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Quick Summary: Five MD flashes.

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Worship Thy Master

by Bad Penny


You will obey.

You will draw a bath, as hot as you can stand, so steam fogs the mirror and curls below the lights. Add the lavender oil. You will strip slowly, even though you will not have an audience, except in your mind. Your hands will linger at your breasts as you unhook your bra and again at your hips as you dip to lower your panties, but you will not touch yourself. Not until you’re clean.

You will soak in the tub for thirty minutes. Take the time to relax. Close your eyes, sink down until the water is up to your chin. Indulge in the deep tub, the hot water, the fragrant steam. The day has tainted you; let the water absorb it.

Then wash the rest of the taint away. You will emerge clean. Willing. Obedient. Perfect.

And then you will come into the bedroom, naked and wet, and kneel. You will know exactly what he wants because it will be what you desire.

You obey your desires, don’t you, pet?

Now suck him.


The strings were annoying. Sally kept getting tangled up in them until she learned to stop trying to anticipate Karl’s commands and relax. Everything was so much easier once she learned to react.

Bow. Skip. Flounce.

The strings weren’t so annoying now. In fact, they were kind of liberating. She didn’t have to think. She could just be. That was nice.

Twirl. Dip. Kneel.

Yes, kneel. Her arms fell to her sides when Karl released her strings. The floor was cool under her bare knees. Sally stared straight ahead. She felt hollow, like she didn’t have a purpose. Then Karl stepped in front of her, his cock heavy between his legs, and twined his hands in her hair.

Sally licked her lips and reacted.

So Good

Far below them, the waters of Deception Pass churned. Alberto leaned close to Miriam, smiling when she allowed a gust of wind to push her back against him. Loose strands of her dark hair caressed his cheek, softer than silk.

“It’s amazing!” She turned to face him, cheeks flushed from the wind, eyes bright with glee. “I’m not the least bit frightened!”

He raised a hand to her throat and felt the rapid flutter of her pulse beneath his fingers. “Are you sure?”

She tilted her head back and laughed. “I’m excited!”

Another gust of wind sliced over them. Miriam stumbled forward, clutching his waist for support. “It’s all because of you.” She looked up at him coyly. “You should let me do something for you.”

He slid his hand back around her neck. “I have some ideas.”

“So do I. Ideas for here. Now.”

He raised his eyebrows. “With an audience?”

“You can make them not see. You can do anything!”

He considered the cars driving by on the bridge and the people picking their way down the hiking trails. And then he considered how much progress he’d made with Miriam, how liberated she had become. Shielding the two of them from prying eyes wouldn’t take too much effort, and he was curious what she had in mind.

Alberto took a deep breath and pushed his will into a protective bubble. “Done.”

Miriam smiled and unbuttoned her blouse. “Thank you.” She unhooked the front clasp of her bra to reveal her ample breasts, kneading and thumbing her nipples until they stood hard and erect.

“You’ve done so much for me,” she said, kneeling. She rubbed those glorious breasts against his thighs as she unbuckled his belt, then reverently unfastened his pants and pushed them and his boxers down around his ankles.

The cool air was a bit of a shock, but then Miriam was pressing against him, sucking him fully hard and squeezing him between her breasts. Alberto groaned and gripped the railing.

“Fuck, yes!” He thrust into her. The slide of his cock between her smooth breasts was perfect, and her mouth on the head of his cock was hot and wet and almost too much to bear, especially since she kept teasing him with her tongue.

Then he came, hard, and Miriam drew back, taking it in the face, her neck, over the top of her spectacular breasts. And fuck, she looked hot like that, leaning back against the railing and dipping her head down to lick his come off her breasts, still squeezing and pinching her nipples.

When she was done, she wiped her face and licked her hand clean. “Thank you,” she said, beaming up at him. She rose up onto her knees and took care of tucking him back in place, her touch still reverent and adoring. “You make me feel so good. I want to do the same for you.”

He stroked her hair. “You do.”

She buckled his belt. “I’m glad.”


Missy stood before him, naked except for the black leather posture collar and matching sleeve binding her arms behind her. The sleeve put her pert breasts on display, and Ray enjoyed the way they moved as she breathed. He circled around her, occasionally reaching out to stroke or pinch her.

Her skin was soft, he knew, but he couldn’t feel that through his gloves. Leather, of course. Missy liked the way it felt against her skin, and Ray liked the way she sighed and arched into his touch, the way her eyes fluttered closed when he touched her just right, the way she licked her lips.

And he really liked the way the collar forced her to stare straight ahead, unable to turn her head to watch him as he circled her. “Tell me what you want,” he ordered, halting behind her.

“I want you to keep touching me, sir.”

“Not good enough.”

He could picture her biting down on her lower lip, struggling to find the right words. She had trouble with that, but once she let go of her inhibitions—she hardly needed his mental nudges now—she always surprised Ray with her creativity.

He stepped closer, bending to speak softly in her ear. “You’re on display for me in the middle of the woods. A wayward hiker could stumble upon is. A wayward group, even.”

Her breath caught.

“You’re imagining it?”

“Yes, sir,” she whimpered.

“Good. Now what do you want them to see?”

“You, sir, standing like that behind me, fingering me with your gloves still on. They stop under that cedar in front of me, and I can’t look away from them as you make me come. And I still can’t look away when you raise your hand to my mouth and order me to suck your gloves clean.”

He watched it all unfurl in her mind. The images made Ray hard. He cupped her mound and teased her slit with his fingers. She gasped and squirmed against him.

He reached around to pinch her nipple. “Feel how good you’re making me?” He twisted his hips so she could feel his hard cock through his jeans. Her exposed palms twitched against it. He stopped fondling her breast and reached down to squeeze her ass. “Do I fuck you while our hikers watch?”

Missy’s breath came in short, clipped gasps. “You let them fuck me while you watch. There are two of them, and you have me ride them one at a time, still bound like this, so I have to watch you watching me. It makes me so hot, sir.”

Fuck. It was making him hot, too. Missy cried out, clenching around his fingers. Ray held her through her orgasm, and then he raised his gloved fingers to her mouth and let her lick them clean.

“No hikers,” he murmured, kissing her temple. Then he let her go and stepped back in front of her, unzipping his jeans. “So how about you suck my cock instead?”

Missy smiled and sunk gracefully to her knees. “Yes, sir.”


Paul only had to say her name now. The way it rolled from him, low and velvety and laden with need made his wants hers. She’d drop to her knees, her mouth and cunt so wet and willing and greedy for him.

And to think she used to hate cocks, even gorgeous ones like Paul’s.

“Gloria,” he said, and it echoed through her, made the heat flare in her mind as well as her cunt. She licked her lips and sunk down between his legs, steadying herself by placing her hands on his knees.

The bulge of his cock through his jeans was a tempting sight. She nuzzled him, toyed with the top button of his jeans. She could feel her own touch ghosting along the crease of her thigh, the top of her jeans. She smiled. He was so kind to share this with her!

She unfastened his jeans. He rolled his hips so she could pull them down, and then there was nothing between her and his cock. She nuzzled him again, relishing the smooth feel of his half-hard cock, the rough texture of his pubic hair, the salty taste and scent of his arousal. She cupped his balls, running her thumb lightly along them.

Ah, but she was keeping him waiting. She could feel his impatience licking at her mind. Or maybe her cunt. They were too closely linked now, especially since she could feel the brush of her nose on her mound, the tickle of her breath, the slide of her thumb.

He gasped when she finally took him in her mouth. She loved sucking him hard, loved the way his cock filled her mouth, loved the way he grabbed her hair.

“That’s my slut.”

She hummed her agreement. Fuck, it was wonderful! He was fully hard now, too thick and long for her to handle, but somehow, she managed, lips stretched wide. She took him as deep as she could, and the heat in her cunt, the easy slide of his cock in her mouth, the sensations along her phantom cock made her shudder and moan.

Slut, she was his slut. His cocksucking slut, so greedy and needy. She made him feel it—not like he made her feel things; she didn’t have that gift—but through her enthusiasm.

He tightened beneath her. She took him as deep as he’d go, all the way down, so her whole world was his cock. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see, couldn’t feel anything except him as he came.

No, as they came. Her world exploded with his, a moment of perfect bliss.

It ended, of course. It always did. Paul released her. She slumped back, bracing herself with her palms, panting. She knew how she had to look, lips swollen, chin slick with saliva, eyes glazed.

He smiled down at her. “That’s my good slut.” He shifted nudged her further back with his foot. “Now masturbate for me. Show me how badly you need my cock.”

She didn’t hide the hungry look in her eyes as she spread her legs and fingered her slick folds. To think she used to hate cock. Now Paul just needed to say her name to reduce her down to nothing but raw, glorious need. She wouldn’t have it any other way.