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The Obelisk, part 4

by Somebody You Don’t Know

...a month later

Juliet was growing desperate, either to leave the city or to stop that fucking damn tower before it affected her. Either would do but since the thing seemed to stymie her or anybody else who tried to do one or the other, both looked like equally impossible outcomes.

During that time another 30 or so people had been named and changed by the obelisk, 2 of them with new, unique powers over others. At one point Juliet would have said this was the stuff of perverted science fiction and was indisputably impossible. Living through it though had convinced her otherwise.

The head cheerleader of the local high school was now a ‘pack leader’ and ran around in nothing but her birthday suid with her fellow cheerleaders, all of whom had become feral creatures seeking out nothing but food and mates while only capable of speaking in broken sentences and single syllable words. Each girl in her cheerleader ‘pack’ had taken a mate who became just as dumb and primal as the woman that took them. The 10 girls and 10 men (who included the high school principal) now spent all their time mixed between fucking, sleeping, and eating. It was a traveling exhibitionist orgy.

One of the police offices had become a ‘Toy Master’ capable of creating all sorts of mind control devices. His first task was to try to get the new contract to outfit the police force. Of course the slutty Chief Silvia Lopez eagerly gave it to him when she saw what her toys were capable of. Mind control chips in the hats had turned the entire police force into a home of total sexual depravity. And with the pump-up bras and jock straps the average bra size was around GG-cup and the men on the force all had dicks over a foot long.

Each time people were changed, it happened to somebody near Juliet. She had worked with some of the smartest people in town to figure out what was going on, they had not discovered a pattern and when she mentioned she had been in the crowd looking at the obelisk the first day when the police chief fucked a married house wife they noticed that there was at least one pattern; her. They tried to warn everyone and get away from her. But before they could the obelisk went to work again and Juliet’s allies simply became another extension of the rapidly growing hyper-sexed mob.

Juliet already know that trying to leave didn’t work and she already knew was that when you inevitably returned home you’d fall asleep naked and find one more article of clothing unwilling to go on when you awoke. She still wanted to leave again until her neighbors tried to leave, all of them naked. Turns out when you tried to leave and you didn’t have any more clothes to lose, you returned horny when you got back home. The family of four returned home and all but the fourteen year old boy climbed out of the car and began feverishly masturbating in plain view of everybody. The boy not only wasn’t jerking off, he was still wearing all his clothes. He just grabbed the house key from his mother’s discarded purse and tiredly staggered into the house to get some sleep.

It was at that moment that Juliet had began asking around and noticed that the obelisk seemed to be holding back with younger kids. Fifteen year olds hadn’t been directly target at all and the sex-crazed perverts, no matter how bad or sick their desires were, wouldn’t go after a fifteen year old unless he showed interest first. Fourteen year old kids could only get some action if they directly asked for it and anybody younger was denied even if they begged.

A little more digging and she saw that all the women transformed into bisexuals while none of the men did. This convinced Juliet that the obelisk or whatever was behind it had intelligence and was probably male. She decided that if she couldn’t stop the tower, she had to stop who or whatever was behind it. She became obsessed, spending her days at the library and searching the laptop. At first she wanted to stop the obelisk only to gain power and status, now it was more about saving herself. She refused to lose control, nobody and nothing would rob Juliet Janikowski of her mind or body.

Juliet worked so tirelessly that days and weeks became meaningless, calendars and clocks forgotten. She even failed to notice when her birthday came around. Since she had forgotten about that, she had also forgotten that every year on her birthday her mom came by to drop off a present and take her out for dinner. She didn’t remember until Juliet answered the door one day, and nearly cried when she saw her mother standing on the doorstep with a box wrapped in very nice, pink packaging. “What’s the hell is going on with your neighbors over there? Did they lose their minds or something?”

Juliet had a thousand thoughts running through her head and didn’t know what to say as she looked over at where her mother was pointing. Apparently her neighbors had tried to leave again while Juliet was busy. The 18 year old girl was sleeping face down in the grass with her naked ass in the air while her father slept with his back up against the car door, both had rather significant pools of fluid underneath them after they passed out pleasuring themselves again.

“Mom? What the hell are you doing here?!”

The lady held up the the gift she was holding, “Happy Birthday?”

Juliet quickly began to freak out, screaming for her mother to leave now before ‘it’ got her. She pointed at her nude neighbors and told her that she had to leave before the tower gets her too. She didn’t know what Juliet was talking about, but also knew her daughter was one of the most level-headed people she knew. If Juliet was freaking out, then she knew it had to be something bad. “If I leave will you promise to call me and explain what’s going on?”

“Yes. Anything, just go. I promise to call and explain everything in excruciating detail if you just leave now.” It was as the older woman began getting into her car that the voice returned once again.

“Andrew Pollard, Megan Janikowski: Programmer.”

Juliet nearly nearly cried as she watched her mother begin to change. Her body de-aged about 15 years, the early wrinkles and light sag on her face disappearing while the thick-rimmed reading glassed transformed into sleek, sexy glasses that enhanced her suddenly youthful, bright green eyes. Her brown hair lost all its gray and became as rich, thick, and glorious as ever and Megan’s clothes turned into a knee-length lab coat tied at the waist. Though she couldn’t see it, Megan wore no clothes at all under her lab coat.

Megan looked up at her daughter as she sat in her car and smiled, “I can’t go yet babe, I haven’t given you your birthday present yet. Promise it’ll help you get fucked real good. Any stud or slut is yours for the taking with this little baby.”

“No,” was the barely audible response from Juliet. Her mother began to climb out of the car letting the lab coat open to reveal her otherwise nude body. Her breasts were hidden but her trimmed brown bush and slit were on full display.

“Use this control and you can turn anybody into anything you want any time you want. How about you go find yourself a toy, I’ll get one myself and we can get together, fuck ‘em, and then get to know each other...properly.” Megan pressed her nearly nude body up against her daughter’s and began to moan like a whore. Juiet was finally broken and all she could do was simply cry as she ran into her house, shutting and locking the door behind her.

Megan sighed as she watched her frigid daughter run from sex once again, “I should have never let that cunt keep her free will. Oh well, not going to let my new invention go to waste.” She unwrapped the pink box and pulled out what looked like a simple smart phone. It would be completely indistinguishable form a normal cell if it weren’t for the phrase “There’s an .ass for that” emblazoned on the back of the device.

Megan looked over at the family lying nude in their yard and sitting or lying in pools of their own cum. Shrugging she pointed her phone at the father of the family and pressed the ‘download personality’ button. In five seconds her ‘phone’ was displaying a huge series of graphs, scales, personality traits, stats, desires, and personal information. Megan looked up at the name, “Kendrick Allan Poe.” First she highlighted that and deleted it and replaced it with the name Thickdick. She went from section to section, changing just about everything about his personal identity and mind before pointing the phone back at the man and pressed the ‘End and Upload’ button.

She repeated this for all three of the other family members in the yard and when she finished ordered them all to wake up and line up in order, shortest to tallest. All four of them were still tired from the obelisk’s enforced masturbation session but they woke up and began moving into position none the less, for the Goddess herself had commanded them to do so. Within 10 seconds they were formed up, in a straight line, thrusting their naked bodies out for inspection as the gorgeous, all-important temptress walked before them. “Okay boys, get hard for me.”

Immediately both Thickdick and Longprick were fully erect and standing with their hands behind their backs as they let their mistress take inspection of their shafts. “Very nice, very nice indeed. I think I will be able to make use of you both. Longprick, you ever eat pussy before?”

The seventeen year old man felt his whole world collapsing as he admitted the truth since the thought of lying was now alien to him, “No mistress, I am still a total virgin.”

Megan grinned devilishly at the boy’s shame. It was always so cute to see her slaves react to the first potential disappointment. “Don’t feel bad son, I love fucking virgins and it means I get to train you myself.” Longprick smiled and became if possible even harder. Mistresses every compliment fueled his body and mind with renewed sexual desires and passion. “Thickdick, what is your sexual history.”

“I have had vaginal sex and eaten pussy. I have had sex with 10 partners in my life, two of them in the past year; they are my secretary and Wettwat. I have had sex with both at least three times per week for the past six months.”

Mistress smiled and looked at her slaves, “Excellent, Thickdick I want you and Longdick to accompany me to the living room so you can teach your son what you know. Wettwat the boys will be busy for a long time so I want you and Pinkpussy to make us some veggie stew.”

Thickdick followed Longprick (who was now his son since Mistress said so) and they went to the living room while the naked girls walked to the kitchen. Neither Wettwat nor her daughter Pinkpussy needed instructions or had to be told what to make since they somehow already knew the recipe. Wettwat went to the fridge and grabbed some celery while giving the carrots to Pinkpussy. Each pruned and peeled their veggie, Pinkpussy cutting the carrots into sticks before stuffing as many as she could into her tight vagina.

Each girl passed the other woman some of the veggies they were cutting up and began shoving the vegetables up their twats. When Pinkpussy decided her cunt was full she saw that Wettwat had finished packing herself and had already taped her snatch shut, making sure none of the food or juices could leak out. After helping Pinkpussy get her pink pussy sealed up tight the two ladies fell on the floor together in giggly, passionate lust. They began to make out and paw at one another with feverish heat, determined to get the other girl as hot as possible so the ‘stew’ was properly prepared.

In the living room Megan Janikowski had her legs spread wide while Thickdick explained what he had learned from eating his secretary’s cunt. “The important thing is to not just dive right in, you have to tease. Women are just like men when they cum, the hornier they are and the more pleasure that’s build up the harder they cum when finally pushed over the edge. Be sure to keep your tongue nice and wet, a dry tongue will scratch and hurt rather than give pleasure.”

Thickdick couldn’t help lightly jerking off as he watched Longprick eating out Mistress’ gorgeous pussy. Of course he hadn’t cum yet, he wouldn’t until he was given permission. In the meantime he did what he was told, as Longprick, Wettwat, and Pinkpussy would. The father and son took turns attacking their Goddess’s cunt getting her off several times and after an hour were joined by the two girls who emerged from the kitchen. They had both cum several times and the veggies in their holes were thoroughly drenched in the trapped juices of their honeypots.

The girls ripped the tape off the other’s cunt and soon had their pussies pressed up against one of the men’s faces. Thickprick was eating the celery and carrots from the younger girl’s pussy while Longprick worked with all his talents to get the pussy-juice drenched carrot and celery sticks from the Wettwat’s wet twat.

After eating their lunch the two men switched partners as Mistress commanded them to improve their fucking techniques. For two hours they kept at it, trying different positions and none of them being allowed to cum yet. It was around that moment that Mistress looked up from her pleasure slaves and saw that their youngest child, the 15 year old boy was on the couch watching...and masturbating.

She reached onto the end table to grab her ‘smart phone’; if she read the expression on his face right...point, click...yep envy. He had a strong submissive side and desperately wanted to be just like them. Normally she wouldn’t touch a 15 year old, but if he wanted in she wasn’t going to deny him. With a few quick changes she uploaded the new personality and Cumstick was born.

“Okay slaves, I am ordering Cumstick to bring me to orgasm. When he accomplishes that task, you will all be allowed to cum. When he brings me to orgasm the second time, you will all be allowed to stop cumming.” Megan looked down at the boy who now worshipped her cunt and decided right then and there that starting tomorrow her daughter wouldn’t be allowed a choice in who she fucked. She had three male slaves, might as well make it three female slaves too.

Looking out the living room window she saw the kitchen light turn off in her daughter’s house and smiled as she sat in the chair and spread her legs for her newest slave, “Alright boy, get to work.”


Juliet Janikowski didn’t drink much. She didn’t drink at all really, so the half bottle of vodka she had drank in the past three hours was beginning to really get to her. And the phone call she had just received had made it worse. Her father had just called her to explain why Megan had just called to say she was staying in town and ‘had a new family’. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t dissuade her father from getting in the car and coming to find out what the hell was going on. And to make matters worse he was apparently bringing Juliet’s younger sister with him.

After the phone call Juliet took a few more deep drinks from her bottle and left her house. She hadn’t slept much the past week, nor had she showered or really bothered to clean in several days so she knew she must have looked disheveled and horrible but she didn’t really care. She knew she was too drunk to drive so she began walking with bottle in hand to the source of her torment.

As she walked by the tower signs of its influence were now hard to miss. She walked by two Asian women who looked alike enough to be mother and daughter as they both walked nude down the sidewalk with a naked man on a leash trailing behind who walked on all fours. Two blocks later she came across a police officer, normally he probably would have arrested Juliet for being drunk in public. Now he couldn’t because he was too busy fucking his H-cup partner over the hood of their cruiser. And then she got to the coffee shop where her mayoral plans were destroyed and there was her former hero Maryanne Masters. Giggling and bimbo-stupid as ever while she was awkwardly positioned in a booth where the table had been removed and two men pistoned in and out of the woman’s hairless sex at the same time.

Seeing that image Juliet took one last swig of vodka and threw the bottle on the ground as she stumbled over to the tower. She didn’t know what she could do, but she didn’t want to become a sexual deviant. She didn’t want to become a slut. She didn’t want to become another stereotype. She staggered across the street to the obelisk and without any better ideas simply began to scream obscenities at it.

“You son of a bitch! You destroyed my life you miserable piece of shit! You’re wrecking the whole town for fuck’s sake! If I had the launch codes I’d nuke this whole God damned town just to be rid of you!”

“You do know you have the power to get rid of it right?”

Juliet turned around to see what looked like a non-descript and unassuming teenage boy standing behind her. He was looking up at the top of the tower and smiling a perverted smile that made Juliet’s skin crawl. “You had the power to get rid of this from the moment I put it up; you but only you could have stopped it even before the first person got fixed by it.”

Her mind wasn’t working very well due to the unusually high level of booze in her system, but she did understand the phrase, ‘the moment I put it up.’ This little prick claimed to be the one that build this monstrosity and that she was somehow able to get rid of it. Her initial response was to laugh or say he was full of shit but something about the look in his eyes told Juliet that the man was telling the truth.

Her initial response to that realization was a desire swing and knock the bastard out but fortunately a small tick of inhibition and her legal training kicked in first. She needed to find out how to get rid of the thing; then if it turns out he was responsible beat the twerp to death if she had to, “What the hell are you talking about? How?”

“It’s easy really, just touch it. Touch it for 60 seconds, if you still want it gone when the time is up it will vanish completely and everybody will be changed back to the way they were before I arrived in town several weeks ago.” The boy looked at her with a smile knowing what was going on inside Juliet’s head. Just touching the thing seemed way too easy and simple, but at the same time it seemed too simple and easy to not try.

There was something perverse and creepy about the way he looked at her, but not in a sexual way. He had full control of the situation; he knew what had happened, what was happening, and what was going to happen. The maddening self-assured look on his face made her even more angry when she realized that she was probably going to do exactly what he had suggested. She slowly turned around and looked up at the 50 foot tall source of all her problems and after clearing a lump from her throat reached out to touch the construct. As soon as she touched it, Juliet felt something completely alien to her; wave after wave of sexual arousal and pure, unbridled, unrestrained pleasure.

Juliet felt mindless joy of obedience and the overwhelming glory of domination. She felt the ignorant bliss of being a bimbo while she also felt the profound satisfaction that came from manipulating others. She was a simple-minded animal, a cow good for nothing but milking and breeding, a bitch in heat ,and just some horny family’s pet. At the same time she was a sexually unquenchable dominatrix, a calculating corrupter of innocent minds and a true Goddess worshipped by hundreds of desperate, horny followers.

At the same time she felt a tongue lightly tickle her clit while a cock pounded hard into her needy womb. She felt a gentle caress on her breast, and at the same time felt her nipples were being brutally twisted in glorious pain. The taste of cum, the cum of several men and women swirled around in her mouth providing dozens of unique flavors. Her pussy contracted tight as it was fucked for the first time and while at the same time felt lose and experienced as if she had been fucking indiscriminately for years.

Juliet heard the lustful cries of men and women screaming in the night, soon joining them as each unique feeling, taste, and voice brought forward its own unique orgasm. She had given in, sex was beyond glorious or wonderful; it was perfect. Each different form of sex was just a different form of perfection and she was determined to seek out and feel them all. Just as she was determined to allow others, everybody she could in fact to feel the perfection that existed in carnal passion. After what might have been sixty seconds or sixty years the feelings stopped and Juliet slid to the ground too spent to do more than giggle at how silly she had been in her old life.

She understood it all now. The tower started off seeking those who had opportunities for a lot of great sex but refused to partake. Mrs. O’Leary was kinky beyond anything her husband Sheamus could imagine. He was religious and insisted on not having sex until they got married and after the ring was on the finger he turned out to only be interested in missionary position with the lights off. Their sex life got boring for her and soon the couple were in quiet, mutual sexual frustration. When the obelisk freed his mind it may have saved their marriage. When she found her husband fucking the teenage girl next door the only anger she felt was resentment at not being included. As punishment she made the young girl eat her out while her husband took the virginity of his wife’s ass.

Barbara Thompson had lesbian desires that she stifled down from the moment she realized Samantha might be gay as well. It scared Barbara so she denied to herself her real feelings and in the process cost years of joy and sexual bliss for both women. Chief Biggs spent too much time on his job and left his wife unfulfilled, Karen Lawler had lost her self-confidence after three children and never wanted to fool around any more, Maryanne Masters was a cock-teasing virgin, the priest had taken a vow of celibacy, the Japanese woman and her daughter had a horny boy coming around every day and neither fucked him or planned to. The obelisk merely did what it had to do in order to fix them. The sexless people of the town gave it no choice.

As Juliet stood up she could feel the presence of every mind in town and looked up to see the obelisk no longer appeared orange to her. It was a cold, dull black and she feared that she had destroyed it before she understood how glorious it truly was. She thought she was going to cry once again until a mirror appeared out of nowhere in the mysterious teenage boy’s hands and she saw her eyes, now with bright orange pupils.

The boy didn’t explain and didn’t need to, he just nodded and disappeared into nothingness as Juliet stood up realizing that she now had the power. She now had control, she could feel the sexless people and the dysfunctions that left them in such an unfortunate state. Juliet needed to fix them and knew she had the power to do so. But first she had some personal business to tend to, two more people had just driven in to town heading for Juliet’s house...

Juliet arrived home just as a car pulled up in front of her house and her dad and sister got out. By this time Juliet was burning with arousal and had abandoned her clothes and had decided that after fixing her sister and father, she would take a couple days and get herself fixed. Over and over and over again. Juliet smiled lustily as she walked the final block to her house nude, the chilly night air felt so pleasantly cool against her bare skin. She could smell her own pussy dripping and thought about turning herself into a contortionist just so she could have a taste directly from the source but held off since she had other things to take care of first. Her dad’s car was parked out in front of her house with Steve and Janet Janikowski standing on her doorstep.

The two were staring impatiently at her front door and therefore didn’t see Juliet approaching. She had been thinking for the perfect way to do this and she somehow knew she could spread her influence beyond the city limits and that this was the key. All she had to do was go the right way and Juliet had figured it out. As she approached her sister and father she began to speak, “Janet Janekowski: Genie.”

Steve turned around at the sound of his daughter’s voice and was dropped to one knee by the surprise of Juliet’s appearance. Completely nude and doing nothing to hide her pert or erect nipples and the moisture running down her leg. At the same time his other daughter was changing in ways he couldn’t understand. Her skin darkened a couple shades while her features became smoother, leaving her with a vaguely middle-eastern appearance. At the same time her clothes were replaced by a blue string around her shoulder and waist with nothing but baby blue, beaded gossamer strands hanging down to cover her chest and vagina. They did little to cover and nothing to conceal the large brown puffy nipples or bald, shiny, caramel colored slit her younger daughter now possessed.

Janet dropped to her knees in front of her father and looked up hungrily at him with eyes often drifting to the man’s crotch before using her newly found breathy, lust-filled voice, “Hello master. What wish can your servant grant for you?”

He was about to wish for her to put some clothes on but was interrupted as his other daughter ran up from behind him and gave him a great big hug while pressing her bare chest into his back, “Daddy! I missed you so much, your dick is my absolute favorite-est dick in the whole wide world!”

The man turned and saw his eldest daughter pressing her naked body into his and had to duck away when she tried to press her lips up against his. He stepped back and stared. Juliet...serious, no-nonsense, sexless, bitchy, and borderline evil control freak Juliet was acting like a little girl sex fetish slut and running around town wearing nothing but a smile! His daughter Janet had always been innocent, nervous, and shy...not to mention white but now looked like Jasmine from the old Aladdin cartoon grew up and become the biggest whore in the Middle East! They were on their knees switching between staring at his face and at his crotch, licking their lips at the latter.

Janet was the first one to reach out and try to grab the zipper while Juliet took her cue and reached for his legs so he couldn’t jump away. Janet’s lack of experience didn’t show at all as she deftly undid her father’s pants despite his struggling and fished his cock out with no sign of reluctance and every sign of wonder, “Come on master, isn’t there something, anything at all you want? Anything at all and I can give it to you. I am here to fulfill your wishes.”

He was going to say something but Juliet yanked his legs hard and caused him to fall hard on his back. Before he could rise she sat down hard on his chest, rubbing her soaked, nude pussy along her dad’s midsection. “Come on, Janet’s got magic now and can give you any wish your horny cock desires. Isn’t there something you want?”

He was still bewildered beyond belief and astounded and flabbergasted by his daughters’ behavior. The fall had caused him to lose his breath and his Juliet humping his belly made it hard to think but he finally came up with a single thought as he stared at Juliet as he found himself near tears as well, “Yeah, I just wish I knew what was going on inside your fucking head!”

Janet stopped toying with her father’s dick with a look that was a mix of disappointment and excitement, “Very well daddy, prepare to know EXACTLY what is going on inside Juliet’s head.”

At that moment, he began to cum. But this was an orgasm beyond anything he had ever felt. It was intense beyond anything he had ever felt, or rather THEY were more intense than anything he had ever felt. He began to feel desires of domination and submission well up within him. Pussies, asses, lips, breasts, and hands stroked his dick. Some were worn an inexperienced, some virgin and fresh but he felt all of them simultaneously and he felt all of them distinctly.

He was on his knees licking the bottom of his mistress’ boot and he was using his big toe to fuck some dirty little slave slut. He was a nerd banging the head cheerleader, a jock screwing the principal. A cop screwing the whores instead of arresting them and a man-whore screwing some bored housewife. He could taste the pussy fluids of hundreds of women, including both of his daughter’s and he loved each and every individual flavor.

He didn’t know how long it lasted but when he woke up he wasn’t at his daughter’s home anymore; he was back home. It couldn’t have been more than a few minutes from what the clock on the dresser said. He stood up and began stripping his clothes off, damn he needed a good fuck and wanted to know where some good pussy was.

As he thought that, he began to feel a sensation; thousands of minds, their lives, their loves, their thoughts and passions filled his head and he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt just about every one of them was wrong. They were too close-minded and too inhibited, but as he looked out the front window at the giant, black structure that had sprung up beside the town water tower he knew he had the power to change them...

The End.