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AN: This story is intended to be enjoyed as a fantasy by persons over the age of 18—similar actions if undertaken in real life would be deeply unethical and probably illegal. © MoldedMind, 2019.

* * *

It was a private moment, one Lissa was sure she hadn’t been meant to see. In the chaos of the house party, it was practically hidden in plain sight. She’d only caught it because she’d been scanning the room for her friend Claire, and she’d found her, standing and talking to a woman she had never seen before. Lissa had kept her eyes on the two of them as she tried to push through the crowd, watching them chat pleasantly, like two friends—and that’s when she saw it.

The woman leaned in close to Claire—much more invasively than just a friend would and whispered something in her ear. This wasn’t noteworthy in and of itself—a little weird, maybe, but not too bizarre. The weird part was watching how Claire responded to it. Even from across the room, Lissa could see the change come over Claire—a dazed, vacant look spread across her features, and her eyes drained of all focus, leaving her with a placid smile and glazed eyes. Lissa had never seen anything like it before. It almost made Claire look like she was drunk, or high—if Lissa had just noticed her for the first time tonight, that’s what she would have thought she was. But less than a minute ago, she had seemed normal. Now, she looked unsteady on her feet, but… happy about it?

The woman she’d been talking to smiled, and said something else, and then hooked her arm around Claire’s shoulder, and began guided her from the center of the room towards the exit through the front hall. Lissa didn’t miss a step, changing her trajectory to follow the two of them. She felt like she was living in one of those campus safety adds—trying to save her friend from being taken home intoxicated by a creepy stranger.

To Lissa’s surprise, when the two of them reached the hallway, they did not go out the front door, but instead headed up the stairs. Again, she altered her course to follow them up, and she came to the top of the landing just in time to see Claire following the woman into an empty bedroom.

The thought of the woman doing anything to the now, somehow apparently drugged Claire made Lissa burn. She increased her speed to the door, grabbing the knob quickly, and with a twist and a push, Lissa was inside the room with the two of them—no going back.

She’d only been several steps behind them, so they hadn’t gotten far. Claire had only so far removed her sweater, and she was sitting on the bed, still looking glazed and happy about it. The woman had seated herself on the low bench against the wall across from the foot of the bed. When Lissa entered, Claire didn’t even register that the door had opened. She just kept staring into empty space, smiling vacantly.

The woman on the bench, on the other hand, looked at her with impatience the moment she entered. Lissa didn’t let it get to her. She held onto her righteous anger on behalf of her friend and met the woman’s glare with a fiery glare of her own.

“You did something to Claire,” She accused. “I saw it. You said something to her, and now she’s all trippy. I’m taking her out of here, and I’m taking her back to her place, right now. If you try to stop me, I’ll scream and bring everybody up here.”

The woman did not appear frightened by Lissa’s threat. She raised one carefully penciled eyebrow—it was the only sign of her displeasure. “And who are you?”

“I’m a friend of hers,” Lissa huffed. “I won’t let you take advantage of her.” She placed her hands squarely on her hips and doubled the intensity of her angry glare.

At this, the woman’s expression smoothed over into amusement. “You must be Lissa,” She said, with a smile Lissa didn’t like at all. “Claire has told me a lot about you—I wondered when I would meet you myself. She wasn’t quite ready to introduce you to me, but I’m sure she’ll forgive me. After all, it’s hardly my fault you came barging in here.”

Lissa stared at the woman in confusion, now. “Who are you? Claire has never mentioned you to me, once. And we talk every day. About everything.”

The woman let out a sigh. “Well, if you’d been listening to what I just said—she wasn’t ready. And I am Claire’s Mistress,” She said. “Mistress Aubrey.”

Lissa decided to ignore that one for now, instead opting for more questioning. “And what did you do to her, downstairs? If I hadn’t seen you do it, I would have sworn you had drugged her with something.”

At this, Aubrey let out a small chuckle. “I suppose I did in a way. But no, dear. Nothing as crude as that. No, I triggered her.”

This whole conversation was feeling more and more like nonsense the longer Lissa participated. She was starting to think it had been a mistake to engage this woman in conversation at all—she should have just marched in, grabbed Claire by the arm, and dragged her out silently.

Too late for that now. “Triggered?” She repeated. “What the hell is that?”

Her strange companion grimaced slightly at the curse word but answered nonetheless. “It’s a hypnosis term. Our Claire’s lovely head is just full of hypnotic triggers now—she and I have done a lot of hard work to get them all in there. She just loves the feeling of being instantly dropped into trance without warning. She’s been getting more daring, wanting to be dropped in public now. That was the only reason she wanted to come to this party tonight.”

Lissa was at a loss now—she honestly had no idea how to continue this conversation. She still felt full of questions and confusion, but she didn’t have the words to express them. She was completely stumped, and from the look in this woman’s eyes, she knew it too.

“Claire and I practice hypnosis quite a lot, dear. It’s a side of herself she’s only recently discovered, but she’s been quite eager to experiment.” Lissa’s stomach turned—she didn’t want to hear this, she didn’t want to know this… part of her couldn’t even believe it was true… she had to get out of here, but the strangeness of this whole scenario kept her locked in place.

“Now, Lissa,” Aubrey said. “You’ve interrupted us, dear. Have a seat here beside me on the bench and we can get back on track—it’s rude to have kept Claire waiting so long.”

Lissa stared in confusion at the woman. She’d lost the upper hand in the conversation long ago, and she felt like she had fallen through the floor into a strange underworld, and she was swamped by confusion and disbelief. It left her feeling jumbled, and off-kilter. And somehow, in all that confusion, sitting down on the bench seemed like the antidote, even as something about it felt very, very wrong.

“Very good, Lissa,” Aubrey said. “Now, please try to refrain from any further outbursts—this is between me and Claire now, and one interruption is enough.” Lissa didn’t respond—couldn’t respond. She still felt like she was falling, completely lost in the unknown and frightened by it more every minute.

“Claire,” Aubrey addressed. Claire did not respond, but there was something in her eyes now that told Lissa she had tuned back in, even in her dazed state. “You did very well waiting for me all this time.” At the praise, Lissa could she a shudder run through Claire’s body. It looked base, and animalistic—like it was coming from the very deepest, most primal parts of Claire and tearing its way out. “I’m going to give you a special treat for it, but first, let’s get you even deeper for me.” There was a glint in Claire’s glazed eyes, now, that Lissa thought was anticipation.

Aubrey kept speaking, her voice steady. “Take off the rest of your clothes, dearest, and as you remove each one, know that you are peeling back the layers of your own mind—taking away the superficial, the conscious, the waking, and allowing the deep, unconscious parts to come forward and take control.”

Lissa felt so completely out to sea that she didn’t bat an eye when Claire slipped her tank top over her head. This was the world she was in now—a world where her closest friend was a kinky closet lesbian who got off on being hypnotized, and that was that. If she had the energy to stand again, she would have stand and left, but the confusion was sapping her.

Claire efficiently removed her pants, and her underwear, and was now kneeling, naked on the bed. She looked different than before—there was no tension in her body. She looked like completely loose, and free, as if she could melt into a puddle, and her pupils were wide. Her eyes looked even more glazed now, as if they were made of glass, and the complete image did nothing but disturb Lissa further.

“There you are,” Aubrey said. “So deep and open for me. You love to be in this place—trance is just so peaceful and delicious.” Claire purred in response but didn’t move. Lissa hadn’t known it was possible to make a sound like that—subvocal but so full of agreement and satisfaction. She supposed it made sense—if she was as deep as she looked, she had to be beyond language.

“You know it is always right to let yourself go into trance,” Aubrey continued. “To let all of your thoughts slip away… it is impossible to keep them. They are leaving you, whether you like it or not. There is no way to resist it. They’re all… flying away.”

Lissa felt her focus escaping her. Aubrey was speaking to Claire—it was having a great effect on her, too. But her mind seemed to be hooked into Aubrey’s voice as well. There was a cadence to it… it soothed all the tangles of confused and frustrated ideas in her head, lifted her out of the mire of fear and disgust into something lighter. Freer. Like she was floating above her own body… flying…

“It is always safe for you to go into trance,” Aubrey was continuing. “All you have to do is let go… the reward for trance is pleasure, and the deeper you go, the more pleasure you receive.”

Claire moaned at that, and Lissa felt as if her eyes were glued to her. At some point… she wasn’t sure when because she felt her attention going in and out… but at some point, Claire had begun touching herself. It was not the harried frigging of someone about to get off, but a leisurely, swirling stroke right around the bud of her clit—a perfect spiral.

She didn’t know where those words had come from—there was no reason for her to see it as a spiral, but it undeniably was. A deep, swirling spiral of pleasure, drawing her closer and closer, drawing her in—all she had to do was watch, watch the perfect spiral and it would smooth the rest of her scary confusing thoughts away.

She shook her head violently to try and pull herself out of it. She’d lost track of Aubrey’s voice, but she could hear it now, again.

“You’ve been such a very good girl for me, Claire. I told you before that I would give you a treat… I’m going to give you Lissa. And you’re going to help me take her under—and you will remember every second of what we’ve done here tonight… Lissa watching you as I induced you again and again… the look of obedience stealing over her face… and you will remember every detail of what you’re about to do to her… I know the memory will be almost more than you can bear, it will get you so hot to think of it… but it’s my gift to you, darling. I know you will enjoy all of it.”

Through the haze, Lissa could feel the terror returning. They were going to do something to her… do something to make her just like Claire. Claire, her friend was going to do it to her. If she didn’t leave now, she never would. Maybe she would never be consciously aware again—she had to get out!

But hands were on her shoulders, moving her to the bed now—to Claire, who despite the dopey look on her face looked… predatory. Something curled in Lissa’s abdomen at the pure possessiveness, the hunger in her eyes. It made her shiver.

“It’s alright, Lissa,” Claire murmured, shifting forward on the bed closer to her.

Lissa fell forward into the kiss that came—the falling feeling was back, she was dropping, tumbling thousands of feet and there was no getting back to where she had fallen from.

Claire kissed her with practiced skill, kissed her with a hunger and a fire she had never felt before, and she was having clothes pulled off of her, and nothing made sense but the kiss. It was perfect… if she just gave into the kiss, let it take her deeper, it would solve everything. All she had to do was let Claire give her pleasure. The more pleasure Claire gave her, the easier it would be to slip more and more deeply into trance, until she was a good little hypnoslut just like Claire, until she could belong to Mistress Aubrey and Claire forever, as their fucktoy, their plaything, to be obeyed under all circumstances…

Lissa knew that was exactly what she wanted. All the unknown, the strangeness, the fear was gone. Everything had reordered itself, everything made sense again, and the future was clear—destined. Claire’s hands were on her breasts, and Claire’s tongue was in her cunt, and Claire was doing every conceivable sexual act to her, and somehow doing them all at once—and that was the way of the world. The proper way for things to be.

Lissa followed Claire’s every ministration, eager for her new destiny—chasing it down with every physical response, urging it on, bucking her hips into it. She knew, when she got there, it would be everything, and more. And she could give up all the rest of it, all of the meaningless things she’d thought had mattered before, like autonomy and freedom, give up all the rest of it—and give in.

* * *