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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 5)

Kimberly and I left for our honeymoon. We were currently in Hawaii and just got to our hotel rooms for the first time. Yesterday was the day I made sure all my affairs were settled before I left. Debra would be working like a dog to pick up the slack, as well as driving Carly to and from her classes until I returned. This was going to be basically every man’s dream vacation. Nothing but food, video games, and rawdog sex for me.

“You will take one of these every morning and every night, wife.” I said, handing her a container of pills, smiling.

“What are these?” she asked.

“Fertility drugs.” I said darkly.

“No.” Kim whispered.

My dick got super rock hard as I heard the fear in Kim’s voice as she whispered the word ‘no’.

“Take the pill.” I ordered.

Kim’s hand shook as she put up resistance to the ISA, but still guided the pill to her mouth. I then handed her my half-drinken water bottle.

“Drink.” I said calmly.

Again, Kim’s hand shook as she desperately tried to fight the ISA in her brain, but as always she followed my orders. I licked my lips as I eyed Kim’s throat bulge as she reluctantly swallowed the pill and water.

“God, even the way you swallow water is sexy Kim. And your terrified look on your face when you take that pill makes me so. Fucking. Horny. Get naked.”

Kim got naked, and I quickly followed.

“On your knees.” I ordered. Kim wiped away a tear and got down on the hotel floor.

“You’re beautiful.” I said to Kim, meaning it.

“Slurp me till I’m hard.” I ordered.

Kim grabbed my cock and began slurping my cock. I wish there was some type of word for when something that used to be a fantasy of yours becomes routine. I bet the french have a word for that. Kim was on her knees down on the hotel carpet, giving really good head, and resisting the urge to gag. I tried to pull out of her mouth and she forced my cock back in her mouth. I knew what she was trying to do.

“Stop.” I said to Kim,

“On your back.” I ordered.

I pounded Kim right there on the hotel carpet floor about a dozen strokes and quickly came deep inside her. She had me so worked up and ready to bust after that amazing head.

“You didn’t really think I was going to fall for that did you?” I asked, smugly.

“Why on earth would I cum in your throat when you have a perfectly good and fertile pussy right there?”

Kim started to sniffle. I rolled my eyes.

“More crying? You’re gonna have to get used to me taking you Kim. Your body and mind are mine now, you’re just gonna have to accept that. I won’t have any mercy or sympathy for you. I’m taking over your life and forcing you to be my wife, and mother of my children. Not only am I morally content with that; but I’m excited to see it happen. The sooner you accept that this is your life now, the sooner you can try to maintain at least some normalcy in your life.”

* * *

A few days in, and our routine was pretty much in place. I ditched the usual slave work gear attire of bras, panties, and flip flops; and replaced them with the new and improved ‘slave uniform’ consisting of way too-tight bras, thongs, and a nice pair of super-tall 10-inch uncomfortable black heels. ‘Hell Heels’ as Kim called them. A name I loved so much that I adopted it myself. I also kept the temperature of the room cold because I liked the way it made Kim’s nipples harden and poke right through that tight bra..

While I was playing video games and eating pizza, Kim was forced to watch. I only let her eat small salads, and steamed vegetables. I informed her that she was now going vegan. I didn’t want my wife gaining even a pound of fat. The only activities Kim got to do was kneel, if she was sucking me to get me hard again, or lie on her back if she was being fucked. Other than that I saw no reason for her to do anything but sit there and look pretty until I was ready to cream her pussy again. She had to have been miserable and bored out of her mind.

After a few days of pussy-creaming and fertility drug taking, her daily pregnancy tests eventually showed the results we both expected would happen after only a matter of time.

Kim raised a shaky hand to her tear soaked face. As both our naked bodies were reflected in the mirror of the hotel bathroom, I looked at our reflections and smiled.

“God, look at us,” I said cupping her naked ass, “Someone like me gets to have this sexy ass body until the day I die.” I pinched Kim’s hard nipples.

“Now bend over so I can have a celebration fuck.”

She did, but as I moved in to try and fuck her, KIm balled her fists and slammed the pregnancy test into the mirror, badly cracking it. Then pushed me away.

“Don’t you fucking touch me!” Kim spat.

I grabbed Kim’s wrists and slammed her down over the bathroom sink.

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” I demanded. “I don’t give a fuck how mad you are! You’re my god damn property and you’ll do as I say!”

I kicked Kim’s legs apart as she was bent over the sink. She tried to push herself up off of the sink but I forced her down with my strength and weight. Her legs wobbled in her unsteady hell heels and involuntarily displayed her asshole; vulnerable and exposed.

“I’ve been letting you slaves get away with far too much shit Kim. If I tell you to have a baby, or two, or FORTY-FUCKING-THREE you will do it because I FUCKING SAY SO!”

I jammed my cock in Kim’s ass.

“Graaaaggggh!” Kim yelled out in pain.

“And… And if I want to rape your virgin ass... while you scream and kick... only minutes after you find out you’re pregnant… I’ll do that too!”

Kim took rapid breaths through her teeth and I forced my way in. I easily could’ve ordered her loosen her cheeks or ordered her to stop trying to push herself up from off of the sink, but this was important. This wasn’t about sex, this was about asserting power, dominance, and control.

I pushed myself deep despite Kim’s resistance. And once I was inside, I began to fuck her ass as hard as I possibly could. I used my hips and entire strength to forcefully pound Kim’s ass.

“Stop!” Kim cried. “Stop it hurts! You’re hurting me!”

“Good.” I grunted.

I was fucking her ass the way a proper slave should be fucked. Kim needed to know her place. I had always showed mercy to her, and because of that she seemed to think I didn’t have this kind of strength in me simply because I never showed it to her.

“OWOWOW! STOP! PLEASE!” Kim was pushing up from the sink with all her might, as blood from her ass began to streak my dick. She was no match for my strength however, as I kept her firmly in place.

“You do not deny me sex. Ever. You must know your place. You must know the consequences.”

“I’ll never deny you sex again!” Kim sobbed. “I swear it! Oh God! I fucking swear! Just please stop!”

I then immediately pulled out of Kim’s now-bleeding asshole.

“It pains me to have to do that to the mother of my child, but you had to be taught a lesson. You may be allowed to call me names, make smart comments, and display sour faces, but you will NOT deny me sex.”

“Yes… Yes… sir!” Kimberly stammered, shaking.

“Could… could you go get some… some ice in a plastic bag from the hotel lobby?”

I gave Kimberly a sympathetic look. “Sure thing. God, I hope you don’t need stitches.”

* * *

It was a ghetto-looking set up, but it worked; a plastic bag full of ice, in between Kimberly’s ass cheeks, duct taped into place, with her wearing a pair of my boxers to keep the whole jerry rigged system in place.

Kim’s phone rang. Another one of her customers.

“Can I answer it?” She asked.

“Nope.” I said calmly.

When I took Kim on this surprise honeymoon (on Debra’s dime, of course) Kim just had to no-call no-show all of her appointments she had scheduled. Possibly making people drive to the salon for no reason, and causing all kinds of frustration with her regulars.

Kim sighed and listened to her new voicemail.

“Put in on speaker.” I ordered.

“—with no notice whatsoever. This is so highly unprofessional and deeply frustrating. I’m sorry Kim, but I will be taking my business elsewhere from now on.”

“Do you want me to go out of business?” Kim asked.

“Meh. It could be a nice place for catching women, but it’s a little too public. Plus I’m gonna have Debra working overtime so she can just funnel us even more money.”

“So you’re just gonna nonchalantly let my business go under?” Kim demanded.

“Well, not entirely, at least not for now. You see, I’ve been fucking and nutting in you tons of times and have become accustomed to this lifestyle. To put it simply, having you with no job, as my 24/7 sex-bot has been heavenly. I’ve been stalking you for two years and I know how hectic your work schedule can be. So I think I’ll just make you lose most of your regulars, so you can have more free time in your schedule for banging me.”

“But my salon…” Kim started.

“My salon.” I corrected. “I own you, remember?” I said pointing to Kim’s bandaged ass.

“I spent my whole life building it up...” Kim said, “from scratch. And you… you’re gonna let it die.”


“It was my life’s work!” Kim cried.

I stroked my dick while looking at Kim. “Cool story babe… but did you know your nipples get EVEN harder when you’re angry? Come help me relieve a load of cum.”

I patted the bed beside me.

“Can I just give you head? I’m very sore right now.”

I cocked an eyebrow.

“I’m not denying you sex!” Kim said quickly. “Just asking if you’d be willing to accept a blowjob from me instead.”

I smiled and shook my head.

“I knew I’ve been going too fucking easy on you girls. Do you think slaves got to negotiate with plantation owners? Obviously I know you’re sore. You’re sore from the ass raping that was given to you by ME. Your feelings and desires don’t mean shit. I want your bodies, the brains attached to them are just this annoying thing you women have that I’ve got to deal with. ‘Oh master I’m very sore from the whipping that YOU did, so can I just finish half the field work today?’ Do you know what they’d do if a slave even asked something so ignorant? Guess.”

“They would whip them some more?” Kimberly guessed as commanded, wincing.

“You’re absolutely goddamn right.” I said, “Now remove those ghetto bandages so I can get in that ass again.”

Kim took of my boxers and removed the duct taped ice bag as commanded, but then jumped on stop of me, straddling me.

“Or you can get in this pussy.” Kim said, trying lamely to be seductive.

Kim grabbed my cock, and impaled herself. Kim winced, her ass still hurting, and the pain made worse by the intrusion of my cock. But we both know that my cock being in her ass would’ve been far worse, so she pressed on.

Kim bounced up and down, keeping a firm grip on my cock while fucking herself with my dick. I easily could’ve stopped and overpowered her, mind control or not. I could’ve easily taken her tight ass again. But I enjoyed where this was going. I just had to tear apart Kim’s ass one good time. Now SHE was fucking ME, without being commanded to. She was slowly being broken. I wouldn’t mind the strong, independent Kim being reduced to a fearful, submissive, abused little pet. Just a decent amount of pain was all it took to get her to this point.

“I really wanted your ass though, Kim. Make me bust another nut in your pussy, or I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your ass again. You have thirty seconds.”

Kim took a sharp breath and started bouncing on my cock, her ass in my lap, while elevating herself squatting. That position had to have been hard to hold, but she pushed through to give me the pleasure her master deserved. Kim then began making out with me with lots of tongue, as she knew how much I liked that, and she was trying to get me to cum in her as quickly as possible.

Kim opened her mouth and allowed my tongue deep in her mouth and she also bathed her tongue deep in my mouth as she knew I would want that too.

I broke the kiss.

“Time’s up.”

I wasn’t keeping track, and that definitely wasn’t thirty seconds, but I was enjoying messing with Kim. She however, did something I did not expect, she leaned into my chest, and since I was sitting up, this made me fall face-up on the bed, with her temporarily pinning me. She buried me as deep as she could inside her and pulled and massaged my balls until I creamed her nice and good.

“Uurrrrggghhh.” I moaned into her mouth as I came.

“I hate you so much!” Kim cried as she felt me cream her insides.

Kim stood up and got off me. My cum now leaking from her pussy. God how far I’ve come from masturbating to pictures of her.

“Now THAT’S how a proper slave should behave. Remember this routine, I’ll be asking it of you again.”

I eyed my semen leaking from her pussy, as Kim began walking to the bathroom.

“Stop.” I said.

Kim turned to look at me.

“Just stand there for a second. Let my semen just slowly leak from your pussy down your thigh. It’s a beautiful site.”

I grabbed my phone to take a few pictures and Kim tried desperately to hide her extreme annoyance.

“What an awesome fuck and awesome nut! Let’s just pretend that THIS was the nut that got you pregnant Kim. HA!” I said with a huge cocky smile.

“Ok,” I laughed, “You can go to the bathroom now.”

She turned around and I noticed that her asshole was bleeding again, and even more than before.

“Son of a bitch…” I grumbled.

“How do you think I feel?” Kim asked angrily.

* * *

“All this just because you just HAD to be disrespectful.” I sighed as we pulled up to the hospital.

“Excuse me for not being overjoyed about being pregnant by a man who’s actively ruining my life.” Kim said flatly.

Kim’s name was then called and we followed the nurse to a room.

“The doctor will be with you shortly.” the young nurse said as he quickly left.

He wasn’t kidding. Very shortly after he left doctor came in. It was so fast in between the time he left and the time the doctor came in, that I didn’t really get a chance to pre-set Kimberly. I should’ve just done that before going in the hospital. That was so stupid of me! I was a little nervous, but not very, as Kim’s blanket controls were pretty air tight.

“I’m Doctor Martez.” the doctor said, shaking both of our hands. “My nurse told me about you guys, let me see.”

Kim turned around and exposed her patient gown, revealing her bloody ass, that had bled even more in the time it took the doctor to get here.

The doctor made a short gasp, and glared at me, “So, how exactly did this happen?” she asked, already suspecting the answer.

“My husband raped my ass even though I screamed he was hurting me.” Kim said.

“We like to have it rough, and I got a little carried away.” I chuckled trying to play it off.

“No we don’t. And I was pretty clear that I was in pain.”

Doctor Martez glared at me again. This was a fucking disatser, and could’ve easily been prevented. I was getting overconfident and became sloppy with my orders as a result. Kimberly is too smart for that shit, and knows full-well how to take advantage of every inch that I give her.

“I’m going to have to ask you to sit outside, I wish to speak to my patient in private.” Dr. Martez said to me.

I glanced through the window on the door, I didn’t see anyone in the immediate vicinity, although people obviously could’ve been right outside from either direction. Even if people were outside the room, I had to risk it now. I wasn’t about to let the doctor report me and myself get a DV charge, and possibly have Kim and the baby separated from me.

I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my emergency ISA. I palmed it, and grabbed the doctor’s hand and fell to my knees.

“Please! I know exactly what you are thinking. It’s not what it looks like, I swear!” I said, making sure the ISA was touching Dr. Martez’s hand, using my other two to hold it in place.

Kim, realizing what I was doing, stood up and ran over to try and stop me before I could keep the contact for 30 seconds.

“Freeze Kim.” I ordered.

“Dr Martez look out! He’s—”

“Shut up Kim!” I ordered again.

“What exactly is going on?” Dr. Martez asked, looking at me suspiciously.

“Me, trying to explain myself is what’s going on. Look our marriage looks to be on the rocks, and I’m not sure what our problems are, but I would NEVER intentionally hurt a woman, especially my wife.”

“Look sir, I understand, but it’s my job to get to the bottom of this and to make sure that NO ONE is harmed, intentionally or otherwise.”

“Yes, yes of course, you have a very important job, and I’m glad that there is someone like you who is here to do it.” I said slowly, stalling.

Kim started moving her eyes back and forth at Dr. Martez and I, and rapidly blinking, trying desperately to warn the doctor in any way she could.

“Kimberly, are you alright?” Dr. Martez asked.

Kim darted her eyes some more and rapidly blinked again.

Dr. Martez tried to pull her hand away, but I held her in place.

“Kim, stop that!” I ordered. “You’re freaking out the doctor.”

Dr. Martez again tried to pull her hand away, but the ISA hadn’t completely dissolved into her skin yet, and I wasn’t going to dare take the risk of letting it fall to the floor.

“Sir, please let go of me.” Dr. Martez said calmly.

“Doctor, please listen to me.” I said, stalling some more. “You saw that blinking routine and eye nonsense she was doing. She’s clearly and obviously got some small mental imbalances, but we love each other. We really do, I’m asking you not to try to read too far into this.”

“You’re making this worse for yourself, sir. If you are abusing a mentally unfit person, than you are going to have a lot more than just a domestic violence case on your hands.”

She made a good point. Which made it even more imperative that Dr. Martez didn’t make it out of this hospital room with her free will intact.

As if on cue, the ISA dissolved into the doctor’s palm. She pulled her hand away from mine again, and this time I let her, she brought her hand to her other one and scratched the part of her palm were the ISA just dissolved.

“Sir, step outside please.” the doctor said to me.

I turned around and began to slowly walk toward the door. The ISA was inside her, but I just needed a little bit more time before I could assume control of her.

“Kimberly? Kimberly? Speak to me sweetie.” The doctor said.

I turned around. “She probably wants me here to—”

“I SAID OUT!” Dr. Martez roared.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! That was so loud! I really hoped that no one came over to investigate what was happening.

She followed me to the door as I slowly opened it, she was right behind me, almost certainly to lock me out.

As she went to close the door after I stepped outside I put my foot in between it to prevent the door from closing.

“That’s it. I’m calling security.” Dr. Martez, said firmly.

She backed away from the door and reached to turn on the PA system. With her no longer at the door, I walked back inside the room

“Turn it off.” I said, testing to see if the ISA had connected to her spinal cord yet.

To her surprise, she did.

“What’s happening? Why can’t I move?” the doctor asked.

I grinned and slowly closed the hospital door like some cheesy villain.

“A doctor huh?” I glanced at Kimberly. “Not gonna lie, I never would’ve thought about a doctor slave. Perhaps I’m a bit sexist. Of course a hot women can be doctors too.”

I walked around Dr. Martez and smiled.

“Oh yeah you’ll do just fine. Those doctor pay checks will be nice too, I won’t have to work Debra to death just to free Kim’s sex schedule up. What race are you exactly?”

“My mom is Hawaiin and my dad is Mexican.” Dr. Martez said robotically, her face looking as frightened as any human could be.

“Nice. A lovely Hawaiin doctor.” I said, “I love your jet black hair, and solid cheek bones. I’m gonna have a whole rainbow of girls to fuck. You can speak at normal tones again Kim, and that goes for you too doctor.”

“What the hell did you do to me?!” Dr. Martez demanded.

“I put a little device in your spinal cord that makes you do whatever I say. All your worst fears? I can make them happen now. Just ask Kim, I have absolutely no limits or morals. I rape, force unwilling women to do disgusting sexual acts, steal, and even ruin families if I fucking feel like it, basically this is going to be the is the worst day of your life, and you’ll remember it forever. But first things first, fix my disrespectful wife’s ass. That’s your first order.”

Dr. Martez ended up putting 18 stitches in Kim’s ass. Yikes, knew I was evil but I didn’t think it was going to be that bad, honest.

“You’ll be paying for our bill by the way, in full.” I said.

“What?” Dr Martez said.

“You heard me. Oh, and Kim and I have crappy insurance, so have fun with that bill. But you’re a wealthy doctor so I’ve got even less sympathy for you than I do for Debra, and I have very little sympathy for her.”

* * *

Kim and I waited around in the hospital’s food court for a few hours until Dr. Martez was finished her shift. When she was done, she met up with us as ordered and we all walked to the parking lot together.

“So which car is yours?” I asked when we got outside.

“That Mercedes-Benz.” she said robotically, pointing at the reserved doctor parking.

I just started laughing. Both my slaves just looked at me confused.

“Sorry, sorry ladies. It’s just… it’s just…” I started laughing again. Then I wiped a tear from eyes, a mixture of laughing too hard and overwhelming joy.

An old man walking past us looked at me confused.

“You alright son?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. More than just fine, I’m fantastic! It’s just… after an entire life of being a loser, my life is finally great, ya know?”

The old man looked confused and just walked away.

“Kim you get in the rental car and follow me, I’m gonna drive my new Benz!”

* * *

When we got to our hotel room I immediately stared at Dr. Martez.

“Get naked,” I said. “No, wait, leave on your doctor uniform but only remove your panties, pants and shoes. And put on these.”

I threw her a pair of Kim’s super uncomfortable hell heels.

“I get to fuck a sexy doctor!” I said to Kim excitedly.