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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 4)

After I got back from dropping Carly off, both Kim and Deb were exactly as I expected to find them; in the living room, with Deb lying on her back, getting ate.

“Kim, we have a big day planned, but first I need you to come with me Deb. Deb broke away from Kim, put on her dress and flats, and came with me to my car.

“Where are we going?” she asked as we got in.

“Well we have to get your tattoo, but there’s something even more important we have to do first.”

* * *

I pulled up to the jewelry store.

“About how much money do you and your husband have in your account?” I asked Debra.

“About sixty-thousand.”

“Oh, I see, well you’re gonna have some explaining to do.”

I opened the magazine I had folded in my car and pointed to the picture. “This one. This is the ring I want to propose with.”

Deb looked too shocked to even speak. “You’re using MY money to do this? Why do you even need a ring? Why are you even going through all this?”

“The same reason you aren’t wearing panties right now. Presentation. I don’t have to do any of this, but I want to. Now you will buy this ring for me, that’s an order.”

We walked into the store. “Good morning, is there anything I can help you two with?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said, “I would like to buy this ring right here.” I pointed to the magazine.

“How wonderful! Are you about to propose?”

“You know it.”

“Well, best of luck to you!” After the nice lady rang up all the extensive details she read out the final price. “The total with everything is $10,919.41.”

The nice lady didn’t seem to like me anymore, as her smile faded when she saw Deb unzipping her purse to pull out her wallet. She frowned and turned to Deb.The woman must’ve noticed the look on Deb’s face. “We have payment plans available. How much would you be able to put down?”

“All of it.” I said.

“Are you sure?” she asked Deb. She seemed annoyed that I answered even though she wasn’t talking to me.

“Yeah I’m sure.” Deb replied. After Deb signed the receipt I grabbed the ring box.

“Thank you!” I said as I began to walk away.

“Uh huh.” the woman replied, all the friendly peppiness in her voice now gone.

I stopped walking. “What the hell was that?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” The lady said sharply.

Debra grabbed my arm and leaned to my ear. “Let’s just get out of here so I can go get that tattoo, sexy.” Debra then nibbled my ear and quickly gave my cock a squeeze through my pants. Debra still found me repulsive due to my commands, but pushed through that just to try and spare this woman.

“You have no earthly idea how lucky you are.” I said to the woman darkly.

As we got back in the car Deb just scoffed at me. “I can’t believe you made me pay for that.” She put her face in her hands. “Ten fucking grand down the god damn toilet.”

“I can’t believe you rushed me out of there and squeezed my cock in public just to save that random woman. Maybe you becoming a slave is teaching you a little humility.”

* * *

“Yes huge!” Debra said excitedly.

“You know, I typically try to advise against getting couple’s names as tattoos.” The man said, “For obvious reasons.”

“Trust me, I’m so sure I want to do this!” Debra couldn’t cry since we were in public but the hell that she was expressing in her eyes could be seen on full display if you looked for it. The tattoo artist drew an outline of my name inside a red heart (very original I know) that would be displayed on Debra’s right shoulder.

“This look good?” he asked.

“Bigger.” Deb replied.

She was programmed to say ‘bigger’ two times no matter what design he made.

The artist went back and made another sketch, and displayed another outline on Deb’s shoulder.

“Something like this?” he asked.

“Bigger.” Deb said again.

I put my hands in my pockets and attempted to casually adjust the hard on I was getting from staring at the fear, disgust, and hatred in Debra’s blazing eyes.

“You really want to show off that name huh?” the artist chuckled.

His next design was absolutely lovely. No way in hell Debra was going to be able to hide that from her husband, or really anyone in this hemisphere, for very long. For the rest of her life, the skin on Debra’s shoulder now only existed just to be a canvas for my fucking name. God the thought was so hot.

“Yes, this is perfect.” Debra said.

The artist cleaned Debra’s shoulder with a sanitized cloth and began to make incisions. I pulled out my phone and took a picture. The artist probably assumed I was just posting about Deb getting a couple’s tattoos on social media, but I actually just took a picture of the look in Deb’s eyes. A mental prisoner, trapped in her own mind. I wanted to have that picture forever.

* * *

“It’s beautiful, thank you so much.” Debra said as instructed.

“Yeah, no problem.” The man said. “Would you like a tattoo as well?”

“Oh definitely, not.” I said. “What if we break up?”

The artist looked as confused as someone could be, while Deb was just standing there, smiling like an idiot.

“Yeeeeaaahhh… anyway, the total is $650.”

Deb mechanically opened her purse, got her wallet and pulled out her card.

“Have a great day you two.”

“Same to you!” I said.

As we left I saw him shaking his head.

Deb pulled back the bandages to take a peek at the tattoo. She then punched the dashboard and let out a silent scream, as she wasn’t allowed to yell.

“Look at what you’ve done to me! IT’S HIDEOUS!”

“Yes, it is. Thank goodness he made my name prominent in the design at least. It’s a great branding mark. Perfectly fitting for the cock-cow that you now are.”

Debra made a choking motion to the air in front of her while looking at me, her face turning red.

“Calm down, cum dumpster. Just for that, in addition to your current clothing commands, high heels and dresses only. No skirts, no bras, no panties, no normal shoes. Nothing. The winter months are gonna be hell for you.”

“No wait, please. I’m sorry.” she begged, mechanically removing her flats.

“Not yet you’re not, but you’re gonna be.”

* * *

Deb and I returned to the house, and it was time to unveil the big news to my future wife, but first I had to break Kim’s spirits even further. Kim was going to be devastated.

Deb ran into the house, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Jumping up and down. “Kim! Kim! We’re free!”

Kim stood up from her chair and ran to Deb, while I stood by the front door. Kim looked at Deb’s clothes in astonishment. Then looked at me.

You mean… you’re freeing us?” she looked at me confused, “Th-thank you! But why?”

“I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve decided that this isn’t right, and I can’t even begin to express how sorry I am, I have no godly idea how I believed what I was doing was acceptable. What was I thinking! I can’t completely remove the ISA, as it is grafted into your spinal cord, and even if I could, I would have no guarantee that you wouldn’t report me to the police. So what I used on Carly and Deb, was a device that renders the ISA dysfunctional, except for the command of you keeping all this a secret. Would you like me to use the device on you now?”

“Yes! Yes please!” Kim shouted.

I stepped towards Kim.

“And once I use it, I figure you’ll want me to leave your house immediately, so I’ll pack up quickly.”

“Yes, that would be best.” she replied.

“Just stare at this box, and it will render the ISA dysfunctional.”

Tears of happiness streaked Kim’s face as she stared at the box. Only for me to get down on one knee and present the engagement ring. “Wh-Wha” was all Kim managed to say before her smile evaporated and I burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry Kim,” Deb said her body vibrating with anger, “he ordered me to act like I was free.”

I fell to the ground laughing my ass off. “Oh fuck, that was hilarious!” I abruptly cut off my laughter and gave a stern look to Debra.

“Remember the feeling of those fucking clothes because it’s the last time you will ever wear that shit for the rest your life! A fat body like yours can only be remotely acceptable in high heels and dresses! Jokes over. Take them off now!”

I turned to Kimberly. “So what’s the answer? Will you marry me?”

Kimberly’s voice cracked. “Why are you so evil?”

“I’m not evil, I’m determined. Did you know that I’ve been stalking you for 4 years?”

Kim just stared. “What? Why me specifically?”

“Just randomly. I picked the first super hot woman I really liked, and your salon made it so I always had a spot I’d knew you’d return to, if I ever lost track of you while following you.”

“You’re a loser.”

“Not anymore.” I chuckled.

“Now quickly change into work attire and start looking up phone numbers. We’ve got a wedding to plan!”

* * *

It was a week later and having to set up a wedding so fast was stressful, but Debra’s deep pockets made things move around. I didn’t have any friends I stayed in touch with, so I called up my old friend Michael from high school and asked if he’d be my best man. He said yes, but I could easily tell what he was thinking; something along the lines of, ‘That poor lonely bastard really doesn’t have anyone else to ask?’ But to be honest I think he was even more shocked that someone as hot as Kim would marry someone like me.

Kim however, was the complete opposite. Kim was a role model for seemingly everyone she came into contact with. Once I made her post pictures of her wedding ring, her inbox was literally overflowing with messages asking when the wedding would be and if they could come. Thank god, because I wanted lots of people attending, and let’s just say my friend list wouldn’t be filling up a banquet.

The entire invite list consisted of all of Kim’s large family and most of my small one. As well as Kim’s many, many friends and customers that wanted to attend. Filling Kim’s head with all these commands, her script, various replies, and destroying possible loopholes was more frustrating and tedious than the planning of the entire wedding, but I knew it would all be worth it.

Everyone seemingly made room in their schedule to attend the wedding. They all loved and respected Kim, but they hardly ever got to spend time with her because she was always hard at work at the salon. Her sisters Rachel and Sandra came. As well as her older brother Andre and his wife Samantha. Kim’s Uncle Dave, and her Aunt Georgia were also there.

The groom usually isn’t allowed to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, but I didn’t follow those rules, as I went to the back room where Kim, Deb, and Carly were hanging out as I ordered them to stay there, together and away from everyone. Deb was the maid of honor and Carly was a bridesmaid. Debra had a shawl to hide her hideous tattoo.

“Clever.” I said to Debra, eyeing the shawl.

“Let’s make a little game of this. You can keep your tattoo hidden in any way you can, but anytime it’s not being exposed, you will go blind.”

“What?” Debra scoffed.

“Covering that tattoo is like covering your eyes.”

Debra quietly shrieked as the orders took ahold and she went blind. She exposed the tattoo and blinked a couple times.

“You can make us go blind!?!” Carly gasped.

“I can do anything. I’m your whole life now bitches!” I laughed.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Debra reached for the back of her lower neck. “No more! No more!” she shouted.

“Careful,” I mockingly said, “It’s in your spinal cord too.”

“I don’t give a shit. I’d rather be a quadriplegic than to be your slave.”

“I think you’re bluffing. Dresses and a tattoo can’t be that bad. Although a lifetime of high heels and sex slavery might be a little cruel. Ah fuck it! Just in case; you girls are now ordered to never try to harm or remove the ISA’s inside you.”

* * *

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The biggest victim of today might just be Debra’s bank account. The flower girl was Deb’s daughter and the ring boy was Deb’s son. When I suggested that Debra let me use one of her kids in the wedding, she cursed me out and screamed not to make her children participate in this ‘rape wedding’ as she called it, so ofcourse I then made both her children participate.

As Kim walked down the aisle she was absolutely beautiful. I allowed her to cry in public this one time, but only allow tears to fall, no sobbing. She was also ordered to smile whenever tears fell so that people thought they were tears of joy. Kim’s eyes were like tiny faucets as the tears were just flowing non stop as she slowly walked down the aisle. Every step toward me, was a step away toward the life she had known and worked so hard for, and a step toward being the slave of a man she despised.

I allowed Kim to write her own vows, but only if I proofread them obviously. She wasn’t allowed to convey what had happened to her, but I still had to check with a woman this smart. Her vow was a bit weird for normal standards. However, in our exact situation it was beautiful, and I let her keep it exactly how it was.

“A lot of people believe that marriage is limiting, because it is. Marriage is the ultimate challenge. I have never been one to back down, or fail at any challenge, no matter how great. I play the hand I was dealt and will always win. If I get knocked down I will always be right back up again. My flame will never be snuffed out. By anyone or anything.”

It was the first time she stopped crying all day. And she looked directly into my soul while reading it. Her blazing eyes said what she couldn’t at the moment. They said, ‘It’s gonna take a lot more than a sham wedding and a stupid prank to break me.’

Challenge accepted Kimberly. Challenge accepted.

* * *

Everyone was having a good time at the wedding reception and just starting to dig into the food.

I had programmed Kim inbetween the quick period between the wedding and the reception, a speech that was sure to ruin Kimberly, and finally break this seemingly unbreakable bitch. Kim broke me away and pulled me to a private spot behind the salad bar.

“Please don’t make me do this.” Kim begged.

“You know I’m going to.” I replied calmly.

“I know you want to, but I’m asking you not to.”

“Convince me.”

“I will submit.” Kim swallowed. That must’ve hit her pride to admit defeat so openly.

“I will allow you to do everything to me, if you don’t make me lose my connection and ties with my family. I know you’re evil, but I didn’t think you could be this evil. Let this wedding be normal. I’m finally just starting to come to terms with this horrible reality. I think that while it is hell, I will survive. I know I can survive. Just please don’t make me lose them. If you do this, I will lose them. I know I will.”

“Ok,” I said, “I won’t make you lose them. I promise.”

“Thank you.” She breathed a sigh of relief.

“YOU ARE! Do it now!”

Kim tapped on her glass and the room got silent. My heart was racing, I could only imagine what her heart was doing.

“Thank you all for coming. I have an announcement. This is not just a normal wedding speech. It’s about me coming clean as well. In more ways than one. We’ve actually been dating for far longer than you might think, and he helped me to get off drugs. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why am I just now hearing about this? Well the truth is, you see, I never actually owned the salon, my husband did. And I used to work there. Not as a hairdresser, but as a... prostitute.”

Multiple people gasped.

“What the hell?!” Sandra said in shock.

“The salon is just a front, the other women there and I would take men into the back and fuck them for money. But he saved me from that life. He got me off all the drugs I was doing, and when I came to him, desperate, and begging for him to be my pimp again, he refused. He treated me like an equal and refused to let me return to that life. We ended up falling in love. I kept him a secret because I was ashamed of all the lies I’ve told. But now that we’re married, I’ve decided to come clean.”

“I can not believe this!” Georgia shouted.

“What about the money I gave to you to get your business off the ground?!” Andre boomed.

Kim didn’t answer. Any time a question came up that I didn’t pre-set an answer for, I ordered her to stay silent.

“You lied to me? You took money out of my child’s, YOUR nephew’s college fund for drug money?!”

I had no idea Kim took money from her brother to get her business off the ground. This was going way better than I thought it would.

Again Kim stayed silent.

“And you didn’t come to me and my wife’s wedding because you said you were booked solid that Saturday! I guess you meant booked solid with men!” Dave screamed.

“I always looked up to you!” Sandra began crying.

“We all did.” Andre said nodding.

Everyone got silent as Rachel stood up. She had been silent the entire time. She just grabbed a few napkins and wiped tears from her eyes. Then left through the main door of the banquet without a word.

One by one, lots of people, mostly family, ended up slowly leaving. A lot of the customers and lesser known people continued eating in silence.

Andre, walked up to the salad bar wear Kim and I were standing. He was obviously holding back his emotions. His wife was pulling unsuccessfully on his arm, “Come on honey, let’s just go.” she whispered.

“My child… my child’s college money… FOR DRUGS!!!”

A tear ran down her brother’s face.

“I can’t believe you lied to us for years Kimberly! We all used to brag about you. I used to say, ‘wow that Kim proved that anyone can make it in this world.’ I was so damn proud of you…”

Andre and his wife left. The whole of her immediate family was gone, leaving behind a bunch of unfinished plates and tons of wasted food. A few of Kim’s acquaintances were still there eating, but the room was losing numbers fast. Kim was looking humiliated and miserable.


I looked over at Debra who was sitting with her husband and a couple I didn’t know. Debra was blindly feeling around for her fork and accidently knocked over her glass, which earned her stares from everyone at her table, including her husband. He looked like he was thinking about saying something, then decided not to, and got up to go get some napkins. God I’m such a bastard.

* * *

When the reception was over and Kim and I got inside the limousine Kimberly whaled. She then pulled out a knife that she brought with her and lounged at me. I knew she couldn’t harm me, but I still jumped back out of instinct. She kept trying to push the knife toward me, but only ended up looking like an ametuer mime.

“DIE!!!” she screamed, “JUST DIE!!!”

She then tried to turn the knife on herself. Again, falling short of her desired target.

I laughed. “HA! Nice. Also, you are never allowed to take that ring off.” I ordered.

“Hey driver!” I yelled, “I’ll tip you real good if you let us fuck back here!”

The driver simply smiled at us and rolled up the dividing window.

“Get naked, wife.”

“You will pay for this…” Kim growled while taking off her dress.

“One day I will make you pay.”