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Absolute Love

Chapter 2

I sit at my desk and look at the translation progress. Just got to 13%, seems like this one is going to take a few days too. I open my email and start firing off some emails and doing paperwork. I assure everyone in the team that the translation is slow but it is working, although I decide to tell them that I’m still working on my first document. Call me a fame hog, but I want to be the one to figure this out before my team. I glance at my other terminal that is working on the molecular structure of this popeneyen and see that it is complete.

That was faster than I though I think to myself and run an analysis on it. I continue working on my e-mail when the analysis finishes. Nothing like it found in any chemistry database in the world. My excitement level rises, this is a new discovery. My hands are shaking as I type in a chemical analysis. It finishes rather quickly, having gathered a lot of the data during the previous analysis. The screen lights up with INCONCLUSIVE in bold letters, which is not really surprising. It is extremely hard to predict affect based on simulations. I dig deeper into the results and see nothing potentially dangerous to humans.

I vacillate a bit before making up my mind. I grab a flashdrive and download the molecular structure to it. I then head over to the manufacturing lab, where Ming is currently intently staring at something on her computer screen. Ming is the manufacturing lab’s director. She’s Chinese, I think. She’s a stuffy woman, about 35 or so years old, still in good shape. She looms over me at about 5′9″, but taller with her black heels. She has long, black hair tied in a bun, round black glasses over her dark brown eyes. She notices me come in and stares up at me from her screen, her mouth in a thin, straight line as in disapproval of my interruption.

“Hey Ming! Busy?” I tried to sound cheerful, but I know she’s not thrilled at seeing me. After all, people walking in means more work for her.

“What do you want?” She says shortly. Her disapproving expression never changes.

“To talk to you of course!” I say flirtily. I know Ming barely tolerates people, which for some reason makes me bold and confident around her. “How’s life? How’s work?”

She’s not having any of it. “Just tell me what you want and be off” she says shortly, “I have like 20 million things to do and not looking for more work”.

I give her an exaggerated sigh and had her my flash drive. “It’s a new formula for text extracting I was hoping you can synthesize for me. For the document we got last week”

“I thought you extracted everything from them already?” She asks with a frown.

“Yea, and destroyed pretty much all of them. One survived though, and I have an idea on how to maybe get some more info out of it. Would you mind synthing it? I’ll give you the paperwork later, I promise.” I almost feel bad lying to her, but I really want to keep this to myself. My mind is still full of fantasies of the cure for cancer.

Ming gives me a small shrug, nods and reaches for my drive. “Come back in an hour or so. How much do you need?”

“Not too much, maybe 100ml?”

She already has her back turned to me and heading over to the synthesizing machine, although I can see a small nod. “Come back in an hour then”.

I thank her and head back to my office. I spend the next hour doing more e-mail and tweaking the translation software when I see an email from Ming telling me to go pick up my solution. I smile and head back down. She hands over a small vial of a clear, viscous liquid, almost like a gel. I thank her and return to my office.

I open the bottle and smell it. It smells like nothing. Literally nothing, not even a hint of perfume. Weird I think to myself. I go back to the original document data trying to search for something I missed. There’s not much there though, something about changing an ingredient to make stronger, but no hint as to which ingredient to change. I think that maybe my simulation made it weaker than I though, since most of the quantities had to be guessed.

I look at the drawing again and that part, at least, seems to be clear. I shows the popeneyen being applied to someone’s hand, then that hand transferring it to another hand. It seems to suggest that one person should apply the ointment to another hand perhaps? Although for all I know there are pages after this that explain something else. I touch the mixture with my pinkie finger. It feels cool, but nothing else. I smell it and still smell nothing. I take the bottle and apply a drop to my hands, thinking it could perhaps be a kind of soap. I rub both my hands with this mixture but feel nothing.

I’m disappointed. This ointment does nothing, it seems. Not even smell good. I’m clueless as to what it might be. It seems that I’ll have to announce it to my team and ship it off for analysis somewhere more advanced than this museum. I’m dejected, but I think to myself that this was to be expected. I know that I was probably building this up in my mind too much. I sigh out loud and look up at the clock. 3 PM. Well, at least the day went by fast. I’m not sure if it’s the disappointment or the lack of sleep, but a tiredness washed over me. I close my eyes and rub them. Time for coffee I think to myself. I get up and take the elevator downstairs.

I spot Cindi behind the counter again, handing a customer—a young Hispanic guy that works in one of the offices—a small coffee. She shines a beautiful smile a flirtatious giggle and looks up at me.

“Hey, need another pick me up?” She says.

“Yea, something to get me through the next couple of hours” I answer sheepishly, still avoiding eye contact and sneaking a view down her blouse. She shows off an amazing brown sugar cleavage in her orange, flowery dress. I quickly look up and see her finishing up my coffee. I take out a five dollar bill and reach over for the cup with one hand while extending the fiver with my other hand. She reaches to get the bill out of my hand and brushes my hand with hers. As soon as she makes contact, something strange happens. At first it feels like her had changes temperature, from cold to warm. Next thing I know she is cupping my hand in hers, but not taking the five dollar bill. I stare at her and notice that her eyes are unfocused, as if staring into the distance and she is biting her lower lip. It’s weird and she seems out of it, so I hand her the bill directly.

“Earth to Cindi! Come in Cindi!” I tell her, smiling.

She does a double take and slowly her eyes focus on mine. She is still silent and now her stare is making me uncomfortable. He hand is still stretched out with the bill on her palm. I wave my hands in front of her face, still eliciting no reaction. This is beginning to worry me. I’ve read about strokes, but she seems too young for that, so I reach over, place my hand on her shoulder to shake her a bit. As soon as I make contact though, she seems to come out of her trance. Her eyes focus on me and and her face lights up in a huge smile. She leans her head slightly, as in trying to make contact with my hand on her shoulder. I recoil back, thinking I’ve overstepped my boundaries.

“Sorry” I stammer out an apology.

Her eyes widen, her smile disappears, “You never have to apologize to me, ever” she says in a trembling voice. Now it seems as if she is about to cry.

Confused, I break eye contact with her and stare at my feet again. “Keep the change” I mumble out of the side of my mouth and escape as fast as my feet will take me, embarrassed out of my mind.

I reach the elevator, get in and push my floor. I stare up and see Cindi starting to get out of her coffee station, staring at me. I quickly look down, breaking eye contact and start banging at the door close button of the elevator. I’m relieved when I notice the door closing.

Meanwhile my mind is racing. What the fuck just happened? I think to myself. I stare down at the hand that handed her the bill and the word popeneyen pops into my head. Now I really start to panic. I washed the solution off right? I think to myself. There are protocols that state I have to wash my hands at all times when handling chemicals. I don’t remember doing that. Of course, there are also protocols that are very specific about not being an idiot scientists and never testing things on yourself. What the hell was I thinking? This isn’t my first discovery. I’ve never, in my life done something so reckless. All I can think about is how I’m going to get sued, fired and become homeless because no other company will take me.

I walk fast into my floor’s bathroom, sweating with nervousness, and head over directly to the sink, where I begin scrubbing my hands with as much soap as I can. I rinse and, just in case, scrub my hands with more soap. I do this three more times, my hands beginning to hurt as I try to scratch whatever remnants of the solution I still have on them.

I walk as fast as my legs will take me to my office, where I see the remnants of the vial with the popeneyen. Now my mind is scrambling. I put on latex gloves and grab the vial. I only used a few drops, so there’s still more left in the vial. I start walking over back to the bathroom, planning on dumping it in the toilet. Luckily, my brain decides to finally kick in. I can’t dump it into the sewage. What if this is poisonous?

I shake my head and look towards the incinerator. What if the fumes are toxic dumbass? I think to myself. Now I’m standing around with the vial in my hand, looking this way and that thinking about what I should be doing, where to hide this, and how to fix this. That’s when I hear a knock on my door. I panic. I look around wildly and quickly shove the vial in my pocket, remove the gloves and half scream, half squeak, “Come in!”

To my surprise, Cindi walks into the door, her eyes avoiding mine. I begin to internally freak out and start composing excuses in my head that I can explain to her. I’m about to open my mouth to offer some half baked explanation when she tells me, barely above a whisper “You left really fast, did I do something wrong Sir? Please let me make it up to you”

Her words make my head spin. “W-wha?” I start stammering. I must look very confused because she looks up at me and I see a twinge of concern come over her eyes. This twinge is quickly transformed into a steely gaze, as if she has just realized something. I’m trying to process this when she suddenly starts moving. She quickly walks a few long strides and before I can think of what he mean, she is right next to me.

She mumbles “I know how to make this up to you” and without any hesitation she grabs my dick through my pants and quickly gets down on her knees. In one quick motion she unzips my fly and reaches inside my pants with her hand, trying to fish my cock out.

“Wh-what are you doing?!?” I half-scream at her. I’m in complete shock. Needless to say, this is the first time a beautiful woman whom I’ve had barely any interaction with (other than in my fantasies) has ever been so forward.

She reaches for my dick with her hand and pulls it out gently through the hole in my underwear, and out my zipper. Now, my penis is not something particular noteworthy. I’ve read (on the net, mostly) that it’s about average size (5 ½ inches) and, at least to me, seems thin in girth, but Cindi’s eye widen when she gets her first look at it. She lets out a small sigh. “It’s as beautiful as I’ve imagined” she breathes. She takes a breath and next thing I know her gorgeous lips are wrapped around my cock. She takes her right hand and starts pumping the base, while using her left hand to cup my ball as she tries to fit as much as possibly can in her mouth. She gets close, most of the way to the base of my cock before it seems that she has reached the back of her throat, when she starts pulling my dick slowly out of her mouth, then repeats the motion slowly, all the while looking at my face to gauge my reaction.

All thought escapes me the second I feel her warm mouth engulf my manhood. I can feel the hot, wetness of her mouth caressing first the tip, then the shaft. I feel her mouth engulf more and more until I can feel the tip reaching her throat. She pushes it down a bit, and I can feel the back of her throat and her gag reflex massaging the tip of my dick before me mouth pulls back. The slow motion feels absolutely amazing and my body simply overrides my thinking process. I let out a moan and, without thought, take my hand and grab a fistful of hair and push her head as deep as I can down my shaft. I can feel her struggling to get the last inch of my dick into her mouth, but even though she is unable to, there is no complaining, and no resistance, it seems as if she is simply trying harder to accommodate my needs. I pull he head back and out and I can hear her breath rush in, but it is quickly replaced by another slurp as I push her head back in. I up the tempo, all the while trying to make her take more and more of my dick down her throat. The small movements of her throat as she gags on my dick feel like a small massage to the tip of my penis, driving me closer and closer to orgasm.

I’ve never felt such sensations. My ex hated blowjobs with a passion, and the few times I was able to wheedle one out of her she would freak out if I took any control or, god forbid, touch her hair. But this girl that I’ve had a crush on for lord knows how long allows me to use her head anyway I wish, giving up any control and letting me set the pace. I use her head roughly, all sense or propriety blasted out of my brain by the intense feeling of this girls’ mouth. I don’t realize it, but I’m moaning out loud, which seems to turn her on even more. She takes her hands off my dick, relaxes her neck and throat and allows her head to be used as fuck hole, which I happily oblige. Through my moans I can hear the wet slurping sound of her lips smacking my shaft. I can hear the small gagging sounds of my dick hitting the back of ther throat. I grab her hair tighter as I feel myself closer to orgasm and speed up the tempo yet again. It now feels like I’m raping her mouth. I also start hearing small moaning sounds coming out of her lips as she tries to take more and more of my cock. This sexy sound is simply too much for me to handle. I yell out “YES!” and I grab her hair even tighter as I push her mouth down as far as I can. I feel my whole body shudder as my cock explodes, squirting load after load of cum into Cindi’s perfect mouth. She doesn’t hesitate to take as much of my cock down her throat as she can and starts sucking out my cum greedily. It feels like I’ve ejaculated buckets of cum before my cock stops twitching, but she doesn’t let a single drop out of her mouth, as she hungrily slurps it down as fast as she can, almost as if it was the most delicious thing she has ever tasted.

As my balls emptied, rational thought started returning to brain. Now that my baser needs were met, my brain seemed to explode in shame and disbelief. I cannot believe what I have just done. I look down at Cindi who is looking up at me through eyes full of adoration as she finishes sucking my cock clean. She takes my dick out of her mouth and kisses the tip of it, almost reverently, then as gently as if she was holding a baby, lovingly guides it inside my pants and zips me up. Instead of standing up though, she remains on her knees, staring up at me with an awestruck look on her face.

“I hope that blow job was good” She said in a nervous voice, almost as if she was looking for approval. “I don’t have much experience giving them, but I’m told I’m decent at it” she says, cracking half a smile.

“It was amazing! It was great! But why?” I blurt out out, obviously my brain hasn’t rebooted after my orgasm enough not to ask blunt, stupid questions.

“I love you” She replies as if it was the most natural thing in the world, “and this seemed the best way to let you know that I’m yours. Also, you seemed pissed off at me down at the coffee shop, probably something I did, so I wanted to make sure you knew that I was sorry”

It was her nonchalance that struck me the most. “Love me? But we’ve never gone out, you’ve never said anything”

This seemed to puzzle her. “I know. I’ve always loved you” she says simply, “Really, it was just right now that I’ve finally decided to do something about it. Was—Was this not right?” She asks, now looking worried.

“You’ve always loved me?” I ask confused.

“Yes, I’ve always have” She gets this distant look in her eyes, as if she’s trying to work something out mentally, but gives up halfway through and continues “I don’t know why I’ve never flirted or talked to you about it. Maybe I was always shy around you?” She seems to be looking for an explanation herself, but is not completely convinced. “I don’t know. I guess I just realized that, since I love you, it’s silly to hide behind this mask. I was ready to tell you when I did something wrong and made you run away, but I couldn’t let you go without making sure you know the depth of my feelings for you” She shrugs as she says this, as if it’s something that is obvious to her.

This makes little sense to me. My brain, fully booed up after ejaculation races to analyze this. She has never once expressed interest, my brain seems to think, and there’s no way it’s a coincidence that you touch her with an unknown substance and now she’s on her knees gazing lovingly at you, which remind me, tell her to stand up you dope!

“Please stand up” I say to her. “And what do you mean you love me? You’ve never seemed like you were interested”

Again, her eyes lose focus, as if she’s trying to inwardly make sense of something. Just as fast, however, a calm acceptance reasserts and she seems to shrug off any conflicts in her head. “I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure I’ve always loved you. More than love, really, I think you’re absolutely amazing. I’ve never had the guts to admit it, I think” She seems to be stumbling through her words, and she lets out in a rush, “But I couldn’t live another second like this. It felt as if all my life I’ve adored you but never said anything about it. Please, I’m sorry if I’m too forward” she is now looking desperate, rushing to get her words out of her mouth as fast as possible. “It’s just that I can’t take feeling like this anymore. I don’t care if you don’t like me, I love you. I’ll do anything for you, just please don’t send me away” Tears start forming in her eyes.

If I have one weakness it is women’s tears. My ex would always use crying to manipulate me. Later in the relationship I started noticing her doing this any time she wanted something I started steeling my heart against it. But tears still make my soul shake. I hugged her and held her close.

“I really like you too” Yea, not ready for love yet, “it’s just a surprise, that’s all. I just need to process it”

Her quick, radiant smile almost made me hard again. She leans in for a kiss and I kiss her back. I decide to test how far I can take this and force my tongue in her mouth. She eagerly opens her mouth and french kisses me back with a passion I’ve never felt. She arches her back and I can feel her breasts pressing against my chest. Without thinking I cup of of her breasts in my hand and I hear a soft moan escape her lips. Now conscious of what I’m doing I pull back from the kiss and stare down at her. Her eyes are closed and I see disappointment cross her brow for a split second before she opens her eyes and stares soulfully into mine.

“What do you want me to do sir?” she asks naughtily. I notice this is not the first time she has called me sir. I know she knows my name, and I store this new behavior into the back of my head. I realize I need time to think about this.

“Do you have anywhere to be later tonight? I mean, do you want to hang out or something?” I ask, my nervousness returning.

Her smile becomes larger, more dazzling, as if that was the exact response she wanted. She look giddy and she whispers “I only want to be where you are. Tell me when and where and I’ll be there”

I think about this and reply “Ok, Let’s go back home together then. There are somethings I need to finish up here. I’ll meet you downstair in a hour? Well, shit when is your shift over?” I realize I didn’t even know when she’s supposed to go home. Hell, I don’t even know where her home is.

“My shift is over whenever you want” She takes a step back. “I’ll be downstairs waiting for you. Let me know when you want to leave. Your place or mine?” She asks.

“Uhhh. Mine?” I say uncertainly.

She nods her head. “Probably better. I live with my sister and she hates it when I bring guys back home. Not that it matters!” She adds quickly, “You can come over whenever you want. Fuck my sister” I’m not sure how to take this last statement.

“Ok,” I say nervously. “I’ll see you soon then”.

She leans in for another quick kiss, this time her mouth is already partly open, as if saying that she accepts however I would like to kiss her. I give her a quick peck and she begins to walk out of my office”

She pauses before opening the door and turns back to me. “I’ve been calling you sir because John seems too disrespectful. May I continue to call you that? Or would you prefer me to call you something else” Her face is blank.

I decide to go for broke. If I completely fucked this woman’s mind, I may as well see how far I’ve gone. I grin and tell her in my most flippant voice. “I prefer you call me ‘Daddy’, actually”. There is something about a black girl calling me daddy.

She cast her eyes down and says “Whatever you want...Daddy”. With a sexy swish of her hips she walks out of my office, leaving me dumbfounded about what the hell just happened.