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The Addiction

Synopsis: When sex is like a drug addiction

All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older

“Where is that girl?” Arthur McArthur said looking at the clock on the wall.

“She said she was at Lucy’s studying…”, Martha said to her husband.

“Should I ring and find out?” he smiled…

“No, don’t be so cruel…,” Martha said as she laid their dinner down on the table before him…, “She’s eighteen…”

“She’s still at school!”

“Only because she had to repeat…,” Martha said..

* * *

Beth was indeed at Lucy’s. She was half-naked, on her back. Below her, and in her ass was Bill Connors. On top of her and fucking her pussy was Graham Garden. She had Jim Neighbour’s cock in her mouth as she fingered Lucy who was on top of her brother… Jason.

Lucy Westerman cried out as a finger pushed into her backside. She looked down at her brother… “Oh, fuck this is amazing!” she gasped…

“This is so wrong!” Jason groaned as his sister rode him hard.

“It feels sooo good,” Lucy whimpered.

Just then behind her Mary Watson (who was on all fours) moved up, with Greg Layman riding her. She dog-walked herself forward and then started tonguing Lucy’s anus… and then licking Beth’s finger that had been buried in there…

“I can’t stop fucking!” Lucy moaned

“Me neither!” Jason whimpered.

At that same time Beth just came again, her fourth orgasm… Her sphincter was filled with sperm, and she let out a muffled cry (muffled because of the cock in her mouth…)

After three hours they were massively dehydrated, and exhausted… and yet Beth and Mary sat together, kissing and fingering each other as Lucy, now on all fours took turns lapping at each of their dripping pussies, feeding off the juices and the jizz…

“We… we have to stop…,” Mary pleaded, her voice parched.

“Greg!” Jason cried.

They looked to see Jason shaking Greg.

“What’s happened?” Bill asked…

It was clear Greg had died!

The exhaustion, the dehydration… he also had a weak heart.

Mary and Lucy went over to stand next to the others looking down at Greg’s lifeless, content body.

“What are we going to do?” Lucy asked as she found herself caressing her breasts

“I…,” Jason began but seeing Lucy there naked he turned to her and lifted her up. He was rock hard again.

Her legs wrapped around his waist and he pushed his hardness up into her.

Meanwhile Beth was already being mounted by Graham…

They soon got into groups again, fucking… it was too hard to stop… something… something compelling them… They could not stop…

By morning they’d been at it for thirteen hours. Graham too had passed away.

The girls all looked like they’d lost weight.

Jenny Westerman came home expecting to find her son and daughter (Lucy and Jason) come to greet her… They were not there. Instead she heard strange sounds from the cellar…

“Lucy honey?” she called from the top. There was a putrid smell of piss, shit… and other bodily smells.

“Down here, mom,” Lucy chirped.

“What the fuck!” Jenny cried as she came down the stairs to find Lucy on her back and Beth grinding her pussy against her daughter’s.

“Oh, mom… you look so hot!” Jason said as he got up off Bill’s cock. Jim immediately took his place and Mary was rubbing her reddened cunt against Bill’s face.

“What’s got into you…,”

“Fuck, mom!” Jason drooled.

“What?” Jenny cried.

“I want to fuck you so bad…,”

“Get…! Hey!” Jenny cried as her son started pushing her back. He slipped a foot behind her and tripped her over.

She fell with a big ‘oof’ as her ass hit the floor.

“I can smell your cunt, mom…,” Jason said as he got down between her legs.

“No!” she cried as he reached up under her dress and grabbed her panties. “No! Son! Stop this!”

“Oh, mom…!”

“Let him in you, mom!” Lucy cheered from the side…

“No… Get…! Don’t touch me!” she cried.

He tore at his mom’s panties.

“Please! God! No! Help me! Please… ! Somebody!”

He moved up over his mom and she put her arms up to push him off.

“Oh, mom!” he drooled again.

“Please, Son!” she cried “Stop! Stop this at once!”

“I want you so bad!” he said.

“Please! Noooooooo!” she cried as he forced her legs apart and pushed into her….

“Oh, man!” he gasped…

“Me next!” Jim cheered.

“Please… ! No… You’re hurting m…. Ohh, God!” Jenny suddenly felt this amazing warmth between her thighs..

“That’s it, Mom!” Jason laughed as he saw the expression change on his mom’s face… “You want it…”

“Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh!” Jenny cried as her son humped her. Jim moved up behind Jason and pushed his cock into his pal’s ass. Jason sighed as he felt his ass opened by large cock…

Suddenly Jenny had the weight of two guys on her.

“Oh, fuckkkk!” she moaned as she was humped.

Mary came over and straddled Jenny’s face. “You want this?”

“Yes!” Jenny cried “I want to eat you out!”

Mary giggled and squatted and Jenny drove her tongue up into Mary’s hairy open pussy.

Jenny tasted different sperms in there… and it was amazing.

Jenny came…

Her son Jason came in her and at the same time Jim came in him… It was amazing they all seemed so connected to come as one groaning mass…

Lucy got down between her mom’s thighs to lick her brother’s come out of her mom.

As she did Beth got on Jenny’s face where Mary had been and Mary went around behind Beth and started licking Beth’s asshole…

After several more hours the guys were nearly done… Only the girls were faring better. Jenny sat on her son’s crotch urging him to fuck her again but his breathing was now weak.

Tired of no response she leapt up and went and sat on Graham. Lucy rushed over to fuck her brother but just as he couldn’t get it up now for his mom, he couldn’t for his sister…

Beth then tried sucking him off… “Please…,” he moaned with cracked voice… but Beth couldn’t tell if it was a cry to stop, or to keep going…

* * *

Arthur went out to his car in the drive-way.

“That daughter of yours gone and got away again?” Bev Henderson laughed from across the fence as she watched Arthur as she pruned her hedge.

Bev and her son Anders lived alone. Anders was a year ahead of Beth but knew her from school even though Beth had been held back a year, making them in very different grades—but they were similar in age.

Arthur ignored her.

* * *

Jason ploughed his cock into his mom’s ass this time. She’d never been violated there but she moaned, muffled as her mouth was deep between Mary’s thighs. Jenny had several guys jizz now in her pussy and she’d tasted several pussies… And… she couldn’t get enough sex.

Meanwhile outside, Arthur came to the house looking for his daughter…

He knocked patiently on the door. “Hello?” he called.

He drew out his phone and using an App located Beth’s phone… it was inside…

He was concerned and going around the house he found the back door unlocked and went in.

“Phew!” he gasped at the smells…

“Beth?” he called out. “Hello? Anyone?”

He waited again “Hello? It’s Mr. McArthur!”

He went in…

He found sounds… faint… coming from the cellar door and he went there… opening it he was shocked by the even stronger, fouler smells.


“Down here, Dad…,” Beth said as she heard her father… She turned to Jenny “Fresh cock!”

Jenny’s eyes lit up. Beth peeled herself off Jenny’s pussy. They crotches were flaky and caked with come, and pussy juice and they were almost stuck together.

Arthur stepped down the wooden stairs… “What the hell?” he gasped as he saw the mess…

Three guys looked like they were passed away… he tapped one with his foot then rolled Bill over. He didn’t know Bill. He was concerned for his daughter. “Beth?”

“Here, Dad!” she said rushing to him.

She was so pale and thin looking… She’d not had anything to eat or drink (other than bodily fluids like semen) for some time now.

“Oh, Dad!” she embraced him, “I’m so glad you’re here…”

“What happened?” he cried, returning her embrace. He drew off his coat to cover her when suddenly her hand went down the front of his pants.

“Please fuck me, Daddy…,” she moaned. She looked up at him and tried to kiss him but the moment her hand touched his cock (he wasn’t wearing undies under his pants) he jumped back…

Jenny joined them “Arthur…!” she smiled, and went to embrace him.

He stepped back from the naked woman he’d known for five years. “What the heck’s going on here?” he gasped as Beth went to embrace her dad again “Please, Daddy…,” she whimpered “Fuck me…,”

“Elizabeth Jane McArthur!” he scolded her “What the heck has…?”

Suddenly Lucy leapt from out of the dark and grabbed his pants. Jenny helped, pulling them down.

“What the…?” he gasped.

“Join us, Daddy,” Beth urged as she leapt onto him, she tried to press her pussy to his exposed cock… but he wasn’t hard…

He battered her away and turned on the two dragging his pants off…

Mary Watson leapt into the fray and with three women holding his arms now Beth started to suck her father’s cock…

“Beth!” he exclaimed “What are you doing?”

“Just give into it!” Jenny urged

He tried shaking them off him again.

Jason managed to get to his feet. He played with his cock to get it hard… but he was spent… He wanted so much to join in.

Arthur was toppled to the ground and Mary pushed her pussy onto his face. He could barely breath and he tasted her juices… He went to spit, but his tongue tingled… and Beth saw his cock spring up.

She quickly straddled her father’s cock. “Oh, yessssss!” she moaned.

He began lapping at Mary’s pussy. Jenny and Lucy fingered each other as they watched… eager to have their turn…

When Arthur had come in his daughter Lucy, Mary, and Jenny fought each other for the next go…

Arthur in that moment had a spark of cognition and grabbing his pants raced up the stairs…

He managed to breath better outside…

Beth started calling for him… to come back and fuck them..

He got to his car… He started to back away as Lucy and Mary came rushing out to try and stop him…

* * *

Martha heard her husband pull up in the drive-way and she looked out to see him getting out of his car, still holding his pants.

“What on earth?” she gasped as he came stumbling inside.

“Where’s Beth?” she demanded “What’s going on…”

“I…?” he tried to say…

“I want to know what’s…,” Martha began, placing her hands on her hips…

“Your pussy smells so nice…,” Arthur drooled.

“Arthur?” she gasped as he came towards her.

“I need to fuck you so bad…,”

Martha turned to run…Arthur leaped on his wife.

“Arthur! Nooooo!….”

* * *

Beth finally managed to make it home…She collapsed into the kitchen. She managed to have the sense to drink something back at Lucy’s house.

She got to the fridge, drew out a raw steak and began eating it…anything to consume to get her strength back…

Climbing the stairs was a struggle…

She heard a moaning.

She looked in to her parent’s bedroom…

Martha sat on her husband, riding his cock, deep in her ass…

Beth smiled. She’d planned to go to her room to sleep, but she found herself stumbling into the bedroom… drawn by the sex.

Martha turned to see her daughter and she didn’t stop riding her husband. She smiled knowingly… There was something about sex that was so compelling now… she didn’t want to stop…

Mother and daughter kissed. Beth tried to climb onto the bed but collapsed and fell into a deep sleep.

(After Arthur fucked his wife’s ass he got up and went to his unconscious daughter and slid into her ass too… as his wife offered him her pussy to eat).

Arthur at his wife’s ass out later on, tasting his own jizz. At that moment from his bedroom window he saw Anders outside mowing.

“I’m going to give that boy a lesson!” Arthur grinned. “Oh, do stay and fuck me again!” Martha pleaded…

“I gotta do it!” Arthur said.

Martha shrugged and got up gingerly from the bed and getting onto the floor started scissoring with her still unconscious daughter. “Hurry back!” she begged as she ground her pussy against Beth’s.

Anders was knocked to the ground… fortunately the power to the mower disengaged.

He took a moment to regain his senses as his naked neighbour began pulling his shoes off…

“What the…?” Anders began

“I gotta fuck you so bad!” Arthur drooled.. his cock a swollen purple veined rod…

“Hey, get the fuck…”, Anders began. Arthur grabbed him by the heels and flipped him onto his stomach.

“Mom!” Anders called

Bev heard this and came running.

“Hold still…,” Arthur groaned as he climbed onto Anders’ back.

“Get the fuck off of me you sick… Ow…!” he cried as penis penetrated his star… “Oh, God! That hurts so much!”

Bev came rushing out and saw her son with Arthur atop him, thrusting up Anders’ ass-hole…

“Stop that!” she cried. “Stop that at once!”

Arthur kept humping “You’re going to feel it… feel it good…,” he drooled.

“Mom make it…,” Anders began to cry

Bev saw a chair and she grabbed it. It was heavy—wooden out-door furniture but she brought it crashing down onto Arthur’s shoulders, sending him rolling along…

Anders rolled over… his cock rock hard.

“Are you okay?” Bev cried.

“Fuck, mom!” he drooled, “You look so hot!”


He grabbed her by the wrist. “I want to fuck you so bad…!”

“No… please, let go of me….”

“Oh, mom… you’re gonna enjoy this!” he said pulling his mother to the ground…

“No, please!” she cried as he forced her onto her back…

When Arthur came too he found Bev riding her son, moaning as Anders fondled her breasts.

Arthur was hard in an instant and moved up behind her, opening her ass-cheeks and pushing into her. She cried out now as both her cunt and asshole were filled with hard cock…

The addiction spread…

The End