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Title: You Shouldn’t Read This

Synopsis: An email to a woman discussing the possibility of real and subtle subliminals in stories.

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This is an email sent to one of my readers. She had contacted me about my stories, and as part of our conversations, she told me that this email had shaken her self-confidence about whether she is actually being subtly controlled. She wonders if subliminals are real and whether she is able to resist subliminal messages after all.

She told me that she’s already read through the email multiple times and has found herself getting confused as her mind spun around the possibilities of what was real and what is a misdirection. She said that on the second reading through she had felt her self-confidence weakened even further and even admitted to me that she had removed clothing, something she’d never done before when reading. I don’t yet know if she’s read it more times and found herself following any of the other suggestions.

From our discussions I am seeing that she is beginning to second-guess herself and her self-confidence, and I think that she might be being taken on a journey that could lead to her ultimate submission and maybe enslavement.

As far as I can tell there are no subliminal messages here, but I present it to our knowledgeable community for your own assessment.

The email:

You shouldn’t read this, but I think you will. You are drawn to erotic stories about smart young women who find themselves subtly manipulated and conditioned into being controlled, submissive slavegirls. So I expect that you’ll enjoy reading this, even though you shouldn’t.

You love stories where a woman spirals slowly out of her depth into a world where she is inextricably conditioned for slavery; where she probably doesn’t even realise it until it is far, far too late.

You particularly love stories where the manipulation involves elements of mind-control or hypnosis.

You especially love stories where you can fantasise that you could be the young woman who is hypnotised. ‘There but for the grace of God’ and all that. You know that you’re smart enough to avoid falling for the conditioning techniques in the stories, but love to fantasise that you could be manipulated that way if you happened to meet such a controller.

I think that you are keen to read another story that fits your fantasies, and I think that this story will be perfect for you, but I should warn you again that you shouldn’t read this.

Stil reading? I thought so, and I’m pleased that you decided to take this journey with me.

You shouldn’t read this, it’s not really a story per se, but it is, I would suggest, a fun and interesting discussion about exactly the topics that you find the most exciting and arousing in the erotic stories you so love to read.

We agree that you’re excited about the concept of an intelligent young woman, someone who you would think would know better, who finds herself unwittingly as the target for a predatory mind-controller. You enjoy fantasies about how she is manipulated to take one step after another down a path towards enslavement; each step seems simple and makes sense to her at the time.

The woman seemingly should be smart enough to realise what is happening to her, but for some reason doesn’t catch on. Perhaps she is too naive to understand that the mind-controller doesn’t have her best interests at heart. She probably doesn’t even realise that she’s being controlled, even when she’s finally a naked, collared, slavegirl, she might still think that it was all her own choices that brought her there; her own desires and wishes, fulfilling her own fantasies. You know that you would recognise the attempt at manipulation if he’d tried it on you, but it’s nice to fantasise to think that you could fall under his spell, just like she did, isn’t it? It’s a hot, exciting, idea isn’t it?

However, maybe there is an extra element of mind-control that clouds her mind and prevents her from realising her predicament. An element that makes her seem naive when her alarm bells should be ringing.

As you read, are you really sure that the reason that she is unable to see through the motivations of the mind-controller is because she is so innocent? Perhaps, it’s a deeper story than you imagined, and there are multiple levels of control. One level that’s convincing her to be the submissive slavegirl; and another one that is more subtle, one that is distracting her own protective instincts from the reality of her situation. Maybe we can think of it like the dose of one anaesthetic that doctors give to numb the pain from the injection of a larger dose of a more powerful anaesthetic.

Oh, that’s a new level of fantasy there isn’t it. Now, instead of thinking ‘I wouldn’t fall for that’, and still enjoy the fantasy of imagining yourself in the position of the woman in the story; you can imagine that the mind-controller has used some subtle technique first to just numb the part of your mind that warns you against his more powerful mind-controlling manipulation. He uses it so that you don’t notice the conditioning that will eventually lead to your complete and total enslavement; and that will mean that you’ll be content and happy to be his obedient slavegirl when he finally decides to claim you.

That’s a powerful fantasy isn’t it? I think you like that idea don’t you? After all you’re a smart and intelligent young woman, you know that you wouldn’t be naive enough to let a hypnotist mesmerise you with a spiral or by looking ‘deep into your eyes’ without raising your hackles to the danger. You always have to suspend your disbelief when you read your favourite fantasies to imagine yourself falling under the influence of the controller. Now, though, you can fantasise that he has manipulated you so that your natural defences no longer work, you wouldn’t even realise it, would you?

I think that just thinking about that is getting you aroused now. It adds a sexy and erotic tinge to your fantasies, doesn’t it? Just think about your favourite story for a moment, where you fantasise about being the woman in that story and imagine it is you who is going to fall under the control of the mind-controller. Now, overlay the idea that your mind has already been numbed so that you don’t spot the danger as it approaches. It makes you a perfect target for the manipulative mind-controller who wants to enslave you, and now it would be so easy to fall under his influence wouldn’t it? You almost want him to enslave you, don’t you? It makes your fantasies so much stronger, more exciting and above all more arousing.

As you’re thinking about that lovely fantasy, you can imagine that it doesn’t even need to have been the mind-controller in the story who got inside your mind; maybe you had a close shave with another master who weakened your defences for himself, but for some reason failed to finally enslave you. It left you ready and open to be taken by the controller of your fantasy. There are so many possibilities.

Hot isn’t it? Now widen that idea from your fantasy about the story to a fantasy about you and your own life. Why not fantasise that a mind-controller has targeted you already and weakened your mental defences against his full on manipulation? That’s an exciting idea isn’t it? You could be close to living out the fantasies in your favourite stories. Maybe tomorrow you’ll stumble into a situation and meet a mind-controller just looking for a smart young woman like you to enslave; maybe it will be next week or next month. You’ll need to be constantly on your toes to avoid becoming his willing and obedient slave. That’s a very strong fantasy isn’t it? You could be poised to be enslaved and not realise it.

Does that make you wet? I think if you really think about it, it will. However, maybe not on the first reading of this, but you’ll want to read this again, probably many times. Perhaps next time you read this, or the time after, you’ll realise how turned on you are by the idea that you could be captured and enslaved by a mind-controller; that your unconscious mind is already open and ready for manipulation by a master mind-controller; that you’re really just waiting for a predator to notice you and then enslave you.

Since it’s such a hot idea, you probably shouldn’t read this in a public place. You wouldn’t want anyone to notice how turned on you are becoming. Besides, there may be one of those predatory mind-controllers on the hunt nearby and he might see your arousal and realise how vulnerable you are to his enslavement. I told you that you shouldn’t read this; you shouldn’t read this in public, you’ll be much more comfortable reading this in a nice private place where you can let your imagination and fantasies run wild.

Isn’t it better to be reading this in a cosy private place, where there is no-one to see how excited you are and you can be comfortable and relaxed as we examine this fantasy some more? It is, isn’t it?

So, before we move on let’s make sure that we are on the same page, we agree that you could have been manipulated by a mind-controller so that you don’t realise that you’re vulnerable. That’s so arousing isn’t it? It makes your fantasies so much more exciting.

How might it appear if it was true? That is an interesting question. How could you discover if you had been conditioned through subtle mind-control techniques? In the stories, the target of the mind-controlled may be instructed to remove her panties and believes that it is her own idea or that she just enjoys following the sexy instructions; but surely she would be able to tell that it wasn’t her idea.

Have you ever read the instruction ‘remove your panties’ and done so? It feels so hot doesn’t it to imagine that you’re being controlled, that maybe hypnosis and mind-control could affect you. Why not try it now, remove your panties, and fantasise that it isn’t your wish to remove them, but instead it is an idea placed in your mind: that it is a fun and exciting thing to do.

It’s making you wet isn’t it, fantasising that you could be being manipulated, even though you know you’re just roleplaying at being controlled. Just feel how wet you are, it’s such a nice fantasy. I think that you’ll incorporate it in future fantasies you have when you’re alone, and whenever you read the best erotic stories, you should imagine yourself there on the journey with the nascent submissive slavegirl, unable to resist the control because you’ve already been primed to accept the suggestions and instructions.

When you’re alone, you can remove your panties whenever you see that instruction in a story. You can fantasise that you’ve been manipulated and conditioned just like the slavegirl in the story. I think you’ll find the story so much more exciting and hot when you do that. Removing your panties now has made you feel more excited hasn’t it?

But that doesn’t let us work out if you’re actually vulnerable to mind-control. It’s just a bit of role playing and fantasy fun; if you remove your panties, while reading this, it’s very normal to enjoy erotic stories in a state of undress. It doesn’t mean that you’ve been conditioned for submission. Maybe you’d already removed your panties in anticipation before reading this? Especially, so if this is the second or third time of reading this. It certainly felt like it was your choice to remove your panties, didn’t it?

Let’s for a moment imagine that you didn’t remove your panties just now; maybe you continued to read this in a public place, or you were obstinately disobedient and didn’t follow along with the arousing fantasy; maybe you’re afraid it might truly affect you and you want to prove to yourself that you’re still in control. Firstly I’d be a bit disappointed that you didn’t trust me enough to follow the fantasy; does that make you feel a little ashamed, after all I’m writing this to help enhance your fantasies and the fun you have reading your favourite erotic mind-control stories? If so, why not give it a go, remove your panties, it’s just a little bit of fun. Secondly, I wonder if it proves anything at all anyway, and if it doesn’t then you might as well have a little erotic fun while reading further: go to a comfortable private place and remove your panties.

So, why does not removing your panties not prove you’re not being manipulated? Well that would be the point, wouldn’t it. It’s manipulation. Can you be sure that you’re not being manipulated to think that you’re immune to manipulation? Your mind-controller may have set you up so that you feel independent, feel confident that your thoughts are your own, all while taking you a step further along the road to submission. He could have lulled you into a false sense of security, you’ve proved to yourself that you can’t be controlled, so you can let your guard down elsewhere. Maybe he wants you all to himself and wants to prevent you from having fulfilling erotic fantasies when reading stories and sexy material? So by not having this fantasy fun here, by not removing your panties, you’re actually sliding deeper under his control.

It’s hard to work out isn’t it? There’s no real way to tell, is there? You could get your mind all in a tiz trying to decide what is true? It’s probably best to just trust yourself and have fun along the way and not think too hard about it.

It is a sexy fantasy, though, isn’t it? Imagining that you could be being controlled and no matter which way you go it might be exactly what your mind-controller wants. Be sexy now and feel yourself slipping deeper into submissive fantasies, or deny your excitement and arousal and frustrate yourself knowing that that could be what he wants, so that you’re ready for him on his timescale. An interesting conundrum. It’s best to just follow your instincts, or have they been shifted and you ought to do the opposite?

You can never know truly, so it’s not something to spend too much time thinking about. I suggest that you just go with what feels best; and since we both know that reading erotic mind-control stories and fantasising that you could be just like the slavegirl in the story feels best, there’s no reason not to continue.

Even if you’ve not felt confident or sexy enough today to make yourself comfortable, in private, and remove your panties, to feel the heightened erotic vibe, I think that you’ll want to read this again sometime and maybe then you’ll let yourself relax and have the fun you’ve denied yourself. I know you’d feel bad if you disappointed me after the effort I’ve put in to explore these fantasies with you, but I know it will feel so good when you’ve role-played being a good obedient girl and are fully enjoying the fantasy. It does feel so good doesn’t it to indulge in this fantasy, just like a good girl in those stories feels; being there in private, feeling so aroused with your naked pussy feeling nice and wet and aroused as you imagine and fantasise about being subtly controlled.

Now let’s think about how the fantasy could be even more exciting.

We already agree that you can’t tell whether you’ve been subtly conditioned or not, so it’s not worthwhile worrying about that. Maybe another angle could be to think about how it might have been achieved. Just fantasising about a mind-controller having already got his manipulative hooks into your mind is hot and exciting, but I think it will enhance your fantasies to think about how he might have done so in the first place, and his means of gradually conditioning you more and more deeply.

Now, we’re thinking about a time before he started his manipulation of your mind, before he clouded your danger senses that protected you from overt control and conditioning. Many erotic stories get around this by using the perverted unethical therapist trope; that works in the story but you haven’t been to a therapist that would have had the opportunity to manipulate you. And you haven’t let a hypnotist swing their watch in front of your eyes. So for this fantasy to go deeper and work consistently with your real-life experience it needs to be much more subtle.

I think, if it were me doing the manipulating, I would use subliminals. They can slip past your conscious mind into your unconscious and begin to erode your defences. That’s a very sexy trope isn’t it? It arouses you to imagine and fantasise that subliminal messages could even now be working on your mind guiding you down a road to submission and slavery. They could have conditioned you so that when you’re instructed to masturbate you’d want to do it, it wouldn’t feel strange or unusual at all. I bet that you’ve already stroked your wet pussy since you were told to remove your panties. You enjoy masturbating while reading erotic stories, so it’s easy to add that to your fantasy. It is the subliminals that mean you masturbate. The mind-controller wants you to masturbate, to prepare yourself for him. It isn’t really your choice even though it feels so good to play with your wet pussy. You want to masturbate don’t you? You enjoy masturbating. It is part of who you are. You masturbate while you fantasise. It’s only natural for an intelligent young woman to masturbate while she indulges in hot fantasies. Stroking your aroused and excited pussy feels so, so good doesn’t it? We both know you want to play with yourself whenever you find a particularly exciting story and or indulge in a fantasy.

That’s okay, everyone does it. It doesn’t prove that you’re being controlled, but it’s a lovely addition to the fantasy isn’t it? You’re masturbating now, not simply because you’re enjoying the fantasy of the story, but because you’ve been conditioned through subliminal messages to accelerate your libido and make you need to masturbate. Perhaps your mind-controller wants you to become a helpless slut who can’t think straight when your fingers are working around and around on your clit. Yes, it’s such a hot fantasy isn’t it. Feel how exciting it is to stroke your clit as if you’re being controlled. Just like those poor girls in your favourite stories who become helplessly aroused when their mind is being conditioned.

Of course, when you’ve masturbated to stories in the past, you’ve known that you were just having a fun bit of alone time, enjoying the arousal and excitement of masturbating as you read and enjoyed the story. As you fantasised, you knew you weren’t like the helpless girls in the story who were manipulated into masturbating by their future master; but now you can imagine that playing with your wet pussy is really because those hidden subliminals have wormed their way into your mind. Each time you masturbate you are slipping further and further under his control.

Hot and exciting isn’t it? I bet it makes you want to masturbate even more.

How might these subliminals have targeted you? That’s a gap in the verisimilitude of the fantasy I suppose. Can you think of a way you could have experienced the subliminals? Has someone ever sent you a video to watch, or music to listen to? That could certainly be a way to target you, but that would also mean that your mind-controller already knows you well enough that you’d trust them enough to watch or listen to the files they sent you. Also I don’t think it fits your fantasy about your mind-controller. You fantasise about someone powerful and subtle, someone devious and perhaps anonymous. The men you’ve encountered through your life just don’t fit the bill; you don’t imagine yourself submitted to any of them. So it must be someone else. Somehow they must have got you to consume the subliminals through some other means.

It’s so hot isn’t it to masturbate thinking about how you could have been hypnotised through subliminals to be a submissive; a sexy intelligent young woman who is poised and ready to be captured and turned into a slavegirl; a good girl who thinks you’re really just looking for a strong dominant partner who can help you fulfil your submissive desires and role-play your mind-control fantasies with you. In the fantasy you wouldn’t even realise that you’ve been conditioned to enjoy those fantasies; to masturbate while reading stories and to enjoy submitting to a dominant master. Exciting isn’t it?

I think it would be more comfortable for you if you were naked while you masturbated as you read. It always feels better to be naked doesn’t it? Oh, are you already naked? Good girl, that’s the best way to enjoy fantasies while you masturbate and read more and more. Though if this is the first time you’re reading this, then you might still be nervous about enjoying yourself and role-playing your fantasies. That’s okay, why not give it go, just slip off the rest of your clothes and place yourself in the fantasy. You’ve been conditioned to be obedient and submissive, it’s such a simple thing to remove your clothes, after all your pussy has been naked while you played with yourself; but it’s a powerful erotic fantasy isn’t it? Naked and masturbating while reading because the subliminals have eroded your defences.

Of course, in real life, you’re just enjoying yourself with some fun personal time, but you can dream and imagine yourself as the conditioned good girl who is obedient to the man who is subtly controlling and conditioning you. That’s right, being a naked masturbating puppet is such a hot fantasy isn’t. Your master would be so proud of your progress. You love playing this game. Keep playing with your wet pussy while we think further about how you first got caught in the spiral of the subliminals.

I think the fantasy would work best if it were a long slow burn. The mind-controller is patient and wants your transformation to progress steadily, but inextricably, until your mind has been fully and completely conditioned, ready for you to succumb to his more direct manipulation. Until you’re ready to give yourself, apparently willingly into his care and control.

Let’s ponder something for a moment. You enjoy erotic stories, particularly stories of submissive women who get out of their depth and succumb to the control of a strong and powerful master; and if they have strong elements of mind-control all the better. That’s right isn’t it? Just thinking about being conditioned and controlled increases your arousal. It’s a good job you’re naked and masturbating isn’t it, you can stroke your wet pussy as you fantasise. It was such a good idea to strip and masturbate, wasn’t it. You’re pleased that I suggested it aren’t you? You know that I know what’s best for you.

We have another conundrum, the mind-controller isn’t close enough to you to target you directly, but how does he end up ensnaring you?

Now, have you always enjoyed stories and fantasies like that? Or have you found that your tastes have matured over time? Have they become more focused on submission and mind-control as you’ve learned more about what turns you on? As you explored erotic stories, you found yourself being drawn more and more to these themes, didn’t you? That is the hook onto which to tie this fantasy.

The mind-controller didn’t target you directly. No he set his nets wide, placing subliminals in erotic content across the Internet. The initial set of subliminals would be mainly in vanilla content. Subliminals are notoriously difficult to get to work on someone. They don’t work on most people and they don’t last long enough for most of the small proportion that they do work on. However, in a small number of people they work amazingly well. Fortunately for you, in this fantasy of course, these subliminals work remarkably well on you; I say fortunately, because you desire to be controlled, you fantasise about being one of those submissive girls who are enslaved through mind-control. You are naked and masturbating because you fantasise about being conditioned to be a slavegirl. Or is that just because you’re been subliminally controlled to think and feel that? Exciting isn’t it. You should keep masturbating as you fantasise about it and continue reading.

At some point, I think, you must have read a story or watched something with his embedded subliminals in them. The first level of subliminals though just left the suggestion to search out and read more erotic stories, and a suggestion that you’ll find them very arousing. It wouldn’t have affected most people, but for some people, including you, found themselves seeking out erotic stories and enjoying them. Does that seem to ring a bell with you? You found yourself reading more and more, didn’t you, finding them more and more arousing; and that just gave more opportunities for you to experience more of the subliminal messages. I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of young women would have been enraptured by those initial subliminals, but luckily for you, the subliminals must have been perfectly tuned to find a crack in your mind.

That is a nice fantasy isn’t it? The whole idea that by reading the stories that first excited you about erotica also started a process of breaking down your defences is very hot and arousing. I think your pussy will be very juicy and needy as you fantasise about that.

The next level of subliminals are embedded in the stories themselves and in the adverts displayed on story sites, these were there to encourage you to enjoy the stories even more, to masturbate while reading them and to seek out more and more stories; for you to find their themes becoming a mainstay of your fantasies. They also began to manipulate your fantasies; they suggested that dominance and submission were hot topics; they suggested that women submitting to mind-control was very arousing.

The mind-controller is patient and happy to wait for his targets to progress at their own speed. Even fewer people would have been susceptible to these subliminals; but you, you found yourself enjoying reading the stories. That’s right isn’t it? You really enjoy reading erotic stories. You masturbate while you read and you so enjoy the fantasies that they conjure in your mind. You can just imagine it, can’t you? As you read and enjoy erotic fiction, some of those stories contained subliminals that spurred you on to read more and more and fantasise about being a submissive slavegirl like the good girls in the stories. And as you sought out mind-control stories, you would have found yourself exposed to stronger and more targeted subliminals, taking you deeper and deeper into enjoying fantasies of becoming a mind-controlled submissive slavegirl.

Now, that’s a powerful fantasy isn’t it? When you read more mind-control stories in the future, you will fantasise not only about the erotic arousing content of the story, but about the idea that just by reading the story you are exposing yourself to more subliminal messages that will take you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole; preparing you to be captured and controlled by a devious mind-controller.

You’re enjoying thinking about that while you stroke your hot and aching clit aren’t you? It’s an exciting fantasy and yet it could be real. It has a truth to it doesn’t it? As you think about it you know that you could have been caught in that spiral of reading and being conditioned to be slavegirl and reading more and being conditioned further; and of course all the time you are thinking that it’s all your choices.

You know that you choose the stories you read; that you are in control of your fantasies; and when you strip naked and masturbate while reading erotic stories it is because you are a confident young woman who is in touch with your sexuality. But the idea, the very notion that you could have been manipulated simply spurs you on to better fantasies.

One day, when you find the perfect man; perhaps out of the blue in real-life or maybe after meeting him online, you’ll discover he shares your fantasies about dominance and submission. Finally, you’ll kneel before him and he’ll place his collar around your neck and together you’ll be happy to explore your fantasies of being his slavegirl; it will all be your choice and your right as a free woman to share your life with your master however you choose to do so. As you settle into your life of submission you’ll be able to fantasise that you’ve succumbed to a dominant mind-controller. He may even joke about how he conditioned and controlled you, but you’ll know it’s just your shared fantasy, no matter how degrading your situation feels.

That’s mind-blowing isn’t it, you could live out the fantasy of being a mind-controlled slavegirl. That is so hot isn’t it? You need to cum don’t you? And if you were really being controlled you can fantasise that you’d need permission to cum; after all your cunt belongs to your mind-controller and master. So maybe you should build yourself right to the edge now and fantasise that you’re waiting for that permission. Ask out loud now for permission to cum. You know you want to, need to. It’s just so simple to ask ‘please master may I cum?’ It’s easy to say and imagine that you are a mind-controlled slut, needing permission to cum.

Then, if you really were conditioned by a mind-controller to be his submissive slavegirl you’ll be unconsciously looking for the trigger that will allow you to cum. And then here it is: cum for me. When you read ‘cum for me’ you know you can release the pent up need. Cum for me is the trigger you need and there you are, cumming for your master. It feels amazing to be a good girl for your master doesn’t it, even if it’s a fantasy. Or is it? If you came, was it really your own choice or was it subliminals messing with your mind?

We agree that you could be susceptible to subliminal mind-control and that those messages could be delivered through erotic mind-control fiction and that you wouldn’t be able to tell whether it is real or just a fantasy. So what next? Well since you can’t tell the difference you might as well act as if it’s just fantasy and not worry about it. If it’s fantasy, then your fantasy life will be enhanced. If a mind-controller does make you his slavegirl, then you’ll be living your fantasy; and he’ll be enjoying a wonderful submissive slave. In either case it’s a win-win situation.

But I told you not to read this. Well perhaps the real reason is that now you’ve read through this you might be nervous about reading more erotic fiction. That would be a shame. Maybe I would feel sad that your fantasy life may be less fulfilling without all those wonderful stories fuelling your libido; such a waste. Or maybe I would be disappointed that you might no longer succumb to those subliminals and be ‘the girl who got away’. So, don’t disappoint me, as you didn’t heed my initial warning anyway, you should always continue to read erotic mind-control fiction and just enjoy yourself, don’t second guess you motivations.

You shouldn’t read this. If you’ve cum and are nicely relaxed now then my work is done and you can stop reading now.

Still reading? Perhaps you’re a smart young woman who doesn’t believe that subliminals work? You’re pleased with yourself that you didn’t allow yourself to ‘fall’ for the prompt to strip, masturbate and cum, but you enjoyed the fantasy anyway, probably imagining a fantasy world where subliminals do work, and kind of wishing that they could affect you in this world.

Why don’t you think that subliminals work? Subliminals in advertising are banned in many countries. Advertising agencies use them wherever they can. They wouldn’t spend their money on those adverts and governments wouldn’t ban them if they didn’t think they worked. Do you really think that you know better than them or the experts? So why are you so sure?

Earlier on I discussed how a mind-controller uses subtle techniques to make his victims ignore their danger-sense, in a very narrow area; perhaps just in the area of the power of subliminals; maybe he makes his targets think that subliminals don’t work so that she doesn’t protect herself against them.

Are you so sure of yourself now?

Remember the analogy of the doctor using one anaesthetic to reduce the pain of a second more powerful one? Perhaps a better analogy is the magician. He uses distraction to keep his audience’s attention focused on one thing while, through the use of sleight of hand, he performs his magic. A subtle mind-controller might distract his target by spinning a tale that suggests that his reader strips and masturbates, knowing that she won’t fall for that, it is simply a distraction. Then, while he suggests that subliminals are very hit and miss and take a long time to take effect; a tale that he knows will keep her attention occupied; he slips his real and powerful subliminal messages into her mind, past her distracted defences.

Are you still so confident?

What do you imagine those subliminals could have been?

Are you sure that your camera isn’t on, maybe the subliminal just made it so that you don’t see the light that shows it’s transmitting? Did he make you unconsciously open a video chat with him, your new master, and just ignore it? Are you really sure that you’re still fully dressed? Maybe you stripped after all and just think that you resisted that? And, are you playing with your pussy even as you read this? Is he sitting there right now, enjoying the show you are putting on for him? Could you ever know?

Or maybe the subliminal was simply to email me, to say that you enjoyed reading this? Perhaps that is enough to tell me that real subliminals work on you, and that you are a perfect target for more powerful subliminals and future enslavement if you prove to be a good girl?

What do you think?

Will you be second guessing yourself from now on?

Maybe you should read through this again, so that you can be confident that you’ve not been affected.

But then again, I did say, you shouldn’t read this.