The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Adventures of Sultry Girl

Synopsis: The final battle against Pinolva.

Chapter 12: Pinolva’s Fate

Pinolva’s men moved in and spread out quickly like trained soldiers surrounding their prey. In less than five fleeting seconds they completely surrounded the four barely conscious ladies. Dozens of them pointed various rifles, tasers, and SHOCK batons.

FREEZE!” They demanded.

Blair couldn’t move even if she wanted to. She was still laying back with her ankles tied to her thighs and Jane’s squishy tits pressed into her crotch. The intoxicated witch was mentally aware, but so drugged up that it hardly mattered.

Martha was still straddling Jane’s back, pressing her hand down on Jane’s head and desperately smooching Blair into wakefulness. She was beginning to feel the mental strain of prolonged magical exertion.

Mistress Crimson frantically tore at the rope that bound her legs. Her body was worn out and weary from a long night in Jane’s care, but her mind was riding an adrenaline rush from the vampiric bite. She stared down at the three prone and helpless women lying before her. None of them would be of any help in this fight. Not that she needed assistance against a bunch of men who were already covered in puppet goo and conditioned to obey.

No. Kneel!” The Crimson Puppeteer commanded. She cackled and pulled down on her strings.

Tanya couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of anyone covered in puppet goo who would dare to give her a command. Most of these men had literally been writhing in ecstasy a few moments ago from an imitation of her power. They were primed and ready to submit to even the subtlest tug of her strings.

Martha could see those strings, like tiny green lines from Mistress Crimson’s fingertips. They appeared for a fraction of a second as the Crimson Mistress waggled her fingers and pointed towards the ground. Two fascinating and fast fading green glowing strings went right through Martha, but she didn’t feel a thing. It wasn’t really strings, she realized, more of an instantaneous energy transfer to the puppet goo which then responded by pulling down and rippling crimson energy through the puppets.

Around the room, dozens of men sank helplessly down to their knees. A wave of pleasure overwhelmed their feeble minds the moment their obedient knees began to bend. That pleasure felt better and better the further they sank down into submission.

“So that’s how You’re controlling them” Martha thought to herself as she watched the men submit. Her eyes darted around the room, drawn by the little green lines flashing and the rippling waves of crimson that followed.

Lustry Lass felt woozy watching it, not because of the fascinating green strings that flashed right through her perky chest, nor because she was mesmerized by all the pretty lights. The hazy drowsy emptyheadedness came from channeling too much magic all at once.

The talented seer was still shifting her lenses, almost instinctively at this point, to focus on the fast flashing red and green lights traveling across the room. At the same time she shared a spell of mental clarity with the women laying under her. It was too much for her exhausted mind to keep up with.

“What? my eyes!” Martha worried as her second sight went suddenly blurry.

Her magical glasses shattered up against a wall of exhaustion. It’s quite difficult you see, to concentrate on more than one SPELL at a time.

A groggy feeling of deep exhaustion filled up Martha’s mind when her spell failed. That should have broken her concentration, but she desperately wanted to keep the mental clarity enchantment going.

That desperation would soon push her worn out brain into a second wall of exhaustion, shattering her mental clarity as well. She would soon succumb completely, but for now she struggled onwards through the draining fatigue.

Wake up honey,” Martha pleaded, desperately shaking Blair awake. “We need Sultry Girl now!

Blair was barely aware and fairly airheaded, staring vacantly as if she carelessly drank down three cups of sweet impairing cum, ensnaring her cockdrunk mind completely in ditzy dumb deeply numb fascination.

The spell of mental clarity made Blair acutely aware of exactly how slow her mind was moving through the haze of the dizzying drug. The effect was temporary she knew, and slowly fading away, but she had ingested an overwhelming dose.

Imagine trying to think through syrupy sap that sucks the think from your thoughts before you can think them. Let that saturate to create a great weight pulling down inside your mind and you’ll find that you understand just how completely numb Blair had become from the potent cum drug she had drunk.

You need to wake up” Martha demanded louder, shaking harder and trying in vain to wake her lover, who in fact was wide awake.

The mental clarity spell kept Blair awake and aware, but the only thing she could really tell was that her mind and body were numb and deeply drugged. Martha was saying something else, something about somebody important up above, but the drugged up witch could not keep up with big words spoken frantically.

She knew that she was in danger, but she hadn’t yet figured out why. There were other people in the room now. Lots of them. And they were carrying, um, thingies. Like, in their hands. You know. Big danger thingies. Weapons, that’s what they were holding, because um, uh, because they were Mistress Crimson’s puppets?

“No uh, that’s um, not right,” The befuddled witch slowly realized the truth. “They are like, um, uh, covered in gooey stuff. teehee. Oh, um, puppet goo. These are um, like, uh Pinolva’s um errr, guards. but the gooey crimson is um making them like uh erm, kneel. But like, more keep, um, uh, coming, teehee, and like can she keep this uh, up for long?”

It took an entire minute for Blair to realize the gravity of the situation.

“Martha uh, said, err, she said somepink about Sultry girl. What was it? The ceiling and an erection. teehee. No, uh, direction, um directly above. Yes. It’s peni- teehee, err, Pee pee. nova. Pinolva! Ooooh, I, um, wonder if like, can I uh, burn through?”

Her thoughts were slow but the fiery witch could still invoke her spells.

She focused single mindedly on the carnelian earrings dangling down from her ears and let the magic flow forth freely. Her mind’s eye locked on to that image, bright orange gems wrapped thrice in sleek silver snaking bands that criss crossed glowing stones of fiery power.

Feel. the. fire” Blair chanted the invocation, slowly and steadily through the druggy haze in her mind. “embrace. th. uh, flame, Oh Hestia I, call your nay, um. Eat, err all hearth, burning, so bright, grant me your, say, red fie, err. ee might.

The fire formed, but slowly, just a tiny ember at first. The drug induced haze slowed down the rate at which the witch could create her flames, like she was trying to manifest them through a sea of sticky bubblegum that slowed and pulled her back down towards those tempting empty headed cockdrunk cravings. The determined witch fought through the drug and steadily formed a full fledged fireball, easily burning through the binding rope in the process.

Any time now,” Tanya insisted, as she waggled her fingers and contemplated how her own zeal reserves were slowly dwindling down to zero.

By zeal, of course, I mean magical energy by its true name, a name that Tanya knew and Blair did not. Not yet anyways, but you can just let go of thoughts like that that aren’t important right now.

A cacophony of moans rang out around the room as puppeted guards began to feel the soft and sensual touch of hands caressing all over. Some were gentle and smooth, teasing and stroking, others firm and powerful, gripping, groping. Nails dug in and drug across skin, sending shivers of pleasure and pain through the helpless puppets. Mistress Crimson induced sensations that controlled them oh so good.

An overwhelming number of men poured into the adjoining room, as if Pinolva’s entire security force had been ordered to 69. Thankfully, there was only one entrance into the room where Mistress Crimson pulled her strings. That door was clogged up tight with puppets following a very special command:: Expose the others to puppet goo so they submit and obey too.

The stuff was everywhere. All over the walls, floor and cieling in both the adjoining room and the hallway outside. Not to mention all the bodies coated in luscious crimson that oh so easily rubs off on others.

One drop. That’s all it takes for Tanya to send a wave of pleasure, that feels way too fucking good to resist. With all that puppet goo all around, it was oh so easy for everyone to get completely coated.

Crimson could not keep this up for long though and she knew it. Each and every tug of her strings was another step towards exhaustion.

Aim. Right. There,” Martha declared for Blair in long and drawn out words.

Blair slowly and carefully traced up the line of Martha’s arm, from her shoulder, all the way up to her fingertips, and up up up towards a water stain on the corner of a ceiling tile. She glanced quickly back down again, then slowly up a second time, tracing up along the same path, all the way up to the exact same water stain. It was time. She threw her fireball.

Fwoosh! KABOOM! A searing explosion burnt through the roof, setting the building ablaze.

Sprinklers rained down on both floors, quenching the fire before it could spread, but the structural damage was already done. A hole had burnt right through the ceiling.

The smug smile of Michael Pinolva stared down from the room above. He wore a gleeful look of arrogant superiority, which went quite well with his soaking wet three piece suit. His pants were charred, and sporting a rather impressively packed bulge.

Well well well ladies,” Michael Pinolva began.“You’ve really lit a fire in my loins tonight. Now I think it’s time for you to submit to your new Master.

Never!” Tanya spat back.

Her crimson fingers waggled and two of Michael Pinolva’s men walked over.

Like puppets, they got into position to hoist our heroes up through the hole.

MuaHahaha,” Pinolva laughed down mockingly. “It’s so cute that you think you have a choice. The bimbo blows bubbles in the park. You will submit to me.

Martha was touching Blair and Tanya at the time, empathically sharing the spell of mental clarity when that hypnotic trigger suddenly dropped.

Protecting her friends was the very last act of magic that the exhausted seer could manage before her mental clarity fractionated.

The spell provided information and a choice, to either resist and remove the trigger, or to embrace it, to allow that phrase “the bimbo blows bubbles in the park”, to bring blank blissful obliviousness.

All of them knew that their minds had been violated. They felt an obedient part of their brain desperately needing to obey and to drop deep into a dreamy trance. They knew that the trigger phrase, “the bimbo blows bubbles in the park”, could make them feel so ditzy and deliciously empty headed if they chose to embrace the trigger.

Not only did Lustry Lass’s mental clarity enchantment allow them to completely understand the hypnotic trigger, it also protected their minds. Now they would drop deep only if they let it happen.

Mistress crimson chose to pull her strings instead, using her obedient puppets to hoist Blair into the air.

Blair chose to clamber up through the hole and fight against Pinolva.

Grab, my, uh, handy. teehee.” Blair said, reaching down. She had to practically haul Martha through the hole, which was hard to do with the dizzying drug slowing down every single thought she thinked.

Pinolva stared, stunned and wondering when the brainwashing went wrong. All three of them, Tanya, Blair, and Martha, had received countless hours of obedience conditioning within the last two days. They should have been deep under his control right now. Somehow they were fighting back instead.

No matter. Pinolva had a whole bag of dirty tricks to play.

The chaos that unfolded next was something completely different.

What happened next can best be described as a portal or a dimensional rift in spacetime. A layline opened up, momentarily connecting Metro city to a distant shard of reality, tearing a pair of heroes from this world.

The ground below Blair’s feet began to glow with a purple flames. Esoteric runes formed in a triple stranded spiral of fire. They looked familiar, like something Martha had mentioned seeing just before her bimbofication abduction.

The thoughtless seer said she saw these shiny spiraling sigils when she zoomed in real real close to zero in on a magical energy signal. There had been too many distracting things happening at the time, and since then for that matter, but now it seemed so strikingly important.

The swirling vortex of purple flames kept burning brighter. It didn’t BURN the girl’s feet, but it seemed to lock them in place, as if an otherworldly pull was dragging downwards through the fascinating spiral of glowing runes.

What, it, say?” Blair pointed down to the swirling portal in the ground.

Martha’s stared back at Blair, with glazed and hazy eyes. Then she glanced down at the ground like a drowsy dreamer deep in an obedient bimbo trance. She spoke in a chilling monotone voice, reading the runes that ignited brighter and circled round and round beneath her sinking feet.

Time, space, gate, lust, magic, trance,” were the last words Tanya heard before Martha and Blair vanished from this reality.

A second later Mistress Crimson hopped up through the hole. She saw two opponents, Michael Pinolva and Thighlock. The latter would almost certainly do all the fighting.

Martha and Blair were conspicuously absent. Where did they go?

No matter. There were other allies in the room.

Stu, Manny, and Dolly were all kneeling in the corner with blank expressionless faces. They had drip systems slowly dropping a never ending dose of Pinolva’s mind melt drug right down their throats. Their bodies were otherwise unbound, and parts of them were coated in puppet goo.

That was good news, but Tanya was out of time for passive observation.

Thighlock, show her the Thighsmic toss.” Pinolva demanded.

Thighlock leapt forwards on command. Those luscious thighs leapt lightning fast at face height, crossing the room in a single bound. The move was predictably dodgeable, same as before.

Mistress Crimson darted left and spun a sweeping counter kick at the place where thighlock’s face should have ended up.

Kathoom. A powerful thigh flexed fast, releasing a pent up magic muscle blast that redirected Thighlock towards their target. They aimed those delightfully muscular thighs at her head, but got a blocking arm instead, which they flipped and stunned with a second stronger


Mistress Crimson’s right arm was pinned and twisted. There was far too much force to resist it. She had to roll and flip her entire body when that blast hit, just to save her arm at the cost of spiraling down , Crash, to the ground.

The stunning impact left her right arm dangling limp and helpless. In minute or so she would recover, but the impressively-thighed fighter closed in quickly, clearly planning to end the fight before that happened. They were about to realize the hidden dangers of touching puppet goo.


Crimson timed her counter precisely with the attack, releasing a simulated impact to distract and create an opening for elbow and knee strikes back to back.

Teehee,” Thighlock let out the cutest little giggle, then expertly blocked both blows with arms and thighs.

Their limbs were all coated now, and instantly started to feel an insistent pull at Mistress Crimson’s undeniable command:: go limp and slack, loose and lazy, heavy, drowsy, and far too tired to move.

Teehee,” Thighlock let out that cute ditzy giggle again, like they were being tickled pink. “Stop that you.

Their arms fell slack but those toned and powerful mesmerizing thighs could not be stopped. They jumped back, leaping high with those powerful thighs, while letting their arms hang loose between their legs.

Kaboom Kersplat. Those thighs flexed again and puppet goo splashed all over the walls and cieling.

The blast blew Thighlock back, landing perfectly next to Pinolva. Then they gave a look like asking permission to go all out.

Meanwhile Mistress Crimson inched the puppet goo across the cieling. She curled her fingers pulling on many strings at once.

Across the room, her obedient puppets lunged toward Pinolva. Tanya anticipated which way he would dodge. It was an obvious choice, given the options.

The big square conference room had a large wooden phallus shaped table, with the tip perfectly poised to penetrate the burnt hole in the floor.

Pinolva stood just a few feet from the hole, backed up against a glass wall that overlooks all of Metro. From his perspective the room was bisected into two halves by the table and the hole. To his right was Mistress Crimson, steadily walking closer. To his left, next to the hole, were the prone puppets who unexpectedly lunged.

Look out boss” Thighlock pushed Pinolva towards what looked like the only safe corner of the room.

The powerful bodyguard then used a single thunderous thigh to knock down the trio of puppets before they could rise to their feet. The blast even kept them safe from puppet goo.

The puppets had done well though. They could stay down for now, and just rest easy knowing that each of them was a good puppet. The attack, though easily countered, had put Pinolva into the perfect position. More importantly though, it stealthily dislodged the drug drip droppers.

YEOWCH” Pinolva screamed as crimson needles rained down from the ceiling.

He was in a world of pain, but somehow managed to pull a gun and stumble towards the dazed prone puppets. With his other hand he reached deep into his crotch, retrieving a large lifelike dildo filled with familiar looking liquid.

You bitch!” He screamed, tossing the cock at Tanya. “Apologize by sucking my cock or your precious puppets get pumped full of bullets.

Tanya hesitated for just a second, then she pulled her strings and sent waves of pain and agony through every puppet goo coated inch of Michael Pinolva. She sent the sensation of flesh torn apart by angry talons.

Bang Bang Pop Bang! Clatter Clack.

AAeiieaeeee” Pinolva screamed and unloaded his clip into one poor puppet before his arm twitched uncontrollably and the gun clattered away. “Thighlock. give her the Thighnado Thunderstorm.

“Noooo Stu. Please be okay,” Tanya thought, as the clip unloaded. She lost count of how many rounds penetrated that chest before Pinolva finally lost his grip.

“Stu Ffee Noooo! Wait, Did he just say Thighnado Thunderstorm?” thought the astonished Crimson Mistress. She flexed her puppet goo hard, inflicting as much stinging pain as possible on Pinolva during the fleeting moment it took for Thighlock to dash across the room.

Kathoom! Kabang boom Pow boom bang!

Thighlock came flying from one direction, then those fascinating muscles flexed. A thigh blast propelled them left and up, then another right and down, continuing round and round, up and down, brilliant thighs flexing and sending concussive blasts from every direction, spiraling the momentum into a blur of fine thighs explosively flexing like a tornado of thuderous thighclaps swirling faster and faster with every blast.

Then Thighlock began to sing.

The thing about MP Ultra conditioning is that it fully suppresses the old personality, whilst keeping said personality alive inside the brain so that the MP Ultra obedience persona still has access to important memory and skills.

However, there is a limit. The brainwashed persona can only channel a small amount of zeal at once, severely limiting their magical talents. With this restriction in place, it takes Thighlock almost six seconds to charge a single thunder thigh.

In order to bring forth the full potential of an MP Ultra brainwashee, the suppressed personality may, in certain dire circumstances, be allowed to surface for a short time in a manipulated state. Special conditioning is done for each individual in order to trap the mind inside a memory during these times. When Thighlock’s true personality emerged, they believed that they were putting on a performance.

These Thiiiiigggghhhhssssss,” Thighlock sang, “cry out to fight with you. These legs long to hold you again.

Crimson smirked as the song rang out from every direction inside the thigh blast twister. She noticed the sudden shift in personality, and the massive power increase that came along with it. Her opponent was a lot faster now, and their every move sent a sonic boom.

From a few feet away those blasts were just a staggering distraction, but when they snuck in close the shock wave became devastating. Each explosion could make a limb go completely numb, if it weren’t covered in a protective coating of puppet goo.

Tanya traced their every move, shifting back and forth with each rotation, purposely accentuating simple steps that minimized each and every one of Thighlock’s narrow windows of opportunity to attack on her right side. She protected her other limbs from going limp and numb, by gathering puppet goo at the moment of impact.

Kaboom pow Bang KATHOOM! kersplat

Every blast knocked goo into a growing splatter outside the thighnado thunderstorm.

put the hurtin on you, yeah,” Thighlock taunted in song as they swirled around faster and faster, blasting from every direction, becoming bolder with his attacks as Crimson’s protective layer thinned. “You will never freeeee, no, my baby no no.

Mistress Crimson kept on watching and shifting her feet to protect her right. She subtly pulled her strings, waggling her fingers in the stunned appendage, pretending that her arm was finally beginning to recover from the thunder thigh. The clever Mistress timed her ruse with a slight misstep at an irresistible moment in the song.

These thighs, are flexing. These thighs have seen a lot of locks, but they’re never gonna see another one like I had round yooooouuuuu.

Thighlock took the bait. Just as they struck that final note, a thunderous thigh blast sent them straight in at the head from the right hand side, thighs spread wide to catch the Mistress in another thighlock.

A blocking crimson elbow popped up in the instant before impact. That arm was still too numb to move, without the help of puppet goo. Tanya brought her bones in line with the strike and hardened her goo into a truly punishing shell for Thighlock’s crotch to collide with.

They quickly gripped their thighs around that arm and stopped their momentum just in time to save their future children by millimeters.

For a moment there was silence as the fighters looked into each other’s eyes. Crimson stood there, elbow raised towards Thighlock’s crotch as her other hand silently pulled some strings.

Thighlock stayed suspended in midair, thighs locked tight around that elbow and ankles weakly gripping Crimson’s head. Their facial expression was focused determination that seemed to be slipping like they were desperately trying to maintain composure.

Down below, the puppet goo was moving oh so subtly, inducing the sensation of a feather stroking back and forth across those ticklish thighs, accompanied by many wiggly fingertips seeking out every single sensitive spot.

Teehee. No stop, that teehickles.” Thighlock couldn’t help but giggle, as the puppet goo tickled their thighs all over.

Their grip slipped and they dropped down to a flailing giggly mess.

Mistress Crimson walked away, still pulling upon her strings.

Thateehee is no fair.” Thighlocked complained. “Myeeehee thighs are thuper teehee tick-.“

Yeeooowwww, my balls " Pinolva interrupted with an almost feral scream.

Michael Pinolva was sitting now, legs spread wide, wearing the tattered remains of a suit up top and a fine coating of puppet goo down below. His gun lay just out of arms reach, which might as well have been in another shard of reality. The goo on his legs was doing something, keeping them locked firmly in a completely relaxed unmovable state.

All it took was a couple seconds of uninterrupted concentration for the crimson puppet master to make a makeshift butterfly board. Her goo stretched out Pinolva’s scrotum and then she dropped a pair of crimson needles to hold it in place, eliciting Pinolva’s scream.

You ballstabbin bitch!” Pinolva exclaimed, staring incredulously at the ticklish Thighlock, giggling uncontrollably. “Thighlock the thighedways thEEE-


The last drop of goo on the cieling fell as a final crimson needle.

One more fucking word and you lose both of them tonight,” The Crimson Mistress threatened.

Pinolva did not say a single word. Nobody did for a minute. The only sound was the sudden crackling of magic fire.

Those purple swirling flames reappeared, but on the ceiling this time. The same runes swirled around, in that same three stranded spiral as before. Everyone stopped and stared as the purple flames got brighter. A pair of silhouettes appeared on the other side, like a shadow that darkened and slowly took shape. Those shapes formed into Blair and Martha dropping through the portal. Then the mysterious flames vanished as suddenly as they had appeared.

The summoned heroes returned wearing different outfits from a few minutes ago.

Blair was now wearing a black leather jacket and ripped jeans. Beneath the fabric, her right shoulder had a new fiery scar.

Martha wore a long black sparkling midnight sky silk dress, with a single matching shimmery black heel.

Her other leg was missing below the thigh.

The tale of what happened in between may one day be recorded in story called “The Summoner”.

The biggest change though, was a shift in Blair’s personality. To understand this shift, you would have to understand the very nature of the shard of reality called Metro city. That explanation waits for you inside another story, entitled “The Music Plays on in Her Mind”.

Oh For fuck sake!” Blair exclaimed. “He sent us back to the wrong reality. We’re still inside the bodies of our characters.

At least we have our magic,” Martha replied, hopping up into the air and hovering there.

Girls, “ Tanya tried to return their attention to the battle at hand. ”Kinda in the middle of something here.

Pinolva was still sitting near the hole in the floor, groaning in agony from the hole in left testicle. Mistress Crimson stood over him, pulling down upon her strings.

Thighlock was on the other side of the phallic table, slowly rising to a combat stance.

Blair and Martha stood next to Tanya and the burnt hole in the ground. In fact, they stood in the exact same location where they first disappeared, except that Martha was hovered a foot above the ground.

We’ll need it, all of it, and more,” Blair said to Martha, completely ignoring Tanya’s interruption. “We’ll need all the magic we can get in order to return and warn humanity about what’s coming,

Ladies, please can we jus-” Mistress Crimson started to raise her voice but got cutoff by a



Thighlock launched themself with a series of thigh blasts, but Martha caught their head midair.

The talented seer slipped her arm into position just as thighlock’s third propulsive thunder thigh clap resounded.

A gold light glowed bright around Thighlock’s head, then they collapsed down to the floor. Their mind began to acknowledge and resist several years of unwanted hypnotic conditioning.

Pinolva had no strong guards left, nor any tricks that he could play from this position. There was nothing he could do to stop this magical trio from strapping him inside his very own bimbo brainwash machine.

The last thing Pinolva saw was a cock full of mind melt CUM sliding into his mouth. THRUST. Then he felt another go up his ass. THRUST. The pretty pink spiral screen appeared, and though he fought it, his thoughts slowly slipped away. There was nothing he could do except embrace the new bimbo identity.