The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Adventures of Sultry Girl

Synopsis: Bondage Jane ties up Blair and begins her M. P. Ultra conditioning

Chapter 11: M. P. Ultra conditioning

It was second nature by now for Martha to shift her vision over to a world without any walls or boundaries at all, where magic and life force energy radiated from all around like shimmering stars in the midnight sky. Of course, that world was always out of focus at first. The colors started as a hazy blur until she concentrated enough of her energy to her eyes to effectively form a pair of magic glasses.

The first thing Martha saw with her second sight, beyond Cheshire’s veil of illusory light, was Blair on her knees in the hands of Bondage Jane. Mistress Crimson was there, kneeling with Blair. They both wore blank and vacant looks upon their unconscious faces.

Martha desperately wanted to reach out and save her lover, but she kept her cool and analyzed the situation instead. She had been passed out during Blair’s fight, but remained unnoticed thanks to Cheshire’s illusion. She needed to know exactly what she was up against before she made her move.

“Bondage Jane sure is bending over alot,” Martha noted, as she watched Jane strip all of Blair’s clothing away. “And rubbing those big tits all over Blair. I bet that means Pinolva is watching. Ugh. what a slime bag. Hey what’s that purple light inside Jane’s head?”

There was something strange where Jane’s brain aught to be, a strong dark purple vortex of swirling light filling up her head. It was sort of like how Blair looked with a pair of enchanted earrings, except originating from inside. Martha had seen that glow from below and mistakenly thought it to be another person of considerable magic strength. This closer look revealed a powerful force inside of the deception delegate’s deluded head.

“Is that some sort of mind control?” Martha wondered silently. " Can I remove it with my magic? Would she then let Blair go free? Could I even get close enough to touch her? She did defeat Sultry Girl and She’s looking this way right now. And oh hey, where is Cheshire and that sparkly lizard?”

A quick blurry glance around the floor revealed five powerful auras outside of this room. Looking up and down, she spied another four on the floor above, and no one significant down on the floors below. It was hard to tell without looking close just what was what exactly. Looking close required magical exertion which would soon make the seer start to feel woozy and hazily empty headed.

Three of the nearby glows seemed to be a racing through the hall towards a writhing glob of crimson. Two of them, purple and green, were being chased by a bright red one.

“That’s probably Cheshire,” Martha reasoned.

With concentration and effort she shifted the shape of her lenses until those lights came into focus. They became a winged lizard person chased by a furry cat beast cloaked in illusion.

“They’re moving too fast,” Martha worried. “I have to keep shifting my lens to keep them in focus and I’m slowly exhausting myself. Hey his head looks the same shade of purple.”

Surge, the lightning lizard man, looked a lot like Jane. He had a swirling purple glow inside his head. He was also fast, leaping and leading Cheshire on a merry chase.

Suddenly a second Cheshire appeared in a nearby room. He leapt out the door to tackle Surge as they passed through the crowded crimson section of the hall. At the exact same moment a band of hazy neon green and blue pulsating light appeared around the lizard’s eyes.

“This cat’s got skills,” thought Martha. “An illusory duplicate and a mesmerizing pattern, right in the middle of a bunch of mooks who will take the brunt of the blast if that lizards shoots more lightn—”


Surge glowed much brighter green for an instant then the whole world went bright white. A powerful flash of what must have been lightning temporarily blinded the seer.

Then those ferocious fighters were gone. All the way down the hall, crashed through a window, and scampering off into the night. The illusory cat and leaping lightning lizard man thusly eluded her magical sight. Surge was clearly drawing Cheshire from the fight.

The constant stream of guards rushing up from the stairs on the other hand, were charging one after another into the fray. Most of them went down when Surge fired off his blast. Once they fell they hit the goo and it was over. The crimson coating created constant paralytic waves of pleasure, keeping them down and helplessly trapped.

More guards kept running up the stairs however, and charging in to try to overwhelm the puppet. Only a few of them actually made it through. In order to get to the door, they first had to scramble over the growing pile of goo covered bodies writhing in ecstasy on the floor. A single misstep was all it took to trip and drop and succumb to a delightful coating of puppet goo.

The guards who actually reached the room didn’t stand a chance against Mary’s martial arts. The unlucky ones became human missiles, thrown back down the hall before they could fire a single shot. One swift strike was all that it took to apply a splotch of puppet goo. Then paralytic waves of pleasure made her victims FREEZE and drop into the pile, applying a thicker and more powerful coating of gooey crimson. This of course just amplified the pleasure, making it feel even better to submit and stay down in the gooey puddle of bliss.

Martha watched mesmerized as a group of five ferocious men charged the door at once.

Bang! A single CUMshot round to the crotch dropped their numbers down to four before they could even reach the door.

THWAP SMACK! Three more guards went down in two strikes, collapsing backwards into the pile.

The last one helplessly watched all of his buddies drop and truly knew that he had zero chance. Rather than risk a kick to the face, he just tripped and joined the pile of moaning ecstasy instead. He felt the puppet goo melting through his clothing and coating him, but he could not understand what all the orgasmic fuss was about.

The emitter in the pleasure grenade had run out. The charge only lasted for ten minutes. Without those paralytic waves of pleasure the guards began to rise to their feet. They rose up in overwhelming numbers, with nothing to keep them down. Fortunately they were still groggy and foggy from the pleasure.

Unfortunately, more men kept running in from the stairs. It must have been at least five dozen by now. Their overwhelming numbers kept on growing but the hallway was too clogged with crimson clad guards for the fresh ones to reach the fray.

Mary slammed the door shut, sealing the hoard of men in the hallway. They were crammed in tight and comically failed at pulling the door open into the crowd. The dazed and bewildered men struggled fruitlessly for a few seconds before dropping right back down into helpless ecstasy.


The second pleasure grenade erupted from above in a shower of crimson lust.

“It seems like they have things under control,” Martha thought, before turning her eyes upward.

There she spied a room where three crimson auras knelt with their hands behind their backs. “Those must be Mistress Crimsom’s other puppets,” she reasoned. “That man standing next to them with the purple glow in his head must be one of Pinolva’s brainwashed soldiers. Damn their thighs are gorgeous. And glowing bright with power. Who’s that seated in the room with them? Pinolva?”

The fascinated seer had already spent several minutes glancing around the busy building, gathering all the information that she could before determining her next move.

Meanwhile Blair was slowly waking up to a world of pain. She was naked, kneeling tall with her hands held high above her hazy head. Her thoughts were slow and sluggish through the throbbing impact headache.

“My defenses were fractionated,” the helpless hero realized. “Every muscle in my body feels so thoroughly exhausted. Even my eyelids feel too heavy to even try to lift.”

Her world was shrouded in darkness and the only sound was a constant ringing in her ear.

A firm and unyielding pressure pulled Blair’s arms down to her side, then forced her hands behind her back, repositioning her like a helpless doll.

Cold metal clamped down tightly around her wrists, locking them together behind her back.

Something soft yet firm and strong wrapped around the defeated witch’s thighs. A rope, she realized as it wrapped around her ankles as well. There was nothing she could do but get pulled along as those ropes gently tugged her down, all the way down to a seated kneel.

Sit!” Bondage Jane’s superfluous command was barely audible past the incessant ringing in Blair’s head.

Good girl, now suck.” This second command was punctuated with a dildo down the throat.

Blair opened wide and sucked before she knew what she was doing. The oblivious slut was rewarded for her obedience with a tasty creamy treat. Sweet milky fluid flowed forth slowly as she suckled, numbing her mouth, numbing her mind, and making Blair feel oh so blissfully obedient. There was something oddly familiar about the taste and the way that her mind seemed to get cock drunk as she guzzled down the tasty mind melting cum.

A cold metal collar wrapped around Blair’s neck as she obediently sucked down drop after drop of blank slut juice. Then that collar tugged firmly forwards, forcing her to lean and pushing the dildo gag in deeper. Something soft and squishy stopped her motion by pressing up against her tits.

Click. The collar locked in place. Then the shackles around her wrists pulled painfully upwards.

Blair instinctively tried to pull her arms back down into a more comfortable position, but a force resisted her. She heard a grunt of pain followed by the clank of a chain and then her wrists were pulled up higher.

A tiny drop of some strange liquid splashed on Blair’s left eye. Moments later that eye began to open on its own. It felt really really good, as if that tiny drop was somehow sending waves of pleasure rippling through her body as it lifted her eyelid open.

“What’s going on?” Blair wondered, as her vision slowly returned.

She was staring at smooth beautiful black skin which looked too blurry for her drowsy brain to comprehend. It was something round, something comfortingly familiar, coming slowly into focus as her heavy eyes opened up and finally adjusted to the light. It was a face, a friend, an ally. It was Mistress Crimson, inches away and concentrating like a witch casting a spell.

Our heroines looked helpless at the hands of Bondage Jane. The two of them were kneeling, face to face and chest to chest. Both bound in the exact same pose, sharing a double ended mind melt dildo gag.

Their collars were clasped close enough together to keep the dildo locked in their mouths no matter how much they wiggled and squirmed. Worse still, a chain connected their arms through a pretty pink pulley on the ceiling such that every little motion one made pulled upon the other. Lastly, their knees were tied together so that they couldn’t pull apart. Not that they could withstand the piercing pain of pulling apart once the final piece of their punishment was put in place.

iiieeeeaaaaahhh!” Blair and Tanya screamed in unison through their dildo gag.

A sharp searing pair erupted from Blair’s chest as something cold and metallic pierced her tender flesh. She squirmed and that sent waves of agony through her body, overwhelming her with pain. Her struggles only succeeded at pulling on Tanya who in turn pulled against the metal needle applying painful pressure to the pierced holes in her chest. Blair’s eye slipped closed when the stinging pain overwhelmed her hazy mind.

Sit still!” Jane command, as she thrust a second needle through Blair’s other tit. “If you pull too hard my needles will tear your tender tits apart. None of us want that, do we ladies? So just stay still and suckle like good sluts. Soon you will be reprogrammed with M. P. Ultra conditioning just like me. Soon you will know the joy of obediently serving Master Pinolva.

The reminder of imminent brainwashing snapped Blair back to her senses. She stopped sucking down the mind melting cum long enough to struggle her heavy eyes open once more.

Bad girls!” Jane chided playfully as she tested all the locks. “Don’t forget, you need to keep on sucking on that cock. If it fills with cum completely, well, you’ll see right now.


A painful electric current arced from the collar around Blair’s neck, knocking her unconscious for a moment. Then all that sweet delicious cum flowed forth at once, rolling delightfully over her tongue and sliding down her hungry throat. Hazy blissful foggy blank emptyheadedness followed next as the creamy neurotoxin slowly slid down Sultry Girl’s throat.

There was nothing that the defeated duo could do except enjoy the drowsy dreamy drug induced delirium. Dazed and ditzy they drank deep, guzzling down that CUM to keep their hazy empty heads down deep in daft debilitating sleep.

Blair submitted for a minute as the overwhelming dose of mind melt milk made a mellow mess of her murky mind. She tried to find the strength to resist. She struggled to find the will to open her eyes and to stop sucking down that irresistibly dizzying CUM.

What she saw when she finally opened her eyes, was the focused face of Mistress Crimson desperately trying to escape while Bondage Jane was turned away.

Jane was slowly sauntering to the corner of the room, really taking her time and exaggerating every sway of her hips, back and forth so sensually. Then she bent over seductively and rummaged through a cabinet with her ass up in the air like a ditzy bimbo putting on a slutty show for Master. Whatever it was she was looking for was quite well hidden, or she was purposely taking her time to show off her perfectly toned ass.

Sultry Girl was captivated by a much more magical sight. Blood was dripping steadily down from Mistress Crimson’s nose. Rather than drop all the way down to the floor as gravity demands, this blood was splashing onto a chain and then sliding over to the lock. It looked like liquid flowing under telepathic control. Blair could feel it on her chest as well. Something was wiggling the needles loose and a trail of thick warm liquid was flowing around to her back.

“Is she controlling her blood with her mind?” Blair wondered as a stream of thoughts rushed through her hazy head. “Is that what opened to my eye earlier? Can she unlock us with her power? Wait does this mean her puppet goo is made of blood? Oh shit, the cock is almost full of cum. The SHOCK will break her concentration again. I need to suck all the cum from this cock before that happens. I need to suck enough for two sluts and keep on sucking like my life depends on it.”

Sultry Girl sealed her lips and sucked like an eager slut. She guzzled down her bimbo juice like a hyperhorny fuckslut at an endless oral orgy. Her practiced lips drained that cock dry, but the tasty cum just kept on coming. Drop after sweet delicious drop of intoxicating CUM flowed out and blanketed her mind with blank and blissful cock drunk cravings to obey and swallow loads of tasty cum.

Blair’s already hazy thoughts kept slowing down as she ingested more and more of the mind control serum. Her body seemed to feel drowsier with every passing second. Her heavy lips could hardly keep on sucking. There was no option now except to give in to thoughtless bliss. Her world faded to black again as the thoughtless slut finally embraced the overwhelming pressure to submit.

Martha watched it happen with the help of her second sight, as she slowly summoned up the courage to rejoin the fight. She knew that it was now or never, that the time would soon be right.

Outside, in the hallway, Mary’s second pleasure grenade had just run out. All of the fallen guards were beginning to rise up to their feet, though some of them were too worn out to move. Somewhere along the way the crimson clad puppet had been pulled into the hall. A horde of at least a hundred prone and moaning men were slowly closing in on them from every side.

The men were still too hazy headed to even try to get a clear shot in the crowd of crimson bodies. One of the guards still managed to grab at Mary’s ankle as two more lunged from their knees.

The agile puppet leapt away at the last moment. They stepped off their grappler’s head then jumped from body to body to clear the pile before sprinting off to the other end of the hall.

Pinolva’s men lumbered after them, planning to corner and capture the puppet. The men were not expecting them to leap out of the hole that Surge and Cheshire made earlier. The puppet wasn’t a flying lizard nor were they a half cat beast who could clear the 30ft jump over to the next building. But they were holding onto two sticky handfuls of puppet goo, in a special pair of gloves designed to cling to walls for climbing.

Martha never saw what happened to the poor plummeting puppet. Her gaze was fixed instead on the puppet master.

Mistress Crimson would soon be free. At least her upper body would be. She was still tied down and tethered to a deeply unconscious witch.

Jane would almost certainly overwhelm Tanya in that condition, but the struggle might just last long enough for a single sneak attack.

Presence of mind and force of will, let my thoughts be calm and still” Martha quietly invoked the pendant of mental clarity.

Her mind felt focused and powerful, wide awake and free from distraction when she chanted that powerful mantra. A thin gold sheen that could only be seen with enchanted sight surrounded her body in an aura of mental clarity.

Time to say goodbye to your old self,” said Jane, as she returned with a pair of headphones in each hand.

Those were the last words Blair remembered before a soft padded pair of headphones blocked out all other sound and filled her ears with M. P. Ultra conditioning.

You are about to be brainwashed,” a sweet voice spoke directly into her deeply unconscious and deeply suggestible subconscious. Then a chorus of voices sang an endless ode to being brainwashed.

You want to be brainwashed. You need to be brainwashed. You are being brainwashed. I am being brainwashed. I love to be brainwashed. I need to be brainwashed.

Mistress Crimson never heard the cursed recording. She was ready to pounce the moment that Jane bent over with the headphones. She knew Jane thought that the fight was over, and that the brainwashed deception delegate would bend over like a cheap whore just to put on a show for Pinolva. She planned to act fast the moment that Jane let down her guard.

Click! Clatter, Clang, Chomp! The locks on all the cuffs and collars clicked open at once and the breast piercing needles dropped down to the floor. Suddenly the Crimson Mistress had her upper body free. She wiggled her mouth off of the dildo and bit down hard upon Jane’s neck.

Mmmmphf kinky,” Jane Moaned, leaning into the bite and bringing up her other hand to strike. She never got the chance.

Martha sprinted forth from behind a veil of illusion, racing as quickly as her legs would move towards Bondage Jane.

Blair didn’t do a damn thing except lay blissfully passed out, guzzling down tasty loads of hot sticky bimbo knock out juice, listening to a chorus of voices instructing her to relax and obey and sink into a deeply suggestible trance.

You need to obey,” the voices echoed over and over. “relax and obey. You need to obey. Deep trance now obey. You need to obey. Let go and obey. Submit and obey. You need to obey. When I say the phrase the bimbo blows bubbles in the park, your mind drops into a deep deep trance, You need to obey. Relax and obey. The bimbo blows bubbles in the park. Submit. Drop deeper now. Obey. You need to obey.

Jane was bent over, with her tits above Blair’s crotch. The unbalanced fighter was desperately trying to shift her lower body into a stable position for launching a double counter attack. She had bent over too far forwards and Mistress Crimson held her fast by the neck. They grappled for control, grabbing at each other’s arms and shoving roughly as Martha quickly closed in to strike.

Martha didn’t know whether she needed to actually touch Jane’s head or not, nor whether a simple strike would actually hit it’s mark against such a foe. She was approaching from behind, but all that meant was that Jane’s entire body was between Martha and her target.

“She’s going to try to kick me aside,” Martha realized just in time to act instinctively. She leapt over the sweeping kick and landed sprawled upon Jane’s back. Her right hand clung to a knot on Jane’s shibari dress and her left hand grabbed Jane’s Hair. She straddled Jane’s hips and clung tight as she chanted her spell again and again.

Presence of mind and force of will, let your thoughts be calm and still” Martha projected her energy into Jane’s head, willing the spell of mental clarity into the deception delegate’s brainwashed brain.

Jane thrashed and wiggled and screamed as four years of erased memories and hypnotic programming flashed before her mind. Her true self had been in a deep hypnotic sleep for all this time and only awoken for just a few moments on three occasions. Each time she had believed that she was back in the past, that no time had passed since the explosion. Now she realized with a clear mind that all those years had passed her by, in thoughtless obedience to an evil man whom she despised.

All of those memories returning at once became overwhelming and Jane collapsed down on top of Blair. Bondage Jane was at her limit. She had exhausted herself quite thoroughly, protecting her face from Blair’s fiery tits and accelerating herself for the final blow. Not to mention the vampiric bite that was draining the last of her strength away. She collapsed into a helpless heap and dreamed a frantic dream of fighting desperately to regain control of her deeply conditioned mind.

Blair lay blissed out down below Jane, oblivious to the deception delegate’s struggles, oblivious even to the weight of another person pressing down. She was trapped in her own little world of being brainwashed into obedience. Trapped by the voice in her ear and the cock in her lips that kept on spewing out deliciously mind numbing cum that took her thoughts away and gave her no choice but to obey and embrace the brainwashing suggestions.

The bimbo blows bubbles in the park. Blank trance now. Your mind obeys. You love to obey. You need to sink deep and obey every time that the bimbo blows bubbles in the park. Drop deeper obey. You need to obey.

The voices went on and on, lulling the unconscious witch deeper down into hazy dreamy trancy bliss and repeating endlessly to ensure that she would accept the hypnotic trigger and suggestions.

Cockdrunk fuckdoll aroused by obedience,” The irresistible voices went on. “Deep trance now. The bimbo blows bubbles in the park makes you obey and drop deeper into cockdrunk fuckdoll trance. I love to obey. I need to be brainwashed. The bimbo blows bubbles in the park. Drop deeper. You need to obey. You crave to be brainwa-

The voices went quiet suddenly and the cock pulled out of her eager lips. The cock craved slut leaned up and tried desperately to keep sucking down that wonderfully addictive cum, but her legs were tied and there was something heavy on her crotch. She opened her eyes to search for the cock and opened her mouth to beg to be filled again.

A pair of soft warm lips, Martha’s lips, met Blair’s before she could say a word. There was something magical about that kiss that woke Blair’s mind and made her feel mentally aware and powerful. A mantra echoed in her mind and she realized that her lover had saved her from almost certain brainwashing with her own spell of mental clarity.

“Presence of mind and force of will, let my thoughts be calm and still.”

The more she repeated it the more it made her feel awake, alert, aware, and mentally powerful enough to resist and shrug off any unwanted hypnotic conditioning.

Meanwhile Tanya was desperately piercing through the rope with a needle.

Wake up Sultry Girl,” The Crimson Mistress said over the sound of several dozen approaching footsteps in the adjoining room. “It’s not over yet.