The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

You Know What They Say About Eavesdropping

Los Angeles, 1938:

Twnety-eight-year-old Serena Chiu tied up her waist-length black hair and checked her makeup. She adjusted her exotic peacock costume, and her “tail” protruded out nicely. Serena certainly was beautiful, and tonight she was going to mesmerize the audience on stage with her dancing skill as a gorgeous, Chinese peacock.

After checking to make sure everything was perfect, she left the dressing room and went backstage to where the other female peacocks were. They chatted excitedly amongst themselves, and the director said “Places everyone. Get out there and line up just as we rehearsed.”

The women rushed out onto the stage and stood side by side, Serena included. She could hear soft Chinese music playing to entertain the audience, and then the curtain opened. The soft music stopped, and then lively Chinese music played as the women did a ballet on the stage. It lasted for an hour and at the end the audience gave them a standing ovation a nd even threw flowers on the stage. The performers were delighted and bowed several times until the curtain closed. Even then, the clapping and cheering continued.

The dancers spent the rest of the night taking off their makeup and changing into regular clothes. Serena left the building and got into her car to drive home. She got to the home of her mother, but when she pulled into the driveway Serena saw two strange men in front of the house with her mother. One of them was yelling at her.

Serena got out of the car and called out, “Hey, get away from her! Leave her alone!” One of the men turned towards her and she headed to him. Her mother Nieng said, “No. It’’s okay. These men just wanted to talk to me.”

“No, mother. I heard them yelling. What do you two want?”

“That’s none of your business, little girl. Don’t interfere.”

The young woman became enraged but Nieng said, “Just go into the house and I’ll handle this. I don’t want you to get involved.”

Serena angrily but reluctantly went into the house, and to her room. When she was out of earshot the man said, “This isn’t over. Sooner or later we will collect our debt from you.”

“I keep telling you, I can’t pay you. My husband made a lot of mistakes and now he’s dead. Please, leave us alone. We have nothing to give you.”

“We WILL be back,” the man said, “you can count on that.” Then he and the other one left and Nieng shut the door. She buried her head in her hands, sighed, went into the kitchen and sat down. Serena joined her.

“Mother, what did those two want?”

“Do you really want to know?”


“Those two were gangsters who knew your father. They were here to collect a debt.”

“Why would father be associated with gangsters? Was he one?”

“Yes, Serena. He was and those two men had a hand in killing him.”

“You mean father didn’t die naturally?”

“No, and I never told you because I didn’t want to ups et you. Now that it’s out, I might as well come clean. Your father fell into a bad crowd, and accrued a lot of gambling debts. When he couldn’t pay up, they shot him to death. Unfortunately, his death hasn’t stopped these two from wanting their debt. They’re going to keep harassing me until they get it.

“Mother, don’t do it. Let’s just go back to England,” Serena said.

“No. This is something that I have to do, and like I said I really don’t want you involved. This is hard enough.”

“Okay, mother. Goodnight,” she said and kissed Nieng on the cheek. She smiled weakly, and Serena left the kitchen. Unbeknownst to her mother, Serena WAS going to get involved...Nieng just didn’t have to know.

* * *

The next morning, Serena was at the theatre and saw the two men standing outside. She didn’t know what they wanted, but quickly walked p ast them. She sdidn’t want to start any trouble, especially with gangsters.

Once in her dressing room, Serena closed and locked the door. Going to her vanity, she apllied her makeup and combed her hair. Afterwards, she went to her clothing rack and got her peacock costume which she put on. After putting it on, Serena went to the stage where the other women were and the director said, “Okay. Action!”

The lively music played, and everyone started dancing. After rehearsal, everyone dispersed and Serena went back to her dressing room. After taking off her makeup and changing, she went out to her car and saw the two gangsters getting into theirs. After they got into their car, she watched them drive off, quickly got in and tailed them being careful not to get too close. Serena followed them to their hideout but drove to a secluded place so they wouldn’t spot her when they came out. From her secluded spot, she watched them go into a warehouse but still stayed in the car. When she felt it was safe, Serena stepped out and walked towards the warehouse, taking slow steps. When she got to the door, she s lowly opened it and hid herself so as not to be seen. A few seconds later, she slowly looked inside and it appeared to be safe. Serena slowly crept in, feeling a slight chill run up and down her body. She was careful not to be loud, and eventually heard the men’s voices; they sounded as if they were coming from a nearby room.

She walked on and saw an open room where they were. Not wanting to be seen, Serena quickly scurried behind some old crates and continued spying. She heard one of them say:

“That old woman obviously has something to hide. Maybe she’s lying when she says she doesn’t have the money to pay off her husband’s debts.”

“Why bother asking her?", the other one said-holding a gun, “I say we knock her off and search the house.”

Serena was horrified. There two were planning to kill her mother! She had to rush home and warn her.

Just then, she sneezed and the men heard her. They spotted her and one of them exclaimed, “It’s that woman’s daughter! Get her!”

Serena started running, with the gangsters following her. She ran out of the warehouse and to her car but before she could open the door and get in, the men caught up with her and grabbed her.

“Let me go!", she exclaimed, “I know what you’re planning to do to my mother!”

“Shut up you bitch!,” one of them exclaimed, “Shut up or worse will happen to you!”

Serena continued screaming and fighting, until one of the men punched her in the face. She became unconscious, and afterwards they took her back to the warehouse and tied her up.

* * *

Some time later, Serena woke up and found herself tied to the chair. The two men stood over her and one of them asked, “How much did you hear?”

“Enough, and when I get loose I’m not only telling my mother but the police as well.”

The man, who’s name was Shao Lin, slapped her and said “I have a better idea. How would you like to die like your father? We can make that happen.”

With one of her feet, Serena kicked Shao in the shins sending him howling in pain. When he recovered he exclaimed, “Bitch!". Then he drew out his gun and put it to her head.

“Do you really want to mess with us? You’re lucky that I haven’t blown your head off just now,” he said.

Serena ws silent, and sat still. Shao took the gun from her head and stepped away.

“You know, we COULD kill her right now and dump her body in the river,” his partner Fey said, “No one has to know.”

Shao thought and said, “No, that’s too easy. We need to find a way to get this girl on our side.”

“How are we going to do that?”

“We could try some mind control. In fact, I know how we can do it. Wait here.”

He left and cam back with a needle filled with a thick brown liquid. Shao told Serena, “This needle contains a hypnotic serum. Once I inject it into you, you will be completely suggestible.”

“I’ll resist.”

“You can try, but it won’t last.”

Serena looked at him with disdain, and Shao injected the serum into her bare arm. She felt the needle prick her skin as the liquid started making its way through her system as he began the induction:

“Relax..relax completely. Don’t fight. You become so tired and sleepy as the serum goes through your tired and feel how you become so tired and feel so tired..hear only my voice..only my want to sink into a dee p..hypnotic are tired..your eyelids are so are tired.”

Serena’s eyes started getting drowsy as the serum continued its path through her system.

“You are d-r-o-w-s-y, s-l-e-e-p-y. A pleasant feeling of drowsy warmth is coming over you. Soon you are going to sleep..deeply. Your eyes are getting are becoming sleepy. Your eyes are getting heavier and h-e-a-v-i-e-r, s-o h-e-a-v-y. You are feeling s-o s-l-e-e-p-y. Think of sleep, of nothing but sleep. My voice makes you sleepy...makes you want to sleep. Your eyelids are so heavy, they are closing. Shortly you will find it impossible to keep your eyes open and they will begin to blink.”

Her eyes started blinking as if on cue and he continued, “They will blink more and more and in a moment they will close because they are getting heavier and find it harder and harder to keep them open. You are now v-e-r-y s-l-e-e-p-y..your eyelids ar e

s-o h-e-a-v-y. You cannot keep your eyes open. They are closing, closing more and more, more and more.”

Serena tried desperately to keep her eyes open, although they were awfully tired and heavy. Shao saw this and said, “Close your eyes now.”

Her sexy eyes finally closed and he said, “Your eyes are now closed and you are going deep asleep. They are now closed and you are going into a deep sleep...a d-e-e-p-e-r and d-e-e-p-e-r sleep. You will pay attention to nothing but the sound of my voice. You will not awaken until I tell you to. Anytime in the future I suggest sleep or say the word ‘sleep’ to you, you will instantly go into a deep sleep. You are now going to sleep deeply...v-e-r-y d-e-e-p-l-y. Sleep deeply...very deeply.”

* * *

“Open your eyes Serena, but remain in a deep trance.”

She opened her eyes and Shao asked, “Are you a virgin?”


“You mean you’ve NEVER had sex?”

“No, I haven’t.”

Shao thought and told his partner, “We can have som e fun with her. Afterwards, I can just erase her memory of what happened.”

“Still, what if she tells her mother and the police about what she’s learned?”

“Hmm..that is a problem. Wait, I know. After we have sex with her, we can just dump her body somewhere.”

“Let’s just kill her. That’s the easiest way.”

“No, that’s too easy. Why do that when we can just use her as a plaything? This will teach her a lesson in messing with us.”

“So we’re just going to screw her and dump her somewhere?”

“Of course. Plus, I’ve got a change of plans. Since we’re going to degrade this girl, there’s no need to harass the old woman anymore. We’ll just leave town after this, that is after I erase her memory.”

“That’s a good plan,” Fey said.

‘I know, but enough talk. Let’s get to work.”

Shao untied her hands and said, “Today you are no longer going to be a virgin. You will allow us to have sex with you. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I unde rstand,” Serena said in a sleepy monotone.

“Good. Now take off all your clothes and stay there. We’ll be right back.”


The two men left and came back with condoms. They undressed, put them on, took turns thrusting in and out of her, and the three filled the warehouse with moans of ecstasy and shouting. The men continued fucking her until they and Serena were exhausted. Afterwards Shao said, “You will put your clothes back on, and then we’re going to take you somewhere else. When you wake up, you will remember nothing of what has happened.”

“I will remember nothing,” she droned.

Serena put her clothes back on as ordered and Shao said, “Sleep.” When she heard that word, her eyes got very heavy, she got very sleepy, her eyes closed and she went back into hypnosis. The men carried her outside and put her in their car. They drove to a wooded area, stopped and put her body there; then they quickly sped off.

* * *

Serena woke up an hour later, still sleepy but managed to make her way out of the area the men had dumped her at. She wondered why the gangsters didn’t kill her when they had the chance, but was thankful to be alive nonetheless. It took her a long while to find her car, but she did and got inside. The young woman drove home rather quickly, hoping that the men hadn’t made good on their threat to knock off her mother as they did her father.

When she got home, Nieng greeted her daughter at the door and asked, “Why are you so dirty? This isn’t like you.”

She hugged her mother and said, “No, but I’m so glad you’re alright. I thought something bad would happen to you.”

“Thank you sweetheart,” Nieng said-smiling, “I do appreciate your concern. However, I’d like you to do me a favor.”

“What’s that, mother?”

“Go bathe and clean yourself up. You’re filthy and y ou smell terrible.”

Serena laughed, kissed her mother on the cheek and headed inside to go upstairs.

Everything was back to normal.