The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


“Excuse me?” The words popped out of Sarah’s mouth before she realized that there was nobody sitting behind the receptionist’s desk; the woman who normally sat there had been replaced while Sarah was looking down at her phone by a cheery little handmade cardboard sign that said, ‘Out to Lunch—Back Soon!’ Which meant that the only two people in the outer office were her... and the goth chick with the torn fishnet stockings and the leather bustier and the long purple hair with deep blue tips and the elaborate silver-and-gold eyeshadow that Sarah was trying not to be envious of and utterly failing. And, most relevant for the purposes of this discussion, the custom vape pen that was currently discharging weird-smelling fumes in Sarah’s general direction.

The woman glared at Sarah, obviously assuming that the sentence was directed at her. Which it was, obliquely, but Sarah was really hoping to enlist the assistance of the receptionist before she drew Goth Chick’s attention by complaining about the clouds of thickly-scented water vapor that were rapidly filling the waiting room. As it was, Sarah didn’t have anyone backing her up if this became confrontational... and judging by the way that Goth Chick took the pen from her lips, blew out a plume of white mist from her mouth, and said, “Yeah?” in an irritated tone of voice, it was going to become confrontational fast.

But Sarah didn’t really see any way to back down now. The other woman kept glaring at her expectantly, and she couldn’t exactly leave—she’d been waiting six weeks to get this appointment, and if she had to cancel, it’d be another two months before Doctor Hagen had another opening. And frankly, Sarah didn’t feel like she should have to go anywhere—it wasn’t her breaking the rules. It was Goth Chick who was sitting in the middle of an enclosed space filling it up with some vape crap that smelled like boiled grass, and she should know better. Sarah drew herself up in her chair, fixed Goth Chick with her best icy stare, and said, “There’s no smoking allowed in this facility.”

Goth Chick just snorted. “I’m not smoking. I’m vaping.” She put the pen to her lips again and took a deep breath, before blowing out another spectacular plume of mist in Sarah’s general direction. “There’s a big difference.”

Sarah reflexively sighed in frustration, before realizing that it maybe wasn’t such a good idea to take in a long, deep breath right after someone had just polluted the atmosphere with water vapor infused with god knows what that shit was. What smelled like that? What even was that stuff? It wasn’t pot—Sarah smoked a little every now and then on weekends, and she knew what marijuana smelled like enough to recognize it even with a different kind of delivery method. No, this smelled like... it smelled kind of... it smelled green, somehow. Like the way that freshly-mowed lawns smelled green. Goth Chick wasn’t literally smoking grass, was she?

It didn’t matter. Whatever she was smoking, she shouldn’t be smoking it here. “There’s no vaping allowed either,” she said impatiently. “Could you please just go outside if you want to fill your lungs with that shit? I’ll tell the receptionist where you are when she comes back, if you’re worried about missing your appointment.”

Sarah hoped a little conciliatory gesture might help calm down the increasing tension in the room, but the other woman just snorted. “Are you fucking kidding me? It’s January, Becky, in case you missed hearing about it. And I’m not really dressed for hanging around outside. You want someone to go stand out in the cold and freeze their fucking tits off, you can do it. I’ll stay in here and get my X on, thanks.”

Sarah’s eyes widened in surprise. This woman was fucking vaping fucking ecstasy? Before her therapy appointment? Suddenly, Sarah’s issues with her narcissistic father were put into a whole new perspective. She stood up and marched across the room, glaring down at the seated woman. “First off, it’s Sarah, not Becky—”

“As if that’s any better,” the other woman said, blowing a stream of vapor directly up at Sarah’s face. Sarah wanted so badly to just smack the fucking pen right out of her hand, but she controlled her temper with difficulty.

Instead, Sarah glared down at the woman’s (infuriatingly well madeup) eyes, noticing in passing that in contrast to the hazel irises, the white portion seemed to be tinged ever so slightly green. Which wasn’t a sign of any drug use she’d ever heard of, but Sarah had only ever done ecstasy once back in college and she didn’t really remember that weekend very well. “And second off,” Sarah continued, determined not to let Goth Chick’s snarky comments or her weird eyes disrupt the flow of Sarah’s angry monologue, “I don’t give a fuck what your personal problems are or how you waste your insurance money. If you want to smoke fucking ecstasy before you see your therapist, you can fucking do it outside, okay?”

The speech didn’t have the effect Sarah was hoping for. Instead of looking cowed, or even confrontational, Goth Chick just burst into peals of laughter. “Oh-h-h,” she said, after a few moments of helpless giggles. “Oh, god, you are so out of touch, Becky! You’re like, such a narc! Let me guess, you probably still call weed ‘maryjane’, right?” She cackled wildly, unable to speak for another long moment. “’Ecstasy’! Ohhhhh man. You are... wow, okay? Just wow.”

Sarah tried not to give in to the feeling of uncertainty that threatened to tip the conversation off-balance, but Goth Chick clearly saw her opportunity and pounced. “This isn’t ecstasy,” she said, wiggling her vape pen around like a conductor tuning up a symphony. “You can’t even smoke ecstasy, it doesn’t vaporize unless you mix it with some literally toxic shit and that stuff just makes you choke. This is X, Becky. It’s a whole new thing, and it’s better than anything you ever tried in the suburbs.” She took another long, deep hit off the pen and blew the stream of mist right up into Sarah’s face. “See?”

Sarah coughed and spluttered, all her bad-ass bitch credentials pulled out from under her as she choked on the vapor like a college freshman trying weed for the first time. She couldn’t stop herself from getting a good, deep lungful of the thick fog, though, and the green smell assailed her senses even more strongly as the cloud surrounded her. It made her feel strangely dizzy, like the waiting room had suddenly developed a list to starboard, and she reached out to grab the arm of the chair to keep herself from falling over.

Goth Chick snorted with laughter, standing up and looming over Sarah in big, heavy boots. “Looks like Becky from the suburbs doesn’t know how to handle her shit, huh?” she said, blowing another cloud into Sarah’s face for emphasis. “See, that’s the thing about X. It’s got the best kick to it, but if you’re kind of a lightweight, well, it’s gonna leave you a little bit fucked up. Like, I smoke a little before my sessions because it helps open my mind up, lets me take in advice better, but you? This shit’s going to pry the top of your head clean off, Becks. I wonder what I should put in there.”

Beck—Sarah blinked heavily, trying to regain her equilibrium both physically and mentally, but her head seemed to be full of a weird static that made it hard to think. Her body felt like it was drifting off-center, floating to the pull of a slightly different gravity than the universe around her as she froze in place and stared up into the other woman’s eyes. “I... you...” she murmured, trying to connect back to the intensity of feeling she had just moments ago, but she couldn’t figure out how to finish her sentence. What was she angry about? The ‘X’ drug? It couldn’t be. She could feel it inside her head now, coaxing her into the most wonderful feeling of warm relaxation and sleepy acceptance. That didn’t seem like the kind of thing she would be upset over.

“You know what?” the other woman said, as Sarah’s lips parted in a dazed smile. “I think I know how to adjust that attitude of yours. A girl like you just needs to get laid, Becky Boots. Get that pussy unclenched a little, and maybe you’ll be more fun to hang around with.” She took a deep hit off of the vapor pen, holding her breath and leaning in to kiss Sarah full on the lips. Only when she was sure that her mouth was tightly sealed against Sarah’s did she finally exhale all of the mist right into Sarah’s lungs.

Sarah’s eyes rolled back in her head as the pleasure of the X took her. It almost felt like she could hear the insistent bliss flowing through her bloodstream, whispering to her too softly to hear as the drug saturated her body and filled her brain more and more with every heartbeat. Sarah moaned against the other woman’s lips, then squealed as she felt fingers sliding down into the waistband of her slacks and slipping into her panties. She didn’t realize just how wet she was until the stranger’s fingers slid, without any resistance at all, into her sopping cunt.

“Oh, that’s a good little Becky Boots,” Goth Chick said, breaking the kiss to smile wickedly at Sarah. “You like it when Miss Rowan touches you like that, don’t you?” It took Sarah a few seconds to realize the other woman was referring to herself—it was the first time she’d mentioned her name, and Sarah was more than a little distracted by the two fingers sinking deeper and deeper into her tight pussy with every thrust. Sarah made a helpless, affirmative moan, her body sagging into Rowan’s arms as the seductive goth fucked Sarah’s slick cunt with her hand.

“Good Becky,” Rowan purred, taking another hit from her pen with her free hand before exhaling the smoke directly between Sarah’s parted lips. “You feel so good opening up for me like this. That’s what X does for you. It makes you feel good, it makes you feel open, it makes you such a good listener. You’re listening to every single word I say, aren’t you, lightweight?”

Sarah couldn’t help herself. She squirmed into Rowan’s touch and whimpered out, “yes, Miss Rowan. I’m listening to every word you say.” She felt a shudder of pleasure quake through her whole body as her cunt tensed around Rowan’s questing fingers, the voices in her head seeming to urge her on to breathe deeper and lose herself more and more in the drug’s effects. Her eyelids fluttered, although whether from the pleasure or the high Sarah couldn’t say.

“That’s my good little Becky Boots,” Rowan said, exhaling another stream of mist into Sarah’s face. “You want more X. You want to become a good little X addict for me, don’t you, Becky?” Her hazel-on-green eyes bored into Sa.. into Sar... into Becky’s foggy, confused vision, seeming to penetrate them with the force of her will.

Becky didn’t feel like she had any will anymore. She didn’t feel like she had anything but pleasure and arousal going on inside her head, her pussy pulsing with bliss as she sighed out, “i want more X, Miss Rowan. i want to become a good little X addict for you.” Her voice was a dazed, sleepy monotone, with only a few gasps giving away her nearly-orgasmic state. She could feel the truth of the words sinking into her head, feel herself accepting everything Rowan had to say. She knew she was a lightweight. She knew she couldn’t handle her X, and that it was making her easy to program. She knew all that because Rowan was telling her, and right now she believed everything Miss Rowan had to say.

Rowan smiled, putting the vape pen between Becky’s lips and saying, “Inhale.” Becky took a long, deep breath through her mouth, filling her lungs with the intense, powerful green scent before letting it whoosh out through her nostrils. “Good girl. You want to be my lesbian slut, don’t you? Want to fuck your mind up with X and your cunt with my fingers until you have to do everything I say like a good little Becky Boots?”

Becky nodded helplessly. She was such a lightweight, after all, and Miss Rowan seemed so powerful and sensual and commanding that it made perfect sense to give in and fall in love with her. “y-yes, Miss Rowan,” she whimpered softly, quivering in Rowan’s arms as the pleasure of repeating the other woman’s words sent her over the edge into orgasm. “i, i wwwant to... to be your luh, luh, lesbian... slut-t-t! f, f, fuck my mind up. with X. fuck my, my cuhhhnt... nnnh, nnnnnh, nnnnh... with your fingers. Hhuh, have to... to...”

Becky’s eyes rolled back in her head. It was just too hard to talk anymore. There were too many voices whispering away inside her head, telling her to drug herself deeper, telling her to listen closer, telling her to stop thinking and empty her mind and let the voice of the X tell her what to think. All she could do was grind on Rowan’s hand now, fuck her will away with arousal and cum until her thoughts melted away into pleasure. “everything!” she managed to blurt out, before her voice dissolved into a squeal of helpless bliss.

Becky should have been shocked back to reality when she heard the voice of the receptionist saying, “Excuse me!” in almost the exact same frosty tones that she’d used what felt like only minutes earlier. But Rowan’s fingers were still deep in her dripping cunt, still fucking her further and further into a state of mindless, drugged euphoria, and she couldn’t make herself stop cumming long enough to care that someone was watching her hump another woman’s hand like a desperate, horny bitch in heat. Nothing mattered but getting fucked and sinking deeper now, and listening to the receptionist didn’t do either one of those things. Miss Rowan could take care of the thinking now. She wasn’t a lightweight like Becky Boots.

Sure enough, Rowan said, “Don’t mind us, we were just leaving.” She pulled her hand out of Becky’s pants, giving the slick fingers to Becky to lick clean, and took the mindless woman’s arm in hers. “I know, I know, don’t come back and there’s no fucking smoking in our office.” She flipped the receptionist the bird and practically dragged Becky out of the office. “Place fucking sucked anyway.”

Once outside, Rowan pinned Becky up against the wall and gave her a long, deep, soul-searing kiss. Becky could taste the X on the goth girl’s tongue, almost fucking Becky’s mouth with powerful, irresistible charisma. “You got a car, Becky?” she asked, once she finally broke the kiss and left Becky panting with arousal. Becky nodded, still too dazed to speak. “Good. Let’s go hit my dealer. You used a lot of my supply, and I need to fill up. And you need to pay me for all the X you took.” She grinned wickedly, her brown-on-green eyes hungry with desire. “Don’t worry, though, Becky Boots. I think I know exactly how you can make it up to me.”