The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Enjoy.

Robbie couldn’t believe what an idiot he was. He had been wasting his time using subliminal messages to hypnotize his sister into sleeping with other guys and he didn’t even use it to get lucky himself? What was wrong with him? Of course, having a guinea pig was pretty beneficial, but more than enough time had passed for him to know the tapes worked. Now, it was time for him to get some on his own terms.

The idea of who to his first subject would be hadn’t taken too long. Jordan was the obvious choice. His sister’s best friend, Jordan was one of the elite in the school, editor of the school paper, the type of teenager who could dangle boys with her little finger, the kind who might tolerate Robbie’s presence in his own home but wouldn’t look at him twice in the hallways. She was also extremely attractive, her black hair flowing to her shoulders, her face a little more attractive if she smiled once in a while. She went for flash outfits to show off her body, which, while not as voluptuous as some in the school, was quite attractive. Her beauty and her attitude were what convinced Robbie she would be perfect.

He was careful with how he did it. Putting Nicole into a trance, he told her to make sure that she played some of Robbie’s special CD’s and tapes when she hung out with Jordan. The discs and tapes were laced with Robbie’s special subliminal messages that would lower Jordan’s resistance to hypnosis and made sure that when she was entranced, she would be much more open to suggestions than a normal hypnotic subject. A week of listening and Robbie knew Jordan was ready. He had been for far longer.

When the front door opened on that Saturday afternoon, he knew this was his chance. He could hear Jordan and Nicole chattering as they entered, Nicole heading upstairs to get something. “Hey, bro,” she said, walking past Robbie who was leaning against his door, playing with something. “What are you up to?”

“Just hanging while Mom and Dad are out,” he shrugged, trying to seem nonchalant. “So, is it just going to be you and Jordan?”

Nicole nodded. “Yeah. We may go to the mall later, but no major plans tonight, you know?”

“That’s good, sleepy sis.” Nicole immediately froze in place, her eyes shutting and her head slumping forward as she fell into a trance. Robbie stood behind her and softly whispered into her ear. “Nicole, you will go to your room and lie on your bed. The instant your head hits the pillow, you will fall into a deep, deep sleep. You will not wake from this sleep no matter what, not until you hear my voice speak to you again. Now go.”

Well conditioned by now to obey Robbie’s commands, Nicole stiffly headed towards her bedroom. Robbie didn’t even wait to see her, he knew he would do what he told her to. Right now, he had someone else to get acquainted to.

Entering the living room, Robbie could see Jordan sitting on the couch, flipping through a magazine, looking quite fetching in a white blouse and blue skirt, nice legs on display as she glanced up at Robbie. “Hey,” she said unenthusitascally. “Where’s Nicole?”

“Just taking care of something in her room before you guys get going,” Robbie said. He moved over and sat down on a chair across from Jordan. He opened up his hand and out fell a yo-yo attached to a string. He began to work it, his childhood hobby coming back to him easily, the yo-yo moving up and down his string. Jordan glanced at him and shook her head. Robbie wasn’t a bad kid, but he just seemed to be a little too geeky for her tastes. Always hanging on the computer or his little lab in the basement. And a yo-yo? Who in the world used a yo-yo for fun anymore? Although she had to admit at least he chose a pretty cool-looking one. It was dark with a strange black and white spiral design upon it, the spiral spinning about as the yo-yo moved up and down, up and down, the spiral spinning around and around, up and down, around and around, the spiral moving in different directions as the yo-yo moved, up and down, up and down, the spiral spinning around and around, up and down, around and around, up and down, around and around, up and down, around and around....

“You’re feeling sleepy, Jordan,” Robbie’s voice intoned as the girl stared at the spinning spiral as it rose and fell. “As you stare into the spinning spiral, as you watch it move up and down, up and down, you feel more and more sleepy. So very sleepy, Jordan, so sleepy. Watch the spiral spin around and around, Jordan, around and around. You stare deeper into the spiral as it moves up and down, up and down, and you feel so very, very sleepy, Jordan, so very sleepy. Just keep watching the yo-yo, Jordan, watch the yo-yo. Watch it move up and down, up and down, the spiral spinning, the spiral spinning as it moves up and down, up and down and you feel so sleepy, Jordan, so very, very sleepy.

“You’re so sleepy, now, Jordan, you can’t keep your eyes open, you’re so very, very sleepy, you must close your eyes, Jordan. As you watch the spiral spin around and around, up and down, up and down, you’re feeling so very sleepy you have to close your eyes, Jordan, you have to close your eyes and sleep. Sleep, sleep, Jordan, a deep sleep.” Robbie let the yo-yo hit the lowest possible point and watched as Jordan’s head slumped forward, her eyes shutting as she fell into a trance.

Robbie lowered the yo-yo and moved ahead with his plan, his hands moving towards his clothes. “Jordan, listen to me. Listen to my voice very carefully. You are asleep now, Jordan, asleep but you can hear my every word. You will obey my every word, Jordan, obey anything I tell you to do as long as you are in this sleepy state, do you understand?”

“Yes....” Jordan whispered. “I understand....”

“Good, good. Jordan, you’re beginning to feel hot right now. Hot and sexy, Jordan, very hot and sexy. You like being this hot and sexy, Jordan, you like feeling this way, you want to feel even more sexy, Jordan and you know the way to feel more sexy is to take off your clothes.”


“Yes, Jordan, take off all your clothes. Take them off and as you take off each item of clothing, you’ll feel more hot and more sexy, Jordan, more hot and sexy by the moment. As you remove each item of clothing, Jordan, you’ll feel even more hot and sexy, Jordan, more hot and sexy. By the time you’re naked, Jordan, you’ll feel sooo hot and sooo sexy that you’ll want sex right away, Jordan, you’ll want sex with the next person who touches you, Jordan, the next person who touches you when you’re naked you’ll want to have sex with it. Go to it, you hot and sexy thing.”

Naked himself, Robbie watched as Jordan stood up and began peeling off her clothes, a smile on her face as she undressed. Robbie’s eyes widened as first her shirt went, then her bra, revealing Jordan’s nice chest, her tits firm yet appearing to be malleable, the nipples tight as she bent over and began to let her skirt drop. Her panties hit the floor, revealing her dark bush in between those nice legs, asking to be touched. Robbie answered that call by standing and moving over to Jordan, kissing her full on the lips. She answered passionately, her tongue probing into his mouth as he moved her down to the floor, his hands moving over her body as they continued to kiss.

Robbie broke away and spoke to her. “Jordan, kneel down facing the couch.” Jordan obeyed, giving Robbie a great view of her ass. He moved in, gripping her cheeks and squeezing, loving the moan she made as she felt herself pinched. He moved his face in close, past Jordan’s asshole and to her waiting pussy. He slowly began to lick at it, his tongue probing deep into Jordan’s womanhood, his hand continuing to squeeze at her as he did. Jordan moved herself against the couch, her breasts rubbing against the pillows as Robbie licked at her, trying to explore every inch of the young pussy.

As Jordan’s moans grew louder, Robbie knew she was close to coming and wanted to feel her with him as she did. He broke away his licking and lay Jordan’s back on the floor. He entered her, his hard rod easily sliding into her wet pussy. He began to push into her with the wild abandon of teen lust, his cock thrusting in and out, trying to penetrate her cherry. Jordan moaned louder as Robbie buried his head in between her breasts, using her tits as a pillow as he continued to pump her, his cock growing as his juices started to come loose. Jordan screamed as he penetrated, his wad blasting through her body, their first orgasm mind-blowing in a way neither could imagine.

Robbie took her again before realizing the time. He swiftly had Jordan dress again and as she did, he hurriedly used a special cleaner on the small spots on the rug from their lovemaking. That done, the dressed Robbie sat on the chair and faced the entranced Jordan. “Jordan, when I touch your head, you will count to twenty. When you reach twenty, you will awaken, refreshed and relaxed. You will not realize what time it is or how long you have been here. You are still waiting for Nicole to come down so you two can go out. You will not realize any differences in your body or anything unusual about how you feel when you awaken. If you ever hear my voice, and only my voice, say the words ‘yo-yo nap,’ you will fall asleep again and listen to what I say.” Sure he had covered all the bases, Robbie tapped Jordan’s head and began to walk upstairs.

As he heard Jordan count down softly, Robbie headed towards Nicole’s room to wake her up and send the two on their way. His first time had been terrific and he couldn’t wait for another one to come. And the way he thought, the next time would be much more of a game than this, with better toys.