The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Absence of all Morality (Chapter 3)

“Move faster ladies! Hurry up so I can put another load of cum in one of you!” Kimberly and Carly were moving Carly’s things into my house. They were both wearing bras, panties, and flip flops, the new standard work gear for slaves.

“You think you’re just so fucking hilarious, don’t ya?” Kim spat.

“Hey Kim, I think I’m gonna break Carly in tonight, since it’s her first night here. I want you to masturbate whenever you hear me fucking from now on.”

Carly didn’t react to her name being mentioned, and went back to the car to get more things to bring inside, Kim stared at me straight in the eyes. “If there’s a hell, you’re going.”

I laughed. “Oh yeah I am. Better live it up now, huh?”

I glanced over at the counter top and saw Kim’s bills. I picked up the papers to look through them, and accidentally revealed birth control containers hidden underneath the stack of papers. I snatched them, stormed over and held them in front of Kim’s face.

“What the hell is this?!” I demanded, already knowing the answer.

“My birth control.” Kim’s lips quivered and her eyes closed, seemingly battling not to burst into tears. She knew what was coming.

“I want to put a baby in you Kim. I told you this!” I angrily slammed the birth control in the trash can.

Throughout the entire conversation I was having with Kim, Carly was just silently making return trips to the car, bringing in all her dorm stuff into the guest room where she would now be staying.

“Carly, get over here!” Carly had streaks all down her face, her eyeliner absolutely ruined by the tears running down her face. I decided to allow the slaves to cry, just not in public.

“Both of you listen, and listen good. You will follow my every order, and will both always do everything I say to the best of your abilities, and never make attempts to hide anything from me ever again. Also, you will tell me any plans you have of somehow escaping or informing anyone, you will stop whatever is going on and immediately tell me as soon as you get the idea in your brain. And you Kim, will never take any form of birth control without my permission.”

* * *

I stripped naked and stared hungrily at Carly. Almost any girl looks good in just a bra and panties, but the way her curves hugged her panties were just delicious. “Please… I can’t live like this. I won’t tell anyone, you can just order me not to. Don’t do this. Please…”

“Don’t worry, I’m releasing you and soon as you graduate, and you can continue using your birth control all you like, I’m not gonna ruin your life.” Carly’s eyes lit up slightly, but then they narrowed again. She was clearly excited about the good news, but quickly realized that 2 years of sex slavery isn’t exactly something to pump your fist over.

Just then someone knocked on the guest door. I opened it, not even attempting to cover myself. It was Kim as expected.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I had to inform you immediately. I attempted to find a loophole by exploiting the fact that you never forbade us from leaving the house without permission. I planned to leave tonight and never return.” Kim’s eyes flashed with realization. “GOD DAMN IT!” She buried her face in her hands.

“You’re too smart KIm. I’m gonna have to make sure my programming is air tight with you.” I chuckled. “Listen up girls, you can never go to a different place unless you have permission from me first.”

“What about my classes?” Carly said.“ I have to go in between different classes as well.”

“You can go in between your scheduled classes without consulting me first.” I smacked Kim’s ass as she turned to leave. “Can’t wait to cream your insides again, you clever bitch.”

I turned to Carly. “Slurp my meat, slave.” Carly wasted no time. She immediately engulfed my cock and started rhythmically bobbing her head as she quickly found a decent rhythm. I grabbed her head and slowly rubbed her hair as she went to work. Carly’s tongue was heavenly and she didn’t go super fast as most girls seem to want to do nowadays, just a nice back and forth, allowing her lips and tongue to do just as I needed them to.

As much as I wanted her to swallow this load I needed her to feel like a proper slave. I pulled out of her mouth and creamed her face. I pumped my rope of cum into her face while jacking my dick to ensure her entire face was covered. I also made sure to get a little in her hair. Just a week ago I was masturbating to a shitty picture I took of Kim on my phone. Now I’m blowing a load in this college girl’s face and hair with Kim masturbating to it.

I then ordered her on the bed. I got on top of her, “Make out with me back, with lots of tongue.” I ordered. After some making out I began to get hard again. I fucked Carly missionary style while kissing and biting her ears, neck and lips. My breaths became shorter and more rapid. Carly whimpered as I unloaded myself in her. Carly wiped away a tear, as she got up and walked to the bathroom to clean up.

Moments later I heard her blow her nose. It’ll probably take a while for her to adjust, if she even does at all. Carly was taking forever to come back to bed, and I realized she was stalling. “Carly, come to bed, and quit stalling.”

“Please, at least let me wash the taste of your dick from my mouth.” she replied.

“Whatever, you have 2 minutes.”

When Carly came back she went to open a drawer for what I assume had her pj’s. “Nu uh. You sleep naked when you go to bed with me.” Carly sighed and came over to bed. I took her pillow and stacked it on top of mine, and laid on them both. She looked at me confused and I said, “You cuddle with me. You sleep naked, and you lay on my chest. You don’t need pillows, babe.”

Carly got into bed, and JUST as I was getting comfortable and turned out the lights I hear knocking on the door. I ignored it. They knocked again. And again.

“Son of a.. KIM! Answer that!” A few moments later, Kim came to the guest door.

“It’s Deb.” she said. God dammit. I’m gonna have to reprogram that bitch.

“Tell her to go home.” I said.

“But her clothes.”

“Tough. I just busted a nut in this college bitch and now I’m tired. Tell her to go home.”

* * *

Carly’s phone alarm went off and I woke up with Carly’s naked body cuddling me. This was the life. Carly got up off me and went to the bathroom to get ready. I was going to have to wake up and take her to class because I made her move in. More than a fair price to pay. I stretched and went to the kitchen to see what Kim had to eat in the house, but on my way there I saw a naked Debra sleeping on the couch wrapped up in a blanket. I walked over to her and rudely pushed her to wake her up.

“What the hell are you doing here? Why didn’t Kim tell you to go home like I ordered?” Panic started to fill me. Had she figured out some way to outsmart my programming? I quickly ran over to Kim’s bedroom and calmed down as I saw she was still sleeping alone in bed.

I re-approached Debra. I still needed to know what the hell happened here. “Well?” I asked.

“Well she did tell me to go but, uhhh….” she trailed off, her programming not allowing her to hide anything from me.

“Tell me what happened. NOW!” I ordered.

“Kim, told me to leave, but since you never made it clear that that was ALL she had to say, after she told me to leave, she then immediately offered that I could stay the night so I didn’t have to be in public or explain to my husband why I came home naked.”

So she followed my orders, but then immediately followed it up by saying something that contradicted what was previously said. Interesting. God damn this woman was going to give me headaches. More programming needed. I hadn’t had Debra spill her guts about her personal life like I did to Kim and Carly. I never got around to it. I don’t know how I never knew she was married, but now that she mentioned it, I could see her wedding ring, in fact, the only thing she was wearing.

“That was really nice that your programming forced you to mention you had a husband.” Debra’s face sank as she saw the evil smile that appeared on my face. “How about we send a little porn video of the two of us, to your husband?”

Debra instantly began bawling, and I heard Kim’s bed moving, Debra had woken her up.

“Please.” Debra begged. “I love him. We’ve been married for 6 years. We have kids. He makes me happy. Please. Please. Please, don’t make me do this.”

Debra was on her knees, reaching for my cock, but I stiff armed her. The first time I’ve ever rejected a blowjob from a woman. “Then tell me right now, the worst fears that you have about me. Tell me right now, the orders that you are the most terrified I could give you.” Debra’s lips quivered and she covered her own mouth. She was trying to speak as her own arms were smothering her. This looked like some kind of demonic possession and it was honestly freaking me out. This must be the maximum amount of resistance someone can put against the ISA.

Even this maximum resistance wasn’t too much of a fight though because after 4 seconds of this psychotic episode, a teary eyed Debra looked at me and calmly said, “I fear that you could make me physically repulsed by my husband. Make me get a huge, ugly tattoo with your name. Make me destroy my own life while the real me is still conscious, aware; horrified, and irreversibly traumatized by my life that you not only destroyed, but forced me to participate in the destruction of.”

I was as hard as I could possibly be. I instantly tackled Debra and fucked her like some kind of maniac. I made out with her and our tongues bathed in her mouth, as she was ordered to allow happen.

“Yes.” I gasped in between slurping her tongue. God I was so horny. “Yes. Everything you just said. It’s an order.” I pinched Debra’s nipples as hard as I could. I could see out of the corner of my eye Kim gasping in horror. She may not have liked Debra before this ordeal, but ever since she met me, she obviously felt like they were in this mess together. Kim now saw just how evil I could truly be.

Debra sobbed as I pounded her. Her slightly chubby white skin and big tits flopping as I grabbed her hips and had my way with her. Kim’s legs wobbled very frantically as she tried to put up resistance, but in the end, her legs made her walk back to her bed to masturbate to this.

“NO! NO! NO!” Debra panted, her face bright red. “This is a nightmare! Oh god, what did I do to deserve this? Anything but this! Anything but this!”

I grinned, I deserved this life. And this judgmental stuck up bitch Debra, deserved hers. “Your. Life. Is. OVER.” I yelled as I came in her.

I stood up and said, “Oh, and the disgust and physical repulsion that you will now feel for your husband? You will feel that for me as well.” I laughed. “I don’t want you to feel attracted to me. I want you to think both me and your husband are repulsive. The only thing that you will find more repulsive than me and your husband, is the feeling of our cum inside you. You will now feel disgusted by it. You will dread the feeling of it inside you. When me or your husband cum in you, you will feel physically ill. I want you to feel all this but stay silent, not a word of protest, not a word to your husband. I want the hell you feel expressed in your eyes. When we are on top of you, inside of you, you accept whatever we do to you. You accept it and hate every minute of it.”

“Your clothing rule still applies, but I have to cum in you as well, or it doesn’t count. But if I text you that you’re free for the night, then you’re free to wear clothes as normal. Well, ‘free’ in your case, which means dresses, skirts, and no panties, but hey, at least you’re not naked.”

Debra turned to pick up her clothes she had in a plastic bag off to the side, finally being allowed to wear clothes again, since she had sex with me. It was a plain black dress.

“Debra, do you know why I made you only allowed to wear dresses and skirts for the rest of your life? It’s because, I think your large frame, curves, big tits, and nice ass makes you a dress and skirt woman. So that’s exactly what I made you. I’m your god now. Your body is the only reason why I enslaved you. You’re only purpose on this earth now is for when I’m in the mood for a bigger girl every now and then. Enslaving your brain is just part of the package deal. You are nothing but meat. A cum dumpster, whose only purpose in life is to be a receptacle for when I’m in the mood to pump a batch into a thick girl.”

Carly had her book bag, and was ready for class.

“You about ready to go?” she nervously asked. If we left any later she’d be late for class.

“I like how you waited until I was done to ask that, Carly. Manners like these are why your life isn’t going to be ruined like these two women.”

I went into Kim’s room and said, “Eat Deb’s pussy until I get back. And be sure to swallow as much of my semen as you can.” I then left to take Carly to class.