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Absence of all Morality Chapter 2

While we waited for the store to open, I was busy installing all of the last minute commands into Kimberly that I could think of. Things like coming up with commands that would thwart any possible ideas for escaping she could come up with, and what to be programmed to say if people asked certain questions, stuff like that. All the while Kim would throw the occasional insult or sly remark, and would beg to be let go, although with the latter, she did more and more infrequently.

She knew that begging for help was pointless. She saw the eager and lustful looks in my eyes, that’s what happens when you stalk a sexy woman from a distance for 2 years straight, you start to go a little crazy, or at least that’s what I did. Many nights were spent with me cumming in my hand alone, the only thing that kept me going during those depressing, lonely times was the hope that one day when my device was finally completed, I would instead be cumming in the pussy of the woman I’ve dreamt about for years.

I’m thrilled with the prospects of this device and the money it will bring me. I wasted the best years of my life on this, spending my time hunched over lab equipment. Taking over Kimberly and whoever else I please is my compensation. I deserve this.

I was zoning out thinking about all this while staring at Kimberly. I was snapped out of my thoughts by noticing her watching me. She appeared to be 2 percent curious what I was thinking, and probably 98 percent daydreaming about which of my bones she would break if she was able to.

I broke the silence. “Five minutes until the store opens and your first appointment shows up. Are you excited?”

“No.” The ISA made her answer robotically.

Then with her free will, in her normal voice she added, “You win. You win. I will literally do anything. Anything at all, just to be free from your control. I will literally give you everything I have and be homeless. Just please let me keep my mind. My mind is the only thing I truly care about in this world.”

“I like you Kim. You are very smart, but unfortunately for you, I am in control. We both realize that material possessions can be replaced, but your mind and time cannot. Of course you would part with all your possessions, to be free. Any sane person would. I’m sorry, but no deal.”

The bell dinged on the door, notifying us that someone had entered. Our first customer walked in. A slightly-chubby white woman with a black and white polka-dot dress, and black flats on. She was a redhead and wore vibrant red lipstick. She had a huge black purse with silver chains on it that jingled as she walked in.

Since I had forced Kimberly to tell me everything she knew about this place for the past hour; I knew that this was Debra. A regular who would be the first customer today. Kim had told me that Debra was a very stuck up and judgmental woman who she couldn’t stand, but tolerated her for the sake of her regular bi-weekly appointments.

“Hey Kim.” Debra said as she walked in.

“Hey Debby,” Kim responded.

Kim then gestured to me. And spoke her next line that I programmed.

“This is my new boyfriend. He just was hanging here with me in the store early before we opened today.” Kimberly said robotically.

Debra eyed Kimberly’s hickeys and frowned.

“Just hanging here, huh?” She gave Kim a judgmental, disapproving glance and then turned to me.

I reached to shake her hand and told her my name.

“Debra.” She said, shaking it.

I went into Kim’s old office and left the two ladies alone. Kim’s face was burning with humiliation, as Debra was clearly looking at her hickeys instead of her eyes like a normal person.

‘Welcome to your new life’ I thought. I went shopping earlier with Kimberly on the way back to the salon and had her buy high def cameras so I could watch everything that went on in the store. I was thorough with my programming, but the woman is smart, I can tell. If she found any loopholes on how to warn people I had to know as quickly as possible.

After about an hour Kimberly was almost done with Debra’s hair so I went out into the salon and gave her the signal to have Debra enslaved with my back-up ISA when she was finished.

When Kim put Debra in the hair dryer, and I was sure the ISA had dissolved into her skin, I walked over and sat directly next to Debra in an empty hair drying chair.

After a minute had passed, I looked Debra in the eyes.

“Follow me.” I ordered.

“Why should I? Who the hell are you?” Debra spat.

“Also my hair isn’t even done drying. Get lost.” Debra said rudely.

To Debra’s surprise, her body stood up and followed me into my office.

“What’s happening?” Debra said, scared.

‘’Quiet.” I quickly said, “You can only speak if you whisper, and no crying. I can’t have any of that.”

She frantically looked over at Kim, who appeared ready to cry, but I forbade her to do that in public.

I opened the door and said, “Bend over the desk and arch your back so I can fuck you Debra.”

“Oh god, someone help me.” Debra whispered, “What the hell is happening?”

Once Debra bent over the table, I quickly grabbed her black panties and pulled them off of her. I then undid my belt and slid my jeans and boxers down so they were only hanging off one leg. I pulled Debra’s dress up and reached up to free her tits from her bra.

I then inserted myself into her and began the rape.

I’m a skinny guy so Debra’s thick ass slapping into my thighs as I drilled her doggie style was heavenly. I usually grabbed the hips when I fucked like this, but with Debra I grabbed her huge tits for support and continued drilling away; pounding her pussy with firm and deep strokes while pinching her nipples.

Debra wasn’t as tight as Kimberly, but her pussy was lubing itself quite heavily.

“You like when I pinch your nipples, huh?” I asked softly.

Debra was getting so wet, so fast, that I was able to feel every little ridge and groove on my cock sliding in her dripping walls with ease.

I continued to stroke in and out of Debra, breathing hard while I did so.

I accidentally slipped out of Debra while fucking her.

When I reached down to realign myself, I saw that the vein of my dick was glistening from her excessive juices. That delicious image was permanently burned into my mind. I pushed myself back into the chubby bitch and sighed happily. My new life is going to be fantastic.

I gave a few final strokes as I came deep inside Debra. I didn’t think I had much of myself left to give after all that Kim’s pussy had taken from me, but to my pleasant surprise, I was able to shoot a decent sized load inside of Debra.

“Yesss… take it all... bitch…” I moaned in Debra’s ear.

God I love grunting in an unwilling girl’s ear as I cum.

“Get up.” I said as I pulled my now-shrinking dick out of her.

Unable to cry, Debra just had sort of a weird, agonized, open-mouthed face, as if she was performing a silent scream.

Debra sniffed. Then she slowly reached a shaky hand to pick up her panties. She was trembling like crazy and refused to make eye contact with me. I grabbed her wrist and she instinctively flinched in pure fright.

“You are never allowed to wear panties ever again, you fat bitch! Also, since you like to be so judgmental, you can only wear small dresses that show a great portion of your ass cheeks for the rest of your life.” I ordered.

“Oh god,” Debra whispered, “Anything but that. Anything. I’ll lose my job.”

“Ok fine,” I said, “Your current orders are this: You are forbidden from wearing any clothing besides dresses and skirts for the rest of your life, and you are still never allowed to wear panties, forever. However, the dress can be any length you want.”

I looked at Debra’s thick ass and big boobs and smiled as I said the next part, “But only as long as you come back to this salon or Kim’s house and allow me to fuck you every day. Otherwise you can never wear any clothes until you do.”

“What? But—” Debra began.

“Or you can just be naked for the rest of your life. I don’t give a shit.” I spat.

“Please—” Debra started.

“Oh and remember Debra, you will not speak, text, or in any way attempt to convey what has happened to you. You will also never try to hurt me, yourself, or anyone else. You can speak at normal tones again. Have fun!”

I wrote down Kimberly’s address on a piece of paper, folded it, and put it inside her ass crack.

Debra walked outside of the office and started talking to Kimberly. I listened from my cameras. She was having a perfectly normal conversation but then her voice randomly cracked. Kim didn’t even bother to ask what was wrong, she knew they both weren’t allowed to talk about it.

She just put a hand on Kim’s shoulders and gave a sympathetic look in the eyes.

“I’m SO sorry I judged you for your hickeys.” Debra said, shaking.

Kimberly hugged the trembling woman.

Debra got in her car and quickly drove away.

Kim burst loudly through the office door.

“Are you proud of yourself?” She yelled at me as loud as the ISA allowed her to.

“Well, yes actually. I’ve just created technology that is at least 100 years ahead of our time; and all by myself I should add. Yes I’m very proud.” I replied.

“Yeah, and this is what you’re using it for?!” Kimberly demanded.

“For now, yes. You should feel honored. You get to be my right hand woman to this revolutionary technology, Kim. You get to assist me with it all!”

Kim just looked at me, disgusted.

“This is awful and I want nothing to do with this.” She spat.

“Yeah I know you don’t, but thankfully, I don’t need your input. You’re gonna help me to the best of your abilities Kim. Now tell me all about this employee of yours that’s coming in today.”

* * *

Carly was Kim’s main employee. She was a college student that took the bus here, so she always started her shift a couple hours after Kim opened the salon. She was a junior in college and worked this job since she moved here for her schooling. After I finished programming Kim with the new plans to take Carly, she made a disgruntled face and just looked me in the eyes.

“Please, she’s just a young woman with her entire life ahead of her, don’t enslave her.” Kim begged.

I smiled.

“Don’t worry Kimberly, she will only be my slave for two years until she graduates college. After that, I’ll let her go free. You’re the only one who will be permanent, remember?”

Kimberly clenched her fists and gritted her teeth and said, “Why me?”

I laughed, “Why NOT you?”

When Carly showed up for her shift, Kimberly’s programming took hold and she was now running on autopilot as my commands took over.

“Hey Carly, this is my new boyfriend.” She told her my name.

“Pleased to meet you.” I said, giving a casual wave.

“Carly, my boyfriend is an electrician, so could you do us a favor and sit down at this hair dryer real quick?”

“Oh yeah sure.” Carly said, and went over to sit down. As she did, I made sure the ISA was touching Carly. I made it so it just barely came into contact with the back of her neck.

Carly was an average-height, skinny white woman, with black hair that she wore straight down. She was wearing black yoga pants, black flip flops, and a white t-shirt. Nothing extravagant, sure, but I am a believer that less is more. She was pretty without trying too hard to be.

She was going to do just fine.

Kim was following her programming perfectly. She was standing behind the hair dryer with me, as Carly faced away. We began talking made-up nonsense about the supposed ‘problems’ the hair dryer was having.

Why someone would have to be sitting in the hair dryer to have a real electrician fix it, even if it really did have problems, was beyond me. But I was just banking on the fact that Carly wouldn’t question her boss, and/or denying doing her a favor.

After about 30 seconds, the ISA dissolved into the back of Carly’s neck. It clearly seemed to irritate her, as she scratched where the ISA had just dissolved into her, and frowned. She turned to look at us.

“Hey umm,—” Carly started.

“One sec, Carly.” I interrupted.

I cut her off before she could ask the question of why she even needed to be sitting there in the first place.

“What if I connected the red wire, and just had it so that the long dry option was for the same set time?” I said.

I improvised more and more meaningless word garbage, and my programmed slave Kimberly was doing a very impressive job of making it sound like we were actually talking about something of importance.

After I was certain Carly was enslaved, I turned to Carly.

“Now what were you saying, Carly?” I asked.

Carly grunted in frustration.

“What’s happening? I can’t move.” Unlike Kimberly, Carly wasn’t ordered to act normal in public so she just sat there, unable to do anything until given further instructions.

“Don’t scream, Carly.” I ordered calmly.

“Carly, you’re about to be very nervous, and very scared. Trust me, it’s going to be okay.” I said calmly.

“Kim, run the salon as normal.” I ordered.

“And Carly, come into the office with me.”

* * *

I had just finished giving Carly all the basic programming and instructions I needed to give while Kim ran the Salon. While making Kim spill her guts to me earlier today, I learned that the salon was usually quite manageable toward the beginning of the day, but once people started getting off work at around 4:30-5 the salon progressively became more and more busy.

Before having Carly start her shift, I forced her to rudely keep her customer waiting. My original plan was to break Carly in by fucking all 3 of her holes good and hard, but my poor body was spent. This was the most sex I’ve had in one day by far, and I just didn’t have it in me right now. I just made her suck my dick, and when I came in her mouth I made her swish it in her teeth and tongue before she swallowed it all. I decided that that was enough degradation for the time being and had the 2 girls continue their work day without any further interruptions.

There were some hot women that came in, but I only had one more ISA that was currently built and ready to go.

I figured I should just carry one emergency ISA with me at all times, just in case. So I decided to just spend the rest of the day monitoring the salon with my cameras and playing on my phone.

I came out of the office after closing time, right as Carly was about to leave.

“Wait,” I said, “Where are you going?”

“Back to my dorm, you pervert.” Carly spat.

“No need. You will live with Kim and I now.”

“How will I get to my classes, if I’m not on campus?” Carly asked.

“Don’t worry, I take care of my slaves! Tell me your schedules and everything that needs to be done.”

Just then Debra was knocking on the locked salon door. She was completely naked and wrapped up with a bath towel.

“Kim, I know you’re close, but I need to see your asshole boyfriend.” Debra said, her face turning bright red as the 3 of us stared at her.

The poor woman was obviously embarrassed as she awkwardly covered her naked body from view.

HA! I had completely forgotten about Debra! Oh man, life was gonna be good.