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Wrong CD


Kyle had a hot mom named Heather. At 34 despite having a child she still had her body from modeling days. She stood at 5′10″, in great shape, blond hair, blue eyes, and a rather nice pair of tits to top it all off. Kyle unfortunately took more after his father whoever that was. His mom had a one night stand with a stranger and couldn’t remember who it was the next day. He stood at 5′6″, was a bit skinny, short brown hair, and light brown eyes.

At age 17 Kyle thought about sex constantly. Specifically he thought about his mom. He would use photos from the family album and photoshop her face to porn models that looked similar to her. He would then use those pictures in masturbation. Quickly his fantasies turned into that of dominance and submission with him as the master. It should come as no surprise that when he heard about a kit that would make his mom into his loving slave he jumped at the opportunity to buy it.

Spending every dime he earned during his summer jobs, Kyle found himself in possession of three small containers of the drug, three colored CD’s, and a few pages of instructions. Kyle was rather lazy when it came to reading instructions. He merely skimmed over them to get the basics of how everything worked. He got that he would have to give the drug, have her listen to one CD, wait 24 hours at least and then repeat the process with a different CD until all three doses were done. What he missed was the order that the CD’s were supposed to go in. A big mistake on his part.

“Kyle, time for dinner!” Heather called after Kyle had finished his version of reading.

“Okay mom, be right there!” Kyle called back tossing the drug onto his desk keeping one with him. He knew his mother would want a glass of wine after dinner and he usually got it for her.

Everything went as planned for Kyle. After a nice dinner Heather asked for Kyle to get a glass of wine which he was more than willing to do. After downing the glass Heather was knocked out almost instantly. Kyle rushed to his room and got his portable CD player and one of the CD’s. Putting headphones onto his mom he began playing the CD with it set to repeat. Since the process took six hours, Kyle headed off to bed dreaming of how soon his mom would be his slave.

“Good morning sweety,” Heather said as Kyle entered for breakfast.

“Morning mom,” Kyle replied, “How did you sleep?”

“Better than I usually do. Although I did wake up listening to some rather relaxing music. I don’t recall putting getting out a CD player like that.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing. Well I better just have a bit of toast today. Need to get to school early to finish up a project with Cathy.”

Heather smiled at that comment as Kyle grabbed a slice of toast and left the house. Cathy was a sweet girl that Kyle hanged out with. Cathy was interested in Kyle, but bizarrely Kyle seemed oblivious to that fact. He just didn’t seem interested in any of the girls at school. Heather ate her breakfast and then prepared for work.

As far as Kyle knew, Heather did at home investing. The truth was far more sinister than that. Heater was an online dominatrix. It paid really well and she loved it. She worked part time hours and was paid much better than most full time people. Her outfit consisted of a black leather bustier that her breasts looked as if they would pop out at the slightest provocation, a short black leather skirt, and matching gloves that went all the way up to her elbow. She also carried a crop in front of the web cam. It just delighted her that there was so many men with such dark fantasies.

After a few hours and ending another satisfying session, Heather went to the kitchen for some lunch. She spotted a photo of Kyle in the hallway along the way. She felt a tingling sensation in her pussy as she looked at it. Without realizing it she reached under her skirt and began rubbing her pussy. It was far more pleasurable than she could have ever imagined. After around twenty minutes Heather finally pushed herself over the edge and orgasmed.

Still holding the picture Heather found herself getting wet again. After recovering enough she stumbled into Kyle’s room looking for something with his scent. That’s when she spotted the CD’s, the final two doses of the drug, and the papers on his desk. At first she thought he was doing drugs and picked up the final two doses ready to toss them. Then she picked up the paper and started reading, maybe to gain clue as to what he had been taking.

After reading the entire instructions Heather understood why she was feeling horny for her son all of a sudden. Her lust overrode her ability to be mad at him for trying it. She was still mad though, Kyle had taken huge risks and was lucky the first dose worked as well as it did. He had mixed up the order of the CD’s and put the last one in first. That one made her lust after him. Being as lazy as he was she figured he reasoned so long as she listened to all three CD’s everything would be fine. However she would only lust after the first person that she saw after taking the dose. If she had looked at any pictures or turned on the TV that morning she would have lusted after whoever she saw.

Heather bunched up the papers in her hand. She wasn’t going to be the slave of someone that couldn’t think things through. She wanted Kyle more than anything in the world, but they would be a couple under her terms. She took everything related to the drug to her room. Carefully she read the instructions to make sure she would get everything right. The first CD would make Kyle obey any of her orders regardless of his feelings on the matter. The second CD would make him desire to follow orders. The final CD would make him lust after her as she lusted after him. Kyle was right in assuming that he could just play the CD’s in any order he wanted. Still it paid to read instructions in full. He probably wasn’t even aware of her lust for him right now.

Heather signed off her site for the day. She had to get ready for Kyle’s return. She decided only to play the first CD on him. All she wanted was for him to follow her orders. Instead of changing into normal clothes, Heather just put a long overcoat on to cover up her work outfit. Being close to summer it was hot underneath, but she wanted to be immediately ready for Kyle. Finally she took one of the doses and opened a can of Kyle’s favorite soda. She set the soda on the coffee table and waited.

“Hello mom,” Kyle said entering the door, “Oh jeeze, aren’t you hot in that thing?”

“Don’t worry about me Kyle,” Heather replied softly, “Have some of your favorite soda and lets have a nice talk.”

“Sorry, I need to do my homework.” Kyle began heading towards his room.

“Drink!” Heather said in a commanding voice.

Kyle took a quick look at Heather. He had never seen her so serious before. He wondered if it was the effects of the first dose. He would have to read the instructions more carefully when he got the chance. Slowly he walked over and picked up the soda. It was a bit flat as if it had been sitting out for awhile, but it made it easier to get through it faster. After finishing the soda Kyle felt a bit wobbly and blacked out as he fell forward.

Heather grinned evilly as she looked at Kyle slumped over on the floor. She pulled him up onto the couch with his head on her lap. Reaching over for the CD player she grabbed the headphones and put them on him. Double checking to make sure she had the right CD she pressed play. As Kyle’s brain absorbed the instructions on the CD, Heather gently stroked his hair. Unlike Kyle she would wait until he woke up to make sure she was the one that would be imprinted onto his brain. She wouldn’t leave a single thing to chance.

When Kyle woke back up six hours later it was completely dark. The first thing he saw was his mothers face with a grin that he had never seen before. Quickly Heather bent down and gave Kyle a deep kiss. Startled Kyle jumped up and looked at her like she was crazy.

“What’s the matter Kyle,” Heather said in a sinister voice, “I thought you wanted me. After all, you got that nasty drug in order to make me your loving slave isn’t that right?”

“How did you know about that?” Kyle asked in confusion.

“I’ve always told you to read the instructions in full before doing something. After you gave me that first dose, you used the wrong CD. You made me desire you more than anything else on the planet. I went to your room looking for something with your scent. I found the drugs and the instructions on how to use them. You were very lucky in getting so far. However, I don’t want a man that’s lucky to dominate me. However I can’t deny my new feelings for you. So I decided it would be best if I was the one in control of our new relationship.”

“What did you do!?” Kyle demanded.

“I gave you some of your own medicine,” Heather answered, “This time I played the correct CD. You will now find it impossible to disobey me. We are going to have so much fun together. Now strip naked.”

Kyle watched as his hands disobeyed him and he began stripping for his mom. This wasn’t his fantasy, he was supposed to be the one in charge. Now he was playing the part of slave while his mom was the mistress. He had to think of a way to turn the situation around.

Heather watched approvingly as Kyle stripped. His cock was a tad smaller than some of her costumers, but thanks to the drug it was the best she had ever seen. Kyle stood there in naked in fear as Heather contemplated her next move. Finally she grabbed Kyles cock and began leading him away. Kyle tried resisting at first but then he settled down. Heather knew he had realized she was the one in control.

By the time they reached Heathers room, Kyle’s cock was rock hard. Heather smiled, despite Kyle’s fantasies of being the one in charge he was still turned on. Heather let go of Kyle’s cock and shoved him onto her bed.

“Stay on that bed until I say so,” Heather ordered.

“Mom please, I’m sorry for trying to enslave you,” Kyle said with no clear remorse.

“No, you’re sorry that it didn’t turn out how you wanted,” Heather snapped back while she began to undress, “Now it’s time for my needs to be taken care of.”

Kyle gulped as Heather got on top of him. At first he tried resisting, but Heather quickly grew impatient and ordered him to participate. In less than a minute he was thrusting into her with everything he had. Suddenly he felt like cumming, Heather recognized it and ordered him not to cum. It took everything he had to prevent himself from cumming. Finally Heather had a great orgasm and got off of Kyle.

“For attempting to enslave me you don’t get to cum tonight,” Heather said, “Now go to the bathroom and take care of business. No masturbating or cumming though. Once you are done come back here right away.”

Kyle got off and went to follow his instructions. Heather laid down on her bed and considered all the possibilities. Once Kyle returned, Heather had him lay down on the bed with her. She cradled him in her arms like a lover. Softly masturbating him but making sure he didn’t cum. As she drifted to sleep she left instructions for Kyle to wake her by licking her pussy in the morning.