The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter Four — Modifying 003

“YESSZZ.” Tony hears in his semi- conscious state. He struggles to climb from the depths of his sleep. His first stirrings inflame every region of his aching body and he suddenly is aware of his surroundings and his hopeless situation. Squinting tentatively, he can just make out HER incredible figure drawing nearer. “ahhh,” he groins, muscles straining desperately against his bonds, trying to thrust forward, humping nothing but air. Tony is possessed with excruciatingly pained lust. He needs to cum, he needs it so badly. He needs HER so much, he adores HER.

“VER-RRY GOOD,” HER velvety voice drives him to slam his petrified cock into the metal ring encircling it causing even more self-inflicted anguish. “UHH, MY BULL IS RAGING,” SHE purrs, HER scent egging him on. Troy fully opens his eyes to see his captor in all HER provocative glory. Nearly transparent, white sheen leggings are painted onto sensuously sculpted limbs, riding daringly low over protruding hips. A brazen weave of shimmering body jewelry floats over HER enormous tits. In his revelry of sexual craving he barely senses the wand move forward and touch the tip of his erection. “aww, gawd,” he yelps as the electric current flows down

the shaft and into his swollen scrotum. His head drops and a gloved hand presses it to remain there. Hyper-ventilating, Tony gazes on a pair of high glossed snakeskin boots that sheath HER feet and ankles in treacherous splendor. SHE laughs softly, seductively, “HAVE I GOTTEN YOUR FULL ATTENTION?”

Tony whimpers, “yes, yes, I, I don’t know who, who I am, but I, I know that I worship you.”

“OF COURSE YOU DO, MY BIG BOY,” a gentle touch on the insanely sensitive underside of his now immense member makes him tremble throughout his tortured frame.


Feeling HER body delicately slither over his groin, Tony begins to pathetically sob with the torment of denied release. HER hand coated in a white leather driving glove pinches his inner thigh, “I WILL CONTROL YOU, I WILL BE YOUR OBSESSION AND YOU...” SHE hesitates caressing first one and then the other of his balls, squeezing ever so slightly, sending fire into your twisted mind. You fear HER, you crave HER, but most of all you crave pleasing HER. “...ARE—NOW—MY—FUCK—TOY,” SHE whispers malicious intent present in each and every word. HER hand tightly grasps Tony’s pulsing penis and begins furiously jerking it. He moans and groans in perfect time to HER strokes, “DO NOT CUM, DO NOT CUM, DO NOT CUM,” his mind and body are completely HERs. There is nothing he won’t do for HER and both of them know this to be the truth; his fate is sealed. Abruptly SHE ceases the vicious hand job at the very brink of his eruption. He starts to loudly wail, and promptly the wand is produced again striking the moist head of his cock and remaining there. This pain is beyond his comprehension. Tony quivers and opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes forth. He has no air to exhale, no voice to express. It seems like an eternity before SHE removes the cruel device, and he hears the sadistic sound of HER wicked laughter. Tony writhes against the metal straps, his will totally broken as he repeatedly whines,”Hurt me more, please, please, hurttta me , hurtta me,” his voice fades into tearful crying.

“YOU ARE MINE, NUMBER THREE, ALL MINE.” Strutting to his side The Abductress reaches over his head and expertly flips several small valves in the umbilicals leading to his halo. Then the table upon which Tony’s firm, athletic body has been bound for nearly two days audibly whirs as simultaneously every single shackle slides open. He doesn’t comprehend what is happening. He sees HER breathtakingly beautiful face descend from above to hover majestically over his. HER lush, full lips glisten invitingly, parting to speak in a hushed erotic voice, “YOU ARE MY SLAVE-BOY. YOU WILL JOIN MY TWO OTHERS TO WORSHIP ME AS THE GODDESS I AM.” Through tear-blurred eyes Tony mumbles, “Yes Mistress, yes,” feeling unbounded adoration, along with a sense of blind devotion to this all-powerful, mysterious she-devil who now unquestionably owns him. At the clicking of HER sky-high heels, he turns his head just a bit and HER perfect pussy enters his field of vision. The reflective latex clinging skin fit to it is separated, creating a mouthwatering opening which prominently displays the gentle curving of pink lips and a shockingly large, erect clit protruding outward. “GET ME OFF,” SHE orders in an evil hiss, swinging one of HER astonishingly long legs over Tony’s head, adding, “BEFORE I GO GET NUMBER FOUR THIS AFTERNOON.” Tony’s thoughts race through all the demeaning pleasure his kidnapping has brought and how his life serving this beguiling bitch goddess has only begun. He is HER third, but without doubt SHE’ll have the fourth, and who knows how far beyond. The sweetest bit of honey drips into his mouth as SHE descends. He flicks out his tongue to touch paradise and to taste ecstasy.