The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter Three — Informing 003

Tony flexes and strains against the multiple metal straps holding his body quite secure. He knows his struggle is futile but it seems the only thing he can do. In the upright position he’s placed, the expanse of the room is not even recognizable. It seems to be huge. As he slobbers down his chin, the drug which has been injected into him further denies him speech. He feels impotent. His thoughts race to devise a plan of escape, but nothing comes to mind, and he must admit to himself that he really wants to be in HER presence again, and again, and…

... abruptly the table he’s bound to snaps into motion and he is turned quickly onto his side. Seconds pass before the apparent automation turns him onto his other side, then soon after to a horizontal position as before. He feels as if he’s on a bar-b-que rotisserie, while obnoxious elevator-type music invades his senses. Closing his eyes, Tony tries to analyze the purpose of his captivity and what SHE will do with him. He believes that the

tubes in the halo must be introducing something, some chemical into his brain, while the wires connect to monitoring devises. Yet he realizes these are only his feeble guesses, but what he does know is the sensing of change in his body and his mind. It feels like when he hasn’t had sex and really, really needs to jerk off. Its a primal need that presently, of course, he can’t possible gratify. Fighting his thoughts, Tony simply cannot block the vivid vision of HER, which is absolutely driving him crazy. Its making his swollen cock throb agonizingly with a blind gnawing. This desperate situation goes on and on, seconds turn to minutes, minutes to hours of half conscious, excruciating need...

… Tony is suddenly startled out of his torturous mental and physical state by sounds at the far reaches of the room, His heart leaps, his pulse surges. It is HER. It is his abhorrent captor, yet it is also his deep, reckless desire. SHE enters from afar striding ever so slowly towards him. The air is all of a sudden filled with a heady mixture of perfume and alcohol, blending with the unmistakable musky scent of sex. SHE materializes at his side, towering above him. “HI, PET,” reaches his ears as fingertips tweak the nips on his heaving chest. “Ohh,” he moans pitifully at HER touch. The brief glimpse of HER hourglass figure moving by is simultaneous to the table tilting upward. Tony sees that SHE is not in the uber-sexy ensemble SHE left in hours ago but rather something metallic and even more sensational. “UHH, I WAS THE HOTTEST PLAYER AT THE CLUB, AS ALWAYS,” SHE coos. Of that there is no doubt in Tony’s mind as SHE comes into full view. Most of HER spectacular bronzed flesh is exposed; the limited areas that are not are covered in shimmering silver. A skinfit, barely-there micro-mini stretches across HER lower torso and a very brief drape of delicate chain-mail follows the contours of HER massive tits, displaying nearly their entire surfaces. His aching body tingles with an overwhelming craving, stronger than he’s ever felt before. “A NAUGHTY BOY SPUNKED ON MY CATSUIT,” SHE proclaims low and curt, “HE LICKED MOST OF IT OFF, BUT I CHANGED ANYWAY...” the sharp tip of a fingernail runs up his stiffened penis evoking a soft whimper from the bound male, “...JUST FOR YOU,” SHE teases moving closer and closer. “LIKE IT, DON’T YOU?” the inquiry accompanied by a few delicious strokes ever so firmly up and down his shaft. Tony pants with each movement, sensing the drug wearing off he struggles to speak,”wuy, wuy, why m,m, me?”

Chuckling SHE steps around him and slowly strides away, saying, “I’LL TELL YOU. MY GIRLS EXPLORE, FIND GUYS WHO MEET MY REQUIREMENTS—HANDSOME, MUSCULAR, TROPHY COCK. IF I APPROVE, I DEVISE A TRAP, SPRING IT AND KIDNAP MY PREY, LIKE I DID WITH YOU, DARLING.” Tony strains to see HER behind him. SHE is reflected in the ceiling mirrors, standing before some kind of electronic console working controls expertly. “ABDUCTION IS SO STIMULATING,” SHE swivels HER hips and emits a sensual growling sound, “UHHH, IT TURNS ME ON, IT GETS ME OFF, UHHHH, YESZZZ.” Tony squeals in agony, “ple, please, I, I can’t stand ta to...” but he doesn’t get to continue as a loud buzz reverberates in his skull blurring his immediate thought. “HUSH, BOY, I’M ADJUSTING YOUR FEEDING,” She snaps, pivoting to return to him and wearing a stern look on HER stunningly glamorous face.

A quiet panic engulfs Tony and he manages, “Fe, fee, feeding?” His captor leans to the side, HER metal chain top jangling as it rubs across his cheek. HER nipple juts out slipping over his eye socket as he feels the halo at his head tightening. “I NEED YOU RIGID, NOT JUST YOUR BIG JUNK, BUT YOUR HEAD AS WELL...THERE, THAT’S BETTER.” SHE comes back into view, HER lips tantalizingly skipping across his open mouth, “BABE, I’M MOULDING YOU, TRANSFORMING YOUR MIND TO OBEY ME, MAKING YOU INTO MY PERSONAL SEX-TOY.” SHE traces around his nose, lips, chin and down his neck with the sharp edge of a nail, letting the evil of HER comment sink in and watching the horror in his eyes build. “YOU ARE GOING TO BE #3, HUN.”

Leaning back HER gaze descends to his throbbing boner, and a small smirk appears as SHE explains,”MY LATE HUBBY WAS MY TEST CASE. OLD MAN PASSED AWAY OF OVER-EXERTION IN MY BED; JUST 72, POOR BABY.” SHE steps in front of Tony and presses into his groin with HER slippery, curvy ass, “I WAS THE ONLY HEIR, UMMM,” HER grinding starts in luscious slithering motions, “SO I’M FILTHY RICH.” Tony is in a dazed delirium as SHE continues, “NOW I WANT EVERTHING AND I WILL HAVE IT. ESPECIALLY A STABLE OF SEX-CRAZED STALLIONS FOR MY USE—ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYWAY.”

“Ohh, ple, pleeezzz,” he begs similar to a crying juvenile. HER movements have evolved into a deliberate upward and downward rhythm as SHE expertly brings him to the precipice of release. “I HAVE #1 AND #2 RECHARGING IN THEIR ROOMS NOW, SO THEN THERE IS YOU!” He grits his teeth, eyes closed, a primitive animal needing only relief. SHE abruptly stops the lewd teasing to step away and observe the damage. His erection is substantial, steel solid, and oozing pre-cum in a steady stream. “HORNY, BABE?” SHE whispers breathy and seductively,

“OF COURSE, YOU ARE. I’M PLANTING MY POWERFUL, INSANELY ADDICTIVE PHEROMONES IN YOUR EVERY CELL. YOU’LL GET EVER MORE LUST-DRIVEN, MUCH MORE AS FEEDING PROCEEDS.” Reaching out, SHE massages his temples gently, “I’M MODIFY YOUR MIND; SOON YOU’LL BE UNABLE TO RESIST ME.” Now fingers slip into his hair and SHE darts the tip of HER tongue around his dry lips, “LATER.” With that the torrid temptress swiftly glides away leaving Tony to suffer further in eerie silence.