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Absolute Love

Chapter 3

My head is still spinning after Cindi walks out. I couldn’t believe my luck. Part of me is wondering if this is not simply luck or charm that is responsible for her behavior. But I soon discard that notion. After about 10 minutes of being dazed, the rational side of my mind decides to take over and start examining facts.

The most obvious fact is that this happened right after I touched Cindi with my hands that had been exposed to the popeneyen. I hadn’t washed off the solution, mainly because it was odorless and it felt like nothing had happened. This brought on my second realization that, no matter what my intentions had been, I synthesized a solution that I had no idea what it does, made no paperwork for such a synthesis, hid where the recipe had come from, and infected someone that doesn’t even work for the company (not that infecting an employee would have been much better, my brain chimed in), and potentially changed her brain chemistry and personality forever. This is the kind of shit people go to jail for, my brain reminds me.

I start to panic. Not only is what I did unethical, immoral and illegal, but it could be traced back to me easily. I had another person who had synthesized it, with no paperwork, I had all the results sitting on my computer and in the company server and, to make things worse, had a fucking vial of the stuff in my pocket. I start sweating and decide that some action—any action—needs to to be taken. I wish I could say that I took this rationally and calmly, but the fact is that I was so terrified that I would grasp at anything that seem to make my clusterfuck less disastrous. My first action is to make sure that I have an escape route. If I am caught or if something happens, I need to make sure that I can still get access to all my research so I can try to make a cure. With this in mind, I go to my work terminal and start uploading all the data of the archeological dig that I had gathered into my own, private, encrypted cloud backup. I know I don’t have anywhere nearly the processing power to do much with this data, nor do I think I could have generated anything from it, but I don’t care. It seems like a good start to unraveling my mess.

I also need to gather more information from Cindi herself. That will, of course, have to wait until tonight when I see her, but I decide to brainstorm some questions that I need to ask her. I need to figure out when, exactly, did these feeling for me start. I know she told me that the feelings started when she met me, but I have never gotten any kind of vibe from her. Also, you don’t fall this deeply in love to someone whose only interaction in the last year has been to buy coffee from your shop. I also need to know how far this “love” she thinks she feels for me goes. Meaning, what would happen if I told her I’m not interested? Or try to force her into something she doesn’t want to do? More importantly, I need to figure out if this is permanent or not.

As I brainstorm questions about what I will say to Cindi when I see her tonight, an e-mail notification chimes in my computer. I turn my eyes to one of the office screens that has my e-mail and I see a new e-mail from Ming. This is odd; In the last 2 years I’ve worked here I’ve never had an email from her. My interactions with her had mainly been face to face and always confrontational. I click the message open and read the e-mail.


You forgot to send me the paperwork from the substance you had me synthesized. I need an explanation of the substance, along with material invoice, and a link to all the research detailing why this should have been synthesized. You have until end of day. Get it to me then or I’m going to the Director for this.

Ming Xiang

Oh shit oh shit oh shit, I think to myself. This is not good. I should have figured Ming would throw an ultimatum. I do not have the time to deal with this bitch, and I sure as hell can’t submit any paperwork, as it might tie me to Cindi should something go wrong. I have to beg her to ignore this. She should be amenable to something, or so I think as I lock my computer and run as fast as I can to the manufacturing lab to see if I can convince the ice queen herself to cut me a break.

I get there in record time and stop right outside Ming’s office to catch my breath. I need to play this cool and not act as if something is wrong so as to not arouse any suspicions. I catch my breath, straighten my clothes, put on my biggest smile and walk into her office.

“Ming!” I say in a booming, fake voice, “How’s my favorite manufacturing director doing?”

Ming shoots me a look of pure hatred and speaks shortly, “Cut the crap Jon, and give me what I asked for in my e-mail. There is no need for you to be here just do your fucking job” she says in a tone dripping with malice. She obviously does not want to even see me.

I make my smile wider, “Aww come on Ming! I need a bit of time that’s all! I’ll have your paperwork soon, it’s just I’m in the middle of a big—”

“I don’t care what you’re in the middle of, “ she snaps “Your job is to provide documentation for synthesis. My job is to do the synthesis. I did my job now you do yours” She doesn’t even look up from her screen as she barks at me.

“I know Ming, it’s just that I’m behind my work and I’m not coming in tomorrow and- “

“Again, not my problem. I want the paper work on my desk in the next 2 hours or it’s all getting dumped in the Director’s office” Her tone offers no compromises.

“Come on Ming, maybe there’s something I can do for you so you can just look the other—”

This sets her off. She turns her head to me, her face becoming red with anger and her eyes bulging. “ARE YOU TRYING TO BRIBE ME?” She yells at me.

“No, Ming, not at all it’s just that—”

“GET OUT OF MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND THE PAPERWORK IN MY HAND OR I’LL MAKE FUCKING SURE YOU’RE GONE BY TOMORROW” She screams. Her face is completely red by now and it looks like steam is coming out of her ears.

I don’t know what to do. I didn’t realize just how completely inflexible Ming really is. She is going to destroy my career and send me to jail because of her unflexible ethics. I’m out of options and I can feel my life crumbling down. She will simply send this lack of paperwork to the higher ups, they will investigate and realize what I’ve done. I can’t let this happen. My head races with different possibilities. The thought of murder crosses my head, so desperate do I feel. I feel like a deer caught in the headlights, and all my options to escape are dwindling down to nothing. That’s when I feel the weight of the vial in my pocket and I pause.

Looking back at, I know I overreacted. Just because this bitch sends stuff up to the director means nothing. She probably had already pissed them all off; maybe they wouldn’t even care. But I’m not thinking straight. All I can think about is getting thrown in jail and living out the rest of my life being raped by a guy named Bubba. Because of this inability to focus, a terrible idea surfaces in my mind. I know, or rather, thought, I could make all this go away. The mixture worked with Cindi, could it work with Ming? Can I live with myself doing this to another innocent?

It turns out I could because with out even mulling it over long, I reach with in my pocket and silently unstoppered the vial sitting there. I dab a drop on my hand and re-stoppered it, marveling at my manual dexterity and hoping like hell that Ming hasn’t noticed anything. I did not need to worry, as Ming had already decided that I was not worth the effort and had returned her gaze to the computer screen. I clear my throat.

“You still here?” She asks flippantly.

“I—I” I stutter. “I’m sorry” I say. This makes her look up in surprise. I don’t think anyone has ever said those words to her. I meet her gaze, put on my best apologetic face and proceed, “I didn’t mean to to imply bribery.” Her face softens, “I know it’s not an excuse, I’ll go back and make sure you have the paperwork that you require. I simply ask for your forgiveness” Nervously, I extend my hand with the popeneyen to her.

She seems taken aback and she reaches over to take my hand. “I accept your apology but I still want your—” She stops mid sentence as she touches my hand and stays paralyzed, similarly to what I saw Cindi did when I handed her her money. I feel Ming’s hand going from warm to cool and back to warm again. She bites her lip and her eyes become unfocused. He hand relaxes into mine and her face seems to lose all traces of emotions.

After about a minute, I start to worry. This didn’t seem to happen with Cindi. She was only stuck like this for a few seconds, meanwhile Ming does not seem to be moving at all. Her eyes are still unfocused, staring past me. I put her hand down and ask “Ming?”

When I speak her whole demeanor changes. Her eyes widen and a beautiful smile—something I had never seen on Ming’s face—lights up. Just as fast as her smile appears, it turns into a quivering lip. As if realizing something, tears start forming in her eyes and dripping down her cheeks, her voice changes to a stutter and she addresses me, “I -I can’t do this any more” She burst out crying and throws herself at me, grabbing me in a bear hug. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” she starts repeating over and over all while wailing and weeping like someone who’s just lost their entire family.

Her actions take me completely aback. This is not what I expected. “Ming, what’s wrong? Are you ok?” I ask, not knowing what to do or say.

This makes her cry even harder and she starts wailing louder, still repeating sobbing “I’m sorries” into my coat. I hug her back and try to softly whisper it’s ok, but anything I try to say is simply met with more crying and wailing, so I decide to hold her and wait her out.

Eventually, after about five minutes of this breakdown she stares up at me through weepy eyes, giving me the fiercest look I’ve ever seen. It seems that she has reached a resolution in her mind, since she hardens her face and with steel in her voice she says “I cannot keep lying to myself and treat you like this. I love you. I’ve loved you since I’ve met you two years ago. I thought I could hate you like all the other people in my life, but I can’t” She takes a deep breath, “I’m sorry for the way I’ve treated you. I’ve been the worst human being to you that anyone can be. I don’t deserve you or your kindness, but I can’t live anymore without you. Please, forgive me for all I’ve done to you and I promise to make it all up to you.” She looks up at me expectantly.

I was not expecting this. This is a much stronger reaction than Cindi’s I think to myself. Similarly to Cindi, she believes that she’s in love with me. I decide to press her on this.

“What do you mean Ming? I mean you’re always yelling at me and cussing me out, what do you mean you love me?” I pretend to be clueless.

Her eyes mist over, as if holding back more tears, but she keeps them her gaze steady on me, replying “I know. I’m so, so, so sorry. I guess I couldn’t handle my feelings for you that’s why I always went hard on you. But I can’t keep this charade up anymore. I love you Jon Smith. More than anything else in this world. Please forgive everything I’ve ever done to you. I swear I will make all of it up, please just give me a chance”

Her sincerity strikes me as true. It seems that this mixture makes women exposed to it fall in love with the person who gives them the mixture. Or perhaps with whom they see or hear? I’m not yet sure, but one thing is certain, she is completely and utterly in love with me now. Or at least fooled into thinking she’s in love with me. I decide that I have to press my advantage.

“Does this mean that I can get a break with the paperwork?” I ask slyly.

Her face softens and I can see hints of a smile. “Of course, what would you like me to do? Ignore it? Give you more time? Tell me your wish and I’ll make it happen” She says this with nothing but sincerity in her voice.

“I would really like for you to forget that you’ve ever synthesized anything for me. Honestly, it was a personal thing and I much rather it doesn’t get traced back to me” This was a paper-thin, flimsy excuse. But I decide to try it out anyways.

“Say no more” and with a purpose, she sits at her computer and starts typing out some commands. After about a minute she says “Done! The request was erased and the materials were reported as stolen. No one will ever know you asked for it and I will take this to my grave.” She says this in a serious voice. Then she changes to a more sultry, sexy voice and asks “Is there anything else I can do for you? And I do mean anything”

This strikes me as odd. Cindi offered similar propositions, but Ming is far more pushy about it; desperate, almost. It is as if she is far more willing or ready to do more for me, as if she loved me more than Cindi, if it was possible to quantify this “love” that the ointment seems to induce. I decide to test how far I can push this.

“Well…” I start, “it’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that you’ve never been nice to me so I’m not sure if you’re simply going to reinstate your order after I leave.

She panics, “I would never do that to you. I love you. Let me prove it. What can I do to prove it to you?” Her eyes are locked onto mine.

I take out my phone and say “I want some dirt on you that I can use for leverage. Let me take a pic of your tits and pussy and we’ll call it even”

WIthout hesitation, she unbuttons her coat and removes it, letting it fall to the floor. Then, in one motion, she lowers her top and bra, setting free some firm C cup tits. She then takes her hands and pulls down her pants and her white, grandma panties all the way own to the floor. She waits on me expectantly.

I take out my phone and snap a few pictures of her. “Spread your pussy with your fingers and give me a look begging me to to fuck you”

She takes two fingers and spreads her pussy nice and wide. She makes a pouty face that I find amazingly sexy and I snap a few more pics. I then switch the phone into record mode and tell her “Now tell me how much you want to be mine. Make me believe it.”

I hit the record button on my phone and I see her mind working on what to say. After a few seconds pause, she looks straight into the camera and, with her pussy still spread out with her one hand, she takes two fingers in her other hand and starts fucking herself with them, saying “I need you Sir, I need you to be my Master. I need to have your beautiful hard cock inside me. You can stick it anywhere you want, my mouth, my pussy, my ass, but please use me! Please!” She moans while fucking herself with her fingers.

“I’ll do anything you want, be anything you want. I’ll be your slut, your fuckdoll, anytime you want to use me all you have to do is grab me and take me.” She continues, pounding her pussy faster.

It was clear that her words and her hand were bringing her close to orgasm, so I reach over and slap her hand out of her pussy. I then cup her cunt in my hand and ask her “Who does this pussy belong to?”

“You, Sir” She replies without hesitation, her gaze fixed on meds.

“Then you don’t touch my property unless I tell you to. You don’t cum without permissions either, got that?”

“Yeeeeees” She replies in a haze of pure bliss.

I slap her pussy with the palm of my hand as hard as I can. “AHHHH!” she cries out in pain.

“Remember who owns you cunt!” I say and turn off my phone. “Now this is what you’re going to do. You’re going to finish your day here, then you’re going to go to the filthiest, most disgusting sex shop you can find and you’re going to buy the sluttiests outfits you can think of. Also the most degrading toys you can find. I also want you to get your hair and makeup done and be at my house tomorrow by 10 am. I’m texting you my address” I say as I text her. “Oh and make sure you bring a lot of lube for when I fuck your ass, got it? Also, synth me some viagra. I plan on fucking you lots”

She shivers in excitement and replies “Yes Sir, whatever you want”

“Good cunt, get dressed and I’ll see you tomorrow” I say as I walk out. “Oh, and also, I like to be called Daddy”.

She is raising her panties up when she hears this, but looks straight at me and replies “Anything you want, Daddy”

I walk out more confident than I’ve ever been in my life. I go to my office, pick up my bag and head back downstairs. I see Cindi standing behind the barista bar, there is a closed sign on it, but she is eagerly watching the elevator doors. Her eyes light up when she sees me. I crook my index finger towards her, giving her the universal “come hither” signal. She smiles like a kid at Christmas and half runs halfs skips towards me. I turn around offer her my arm, which she latches onto and we walk out to the parking lot, exited to see where this new adventure will take me.