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Absolute Love

Chapter 6

I lay next to Cindi for what seems like hours, feeling her body close to mine, her heat radiating from her, her sweat sticking between our bodies. I feel content. No guilt, no shame, no regrets about having “infected” this girl and making her mine. Truth be told my analytical mind screams about the wrongness of what I’ve done. This is nothing short of rape, my mind yells at me, trying to interject some rationality into my body. But I don’t feel that way. Even the way I think about Cindi is changing. I don’t think of her as a woman anymore, just as a girl. I know what I’ve done is wrong on every level. But I simply don’t care.

Could this be a side effect of the popeneyen? Perhaps, but I can’t bring myself to care. All I care about is this wonderful girl next to me, who is willing to do anything I ask of her. I haven’t event tested the limits of her devotion to me. This apathy is all-consuming. I realize that I’ve done this to two human beings but instead of thinking about consequences, my mind races ahead, thinking about Ming and what I’m going to do to her.

As if sensing something Cindi turns to me, smiling and say, “That was the most amazing sex of life. Thank you Daddy.” She kisses my cheek and continues, “Is there anything you want? Food? A beer? More me?”

“I could go for some food” I reply.

She bounces up, “Of course! I can cook something up! What would you like?”

My kitchen is pretty much empty. I don’t really cook, since I’m a disaster in the kitchen. I’m a take-out kind of guy, with cheap ramen when I’m too lazy or broke or that. I also really don’t have much in terms of plates or cutlery, since I’m on my own and I’m used to using disposable utensils. “Actually, my kitchen’s kind of bare, “ I answer her sheepishly, “how about a pizza instead? Maybe some Netflix?”

“Uhh, Netflix and chill huh?” She asks with a twinkle in her eye, “How modern of you.”

I think I blush, I’m not sure. My age weighs on me. I realize that I’m more than 5 years older than this girl. Not much of a gap, but she IS younger and part of a different generation. A slight twinge of guilt assaults me, but then she kneels next to me, lays a hand on my chest and says “But you know you don’t need an excuse, you can just fuck me when you want”

My guilt is quickly washed away by arousal. I’m not yet ready to go again, but I can feel the heat in my loins promising more action as soon as I take a break. It’s this hot lust that drives away my guilt and shame and replaces it with….entitlement? It’s hard to describe, really, like a sense that she belongs to me and only me. There is no respect, no caring, only lust and a sense to ownership. I grope one of her tits, massaging it with my palm. She bites her lower lip and closes her eyes, seemingly enjoying my rough treatment.

“I know I can, “ I answer her confidently, “but I want food first. Get my wallet from my pants over there. Call the pizza place on the fridge and order us a large veggie.” I point to my pants lying discarded on the floor.

I release her breast and she bounces up, eager to do my bidding. I raise myself off the couch and give her a loud smack on the ass as she is walking towards my pants. She giggles and walks sexily to where my pants are, spreads her legs slightly and bends over slowly at the waist, giving me a good view of her pussy, dripping with my cum and a tight, puckered asshole. She takes the wallet out of my pants and looks back at me, smiling when she sees me admiring her backside. She straightens up and sashays to me, dropping to her knees and handing me my wallet in silence. I hand her some money and wave her off, laying back down on the couch. She bounces up again and goes off to order the pizza.

I lay on the couch thinking about the events in the last few hours. It seems unbelievable. I still have the vial sitting in my pants pocket on the floor and, for the first time, I contemplate using it for my own gains. Well, second time, I correct myself, obviously Ming was the first time. I find myself wondering what will happen when she gets here tomorrow. Will she still be under the popeneyen’s influence? Obviously I will have to test this substance more, which leads me to wonder who I should test it on next.

I reel from the casual way I think about enslaving people. Is this what I’ve become? Could the popeneyen be affecting my mind as well? This thought sends a shiver down my spine. I never thought that the effects might be affecting me, but the more I think about it, the more such a conclusion seems inevitable.

The feel of Cindi’s presence startles me out of my mediation. I focus on her and see her kneeling next to me again. “I’ve ordered the pizza daddy, should be here in 30 minutes. Is there anything else I can do for you?” She asks naughty.

I’m still spent. “Not yet, I’m still not recovered from you” I answer with a grin. Hand me my clothes, will you? I want to be dressed when the pizza comes. Don’t bother getting dressed, though, I’m still not done with you”

She blushes deeply. “I’m looking forward to it” she says as she gets up and goes hunting for my clothes.

I dress, quickly throwing on my pants and a t-shirt. I can still feel the vial in my pocket. “Wait here, “ I tell Cindi, “I’ll be right back.” I head into my room and put the vial in my dresser drawer, under all my underwear. I don’t want to be carrying this until I make a decision about what to do with it. I head back into the living room and Cindi is sitting on the couch, tv on, holding 3 remotes trying to figure out what to do. I smile and sit next to her.

“Here, “ I say, “it’s complicated, let me do it. Anything special you want to watch?”

She stares at me with adoration in her eyes, “Whatever you want to watch, Daddy”.

I pick a movie that I know has lots of sex. I figure it will help me get in the mood again. I lay down and wave at her to lay down next to me and I spoon her while we watch the movie. We get the pizza about 30 minutes later and we start eating. I’m still fully dressed but she completely naked. It’s very hot to watch a naked black girl eating pizza, trying not to drip any sauce or cheese on her exposed tits. We make small talk while we eat. The movie is still on, but we don’t really pay much attention.

I find out she has a younger sister, named Sandra, that she’s been taking care of since her parents died in a car accident about two years ago. Her sister was 16 at the time and in high school. She was able to get custody of her sister and lived off her parent’s insurance money for a while. Once the money was close to running out, a friend of the family got her this job at the cofee shop. It turns out that her family friend was wealthy, so although the job was not usually high-paying, she was actually hired with a really good salary that allowed her to take care of herself and her sister.

Since then, they had moved to a smaller, two-bedroom apartment and she was putting her sister through college. Sandra had recently turned 18 was in her freshman year of college studying Mathematics and was planning to be a statistician. Cindi loved her job, which was easy and paid quite well, and it afforded her time to do what she wanted for most of the day. She also loved her sister, speaking glowingly about how beautiful and smart she was.

I spoke to her about my life as well. How I was a loser in highschool, but really smart. I graduated top of my class and was accepted to one of the top universities in the US. I double majored in Math and Computer Science and double minored in Archeology and Chemistry. The reason for this was that I had no life during college. I didn’t party, I didn’t date, all I did was study. After graduating I stayed in for a double masters in Math and Computer Science, and finished my PhD in Computer science by 27, that’s when I met my ex-wife, Brianna. She was actually a student in a class that I taught at the time. We fell in love and got married when I was 29.

Brianna was not who I thought she was, however. After getting married she became far more ambitious and manipulative. She convinced me into joining a new startup doing chemical and statistical analysis. I actually made it big at the company, earning tons of money, but I hated the work and the environment. Not that Brianna cared, she was all about the money.

After things went sour with her, we got a divorce. She lied through her teeth about how abusive I was and was able to get almost all of my money and a large alimony settlement that I pay every month. I was able to save a bit of the money, which I have stored for a rainy day, but even at my current job, making decent money, most of my income goes to her.

Cindi was very sympathetic about my life, and even shed a tear when I told her about my divorce and how I still loved Brianna while it was happening. I must say it felt good to be able to talk about this with someone. One of the consequences of the nasty divorce, was that all of our friends sided with her afterwards, so I lost contact with pretty much everyone I knew. It had been a very lonely two years since then.

“Well, now you have me!” She said cheerfully, “and I’ll never leave you!” she said planting a kiss on my lips. I pushed back on the kiss and we start making out on the couch. I pull her onto my lap; she sits willingly and starts rubbing my chest seductively. I stroke her thighs and let my mouth drift down to her neck, kissing her softly. She lays her head back, allowing me better access to her long neck as soft sighs of pleasure escape her seductive lips. I bring my hand up her thigh and gently stroke her pussy. She parts her legs wider and pushes her pussy into my hand and I can feel the heat warming my palm.

I slip a couple of fingers into her cunt and begin pumping them slowly in and out, while my mouth plants kisses all the way down to her breasts. She moans louder as I take one of her nipple between my lips and suck on it gently, increasing the speed of my finger fucking, driving her closer and closer to orgasm.

“Yeeees, “ She moans, “please use me Daddy”

Her pussy is flowing with juice and my dick, finally rested, stands erect ready to penetrate her wet cunt. It is, however uncomfortable here, “Let’s move to my room” I say softly, “I can fuck you properly in there.”

She is flushed, either blushing or from arousal, and moans a yes. I take out my fingers from her inside her, they’re dripping with her juices, making her whimper in disappointment.

I hold out my fingers about 2 feet from her face and say, “But first, lick my fingers clean.”

She reaches for my hand, eager to suck on them when I yell “NO! Niggers don’t move their daddy’s fingers to their mouth, move your mouth to my fingers.” She turns a darker crimson in embarrassment and lets her hands fall down, as she moves her body over to my fingers and takes them into her mouth and begins to lick my fingers clean from her juices. After a couple of long sensuous licks from the base of my fingers to the tip, she slowly takes my fingers into her mouth and sticks them down as far as she can, gagging slightly as they reach the back of her throat. Then, slowly, pulls them out and back in, until my finger covered in her saliva rather than her cunt juice.

I am incredibly turned on now, I push her off my lap gently and stand up. Saying “Follow, cunt” I lead her to my bedroom. She follows me meekly, eyes cast down. When we reach my bedroom I turn around suddenly, startling her. I quickly grab her by the hair and pull back hard. “I’m going to use you for my own pleasure now, nigger, there will be no more cumming for you tonight!”

I push her roughly onto my bed and start undoing my pants, “Get on all fours, slut, I’m going to fuck you like the bitch you are” she scrambles fast and gets on her hands and knees on my bed. I pull my pants down and step out of them. “Face down, ass up! Spread your ass with your hands, let me take a good look at my cunt.”

“Yes Daddy” she says obediently following my instructions. She spreads her legs wider and spreads her ass, showing me her dripping, wet twat. I pull off my shirt, stroke my hard cock, and position myself at the entrance of her pussy. I begin to rub my dick on her wet cunt not penetrating her yet and tell her, “Now beg nigger! Beg for me to fuck you!”

“Fuck your nigger, Daddy! Please, your nigger needs her Daddy’s white cock in her slutty pussy! Fuck me like the worthless cunt that I am!”

I am left speechless at the intensity of her words. My cock takes a mind of its own and I thrust inside her roughly, eliciting a loud grunt from Cindy. “YES! FUCK ME DADDY!” she screams as her hips buck against me, he hot cunt sucking my dick in and her pussy contracting to grip it like a vise. I go in as far as I can, pull out and ram it back in hard.

She starts howling in pleasure and I continue pumping my cock in and out of her as hard as I can. I see her bucking ass twitching and, unable to restrain myself slap her ass hard with my open palm. She screams in pain, and begs “YEA! SLAP YOU NIGGER’S ASS! SLAP IT HARD!”

Emboldened by her words, I grab her hair and pull on it hard, pulling her head back and driving my cock deep into her cunt. I hold it in for a few seconds and pull out slowly, only to ram it back in hard by using her hair to pull her towards me. I continue with this rhythm, slapping her ass sporadically to make her cry out. She is lost in a haze of pleasure, softly whispering “fuck your nigger! Fucking your nigger” like a mantra holding her mind together. I continue this for a few minutes, enjoying the sensation of the rough fucking.

Eventually, however, I get tired of slamming my cock in and out, so I pull her hair hard, making her scream louder in pain, and force her to lean back towards me, giving me access to to her beautiful, perky tits. I grab both her tits and continue gyrating my cock inside her. Because we’re both kneeling on the bed, I don’t have much room to pull out, so instead I make short thrusts while gyrating my cock inside her pussy. I mash her tits and flick her nipples, enjoying the wonderful flesh between my fingers. I begin kissing her neck from behind, and she leans back pushing her neck into my mouth. She grunts and pants in pleasure, her cunt flooding like a river and dripping down my cock onto the bedsheets.

I can feel my climax building in my balls. I know I’m going to cum soon, so I whisper in her ear “I’m going to sum soon. I want to cum in your mouth and watch you swallow it”

“Yeeees” she moans in ecstasy, “Anything you want daddy!”

I pump for a few moments longer and, unable to contain myself anymore, I pull out hard and push her down onto the bed. Understanding my intent, she quickly turns around and opens her mouth, her eyes locked on mine. I scramble on top of her, pinning her arms to the bed with my legs and shove my cock in her mouth, as far as I can go. She gags on it, but takes almost all of it into her mouth, her eyes begging me to cum, her big, luscious lips grip my cock. I can feel the back of her throat massaging the tip of my dick, pushing me over the edge. My balls twitch, I let out a loud moan and I feel my cum spurting out of my cockhole and down her throat. She gulps, desperately trying to take all of my cum down her throat, swallowing as fast as she can. He lips contract and massage my shaft, milking my cock for all the cum inside. I grab her head and push it as far down as it can go enjoying the warmth of her mouth. It was the most incredible orgasm of my life.

I kneel there, dazed from pleasure, my hand pushing her head onto my cock, and bask in the afterglow of release. A weariness washes over me and I collapse in bliss next to her, spent from my third orgasm of the day.

“That was amazing” I tell her.

“You were amazing, Daddy” she whispers back.

We lay together, our sweaty bodies pressed up against each other, until I drift away to slumber.