The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Absolute Love

Chapter 7

A wet, tight feeling on my cock wakes me from my dreamless sleep. I open my eyes and my memory of yesterday rushes in. Before I’m able to process it, that same wet, tight feeling slides up and down shaft again. I look down and I see a bulk under my comforter bobbing up and down. I take off the covers to find Cindi slowly taking my cock into her mouth. She looks up at me and smiles around my cock. She removes my cock from her mouth, making a popping sound as my cock head snaps out of her mouth.

“I thought you would like to wake up with blockjob from your nigger, Daddy. Is that ok?”

I answer by pushing her head back down on my dick, and she eagerly continues her administrations. I’m enjoying the feel of her mouth, lost in the moment when I remember that I will be having Ming over as well. I mull this and decide that I do not want them to meet each other yet. I’m not yet sure how Ming will react to Cinci and vise versa. Besides, I want some time alone to enjoy Ming as much as I’ve been enjoying Cindi. There will be plenty of time to use them both as once.

Use. That word sticks in my mind. I don’t think, a day ago, I would have ever thought of me using women. Rather, I would love them, or make love to them. Never use. I am getting scared of what I’m becoming. Is this what power does to a person? Is there no escape? Am I doomed to become what I’ve always hated? A womanizer, a jerk who is only interested in his own pleasure. I need time to think; Unfortunately, Cindi’s highly skilled mouth is making this impossible.

I grab Cindi by her hair and pull her off my cock, roughly. She stares quizzically at me, surprised, it seems, at not having a cock in her mouth anymore. “Did your nigger do something wrong, Daddy?” She asks worriedly.

“No. I was just thinking…What time do you have to be at work?”

“Oh, " she says dejectedly, “I was thinking I would stay and serve you all day today Daddy.”

“No. I want you at your work. What time do you usually go in?”

“Usually about 10AM. Don’t you want me pleasuring you? I can do better, I promise! You haven’t yet fucked my ass. You can try that out, if you’d like” She seems desperate for my approval, her eyes looking up at me, begging. It would be enough to melt anyone’s heart: a young gorgeous black woman begging to be fucked in the ass. But something has changed in me; Something dark and primal seeped into my soul, my very being. I got angry. How dare she question me? She is meant to serve me, not question me. I slap her hard across her face, not a play slap, but a hard, punishing slap. I hear the loud clap ring when my palm meets her cheek, and her head is forced to one side. Her eyes fill with tears in shock and humiliation, which instead of bringing out pity in me gives rise to more unrestrained anger.

“YOU DO NOT QUESTION ME! YOU OBEY” I yell at her, my face red from righteous fury. I see fear in her eyes and pleasure bubbles up within me.

“I obey, Daddy. I’m sorry! Please forgive me!” she says, tears openly streaming down her face, “I will go to work! I will do anything you say!”

“Now go get a shower ready for me you dumb cunt! I’ll be in there in a minute!” I dimississ her. She jumps out the bed and runs into the bathroom, where I hear her frantically opening the faucets, still softly sobbing.

I shiver. I have never experiences such a rush. I look dumbfounded at my hand, still shaking from excitement. I’ve never hit anyone before, much less a woman. I was raised with the idea that men never hit women, under any circumstances. I feel like I’m losing control, but I also feel excited. Alive for the first time in my life. This control, this power, it exhilarates me. All fear, all constraints drain out of me and I step confidently out of my bed and into my bathroom, where I find the shower on and Cindi kneeling next to the shower. Her eyes are downcast, red and puffy from her tears.

I smile down at her, with a wicked gleam in my eye. In a single motion I grab Cindy by her hair and pull her up standing. She starts to cry out in pain, but I silence her by forcing my mouth onto hers, thrusting my tongue into her and assaulting her mouth. She whimpers but does not fight me, allowing my tongue to to explore her mouth. After I’m satisfied, I pull away and forcefully turn her around and bend her over the bathroom sink. There is a large mirror hanging above the sink and I can see Cindi’s eyes, downcast and fighting back tears. I roughly pull her head back forcing her to stare at her naked reflection. Her beautiful, perky tits are standing to attention, swaying back and forth from my rough treatment.

“Look at yourself nigger!” I command her. Her eyes snap open and she stares at her reflection. “Look at yourself being fucked by your Daddy” and in a single motion I shove my hard, white cock as deep into her pussy as as it will go. She squeals, either in pain or surprise, I’m not sure, but I don’t find myself caring either way. I grab her hair tighter in my fist and start fucking her hard from behind.

In the mirror, I see Cindi’s tits bouncing from my forceful thrusts. Her eyes are open and staring at herself being fucked. She moans out loud and I whisper in her ear, “Look at yourself, you dumb cunt. All you’re good for is to be my fucktoy. Your only purpose in life is to pleasure me, slut. You’re not a person, you’re just a fuckhole for me to use. My own, personal, nigger fuckhole”

My words are turning her on on. She licks her lips and stares at her reflection, grunting every time I push my cock inside her. Her mouth opens and a loud, sensuous moan escapes her lips. “You’re nothing but my nigger fuckhole.” I whisper, “Say it!”

“I’m nothing but you nigger fuckhole” she whispers back.

“Louder slut!” I order her as I thrust harder into her pussy and grab her tighter by the hair.

“I’M NOTHING BUT YOUR NIGGER FUCKHOLE!” She screams, lust dripping from her words. “I LIVE TO BE YOUR NIGGER FUCKHOLE DADDY! I BELONG TO YOU!” Her words put her over the edge and she cums, hard, her whole body shaking, her cunt squeezing my dick with her spasms. The sensation of her cumming is enough to send me over the edge. I thrust into her one last time and my cock spews my seed deep into her pussy. I hold her close as my own dick contracts, sending load after load of cum into her twat. When I feel my orgasm subside I pull her off my cock and let go of her hair. She drops exhausted onto the sink. “That is the last time you cum without my permission. You will be punished tonight. Now get in the shower you stupid bitch.”

Groggily, she drags herself into the shower, ashamed of her lack of control over her own body, having cum without permission. I wait for her to get fully in and I follow her inside. I grab her hips and twist her around, forcing her to face me. I give her another long kiss, our tongues exploring each other. We keep this kiss up for a bit before I break it off and stare into her eyes. Water is dripping from her forehead into her eyes, but she forces them open to stare lovingly at me, awaiting my next instructions.

“Soap up your tits and wash me” I say as pointing to the bar of soap. She grins naughtily, grabs the soap and lathers both her tits with the bar of soap. When enough lather is built up, she cups her breasts with her hands and rubs them against my chest, washing my body slowly and carefully with her own. Once done, I turn around and feel her breasts gently rubbing my back in circular motions. I feel her pull her tits off my back and sense her grabbing more soap to re-lather. She then continues to wash my back slowly and sensuously. Once I feel it has been enough, I turn sideways and make her wash my left arm, from the top of my shoulder all the way down to my fingers. Once she gets to my fingers I take advantage of her positioning and grab her nipple, twisting it and kneading it. She repeats the ritual with my left arm, only pausing shortly to apply more soap to her brown breasts.

Once I’m happy with her results I lift my right leg slightly. As if reading my mind, she kneels and pushes her tits up and down my leg, contorting her body to make sure every inch of skin is washed. I repeat the same motion with my other leg. When she goes to wash my crotch, I stop her.

“Niggers use their mouth to clean their Daddy’s cock” I remind her. Without hesitation she takes my manhood inside her mouth, sucking the remaining cum and cunt juice from my cock.

“Don’t forget the balls!” I moan, and she slowly removes my cock from her mouth, runs her tongue down my shaft, and engulf my balls with her mouth, sucking them one at the time. I grab her by the back of her head forcing my whole scrotum into her mouth.

“Good girl” I praise her. She smiles, happy at my compliment.

We both get out of the shower and I have her dry me off with a towel. I admire her nipples, erect by the cold in the room. She does not complain about the cold though as she, dripping wet, dries my body off with the towel. Once I’m done I begin to walk out the room, pausing to tell her “Clean yourself up and get your ass to work. Once you’re done you come straight back here.” I walk out the bathroom and into my bedroom.

I put on some clean underwear, head out to the living room and lay down on the couch. After a few minutes Cindi comes out, dressed in the same clothes as yesterday, her hair disheveled and wet. She walks over to me, kneels beside me and kisses me deeply. She then walks out of my apartment without a word, and I stare at the ceiling and wait for Ming to come over.