The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Adventures of Sultry Girl

Synopsis: Sultry Girl assaults the Pinolva Palace

Chapter 10: The brainwashed deception delegate

I could have taken them!” Blair declared, as they slinked away from Mistress Crimson’s secret hideout.

Of course you could sweetie,” Martha agreed, pulling Blair along by the wrist. “But that doesn’t mean you have to. We’ve got a long night ahead of us and we can’t afford to be careles-

Martha’s words were muffled by a stranger in crimson stepping out of a nearby alleyway.

Shhh” They whispered, holding a finger up for a moment before curling their hand in a ‘follow me’ gesture. “They may have already heard you. Move. Now!

“Can I trust you?” Blair debated, internally in that moment. “Mistress Crimson’s been compromised and Pinolva has mind control. You could be leading us right into a trap, but fuck it, there’s a hoard of soldiers closing in with guns.”

Stay close to me,” Blair whispered to Martha, as she followed the stranger into the shadows. “Use your eyes and watch for danger, including from our friend.

They’re one of Mistress Crimson’s puppets,” Martha whispered as they dashed into the dark alleyway. She could see a comforting crimson aura, and somehow feel the warmth of Tanya radiating forth.

So is the one through that doorway,” Martha added a few seconds later, as the crimson puppet ushered them inside. “But the twelve people converging on us are definitely Pinolva’s

Impressive! but not quite accurate,” The puppet stated, once the door was firmly closed. “Oh but where are my manners. My name is Mary. Mary Annette, and this is a magi-tech trap I’ve set. They them pronouns agree with me. How shall I refer to thee?

I’m Blair, she’s Martha, we’re both she her,” Blair answered quickly. Then she noticed something familiar about the curves of the body below the smooth and featureless crimson suit.

You were there at Ruth’s nightclub,” Blair realized out loud, “when I first fought Mistress crimson! Um, sorry about the knee to the face.

I was,” Mary answered. “All four of us were, and I let you win, because Mistress wanted you all to herself. But that’s not important right now. Mistress and the others have been captured by Pinolva.

We’re going to rescue them,” Blair asserted. “First we need to ditch our tail and head to 420 North Eetsowest avenue, as quickly as authorially possible.

In no time at all the trio was knocking on the door to Cheshire’s apartment.

Meanwhile a dozen of pinolva’s men lay in a puddle of puppet goo, paralyzed in ecstasy. A strange clockwork sphere sat in the center, humming an enchanting beat on repeat. Mary’s mechanical construction played a single chord of instruction, through harmonic spell induction. Resonating with the puppet goo, it invoked gentle suction, down down down, towards the ground in endless magical seduction.

Take a nice deep breath for me and calm your worried mind,” Cheshire instructed, when Blair finished telling her story. “You’re safe here with me. My office is hidden in illusion right now. Even If Pinolva’s men were to enter, all they would see is a maintenance closet, complete with a scalding hot water heater to fool their thermal vision goggles.

Thank you,” Martha nodded in appreciation, as she absentmindedly ran her fingers through the fur of an illusory black cat.

Of course,” Cheshire replied. “Now we’ve got a dangerous mission to plan. What tools do we have at our disposal?

I’ve got two more pleasure grenades,” Mary offered, going first. “They explode in a shower of puppet goo, then this little emitter sends paralytic waves of pleasure to make my victims FREEZE in place on the floor. I’ve also got this goo gun, loaded with a dozen rounds of CUMshot. Same tech, just more targeted.

I can weave a vast illusion,” Cheshire added in collusion, “which could grant us stealthy entry or deceive and spread confusion.

I have magical sight,” Martha spoke next. “And um, I know how to use Blair’s creations

I’ve got 3 magical charms.” Blair declared, “Well, four actually, but Tanya borrowed the lust spell. One turns my aura into a shield that can stop a few bullets. Another makes magical flames from Hestia’s hearth. The third provides mental clarity and removes hypnotic conditioning.

About that mental clarity pendant,” Martha jumped in. “I noticed something intriguing when I was wearing it today.

Oh! What’s that?” Blair asked encouragingly.

My aura turns blue when I use it,” Martha continued excitedly. “A bright blue glow emanates from my skin and I, um. I think I can grant mental clarity to anyone within that aura.

How far can you extend your magic?” Cheshire inquired.

Less than three inches,” Martha admitted. “But please let me use it to help. Doctor Sonic is in there somewhere and I could protect us against his clock.

A couple of inches is all you need,” Cheshire said reassuringly. “Your power will play a crucial role in my plan to defeat Pinolva.

That works for me,” Blair agreed. “My shield and flames are strongest when I’m wearing the matching jewelry.

Good,” Cheshire smiled, then he laid out a daring plan. Everyone shared suggestions and soon they knew exactly what to do.

What do you want in exchange?” Asked Blair, blushing slightly at her arousal as she thought back to her last deal with this trickster. He controlled her for an evening, and bent her mind to his will. Would he ask to control her like that again? This was a much bigger request. Would he ask for more?

I’ll fight beside you on your mission, to defeat this politician,” Cheshire replied in verse. With rhymes and deals he did coerce. “And In return you’ll grant one thing. Pinolva, you to me will bring. Let I alone decide his fate, with no contention or debate.

What do you plan to do with him?” Mary inquired.

All that I will say,” Cheshire answered in his way, “Pinolva will dearly pay. He killed my man. I’ve got a plan, to make him rue that fateful day.

* * *

At thirty minutes after midnight they were parked two blocks away from the Pinolva Palace hotel. Moonlight up above was far outshined by the flashing neon lights of the inner city, which painted Cheshire’s silver van in a mysterious collage of colors.

Martha and Mary stepped out first, in illusory disguises which made them look like a mother and daughter. Blair and Cheshire waited inside the van for another minute, both to stagger their arrival times and to focus on their spells. She was cloaked in an illusory disguise, and he looked just like his usual invisible self.

Fire and Water, Earth and Air, gather around me and prepare, to shield my form for hurt and pain, until I’m safe and sound again.

Blair chanted in anticipation of bullets and tranquilizer rounds. She could feel the magic washing over in a calming warmth as the protective shell took shape. It made her feel safe and ready to face whatever was next to come.

Cheshire sat next to her, focusing on maintaining four illusory disguises. His clever mind was up to the task, but soon he would tax his skills to the max and he needed to focus single mindedly on the magic.

I don’t like it either,” Martha whispered to Mary as they walked towards the grand hotel. “But we need to be stealthy, and he’s a fucking illusionist.

That’s why I agreed to it,” Mary nodded. “But I’ve got this uneasy feeling that I’m going to regret it.

They walked through the front door without any trouble, and set the plan into motion. Martha approached the receptionist and asked him for the time. Meanwhile Mary skipped around the crowded hotel lobby, scanning for an easy mark.

It’s 12:34” Answered the young man at the desk, “You must be tired. Can I help you get checked in?“

My partner checked in yesterday,” Martha lied, then she flashed a coy smile and batted her eyes. “But maybe you can still help a girl out. We need something hot and meaty delivered as soon as you can get it up. Perhaps you could recommend something presumptuous to fill us up?

Then she winked at the man who blushed, aroused at the obvious innuendo. He seemed at a loss for words, as if he was struggling to comprehend just what was happening. Blair walked up with luggage in tow, before he could formulate a response.

I’m in room 56A,” Martha said with a wink. Then she raised her finger to her lips in a “hush hush” motion and they walked to the elevators together. The bamboozled receptionist wasn’t sure whether she had asked for room service or a threesome.

The security cameras couldn’t make out the young man’s look of utter Shock. The guards watching in had no reason to do anything except believe in the illusion. All they thought they saw was a lesbian couple checking in, and their misbehaving child.

Mary seemed to be out of control, sprinting around a corner. Smack! They collided with an elderly lady who was heading towards the pool. Her keycard vanished into Mary’s palm, like an unimportant thought disappearing from a fascinated mind.

Their illusion rippled for an instant on impact, revealing Mary’s crimson coated body below a wavering cloak of enchanted light. It happened so quickly that anybody who noticed would think that the light is playing tricks upon their drowsy mind.

Cheshire fixed the broken illusion in the blink of an eye, and Blair repaired the cognitive dissonance with a confident command.

Come here Mary!” Blair demanded, holding back a smile. “What did I say about running in the lobby?

Mary returned obediently, and handed off the keycard. Martha pressed it up against a scanner on the wall. Then they all waited patiently for their elevator to descend.

Meanwhile Cheshire paced the lobby gathering together a group of illusory people. They appeared from the shadows, completely unnoticed by complex security systems and guests alike, like a crowd of powerful hypnotic suggestions sneaking into a distracted mind.

“Just 5 more, you’re doing wonderful,” Cheshire encouraged himself as he scanned the room for unwatched shadows. “4 more to go, getting closer. Focus now. 3” The strain of crafting and maintaining so many luminous creations was causing him to feel lightheaded and dizzy. “Don’t let yourself get distracted now. 2.” He thought, struggling against a wave of hazy exhaustion. “Relax, you’re almost there now. 1. ”

Ding! The elevator chimed, right on time, and they all approached the doors. The cart cleared out completely in a matter of moments. The four heroes stepped on alone, accompanied by an illusory crowd as the perfect deterrent against unwanted guests.

Tanya’s up on the 69th floor,” Martha reported as the elevator doors sealed shut. “The entire floor is crawling with guards, and there are four powerful aura’s in the room with her.

We’ve got a problem to deal with first,” Mary announced, gesturing to an array of elevator buttons going up to 68. “Pinolva’s lift can’t quite get it up 69.

Blair pushed the 68 button and smiled. Then she motioned towards the ceiling.

I’m going to make a hole to 69,” She declared.

Yeah, I did that once,” Mary quipped back as the elevator lurched upwards.

Far, far above them, up up up, on the sixty-ninth floor, tensions were rising high. Sultry Girl had escaped from both the bimbofier and the ambush. She was undoubtedly on her way here, and they were itching for a fight. But that news came in hours ago, followed by radio silence. They were getting tired of waiting and there was no sign of-

Kathoom! The elevator doors exploded. A massive cloud of smoke rolled forth from the shaft. For a moment there was silence. Then nothing happened. Nobody saw or heard anything, except for the billowing cloud of smoke that just kept rolling forth forever, like an obscuring fog of mesmerizing magic filling up the mind of a suggestible subject.

ain’t nobody here,” said one of the confused guards, as the quartet of functionally invisible heroes snuck through the crowded corridor, like a chain of enchanting suggestions sinking deeper into a slumbering mind.

fire anyways,” another suggested, then two dozen guards sent a hailstorm of bullets into an empty elevator shaft. A silent alarm was immediately sounded, and security began to filter in from every floor of the building. In mere minutes reinforcements would start to stream in by the dozens.

“Why do all these cishet white dudes look so fucking familiar?” Blair wondered to herself, confused by the sense of deja vu she was feeling as they sprinted hand in hand past throngs of seemingly familiar hotel security.

This way,” Martha suggested, pulling the group to a door on the right. “You’re up Sultry Girl.

Feel the fire, embrace the flame, Oh Hestia I call your name.” Blair quietly chanted, as Mary planted a tripwire pleasure grenade. “Eternal hearth burning so bright, grant me your sacred fiery might.

Sultry Girl bust through the doorway, accompanied by three invisible allies. “Oh that’s why,” she realized, recognizing the face of a burly assailant. “and that’s more like it” she thought as her eyes began to drift down.

Sultry Girl, we meet again,” Hard Don began, as he slammed a gnarly 18 inch cast iron barbed dildo into his palm. “You made a mockery out of me! Now pain here is going to teach your ass a lesson. A Lesson about why men rule this world. Real men like me. not sissy faugh-

No!” Blair interrupted, and for once in his life Don respected that word. Perhaps it was because of the flaming gut punch that accentuated her refusal. Or maybe it was the knee to the crotch that swiftly followed. Don didn’t have time to question his motivations in this moment. He was too busy receiving a karmic ass whooping to do anything except give in to the sudden and overwhelming force.

Sultry Girl grabbed hold at the head as Don doubled over in pain. She slammed him down onto her knee, then tossed his unconscious body to the floor. Six hardened criminals watched with jaws dropped low. One by one they threw their weapons down and raised their hands up in defeat.

Go! and make sure no one enters this room,” Blair instructed the surrendering men.

No! stay and make sure she doesn’t leave,” Doctor Sonic commanded, appearing sudden-


The sound of his clock struck the thoughts from Blair’s head in a lovely rhythm. A hazy sinking feeling washed over her mind in an instant as the clock knocked every last thought away, before she could begin to think it. She began to hopelessly tumble deeper down into thoughtless oblivion with every TICK. There was nothing her slumbering subconscious could do except become more pliable and obedient with every TOCK

Somewhere in the depths of Blair’s mind, a single ray of hope shined forth. “Martha’s going to resis—”


There was no resistance for Blair. Not when it felt so good to just give in to the ticking. She stood there helpless in a blissful daydream, as the thoughtless seconds ticked by. A blank and docile look spread slowly across her relaxing body.

Pinolva’s men wore earpieces to protect them from the clock. They glanced uneasily back and forth between their abandoned weapons and the seemingly stunned witch.

Presence of mind and force of will, let my thoughts be calm and still.” Martha chanted, protecting Mary and Cheshire from the clock. Those words made her feel awake and mentally strong enough to resist.

On the other side of the room however, Blair felt completely defensele-


Good pet, just give in to the ticking” Cheshire’s illusory voice whispered seductively in Blair’s ear.

There’s nothing to fear here” Doctor Sonic said incredulously to the cowering men. As proof he walked towards Blair and demanded “Show them how defenseless and obedient you’ve become. Kneel down and admit that you’re a mindless bimbo slut.

Blair’s knees began to buckle and she thought the words “yes Mast—”


Easy now,” Cheshire whispered sweetly. His voice was soft and soothing as it sank into her thoughts. “Down to your knees for me pet, nice and slow as he approaches,” The words in Blair’s ear felt almost as hypnotic as the ever-present ticking which kept stopping all her thoughts and pulling her deeper down into blissful submission “Good Pet. down, down, down. Let him take just one more step. Now strike.

Pounce! Wham! Blair leapt from a near kneeling crouch and sucker punched Doctor Sonic right in the jaw. He dropped like a sack of potatoes, smashing hard into the flo-


The thought stopping clock exploded in an impressive burst of lightning and gears. Blair woke up startled from her trance, crouched like a cat overtop of her prey. She hesitated just a moment to look around and allow herself to awaken.

She’s in here!” yelled a voice from outside, followed up by a twang and a bang as Mary’s pleasure grenade exploded. Moan’s of pleasure erupted from outside as more guards rushed the door.

Mary suddenly moaned out so loud that they broke their invisibility, as the emitter in their grenade sent a signal to all nearby puppet goo. Their suit erupted in a wave of pleasure, making them FREEZE up for a moment. The puppet was not immune to their own creation, but they were quite used to fighting while constantly CUMMING.

I’ll hol oh ooooohhh ld them heahhhhh ahhhh eere,” Mary offered lustfully. “You go oooh ooooooh, ahead.

The men hesitated a moment at the sight of their fallen leader. They stopped and stared, eyes drifting back and forth between the fleeing fiery witch, and the crimson clad fighter who was practically cumming. One of them raised a gun at Blair as she raced out the door. He never fired a shot.

Mary sprung into action immediately. Their elbow collided with the gunman’s nose as their leg wrapped around his ankles. He tumbled backwards, blocking the doorway as Mary took moved on to another combatant.

More men kept running in to join the fray. Some of them accidently tripped in the puddle of puppet goo and joined the pile of men moaning in ecstacy on the floor instead. Others did it on purpose in lieu of fighting the crimson puppet.

Martha looked back as she sprinted away and saw Mary turning to give a thumb’s up. “Pay attention to your fight,” she worried unnecessarily, about a brass covered fist which narrowly missed Mary’s face as they turned to the door. “Oh wait, you did that on purpose,” she realized, as they grabbed the wrist and flipped a guard down to the floor. The worry faded completely as Blair burst down the next door.

Tanya knelt in the middle of the room, naked and unconscious. Her wrists and ankles were shackled together, attached to a rope leading up to the ceiling. Up up up it went, towards a pair of pretty pink pulleys mounted upon the popcorn ceiling, and then right back down to an empty space on the ground beside the slumbering Mistress Crimson.

The other end of the rope was held by a suave woman in a black shibari dress. The cord that wound and intertwined around her short and muscular frame did nothing to conceal the intimate curves of her beautifully bound body. There were at least seventeen different bondage devices, that Blair could count, hanging from the junctures where the captivating cord coiled about and loped back around on itself.

Behind her stood a strange looking man, with the scales of a lizard and the wings of a bat, appropriately sized for a human of course. These were no ordinary opponents. They clearly had supernatural powers. But where are the other two powerful auras that Martha saw from below?

Surge?! You’re alive!?” Cheshire gasped, but only Martha heard it. She could hear his inner turmoil in that one brief exclamation, but the battle was beginning without time for explanation.

Oh good, you’ve arrived,” Said the woman in shibari, as Sultry Girl advanced. “I saved you a seat on your knees with your friend.

Hold up a second,” Blair replied, dropping into a battle stance. “I like the look of this scene you’re setting up, but I don’t play with Pinolva supporters. Just who the fuck are you anyways?

The name’s Jane,” Jane replied. “Bondage Jane. And I don’t recall giving you a choice!

An illusory Sultry Girl stepped forth in response, then a second, and a third. They mirrored Blair’s motions, moving in a spiraling pattern to surround and bewilder.

Surge reacted quickly and precisely to the illusion. He pointed his hands in two directions, and kicked his foot in a third. Three massive bolts of lighting burst forth from his fingertips and his toes. Surge knew exactly where his old partner would hide in a room like this. He guessed correctly with his strongest bolt, but he wasn’t expecting a second invisible guest.

KERSHOCK!! Martha could feel the lightning crackling and sizzling as it entered her skin. She took the brunt of the blast, in a terrifying flash. Consciousness faded away in an instant and she collapsed into the corner. The floor rose up to hit her face. THWAP, then everything went dark.

Cheshire saved the day by reacting quickly to those bolts. He covered Martha in a blanket of illusion and gave himself a fake lightning burn.

Blair was completely bewildered by the furry cat person’s sudden appearance in the corner of the room. He looked like a mangy brown and orange striped tabby, if a tabby stood up on his back legs and grew to the size of a lion. She smiled wide eyed at the kitty, as he pounced towards the lizard man, who leapt toward the door.

Surge wait stop!” The monstrous tabbycat called to the fleeing lightning lizard. Then the two of them disappeared through the open door.

Jane took advantage of Blair’s confusion by launching a lightning fast attack with a pair of fuzzy pink nunchaku cuffs. She spun them around in a dazzling swirl of pink floof as she lunged at her prey. The first blow knocked the wind from Sultry Girl’s chest.

Thwap! Blair gasped in surprise at Jane’s accuracy as the strike stung both her nipples. The next attack landed hard on her wrist.

Clack! The cuff locked closed. Jane pulled back, and Sultry Girl stumbled to her knees.

That’s more like it,” Jane taunted, as Blair struggled to regain her breath.

Did Pinolva pick out that gaudy weapon for you?” Blair retorted, then aimed a fiery uppercut with her cuffed hand. She was fully prepared for it, when Jane tugged her strike aside. The fiery fighter jabbed out with her offhand and tried to pull Jane in by the cuff. She wasn’t prepared for her wrist to spring free, but still managed to score a glancing blow as Jane danced out of reach.

Yes!” Jane answered, in a dreamy voice which reminded Blair of a smitten teenager. Her tone was completely at odds with the look of resentful disgust on her face. “He’s probably watching us fight right now, so please put on a sexy show for our Master.

She punctuated that request by spinning her fuzzy pink nunchaku cuffs into a fluffy square to frame her bare and bouncy breasts. Then she giggled and jiggled and twirled them round and round as she lunged to strike again. The rope clad warrior purposely overcommitted to an easily dodgeable attack. Blair stepped aside and Jane stumbled carefully onto a table, landing face down with her ass up in the air.

Sultry Girl was undeniably tempted to give that ass a searing smack, but she listened to her combat instincts to resist the jiggly bait. Oh who am I kidding. She was hopelessly tempted by that soft warm jiggling booty, but she knew it would be perilous to approach. Instead the fiery witch took aim with a concentrated blast of heat. She gathered her flames into a single point of focus and then fired it unerringly at the appealingly bouncy target.

Jane couldn’t possibly react to the searing projectile, except to let out of whimpering cry of pleasure and pain as it caught her squarely between the cheeks.

SINGE! ”Oh fuck that’s hot,” Jane moaned in an exaggerated cry of ecstasy which slowly shifted down in tone, all the way down to a low low moan as the heat dispersed into a gentle lingering warmth. “EEP!” She whimpered as a second bolt singed her bare behind again.

Blair quickly closed the distance after firing the second shot and Jane sprung up predictably to launch a well timed counterattack.

In a single fluid motion Bondage Jane back flipped to her feet, cuffing both Blair’s hands along the way, and forcing the sultry witch to slap herself in the face.

THWAP THWAP! The humiliating counter made Sultry Girl look helplessly outmatched, but it did nothing to stop the momentum of her devious attack. She lifted both arms above her head, revealing a hidden inferno.

Jane look on with lust and abject terror as the hottest cleavage she’d ever seen rushed inescapably towards her face. The blazing booby battering ram was moving far too fast. There was nothing she could do except-


Jane fell spread eagle onto the table, suffocating in Sultry Girl’s chest. The staggering impact left her feeling dazed and disoriented as the intense heat slowly overpowered her impressive resistance. She held on tight to both cuffs and pulled Blair’s arms out wide to the sides.

We’re done playing with these toys,” Sultry Girl stated, lighting the pink floof on fire. It burned away quickly, revealing a shimmering pair of titanium alloy nunchuka cuffs, stamped with the Imperial Island royal insignia.

Are you a Deception Delegate?!” Blair asked, surprised. “Why are you working for Pinolva?

“Yes!” Jane thought for a second. Her real mind was beginning to experience a rare moment of mental clarity. “I’m agent Double D 7, sent here to—”

Jane’s thought’s were interrupted by her MP Ultra personality regaining control. She shook her head to clear her hazy mind, inadvertently motor boating Blair’s luscious sizzling titties. Then she kicked up with both feet and rolled backwards, landing on top.

Blair noticed a sudden shift in energy when Jane’s true persona bubbled to the surface. She could tell that Jane was brainwashed, and wondered whether she could help the deception delegate wake up. It seemed like that might be her biggest chance to win this fight. But there was a much more pressing issue to deal with first. Namely the quarterstaff which was suddenly crushing her windpipe.

Oooh, choke me harder Janey,” Sultry Girl teased, enjoying the lack of breath as she concentrated on her shield spell.

Jane obliged, stepping down with her full weight upon the staff. She bounced right off Blair’s neck like it was made of solid steel. Then a fiery kick to the ass sent her sprawling across the room. She ducked skillfully into a forward roll, and attached two cuffs to her quarterstaff as she somersaulted to her feet.

Sultry Girl scrambled to her hands and knees, struggling to stand. She looked up just in time to see Bondage Jane bearing down on her, with a 5 foot spreader bar. The bar seamed to spin and twirl about in an impossibly unpredictable pattern, striking wherever and whenever she expected least. Her shell was holding strong, but she was starting to feel the strain, and Jane was not leaving any openings in the swirling onslaught of staggering strikes and sparkling steel.

Wham! Bam! Whack! Clack! Blair had to trade 4 solid hits for a single chance to strike back. Her hazy mind was weak from magical exertion. Every strike knocked her shield closer to inevitable fractionation. She had an opening though, and she was damn sure going to use it. First she feigned a flurry of fiery fists, distracting Jane’s defenses before trying to connect.

Let your fighting spirit help you awaken from Pinolva’s control.” Sultry Girl instructed as she kicked Jane hard in the chest. “Remember! Why were you sent to Metro cit—.“

Jane was already braced for the kick before Blair’s foot left the floor. She waited for the perfect moment, then jumped propelled by the force of the attack. The powerful blow knocked the wind from her lungs, but she held on tight to her spreader bar and toppled Blair’s footing mid kick.

Sultry Girl stumbled and spun, face first down to the ground. In an instant her world flipped upside down and she collided hard with the floor. A wave of dizziness washed over the witch as 3 deep fractures cracked through her magical shield. She couldn’t see her defenses crumbling, but she could feel herself slipping slowly towards unconsciousness.

“Mad genetic scientist!” Jane suddenly remembered in scattered thoughts, as the perfect execution of a favorite fighting technique brought her true self towards the surface. “Mutant super soldiers!” She recalled, struggling against 2 years of MP Ultra conditioning. “Need to stop Franky!” She thought with newfound conviction about a mission she’d long ago failed. In her mind she was back in that battle again, fighting to save the world and protect the queen.

Blair struggled to her feet and watched Jane’s brief mental collapse. She wasn’t sure what to do as Jane twitched and shook on the other side of the room. For a moment it seemed like the true Bondage Jane was awake. She did, in fact, wake up for just for a few seconds, but she was still being manipulated by powerful hypnotic conditioning.

I will stop your twisted experiments,” Jane declared, leaping suddenly into a devastating combo, with incredible power that was no longer being suppressed by hypnotic control.

Clack! THWAP!! Blair’s head was ringing and her foot was in the air. She felt completely outmatched as if Jane’s skill and strength had suddenly increased tenfold. There was nothing she could do except watch as the bar seemed to drop in slow motion towards her face. It was over. She’d lost.

“Hey where did she pull that staff from anyways?” Blair won-


The lights went out and Blair sank deep into unconscious dreams.

Kneel for me now,” Jane’s brainwashed voice cooed, and Blair felt her unconscious body being dragged into position.

Good pet, much better,” the sweet voice sang out. “You behave so much more obediently after I knock the consciousness from your head.

Across the room Martha was recovering from the Shock and slowly coming to her senses. She blinked her eyes and looked around, taking a nice deep breath and allowing her brain to slowly wake up. Her muscles tingled, and she wasn’t sure if she had the strength yet to stand. A strange blanket of light obscured her vision. “Probably one of Cheshire’s illusions,” she realized . Then she opened up her second sight, to a battle gone terribly wrong.