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Absolute Love

Chapter 4

“This is my car” I say, pointing at a black Honda. My car is only a couple of years old, but I don’t wash it often enough, making it look older than it actually is. “Get in” I tell her.

She is very enthusiastic as she gets in, her personality bubbly and giddy. She straps herself in with he seatbelt and watches me do the same. “So” she asks in a naughty voice “Want your cock in my mouth while you drive Daddy?” Her eyes twinkle at the suggestion.

I have other ideas though. I need to find out the depth of this “love” she professes to have for me. How deep does it go? What is her rationale for it? “No” I decline in a gentle voice, “I would like to talk to you for a bit instead. At least until we get to my house, I’ll fuck you then” A shiver seems to run through her as I say this.

“You can ask me anything, Daddy, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.” Her voice exudes sincerity.

“So…” I ask nervously, “How long have you felt this way about me?” I figure that I should start unraveling this mystery before I commit to the debauchery I have in mind for her tonight.

“Since I’ve met you, silly.” She replies, shrugging it off. “I’ve loved you since I met you a year ago when you first ordered coffee from me”

I remember that first day. It was the first time I saw this beauty sitting next to me. But I remember her barely making eye contact and not really making any conversation. It doesn’t add up that she would feel this way back then. “Then why didn’t you say anything?” I press her.

She frowns, as if trying to figure something out. After a short time se replies, “I don’t know. I guess I was too shy”

“I don’t remember you being that shy. But you’ve never said anything about this since then. I didn’t think you had any interest in me”

Her frown gets deeper, and she starts to seemingly get upset, as if she’s trying to work something out but can’t. “I- I’m not sure.” My questions seem to be upsetting her. “I should have said something. I’m sorry”, her eyes start filling with tears, “I’m so stupid. I should have thrown myself to you back then. Stupid! Stupid!” She starts repeating over and over.

Something else is going on. It seems that thinking about her previous interactions with me is upsetting her so I decide to change the topic. “It’s ok, “ I say, “I’m happy that you eventually told me”, I smile encouragingly, “tell me a bit about yourself.” Her distress seems to clear up once she is no longer thinking about us before I gave her the popeneyen.

“Well I was born and lived here all my life. I have a younger sister whom I adore, she lives with me since my parents died about two years ago. She just started college and the money my parents left us wasn’t enough, so I’m working to make sure she gets an education.”

“Did you ever go to college?” I ask.

“No, I got bad grades in school. I was always more interested in parties than studying. My parents hated it, but I moved out when I was 18 and been working ever since”

“What happened to your parents”

“They were in a car crash” she answered with a hint of sadness, “they were driving back from a mini-vacation they took to the beach when a truck flipped over on top of them. The driver was drunk and thought he saw something on the road. He swerved and flipped the truck over on top of my parents car. The police told me they died instantly.

“My sister was in her Junior year of high school when it happened. I was working as a waitress when I found out. My parents left us some savings and the insurance paid us out, but it wasn’t that much. I sold their house and moved into a 2 bedroom apartment with my sister so she could finish High School. My sister was always smarter than me and she always got good grades. I know my parents were planning on her attending college, you know, be the daughter I never was, so I decided then that that’s what I would do in their memory

“About 6 months ago, my parent’s money started running out. I started looking for a second job but couldn’t really find much in this recession. But a good friend of my dad’s gave me a job at the coffee shop. He’s paying me much more than I’m worth, but he really loved my dad, so I think it’s his way of taking care of us”

“Wow” I’m left speechless, “You’re a really kind person”

“Thank you,” she gives me a smile that lights up my world, “I’ve always thought I’d be alone while I was taking care of her, you know like no boyfriend or anything.” She mulls this over and something seems to click into place, “Maybe that’s why I didn’t tell you when I first saw you.” This seems to make sense to her, as if this is now her new reality. The popeneyen seems to be good at making people rationalize things after the fact. She continues, “But then, today, I saw you and I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was like a dam breaking, I knew if I didn’t say or do something I’d regret it for the rest of my life. I decided then that I would do anything to be with you, no matter what. Do—do you think you can love me?” She asks nervously.

My mind is spinning. Obviously this must be the drug. I had no idea such a thing could exists. This is more dangerous that I realized, it could be used to enslave or control the whole world. More questions started popping in my head, does this only work on women? Is the effect permanent? What would happen if I said “no, thanks”?

However, I have now enslaved two women. I have to take responsibility for them. For all I know the effects are permanent and saying no might drive her insane. I wish I could say it was only her safety I was worried about, but the fact that I had next to me the woman of my dreams, seemingly ready to do anything I asked was a far more powerful reason that anything else. I figure that I had already fucked up, so I may as well make the most of it. I decided to see how far I could push things.

“Well, maybe…” I say, faking indecision. She frowns at this, her eyes looking a bit wild, “I’m used to certain things in my relationships and I’m not sure you’d be up for them.”

“Oh, I’m up for anything,” she quickly answers, “seriously, I’d do anything for you. I’ll share you with other women if that’s what you want. But please say you’ll have me.” There is nothing but sincerity in her voice.

Holy shit! I think to myself, she’s completely serious!

“That’s an...acceptable proposal,” I say carefully, weighing my words. “But I expect...compliance from my partners. I expect my partners to be subservient and work on pleasing me first”

This was, of course, complete bullshit. Throughout the few relationships that I’ve had I was always the passive one, and I’ve usually been treated like shit because of it. My ex-wife was especially good at this. Because I couldn’t stand up to her I took a job I hated, made a lot of money that she took in the divorce and barely had any sex throughout our marriage. I’ve always dreamed that I could do what I want with someone, but my low self esteem and lack of backbone made it hard. But Cindi seemed eager to please, and I found it easy to talk to her.

She smiles wickedly, “I would work the rest of my life trying to please you, Daddy”

“In that case, be a good girl and show me your pretty cunt.”

She hikes up her dress to show a pair of black panties. She lifts her butt off the seat and removes them, revealing a beautiful brown pussy, with a decent sized bush.

I frown and say “I prefer my cunts to be shaved. It shows that I own them and makes it easier to eat them out”

“I’ll shave it as soon as I get a chance, Daddy,” she says compliantly.

I reach over and slip two finger in that gorgeous black pussy. She is already wet, so my fingers slide right in. I start pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy slowly while gently curving my fingers upwards, trying to hit the sensitive spot. She starts writhing on her seat and a gentle moan escapes her lips “Your pussy is already wet, slut” I say.

“It’s your pussy, Daddy” she answers, breathlessly.

I start pumping my fingers faster and faster, tweaking her clit with my thumb every time I penetrate her. Her moans start getting louder and she starts groping her tit with one hand. “You’re a horny nigger aren’t you?” I hold my breath to see what her reaction is.

“I’ll always be a horny nigger for you Daddy!” she half screams, half moans. “May I cum, Daddy? Please, your filthy nigger slut needs to cum!”

Hearing her say that word makes me the hardest I’ve ever been in my life. My erection is threatening to burst out of my pants. I can’t rub it because I have one hand on the steering wheel and the other pumping her cunt. “Yea, come for Daddy, nigger, show me how much you like my white finger in your cunt”

“Thank you Daddy! THANK YOU!!!” She screams in ecstasy. “I’LL BE YOUR PERFECT NIGGER! I PROMISE TO BE YOUR FAITHFUL SLUT!” I feel her cunt contracting, squeezing my fingers like a vise. Her body starts convulsing as an orgasm courses through her. Her moans can easily be mistaken for screams. After a few seconds, it is over and and her body relaxes, although a few whimpers still escape her pouty lips. I pull my fingers out of her wet cunt; They’re dripping, glistening with her juices.

“Suck them clean” I order her, holding my fingers at about breast level and a couple of feet away from her. She reaches over with her hands to put my fingers in her mouth when I yell, “No! You move your head to my fingers! No Hands!”

She gives me an adoring look and lowers her head to my fingers, sucking them with a slurp, cleaning all her cunt juices while maintaining eye contact. She shows off, once again, her blow job skills by treating my fingers as a cock, bringing them in and out of her mouth, until they’re glistening with her saliva. “Good girl” I praise her and she beams at me in pride.

Shortly after, I pull into my driveway, my cock is still threatening to burst through my pants. I can’t wait to use this cunt tonight.

Interlude: Ying

The Grandmaster was sitting alone in his opulent office chair while a young girl, probably no more than 18 or 19 was busy on her knees taking his cock in and out of her mouth. His office was full of antiques, some of them going back thousands of years. A map of the world with red pins sticking out was hanging from the wall directly opposite to the only door leading in and out of the room. Tapestries and priceless works of art hanged on the wall, making this vast space look more like a museum rather than an office. A large, oaken desk sat in the middle of room full of papers and writing utensils. A single laptop looked out of place on the corner of this desk, the only reminder that this room existed in modern times. The laptop’s screen was black as if it had been put to sleep.

Around the room there were 4 women standing around, all either naked or wearing the flimsiest lingerie, leaving nothing to the imagination. A nameless, short asian woman stood next to a small table with liquor bottles, waiting for any drinks the Grandmaster might order. A white, redheaded woman, wearing a see-through red nighty that matched her hair sat lewdly on the floor, her legs spread white open, backed arched, motionless, as if she was on display. The last two women were both white, one brunette and the other blonde. They were currently kissing and caressing each other, moaning softly. Although they seemed to be passionately enjoying each other, their eyes betrayed their complete lack of affection for one another. Rather, their eyes kept darting back forth between the Grandmaster sitting on his chair and the other girl, as if trying to asses if what they were doing was pleasing to him.

The Grandmaster was sitting with his eyes closed, his face relaxed with clear pleasure written on it. The blode girl sat on her haunches, arms behind her back, concentrating only in the act of sucking the Grandmaster’s cock. She would make herself take his manhood all the way into her throat, sometimes gagging slightly, then slowly pulling her head off his dick almost to the tip. Her eyes were fixed on the Grandmaster’s face, watching for any clue he might give about whether she was doing a good job. She was slowly increasing in tempo, eagerly awaiting the release of his seed.

Three knocks interrupted the quiet slurping in the room. The Grandmaster’s eyes slowly opened. Without moving his head in the slightest he said in an old, wizened voice “Enter”.

A young man in his early twenties stepped in, wearing a scarlet robe denoting some kind of status. He was clearly nervous when he spoke. “Grandmaster, we received an alert of someone searching for the Most Holy of Substances” You could almost hear the words being capitalized. Clearly, this substance was of utmost importance to them.

“Where?” The Grandmaster asked, still not moving.

“The search came from a small archeological company. We’re not sure who did it at this point. What are your orders?”

“Find out who and begin the wipe protocols.” His face tightened up, as he began to orgasm in the blonde’s mouth. The blonde girl was unprepared and tried swallowing as much as she could, although a few drops escaped her mouth and dripped to the floor.

“As you wish, it shall be done” The young man said, retreating from the chamber and shutting the door on his way out.

Suddenly, without any warning and with surprising speed, the Grandmaster backhanded the girl across her face. His face turning red he addressed her with fury, “You stupid cunt! How dare you let my seed fall! Lick it off the floor now!”

Tears welled up in the girl’s eyes, but, without any hesitation, she turned to the task assigned to her and lowered her face to floor, making sure she licked all of the Grandmaster’s sperm off the floor, as was commanded of her.