rings that represent her irises around violet, swirling vortexes that were her pupils. The prisoner shrieked in terror and struggled to escape, but the incessant rattling of chains and cold metal shackles on her ankles and wrists prevented her from getting very far. “N-no, oh god, no!” she screamed as she cowered in the corner, furthest from the horrifying woman before her.

She merely laughed, a dark, vile and sinister chuckle as she watched her very welcomed guest. ”God, my dear, cannot help you now,” she mused, taking careful, tentative steps towards her like a cat to a cornered rat, each step causing the bulging topsides of her breasts to quiver softly, and echoes from the clicking of her heels on the stony floor. The frightened girl cowered further as her captor now stood directly in front of her, still grinning from ear to ear. “The only one you shall worship from today on shall be me, the High Witch Azeland,” the witch declared, raising her hands in a dramatic fashion, a violet magic vapor trailing from them, making the girl flinch.

The prisoner girl was no more than a lowly peasant. One that no one would ever miss or even notice was gone. She wasn’t one of the plush, busty and voluptuous wenches seen around selling their bodies to the highest bidder, but she was by no means ugly. She was homely. Modest bust, sporting a soft bit of womanly pudge, and nice hips with a good set of legs. She also had quite a cute face on her, short, vibrant red hair and toasty brown skin from working in the fields. She wasn’t naked, thankfully, still keeping her ratty brown tunic and skirt. But why would this Witch Azeland want someone like her? Someone who wasn’t important enough to remember the name of. It was unsettling enough as it was, but even she herself couldn’t remember. “P-please, High Witch Aze—” she began before getting whipped at the lips by the tall witch before her.

Azeland gripped her whip firmly, looking down at the peasant’s whimpering form, her lips swelling slightly from the assault. “Bitch,” she growled, “You will not address me by my given name. You haven’t the right.” The prisoner meekly cast her blue eyes up at her buxom kidnaper’s glowing red eyes. “You will address me as Mistress. And furthermore, you will now be addressed as Bitch, so you best answer to that now.” Taking the whip in her hand and the handle in the other, Azeland snapped them together with a loud ‘CRACK!’, causing Bitch to flinch, “Do you understand?”

Bitch hiccuped as she cried, but sat on her knees and replied to the witch. “Y-yes, Mistress. I-I understand...”

Her eyebrows arched, remaining cold and uncaring as she looked her up and down. “You understand what?” she asked, swaying the instrument back and forth, its striking end dangling ominously.

“T-that you are called M-Mistress...”

“And what else?” Bitch whimpered, fighting off tears as she shook her head. The whip cracked again, this time at the wall as she recoiled on instinct. “What else!” Azeland demanded.

“T-that I am called Bitch, Mistress,” she answered, shaking in sheer terror.

“That you are called what again?” Azeland asked, grinning widely.

“That I am—”

Once again there was a whip, snapping at the ground dangerously close to her. “Just the word. What are you called?”

She bit her lip as warm tears rolled down her reddened cheeks. “B-Bitch...”

The witch frowned, still swinging her whip boredly. Bitch wasn’t having fun. That simply would not do, not here. “Aw, do come on now, dear,” she cooed, shrugging her hands and shaking her head in a very condescending manner. “You must answer with feeling. You love your new name, do you not?”

Bitch shook at her Mistress’ new tone. She already didn’t like the woman, and that sugary tone did little to change that. But she knew she had to do as she was told and agree with everything from her. “Y-yes, M-Mistress, I love my new name...”

“And that name is?” she asked again, grinning more in anticipation.

“Bitch!” she replied, more chipper and happy as she said it. “My name is Bitch, Mistress, I love being called Bitch!” She was crying on the inside, but at least she wasn’t hurt.

“Oh, splendid,” Azeland clapped, smiling down at Bitch. She was getting quite wet by now, having such control over a mortal life. “Now that you have accepted your name, Bitch, it’s time to begin.” Bitch was not sure what that meant, but it if was coming from a witch, it was not a good thing. Particularly those who were talking to helpless prisoners chained to prison walls. She snapped her fingers, and a slimy skinned, green gremlin in hellish armor approached, a vial of a greenish fluid in-hand and gave it to the witch. She held the vial up to Bitch’s face, licking her lips anxiously. “Do you know what this is, Bitch?” But before her prisoner could even shake her head, Azeland giggled darkly and popped of the cork of the lip of the vial, a gaseous vapor peeking from its opening. It smelled awful as it contacted the air, making Bitch gag slightly. “Of course you don’t,” she continued, teasingly running the vial under her nose, letting her take in the odor with a sickening pleasure. “It’s behemoth cum.”

Bitch knew well enough what a behemoth was; they were huge, hulking creatures that dwell in dark forests and occasionally terrorize the plains with their unfailable strength. They seemed closely related to mortals, but the presence of tails, horns and the occasional wings seem to suggest a demonic decent. They were monsters, plain and simple, but she’s never heard of their cum being used for anything more than reproduction. Was Azeland going to impregnate her with a behemoth whelp? Bitch began to shake, but she dare not speak out against her Mistress. Or a fate worse than that which she can ever imagine await her around the corner. “I’ve enhanced it with magic formulas, so it’s far more than just demon spunk,” she laughed and took a whiff of it herself, taking in deep drags of it and shivering in sexual pleasure. “It’s sure to have some promising effects if used in the right way...” She held her hand out for her minion, who eagerly slipped off her glove, revealing her lithe, pale skinned arm, and dipped her finger into the vial. Her finger wiggled in the mess, leaving a thick blob at the tip and showing it to Bitch. Azeland’s attention went to Bitch’s fat lips, with a vertical cut at the center where her whip snapped her and a wicked grin found its way onto her own lips. Instantly, her finger lunged forward and smeared the greenish slop on her lips, right over the cut.

Bitch hissed in pain as it stung her. But pain wasn’t all she felt. Her lips tingled as she gasped in shock. It felt as though her lips were on fire as the tingles came more intense. The throbbed visibly, and painfully, Bitch opened her mouth to cry out as the lips swelled and grew. They grew fatter, heavier, plumber, and began to turn a bright red. They throbbed and expanded, becoming perfect, bee-stung lips, locked perpetually in an ‘o’ mouth shape. They both looked down at the lips; Bitch in crippling fear, Azeland in sexual amusement. The prisoner tried to speak, but all that came out was incomprehensible because of the awkward size of the lips sitting on her face. Azeland gave her best evil laugh, a laugh of genuine enjoyment. “You sound so adorable, Bitch,” she replied to the veritable babble from her subject. “But you best hold your—” Azeland paused and grinned again as she looked at Bitch’s obscene pout. “Stick out your tongue. Now.” There was nothing much else Bitch could do, so she obeyed and pushed her tongue out through the lips, shuddering at the zap of pleasure she felt in her sex. Azeland took the tongue firmly with her gloved hand and dabbed a few drops of the behemoth cum onto it. Bitch cringed at the extremely bitter taste it left as it instantly was absorbed into the muscle.

On cue, much like the lips, Bitch’s tongue tingled and burned. She cried more, or rather she tried to, but all that came was a pleasured moan. Her tongue swelled, quickly pushing her cheeks out like she was holding her breath and thick ropes of drool oozed from her lips. As it rubbed against her lips, Bitch rocked and shook her hips, fighting the intense pleasure that was rapidly and relentlessly building up within. Involuntarily, her lips parted and her enlarged, pink tongue forced its way out. It forced her mouth open wide and open, its weight forcing her jaw to droop down. She was salivating, and inordinately, a small pool building in front of her from the tongue alone. Bitch could not believe what she was looking at, and shook, wishing to believe that it was just some obscure nightmare. But it was all too true, as Azeland laughed harder, her ample bosom trembling at the effort. It was clear to Bitch that she was really getting off on this, two swells of nipple were making themselves known beneath her top, and a musky smell of arousal emanated from between her thighs. “Oh, this is just so rich,” she continued, grabbing her tongue and stroking it in her hand. Bitch screamed and moaned as her pussy almost exploded in orgasm, but she was in no such luck. As quick as Azeland started, she stopped and pulled her hand away, sticky with saliva. “Let’s try on those pathetic things you call ‘breasts’ on your chest, Bitch.”

Azeland took her whip back up and cracked it against Bitch’s tunic, cleanly splitting it in two as her two breasts bounced free of the tight confines. They weren’t small, but in comparison to Azeland’s superior pair, they more than paled before them. She took the vial again and was about to drizzle it over the mounds of heaving flesh when her nipples caught her eyes. They were awfully large for breasts that size, and the areola were like plates under teacups. Bitch shook as Azeland’s eyes drilled into her, and tried to fight back against the witch’s gaze, thrashing about, whipping saliva around in her vain attempt to escape. She dabbed her finger into the vial and got a healthy coating on it before bringing it down over her brown nipples and smearing them with the ejaculate, making sure to get it all over the nipple; even the little dip at the tip, and the areola, Bitch shivering at the entire grueling process. Slowly, they began to respond, but not to the touch—the cum. They bolted up, as hard as they would usually get, but beginning to tense up more, making Bitch squeak as they only grew harder and larger, the nipples thickening and throbbing in resounding agony. Her areola swelled and puffed up more over the breast, little bumps and ripples appearing all over the darkening surface. Before they were finished, however, the lip at the tips began to open, and wider than they ever should naturally. The nipple itself began to fan out at the tip, flaring open to reveal their insides. It was indeed a horrible sight to see, but not to those who embraced the strange and unusual, like High Witch Azeland.

Azeland gasped at the wonder that was Bitch’s new, large and freakish nipples. She readied a finger, and began to inch it towards the gaping openings of the nipple, despite Bitch’s evident protesting. Quickly, she jabbed it into her, forcing the digit in by twisting and turning it violently. Bitch arched back, screaming out in pleasure as well as her swollen lips and tongue will allow. Evidently, it was a new pleasure center for the poor prisoner. The gremlin removed the second glove and took the vial as the witch decided to investigate these new erogenous zones personally. She pushed a second finger into the first, and urged her thumb into the other. Bitch’s body went further into madness as pleasure washed over her in waves, each one growing more intense. Azeland continued to finger the nipples, picking up the pace with a devilish smile on her mug. With each thrust, Bitch writhed harder, falling deeper into the mind-blowing power that was Witch Azeland’s, throwing her mortal body into uncharted realms of pleasure. The lustful witch pulled her thumb away from the left nipple and took the length into her mouth, her lips grazing over the turgid nipple, and thrust her tongue into the opening roughly, rolling it around inside. As much as she tried, Bitch was unable to come to a climax. Her sex has been drooling and dribbling, but not cumming in the explosive release she’s craved.

It was a different story entirely for Azeland. While Bitch struggled in vain with her unreachable orgasm, the witch had removed the lower section of her dress, revealing her sex to the world. She was bald down at her crotch, but her pink lips and quivering clit were what was drawing the attention. As the dress was removed, her gremlin minion immediately set off to work. Kneeling down between the writhing Bitch and his Mistress, he jammed his face in between her legs, ravaging her pussy with everything he had. Azeland replied with a crescendo of moans, grinding her hips up against his face, urging his forked tongue deeper into her snatch to relieve herself of the burning lust inside her. As he voraciously ate her out, he forced his fingers in and out of her, and pinched, pulled and twisted at her marble-sized clit. The witch moaned louder, but not in the ways Bitch had. Even her moans were completely in control, becoming more of an eerie song than a lustful chorus of screams. She gyrated, bumped and grinded feverishly, and she kicked up a sweat, but she never lost an ounce of control. Her tongue and fingers invaded Bitch’s nipples deeper and harder, the gremlin working his heart-out for his Mistress, and she finally exploded in orgasm, her voice rose into a siren’s call as she arched back and away from the monster nipple before her. The minion greedily lapped up her cum, and immediately cleaned her up before standing beside her again, vial still in hand.

Azeland stood up, not before giving the nipple another quick lick. Bitch cried out at the sensation, feeling the bizarre throb traveling down the alien length of her abused nipple. “Such a freak you’ve become, Bitch,” she chuckled, taking in the sight of the poor, mutilated girl before her. But that wasn’t all the Witch had in mind. This was all just pointless fun before the main event, and she was prepared to take full enjoyment. Bitch looked up at her with a pathetic whimper, a terrified begging look in her eyes, which only served to fuel her wicked intentions. With a casual wave of her hand, she took the vial from her loyal servant and again taunted her victim with it, her eyes glimmering with a lustful insanity. Looming over her charge, Azeland tipped the vial a bit, letting a string of the cumcoction drizzle down over Bitch’s breasts, beads of spunk rolling down the slopes and onto the floor with wet, heavy splats. Bitch thrashed wildly against her holdings, arching back and forcing a moan passed her fattened harlot lips as the felt the behemoth cum beginning to take effect in an all too familiar way.

There was powerful prickling sensation washing over her breasts. The mounds of flesh quivered noticeably, and turned a slightly pinkish color as they slowly pushed forward, swelling and undulating before her eyes. As they grew more rounded and large, the skin pulled tightly, creaking quietly like a pair of balloons being overfilled with air. Steadily, Bitch’s tits expanded and throbbed, growing heavy and fat yet perfectly round and perky. Veins inflamed, pumping more hot blood throughout the fleshy orbs and feeding their growth substantially as they became hot to the touch, fresh sweat forming over them. They pushed closer and closer together, urging a tight cavern of cleavage out and into clear view for all eyes. Azeland watched hungrily, licking her lips and feeling her anxious hands quiver. She wanted to feel the ever expanding flesh, but knew that it wasn’t the time. They’re ripe now, but the juice needs time to flow. With each shake and writhe, Bitch’s massive knockers jostled and jiggled, ‘drool’ dripping down the tips of her nipples, and they finally slowed to stop. They sat there, roughly three times larger than her head, pulsating a bit to work off the last of the magic spunk from them.

“Now these,” Witch Azeland cooed, roughly sinking her lithe fingers into the warm flesh of her prisoner’s breasts. Bitch squealed and kicked her legs about frantically, the heat in her snatch intensified as it spread further around her thighs, salty sweat and sticky juices matting the insides of her legs as she writhed against her Mistress’ hands. Azeland’s nails dug in as she caressed the swollen mounds, pinching and twisting the flesh bulging between her digits as the nipples responded instantly to the sensations. ”These are magnificent breasts worth fondling,” she giggled, gliding her hands down to grip the turgid teats to stroke them teasingly, sending Bitch into an uncontrolled frenzy of writhes and moans of ecstacy. “Such a racket you’re making, Bitch,” the witch said with a widening smirk, her fists closing firmly around the nipples, urging a whitish fluid from the tips. Bitch gasped and whimpered, trying to speak though her puffy lips and unusually thick tongue, failing miserably at her Mistress, who’s hand tilted her face up to look her in the eyes. “Oh, I’m sure you’d just like to move on with the experiment, wouldn’t you?” she asked, running her tongue sensually over the thick swell of lips on her mouth, a pathetic moan from Bitch.

Azeland raised her hand up to Bitch’s face, and with a wave and a violet glow of magic from her fingers, Bitch gasped as a pleasant tingle washed over her lips. Slowly, they slimmed down, losing their lush redness and settling gently on her mouth as a normal pair of lips. Her tongue lashed back and forth violently, ropes of thick saliva dripping down it as the tingle spread up and around that, thinning and shrinking back into her mouth with a loud slurp. As Bitch caught her breath for the first time since these horrific events began, her nipples shook and vibrated as they withdrew back towards her swollen mounds, retaining a bit of puffiness from their original shape. She looked down at her monstrous breasts, almost expecting them to shrink back as well, but that wasn’t about to happen. Bitch looked up pleadingly at her Mistress, bringing her hands up to cover them up. “M-Mistress, please, t-they’re way too big,” she pleaded, fighting back tears. The witch looked back at her, her lips uncurled from its evil grin to something more thoughtful. Bitch continued her plea, hoping to reach out to her humane side. “I-I’ll do anything you want, Mistress, but please, I can’t live like this.”

“Oh, you will do anything I want, Bitch,” Azeland replied, her voice delving down into sub-zero levels, chilling the poor girl to the very bone. Her eyes shone with malice, and her grin returned, flashing her unusually sharp teeth. “But you will look however I want you to, and you will grow to love it.” Bitch recoiled back as the witch took up her whip and cracked it her way, getting it right at the waist of the skirt and splitting it down the middle like the tunic before. Instantly, Azeland’s eyes were brought down further to Bitch’s creamy soaking thighs, bringing them up slowly to her glistening pink sex and quivering clit. “Ooooh, my poor little Bitch is horny,” she giggled, tracing a circle around the throbbing nub, leaving Bitch to cry softly and roll her hips against the witches lithe fingers. “So so wet you are, and such a delicious looking cunt.” Bitch arched back a bit, her enormous jugs bouncing softly as she squirmed against Azeland, about to lose herself in the sensation.

As she squealed, the witch drizzled some of the enhanced cum down Bitch’s body, being sure to thoroughly coat her clit with the pale green fluid. She slipped her fingers in and out of her cunt rapidly, rubbing the spunk all over her lips, the inner walls and vigorously rubbing it into the throbbing clit. The tingles returned, tenfold, endlessly stimulating the nub and drooling lips. Bitch’s pussy began to engorge itself with blood, leaving the lips enflamed and puffy, turning from a bright pink to a painful red. She moaned continuously, her eyes opened wide in ecstacy, gyrating her hips hard against the witches busy hand. They spread open further, thick cum squirting out and running down like a waterfall, staining the grainy cobblestone floor with the musky juices. The attention on her cunt was quickly turned to her clit. It throbbed and swelled as it turned even more red than the rest of the lips. It quickly reached the size of a marble, then a golf ball before it started to push out, away from her body. It grew longer, and harder, and more sensitive. Azeland’s hand gripped the elongating clit and gave it a rough tug, Bitch screaming out in morbid pleasure, with her head rolled back and drool rolling down the side of her cheek as her eyes rolled back. The witch pumped her wrist harder and faster along the shifting flesh of her clit. It grew longer with each stroke, reaching almost nine full inches. It pulsed and throbbed, Bitch feeling it boating further with blood. The tip swelled up, forming a very swollen and purplish head of a penis. Veins pumping with blood made themselves known under the darkening red skin. Bitch bucked her hips desperately against the witch’s hand, completely losing herself in the intense hand-job she was being given. With a final shout, she thrust herself harder and blew a massive load right into Azeland’s hand, thick blobs of white cum gushing out. The witch smirked and licked her hand and fingers clean, teasingly slow as Bitch recovered from her mighty orgasm. “M-Mistress,” she whimpered, looking down at her enormous twelve inch member jutting out between her legs, dripping with pre-cum.

“Silence, Bitch,” she snapped, “I’m not quite done with you yet.” Bitch flinched. Azeland wasn’t done with her yet? She was already mutilated once before, she was now a hermaphrodite with enormous breasts and swollen pussy. What more was this psychotic woman planning. She was shown the vial, sill half full of the demon cum, a wide fanged grin spreading over her face. “You’ve seen what happens when it touches you,” she cooed evilly, “Now let’s see what happens when you drink it.” Her eyes snapped open and instantly closed her lips. She didn’t even want to think of the effect it would have. “Now, now, my Bitch. Don’t be like that. Mistress Azeland wants to give you a nice tasty drink to see how you like it.” Bitch shook her head wildly, keeping her lips buttoned firmly. But then, Azeland took her cock and squeezed it hard in an attempt to force Bitch’s mouth open. Valiantly, she fought hard against the immense pleasure as the witch worked her up with another hand-job. Cum was oozing from her cunt and jetting from the head of her rod, and she squirmed her hips in desperation. It was becoming too much. Even as she bit her lips to the point of bleeding, she cried out in the amazing sensations of her lust, opening her mouth wide. The cool glass vial was hard pressed to her lips and tipped back, pouring its contents down the captive woman’s throat. Azeland stepped back, idly licking her fingers as she watched in anticipation at the impending effects of the behemoth cum-potion.

The fluid slithered down her throat and shut down her gag reflex. Try as she might, she couldn’t spit up or even vomit it up. She could already feel the odd tingle, but all throughout her body as it fell heavily into her stomach. It spread from her belly, instantly out to her finger tips and the very ends of her red hair. Bitch began to shake and quiver, closing her arms over her stomach as her shaking turned to convulsions. Whatever the potion was doing to her, it was definitely beginning. Her muscles tensed as her fingers gripped the stone floor painfully. Her erogenous zones were on fire, practically burning with lust as her body kicked into a violent sweat. Bitch writhed in agony as her cock throbbed, growing larger and thicker with each pulse. She looked down at it as the head swelled to about the size of a plum and gradually make it’s way up closer to her chin. She could feel the heat emanating from it as it twitched. When it reached about seventeen inches and four across without the intention of stopping, Bitch began to feel even more changes than her ever growing cock. Her legs began to bulge with thick and powerful muscle and grow longer. Involuntarily, Bitch began to bend at the knees, feeling and hearing her bones breaking and reshaping themselves into a more monstrous shape, bending back below the knees as her feet merged into three large and ugly talon-like toes. Her hips bulged outward with even more muscle as her ass grew out along with it into a perfectly shaped, muscular posterior. “M-Mistress,” Bitch cried out, looking up at the witch pleadingly, as if hoping she do something to end this horrible transformation.

A pulling sensation came from her spine as something tried to force it’s way out of her skin. Bitch screamed from the excruciating pain of feeling her skin being ripped open from the inside out as it’s sharp point forced its way through. Throwing her head back to shout, a large, long purplish tail tore out of her spine. At the tip it had a plume of red hair, and painful-looking black spines down the center as it thrashed around. Next to change was her abdomen. Any little bit of fat that was there quickly dissolved into firm and taut muscle. Her stomach became completely flat and her abs bulged forward in it’s place. Bitch brought her hands to the hardening stones that were part of her midsection as the rest of her torso bulked up, tightening and widening with more musculature. Further up her body, her pectoral muscles began to thicken as her enormous breasts shook and wobbled, swelling larger and heavier, her nipples jutting out at least two inches of rock hard flesh. Beneath the walls of flesh that were her gargantuan jugs, walls of muscle expanded as her body molded around it. Her shoulders nearly doubled in size and wave after wave of bulging flesh rippled down along her arm, her biceps literally exploding from the once thin arms. With a significantly deeper and distorted scream, Bitch looked down at her palms as the hands grew larger with the rest of her insanely muscled arm, the fingers growing larger and longer, ending with thick black claw-like nails. Looking at the back of her hands, she was shocked to see that they had taken on the same talon appearance as her toes.

She stood hunched over as her shoulder blades jut out from her back with more layers of powerful muscle. She was now taking on the appearance of a grotesquely suped up body builder demon, but that wasn’t the end of it. Between her legs, her cock stood at a ridiculous 24 inches and almost 6 around, perpetually oozing thick greenish precum, and everything else, save for her tits and ass, was grossly obscured by thick muscle, and sprouted a tail straight out of her spine. Her voice was deepening further into a deep, almost demonic tone of what was originally her as her neck grew slightly longer to accommodate her huge shoulder and pectorals, and that even began to bulge, veins popping out, quivering as they ushered more blood along to feed her ever-growing form. She moaned, and shouted, even resorting to beastly roars and snorts as her face widened and pushed out into a crude muzzle. As the lips curled into a fierce snarl, Bitch’s teeth grew sharper and longer, two huge tusk-like protrusions from her bottom lip and her nose flattened into a large pig snout. Along with the tusks, a pair of sharp jet black horns burst from the sides of her head and curved up like some demonic bull. Her ears also began to change into floppy, sort of boar ears as her fiery red hair grew longer and more mangled. It grew down along the sides of her head and down around her neck and chest like a thick lion’s mane. The upper body had become so heavy that Bitch found it impossible to remain hunched and her clawed hands smashed into the ground heavily. Her long, unkept and mangy hair grew further along her back. Bitch’s screams were being replaced with roars and grunts, as if her mind was changing as well, into that of a horrendous monstrosity. The skin that was pulled tightly over her body was darkening, changing into a deep dark violet color, her cock and pussy lips turning a slick jet black as whitish green cum gushed out from them. With a final howl, the change was done. Bitch was transformed into a She-Behemoth, complete with a very fertile male organ.

“Oh, yes,” Azeland moaned, looking over her new toy. Bitch’s new eyes were clouded with blind rage and animalistic hunger as she looked over the witch. With another deep roar, she stood up on her hind legs and raised her massive arm into the air. The witch smirked and took hold of the two foot serpent, stroking it wildly. Bitch exploded instantly, gushing cum out of the head like a fountain and fell backward with a thundering crash, writhing in pleasure. Azeland gripped it painfully and gave it a twist, a twist that Bitch was more than vulnerable to, even in her new form. She growled and howled, pained and pleased, at her Mistress’ abuse. “I am your Mistress, you pathetic beast!” she snapped and took hold of one of the horns to show her dominance. Bitch’s eyes softened and she whimpered in defeat. The eyes of the witch were enough to even instill fear into such a monster. She released the throbbing member as Bitch rolled back onto her hands and feet, obediently awaiting Azeland’s command like a loyal dog. An enormous, ten foot tall, bitch with a cock, but a loyal dog nonetheless. Pleased with the results, her robes and clothing were discarded and thrown to her Gremlin flunky, who bowed as he took them out of the prison. He knew she would be busy.

Azeland brought her fingers to her dripping pussy and idly began to tease herself as she looked over her handiwork with a lustful grin. “You’re going to do as I say, do you understand, Bitch?” She asked. The old Bitch was no longer in there, all that remained was this mindless beast, driven purely on its instinct. The pungent scent of her Mistress filled the cell quickly and she was more than eager to obey her instincts and her orders. She nodded with a snort, quickly growing impatient. “Good,” Azeland answered and approached, caressing the swells of hard flesh on Bitch’s mighty arm as she stepped up so her soaking wet lips were pressed right against the head of Bitch’s cock. The sensation brought a moan to the beast, but she dare not move unless ordered to. Instead, she waited in agony as the witch began to lower herself on the huge cock-head, now at least the size of a fist. “O-oohohhh!” she squealed as she grinded against it, “It’s such a huge cock now, Bitch!” Squatting down, she began to force even more of it into herself, a bulge appearing inside her from the sheer size. Her lips spread open impossibly to allow it further in as the full girth was fast approaching. She screamed and rocked her hips wildly, riding it up and down slowly as her breasts bounced heavily. “Do you want to fuck your Mistress?” she asked, huskily as she continued to fuck the massive serpent her pet had between her legs. Bitch grunted and groaned as she worked her hips at her master’s voice, being greeted with a happy moan. Taking that as a cue, Bitch pushed on.

Azeland was forced onto the ground as Bitch took control. With her size and the witch’s willingness, it was simple. She thrust herself in and out of Azeland rapidly, forcing in half it’s length and smearing their juices around with each heavy slap their combined bodies made as they grinded against each other. Harder and faster she trust, Azeland writhing uncontrollably as she pumped her hips to meet her pet’s thrusting. She could feel the massive member deep inside her body, bringing her hand down to rub and press at the bulge in her midsection. “Yes, yes, tear me apart, you fucking monster!” she commanded, wildly working her body hard and kicking into a thick sweat as her breasts bounced harder and heavier. Bitch quickly forced her down harder with her great hands on Azeland’s shoulders and pulling her into the thrusts. More of her rod became buried into her snatch with each thrust; fifteen, sixteen, seventeen inches at this point and still going further in. Bitch’s tongue lulled out as she panted heavily, fucking and rutting harder in and out of Azeland, feeling each pulse and throb as her cock began to bloat and fill with cum. It wasn’t much longer before the entire load was emptied into the horny witch’s womb. By now her body was ablaze with motion, working herself up and down the massive length, crying in impending orgasm as her cunt began to dribble. With a shrill, ear piercing scream, Azeland’s pussy throbbed and came like a waterfall. The contracting walls closed tightly around Bitch’s meat, urging the head to burst, gallons of cum pumping out in seconds into the witch’s body. “O-oh yes, yes my pet!” she repeated, writhing her body to milk every last drop.

She pulled herself off with an audible pop, a river of their cum pouring down her thighs. The hot fluids rolling down brought her to a shiver. Bitch panted and drooled hungrily as she instinctively brought her tongue in to please her mistress and clean her off. No respectable witch shouldn’t be matted with cum, after all. “Y-yesss, good Bitch,” she cooed, running her hands through the beasts hair. “You did your Mistress proud. And you passed the test,” Azeland continued, a pleased growl from her pet. She smiled evilly at her success. And now with a She-Behemoth of her own, Azeland’s mind began to work. The words “Breeding Center” came to mind. All she’d have to do was kidnap even more hapless girls, and stick them in a cage with Bitch. She’d of course sit and watch. She couldn’t think of a better way to spend boring evenings if she herself didn’t need a good fucking. Bitch brought about a number of possibilities. And all that cum could be used for all sorts of other potions like the one used tonight. The witch chuckled darkly at all the new ideas and schemes circulating her head. She snapped her fingers just as her Gremlin returned, who made his way to the back at a work desk. Quill pen in hand, he checked the box on the paper. “Behemoth ejaculate” it read beside the box labeled ‘success’.

The End