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Absolute Love

Chapter 5

I open the door in a grandiose gesture, showing off my house to Cindi and declare in a loud, booming voice, “Welcome to my humble abode!”.

There’s really not much to my small condo. It is a simple, one bedroom apartment nestled among other, similarly looking apartments that stretch through the block. It is part of a small suburban complex that seems to cater mostly to singles. My apartment is nothing much to look at; I’ve been living there for about two years, ever since my divorce, and I haven’t really put any effort into it. I have a no decorations on the walls and it is clearly lacking a woman’s touch, as there are no adornments anywhere to be seen. We walk into my living area, which combine a small living room with an even smaller dining area and the kitchen. There is a small hallway in the back of the room that leads to a tiny bathroom and my own room. The living room is bare, with two couches making an “L” shape and nice flatscreen tv (probably the nicest thing in the room) with a cable box and a couple of consoles sitting underneath. There are some dirty dishes from last night sitting in the sink and the apartment has a sense of not being cleaned as often as it should. The floors are lined with an old, light tan carpet that seems to have more dirty spots than clean, especially near the couch, signaling what seems like a lot of lonely meals had been eaten in that area.

My room is equally bare. A lonely, queen size bed and a single nightstand across from a desk where my computer, probably the most costly thing in the house, are the only things in this room. There were some dirty clothes lying on the floor, a testament to slob in me, and some dirty glasses and dishes lying in odd places throughout my room. My closet door is open showing a nearly empty closet with a few jeans and t-shirts on hangers.

Cindi walks into the room and her eyes widen. I brace for the horror in her eyes, but find nothing but over staring back at me.

“I love your house Daddy! It’s what a man’s house should be”

I stare quizzically at her, but find no traces of dishonesty on her face. She smiles radiantly at me and begins to slowly rub my fully erect dick through my pants.

“Uhh Daddy!” she says in a wickedly sexy voice, “It looks like you need some relief from your pet nigger”

After the car ride I was wallowing in confidence, so I step up to her and put my hand on her breast giving it a tight squeeze. “You are a horny slut aren’t you?” I ask, massaging her left breast.

She lets out a moan, agreeing with me, tilts her head and arches her back, trying to push her tit into my hand. I grab the neckline of her dress and pull it down, exposing her small, round breasts cupped into a black, plain bra. I cup both her tits, sliding my hands between her and the bra and start roughly squeezing them, every once in a while flicking her nipples with my thumbs. “You’ve got nice tits” I tell her.

“They belong to you, Daddy” She replied, arching her back even farther, pushing her breasts into my hands. Meanwhile, she removes her dress straps from her shoulders and her dress falls to ground. She doesn’t step out of it yet, instead allowing me full access to her body. I look below and notice that she is standing naked from the waist down, her panties forgotten on my car’s floor. I take my hand off one of her breast, grab her by the hair and push her lips into mine, kissing her deeply. She lets me take her head and opens her mouth slightly allowing my tongue to penetrate her mouth in a passionate kiss. She returns the kiss just as passionately and I can feel her hand rubbing my cock through my pants with more urgency.

The kiss continues for what feels like an eternity of pure bliss, although it was probably close to a minute. Our tongues caress each other in our mouths. I break it off slightly and bring my mouth down to her neck, kissing every spot of dark skin in between. Her perfume is intoxicating, I cannot believe I didn’t smell it before, but now it fills my nose with a sweet aroma mixed with lust.

As I continue kissing her neck I slowly nudge her backwards towards my couches. When I get close enough I pushed her backwards. She is surprised but allows herself to fall once she realizes what I want. I dive in like a wild animal in heat, bringing my mouth to her breasts and, taking a nipple in my mouth, start sucking on it until her nipple perks up to attention. I then switch my attention to the other breast, giving it the same treatment until both her nipples are erect.

“Your tits taste delicious, “ I breathe, “now spread your pussy so I can taste that too”. She complies with a slight moan and parts her legs open, allowing me access to her sweet black pussy.

I begin making my way down, slowly kissing down from her breasts to her her belly button, making loud kissing noises. Once there, I start making my way down to her pelvis. I can feel her body quivering beneath my mouth, her excitement growing the closer I get to her sex. I pause right above her pussy entrance and begin in turn to kiss her inner, right thigh. I hear a moan of disappointment as realization sets in that I’m not yet touching her dripping sex yet. Her body quivers and she begins to slowly and rhythmically move her pussy closer to my face. I push her down by her pelvis and make out with her inner thigh, running my tongue up and down the inside of it, getting closer to her sex before pulling away and returning back down her inner thigh. Her movements become more pronounced as I I run the tip of my tongue from one end of her thigh closer to her sex, slowing down as I approach, I run the tip of my tongue on top of her clit hood, sending a shock down her spine, and making her thrusts even more pronounced. I continue to ignore her cunt though, and tease her further by switching my attention to the other, left thigh.

My soft, caressing tongue makes her more excited, but it is clear she wants it buried inside her pussy instead of her thigh. I ignore her desperation and continue to make out with her left thigh this time. A loud moan escapes her mouth, “Please...Please, Daddy, please” she begs softly, writhing in the pleasure the anticipation seems to bring.

I continue driving her wild a bit longer before I bury my nose deep into her pussy and take a loud, exaggerated whiff. Her musky smell is deliciously wet, reminding me of pure lust. “Your pussy smells delicious” I tell her, then use my tongue to lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top, sticking my tongue in between her inner and outer labia, and then back down the other side. She is moaning louder now, so I look up and whisper to her “And tastes great too!”

My words drive her into a frenzy and begins to thrust her pussy more desperately into my face. I oblige her by taking her pussy lips into my mouth and sucking on them, feeling her wetness soak my lips. Slowly, while sucking her labia, I dart my tongue in and out of her pussy entrance, caressing her opening with stinging licks before pulling back and sucking on a different part of her labia. After doing this for a while, I spread my licking to cover more and more of her passage until my mouth is on her opening, with my tongue slid deep into her cunt crevice. I stick my tongue as far as it can go down her twat, savoring her sweet nectar that flows like a wild torrent. Her smell and taste drive me insane, making my dick harder than I thought possible. I quickly pull my tongue out and give a quick lick to her clit, aiming for the space between the clit and her hood, getting as far in between as I can. She shudders in unexpected surprise and pleasure, and her moaning now turns to a heavy panting as the pleasure builds towards a climax.

I continue with this motion, sticking my tongue deep into her pussy and randomly darting my tongue out to lick her clit. I feel one of her hands grab my hair and use it to push my head down deeper. I’m having none of this though; I pause what I’m doing, pry her hand from my head, force it down onto the bed and tell her in a stern tone, “Niggers don’t get a say on what is done to them, they just take it. Understood? “

“Yeeeeeeessssss!” She moans.

I decide to forgive her this time and continue my ministrations on her dripping cunt. After a while of the same repetitive motion I decide to take it farther. I slip two of my fingers inside her sloppy pussy and begin to finger her slowly. I move up to her clit and take it inside my mouth. This sensitive area drives her crazy as her body bucks and writhes wildly. I wrap my free arm around her leg, holding her down and slip another finger inside her. Her pussy is so wet that my finger easily slides in. I begin to pound my fingers in and out of her faster and harder while I suck her clit inside of my mouth and use my tongue to flick it with more suction.

“Nooo! Too much! Daddy…..please….too sensitive!” She screams in a mixture of pleasure and oversensitivity that my mouth is giving her. Her hands reach over to my where my head is, ready to push it aside, but whatever is left of her conscious mind pulls back before she touches me, knowing that this is what I want and opts to start massaging her own tits instead. I redouble my efforts and speed with both my mouth and fingers and use my hand on her leg to bring her closer to me.

She begins panting louder and moaning with more urgency as I feel her orgasm building. She is still screaming incoherently about her sensitivity, which drives me to be rougher. She lets out a final scream as her body arches backwards, taken over by the massive orgasm coursing through her. I can feel her cunt spasming on my fingers and her body tightening up all her muscles as she screams her head off, howling in pleasure. After about 10 seconds her spasms subside and her body slacks off as the climax leaves her body. Small quivers can be seen as the aftershocks course through her body. She confusedly moans “thank you...thank you” over and over, clearly not yet thinking.

I decide that it’s my turn and roughly lift my body up, grab my dick with my hand and guide it into her still quivering pussy. As soon as I feel the tip inside I ram my cock as hard as I can, eliciting a rough grunt from Cindi and feeling her legs wrap around my waist, trying to pull me inside her as much as possible.

“You like having White cock inside you?” I ask naughtily as I begin slowly fucking her.

She is still recovering from her orgasmn but manages to squeeze out a “Yeeeeeesss” in between moaning and panting. I begin to thrust harder, although still slowly, only putting in more force into every thrust. I can feel her tight cunt massaging my shaft and her legs behind my ass pulling me deeper on every stroke. I take hold of one of her tits and roughly pinch and twist her nipple.

“That’s right, nigger, you like Daddy’s white cock in your slutty cunt?” I continue to verbally assault her, seeing that my words are making her hotter. “Beg for Daddy’s cock, slut!”

“Please gimme your cock Daddy! Fuck my slutty nigger fuckhole! Cum inside your nigger’s pussy! Please! Your nigger needs Daddy’s cum inside her!” Her words drive me wild, and I begin to fuck her faster, feeling my orgasm approaching quickly.

I scream “Take your Daddy’s cum slut!” and I climax explosively inside her. I feel my falls contract and my cum gushes out of my cock and into my nigger’s waiting pussy. It feels like buckets of cum are pouring out of my cock, feeling her up to brim. I see a content smile on her face as she is being filled up. After my cocks spurt out the last of my seed, I feel my energy leave my body and I collapse on top of her, a tired sigh escaping my lips.

“Thank you Daddy. Thank you for cumming inside me” She whispers in my ear.

“You’re not done yet, slut” I tell her, “I expect to you lick my cock clean after I’m done.”

She smiles, glad to be useful and squirms from underneath me letting me fall to the couch. I turn around and she quickly kneels on the floor, taking my slimy dick inside her mouth, and begins to lick it clean from the mix of out juices.

I lay back contently in the afterglow of my orgasm. “Good girl” I encourage Cindi as she completes her task and removes her mouth from my now-clean cock.

“Thank you, Daddy” she says as she nestles on top of me on the couch. We kiss again as we lay there basking in each other’s sweaty bodies. She stares at me with eyes full of love and obedience, awaiting my next wish.